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[https://mythriteshah.tumblr.com/post/624833142058008576/yanxianagxia Non Quai Thao/Ao Tu Than Combo]
[https://mythriteshah.tumblr.com/post/624833142058008576/yanxianagxia Non Quai Thao/Ao Tu Than Combo]
[https://mythriteshah.tumblr.com/post/625104877434060800/azim-steppe Deel of the Khagan]
==Family & Friends==
==Family & Friends==

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"I welcome you to the Higuri Regalia - Where There is Power in Beauty."

 Thiji Sor Higuri
Royalty in Refinement (2).png
A young gemcraft and textile prodigy that rules over the Regalia, the young lord has acquired many allies and supporters during his time spent in Eorzea, and more learn of this eccentric yet generous nabob by the sennight. (Picture commissioned by Sapphrix)
The Mythrite Shah/Sultan
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Radz-at-Han
Main Battle Discipline Scholar
World Balmung
Main Hand Discipline Goldsmith
Secondary Hand Discipline Weaver
Patron Deity Halone, the Fury
Nameday 18th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
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The Soul of the Sultan, passed down to Thiji after succeeding his father, Fafastima Higuri. (commissioned by Adrien)

With the advent of the Dragonsong War, Thiji Higuri (Age 22 at the time of this event; now age 27) has grown even further to where he now stands over thirty-eight ilms tall, which is the tallest any Lalafell male has been seen. Aside from that, he is quite the handsome specimen sporting long, icy blue hair with white highlights that stops at his lower back; depending on how the light hits him, he can be seen in either his primary or secondary hair color respectively, creating a clever illusion (His hair has gotten somewhat longer following Operation Rhalgr's Beacon; age 25 at the time of this event). His left eye is the same color as his hair, and his right eye is a silvery-white color, similar to that of his highlights. Because of his delicate features, many people have misconstrued Thiji as a woman. He is nevertheless aware of his external beauty, and is thus unoffended by such claims; he, in fact, hates embarrassing others whenever he must correct them.

He is always seen wearing robes or some sort of raiment with tints of blue, white, and/or gold.

As per Dunesfolk customs, he wears a teardrop-shaped gemstone on his forehead, representing his zodiacal alignment, but closer inspection reveals that the gemstone is actually an amethyst soul crystal, carved in the shape of a teardrop and bearing the symbol of a jewel-adorned turban, smoothly etched and faceted to give off its brilliance. This "Soul of the Sultan" worn upon Thiji's forehead is the source of his knowledge of jewel and clothcrafting. As Thiji's time in Eorzea continues, he gains further expertise in his craft and shares it with his people back home to better benefit the Regalia at large, and to provide insight for any aspiring makers of fashion.


At first glance, Thiji would be seen as having a calm demeanor. Incredibly reticent and quiet, he fits the criteria of a tactician. Also a selfless gentleman, he seems to attract a lot of female attention; given his small stature, it further accentuates his "cuteness". He does not talk much, and always keeps to himself. One may even say that he is "in a perpetual state of thought" given his focus. When he walks, his strides are more dignified and careful aside from the usual Lalafell "waddle," and while doing so, his hands are either folded in front of him or behind his back as most royalty would.

Whenever he is in a pensive or otherwise bad mood, Thiji tends to give people the cold shoulder (pun not intended), acknowledging others through either a nod or if they are lucky, a wave. He means no disrespect towards others when he is in this silent state for in other times he is friendly and sociable. His cold shoulder is trounced by his even colder stare. Though he is a benevolent merchant-lord, his countenance is one of emptiness, said by some to freeze one to their very core. But despite this, Thiji can act very calm and collected when the situation demands it, which leads others to believe that his coyness is merely a ploy to exemplify his cuteness when in reality, it isn't a ploy at all -- he's simply, in other words, an eccentric nobleman.


Thiji Higuri is an eccentric Lalafell of the Dunesfolk persuasion whom was raised in the lands south of the Sagolii Desert. It has been revealed and confirmed, however, that his heritage originates from the Near Eastern nation of Thavnair. He was part of the first batch of adventurers that have migrated into Eorzea in pursuit of their dreams, yet despite being a Dunesfolk, he abhors the desert climates and prefers much colder areas. Thiji is of noble blood hailing from a family of renowned Goldsmiths that have established their small empire within the ocean of sand, extending their business from Thavnair known as the Higuri Regalia. He is also known as Tiny Mask and Icy Prince.

By proxy, Thiji Higuri is on the rise of becoming a Pirate Lord of the Bounty thanks to the efforts of his parents, as Radz-at-Han is a haven for pirates to safely . His clan also has some power within Thavnair's aristocracy, as the noble houses living within Radz-at-Han are the ones in charge. The extent of their power is inconclusive, but considering how opulent the Regalia has become, it is safe to say that they hold a good deal of it.


  • He likes to say the word "imbecile" a lot whenever he sees signs of silly behavior.
  • Thiji tends to sigh a lot as well for the same reasons.
  • He is always looking out for others - more specifically those among the less privileged. He upholds the concept of "Noblesse Oblige" with high regard and has worked to make his empire emulate this.


The Higuri Family Crest.

(Some of these may not be common knowledge.)

Contriver: Winters of constant pensivity and reading have expanded Thiji's mind exponentially, granting him a high intelligence quotient and the ability to create his own tactics and battle plans. As a Scholar, he has reinforced his already powerful mind through the use of Arcanima -- the brand of magic practiced exclusively by Arcanists. He even applies this knowledge to his work, resulting in projects of exceptionally high quality. Once he's created something for the first time, he experiments different ways to improve, ever keeping his mind flexible and open to any and all possibilities.

Centurion: To combat enemy predators of the Sagolii, Thiji trained by himself and with others in combat. Continued practice has made him proficient with two-handed weaponry, namely halberds and greatswords. When a situation falls beyond the limits of strategy, he does not hesitate in meting out his physical might upon his enemies with a well-placed spear to the jugular. Ravana's defeat stirred an awakening within Thiji, granting him martial perfection, as well as a love for battle - however, he has suppressed this fancy in recent days.

Awareness: Training in the ways of the archer has given the Lalafell a heightened sixth sense, enabling him to survey the surrounding area and plan accordingly should the moment rise. This also benefits his strategic wit and cunning.

Provider: After numerous encounters with Gwenneth Asamenth and her fellow Lions, The Higuri Regalia has become an integral piece in the Lion Order's story, becoming their Patron, supplying them with funds for their myriad projects, as well as occasionally providing them with tasks to carry out on the field.

Sponsor: Taking a liking to the sport that is sweeping the realm known as Blitzball, Lord Thiji, at the behest of a fellow Thavnairian, has taken a professional Blitzball team under the Regalia's wing as its sponsor. The Gridania Sea Chocobos, two-time winners of the Menphina Madness league, are now backed by the merchant-lord's empire, balancing the scales by no longer making them the least financially-stable team in the HBA (Hydaelyn Blitzball Association).

Aetherial Influence: Thiji's supreme magic affinity grants him the aptness of absorbing and controlling the aether around him. With his intellect and magical know-how, he can manipulate the flow of aether for incredibly longer periods than the average spell-flinger, helping him last for bells on the battlefield. Following the defeat of the Lady of Bliss, his magical aptitude has increased exponentially, allowing Thiji to wield magicks without somatic involvement.

Cryophilliac: Thiji's incredible penchant for cold climates -- and his affiliation to Halone -- make him highly resilient to cold. Many people may consider this a flaw because they fear that he will catch cold, which justifies his eccentricity. Since Thiji is extremely loving towards ice, he enjoys manipulating this element the most, and can do so without somatic involvement.

Mythril/Mythrite Master: With his family specializing in Mythril products, Thiji Higuri's innate knowledge of goldsmithing allows him to create masterpieces made of Mythril, resulting in flawlessly high quality every time - whether it's ingots or a circlet. With the discovery of Mythrite, Thiji is even more well-versed in his trade, quickly mastering all that there is to know about Mythrite within a mere sennight.


Height: Though not precisely a flaw given his race's diminutive nature, and being as tall as most other Lalafell males can be, Thiji Higuri is short, barely reaching the waist of a Roegadyn male.

Crestfallen: A dreadful love life has rendered Thiji with a cold heart and even colder demeanor, seeming to bear an aloof countenance with a permanent scowl to match. Yet despite this, he is still a decent individual.


