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| name = T'shina Vashka
| name = T'shina Vashka
| image = [[File: Tshina1.jpg]]
| image = Tshina1.jpg
| caption = "I was always told to dream and one day, they will come true. I am finding that they are harder to come by."
| caption = "I was always told to dream and one day, they will come true. I am finding that they are harder to come by."
| title = Clan Leader of the Aurora
| title = Clan Leader of the Aurora

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Gridania-transparent.png T'shina Vashka
"I was always told to dream and one day, they will come true. I am finding that they are harder to come by."
Clan Leader of the Aurora
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Gridania
Age 20
Date of Birth 13th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Family T'vashka Nunh (Father), T'reehl Tia (Brother), T'rahz Vashka (Half-Sister)
Free Company N/A
Character Blog http://www.tshinavashka.tumblr.com
Server Balmung
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T'shina Vashka {pronounced Tuh-shee-nah Vah-shh-kah} born of the Condor Tribe, sired of T'vashka Nunh and daughter to T'morah Grosta. The Clan Leader of the Aurora.

Physical Appearance


Height: ** fulms and ** ilms || Weight: Average || Age: Twenty Years

Hair Color: Black with white Highlights || Eye Color: Royal Blue || Skin Tone: Pale

By appearance, T'shina is easy to look over. Nothing about her screams that she is remarkable but quite average in a lot of things. Her appearance often not as well kept as most Miqo'te that can be found in the city. The young woman is a little shorter than average, often causing for her to be teased for her height and has caused a bit of a complex. Her stature can often be that of bent or slouched when she doesn't think eyes are on her but when she is conversing with someone she will straighten up and become more prominent in her stature. Her own dominance coming into play. Her skin is often pale but the longer she has been in the exposure of the desert sun the darker it has gotten to adjust to the climate. Along her cheekbones she has freckles that come out more the more she is exposed to the sun and along her shoulders, collarbone and hipbones there are a noticeable amount of the little peppered dots that give her skin a little more character. Along her cheeks there are a pair of stripes that nearly blend with her skin tone, natural from her heritage on her mother's side, the stripes also being found along her hips, two over the hip bones and barely noticed with the blending of tone. Her ears and tail are often quite expressive, particularly her ears as they are often in motion. Her tail can often be seen in a relaxed state unless annoyed or if she is seeking her own comforts.

Her face can be seen as round in appearance making her seem quite youthful and making her pouts seem even that more childish when she huffs and puffs. Her lips plush and full with a natural dark tone to them that accentuate each expression a little more because of their prominence in her features. Behind these full lips would be a set of fangs known to Miqo'te but due to her Seeker heritage they are not as pronounced as that of her moon walking cousins. Her eyes are large and almond shaped, with large irises and the signature slitted pupil that is the trademark of the Seeker clan. These eyes often hidden behind her bangs slightly but ever watching the things around her and doing her best to catch the little details so that she doesn't miss a thing. Along her nose there is a noticeable scar but mostly covering it is a henna tattoo that she has kept in place to mark herself as a hunter of the Condor tribe. Her eyebrows are thin and often furrowed due to her need to analyze everything around her, though often they are hidden behind her thick bangs. Her hair is cut short in the back to keep of her neck so she doesn't get too hot and long in the front and gathered up in hair clips so that it is easier to manage. Keeping the length makes her feel more effeminate. The color a deep coal and scattered through out being the natural white hairs that often is tipped.

With clothing, the girl doesn't often wear anything that could be considered nice. The nicest thing she owns would be the hempen tunic that she was mistaken for a dress but she wears anyway. Most of her clothing is worn out and some of it looks as if it has been patched up before. The color often prominent in her palette of colors being a dark red as it is her favorite. Her boots are well taken care of as she believes that a good pair of boots is all you need when you are traveling. Often she carries a knife but she always carries her shortbow with her, not feeling comfortable without a weapon of sorts. If she is ever without a weapon it is best to be assumed that she is paranoid and looking for one in nearby items.


  • Across her nose.
  • Along her left side there is a cut.
  • Her left shoulder has a puncture scar.


When first meeting her she can be seen as cold and stand offish. This is something that she has developed since she was young to protect herself emotionally after being emotionally abused in her youth. This often results in her coming off as closed off with how she stands and the way she looks at others. By watching them, studying them, and trying to predict their next action by her observations. All of this stemming from her distrust for others and how hard it is for her to do so.

