Tahla'ra Molkot

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 Tahla'ra Molkot
Tahla'ra wiki.PNG
"Let your heart ache for other people, but never let it bleed. Eventually, you'll run dry."

Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa/Gridania
Age 24
Occupation Lancer/Dragoon/Miner
Orientation Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation Maelstrom, The 81st Foreign Levy.


Tahla’ra Molkot (Pronunciation: Ta-luh-rah), Tahla'ra's origins lie deep within the hooded boughs of the Black Shroud, like many Keepers before him. Unlike most keepers, though, he tends to prefer the vibrancy and life of the inner city, spending most of his time amongst the shops, homes and transportation systems of Gridania and Limsa Lominsa, and is a frequent barfly around many of the establishments in the latter city. He is confirmed to have spent several years in the mountains of Coerthas, though refuses to make substantial comment on his activities during this period. Finding a home amongst the sailors of Limsa Lominsa- where strength and skill is respected above all else, he volunteered for service with the Maelstrom, and ascended to the rank of Chief Storm Sergeant by the time of his twenty-fourth name day. Oddly, he left the Maelstrom under mysterious circumstances to pursue adventurer's work, though his current posting - the 81st Foreign Levy- has still left him tied to the organization in some respects.


Tahla’ra stands unusually tall for a Miqo’te Keeper, being at equal height with many Midlander Hyur-folk. His body is supremely athletic and thoroughly muscled, but also scarred and pitted from a life of battle. Several prominent marks run along his back, stretching from shoulder to hip, indicative of an attack from a large animal of some sort. His hair is neatly shorn, though he laments the bangs that refuse to cooperate with the rest. His eyes are a deep, glacial blue, and his hair is naturally streaked with white despite his insistence upon dying it blue on occassion. Oddly, for a Miqo'te, he bears no tattoos or other tribal markings.


Swift. Refined. Precise. Tahla’ra’s preference for the spear and lance is not simply a choice of weapon, it is a symbol of his personality; unyielding, flashy and bold, but also inflexible and prideful. He tends to keep his true thoughts to himself, disguising his reserved nature with polite, friendly and affable chatter, though he has no qualms with revealing his sharp academic mind with intelligent conversation and debate on a diverse array of subjects.








Fine food & restaurants


Academia & Artistry

Quality Craftsmanship






Corruption & Incompetent Leadership

Spoiled or Wasted Food

Pointless Clutter & Messiness


Being Stereotyped

Prying Questions


Inquisitiveness - His curiosity is without bounds, encouraging him to actively seek out new information. He is willing to spend the time it takes to perform adequate research regarding a topic that interests him, and present his findings accordingly when required.

Panache - His social graces and skills are refined and erudite, he is often charming and affable to almost everyone he meets. He moves and fights with a sense of style and fluidity all his own.

Focus - His discipline and work ethic are formidable indeed. His personal exercise routine has been described as nothing short of brutal, and he has maintained it since well before his Maelstrom days.

Physical Conditioning - Tahla'ra's self-imposed exercise regimen has left him in good physical condition. He is strong, healthy and enduring like any other athlete thanks to his hours of hard work and discipline. He has been known to arm-wrestle veteran Roegadyn marauders and put up a good challenge, sometimes even proving victorious on his best days.

Agility - Tahla’s ability to move is that of an athletic, healthy Moon Keeper male, though his Dragoon abilities enhance this with high vertical leaps.


Obsession His single-minded dedication to his goals can easily spiral into all-consuming mania if allowed to go unchecked. It is not unknown to find him pursuing an objective to the point of physical and mental trauma if not curtailed by an outside force, and sometimes not even then.

Insularity His reserved nature often makes it difficult for him to interact beyond shallow, surface-level banter with other people. Moving beyond his ‘shield’ is difficult, even with those who consider themselves close to him. He frequently disguises his insecurity with the appearance of refined manners, often reaching unpleasant-snob levels of posh.

Life of an Outsider His strange diurnal lifestyle, sunkissed skin, preference for loud, bustling cities and untraditional mode of speech and bearing has not endeared him to many of the Miqo’te that live a more traditionalist lifestyle in the Black Shroud. More than one has refused to associate with him, labeling him an "unclean, clanless misfit."

