Tai Aubade

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Ul'dah-transparent.png X'tai Tia (Tai Aubade)
"No-one heals himself by wounding another."
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te Seeker of the Sun
Clan Lynx Tribe (Cieldalaes)
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age (21)
Guardian (Oschon)
Namesday (25th Sun, Sixth Astral Moon)


♦ General

From the Gyr Abanian Lynx tribe, X'tai ('Tai' for short) was the first son born to X'arj Nunh. Despite this, he was spirited away with his mother and other random huntresses to live on an island under the rule of X'aka Nunh in the Cieldalaes Isles. His 'father' ran a bootlegging and farming operation with his 25 huntresses and their children, running booze (and infomation) to pirate operations and certain organisations in Limsa Lominsa. When his mother disappeared, Tai was forced to take up her duties in order to earn his keep: catching and killing the various insects that threatened the crops. He discovered early on that the insect parts he gathered could be brewed into alchemical concoctions with the discarded brewers equipment he salvaged, and furthermore, he began a habit of observing and recording the behaviors of the insects. It has been hinted that Tai used a Diremite Pheromone to poison the pirates that were visiting X'aka Nunh in readiness to begin a shipping contract. His father's wrath at being the accused poisoner would be the cause of Tai's expulsion from the island, and exile to Eorzea.

About a year after his arrival in Thanalan, Tai dropped his tribal letter and took on a more descriptive surname, Aubade, meaning Morning Song.

After seeing his brother become injured so often from their shared adventures, the scholar decided he needed a more stable lifestyle and chose to open a free clinic in the Goblet. It supports itself through gifts and fundraisers and the generous donations of a man named Worren Tigre. Despite Tai's intentions, life at the clinic was hectic, and plagues, strange mutations and even bloodcurses wreaked havoc on the tiny building.
After debt collectors hounded Tai into hiding the tia was forced to return to his tribe for a time, reuniting with his father and regaining his tribal name. He has since adopted three children and inducted them, and his partner, into the lynxes.

♦ Appearance

Height: 5'7
Slender of frame but well-muscled despite the build
A fist-sized scar on his left side midsection, with a corresponding exit wound on his back
Lightly tanned skin, blue-black hair that is perpetually uncombed
Tattoos on left bicep and right side of his neck (Tribal swirls and sigil of Oschon respectively)
Scars covering his left hand that resemble scales
Wears beaded necklaces that were made by his sisters, two wedding bands and a cursed ring looped through a chain around his neck
Usually smells of honey and cocoa

♦ Behaviour

Tai's worldview centers around the idea that people aren't inherently bad. His ability to see the best in people, and perhaps he imagines that his generous nature lends itself to inspire others to be nicer to one another. His outlook does tend to occlude his ability to see the underhand dealings of some members of his Free Company, though. X'tai is quick to forgive, and even quicker to come to someone's rescue, even a possible enemy. He will ramble on for hours when presented with the topics of magic or insects - two subjects at which he is most often found in study.

As Tai was disciplined in arcanistry, he chooses to manipulate aether through variations in vocal pitch and tone, singing his spells rather than using incantations. So unconscious is the effort now in raising magic this way that motes shaped like tiny moths tend to gather around him when he sings casually as well. Lately his grip on arcanic healing has faltered, leading him to seek alternative methods of healing.

Tai is quick to smile, and often masks his troubles with goofy behavior. He is easily embarrassed and often awkward around strangers.

Despite his best intentions, Tai makes bad snap decisions. Whether it is impatience or fear guiding the choices, they often result in unforeseen consequences; see also "bad decision roulette".

Blue moths often follow the scholar around, which seems to raise his brother's stress levels considerably for some reason.


Until recently, Tai would hang back, trying to keep out of conflicts and instead support his friends with healing magics. More recently though, his ability to structure and construct arcanic spells was shaken, and as a result he can only tap into a wilder, more dangerous aether. Under the tutelage of another redmage, X'rhun Tia, he has been more able to control it. Even so, he's not quite as combat-effective as the tia would like and is ever ready to receive pointers.

★ Recent RP events ★

Bad Decision Roulette - Among the many bad decisions Tai has made as a result of snap decisions or ham-handed attempts to save people are:

Taking on an almost lethal amount of corruption in order to save and redeem an enemy.
Handing a monster-summoning device to a corrupt official
Assisting a friend in infiltrating a beastmen stronghold to rescue a tempered child (intent on experimenting on the child to reverse the process)
Entrusting a known dangerous summoner with a grimoire of forbidden knowledge.
Giving a strong aphrodisiac to the care of a man intending on using it in revenge.


