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 S'imba Tia
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Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Place of Birth Southern Thanalan
Guardian Rhaglar
Nameday Date 12th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon (Age:17 )
Marital Status Single
Occupation Slave, fights in the Coliseum.
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Basic Info

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  • Color: Unknown
  • Food: Unknown
  • Drinks: Unknown
  • Scent: Unknown.
  • Place: Unknown.
  • Festival: Unknown.






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Abilities and Skills



  • Various forms of martial arts augmented with fist weapons.


  • He doesn't really understand magic other than do whatever you can to dodge it.


Family and Relationships


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Name and Lifestyle

Name Etimology


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Current Residence

Before Dalamud's Fall

Birth and childhood (0-10)

S'imba was born in the Sagoli Desert, as an infant he was strong and full of life bringing great pride to his parents. One day however a Nomadic Tia entered his tribes territory and challenged the Nuhn to combat. The aggressive Tia killed the Nuhn in combat and took complete control of the Tribe, his first order of business was to kill all the previous Nuhn's young that had been recently born in order to make the females fertile and receptive to him. S'imba's mother unable to let her child be killed ran from the tribe, as she ran for her life because she knew that her life was now forfeit. She came upon a Hyur from La Nosca who was an adventurer and was seeing the world one last time before he retired with his wife and son. Not having any other choice because she begged the adventurer to take her son and raise him as his own. The Hyur was reluctant at first but upon thinking of his own son and moved by the woman's pleas took S'imba. After telling the Hyur his son's name she ran away hoping to draw any attention away from the Hyur who was now in possession of her son.

The Hyur then took S'imba back to his newly built home in La Nosca away from any civilization as he did not want his family to be faced with the troubles the rest of the world brought. He raised S'imba as his own child along with his other son happy to enjoy his retirement to a much more simple life.

Teen Years

As he grew S'imba never had any idea of him being adopted. In fact all he believed that though he was born looking a little different from his brother, he thought he was a Hyur just like the rest of his family. Due to his heritage and natural abilities that being a Miqo'te brought he was a natural at hunting and the other skills needed to live away from any type of city, he begin to outshine his brother and unfortunately due to his fathers heritage as a great warrior seemed to give slightly more affection towards S'imba than his real son. Slowly his brothers Jealousy began to grow.

After Dalamud's Fall

A Realm Reborn (Present,)

When S'imba turned sixteen his bother had finally had enough he left the house one night intent on running away to find the lands his father had spoken about and had sometimes visited to buy supplies for their home. As he had never left home before he just wandered until he found a small town. It was a pirate town full of cutthroats and other lowlives. While he was here he discovered that S'imba was not a Hyur he was a separate race and based on the drunkenness of the sailors was a member of a savage race. While he was there he learned of money and what it could get you in life. One evening he saw some slavers dealing Miqo'te and overheard how much they were worth on the market. He walked over curious as the maliciousness grew even more in his heart, and made a deal with them that night and formed the plot in his mind.

The next day he returned home on his way he was faced by a wild coural and was nearly killed by it had S'imba not found him just in time to rescue him. As they walked back to their house they talked and S'imba asked him where he had gone. His brother told him part of the truth and that he had visited some of the places their father talked about, though he expressed his worry about what their father was going to do to him when they returned to him. They both couldn't help but feel their great love for each other at that moment. When they got home and his brother was asked where he had gone to S'imba jumped in and said that he had gotten lost and that he had saved him from a courel. At this moment his brother nearly changed his mind about his plans until his father praised S'imba for his skill and bravery and condemned his true son for his recklessness and cowardess. He went to his room and completed his plan.

A few weeks later he went and found S'imba and told him that their father was finally letting them go to town and that they were to take one of their chocobo's to sell. With great excitement S'imba chased after him and they were on their way to town. When they finally arrived there was so much to take in the smells the life everything. They stopped to eat for lunch as his brother thought it was fit that they should share one last meal together. After a delicious meal in the tropical sun and much laughter they went down to the docks where they were supposed to meet the buyers of the chocobo. When they arrived the buyers smiled and said a "fine beast may we examine him further?" his brother motioned to S'imba and he walked the chocobo over to them. When he held out the reins of the bird he was surprised when a few of the men grabbed him and started examining him ripping off his shirt and stripping him down to his small clothes they examined him carefully looking for any defects they could find. S'imba struggled as best he could as the stronger men placed him in chains and the leader laughs out "A fine specimen, never seen one like him." he said as he threw a large sack of gil to his brother. Catching the bag he met S'imba's eyes as they drug him onto the ship and said to him "I'm sorry brother..." he said before turning around and heading away.

After they had secured their cargo S'imba felt rocking of the ship and was crushed by the feelings of what had just happened and cried the entire time he was on the ship. Finally the light to the hatch was opened and he was drug out into the hot desert sun. After a long day of travel he was brought to a camp and was re-examined and appraised afterwards they branded a number into his back and wrote up several pages of paperwork to document him. Next he was rushed off to the markets where potential buyers gave him the same rough examination over and over for what felt like days. Finally someone bought him for a hefty amount and he was soon off with them. For about a month S'imba worked for this guy before he tried to run away. He escaped his master ans found a group of adventurers to join up with who were willing to take him to Gridania. When the man who owned the slave market and had sold S'imba found out about it and having to make good on his guarantee spared no expense in having him tracked down and brought back to him.

When S'imba was nearly to Gridania he was caught by the slavers personal bodyguard this monster of a Roegadyn single handedly killed every single adventurer he was with, with his bare hands, before dragging S'imba back to Ul'dah. When he was brought back he was branded on his cheek as a symbol that he could never be set free and had a collar bolted onto him identifying him as a runaway. He was then thrown into the coliseum where by a huge chance of luck he came out the victor. Seeing the reaction he gained from the fans his new owner had him brutally trained over the next year as he continued to win his fights. He was given drugs to both control him and enhance his abilities, his past now a memory and knowing only the ring the pressures of his situation are starting to get to him. Though fortunately he has made friends who want to help him out of his situation.

To be continued...

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