Schezar Stormbreaker

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 Schezar Stormbreaker
"Always follow through with a grin."
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ul'dah and Kugane. Strong affinity for independent frontier settlements like Idyllshire, Mor Dhona, and Reunion.
Monikers Coeurlfist; Hero of Gelmorra; Finder of False Gods; The Wings of Time
Guardian Althyk
Nameday 10th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Seiyuu Kenyu Horiuchi
Image Song Storyteller [1]

Basic Information

Name: Schezar Stormbreaker

Age: 32, as of the liberation of Ala Mhigo.

Birthplace: Loch Seld

Current Residence and Affiliations: Condominium in Shirogane, doubling as an agency office for his courier and exploration services. Helps train Immortal Flames adventurer squadrons; occasionally assists the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, Garlond Ironworks, and Clan Centurio.

Other Distinctive Features: An unusual facial tattoo upon his brow, and several battle-scars on his face and muscular form. Occasionally sports a magitek eyepatch, and has been seen wielding aetheric Padjali weaponry.


Height: 6 Fulms, 5 Ilms.

Weight: 260 Ponze.

Skin Colour: Tanned brown.

Eye Colour: Crystalline violet.

Hair Colour: Autumn crimson.




Description and Plot Hooks

Schezar's most prevailing trait is his easygoing, relaxed demeanor, whether in a social setting or the heat of battle. The grandson of a former Fist of Rhalgr, he was far more hotheaded and prone to anger in his youth, only mellowing and maturing after years of traveling and helping others against Garlemald, the voidsent, and numerous other threats across Eorzea. Though rumored to have fought on the Imperial side at Carteneau, he nevertheless serves these days as a Scion agent, courier, and odd-jobs troubleshooter for the smallfolk of the land.


His responsibilities toward his employees and their adventuring consultancy business have helped to tone down his flighty, restless nature somewhat. Nevertheless, travel remains his first love, with an ambition to see what lies beyond the furthest corners of the world.

Art by Lutra

Despite not being a full-fledged and fully trained conjury adept by any means, Schezar's knowledge of pressure points and the flow of chakra through the body allows him to assist with minor healing and stabilizing first aid. When pressed regarding where he learned these techniques, he will simply shake his head and smile before changing the subject. Several adventurers claim to have seen him in the past accompanied by another monk, a blind female Lalafell.



His family, including both parents and his younger siblings with children of their own, are apparently all alive and well in the region of Limsa Lominsa.

Character Keywords

Calm, bemused, observant, precise, relentless.





Cormac Stormbreaker, father

Agrias Stormbreaker, mother

Alphonse Stormbreaker, younger brother

Marisa Stormbreaker, younger sister

Calernyn Stormbreaker, youngest brother

Gehrman Stormbreaker, grandfather

Laleta Leta, sensei and honorary aunt

Various nieces and nephews

Althea, his adopted anima