Magical Ineptitude Whether by lack of aptitude or lack of interest, Tahla’ra has no advanced magical skill whatsoever, and has not shown any inclination towards improving himself in this area. All available evidence suggests that he just doesn't have the aptitude for magic.

Abysmal Cooking Skills Every attempt Tahla'ra has ever made to create something edible using a recipe more complex than a sandwich's has resulted in someone- usually himself- sustaining disfiguring injury. Tahla'ra has literally boiled the skin off of his own arms making soup. Just don't do it.

Lethal Green Thumb Your plants will die if you ask him to take care of them, mostly out of sheer horror at the prospect.

Pompous, Arrogant Arse For all his attempts to be the perfect gentleman, Tahla'ra can sometimes take it too far. His skill and good fortune are genuine, but so is the arrogance, preachiness and general sense of superiority common to men his age. He means well, but he can be a right arrogant dick sometimes. Possibly a defense mechanism.

Inferiority Superiority Complex/Showoff Due to being the only non-magical member of his family, Tahla'ra has always felt as though he must continually prove himself to be their equal, leading him to desire approval, attention and respect from just about everyone he meets as a substitute for the people whose accolades he truly seeks. He tends to try and earn this by putting his talents on display in an attempt to appear confident and in control, a person to be admired. Ironically, this often drives people away instead.


This is a list of the items that CHARACTER currently is keeping on THEIR person. Feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in the course of RP, such as pickpocketing, a search, etc.

Last Updated: 04/17/2017

  • Titanium Lance - Ishgardian Style: A simple, yet effective lance. Polished white at the tip, with a strong staff and a black leather grip in the middle of the haft.

  • Plate & mail with face mask - Painted black to inhibit rust: A simple suit of armor purchased soon after Tahla'ra's discharge from the Maelstrom.

  • Soul of the Dragoon: a soul crystal containing the skills, memories and stories of past Dragoons. This one is shaped like an egg, and pulses with life and heat whenever touched.

  • Sketchbook/Travel journal & Quill with ink: Tahla'ra can frequently be seen drawing in its pages.


English Voice Claim: Ewan McGregor: Ewan McGregor.

Japanese Voice Claim: Shin-ichiro Miki: [1].

Soundtrack Playlist: Playlist


First learning to wield the lance out of a desire to emulate- and then outdo- the Woodwailers, he has been equipped with one nearly all his life. His combat style is a blend of traditional lance work- fighting in a shield formation, aiming towards weak points in an enemy’s defenses, attacking from chocoback during a charge, etc- and staff fighting, often twirling the weapon in a complex series of twists and arcs to both confuse and concuss an opponent with the haft, or delivery slashing damage dependent upon his particular choice of polearm at the time.


Tahla’ra’s current favorite is a simple Ishgardian-styled thrusting lance with a white titanium head, though he also owns at least one other weapon in the form of a nameless Doman naginata.


In military life, the unexpected often happens- usually when one doesn’t want it to- so it made sense to Tahla’ra to learn how to wield something besides the lance with at least basic proficiency. Given that he resides in the home city of the famed Marauders Guild, it only seemed right to pick this as his secondary weapon.


Tahla'ra studies pugilism underneath the powerful fist of L'sia Bennet, honing is skills as a hand to hand fighter and incorporating several martial arts tactics and strategies into his general fighting style.


Tahla'ra has been accepted as a student of archery by R'miah Tosh. Though he is new to the use of such weapons, he has dedicated himself to learning everything he can from his new teacher.


Onuma Ahntifi has agreed to teach Tahla'ra the use of blades, focusing his education on the greatsword and wielding a longsword in conjunction with a shield. As a consequence, Tahla'ra is becoming more familiar with the use of heavier armor so that he can protect himself better while using such weapons.

Aether Weapons

After receiving the Echo, Tahla'ra has developed the ability to project his aether into solid, ice-aspected constructs that he can use as weapons, as well as for other purposes.


Here is a list of recent and/or notable fights, roleplay scenes, etc. that Tahla'ra has been a part of. This list is by no means all inclusive, and serves more as a general reference as to what HE/SHE has been up to.

