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<center>'''Please note that all information below is common knowledge that Shin may share depending on her relationship with the person; however there are still many secrets that she holds which explain the reasoning behind many decisions but those will not be listed here and must be learned IC'''</center>
<center>'''Please note that all information below is common knowledge that Shin may share depending on her relationship with people; however there are still many secrets behind many decisions and those must be learned IC'''</center>

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Gridania-transparent.png Shinnan Solah Nelhah
"Toxicologist by trade, professional smartass by nature"
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Gridanian
Age 28
Nicknames Shin, Shinful
Occupation Toxicologist/ Alchemist/ Apothecary
Guardian Deity Menphina, the Lover
Marital Status Engaged
About The Player


Shinnan Solah Nelhah, which is her full name but simply goes by Shin, is a Gridanian toxicologist and well-known apothecary, recognized mostly for being incredibly arrogant and unpleasant towards others. Despite holding two names, she only uses her first one, not even having bothered to mention the second one to anyone.

Spunky and arrogant beyond belief, this Keeper Miqo’te bends all stereotypes of her species as well as scholars alike. A sharp tongue and never shy to express her opinion, she will shut people up within a matter of seconds. Accompanied with her quick temper and know-it-all attitude, it’s best to stay clear of her unless she finds some interest in someone which honestly it's almost impossible.

She is more likely to scold and insult people off than helping despite her profession, as she has little love for people overall, finding them to be the biggest vermin to ever exist. She's business first, and pleasure later, usually one who prefers to be on her own and sees friendships as little more than a humorous distraction.

Shin prefers to utilize her words as a weapon, and is known for a sharp, silver tongue, always one to enter an argument, leaving people in a state of rage. She's blunt, witty, rarely kind with her words, but in the end she gets things done.


From the beginning, anyone can tell what distinguishes Shin the most: her arrogance.

She will always approach people with a high-and-mighty attitude and very often as if trying to show them that they are vermin when compared to herself. Teasing and pushing buttons to the limit, few people can stand to even be in her presence and that suits her just fine.

Snarky and insulting, she does not hold back her thoughts and speaks with zero filter, quickly letting people know if she hates them or accepts them. Prideful and with a high air that would inflate an entire air balloon, people tend to hate her and move away after just a few words exchanged with her. Only select few seem to have ever managed to break that wall; and once they do, Shin can prove to be a very valuable and devoted friend. Granted, the teasing and annoying is still there but she tones it a bit down, or at the very least, she won’t bring up personal matters. However, it is not unheard of for her to tease her loved ones even more, as if it were her way to show them just how much she loves them. All in all, she is a mystery for the ages and only the most patient people will ever learn of her softer side which she conceals very well.

A rather emotional woman with a big heart but with a hard shell around her like a protective barrier that never breaks. She prefers to have people unaware of the fact that she may be nice, and she approaches all with her arrogance. Currently, only one man is fully experiencing her softer side, and even then she still controls the sweetness as she genuinely finds it sickening.

Despite the good and bad in her, she has a very explosive nature and can have raging fits if truly annoyed. It appears to be beyond her control as she is very quick to lose her temper and loses all rational thinking, reduced to a livid and enraged individual. It is best to stay clear of her then unless one knows precisely what words to use to calm her down. A bad joke or a tease gone too far may very easily send her into a fit in the blink of an eye. When in some fight, she becomes ruthless and won’t hold back any punches. Stubborn to the death, she won’t ever just give up even though she knows she would lose, which is the usual. When it comes to her friends, she will gladly put her life on the line for them and won’t think twice.

A woman with a thirst for unlimited knowledge, she can often be found reading a book in some fields or under a tree or actually sitting at her desk working, or perhaps even sleeping at it as she is a workaholic. Perfectionist to the death, she will never half-ass anything and will do her utmost to satisfy herself as well as others when she promises to deliver.

Favourite Expressions:

  • "Shut up"
  • "You're full of shit"
  • "Get lost"


Shin is of very short in stature if not even one of the shortest Miqo’te to exist in the entire realm; a thing that annoys her greatly as people won’t take her seriously at first and is the source of lots of teasing. A relatively slender build accompanies her stature, making her perhaps even frail and delicate looking.

