Suvdkhi Qestir

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Bio Info
Aliases: Suv(d), Suq, Qi(qi), Scribble, Cricket
Gender: Female
Race/Clan: Au Ra (Xaela)
Age: 16
Nameday: Winter Solstice
Height: 4'8.5"
Server: Omega

General Info

Like most other members of her clan, Suvdkhi (pronounced /suuvdkey/) Qestir does not speak. Although this originally stemmed from her tribe's beliefs that all words are lies, and that a man's actions are the purest form of communication; her time in Eorzea has planted a few doubts in regards to her upbringing. Even though one of her relatives, Miynmekh, was known to refuse to read and write, Suvdkhi, like many of their other shared family members, will happily do so. Her spelling and grammar can be questionable at times, though she is steadily improving. While fluent in her comprehension of the Old Tongue, she never learned to read or write in it--something she has been working on remedying when she has the chance.

Nigh-perpetually cheerful and agreeable, it is difficult for one to find themselves on Suvdkhi's bad side and rarer still to remain there. She has a tendency to put the needs of others first, even at her own personal expense. Suvdkhi is naturally trusting and easily approachable; and while several encounters in Eorzea led to her becoming wary and skittish around those not of the Steppe, after several recent jobs up in the northern reaches, she seems to have mostly put these fears behind her.


Combat Style

Suvdkhi is horribly near-sighted and thus prefers close range combat. Unlike the other members of her family, she has little and less affinity for the aetherial arts, with the distinct exception of the earth aether manipulation that is a hallmark of her family line. Other than this trademark talent, she shows strong similarities in style to the Dotharli siblings Yisutei and Dashun.

For sparring and duels, she prefers to use her fists, typically enhanced with earth aether to both cushion her blows for herself and strengthen the force of such on her opponents. While hunting, however, she favors the lance. Although she is capable of hunting with a bow, she prefers to avoid this as her poor eyesight has led to a less than ideal method of hunting. To wit, while she can strike a target with an arrow, it must be moving, and she cannot guarantee where on the target it will land. While it would be possible for her to relearn to fire a bow with the glasses she received in Eorzea, she has neither the equipment for nor guidance on doing so.

Her attempts at studying arcanima during her first months in Eorzea, on the other hand, went poorly despite her intelligence due to her lack of aetherial reserves, culminating in the odd result that she can only maintain the Topaz carbuncle summon for any period of time. Between this and the "cowardice" of her carbuncle, she has all but given up on the field and prefers to rely on those areas where she most excels.

Although still new to the idea of fighting in large groups of more than just a couple of hunters, Suvdkhi is both a quick learner and eager to please. Therefore, when given instructions, she will typically follow them to the letter where possible. Her preferred role is "bait" as this is the one she has the most experience with; however, most Eorzeans tend to object when she volunteers for such roles given her age.


Friendly Positive Neutral Negative It's Complicated
Family Trusted 💢 Disliked ☠ Deceased ❔ Missing    ✗ Distant
Dusk & Xaela
Irtei Buduga (BlackOne)
Muuno Buduga (YellowOne)
Odgerel Dotharl
Yisutei Dotharl
Miira Kagon (DrunkScold)
Batzorig Kahkol
Miynmekh Qestir
Seb Qestir
Rhapsody (Keys of Hekaton)
Nergui Borlaaq
💢 Kaiya Nagano (EyeMaskHyur)
Soraya Rashid (CookHyur)
Amelia Rosamond (BirdHyur)


"The quiet Xaela? Seems to prefer the wilds 'round here to the camp itself. Skittish little thing, but friendly enough to do business with." -Drybone Fruit Merchant
"Never seen her before." -Stonesthrow Refugee
"Wish I could eat that many sweets and stay so small! You think she'd share her secret?" -Idling waitress
"I tried to ask her directions. She just stared at me, then ran off and hid behind this grotesque-looking greying Hyur. I could see his tongue through his cheek!" -Perturbed Passerby
Another Rumor -Name
"She often frequents the campfire back behind the lentil merchant." -Drybone Fruit Merchant
"A black-haired silent Xaela? See one on occasion trading with the refugees. Doesn't ever get too close to them; though, I can't say I blame her." -Patrolling Flame
"I dropped a pot once; should've seen the way she shot out of her chair in a panic." -Chatty Cook
Another Rumor -Name
"Seen 'er 'anging 'round wiv them mercs from Lighthouse. Ain't no expert on lizzers, but ain't she look a mite young fer that?" -Random Adventurer
"The Silent One? She trades her hunts with us sometimes!" -Young Refugee Child
Another Rumor -Name