  • Cold things
  • Strategy
  • Solitude
  • Dancing
  • Goldsmithing
  • Weaving
  • Alchemy
  • The Lion Order


  • Imbeciles (Incompetent adventurers)
  • Corrupt nobles
  • Extortionists
  • Love
  • Fashion victims
  • Those who disrespect Near Eastern culture
  • People failing a synthesis in his immediate presence


  • Incredibly high intellect & strategic aptitude
  • Innate goldsmithing, tailoring, and alchemical knowledge
  • A master of Mythril-based products
  • Powerful practitioner of ice-based magic
  • Revolutionizing Haute Couture


  • He has ambitions to create a realm without poverty.
  • He seldom smiles.
  • He has shared his knowledge of Smithing, Leatherworking, and even Carpentry, allowing his business to prosper by opening doors to new experiments with Mythril.

Hierarchical Structure of the Regalia

The Higuri Regalia emblem, used as a poster advertisement. (Picture commissioned by Sapphrix.)

The Higuri Regalia is run by its Master and Adjutant, or President and Vice President, respectively. These are usually helmed by the Padishah and the Vali Ahad. To facilitate the management of the empire, each branch is overseen by a Head Secretary, who answers only to the President. Under each Head Secretary is a personal Advisor who reports directly to them, as well as any Angels and Regalia workers they may have under their wing. This helps ensure a healthy balance of power and flexibility amongst the chain of command as the company continues to expand.

The emblem of the Higuri Regalia is a depiction of an owl wearing a mythril crown with outspread wings grasping a mythril ingot with its talons. This symbolizes majesty, wisdom, and generosity. Another emblem - used as a poster ad - shows Thiji Higuri in a "Blissful Trance", sitting atop a lotus flower with an open right palm and a left palm pouring gil onto a bowl. Beside him is Lady Nyra, resting upon a mythril ingot clutched in her talons, and in the background are two elephants adorned in jewelry, pouring vats of water behind Thiji.

The motto of the business - "Where There is Power in Beauty" - comes from the crest of the Higuri family - a snow owl resting inside of a blooming violet alyssum, symbolizing status, intelligence, wealth, and beauty.

Power in Beauty Catalogue

With a presence now secured in both Aldenard and Othard, the Higuri Regalia has successfully completed a chain spanning from the realm of Eorzea in the west to the Far Eastern islands of Hingashi. Now that they have a great deal of momentum, it was time for the Mythrite Shah to commence with an initiative he’s kept on the back-burner for some time: a constantly updated catalogue dedicated to Haute Couture featuring outfits of the highest quality that only the Hannish minds that comprise the Regalia can create. Being dubbed the PiB (Power in Beauty) Catalogue, these custom outfits are commissioned from the Aldenard Branch Headquarters, and are woven together at the Main Branch in Thavnair. Those with tails need not be alarmed, for the Regalia always thinks ahead and modifies their wares to allow the tailed races free range of movement.

The Eikon Collection

Front Page/Foreword

Imperial Topaz Bridal Adornments

Golden Pearl Chattels

Enchanting & Vortex Ballgowns

The Good King's Good Suit

Tanzanite Whorl-Gazer's Embellishments

Sugilite Arbiter's Ornaments

Diamond Tuxedo & Wedding Dress Set

Einherjar Sloppur

Feathered Dress of Rebirth

The Dreadwyrm's Cape

Hive Sherwani

Manukmanai Korowai/Expanse Cloak

Knightly Waistcoat

Vestments of Life & Growth

Garments of Balance & Wisdom

Raiments of Infinity & Conquest

Temporal Frock

Reveler's Hakama

Blissful Lehenga

Shenlong Cheongsam

Sokutai of the Moon

Black Opal Crown of the North

White Sapphire Mane of the West

Red Beryl Plumage of the South

Blue Diamond Earrings of the East

Yellow Jade Robe of the Center

Junihitoe of the Sun

The Lucavi Assembly

Front Page/Foreword

The Gigas's Charge

Walker's Farthingale

Death's Coronation

Condemnation's Cassock

Order's Mantle

High Seraph's Wings

Judgment's Scales

Impurity's Sampot

Whisperer's Veil

Fury's Surcoat

Darkener's Cloak

Corruption’s Décolleté

The Hydaelyn Runway

Front page/Foreward

Magnate's Djellaba

Spring-King's Kaftan/Spring-Queen's Kalasiris

The Warden's Radiance

Rhotano King/Rhotano Queen's Garb

Jadeite Guardian's Shroud

Halonic Abbott/Abbess's Vestment

Griffin-Master's Sherwani/Griffin-Mistress's Choli

High Lorekeeper's Livery

The Jewel of Abalathia

Allure of the Void-Duke/Void-Duchess

Royal Tactician's Fey-Gown

Life-Warden's Veil

Regal Allagan Robe of Aesthetics

Imperator/Imperatrix's Finery

Far Eastern Magistrate's Kimono/Uchikake

Nobleman's Hanfu

Non Quai Thao/Ao Tu Than Combo

Deel of the Khagan

Family & Friends

Lord Fafastima & Lady Mimizo

The father and mother of the Mythrite Sultan, respectively. Thiji and his brother Horu's color scheme are derived from them. Fafastima was originally the one in charge of the Higuri Regalia while his first son rose to prominence. A jovial and intrepid man, he made a lot of daring efforts to better himself and the Regalia, which included establishing a branch within Ilsabard, and more recently, wresting a fleet of ships from a rival pirate gang. Once the Regalia was well off, he resigned his role for other pursuits with Mimizo, passing the reins over to Thiji. After the release of the PiB Catalogue, he took great interest in the Hive Sherwani, and made it his signature outfit as a Corsair.

Mimizo is the ideal image of a proper lady: demure, refined, self-sacrificing, and a faithful and loyal wife. However, her martial prowess is incredible, and was passed down to Thiji, while his knowledge and mastery of mercantilism came from his father. She possesses a pair of aetherially-attuned bladed fans with an owl embroidered on the cloth, implying she is an expert Dancer, as well as being the tutor of Veeveena. She respects her firstborn son's motives, and does her best to keep his secrets well-guarded (the biggest one being that he is a peerless Dancer like her mother). She has also bore more sons and daughters than everyone within their circle had originally believed, alleviating the pressure from Thiji somewhat by securing their line for him.

Looking to aid their family empire in their own special way, Lord Fafastima & Lady Mimizo took it upon themselves to establish and head the Mythril Wavetraders, a merchant fleet within the Regalia which also partakes in anti-privateering countermeasures, extending the Regalia's reach through the waters of Hydaelyn's numerous oceans, and unofficially making them Pirate Lords of The Bounty.

Lord Fafastima & Lady Mimizo both revere Nald'thal as their patron deity.

Lady Nyra, the Mythrite Owl

The family pet and mascot of the Higuri Regalia. Nyra is a proud snow owl adorned with a crown of pure Mythril, and the symbol of Nald'thal is etched across her breast. She obeys only the Higuri Clan and is always seen with either Thiji or his relatives. She is called when "the Scales are tipping once more," which is some sort of code that is uttered relating to merchants. Nyra usually appears whenever there is coin to be had so as to facilitate the spirit of good business, and enjoys seeing fellow nobility. Some time after the Dragonsong War ended, Lady Nyra - to the great shock of her master - bore a son. Prince Taran now joins Nyra's dynasty, and was the pet of Thiji's late wife, Nanago Nago. Her offspring primarily stays home in Thavnair, playing with Lord Thiji's relatives.

Nyra has been there for every important transaction in which the Regalia had ever participated.
Thiji's Parents, Lord Fafastima (Left) and Lady Mimizo (Right), sailing through Near Eastern waters. (Picture commissioned by Sapphrix)

Horu Higuri

His younger brother Horu Higuri is a mirror of himself. They share the same eye colors, but Horu has a silver left eye and an icy blue right eye. Also, his hair is more silver with icy blue highlights. He does not speak of him much in open conversation, but respects him nonetheless. He is currently married happily to Umimi Umi, Head Secretary of the Main Branch, and has two children: Kakasu and Kakashoa.

Horu Higuri shares the same patron deity as his elder brother's.