Short, often messy, ginger hairs tied into two braids or simple buns at the sides of her face, and with freckles adorning her cheeks, she is often harassed about her looks and it drives her crazy, immediately hating anyone that makes any comment about her visually. Vibrant mint green eyes also make her a stand out despite the fact that she always wears glasses due to her very poor eyesight. Without her glasses, she sees absolutely nothing. Her vision literally like a painting that had been splashed with a bucket of water or two. In her ears, she always has simple small hoops, either silver or gold as she finds such to be the most comfortable.

Always wearing black clothes usually consisting of long skirts and long sleeved shirts, she also sports a pair of black gloves which she uses to hide all the snakes bites and scars from her work, not wanting to alarm anyone or give any wrong impressions. Apart from the bite marks, she also has a very large scar over her right shoulder, and people can notice that she cannot lift her right arm too high.

Her legs and arms are always covered and she never shows a lot of skin, her robes often going all the way up to her neck; however, it is not because of any issues with her image, she simply prefers such style and has no desire to show people her skin anyway. At times, she wears trousers due to work but her favourite are still long skirts, reaching all the way to her ankles and a top consisting of a shirt and a jacket over it. Always a belt at her waist with many pouches and flasks; always at the ready to assist or gather things even out and about.

Posture Habits

  • Very often stands with crossed arms
  • Sticks out tongue when irritated and has nothing smart to reply with


Self-made business woman, having Toxicology as her main trade, she also dabs perfectly in Herbalism, Biology and Zoology.

Never having studied it in any official institution, she is self-taught and simply learned by the method of trial and error. Unfortunately, errors in this line of work can be deadly and she was at death’s doorstep more than once. At first suffering greatly and sick for entire weeks as her body had to defeat the poisons but at the same time it drove her to find the cures much faster and she’d use herself as a guinea pig. Absolutely covered in bite marks and other bruises over her hands and arms as well as around her legs, they are the only visual proof of her profession which she hides anyway under many layers of clothing. Her hands always covered by a pair of black gloves which she never removes. The other thing that she benefited from the poison hunting, is her immune system which is absolutely resistant to all poisons and illnesses. She rarely will get sick and cannot even remember the last time she was.

Being at the peak of her success, she now provides her services to all clients who visit her office, regardless with what end her poisons or cures may be used. She offers secrecy as her top priority and won’t ever care to ask for whom or for what she is giving dangerous substances. Currently she supplies mostly all of the Grand Companies and also private customers that can afford her services.

Apart from poisons however, she also makes many remedies. Knowing how to induce a sickness, means she also knows very well how to remove it. Antitoxins are her second most sold product. Using all the knowledge at her fingertips, she also makes potions, poultices and other medicines which she also provides to her customers. Her potions sell well but it is not her main focus. Other than the medical industry, being well versed in herbalism, she may, but usually doesn't, supply drugs to some clients. She is not a big fan of drug abuse but in some cases she made exceptions, those usually being medical reasons, like lessening the pain.

Although lately, trying to find any extra occupations, she turned to the lab where she started developing some explosives. Rather harmless and mostly small bombs containing gas but she is merely starting, finding a certain fascination with the technology that Satomi Hakase takes care of, and she found herself wanting to learn more. Being inept with anything involving aether, and weak physically, technology is her only source for any sort of protection and she is gradually getting better at it, making more dangerous explosives and working towards becoming a pyrotechnician on the side. She is not selling yet her inventions but slowly is applying them in some handy situations, usually life or death ones.


Shin is inept in combat and has absolutely no muscle to show for and thus is not melee. However, ranged is a different story and she manages to hold her own, but, with her poor vision, even that becomes a chore. Her choice of weapon is a gun with a wooden barrel and handle. She rarely carries it around unless she is going on one of her many expeditions or expects some fighting, which in her case isn’t uncommon. A good shot and an eye for precision despite her poor eyesight, she can be rather deadly with her gun but if someone gets up close with her, she is a sitting duck and will definitely be dealt with within a matter of seconds. She is unable to fight head on and will usually run to a corner to be unnoticed and then shoot.