Becoming on friendly terms however is not difficult and she will open up and speak quite willfully. She enjoys conversation and can usually talk about any given thing whether it turn into a debate or just continuous agreement. Her morals and all that she is often laid out before other easily when you do get her talking. However, just because she will talk does not mean she will give out all her secrets or the secrets of her friends. She is quite careful about important information and feels that most information about herself cannot be used against her. When you do get her to talk about more personal things she is starting to gain a small amount of trust for you and has then started to call you a friend but do keep in mind, that does not mean she trusts you. Not at all.

Trust is something that she doesn't give very willingly and only a few people have it. These people able to be counted on one hand though she does want to be able to rely on others and others on her. This is causing a distress in the girl as she does want to trust others but her own paranoia gets the better of her and she can easily find reasons to not trust someone. There are stages to knowing when you have gained any form of trust though.

The first step you will notice, should you be paying attention, is a thing she has about people touching her. Often if you are a stranger or someone that she has not had any interaction with, she does not like being touched. When you have become acquainted enough then things will become more just a shoulder bump, hip bump, shaking hands or a tentative hug. More trust will gain her touching you with her tail and maybe, just maybe, her letting you touch her ears. Though the ears are a thing that bothers her because she doesn't understand the fascination with them. When she has completely given her trust she actually will be a very touchy person. She likes to feel the contact of being around others and knowing that someone is there to watch out for her just as she is there to watch out for them.

On top of gaining her trust and allowing her to open up that stand offish shell seems to melt right off. She does her best to seem mature and level headed and in most cases she is. She's very passionate about many things and stubborn in her beliefs and feelings. But she will get excited fairly easily and not be afraid to show her little panics and insecurities (which there are many of). These small behaviors have gotten her called cute (which she will profusely deny that this exists). But overall she seems to be a more empathetic person once she has opened up.

Hobbies and Professions


Since she left her home, she took up Freelance work as well as Mercenary work. Learning from the best when it comes to rules and making sure you didn't get the short end of a deal. When it comes to work she will do just about anything, including the killing of others. However, she's never been caught and the worst she had done was kill an offender in some dark trades. She has her rules of not harming the innocent or children. To her women are not an exception because she is one herself. She's not above selling information for what she needs and has been known to trade in favors should she have to.

Treasure Hunter

Something she actually enjoys doing. Looking for rare things or something that could be really old and turn a profit. Or even going to "liberate" something that belongs elsewhere. These are the jobs that get her out in the world and she enjoys them more than any other job she's picked up.


When she was back with the Condor Tribe, she was deemed a hunter due to her skills with the bow. This is something that she has not lost touch with nor will she ever. She knows the way of tracking prey and when her prey has been killed she also knows the different ways to kill, clean, and use the different parts of the body as she was taught to use all that she can to respect the death of the animal.


Tracking is something that comes naturally to her. She can read tracks and judge by the distance how fast someone or something was moving. She can catch the scent of most things and find the lingering traces to follow what she needs. She knows how to look for invisible tracks by checking the grass to see if it has been bent and should there be anything breaking. This is a natural skill for her from just her playing in the forest as a child.


It was customary for every member of her tribe to take up a useful skill and the one that she took to quite well was leatherworking. She likes the feel of the leather and turning something that once protected another animal into something that can protect or cloth others. She often makes her own clothing with this skill and it is known that just because she is good with leather does not mean she is good with fabric.