Telphie Higuri

While Thiji's father Fafastima was still running the Regalia, he had implemented a prototype Branch Headquarters closer to the borders of Ilsabard in an effort to achieve better relations with the Garlean Empire. During this time, he met with a mature Elezen by the name of Telphie, an oprhan who had spent her days making ends meet under the banner of Garlemald. She was also revealed to be a mechanical genius to rival even that of Garlond Ironworks' engineers. But what also surprised Fafastima was that she was young - too young, even, to be working in such dangerous environments. As a result, he won her freedom from Garlemald's clutches and made her an official member of the Higuri clan, making her Thiji's sister.

Telphie is a young Duskwight of nineteen summers with a figure that would make one believe she was actually much older. She sports gorgeous platinum pink eyes and sea green hair, and is seen in specially-tailored garments to accommodate her form. Her greatest achievement was creating a small fleet of refurbished magitek bits made in the likeness of owls. These "Owlbits" are further augmented with a larger, mythrite-plated chassis to make them less disposable. She is not stationed in any of the Branches as of now, so she is mostly seen wherever her older, diminutive brother travels. She is a beautiful woman of tact and decorum, raised under the generosity and elegance of the Regalia.


A Wildwood Elezen and Thiji's older cousin, she has come to Eorzea to serve as his retainer, mainly handling transactions related to his tailoring endeavors. She has currently been relieved of her retainer services and is now back home with Thiji's family to tend to them.

Her patron deity is Nophica, the Matron.


His steed and only true friend, Glacius is a winter chocobo that was given to Thiji since he was a boy. He protected his master from predators during his childhood and has been his loyal companion ever since. His favorite food is the Pahsana Fruit. He currently has a mate named Suki whom is back home with Thiji's family, being tended to happily by his master's parents.

From when Thiji came to Eorzea, to when he was excommunicated by his peers, shunned by love, or otherwise left by his lonesome, Glacius was all that remained. Because of this, the winter chocobo has a big heart, and is adamantly loyal to Thiji, siding with him no matter where he goes in his life. In the back of his avian mind, the only thing that he wishes for is for his master -- his friend -- to be happy. And Glacius will gladly lay his life on the line at any given moment if Thiji's pursuit of happiness is at stake.

Solabelle & Lunabelle


A pair of twins that work hand-in-hand with Thiji. Solabelle, the Eos faerie, is aligned with Azeyma and is outgoing and enjoys chatter. As per usual faerie behavior, Solabelle enjoys teasing Thiji just for amusement, though repeated actions usually send her back into the aether. Her "warming light" helps shield her master and her allies from colder climes, making her highly useful during extended trips in areas such as Coerthas. More focused on restorative magicks, she is not as flexible as her sister Lunabelle, which compensates for this lacking trait.


Lunabelle, the Selene faerie, is aligned with Menphina and is the more serious one of the duo. "Calm and demure," Lunabelle sports a "mean girl" attitude at times, especially during battle, inadvertently going out to perform tasks her master did not otherwise instruct her to do, which usually result in acclaim from her master for her independence. Whenever something needs to get done swiftly, Thiji counts on this faerie's "rays of night" to grant Thiji and her allies the edge they need in combat, though her healing pales in comparison to her sister, Solabelle.

With the recent acquisition of the Tetrabiblos, however, the faerie twins have become more attuned to the celestial bodies in which they represent. As a result, their wings have taken on a more ornate design and they shine somewhat brighter than their regular counterparts. Furthermore, their personalities had changed due to this as well; Solabelle's carefree attitude has been suppressed whereas Lunabelle has elevated from her aloofness, assuming more refined and elegant dispositions instead (This change is mainly for aesthetic purposes).

Sesena is leader of the Angels, Head Secretary of the Aldenard Branch, and a gorgeous-looking Dunesfolk.(Picture commissioned by Moonshade)

Chichibi Chibi

Of all the friends the Mythrite Sultan has made during his time in Eorzea, none were greater than Chichibi Chibi, the Desert Princess of the Sagolii. A woman of Mhachi heritage, she and her family controlled a small nation of Dunesfolk communes via an admixture of kratocracy and plutocracy. To rule the masses required one of strong will, mind, and fortune.

Her ancestors quelled warring merchant-lords during the times prior to the Seventh Umbral Era, and established a system of communal reciprocity, assuming their place at the head of their empire via “might makes right.” Before them, Chichibi’s lineage had very little to do with politicking and powerplays, with sparse mention of their names since the days of Belah'dia in her tribe’s historical scrolls beyond some obscure arcane discovery.

As one of the Regalia’s most powerful allies and supporters, Lady Chichibi has been aiding Lord Thiji’s efforts for many winters, and became his best friend and confidant, extending beyond the boundaries of mere business partners.

It was recently revealed, however, that the Mythrite Sultan harbors feelings for his former rival, expressing that he does not seek Queen Chichibi's hand because she must "shine in the skies of Thanalan alone," despite knowing that the joining of these two would arguably result in the formation of the greatest power couple in all of Eorzea and beyond.

Thiji's Angels

Thiji’s Angels is a subgroup within the Higuri Regalia founded by the Mythrite Sultan’s Head Secretary, Sesena Sena. Formed when the Regalia began growing influence within Eorzea around the Seventh Astral Era's inception, Thiji’s Angels are primarily charged with maintaining the inner workings of the business’s branches. They are also sent on missions to occasionally do battle with local and foreign threats from dealing with highwaymen to thwarting smuggling rings.

Their uniform of choice consists of a blue Lady’s Yukata with a Spring Skirt dyed ice blue. With the recent addition of the Othard Branch Headquarters, the former set of attire is the uniform for the Angels serving the Aldenard Branch. For the Othard Branch, members wear a suikan and a hakama - both dyed the same color. Angels serving the Main Branch located in Thavnair wear a special Near Eastern evening gown as their uniform. Feet and headwear are left entirely to their choosing. Those who hold a position within the Regalia’s hierarchy are given free reign to wear whatever they please. Currently, there are twenty-nine Angels under Thiji’s employ, with more seeking enlistment as the business continues to grow.

Honorary Angels and Regalia Wardens (denoted by an asterisk) are select women and men (respectively) hand-picked by Thiji himself and are not necessarily adherent to the Regalia, but are still given uniforms to signify their allegiance, and are supported fully by the business.

Theme of Thiji's Angels: Hyperdimension Neptunia OST - Planeptune's Theme

Main Battle Theme for Thiji's Angels: Hyperdimension Neptunia OST - Lastation Dungeon Battle Theme

Sesena Sena

Epithet: Archangel

Mamai will never be forgotten by her peers, or the Mythrite Sultan. (Picture commissioned by Dizzyfuture)

(Age 28) A young Lalafell lady who has been serving the Higuri Regalia since before the Calamity, Sesena Sena is the personal maidservant of Thiji. Her hobbies include gambling at the Coliseum, Chocobo riding, and gossiping with her sisters. Sporting eyes of malachite and platinum hair, Sesena is a gorgeous woman, and is wont to using her lovely features to lure and seduce the wanting eyes of men. Kindhearted, energetic and brave, she had decided to accompany her Lord on the journey to Eorzea. In fact, she insisted. Sesena has always been there to keep Thiji in high spirits whenever he was down which seems to be most of the time since they arrived. She would even take the time to cook for him his favorite dishes! She now practices gladiatorial and gun combat to better serve and shield her Lord and sisters from impending danger. Sesena is also a skilled botanist and apparent nature-lover.

She also seems to have become very close friends with Tahrara Kivenera during her time in Eorzea, and is wont to join her in teasing the lord of whom she serves. Furthermore, it is confirmed that Sesena has a large crush on Dyne Ikapine, whom she sends flirtatious letters to every once in a while. She was dating Ricodo Macodo, the secretary that works under Shishira Shira and her husband, but after a sudden turn of events, she is now engaged to Cherna Nosche, a Plainsfolk man who had ties to Nanago Nago. With the latter's death, she turned on Cherna and had him arrested on accounts of conspiracy; seducing him was part of the plan. Since it was a ruse, Sesena got back together with Shishira's old secretary, who now works in the Main Branch.

After recent events, and for her magnificent service in the Regalia, Sesena Sena was promoted to Head Secretary of the Aldenard Branch, making her answerable only to Lord Thiji. As celebration for this, her and her sisters frequent the Manderville Gold Saucer to become professional Chocobo Racers -- a dream they have always had since they were mere children.

Sesena Sena's patron deity is Nophica, the Matron.