Physically she is weak and won’t even hold a minute in a hands-on fight. The handle of her gun then becomes indispensable but even then she lacks the power in her arms to even deal any damage or hurt anyone no matter how desperate she may be. Thanks to Rorick Aster, she did learn some melee hand-to-hand combat with the use of knives/daggers but the results were more than lacking however over time she is made some progress. Every now and then he’d meet with her and train her further to at least make her able to fend for herself should the situation arise. She knew however that her skills in melee combat were poor and so she did not put too much faith in it and she just focused on using her gun, and attached a knife to the tip so she may use it when needed and stab or slash her enemies if they got too close.

Weeks after, Vyncent Fields proposed to teach her how to wield a sword and she still has to take him up on said offer as she was rather hesitant. After some come convincing from her partner, she agreed and the meeting is yet to be set.

Recently, she took to creating small mechanisms which explode upon impact thanks to what she had learned at Vylbrand Academy. Quite creative with her inventions, she started making her own explosive devices, gas bombs, smoke bombs, as well as sonic bombs. Each one with their own uses and applications. It is still a work in progress and many of her inventions fail or even backfire, once causing an entire hallway of the Academy to blow up. One of her personal favourites is sleeping gas as well as paralysis gas; as it allows her to avoid fighting and get done whatever needs to be done swiftly and without getting her hands dirty. There are more brutal ones like suffocating gasses which leave no survivors or those which poison the people who inhale the gases.



  • If going out to eat or simply looking for a snack, fruit is the first thing she will turn to and genuinely adores
  • Sweets are her kryptonite and she will gladly munch on any sweeties she can get her hands on
  • Good Lominsan wine is sure to loosen her up and get her to chat
  • An intelligent conversation. It's probably one of the only ways to get her to lower her guard and actually converse
  • Lalafells. She respects the small people and sees them as proof that size doesn't matter


  • Her height when compared to other races
  • People making fun of her looks
  • People who have no goals in life and are a waste of life
  • Dangerous heights accompanied with the fear of falling
  • Deep waters, as she cannot swim and is utterly terrified of it
  • Cute things that induce nausea just by looking at them
  • Spicy or overly fragrant food, which her sensitive Miqo'te taste buds cannot stand


  • Books being an escape from everyday dull life, she often indulges in good books; mostly about more complex topics
  • Enjoys long walks, hiking, and being away from big cities, indulging in the silence of nature far away from stupid and useless people
  • Loves riddles and any other games that stimulate the brain; the witty ones being the best entertainment
  • Her biggest pass-time is annoying other people and checking just how much it takes until they break under the pressure


  • Fast learner with the ability to teach self
  • Knack for manipulating a conversation with her silver tongue. Whether it’s intimidation or manipulation, she knows the right things to say and how to pry to get what she wants
  • Her immune system is impenetrable after years of developing toxins and testing them on herself, thus, she cannot be poisoned and never gets sick
  • Has a very good memory for the smallest details and will gladly remind people of things past, usually those things being their mistakes
◢ Common Rumours
"She's a bitch"
"Her vision is so bad that without glasses she is almost blind"
◢ Uncommon Rumours
"She can be nice... if she likes you which is most likely not going to happen unless you're a Lalafell"
◢ Rare Rumours
"Shinnan? ..Isn't that the name of her deceased sister?"
◢ PC Rumours
"Mmm... I think she's about to leap over the bar and strangle you" - Ririfu Rifu
"Don't let yourself get fooled by her scholarly look, she is not one of the typically shy, reclusive bookworms. She is very blunt and forward, not wasting time with niceties, very pragmatic! But I learned really quick how she really is, and in a good way, luckily" - Sini'to Shadar


Family     Love     Platonic     Failed     Good     Neutral     Poor    

Love Interests

Sini'to Shadar (32)

A chance meeting at the most ridiculous gathering for outrageous music and drinking, Shin found this priest hanging out away from the crowd and the two began talking. It took very little to see that they had a lot in common and she quickly developed immense respect for the man. Over the next few days, they grew even closer and Sini'to didn't mind her snarky personality and even seemed to enjoy it, which puzzled her. Shin started to truly enjoy his company and would start seeking out unconsciously until the two truly grew attached. He finally asked her out the day before Starlight; and on Starlight, she told him she agreed. Ever since then, the two are inseparable. Teasing and many things are thrown their way but so far they tackled each obstacle. The love they have for each other is clear to anyone no matter how weird the couple. Shin adores him above anything else and is fully dedicated to him. His kindness and patience, as well as his understanding, all being things she admires and loves about him.


