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Taaj Yoshiro
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Personal Data
Real Name: -----Taaj Yoshiro
Known Aliases: -----She Devil, Temptress, Witch
Race: -------Half Xaela/Succubus
Age: ------22-25
Name Day: --------16th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Eye Color: ------Golden/slitted
Hair Color: ------Silky, Jet black with red streaks
Occupation: ---------Sell sword, assassin, Alchemist
Marital Status: -------Married (Open)
Known Relatives: -----Anxo Yoshiro
Voice Claim: ------


Sometimes appears to be that of a Seeker

Theme song
NSFW profile

- ------ -

Little Tidbits/Offsite Fun

206317 new taaj 2.jpg

Taaj appears to be in her mid-twenties, though being a Xaela, the only real significance on her that people can see what she is that scaled tail, and swept back horns of hers. The rest of her body is scaleless unlike the others of her kind. Perhaps it was from the years her body was growing to house that demonic essence within her. Though she stands at 5 fulms 2 ilms, slightly average for her race. She likes to keep her body well toned, with hours of daily training, that compliments the women... Less than honorable work-life.

She prefers slightly revealing attire over being fully covered by that of plate or full leather. The choice of attire though is flattering to the woman's form, accenting her curvature perfectly while leaving wonder in the back of passerbyers, or her opponent's minds on what lies underneath. That long Raven black hair of hers is mostly kept in either a tight or loose ponytail rarely is it seen down fully, though her bangs help frame the woman's oval-shaped face.

Adorning the woman's face is a pair of golden eyes, slitted to the likeness of a dragon, a slight cosmetic, yet unexpected reaction after she was experimenting with her wifes... "Interesting" aether for being a "Draqo'te". Since then she altered her jewelry to gold and ruby, to accent and even "Enchant" those eyes of hers to whomever she speaks to.

Aspects That Stand Out:
Those predatory golden eyes of hers.
Toned body, runic markings upon the arms, middle of her spine, and along her pierced navel.
longated canines.



Taaj grew up on the steppes within the Dotharl clan, a clan of proud warriors. They taught her how to fight at a young age, though she couldn't grasp the concept of the teachings of the Dawn Mother that the clan believed in. Nor could she grasp the knowledge on how to harness her inner strength to conjure elements to aid her in battle like the others can. So she was considered weak in the eyes of the others and was used mostly for hard labor, being kicked and beaten for not completing a certain task on time was her life as a child.


A few years into her adolescence she was picked up by a white-haired Miqo'te who saw her hunting on the plains by herself. This woman was charming, she spoke to the young girl on her level, and they talked for hours. When a Dotharl tracking party went out to find the young girl since she has been gone for far longer, Taaj hid, shaking in fear on what they may do to her. The woman saw how the girl reacted and for the first time, Taaj saw the woman actually smile. Even if it was a sinister smile nonetheless. The Catte told her to stay put and the next thing the young Taaj could realize the woman was gone as if in a puff of smoke. Moments later the sounds of explosions, screams, and a burst of maniacal laughter filled the plains. It was only a few minutes and the catte came walking back covered head to toe in blood and gore. A soft smile upon her face as they extended out their hand to her and said. "Take my hand little one, you'll be safe with me".

She followed this strange woman whom she learned was called Anxo Yoshiro, and the woman eventually adopted her. She learned the woman's utter hatred for Sadu, her education begun the moment Taaj entered her new home within Shirogane, into her adopted mothers' apartment that was littered with books. Anxo taught her how to read maps, showed her the meanings of the constellations and how to use them as guides. as time progressed Taaj started to understand what the meaning of "Family" was, for a young girl she was very very inquisitive, no matter how many questions anxo would answer a hundred more questions came flooding out of her lips. Though it did annoy the woman greatly and even snapped at her more often than not, causing the girl to go storming outside tears flooding her eyes. However what the young girl didn't realize was that her adopted mother was suffering mentally, her patience was drawing thinner, and thinner with each passing day. It was then, the moment where her adopted mother was at the peak of her mothers mental state as she saw the woman whom she grew to admire, respect, and love summon a creature straight from the void, candles burning more intensely as the flames shot straight to the ceiling as that shapeless creature appeared in the middle of the circle Anxo created. Frightened and terrified Taaj had her back to the wall, her hand quickly reaching out towards the doors handle to run, but all she heard was the cold words of "Get her" It was at that instant that the essence of the demon shot into the young Xeala, altering her whole being forever.