■ Cake! Usually when accompanied by more cake
■ Having his ears rubbed
■ Listening to others' stories


■ The sight of blood
■ Killing
■ Seeing innocent people hurt


■ Studying magic, insects and alchemy
■ Singing
■ Reinventing/re-purposing devices or spells


■ Food:cakes and pies
■ Place:Hermit's Hovel
■ Flowers:Cherry Blossoms

♦ Related Images


Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing


S'imba Tia – Though often attempting to kill Tai, S'imba and he had a somewhat amicable relationship. Despite their outwardly-seeming rocky friendship, the pair shared the desire to help others where possible. S'imba and Tai have considered each other as brothers.

Athrun Coeur - A Summoner Tai employed for his unique alchemical skills; namely distilling and infusing primal components into his concoctions. After several moons working together the two fell into one another's embrace and now spend their time with one another as lovers more than co-workers.

K'ovu Tia – Upon their first meeting when K'ovu was discovered hanging from a trap over Sven Volkorous' fireplace, a drunken, sleep-deprived Tai misunderstood the miniqo'te's shouts and undressed the man instead; laying the garments neatly on a nearby chair. This event prompted K'ovu to implicate Tai after being captured following a high-profile theft.The events the pair subsequently survived in the prisons brought them together as friends.

Chouwa Morrison – Tai's confidante and former second in command. Chou took up the job of head of security when the scholar first opened his clinic and had taken the role seriously, often becoming injured to protect her bumbling 'boss'.

Kira Exjeiah - A summoner and close friend to both Athrun and Tai. After meeting Kira, he was then introduced to the man who would become his closest companion. One of Tai's hobbies included setting the keeper up on impromptu dates while wearing hilarious disguises so he doesn't recognise the well-meaning healer.

Isen Yumemiru - Tai's instructor in swords. So far the seeker hasn't managed to trigger the serious hyur's legendary temper but only time will tell.
Sven Volkorus – The (now deceased) Legendary Black Mage considered Tai and S'imba as his sons, going to extraordinary lengths for the two, despite his misgivings about miqo'te.


Therron Basque – An elezen who repeatedly accuses Tai of heresy, despite the seeker's attempts to redeem himself in the Ishgardian's eyes.

Enemies & Rivals

Samantha Goldsmith – Originally a prospective mate to Tai, their relationship became quite rocky very quickly. A series of hilarious events led to the eventual parting of ways, though Tai vehemently defends Sam when confronted with criticisms of the sandy-haired woman.


Quotes about X'tai Tia

"If there was a competition to see who was the world's stupidest miqo'te, you would be the main contender!" - Samantha Goldsmith
"You're so wonderfully kind to me, I thank the twelve everyday for letting me meet you" - Athrun Coeur
"Your lack of better judgment contradicts your raw talent." - Grim Shade
"We're both kind of the Castus brothers legacy. Though like them the end results are complete opposites in our power." - S'imba Tia


"Tai? As in the lavender-haired fellow? Yeah he's always walking around these parts. Sings a lot too. The kids all rush to the windows when he passes and he waves and gives them tiny cakes. Dunno why he's always got cakes on him. Must be going to offer them at the Shrine." -Matron, Ul'dah's Children of Thal Orphanage
"Singin' healer? yeh, there's one comes by once a sennight ta check up on the missus, Make sure the babby's forming up all proper. She's really swellin' up now, the missus is. Come ta think on it, I ain't seen him aroun' in half a moon. You think sommat's happened?" - Gridanian local
"I know of a lavender-haired miqo'te, but he didn't call himself 'Tai'. He said his name was Illiad. He was hanging around a keeper who seemed perpetually frustrated with him too." - Conjurer, Stillglade Fane
"I just wish he'd keep his bloody big dog in the house. A few nights ago the dirty great thing came barreling out the house and et one of me favourite chocos! Ripped her to shreds! he said he'd pay but you can't put no price on somethin' you grown from childhood. Nice guy though. Pleasant voice. Just too damned negligent with his pets by half!" - Housing Caretaker, the Goblet
"That clockwork eye is unsettling. When it looks at you it feels like he can see through your very soul." Superstitious Ul'dahn local

♦ Footnotes

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Theme song: Tai's Theme