  • Ravana (10/18/2016) : Primal Glaives. Tahla'ra's first real action with the 81st came when the Company's chief mender, Noor Falma, was kidnapped by the Gnath of Loth Ast Gnath in the Dravanian Forelands. In a desperate bid to rescue their friend and ally, the 81st assaulted the compound and cut a bloody swatch through the bug-men, using a derelict tunnel that ran beneath the compound. During the course of the battle, the Primal Ravana was summoned, and the Echo-blessed members of the 81st were forced to slay him in combat. During the battle, the primal struck a serious blow against the lancer, smashing his cheek bones and leaving his face in a poor state. The 81st defeated Ravana, and Tahla'ra was examined and expected to make a full recovery with time.


Tahla’ra’s time with the 81st Foreign Levy has not been lengthy at all, though it has certainly been eventful. Participating in several social events and minor skirmishes, he has managed to avoid serious injury, and performed his duties competently.

Making friends among the 81st seems to have gone well for him, becoming acquainted with The Captain, the Lieutenants, some of the medical staff and a few members of the group’s resident stealth-operations team.

Tahla'ra has begun to worry that his attitude and self-perceived success is becoming a liability, rather than an asset. His showboating habits, inclination towards rash action and self-righteousness have left a sour taste in his mouth regarding his interaction with some of the more level-headed members of the Company. He has recently taken to reflecting on this, trying to discipline himself into stepping back, observing and listening more than he speaks and encouraging others to take their rightful turns in the spotlight.

4/14/2017 Tahla'ra has spent nearly nine moons with the Free Company, and has done a great deal in that short amount of time. From joining and then being relieved of duty with the unit's special ops team, RICO, to facing down the corpse of his deceased mother and aunt alongside his cousin Onuma in the depths of the Palace of the Dead, life has been hectic for the Miqo'te, but the challenge to survive and succeed where others would quit has only invigorated him.


Romantic Attraction Physical Attraction Platonic Love $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral 🔃 Unsure 🔒 Trust



These are mostly backstory-related relationships.
Adrianna Cluivutuer-Burne, mother. ( - 🔃)
Adrianna’s Thoughts: "I always tried to make sure he knew we loved him. He was no more or less special to us than his brother an’ sister, but he was always distant. Almost like we were strangers even after we’d been a family for years."
Tahla’ra has never been particularly close to his Highlander adoptive mother, though not for lack of maternal affection on the latter’s part. For reasons he has never seen fit to share, he has purposefully kept his distance, refusing to speak to her about the short time in his life before he came under her care.
Achert Cluivuteur, father. ()
Achert's Thoughts: "There was always so much potential in him. So very much. But there was also anger, and frustration. And I suspect no small amount of resentment, for his mother. No, not Adrianna."
Tahla’ra found the one man he could trust implicitly in Achert when he was adopted all those years ago, and the two are incredibly close. They maintain constant- if sporadic- correspondence, and the racial differences between the two are almost nonexistent.
Qiqipuri Cacapuri, sibling. ( , 🔃)
Qiqipuri’s Thoughts: ”. . . . . . . . . .”
Qiqipuri and Tahla’ra have always behaved more like polite coworkers than a pair of brothers in front of outsiders, though the two have their small ways of showing affection for one another in private. They often have entire conversations without speaking a single word, somehow transmitting all the details a regular conversation would.
Verdant Field, sibling. ( )
Verdant Field’s Thoughts: ”I owe my life to Ta. Even before he knew we were going to be brother and sister, when I was thin and sick and pale, he was there to protect me. No matter where he goes, no matter what he does, he will always be my big brother and my best friend.”
Tahla’ra was present the day that his parents came to Ul’dah with the intention of adopting a bright and talented, but somewhat puny Hellsguard girl that had lost her parents to desert bandits. As fate would have it, Tahla’ra wandered off from his family in the middle of the crowded city, and ended up rescuing Verdant- the selfsame girl they had come to collect - from a group of other children from the orphanage that frequently abused her for her perceived weakness and worthlessness. Though he himself ended up hospitalized, the two adoptive siblings have been close ever since.