Eventually made her way out of her mothers home and fled, letting her feet carry her as far as they would take her. She put her knowledge she learned both from the steppes, and from her mother Anxo's teachings to good use, as she started to steal food to survive. She survived in the wilds for many many years, enduring the pain that her mother had placed upon her when she is all alone, eventually, Anxo found her again calling it the blood bond that connects the two of them together. Taaj seeing her was filled with rage, anger, fear, anxiety, so she attacked as a beast pushed to a corner. It was at that moment in time during that whole fight Taaj learned the full truth. Why she was pained so greatly by the demon who merged their aether with her own forever corrupting it and mutated it. It was to make sure she survived.

Her education picked up as if nothing had happened, though her mother had gone through some serious changes from the last time she saw her, once with white hair now with black and red hair, pulled back into a ponytail with several braids along it. Wearing glasses to keep those glowing eyes from view. She learned how to channel her mutated aether into "Magic" that can help her defeat her enemies more effectively. Learned how to hide even in plain sight by masking their own presence from the sense of mind.''

Taaj is not heavily proficiant in magic, just at certain small things such as Red/blue Magic.
Has a very hot temper, with a personality to match when crossed.
She is fiercly loyal to her friends and loved ones, will be one of the first persons there to come to their aid if something is wrong, not afraid to spend the night in a jailcell for a bar fight brawl.


Her youth made her naturally not trusting in people. Even those in her own clan of Dotharl's. Though that was growing up in the tribe until she was 10, before Anxo found her. It was Anxo who taught the little girl how to be around people, to fit in. In Taaj's youth, all she knew was pain and suffering. But now she is with a woman at the time genuinely showed they cared. They broke the child out of their shyness, even though Taaj was initially broken, all they had in that small stature was a large all-consuming hatred. Hatred for her own clan all because she was born differently, not having a natural talent for casting. So she was treated as nothing more as a servant girl. Though sometimes, not often, those same old feelings of hatred would surface even to this day.

Though there is much, much more than a brooding hating husk that makes up this half-breed. She will never verbally say it aloud, but her first crush was the woman who saved her, who became their "Mother". Even after the woman went psychotically insane after getting news of their own lover being taken away by a certain type of hunters to lure Anxo out. Even after Anxo tried killing her by sacrificing this young girl to the empty void, the realm of demons. It was then at that moment in time Taaj felt true pain, not by what the woman whom she grew to idolize did to her, but the fear of being discarded tossed aside like yesterdays trash. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, as she was only 15 years of age struggled to survive both mentally and physically with what was being done to her. The only thing that kept her going was her unflinching will, that resolves to prove themselves to those that mean the world to them. Though because of this, she did fall into a depression, isolating herself from the world for a time.

Throughout all of this, she became a relentless hunter, a ruthless killer, the intoxicating temptress. To those that have earned her trust and loyalty, they would find an irreplaceable friend, ally, companion. A woman who will go through the ends of the world, and to the next just to save those who are dear. To her enemies, they would find a rather challenging foe. Even if she is beaten down to an inch of her life, battered, bruised, broken she will still fight, a scary sight. A foe who never gives up, all for the sake of their friends' honor or memory.

However, because of all this Taaj has very very very few friends, and most times she keeps people at arm's length.


Red Wine.


Being Alone.
Watching someone suffer.


Tomb Raiding.


Unflinching Resolve.


Quick to Anger



Taaj learned at an early age how to defend herself, though it was through means of self-defense such as blocking/deflecting hand to hand combat. Being born not that attuned with Aether or able to receive the blessings of the moon mother put her more in the "Working" class of the tribe's Hierarchy, at age 10 she was already physically fit for her age.

Though her training didn't take off till after Anxo took her in, between lessons of world history, interactions with the many creatures of Eorzea, as well as learning how to write. Taaj had to learn the basics of the basics with martial arts. The little girl was like a firecracker, a little scorpion poised to strike at a moments notice. For the next few years, Anxo combined Taaj's studies with fighting, to prep the girl for the unexpected, while advancing their source of knowledge.

Over time her training progressed to Knife-play, being taught to let the knife be an extension of the body, to keep it close and at the ready to match the girl's lithe frame. It was around that time when Taaj was forced to flee from Anxo, who was going through a mental breakdown because of their wife Yuki getting kidnapped, as well as who placed the demonic essence into the girl in hopes to kill her.

They lived in Shirogane, so fleeing was relatively simple, though surviving on her own was a different story. However, because of her small stature, she managed to smuggle herself onto a cargo ship, after getting to the main-land she used her knowledge on knife-play to survive. Sometimes picking fights and stealing gil just to get food and clothing Yet that essence growing within her, slowly manipulating and corrupting her aether was causing her serious pain. Even suffering from Aether Deficiency for a time.