Sesena's Theme: Grand Kingdom OST - The Guild: Base Camp

Sosona Sona

Epithet: of the Cerise Barrel

When negotiations turn sour, Sosona won't hesitate to kick some ass for the cause.

(Age 27) She is the middle child of the three sisters, and is the second maidservant of Thiji. Unlike her elder sister, Sosona is a little more brash than her other two siblings. With her technological know-how, she has been given the title of Chief Analytics Officer, primarily dealing with tools, weapons, and equipment in their sales pitches, as well as working with her sister Susuna to manage the day-to-day operations of the Higuri Regalia. She has dark green hair, similar to Sesena's malachite eyes; her highlights are a platinum color, the same as Sesena's hair, and her eye color is amber. Although she can be somewhat rude and impatient, she is still a loyal assistant to the Higuri Regalia and is proud of it -- even if she may not show it as openly as her other two sisters. Aside from her usual training as a Pugilist, she has recently begun to practice her skills with the gun, making her a Musketeer, which was known to be a battle discipline taught at the Coral Tower in Limsa Lominsa.

Sosona Sona's patron deity is Rhalgr, the Destroyer.

Theme: Hyperdimension Neptunia OST - Arfoire's Theme

Susuna Suna

Epithet: Gilseeker

Always looking out for her sisters' pockets, Susuna is a formidable asset when it comes to finances.

(Age 26) The youngest of the three sisters, Susuna Suna is the third maidservant of Thiji. She possesses a trait from both her older sisters; her hair is amber-colored, resembling Sosona's amber eyes, and her highlights are deep green, resembling the malachite eyes of Sesena, and her eye color is onyx. She is the thrifty sibling and is mainly in charge of the finances of the crew. As Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer of the Regalia, she handles all of the wares that are sold throughout the day, be they products of goldsmithing or rare items found on the field. Like her sisters, she takes practice in combat as well, at first studying the ways of Thaumaturgy throughout most her life, but eventually dropped that discipline in order to become a Thief, which was much more fitting for her, making her an expert cutpurse. As time passed on, however, she learned all she needed to about the ways of the Thief, and has now solidified her combat discipline in the ways of Red Magic.

Susuna seldom misses the opportunity to make some extra gil as per her motto: "Because servants can be rich, too!"

Susuna Suna's patron deity is Nald'thal, the Traders.

Susuna's Theme: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl - Veilstone City (Night)

An attractive young Dunesfolk with a bubbly attitude to match. She enjoys showing off her skill with ice magic.
Sister of the sprightly Lelena, Luluma is a skilled and honorbound lancer who likes wearing all sorts of gowns.
A rebellious youth from back home, Lilina longed to be part of Thiji's Angels since its formation.
Stubborn, perhaps, but Meriri is determined than ever to tempt and change fate.

Mamai Mai

Epithet: the Sightless Hand

A young female Dunesfolk whose sight was taken from her by the Calamity, Mamai Mai was a skilled smith that was taken in as Thiji's maidservant to further expand the Regalia's empire, but she eventually grew feelings for him for his selflessness and faith in her to succeed. Before she was brought into Thiji's service she worked with her family in Limsa Lominsa, using their smithing skills to make ends meet as they started a new life on the island of Vylbrand. She was originally residing within Eastern Thanalan with her family prior to the Seventh Umbral Era's rise. Despite her visual handicap, she was no less proficient in her smithing work as she could discern minute details with any ore just merely by touching it. This would prove invaluable in the Higuri Regalia's cause, and enabled them to expand their repertoire to crafting tools and equipment.

However, due to events pertaining to the advent of the war against Dravania, she was slain by the Lady of Frost, Shiva, whom was being controlled from within through Ysayle, the Harriers' leader. He sought revenge against her in which he succeeded, and Mamai would be at peace. Thiji, on the other hand, despite his claims of actually accepting his loss and making peace with it, is still hurt and fears he may never heal, for it was the only person in his life thus far that he fell in love with and have the feeling become mutual. This was, of course, discredited with the arrival of Nanago Nago, his now late ex-wife.

As thanks for giving Mamai Mai a generous burial in the Lichyard in the Church of Saint Adama Landama, her entire family has pledged fealty to Thiji's clan and has shared with them their own smithing secrets with his people back home, bringing him and the Regalia even closer to realizing the full potential of Mythril.

Mamai Mai's patron deity was Byregot, the Builder.

Lelena Lena

Epithet: Glaciergrin

Amongst the many servants that the Higuri Regalia has under their employ, one of those who stand out is Lelena Lena (age 27). She has been serving the Regalia since before the Calamity, working directly under Thiji's parents. She was originally the head maidservant back home, but after recent events, she has been called forth from the Sagolii to serve under Head Secretary Sesena Sena. Celuwen is replacing Lelena as the new head maid, making her the first non-Lalafell to ever become such.

She is a very lively fellow with strawberry-blonde hair and platinum blonde highlights, blue eyes, and purple eye shadow. She is very attached to Thiji, missing him whenever he so much as ends a conversation. She practices Thaumaturgy, and likes to dabble in the black arts. She is now considered an Angel for serving so long in Thiji's family business, earning the position of Sons of Man Resources Director, providing training and payroll to the employees of the Regalia, as well as coordinating with the Head Secretaries within the Regalia.

Lelena Lena's patron deity is Althyk, the Keeper.

Lelena's Theme: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl - Fight Area (Day)

Luluma Luma

Epithet: the Duty-bound

The younger sister of Lelena, Luluma Luma (Age 26) is a Dunesfolk with smooth black hair and dark brown eyes. She served alongside her sister during the time before the Seventh Umbral Era, and has spent most of her time training with Thiji in the ways of combat -- primarily with polearms and swords. Turning down the opportunity to be the new head maid in her elder sister's stead, Luluma has instead chosen to help her sister in Eorzea, earning her place as another Angel under Sesena Sena.

As per her training, Luluma is very skilled with spears and one-handed blades. She also enjoys fighting in flowing robes and gowns, which the others find interesting since such clothing would be impractical for melee combat. Luluma, however, has made it work in her favor. She is bound by her duty to serve the Mythrite Sultan, always putting her mission first before anything else.

With her great sense of discipline and honor, she was given the position of Quartermaster and Sergeant-at-Arms, providing those within the business supplies necessary for working, as well as managing any weapons or tools they may happen to sell, though this rarely occurs.

Luluma Luma's patron deity is Halone, the Fury.

Luluma's Theme: Grand Kingdom OST - A day wasted is a fortune lost.

Lilina Lina

Epithet: Wide-Eyes

Lilina Lina (Age 25) is the youngest sister of Luluma and Lelena. She sports aqua blue eyes and bright, red hair tied in a low ponytail. Lilina had happily served the Higuri Regalia since Thiji first came to Eorzea, but as time passed, she had become less and less interested in staying behind in the Sagolii Desert whilst her sisters are enjoying themselves in the mainland. Because of this, she had adopted a rebellious and carefree nature as she made efforts to try and join Thiji's Angels, but the Mythrite Prince's family insisted that she stood behind to aid in business at home... until recently.

Upon Thiji's reinstatement into the Adventure League, one of his maidservants had been called back home to assist their newest head maidservant in regulating the flow of Mythrite. Upon hearing word of this, Lilina immediately jumped at the opportunity the moment an opening had presented itself, and wasted no expense in making her way to Eorzea, eager to explore and unearth the vast riches it may hold. For her persistence and willingness to serve, Sesena Sena has dubbed her an Angel, making her the sixth member of their clique, fighting alongside her fellow Angels as an Arcanist.

After a recent excursion into the Isle of Zekki, however (circa 10 July 2020), she encountered a scintilla of the Lord of the Revel's power. With the timely aid of her sisters, she was able to defeat and absorb its energies with her own, making her an official Summoner and Master of Revelry.

Her love for compiling and collecting things earned Lilina the position of Special Events Coordinator, conducting meetings, conferences, and the various giveaways for which the Regalia has built its reputation.

Lilina Lina's patron deity is Oschon, the Wanderer.