Listed here are the non-family characters, both PC and NPC, that CHARACTER has interacted with enough or in such a way for HIM/HER to form a real opinion about them. Please don't take personal offense if your character isn't listed here, or how the interaction or relationship is described. It isn't that I dislike your character or our RP. I just tend to only add these as necessary for those who make a real impact on CHARACTER, and descriptions are purely based upon in character experiences and opinions!
Last Updated... 04/17/2017
* An asterisks denotes that CHARACTER doesn't know the individual's true name.

Onuma Ahntifi, The Lieutenant. ( , , )
Tahla'ra's Thoughts: "After learning about our shared past . . . she and I need to talk. To decide what we're going to do about our future, both immediately and further down the road."
Tahla'ra was initially intimidated by the dark-haired Keeper with pale skin and amber eyes, but a series of circumstances relating to his blossoming Echo powers enabled him to look past her hardened exterior and see the noble, honorable, compassionate woman within. He has settled into a comfortable, almost familial relationship with the other Keeper, and he admires her greatly, though he sometimes struggles to separate the friend from the superior officer. He has begun to feel romantic attraction towards the other Keeper, and he is both exhilarated and frightened by the prospect. The discovery that they are in fact family has thrown a new wrinkle into the mix.
Siobhan Milner, The Colleague . ( , , )
Tahla'ra's Thoughts: "She is a deeply complex woman, one who carries more than her fair share of burdens. I can't help but find myself attracted to her, and she has expressed her feelings for me. I simply can't be with her right now, however, or ever if my life keeps on its present course. She needs a way out. I'd only drag her deeper in."
Tahla'ra did not expect his relationship to blossom so quickly or so intensely with the merchant from Ul'dah, the woman impressing him with her business acumen and sense of decorum, remarkable even coming from the jewel of desert commerce. They attempted to be together, and while their relationship was short-lived, Tahla'ra looks back on it with fondness. He still cares greatly for Siobhan, though he knows that they simply aren't compatible.
Mizuki Hagane, The Waif. ( , , )
Tahla'ra’s Thoughts: "She has strength in her that she doesn't understand, though she lacks confidence in herself for reasons I know not. I look forward to seeing her potential bloom."
Tahla'ra used to view Mizuki as something of a surrogate younger sister, impressed with her friendly nature, generosity and innate nobility. He enjoys spending time with her, sharing their different cultures with one another and developing a strong friendship. As of late, he has developed a deeper affection for Mizuki, due in no small part to the generous gift of a Doman sword she bequeathed to him. He works constantly to restore the blade to its former glory, devoting love and care to the weapon almost to the point of obsession.
Mandy Arixan, The Teenager. ( )
Tahla'ra’s Thoughts: "This girl vexes me as few can, and I become overbearing and pushy around her as a result. She is rude, crude, childish and brash, and yet she is also kindhearted, witty and skilled beyond what she is willing to admit to herself. I hope that she sees herself for the woman she is, instead of the woman she thinks Ul'dah's mean streets have destined her to become."
Mandy is a younger sibling in all but name to Tahla'ra. She pisses him the hell off and leaves him laughing at her antics within the same conversation, and he can't help but worry about her and the lack of self-esteem he perceives within her. His ultimate goal is to help Mandy see herself the way he sees her, an intelligent, gifted person with more to offer than what her origins would suggest.
H'lanah Yhisa, The Snarker. ( )
Tahla'ra's Thoughts: "H'lanah likes to needle and goad me, sometimes in a friendly way, sometimes not. Still, she's a member of the 81st, so I guess I have to get along with her for now."
Tahla'ra has mixed feelings towards the dark-skinned Sun Seeker. On the one hand, she's a colleague and companion in battle. On the other hand, she likes to poke fun of him, oftentimes in public, and isn't above provoking his temper when it pleases her. Only time will tell if the two become friends, or if the teasing leads to something darker.


These are rumors, both from NPCs and PCs, that one might overhear in regards to Tahla'ra. Feel free to utilize these in your RP hooks, or add your own!

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
  • "Oh, him? He was here almost every night, usually with some buddies from the Grand Company." -- Lominsan tavern wench.

  • "A right charmer, that one. If he were an onze less innocent he’d have every girl in the city hangin’ off ‘is arm." -- Lominsan Store Clerk.