Adham Hadad (15)

A lad she found in the streets of Ul'dah begging for money. He approached her asking for spare gil and she decided to take him to the market area and paid for all he needed. Over the days to come, she brought him food and blankets, always staying to talk and enjoy each other’s company. Gradually, he grew attached to her and she noticed it. Seeing great potential in the lad, she took him to Vylbrand Academy where she was working at the time and he became a caretaker. Little did she know that in the following days he asked her to marry him. Adoring the boy as a son, she refused.

Ririan Ruruan (19)

Charming and timid Lalafell that Shin met at the Quicksand and the two quickly became very close together, but he always saw Shin as more and always tried to impress her somehow; being kind, inviting her out and even making her boxed lunches. It was clear that Shin's love for the lad was purely motherly but she couldn't deny she had a sentiment for him but she'd never cross that line for many reasons. The two remained very close and she took care of him through thick and thin as he entered the Paladin program.

Ririfu Rifu (18)

Meeting this little Lalafell in the Quicksand of all places, she couldn't help but feel the need to help the girl and approached her at the counter of the bar. The girl was rather shy but after talking for longer, she immediately opened up and showed to have a very sweet and lovable disposition. The two girls met almost every day in the Quicksand until Shin invited her to attend the Vylbrand Academy as a student, to which Ririfu agreed. Ever since then, the two have been inseparable.

Seseli Seli (36)

An acquaintance from the Vylbrand Academy, she met Seseli through Ririfu as the two started dating. Always watching over them and vouching for them. Alas, after a few months Seseli came to her heartbroken and said that things ended. Offering a shoulder to cry on and ears to listen, they grew close very quickly and Seseli found a very good friend in Shin, so good, the Lalafell asked her to date. Unable to tell her that she wasn’t interested, she lied to her and said she wasn’t ready.

Noir Velacia (19)

Hyur Midlander with an incredibly likable nature. Even Shin was unable to hate the woman and the two bonded quickly, as Noir became the Miqo'te's very first friend in Ul'dah ever since her arrival. The two got into many troubles together but always made it out together with their teamwork. While Noir was the cheery airhead who could pack a punch, Shin was the brains between the two.

Meriell Bell (19)

A young Hyur waitress she met while stopping by the Bobbing Cork while doing research in the North Shroud. The talkative girl would always approach her and serve her on each visit and eventually they began to talk on friendlier terms, to the point that the visits became an often occurrence, even just to spend time together and catch up. While endearing, Shin always saw her as a very simple-minded person and never involved her too much in her own private matters.

Volcatia Volturcius (29)

Garlean woman that Shin met in the Quicksand. Despite the woman’s cheery nature and attitude, she never revealed Shin her real name and only went as ‘V’. Suspicious but appreciative of the woman, Shin did not mind her company and was saved by her many times, gaining her trust. However, they also had many confrontations even deadly ones between each other. Things quickly escalated once V learned that Shin knows that she was Garlean but Shin decided to protect the woman instead of giving her away.

Rorick Aster (20-23)

One of Shin's best clients despite having a rather peculiar start. Meeting him at the Quicksand needing a medic to heal his broken arm and ribs, Shin offered her help and did some back alleyway curing. It was obvious immediately that what brought them together most was their arrogance but also a mutual respect for one another. Learning of her profession, he immediately made her his main provider for poisons and other remedies and she always delivered. Every now and then, instead of gil in exchange he’d provide help as a bodyguard.


Koji Ichihara (26)

Doman man that Shin met in Limsa Lominsa after getting help from him by getting her off a bridge despite her immense gear of heights. She wanted to repay him but he refused, and it immediately rubbed her the wrong way but the two got along somehow and she even took him on one of her expeditions once she learned that he was interested in Allagan history. She respects the man and his words, seeing as someone smarter beyong his years but she still has issues tolerating his aloof nature.

Vyncent Fields (35)

Half-Garlean man whom Shin also met in the Quicksand and quickly learned that they had a common acquaintance, that being Ryan Cooper and she asked him if he could punch him for her, and he immediately agreed. Things went not very well and she later tended to his wounds while they talked about the politics of his nation as well as the resentment he was receiving. Having nothing against Garleans, she clearly stated she was an ally and would help him out whenever needed.