Lilina's Theme: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl - Hearthome City (Day)

Yuanji Yuji

Epithet: of the Soaring Dagger

Now an established member, Yuanji is incredibly humbled to serve the Regalia with her fellow Head Secretaries.(Picture commissioned by Moonshade)

A recent addition to Thiji's maidservants, succeeding Lilina Lina. Yuanji Yuji (Age 25) is a Lalafellin beauty from Kugane that sought out to meet the Regalia following a recent gathering held by Thiji's best friend, Hollow Thorn. After showing her skills with the dagger to Head Secretary Sesena, she was immediately inducted into Thiji's Angels, making her the seventh person to join. She is a platinum blonde Dunesfolk with eyes of orangish-red, and wears her hair in a long ponytail.

Despite her conservative and quiet countenance, Yuanji Yuji is a caring and gentle woman to the weak and innocent. A perceptive woman who thinks of the greater good for the company she now serves, she rarely has tolerance for procrastination or excessiveness. Whenever possible she seeks to reach quick, efficient, and decisive conclusions to conflicts. When it comes to her Ijin retainer Mimazhao, however, she spares him no sympathy and is rather curt with him. More often than not, she is usually patronizing him to take responsibility for his actions. As she watches him mature through his struggles, Yuanji genuinely accepts him and his faults. She usually shows her concern for him indirectly, her cold shoulder belying the respect she has for him.

For her loyalty and service, she was chosen by the Mythrite Sultan himself to become the Head Secretary of the Regalia's Othard Branch, placing Yuanji in the same echelon as her once-superior, Sesena. In recent days, however, she has growing worries about the capacity of the Ijin, sharing Shiro's dislike for them and even at times voicing her concerns for them to the Mythrite Shah. Regardless, she remains steadfast in her duty and continues to uphold the Regalia's good name.

Yuanji's Theme: Pokemon Black & White - Dreamyard

Meriri Meri

Epithet: of Fated Winds

The ravishing Plainsfolk from the Cieldaleas has arrived from Thiji's homeland to complete the Secretariat trinity.(Picture commissioned by Moonshade)

A Plainsfolk with long, curly red hair and bright blue eyes, Meriri Meri (Age 23) succeeded Yuanji Yuji as the newest maidservant under Thiji's employ. She was encountered by Sesena and Sosona one day while they were out practicing their marksmanship with their pistols. She was seen escaping O'Ghomoro from a band of rather irate Kobolds for stealing large quantities of a strange, never-before-seen ore. After routing the Kobolds, she informed the two that it was Lumythrite and Eikon Mythrite -- Mythrite ore blessed by a primal.

Knowing that fate had been very kind to the Regalia at large as of late, Sesena immediately offered Meriri a spot amongst her Angels, and she happily accepted, appreciating the freedom that they value. She serves the Regalia as an expert Archer, Angel, and go-to gal for any Lumythrite-related inquiries - Consultant of Metals, replacing Yuanji Yuji in this regard as well.

Meriri's patron deity is Nymeia, the Spinner.

Meriri's Theme: Grand Kingdom OST - All in a Day's Work

Shiro Reina

Epithet: the Mist Queen

Like Yotsuyu, but sexier. And quieter.

A refugee that had come in from Doma alongside Yugiri Mistwalker, Shiro Reina is a formidable Kunoichi master of the art of Suiton, or "Water Release." She was taken in by Thiji Higuri as another one of his maidservants, but was always seen with a mask covering the entirety of her face. She takes pride in the ways of the Shinobi, - shunning the "neophytes" that took up the trade because it was "the new thing in town". Her tenure with the Regalia in Eorzea made her develop a dislike for Ijin, which is what the Hingans call foreigners. She also has inside knowledge on another Othardian -- the Mythrite Sultan's good friend, Lazin O'letho.

Shiro thus became an Angel, and serves closer to Thiji as his personal bodyguard. Her motives for being taken under Thiji's wing in the first place were to seek assistance in the coming days to break the Garleans' tenuous hold on her home in the Ruby Sea. It was revealed that Shiro was born in an underwater village known as Sui-no-Sato, which affirms her strong attunement to water. In recent days, however, she has come to the conclusion that, in light of observing her master in combat on multiple occasions, and the selflessness he shows to people in a land so foreign to him (and, in extension, to her), he was worthy of upholding the noble title of Samurai, which she endeavored Thiji's allies to lead him down that path. So far he has not considered taking up the blade, but still remains hopeful.

Though she remains an Angel, Shiro now serves directly under Hiromi Hiten as her loyal retainer and friend, as well as the Lion Order by extension as part of an exchange with Soriah Aron, once liaison of the Regalia.

In battle, she does not speak, and sees to it that her work is done quickly and with as little blood as possible (if she is feeling merciful, anyway) - staying true to the Shinobi way. Whenever she is not out in the field as a "shadow dancer," Shiro is seen in her all-white Angel uniform, handing out free food to adventurers in Ul'dah on a regular basis. While this may intrigue some and scare others (due to the fact that she is always silent to the point where people believe her to be mute), she makes sure to adhere to the Regalia's values and interests whilst furthering her own agendas.

It is not known what patron deity Shiro reveres, as she hails from Othard, and thus serves a different pantheon of gods and goddesses.

It has also been rumored several times by a reliable source that this mysterious woman clad in white stole into an Imperial castrum for a special kimono that was modified to fit her personal tastes.

Shiro's Theme: Conquer Online 2.0 Soundtrack - Reed Island

Sarielle Emeraude

Epithet: the Sorcerous

The first of many healers, Sarielle is in charge of all the Regalia's mendicant efforts.

After successfully fending off the fell beast known as Nidhogg and his Dravanian Horde on the Steps of Faith, the Angels recruited Sarielle Emeraude (age 25), a fair maiden of emerald green hair and eyes. She is a Wildwood Elezen and Ishgardian chirurgeon. Now a veteran of her craft, she continues her studies as the Higuri Regalia's Medical Specialist, making her the first dedicated nurse and mendicant of the team.

She enjoys chatting with the Angels and getting to know her superiors, and seems awfully close to Lelena. With her hairstyle, mannerisms, and demeanor, she is often misconstrued for being a shrine maiden, whom is a special guardian charged with warding off evil spirits and demons. While she has no idea what sort of person that would be, Sarielle is intrigued to adopt and learn more of this lifestyle. She watched over Nanago for a time while she was pregnant up until her unexpected death and feticide, though she inherited Nanago's powers due to the residual aether left behind, turning her into an Astrologian and a Sorceress.

Feeling wholly responsible for Thiji's wife's death, Sarielle was willing to accept any punishment he deemed necessary, but was instead forgiven on all accounts, being informed that it was not her fault for Nanago's shred of selfishness was what catalyzed her demise. She now currently resides with the Aldenard Branch team, mastering her newfound powers of Astrology and Sorcery to tend to the wounded and the ill-fated.

Sarielle's patron deity is Halone, the Fury.

Sarielle's Theme: Monster Hunter Generations - Pokke Village

Blessed with incredible beauty, Shishira aims to use this, along with her newfound skills for the betterment of her old friend and new master.

Umimi Umi

Epithet: the Royal Reaper

The first Roegadyn to grace the Regalia's ranks, Swoztu was blessed with great fortune to find a new home, and a new family.

The Cieldalaes has its gems from time to time. One of its brightest is a young Plainsfolk by the name of Umimi Umi (Age 25). With ocean blue tresses and similarly-colored clothing, and a love for all things water, Umimi is a beauty born from a region full of luxurious locales and ferocious fauna. Starting life as a simple fisher girl, she was always seen as a calm and collected individual, sweet and kind with an adorable smile, but surviving in the Cieldaleas steeled her into a deceptively powerful fighting machine. Incredibly proficient with the scythe, Umimi's combat prowess was rivaled only by her gentleness and optimism.

After hearing of the Higuri Regalia and its accomplishments, she found her purpose in life - to serve the Regalia by becoming a maidservant. Thus, she set out for the Sagolii Desert to meet them, only to find and fall in love with Thiji's younger twin brother, Horu. She is incredibly faithful to her husband and brother-in-law, and treats her fellow Angels as if they were her own sisters. After spending an extended amount of time with Horu, Umimi's service from the home base of the Regalia earned her the spot of Head Secretary of the Main Branch, putting her in equal footing with Sesena and Yuanji.

She and her longtime companion - a chocobo named Cascade ("Cassy" for short) - have recently returned to Eorzea after her extended vacation to assist Thiji and her fellow Angels in the coming days, and to mete out retribution to those who would otherwise speak ill of the Regalia or its assets. After a chance encounter with one of the Mythrite Sultan's allies, she has now become part of a clandestine team of bodyguards sworn to defend the Regalia from encroaching enemies - its leader, however, being unknown...