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
  • "Mister Tawa’s always so nice to us! Won’t let none of the grownups hit us when he’s around, and he brings us hot soup and sandwiches, too!" -- Street Urchin.

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
  • "What the man deserves is a court-martial, and then a good, solid blade across the neck. Three men, all among the best in the Maelstrom, dead, a traitor left to pirate another day and the plans for a new ship, gone! . . ." -- Unnamed, irate Maelstrom officer.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!
  • "Tahla'ra? He is the very definition of enigma. His unusual mannerisms ever confound me, and his habitual behavior even more so. Sometimes, he even goes so far as to challenge me on my stance as everyone's guardian. Because of this I am oft as frustrated as I am flustered. D-Don't tell anyone I said that, though!" -- Onuma Ahntifi / Vylbrand

  • A powerful ally, and deadly enemy. I wouldn't cross him, if I were you. He is also a very nice and wonderful friend, and deserves the best he can get. I feel like a fool after the whole fiasco with a voidmage... My loss, ultimately. -- Yoma Shiragano / Ul'Dah

  • (Insert rumor here.) -- Rumor Author / Location

  • (If you add a player rumor, please first copy and paste the above line of code to leave behind for the next person! Thanks!)


A collection of screenshots of CHARACTER that serves as a visual reference, or snapshots from certain roleplaying scenes.


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You are not permitted to re-use this artwork for your own characters or purposes, whether on Final Fantasy XIV or on other games, forums, etc.


Tahla’ra’s travels have led him all across Eorzea, from the spires of Ishgard to the lowlands of Ul’dah. His service among multiple units across two cities leaves quite a lot of ways available to approach him.

  • Skills: Tahla is an accomplished lancer and duelist. Expressing interest in a friendly- or not so friendly- fight is a sure way to catch his attention.
  • Skills: Like all members of the Maelstrom, Tahla'ra has spent a great deal of time around pirates. Characters who are or have been privateers under the Admiral's command, or buccaneers who refuse to bow to her rule, may well have something to say about him.
  • Grand Company: Tahla achieved a fairly prominent rank in the Maelstrom. It’s not impossible that his name stretched to the ears of more people than he thought.
  • Culture Shock:Forest Miqo’te have often shunned Tahla for his ‘clanless ways’ and ‘unnatural color’ as a result of his diurnal way of living and lack of tribal exposure. A disgruntled forest dweller may just make such dislike apparent in all manner of ways.


My name is Quinn, and I’m a creative writing student about to head back to school full time. I’m in my lower twenty-somethings, and interested in fantasy, sci-fi, military, romance, slice-of-life RPs in my spare time, and my hobbies include writing, reading, attempting to accurately measure ‘Valve Time’ and generally mucking about in banana and crab suits.


I have a life away from the keyboard. I am often on for several hours at a time, but I often need to be away from the game for just as long at certain points. Whether that’s to attend a meeting, do chores and errands, take care of my pets or simply take a lazy-day, please respect my time and energy levels. If I like you, I’m probably going to go out of my way to make time to RP with you anyway.


Overall, I'm pretty chill as far as guidelines go. I don't have an extensive list of 'Do's or 'Don't's or things that I personally find triggering. So chances are, you won't offend me or make me uncomfortable unless you're trying to or just being really skeevy in general. Still, for the sake of making sure everyone's on the same page here, let me make a few mentions in particular:


Perform blatantly sexual acts with you in public. Out of respect for the people around me, I simply won’t engage in pornographic writing in any way that might be considered unacceptably lewd. I will flirt- should it be in character to do so- perhaps even engage in a kiss or two, but little else.
Break the lore to suit your headcanon.Interpretation is all fine and good, but I’m not going to pretend that parts of established canon do or don’t exist where it’s inappropriate. FFXIV presents us with a rich mythology and setting, and I prefer exploring it in such a way that my characters could conceivably be a real, living, breathing part of the world around them.
Share IRL contact information, or allow OOC and IC to mix. It just doesn’t work. Don’t do it.


Fade to black with you. Should it be IC-appropriate, I am not opposed to two characters being intimate with one another in a fade-to-black scenario. Romance is a key part of Final Fantasy storytelling, and it can produce some beautiful writing when done skillfully and tastefully.
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