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| citizenship = Dalmasca
| citizenship = Dalmasca
| race = Hyur
| race = Hyur
| clan = Midlander
| clan = Dalmascan
| stat_1 = Age
| stat_1 = Age
| stat_1_value = 22
| stat_1_value = 22
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| stat_6_value = Summoner
| stat_6_value = Summoner
'''Shion Bellveil''' is a Midlander Hyur from the city of Leá Monde in Dalmasca.
'''Shion Bellveil''' is a Hyur from the city of Leá Monde in Dalmasca.

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 Shion Bellveil
Shion Bellveil.jpg
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Dalmascan
Citizenship Dalmasca
Age 22
Nameday 6th Sun, 5th Astral Moon
Current residence Limsa Lominsa
Birthplace Leá Monde
Occupation Librarian
Job Summoner

Shion Bellveil is a Hyur from the city of Leá Monde in Dalmasca.


Shion comes from Leá Monde in the kingdom of Dalmasca, now the capital of Dalmasca Inferior under Garlemald occupation. Although under imperial command, Shion's childhood wasn't too different from others and she grew up playing in the sun-lit streets and helping her family at the inn and tavern that they ran. Unfortunately for Shion, her mother Kallen passed away when she was young from an illness that no doctors within the Bellveils' price range could help with. Her father Evien had researched gaining immortality from arcanima to try and save Kallen, even performing magical experiments on his own daughter, but when his wife finally died he grew cold, distant, and turned toward the drink.

One day in the markets, Shion found and purchased a peculiar crystal that had found its way to the stalls from Eorzea. In time she would learn that it was an ancient Allagan relic, a summoner's soul crystal, and that the merchants who had traded it from Ul'dah to Radz-at-Han to Dalmasca hadn't known what it was they were handling.

When the people of Dalmasca attempted to liberate their capital Rabanastre from the Garleans, Shion's father Evien traveled there to aid in the fight and died in the city's destruction. Deciding there was not much for her left in Lea Monde, Shion took up her father's magic notes and began researching immortality herself. With the losses she has endured, Shion seeks immortality to not have to lose herself as well. She believed that the key to discovering the stone may be in Eorzea with its bounties of aether and history of magics, and so she left the empire in secret via a Radz-at-Han training vessel to set up shop in Limsa Lominsa as a librarian, giving her access to a variety of books. Quickly coming into debt when she didn't realize the cost of such a move, Shion was bailed out by a Raen named Akaru Hitokage, who helped her land a job in Limsa Lominsa and let her live in his house until she could afford an apartment. Now she researches the War of the Magi, eikons, and the ways of the summoner all to further her studies.



Shion's clothing gives away her Dalmascan origin, with bright colors and fanciful fabric. A thin silver charm bracelet hangs on Shion's right wrist, each charm on it a memento of family and friends. Her long, golden blonde hair is her pride and joy, and her figure shows a lifetime of dancing and running through city streets.


Shion is a warm, friendly person, but she is lacks confidence in herself and tends to get offended or angry easily even if that wasn't your intent. Shion simply adores children and strives to be a "cool big sister" to any she befriends.

Shion's shelves at her apartment are filled with books of magic, history, and works of fiction, especially the stories of the Zodiac Braves. Of particular personal importance to Shion is the tale of Saint Ajora Glabados, whom she sees as her hero. Over the course of her time in Eorzea she has also come to find a fascination with the Fifth Astral Era. When she has free time and the weather permits it, she is often found reading outdoors, or perhaps drawing, which is another hobby of hers.

Though many of the holy sites of Dalmasca's religion, the Light of Kiltia, were destroyed by Garlemald, it survives in its people. Shion has been a faithful of Faram the Father her whole life, and the need to keep it secret from the Garleans has perhaps made her even more devout.

Seeing as she spent her entire life under Garlean rule she uses Garlean terms for some Eorzean concepts, such as "eikon" instead of "primal". And as a Dalmascan, she refers to aether as "Mist".


Shion is training as a summoner now that the practice is seeing a revival following its rediscovery. In the absence of any egi as she has yet to actually be present at an eikon's defeat quite yet, Shion has taken to using ambient Mist gathered at summoning sites to enter Trance states for Ifrit, Garuda, and the others.



  • Sunny days
  • Pastries, especially fried scones with honey


  • Being alone or forgotten.
  • Heat. Ironic, given she enjoys the sun.
  • Drunks.


  • Reading
  • Dancing
  • Drawing



  • Shion's mother Kallen passed away in her childhood, and her father Evien died in the destruction of Rabanastre.


  • A Dalmascan Moogle named Remlit has joined Shion on her travels.
  • Akaru Hitokage, a Raen man living in Limsa Lominsa who helped her find her footing there.
  • R'ohas Tia, a Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te who Shion has known since her early teens. He still lives in Leá Monde.



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