She has birthed two children: Kakashoa Higuri and Kakasu Kasu, and was recently confirmed to be a descendant of Nymian nobility, blending her ancestry with the Higuri's, which date back to the days of Mhach.

Her patron deity is Llymlaen, the Navigator. However, she is obligated to revere Oschon due to her ancient heritage.

Umimi's Theme:Monster Hunter OST - Lullaby of The Waves

Shishira Shira

Epithet: Flameveil

A friend of Thiji's since before the Calamity, Shishira Shira seems to have been Thiji's first love interest. She is a Dunesfolk female of stunning beauty with long silver-violet hair and lavender eyes, and carried a distinct aroma of violets. Shishira is around the same age as Thiji, and was also of nobility; in fact, her family was one of the main contractors who conducted business with the Higuri Regalia during their stint in the Sagolii Desert. She led her family business known as Shira's Lightsday Best prior to her induction into the Regalia, specializing mostly in precious red gemstones, making her the "Lady of Rubies". She is also more popularly known as the "Desert Violet" for obvious reasons.

It is also confirmed that she and her clan served Chichibi Chibi of the Deep Sagolii. Prior to her indentured servitude with the Regalia, the Desert Queen was her superior.

Thiji had thought to have seen her again when he arrived at Eorzea through Tahrara, who looks just like her, only that their hairstyles, hair color, and voices are different. Though she may have enjoyed Thiji's friendship, his advances would seemingly be for naught as her eyes were set upon another Dunesfolk male whom was part of a mining clan, which would ultimately result in the fall of her own -- and her would-be fiancee, Memejora's -- companies along with their arranged marriage. Since then, they have been good friends with each other, but Shishira had finally realized that the latter loved him after talking with him alone in a recent Yearsend party.

She now serves the Higuri Regalia as a Thaumaturge and an aspiring Black Mage under the tutelage of Chichibi Chibi, serving as the newest Angel under Thiji's employ after forsaking her old life to start anew. She has also taken Yuanji Yuji's old position as personal advisor to the Mythrite Sultan after exemplifying the selflessness the Regalia upholds. Though recently, she has begun to develop feelings for the Mythrite Sultan now that he has retired, and longs to see him again.

Shishira Shira's patron deity is Menphina, similar to Tahrara's.

Shishira's theme: - FlyFF Flaris Town Theme

Swoztu Wuotwyrstwyn

One of the recent additions to the Mythrite Sultan's burgeoning army of female maidservants, Swoztu Wuotwyrstwyn is a bosomy Sea Wolf Roegadyn (Age 22) with emerald green skin and beautiful ruby red hair. She was found outside the Aldenard Branch Headquarters one rainy evening, and was enjoying the scenery of the yard before she was taken in by the Mythrite Sultan. Per their conversation, she seemed to be a singer - this led Thiji to believe that Swoztu was an expert bard.

Swoztu knew Thiji prior to their encounter from some flyers she read regarding the Othard Initiative, and was taken aback when she had been offered a new set of clothes, as well as comfortable living quarters within the mansion whilst the Regalia continued their efforts towards establishing the Othard Branch. Now given purpose and a more permanent roof under her head, she serves Thiji Higuri as one of his newest Angels, becoming the first Roegadyn lady to have the honor of doing so.

Swoztu's patron deity is Nophica, the Matron.

Swoztu's theme: Persona 3 Soundtrack - Blues in Velvet Room

Himmeya Twelvefist

Epithet: Enforcer

She may be easy on the eyes, but Himmeya will sooner knock you into the next Umbral Era. (Picture commissioned by Dizzyfuture.)

A fair-faced Highlander with a slightly muscular build and sky blue eyes, Himmeya (Age 20) earned the moniker "Twelvefist" for her innate ability to augment her hands with elemental might. She had grown up under the banner of Garlemald, but was defiant in accepting their rule as just. Hoping to one day see Ala Mhigo free, she trained arduously in her youth, away from the eyes of her oppressors, aspiring to one day earn herself a place amongst the Fist of Rhalgr.

At the age of 16 she joined the Resistance, and has been fighting alongside them since. One day she happened upon Thiji and his party in Gyr Abania, where she was participating in a training exercise with the Eorzean Alliance to prepare for the coming skirmishes against the Garleans. The Mythrite Sultan visited and spectated her in battle, easily standing out amongst her greener peers. They would then spar as they noticed each other, with the Lalafellin noble emerging victorious.

A second fated encounter during an expedition against a primal would result in the two working together to win the day once more. Himmeya admired Thiji's skill in battle, and was eager to serve him more directly, making her the newest Angel. In return for allowing her to join, Himmeya shared her knowledge of the serpentine Ananta tribe to Thiji, which would then lead to increasing his mastery over gemcraft and magic both.

With the Rhalgr's Beacon campaign culminating with the liberation of the once-fallen City-State, Himmeya stepped down from her duties with the Resistance and now utilizes her experience serving as the Regalia's Enforcer, becoming quick friends with Sosona Sona who once held that role. With garments of crimson, she is ready to cause problems for the Regalia's enemies - or resolve them.

As per most Ala Mhigans, Himmeya's patron deity is Rhalgr, the Destroyer.

Himmeya's theme: Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) OST - Location at the Great Desert, Loc Lac

Whether at a party, a gathering, or simply out for a stroll, Veeveena rarely leaves her Sultan's sight.

Koyuki Koki

Epithet: of Hidden Steel

Like a flower blossoming in a virgin snowfall, this demure Hingan's hospitality is second to the Mythrite Sultan's. (Picture commissioned by Dizzyfuture)

Calling in a favor from an old friend, Koyuki Koki (Age 26) is the sixteenth Angel to be brought under the Mythrite Sultan's retinue. During the Regalia's flight to the Far East, Koyuki was but a simple Plainsfolk serving in Hingashi's teahouses, whose skill in tea making and Far Eastern tradition was nothing short of outstanding. She is a delicate flower who was good friends with Yuanji during her time back home prior to their exodus. When news had arrived of Yuanji's return, Koyuki was elated, and overwhelmed her with questions on what type of tea she wanted, how many guests was she bringing, and the like.

Being told of the Regalia and what they are about, paired with her recent status as Head Secretary, the violet beauty was excited to hear of her old friend's success, and was eager to serve as an Angel. She is currently the Advisor of the Othard Branch, providing top-quality service whose smile is said to calm even the most tempestuous of hearts. Also, while she does not condone fighting, she is formidable in conjury, providing her allies with another source for support and relief.

Not being of Eorzean origin, Koyuki does not possess a patron deity, honoring a different pantheon similar to Shiro and Yuanji.

Koyuki's theme: Civilization V OST - Gao Shan Liu Shui

At the cusp of womanhood, this exotic beauty has become a boon to the Higuri Dynasty.

Veeveena Veena

Epithet: the Visceral

A flower from the Near East graces the ranks of the Angels. Veeveena Veena, age 23, is the seventeenth, and a young beauty born and raised in Thavnair. With bright, blonde hair, aqua blue orbs, and a smile warm like the Near Eastern sun, Veeveena serves directly under Lord Thiji as his personal advisor whenever he is back home within the Main Branch. Extremely fond of the Mythrite Sultan, she is almost always seen by his side, which misconstrues many that they are a couple. However, this is definitely not the case. She, like her fellow Angels, is simply very close to the Sultan she serves, and will go to great lengths to fulfill his wishes.

Her calm and demure temperament belies her savagery in battle. Learning of the Hingan styles of combat through Thiji's mother, she has taken up a unique form of fighting known as Tessenjutsu, training herself on the art nonstop until she considered herself a master. The mythril standard of silk hiding steel, Veeveena is a formidable adversary whom would even provide the Head Secretaries a challenge. She is so devoted to her position as Advisor that she would even stand guard outside her lord's bedchambers, driving away any assassins unfortunate enough to face her tranquil fury. Veeveena's patron deity is Nald'thal, the Traders.

Veeveena's theme: Ragnarok Online OST - Title


Epithet: Coldgaze

The twenty-fourth Angel to join the ranks was both a blessing and a surprise. A Veena Viera by the name of Isja (EES-YAH; Age 23), who, since coming to Eorzea, held elegance and refinement in very high regard. Hailing from the Skatay Range, she is very pale-skinned, with snow-white-and-blue hair - a contrast to the Mythrite Sultan.