Family and Friends


  • T'morah Grosta - { Mother; Familial ) The closest to her in her family. Her mother and her caregiver. Shina is Morah's only living daughter having had several still births before hand, many believing she'd never be able to properly conceive but the Seers of the clan gave her hope. When Shina was born, Morah was declared sterile and was no longer used for breeding purposes but due to the "defective" nature of her daughter she was treated poorly. On top of her own mistreatment, the two remained always there for one another and it was hardest for Shina to leave her mother behind when she had left the tribe, knowing she'd be lonely but her mother always remained supportive and strong and forever will Shina believe that Morah is the strongest of the tribe having such a strong and kind heart.
  • T'rahz Vashka - { Half-Sister; Friendly } Older sister. Though most were her sister, T'vashka was her sire as well. They held a somewhat close relationship when Shina was a child, often being protected by the older sister when things got rough. However, when Shina was starting to come into everything after her illness was taken from her, T'rahz was taken by a Nunh of the Couerl clan and she hadn't seen her until she got older. They crossed paths briefly to find that T'rahz had been released and was looking to see all of Eorzea before settling down.
  • T'reehl Tia - { Brother; Familial } Her closest companion growing up and one of the few people she trusts fully. They went through much of the same treatment as children and thus had bonded quickly. Often the two found the world around them fascinating, going on late night Moogle hunts when the other heard trumpets or chasing down imaginary creatures when the others their age wouldn't play with them. Together they were able to keep each other's spirits up and it was together that they left their tribe to find their happiness. They traveled much together until recently when their paths seem to have split in different directions.
  • T'vashka Nunh - { Father; Friendly } A man to be admired and with wisdom beyond his years. He turned much of the tribe around during his time as Nunh and has been contested only a few times. Often he took time to spend with T'shina and teach her things that others would not. Many believed he took pity on her but he knew there were greatness in her future. It was because of this that he was the one who had made the deal with Cyril Locke to get the surgery that Shina needed. It was he who pushed her to find more for herself, knowing that she would never truly feel comfortable within the tribe nor be happy. However, he wanted to hear her stories of her travels and know what she is doing so he asks that she does visit. The one thing he has always told her was to follow her dreams and "Do what makes you happy."


  • Adokenai Kodomo - { Friend; Friendly } A young boy that she had seen often around the Quicksand. The Lalafel child won her over when he was comfortable enough to crawl into her arms and fall asleep. She finds that when she sees him she will stick nearby to keep an eye on the hyperactive boy.
  • Aeirra Embrhe - { Acquaintance; Friendly } Dash. A person that she finds amusing and easy to get along with. However, she's flighty and so they haven't been able to make a connection. But the little Dragoon has made an impression on her.
  • Althena Locke (Silverstar) - { Friend; Familial } The two met when she was seven. Her father being the one who had actually gotten T'shina the surgery she needed. During her recovery, Althena was a big part of her life as she would tell her stories and help her with her rehabilitation. As she got older, Althena has been there to make sure she is never without.
  • An'zero Tia - { Friend; Friendly } A good friend of hers who she found annoying at first before she started to realize his endearing qualities. He is one of the first members of her tribe. She finds that he might need to put him in his place though when it comes to the tribe.
  • Aya Foxheart - { Friend; Friendly } A waitress at the Quicksand. T'shina finds her to be quite friendly and often feels the want to keep an eye out for her. So, Shina finds this person to be quite pleasant to be around.
  • Cain Lear - { Friend; Friendly } The first Roegydn that she decided to call friend. They don't get to talk often but they get along quite well.
  • Cyril Locke - ( Employer; Friend; Familial } Often referred to as Mister Locke, he is the one that she goes to often for work that is mostly exploratory. When it comes to items she's not sure what they are, she takes them to her. This is her go to guy.
  • Dante Abigor - { Acquaintance; Neutral } They met when he asked if she was open to work and after a sit down they have established a working relationship. However, she is still unsure of him.
  • Gunnolf Hellfire (Pup) - { Acquaintance; Friendly } A blind Lalafel ex pirate who ran into her quite literally. Though she sees a lot of wisdom in him and finds him enjoyable to be around.
  • H'allibi Bamu - { Acquaintance; Neutral } She met her at random and found her to be rather enthusiastic, however with the offer of work and hearing something of an arena, her interest was peaked enough to garner interest.
  • Jeanne Bealieu - { Acquaintance; Neutral } An Elezen emissary that T'shina met at the Quicksand all because she looked as bored as the other.
  • Jijiko Ririko - { Friend; Familial } The brother of Althena, he had helped during T'shina's recovery as well. The Lalafel was very good for her confidence in her youth.
  • Kal Numara - { Friend; Friendly } Still not sure what to think of this person in general but she knows that she likes a good drink and a good time. Which, Shina finds so strange with her carefree attitude but that might be the pirate mentality. With her being turned into a Miqo'te recently she feels she may need to teach her a few things that others may be neglecting.
  • Kolhi'to Embhre - { Former Employer; Neutral } A Keeper Miqo'te that she respects but has not forged any lasting relationship with.
  • Lambert Arkwright - { Acquaintance; Weary } A person that she is uncomfortable with due to the random large amount of gil he had given her. Since their meeting and him finding out she was a mercenary, she hasn't seen him for a long period of time since due to her uneasiness.
  • Leon Maxwell - { Friend; Friendly } A Midlander teenager that she finds amusing to make turn red since it is so easy. She respects him since he can hold his own and enjoys his company.
  • Lilithium Altair - { Friend; Shaky } A woman that she wants to be friends with but there always seems to be something that gets in the way. She is working on trusting the woman but is still hesitant but that doesn't mean she's not trying.
  • Maeryn Albright - { Acquaintance; Friendly } A Midlander that seems to have big dreams and thus she finds her to be interesting.
  • Matthias Silverstar - { Employer; Friendly } The husband of Althena, she has gotten work from him a couple of times. She finds his antics amusing.
  • Mouse Wytchwood - { Friend; Friendly } A young girl who has a lot of secrets about her that Shina can guess just by observing. A friend and a girl she is protective of due to her innocence.
  • Ninifae Nira - { Acquaintance; Neutral } Uncertain of. She is an employer of sorts and she finds the Lalafels intentions to be good however.
  • Rock Shattermountain - { Friend; Friendly } A friendly highlander/Roegydn that she finds to just be enjoyable to listen to. His sense of being kind to everyone sticks with her so she enjoys his out there personality.
  • Saya Kainda - { Acquaintance; Friendly } Her impression of Saya is an interesting one. She finds the quiet girl to be interesting due to how new the world seems to be to her. So, she wants to show her the changes of the world.
  • Sitting Ox - { Friend; Friendly } She isn't sure why she connected so easily with the outgoing Roegdyn but she did and often finds his stories entertaining.
  • Tahlin'a Wolhen - { Acquaintance; Neutral } An enthusiastic Miqo'te that she thought would do well with mercenary work. She finds him to be pleasant to be around.
  • Tenha'a Rendha - { Mate; Close Friend; Trusted } A man she has known for a long time and forged a long lasting friendship with. They had worked together many times which in turn had solidified their trust together. After some time those things developed into more and Shina had fallen for the storyteller.
  • Toff Vaughnn - { Acquaintance; Unsure } From what she can tell, he is a very grumpy Miqo'te.
  • Togy Brandmakt - { Acquaintance; Unsure } A crazy Highlander that she's not even sure what to think of.
  • U'zhan Tia - { Close Friend; Friendly } A person she met at random and they agreed on a lot of the same ideas and forged a quick friendship. He is one of those in her tribe.
  • Y'akari Tia - { Acquaintance; Neutral } The two started talking at one point and were quite happy to show their pride for their heritage.
  • Zuka Eclairon - { Acquaintance; Friendly } A treasure hunter that she finds to be quite friendly and enjoyable to talk to. Is part of her treasure hunting team.


