Tasi Yaajih

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Would-Be Wise Woman
Longing for Home Lost
Omega Server

First Impression

Round-faced but bony, square shoulders jutting out from her straight torso, flat-chested, tall and gawky for a miqo'te, perhaps twenty summers. Her skin is a medium brown, dusty like a Keeper, not warm like a Seeker. Her dark eyes framed by her blunt dark grey fringe might invite comparison to deep pools, if one were so inclined. Her hair has clearly been cut, but not professionally. Her claws are long but not untrimmed.

Awkward of body, at least for a miqo'te, but graceful of speech, and has a certain poise when she doesn't try to move too much. She seems held-back or reserved. Mid-range to low voice with a soft, textured quality. Her accent shows her deep-woods upbringing.


Tasi grew up in a small community of Keepers of the Moon deep in the Twelveswood. They disdained both structured Gridania and Keeper outlaws, believing that children raised in the forest would naturally respect it, and the children of the tribe have borne that out.

Her mother Nizh, her grandmother Jya, and her great-grandmother Oshab were healers, mystics, and wise women who venerated the moon and the wood. Oshab was said to have seen as the elementals saw. Tasi never knew her. Nothing fascinated her more than her family's mystical practices, but her mother chose a successor, and that successor was Tasi's sister Ebhi. Ebhi had a healer's temperament, a sweet, eager servant who saw good in everyone, while Tasi was prickly and stumbled over her spells.

The Calamity took all three of them from her and fractured her community. Some survivors took up with another tribe, whom Tasi disliked; others scattered. After that, it felt wrong to resent her sister, but she gladly took on the mantle of upholding the family tradition, and still wishes and strives to be a talented healer like her.



Sensitive, standoffish, stubborn, fussy, moody, self-critical, disaffected. A strong moral core, a poetic sensibility, and a deep well of feeling. Gentle and well-mannered to people she approves of, may judge or shun those she doesn't. Honest and opinionated, but shy and prudent. Easily flustered. Ruminative. Devout and spiritual. Masochistic. Likes her own routine but no one else's.

Big conscious fears...

Heights. Being out on or in the ocean. Machines that are big, fast-moving, or visibly doing something that doesn't make sense to her. Unpredictability. Making a mistake and messing up something important. Being unworthy.


To find her aunt who left home and see if she can impart any more family tradition. To live up to her idealised image of her family. To find another tribe like hers. To settle down and have children. To be a wise woman.


She believes all of the Twelve are worth honouring, but it's enough for one person to worship the patron of their people, the patron of their land, and any deity who has personal meaning to them. She considers it paramount to respect nature and life. Killing should be to sustain life, and that sacrifice should be honoured, and not wasted.

Some favorite things...

The natural world, especially rocky creeks. Rituals. Songs and singing circles. Fairy rings. Sprites. Silver. Misty mornings. Men with long hair. Fish dishes from the Shroud, especially raincallers. Chamomile tea. Plays.

Some hated things...

Guilds. Formalities of civilization. Unfamiliar food. Strong smells. Stiff hats. Squishy beds. "Loud" colours and patterns. Disrespect for nature. Killing or violence without a purpose. Gambling. Washing dishes. Surprises.

Sexuality/traits desired in a partner...

Staying out of the way, Keeper-style, although she wants the excitement of "a male has come to the village" more than sex. How exciting to discover that adventurers' circles are full of male miqo'te! But they all turn out to be so clingy there. Too much foreign influence.
She could go for a woman if the circumstances were similar. More into the idea of men than men themselves. More into the idea of sex than sex itself.



Knows folk remedies and lore. Knows every hidden path of her home region and quick to spot such things elsewhere. Some handicrafts. Basic hunting, gathering, fishing, and trapping skills; serviceable with a bow, better at reading the signs of the wild. Picked up some conjury. Endures pain well. Perceptive. Has become well-spoken and eloquent, overcompensating for the way she sounded as a child.

Ill-suited to or hampered by...

No patience for civilisation. Knows little about the rest of the world. Doesn't read well; exposed to letters but had limited reason to use them. Clumsy. Prone to self-doubt and depression. Too many foods she wouldn't eat if her life depended on it.

Fighting style...

Not much of a fighter. Her ideal combat situation would be to disappear into the trees and shoot. If a stray attack hit her, she would bite down on her satchel, stay quiet and wait. Not devoid of courage, just practical; she doesn't hide when someone needs prompt healing.

Profession/means of survival/living situation...

Hunting, fishing, trapping and gathering food, and odd jobs. Often sleeps outside.

Hobbies or typical activities...

Known to pass hours sitting by the water, thinking, meditating, daydreaming, or singing her mother's songs and drumming, or her own. Explores or wanders when she feels safe doing so. Of course, surviving takes up plenty of time.


You might hear that she...
■ was sleeping just outside a town or city gate
■ is looking for a Beh Yaajih
■ will heal the needy
■ led a man on and broke off the relationship out of nowhere
■ quit a job a few years ago shouting

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