Isja's distaste in the Eorzean people's questionable lifestyles coined her the epithet "The Veena with the Cold Stare," by onlookers and passersby. Despite her aloof appearance, she wanted nothing more than to join the Higuri Regalia after being directed by a fellow Viera one day in Gridania. To her surprise, the Regalia was already seeking her out as a result of a bid to get the Angels' retired master back into adventuring.

Known for their lithe form and excellent posture, Isja was a splendid candidate to serve as a model, a position over which she was practically ecstatic to receive from her new lord. The devotion she exemplifies to the company and their leader is a testament to her love (and relief) of refinement. Being raised in the forested regions of Ilsabard, Viera are also incredible huntresses, and Isja offers her expertise with the lance and the bow, making her a deadly adversary from any range. As a result this knowledge, Himmeya tends to be her new sparring partner.

Being a foreign race, Viera do not revere the Eorzean pantheon. They instead heed the Voice of the Green Word, essentially sequestering them into the confines of the forests from where they were conceived. Such Viera who leave their homes are no longer considered part of them, and are branded as outcasts. Fortunately, there is little love lost between latter and former; outcasts usually view their forest-dwelling counterparts as blind, hidebound xenophobes, while the traditionalists refuse to acknowledge the existence of their wandering, city-dwelling kind. Fancying herself as somewhat of a revolutionary, Isja deviates from this somewhat in that she seeks to prove that the Viera as a race are capable of so much more. With the Regalia at her side, she just might make that a reality in the coming days.

Isja's Theme: Ragnarok Online OST - On Your Way Back

Bimala & Ekanta

"One who is pure" and "One who is devoted" in their native tongue, respectively, Bimala & Ekanta are a pair of Ananta twins of the Vira tribe. During their time spent in the Resistance as battlemaids prior to Garlemald's grip loosening on Gyr Abania, Bimala was a skilled swordsman, and Ekanta had a keen eye for archery and conjury. They were also on amiable terms with Himmeya at this point in time. After Operation: Rhalgr's Beacon was a success, the Velodyna Gatekeepers were formed, and these two were eager to aid Captain Alpa in her efforts.

In fact, Bimala & Ekanta are the ones responsible for divulging the secrets of their race to the Mythrite Sultan after Himmeya had returned from quelling the Lakshmi ordeal. Repeated news of the Regalia and their recent successes and contributions had reached their ears for a good while. Once the Velodyna Gatekeepers had established themselves comfortably within the Resistance-occupied Castellum, the twins were given leave by their fellow Vira to do as they please, and after gaining knowledge of their friend Himmeya joining the Regalia as an Angel, Bimala & Ekanta decided to do the same.

They serve the Regalia now under the Aldenard Branch as Lord Thiji's personal guard and liaisons, bettering the relations between his empire and that of the Gyr Abanian people, and breaking new barriers for the beast tribes of the realm.

Their patron deity is Sri Lakshmi, Lady of Bliss.

*Lyriah Karnelle

*Bahati Aras

*Sasata Sata

*Tira Misu

*Navei Asumiere

*Lior Aras

*Sonalice Aida

*Playful Blossom

*Moonshade Butterfly

*Tu'shasha Tusha


Common Rumors

  • He loves ice and is blessed by Halone, the Fury, which contradicts the fact that he is a Dunesfolk and primarily being from an arid homeland.
  • It is believed by the public that Thiji is aspiring to join the Syndicate, but due to the name he has made for himself thus far, that seems unlikely.
  • Given the fact that he is almost always seen with an Angel, numerous passersby wonder why the lonely lord doesn't just spark an affair with one (or more) of them.

Moderate Rumors

  • Thiji elects not to affiliate himself with any Free Companies because he feels "unworthy of being under the banner of one". He instead prefers serving as a benefactor so as to maintain his neutrality.
  • He is so masterful at Mythril that he always carries an abundant supply of ingots on his person -- just in case he requires a project done.
  • Due to being one of the longest-standing single nobles, Thiji has been jokingly referred to as "The Mythrite Bachelor."

Rare Rumors

  • Thiji used to be a formidable Dragoon, retired after hearing that a majority of other Dragoons have created a bad reputation for themselves by Elusive Jumping from fatal heights.
  • For some reason, people are being led to believe that he is a "Market Primal".
  • In battle, Thiji prefers having his face obscured to some capacity. One of the main reasons behind this, according to one of his Angels, is to "keep the stupid from infecting the senses."

PC Rumors

  • "Hmm... Gis has met him, yes, but only briefly. Still, Gis' impression is he seems to be a person that appreciates hard work! Is very good, hard work should be appreciated." - Gislala Gisla
  • "Short of the Sultana, I don't think I ever heard of anyone with so much money - or such a big heart." Sasata Sata
  • "I know I can't imagine Thiji getting any stronger than he is. He has, like, four job stones and a magic tablecloth... And a harem of assassins at his beck and call." -Nightshade Mistletoe
  • "A benevolent fashion mogul with an icy gaze that could freeze your very soul! He has a countenance that rivals that of the very moon!" -Doman Peddler
  • "During an interview, we asked what was the one thing he was very grateful for in his life. He answered that 'his father married another Lalafell.' We're still wondering what he meant by that!" -Mythril Eye Reporter



As a noble and heir to the Higuri Regalia Empire, Thiji was taught proper manners and the trades of his clan at an early age. Prior to the Calamity, he had spent a lot of his free time reading tomes and scriptures, and because of this, he was more and more fascinated by his newfound knowledge. Although he wanted to see his clan's empire prosper for many winters to come, Thiji wanted something different; he wished to stand out more. In the desert he found a spool of what appeared to be hempen yarn and a loom with which he could practice the art of weaving in his spare time. In his early teen years, he had fallen head over heels for a female Dunesfolk named Shishira Shira that was also a noble hailing from a goldsmithing family that specialized in red/crimson jewelry. He was incredibly shy towards the girl, but they were good friends as they shared adventures within the sea of sand. Unbeknownst to Thiji, Shishira had another friend of hers by the name of Memejora Danajora, whose family was one of the main mineral concerns that conducted trade amongst the Dunesfolk within the lands south of the Sagolii. As time marched on, Thiji would seemingly begin to win Shishira over, but it would all be put to waste when he was rejected for Memejora, for she merely saw Thiji as nothing more than a good friend. Shishira and Memejora's parents would eventually arrange a marriage with her and him. This heartbreak would serve as the foundation for how Thiji acts in the future.


Because of his recent heartbreak, Thiji did not really socialize much, nor did he even share his issues with his maidservants. Thus, he kept himself secluded when he had the chance, honing his own talents along with his innate talents of his lineage. At the age of 15, Thiji had a well-rounded knowledge of Weaving and Goldsmithing. He had also trained himself arduously with two-handed weaponry such as halberds and poleaxes that he had discovered within the sands, and taught his fellow Dunesfolk how to defend themselves from the predators of the treacherous desert. Whenever he was alone, however, he hurried home to study the powers of Thaumaturgy and Arcanima, making himself proficient in ice magic to combat the scorching heat of the Sagolii. He had discovered his incredible aptitude with aether control, and was able to summon his first construct -- Fubuki the Sapphire Carbuncle. He would somehow use this knowledge and heightened wit to bring his people to outstanding glory -- and to perhaps exact sweet vengeance upon Memejora for stealing his would-be, first-ever girlfriend. However, when the Calamity struck, he had first surmised that a time of great turmoil would befall himself and his clan. Beholding the wrath of Bahamut's Mega Flare, and the destruction of the satellite moon of Dalamud, the Higuri clan assumed the worst. But it would seem that luck would be in their favor as they were virtually unscathed from the crippling of Eorzea.


From the terrible doom that came upon Eorzea, the Higuri Regalia would find themselves blessed with great fortune. The Calamity unearthed numerous veins of precious Mythril that complemented many fine jewelry, and is known for its durability and light weight. It was then that in the advent of the Seventh Umbral Era, Thiji's clan began to specialize in the making and manufacturing of Mythril-based products, ranging from cufflinks to necklaces and even monocles. The resourcefulness of the Higuri clan ensured their empire's survival for the next five winters. It was during that five-year period that Thiji would become adept in his own teachings, mastering the basics of Thaumaturgy and Arcanima, and even having formidable skill with two-handed weaponry. He had also trained his mind, as well, for he did not ever forget what Memejora had done to him, and what Shishira did to his heart.