O'rahn Kevelan (19)

This young lad rubbed Shin the wrong way immediately the moment she stepped through Vylbrand Academy's doors. She couldn’t justify why this spunky redhead immediately fell into her ‘most hated’ list, but they were at each other’s’ throats since the beginning. Fiery and snarky, he’d always have something to tell her and it would tick her off immediately and send her into a rage, trying to pick a fight with him. They always act like true brother and sister. Even though Shin does look after him behind his back, she despises him with a passion and the feeling is definitely mutual.

L'dhala Tia (36)

Approaching the man by accusing him of getting her friend Ririfu drunk, a fight broke out instantly, thus their relation is not very good. The way the man speaks and acts just sends her overboard, genuinely thinking he is retarded or has some sort of weird lisp that needs fixing. She avoids him at all costs as the mere sight of him makes her blood boil.

Ryan Cooper (?)

A Keeper man Shin ran into after some issues regarding Volcatia Volturcius and he got aggressive with the woman and Shin immediately disapproved. She ran into him another time afterwards and got assaulted by the man who demanded information on the Garlean but she did not provide any and more confrontations took place. Shin always managed to avoid the man but she was each time to close to getting beaten by him.

Failed Relationships:

Aelfred Sigmundsson (35)

One of the very first people she met as she stepped into the Quicksand for the very first time. This loud-mouthed brute Hyur knew his way around the city and gladly offered her a helping hand in learning the ways in Thanalan. Over time they grew close and he became her very first lover and she was quite happy with him, but the romance was short lived as she found out that he was cheating on her from his secret lover who also had no idea of Shin. She quickly left the man and shut herself out from any men.

Lofen Melocuil (26)

Charmer and a flirt, the Miqo’te detective swept her off her feet in her most vulnerable moment and used her for his own pleasures. She only discovered after a long time that he was already engaged to another woman. Distraught, she sought out the woman and tried to apologize to her, explaining that she had no idea even about her existence but it only made things worse. Eventually, Lofen abandoned his lover and then his visits to Shin’s office became much more frequent, as he’d use these visits to let loose some steam, but it took her little time to understand that it was a toxic relationship and she ended it despite having still some feelings for the man. Once again, she just left the public eye for some time to be in peace and to deal with her solitude.

Naoh'to Maimhov (32)

Hard working, devoted and famous gladiator in the Gladiator's Guild in Ul’dah, they met in the Quicksand over some drinks and in the middle of that, decided to have a walk where things quickly escalated and they ended up sleeping with each other that very night. A one-night fling turned into a long term romance as the two even talked about moving in together and perhaps starting a family. Naoh’to, however suddenly left one day, leaving her a note that he’d be back eventually. Weeks turned to months and no news was received until he finally came back, penniless and a drunkard with nothing to show for and no future. It turned out that he had met his ex-lover who had contacted him because she was pregnant with his child from before he even met Shin. The poor man had no idea what to do and his options were limited. Thus, heartbroken but with no choice, Shin let him go.

Vezh'a Yhumuzhah (23)

Shin met this Miqo’te early on when she first came to Ul’dah and they had immediate chemistry for each other but it never flowered into anything, the two remaining friends if not even mere acquaintances. After being left by Naoh’to and shattered, Vezh’a decided to give it a try and after all these years of a normal friendship, asked her out. She refused immediately and wouldn’t even speak of starting any relationship but over time, gradually, she warmed up to the man and got used to his presence in her life, realizing that she did have some sentiment for him. Finally, she agreed. Time went by but she quickly understood that she’d never be able to give him what he wanted and she went to him and explained this, telling him that she will leave him. He did not take it well and they broke up on very bad terms.


Please note that all information below is common knowledge that Shin may share depending on her relationship with people; however there are still many secrets behind many decisions and those must be learned IC

Upbringing (0-18)

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Leaving the Shroud (18-22)

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Making A Name In Ul'dah (22-25)

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Teaching at Vylbrand Academy (25-26)

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Leaving Vylbrand Academy & Establishing The Silver Sigil (26)

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Rocky Start & Leaving The Guild (27)

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Dangerous Times (27)

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The Calm After The Storm (27)

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New Commitments (28-Current)

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