Free Companies

  • Blacktalon Vanguard - { Former Member } Mercenary Free Company run by Kolhi'to Embhre. Left due to a lack of work and no personal feeling of being able to connect.


  • The Aurora - { IC } The communication Linkpearl for her clan. She personally gives them out to people she finds trusted enough.
  • -Roots Company- { IC/OOC } Communication Linkpearl for those who do work for Dante Abigor. (To her knowledge)

Other Information


  • Fruit (oranges are the favorite)
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Rain
  • Rivers


  • Arrogance
  • Womanizers
  • Those who don't deserve what they have
  • Smell of alcohol


  • Marksmanship
  • Singing
  • Dancing


  • Determination
  • Empathy
  • Stubborn
  • Protective
  • Humble


  • Empathy
  • Stubborn
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Over Analytic

Medical Conditions

  • Had a previous brain tumor that had affected her coordination and eye sight as a child. Has since been removed successfully.
  • Has a heightened sense of smell due to the distorted eyesight as a child, body making up for the downfall. It is now something that makes it difficult for her to be in certain situations. (Cannot be around a Malboro. Period.)
  • Is prone to frequent headaches, particularly when under stress or under heightened negative emotions.

Personal Items

  • Shortbow - The bow that she is often seen carrying.
  • Longbow - Can be found carrying this bow however it is often with her things with her couerl.
  • Short Stories - And old book that she has among her possessions. And old worn out children's book.