Sami Molkoh

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 Sami Molkoh
Ffxiv 02282016 152656.png
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Camp Drybone
Age 23
Profession Unofficial researcher
Server Balmung


Sami is a young Miqo'te with lightly tanned skin, silvery-blue eyes, and russet hair that has been outlined with a fiery orange. She has markings that frame the sides of her face, and often wears very light make-up (which is much more a product of boredom than an attempt to show herself off). She can be seen in several different outfits depending on where she is, but most often wears a white top paired with black leather jeans and boots. She is also always seen with a green scarf accentuated with a smooth green jewel, no matter the temperature; even if she's wearing a jacket, you can be sure that it's underneath, safe and sound.



Sami - whose real name is S'amie Malkoh - had a relatively straightforward past until she reached the age of ten, at which point she met the travelling scholars Aya Numi and Agian. Unfamiliar with the land, the silver-haired woman asked Sami's aid in navigating it, and the two grew relatively close over the course of the following year.

At the point of Aya's departure, Sami begged to come along, and Aya agreed to give her a trial, much to Agian's annoyance. Thus began the travels of the three across the land of Eorzea, where Sami was more than happy to help Aya in her studies, despite not knowing the full extent of just what she was researching. Aya helped Sami to train in the art of conjury, which the young Miqo'te found a love for very quickly. Impressed by the young Miqo'te's aptitude for the art, Aya gifted Sami with a silky green scarf that had been accentuated by a smooth green jewel. This scarf seemed to greatly help Sami's skills, so she wore it with pride in their travels.

They picked up another Miqo'te not long after (by the name of W'khael Tia), who Sami immediately became good friends with. Despite being from another clan, Khael and Sami had a surprising amount in common, especially when it came to training, learning, and mercilessly pestering Agian. The four - three, with the begrudging Agian - became a rather close-knit group over the next few years... or so Sami thought.

Just barely prior to the Calamity, Sami felt a disturbance in the surrounding nature, and followed it to where she witnessed something that she has never revealed to another soul. Newly terrified, the 18-year-old Miqo'te ran, and hid in the vastness of the Thanalan desert, doing her best to avoid being found by the Amal'jaa, the animals, and most importantly, her own 'friends'. As she ran, though, she very soon became aware of something looming in the sky: Dalamud, as it made its fateful fall.

Dazed, confused, and injured, Sami made no attempts to find her group in the following days, assuming them all to be dead. She instead holed up in a cavern, using conjury to heal her wounds slowly and as well as she could. Thanks to the power of the scarf that Aya had once given her - the only thing about the young woman that Sami now trusted - she was able to heal herself completely, with perhaps only a few small scars to show for her troubles.

After healing her own wounds, Sami very quickly realized that she couldn't live in the cave alone for much longer, especially with such little available food and water. Wandering out every night, she eventually found her way back to Camp Drybone, where she came across somebody who she had found a friend in not too long past: Okiku Sarayashiki. The young Au Ra, having just lost a close friend, was more than happy to have the company, and the two set up in Camp Drybone, where Sami offered her conjury services to those passing through so that she may continue her research without the aid of her previous group. Okiku, at the age of 14, mistook the name 'S'amie Malkoh' to be the easier 'Sami Molkoh', and would always spell it as such, leading the Miqo'te herself to begin using the nickname as her real name.

The two lived in Drybone for years, until 19-year-old Okiku finally was able to get back into Ishgard again, where she now regularly travels. Occasionally, Sami will come with her on these trips, but never for more than a few days at a Time. Otherwise, she'll stay at Drybone on her own, where she continues her research to this day, on arcanima, Eorzea, and a much more unexpected topic...


Recently, Sami and Okiku have joined the Maelstrom's 81st Levy. Sami, after settling in, has started lending her conjury abilities to the group in what ways she can.


Sami is a very peppy, well-spoken Miqo'te with a penchant for conjury, though one wouldn't know it by looking at her. She's often very friendly to anybody - anybody - who she meets, though a bit of careful attention would reveal that she's not so quick to trust anybody.

Sami has a great love for knowledge and, specifically, the summoning of carbuncles; she's likely to spend more Time talking to an arcanist's pet than the actual person. In fact, animals typically garner her interest very quickly, as does any part of nature itself.

Despite her happy-go-lucky nature, Sami isn't interested only in the power of friendship and love; if you were to bring up something regarding the dark arts, she'd be completely rapt, though it's obvious that she herself has no wish to dabble in such arts.

Because of her neve rending search for knowledge, though, she's quick to disregard danger, so watch out; following her anywhere will often end in some sort of encounter, or at the very least, a few annoyed squirrels.