It wasn't till Taaj was a teenager that she learned that sleeping with people made that pain go away, even though she would have no recollection of the events before but she always woke up to a corpse beside her every single time. This scared her, and to help keep people off her trail she "Fed" that hunger within her as little as possible, she didn't want to be noticed or even hunted down due to a string of murders she couldn't explain. She didn't know what was happening, nor why. She even began to question herself on everything including her own identity.

At age 17 she was found again by Anxo, who reveals the complete truth to her, what she was becoming, and how to control those "Urges". Yet, their relationship was never the same. Taaj was more rebellious, forcing Anxo to fight her more and more which in the end expanded upon the young demon's arsenal of weaponry she would become effective with. However, one thing will remain true in any and all cases, there will never be a time that Taaj doesn't have a blade of some sort upon her.


She spent years honing her skills in swordplay, through the constant ruthless training that her "Mother" Anxo put her through to make the girl stronger. First learning the use of Knives/Daggers, as well as the deadly proficiency it yeilds. Afterwards she grew to learning the use of the Greatsword even though the sword was bigger then her small frame, she now weilds it like a professional.
Weapon: She is never fully disarmed, having always her first and foremost natural weaponry which is her claws... When she has been backed into a corner, she would be react simular to a cornered beast... Ready to thrash out at anyone no matter who it is if they get too close.
Weapons of Choice

OOC information for YOU

Below is useful tidbits should you ever be interested in trying to attack/spar with Kiri. Please note that I am very open to gore and violence and am not beyond having my character sport an injury for days to weeks on end. However! Dismemberment, permanent damage, and even death needs to be spoken about prior in vivid detail/discussion before anything will ever occur IC.
Teir 1 Combat: An old Tier combat system from Cheetah/Yahoo Chat days. This system is something I grew up using and enjoy thoroughly. This system uses detailed paragraphs (I don't expect 4+ paragraphs) to explain actions that are being placed in combat. It uses a roll system which the person playing the attack will roll and the defender will need to roll higher to defend. Critical hits are welcomed in this system and often are considered if the difference between rolls are over 700 (using ingame /random rolls)
Designated Personal Systems: Everyone has their own system for group combat RP which they themselves made or they made for their Free Company. I am open to discovering, learning, and uses all kinds!
Slider Scale: While I do not mind a slider scale of abilities, I would very much like to limit my usage of this system in any roleplay.
Freeform/Honor System: I will only acknowledge the honor system with people I trust or know won't be literal jerks in RP. I will often request the basic roll system (See t1) for fights with people I do not truly know but am willing to Freeform/Honor system it if you can prove you are not going to just Naruto/Bleach up the fight as well as avoid EVERYTHING thrown at you, even within less then an inch of the attack.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Anxo Yoshiro, Family. () - Mother.
Character's Thoughts: " She's a Psychotic bitch!."
Anxo is the one who rescued Taaj from the Steppes, she is also the one who taught and educated the young girl, perhaps it was out of pity... Or something to pass the time noone really knows.
Siona, Involved. ( ) - Wife.
Character's Thoughts: "She's Adorable ."
Lsael Elswer, Close Friend. ( ) - Pilot/Tinker.
Character's Thoughts: " Here comes the fun."
Lsael is a wild one if you are looking for a good time, that is if you can keep up with their outstanding tolerance for alcohal, Taaj has spent several long nights with this woman, talking, laughing, drinking the night away... Even though all of Lsael's drinks are unmarked, mostly to add to the surprise factor... But the all out amusement is that there is unmarked fantasia bottles added to the mixed, so that would be one hell of a story to tell your significant other on why you appear to be that of a different race.



Player Note
Personal RP Limits
I don't have very many hardcore limits honestly as I feel consequences must be adhered to when RPing any character regardless of whom they might be. However there are a few exceptions to this and they are as follows.
I will play Almost anything that isn't described below.
I won't play Death, Rape, Maiming, ERP only Plots. I don't mind romance but it needs to be earned and respected. Do not try and force your character on to mine. If I feel this is the case I will quickly end the RP and speak with you OOCly to either correct the issue or end the RP connection between the two in a faithful manner both parties can agree upon.
Little Tidbits.
If you're ever uncomfortable, tell me! I don't bite! I can get pretty into RPing out consequences however and while I do my best to make sure permission is had and everyone is comfortable I'm not perfect. If you have a please let me know.
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Potential Plot Hooks
While the below is by no means comprehensive, it's a kind of spring board for walk-up RP.
■ Often seen watching others
■ Always drinking tea or wine with a book/tome in hand

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