Affiliations and Known Associates

Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing Deceased

  • (PC) Okiku Sarayashiki: After the Calamity, Sami soon ran into the young Au Ra, Okiku. With the former only barely recovered from injuries and the latter having lost a friend during Dalamud's Fall, they formed a quick friendship, and both ran to recover in the nearby Camp Drybone. Over the next five years, the two have aided each other in their own endeavors. Currently, Okiku travels back and forth between Camp Drybone and Ishgard, where she has decided to settle her primary residence. Sami will come with her on occasion, but only very rarely.

  • (PC) Aya Numi: At the age of 10, Sami first met the magenta-eyed scholar Aya Numi. The two quickly became good friends - or at least, Sami thought so - as Sami helped Aya to better understand the layout of the land. Not long after this, Sami tagged along on Aya's adventures, following her all over Eorzea... until an unforseen circumstance led to the young Miqo'te fleeing her friend in fear. Since then, Sami has not heard one word from the silver-haired young woman, and despite feigning sadness at the loss of such a friend, one could very easily catch the glimmer of relief in Sami's eyes if they were to ask about the woman's disappearance.

  • (PC) W'khael Tia: Khael joined Aya Numi's travelling research group not very long after Sami did. As he was the exact same age as her - and, not to mention, also a Miqo'te - the two became uncannily good friends. Khael was very protective of the young girl, especially around anything that he deemed dangerous, and he was more than happy to assist her conjury training with his own personal training. Bearing the same eyes and russet fur as Sami, the two could easily have been mistaken for siblings, had they not been from different tribes. When he was lost during the Calamity, he was the only one over whom Sami legitimately cried.

  • (Non-PC) Agian: A thaumaturge of unknown power, Agian's past is just as much a mystery as Aya's. Bearing a strikingly similar color of silver hair to the woman, however, Sami had always assumed the two to be related. Agian always seemed to be bothered by Sami's presence, though he tolerated her... until Aya accepted her into the group. He then treated her as though she wasn't really there, though her innocence did seem to break through to him on one or two occasions, as he would occasionally step in to correct her conjury forms. His whereabouts and status are, as with Aya and W'khael, unknown, and he is assumed to be deceased. ((And before you ask, yes, his name stems from the mistyping of the word 'again', but we're going to ignore that.))


  • Nicknames: Sami Molkoh
  • Age: 23
    • Nameday: Unknown
  • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Unknown
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Hair: Russet
  • Eyes: Silvery blue
  • Skin: Light tan; despite residing dominantly in Thanalan, she is indoors 99% of the Time.
  • Clothing: Her style changes based on her surroundings, but you'll often catch her in a white top with black leather pants.


  • Animals
  • Nature
  • Knowledge
  • Friendly people
  • Arcanima
  • Honesty, above all else


  • Dishonesty
  • People who talk down to her
  • Anyone/thing that hurts nature
  • Overly strict commands/rules
  • Those who indulge in the Darkness
  • Yarzons, oh gods why do those exist


  • Her conjury
  • Her use of arcanima
  • Her knowledge
  • Her ability to be charming to most people
  • Her very approachable demeanor
  • Her ability to follow orders


  • Her dislike of anything too strict
  • Her penchant for wandering into danger in the pursuit of knowledge
  • Her innocent demeanor; she is not overly naive, but her hope that all people have good in them can easily lead her into dangerous situations

Other Notes


Sami is not very religious herself, though a few questions would reveal that she very much believes in the existence of gods, as well as good and evil. She has no main patron deity who she prays to above all else, though Okiku's travels around Ishgard have left her referencing Halone more often than the other gods.


  • If you have a pet, arcanima or otherwise, she'll probably greet it before she greets you.
  • She gets annoyed if somebody blatantly disregards nature, so watch out if you smash into something (She'll probably easily borrow a certain character's line of 'Don't step on the flowers!').
  • Despite being mainly a conjurer, if you were to offer information about any sort of dark art, expect her to become immediately interested. She herself wouldn't dabble in such arts, but will lap up any information given on it.

Known Haunts

You might have run into or otherwise know Sami from:

  • The Coffer and Coffin
  • Anywhere around Drybone (both the Camp and the area)
  • Ul'dah, and particularly The Quicksand (what better place to find new stories?)


OOC Notes

I play on Balmung as Sami Molkoh (an accidental typo that I'm too lazy to change, so I worked it into her storyline), and am on quite often. If you ever want to roleplay for any reason - perhaps you have some dark knowledge that you're dying to share, or you just need another friend - feel free to message me! As it stands, Sami is not currently looking for a relationship (but we'll see what happens, now that she's rping with more people!) and I don't ERP with her, so apologies for that. But if it's for anything else, message me any Time at all!