Anticipating the fact that Memejora's family would seize the opportunity to strike it rich by monopolizing the Mythril market, Thiji had spent a week learning of the mineral concern's schedules, breaks, and shifts of every employee. In the dead of night, he snuck in with Glacius and Fubuki, smuggling the veins of Mythril from the mines back home before his quarry would grow suspicious. After another week of successfully draining their "cash cow" of all that they deemed would be worth, Memejora's family's mineral concern would arrive to the Higuri Regalia the next morning, and after a heated argument between his parents and Memejora's, they found themselves penniless as they bought back every single piece of Mythril they originally intended to sell to the Higuri Regalia. The fallout from this event resulted in the marriage between Shishira and Memejora to be countervailed. Additionally, the mineral concern and Shira's Lightsday Best had to now work under the Regalia in order to pay off their debt, but before such a debt would even be repaid, they would already be bought out by the Mythril Masters that were the Regalia. Shishira and Memejora threw Thiji a glare, who then gave one of his own before pointing a finger up several ilms from his face. It was his little trademark gesture with a hidden message: "I have seized victory without so much as lifting a finger." The young Dunesfolk had singlehandedly overthrown his abrasive and small-minded nemesis and gave his clan the key to many doors that would send them soaring through the world of commerce...

Then, at the age of 20, Thiji had finally decided to spread his clan's influence to Eorzea by taking the next caravan northward, bringing his personal maidservants Sesena Sena, Sosona Sona, and Susuna Suna with him. Taking a liking to the jewel of the desert, Ul'dah, Thiji had bought a novel from a peddler to help alleviate the boringly long trek across Thanalan. (which was written by Tahrara Kivenera. He did not speak at all during the journey since he was so attracted by the novel.)

The Mysterious North Wind

In an effort to achieve his goal of aiding TALE from the shadows, Thiji Higuri studied archery in Gridania and assumed the guise of the North Wind, a masked rebel Bard of unknown origin that seemingly aided those in need. He kept his identity hidden as a simple weaver of Sunsilk Tapestries and a goldsmith of Esthaime's Aesthetics/Lapidaries. After a fornight of successful battles as the dashing Bard, news spread like wildfire to the Mythril Eye the Harbor Herald, and the Raven detailing the various events and deeds done by the North Wind, repeatedly stating that he is neither friend or foe, and that citizens of Eorzea keep an eye out for this seemingly threatening "masked hero."

The North Wind has been involved in numerous activities regarding the people of the Adventure League including the assault against the Garleans in Northern Thanalan, the silencing of the primal Ifrit, and numerous forays into various areas such as Cutter's Cry and the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak. It was then that rumors had begun to spread that the North Wind was tempered by the Lady of the Vortex -- Garuda -- and was made into one of her champions. This caused some confusion, however, as a quartet of Ixali sisters -- the Huelocs -- are also of Garuda's elite warriors, and each sister was named after a cardinal direction.

In a recent battle in Halfstone to contain the Sahagin threat, the North Wind appeared once more to aid in the assault, fighting alongside Ari Amariyo, Aegyl Chevalier, and Hollow Thorn. His songs and arrows were more than enough to help push back the scaled menace into the Sapsa Spawning Grounds, and further in they encountered the Serpent Reavers -- the pirate thralls of the Sahagin that have been drowned by the Lord of the Whorl. Hollow Thorn felt saddened that she had to take the lives of her own kin, but the North Wind consoled her and renewed her resolve, for the turned Roegadyn were beyond saving, and needed final rest. After routing their forces as best they could with their Chocobos by their side, the North Wind vanished, leaving behind only a rose for the then-grieving Hollow Thorn.

He made another appearance in the East Shroud at Larkscall, when the elder primal Odin arrived atop his onyx steed, Sleipnir. Several members of TALE -- and a multitude of other adventurers -- rushed to do honorable battle with this powerful entity, and after hours of painstaking turmoil, they had vanquished Odin, sending him back into the aether. After the battle, the North Wind saw D'asee Pauwee, and gave her his signature gift -- the red rose. After picking up the flower, she had wondered why he did such a thing and gave him the nickname Tiny Mask.

About a week later, the people of TALE had noticed that the winds had begun to stir within Coerthas. A large group of TALE's finest -- led by Doyenne Aveline Blue, raced to Natalan, cutting down whatever Ixal was foolish enough to stand in their way. To their surprise, they encountered the Four Winds, and with careful planning, they systematically defeated the four sisters. Finally reaching the aetheryte where the North Wind was holding a wind cluster, because of their successful victory over the Hueloc sisters, the crystals' power dimmed, which would result in Garuda's weakening. However, it did not stop the Ixal as they had already amassed enough crystals to strengthen their goddess, which forced the Adventure League to seek an audience with her.

They divided their forces into two groups: one would lay low the Lady of the Vortex and prevent her coming into the realm, while the other stood guard to prevent the inevitable Ixal incursion from reinforcing their goddess. The defense was spearheaded by Connor Stone the True, and it was thanks to his shield that the second party were able to hold back the birds. Once Garuda had been defeated, (and much to her joy) D'asee picked up Garuda's feather and immediately headed for the exit, whereas Thiji's bow -- worn and weathered from countless battles -- had reacted with the Howling Eye and the plumes left over by the harpy queen, resulting in a powerful new longbow that could harness the wind itself.

The Aftermath of Natalan

After the battle, the North Wind's identity was already revealed. Shienne Mimieux had explained to him that before the Seventh Umbral Era, there existed a period in time where the Grand Companies of Eorzea were in conflict. At the time, she had served the Immortal Flames, and one of her greatest nemeses was none other than the North Wind, who resembled and acted just like Thiji. He was an agent of the Gods' Quiver that had thwarted Shienne's missions on countless occasions that would result in her eventual respect for the masked Lalafell.

Reconvening in the Sagolii Desert, Shienne's uncanny deduction skills enabled her as to what Thiji was attempting to do all this time: to aid the Adventure League from the shadows, only to reveal himself at the proper time. His actions upset numerous members, including Tahrara -- the opulent Dunesfolk Lalafell of which Thiji has a huge crush on -- and Dyne Ikapine, her fiancee (who was so frustrated in him that he was jostled down an incredibly high dune, humiliating poor Thiji). On the other hand, several members were relieved to know that the North Wind was Thiji all this time, for his actions have gotten them further and strengthened their courage.

Unfortunately, Thiji's shortcomings -- along with his upsetting tumble down the dunes -- had caused him to quietly resort to a life of seclusion. His feelings toward the Adventure League are skeptical, but he has no point in sharing his talents to those that would not even accept him. Up until now, he has been in solitude, losing himself in his mind to plot whatever grandiose scheme he may have hidden in his sleeves next...

Finding the Tactician

His long hiatus from TALE-related activities have given Thiji an incredibly long time to think towards his purpose of being in Eorzea. He had spent most of his time on an isolated cliff overlooking the Holy See of Ishgard with his faeries and Glacius to keep him company. Before too long, however, he would be met by Tahrara, whom was following his faerie Solabelle, who, for some reason, was carrying his linkpearl. After braving the cold, she would find a masked Scholar whom was standing atop one of the many monoliths placed atop the cliff. The masked scholar in question was none other than the recluse himself, and after a brief inquiry, he revealed that during this entire time since the incident in Natalan, he had been listening closely to the TALE linkshell, but did not openly speak. A grin appeared on his face as he explained that Shienne was ousted from the Company due to a dispute that erupted from the linkshell. Though Tahrara shared his sentiments of her eccentric character, she offered that Thiji's intellect be used for TALE's own greater good. At first, he was reluctant, and said that he needed more time to himself to contemplate the matter.

The second time he was visited, Ser Dyne accompanied his fiancee to the Steel Vigil. After a burst of warming light from Solabelle greeted the couple, they would find Thiji standing on the same monolith as before. After a brief joking session, Thiji recalled the situation with Shienne to the Plainsfolk, which he then added to it saying that he was battling the Lord of Crags, which Thiji furthered added that such a matter -- albeit trivial -- had disrupted his focus, and made the battle in the Navel that much more difficult for him and whomever was with him at the time. Like the cunning schemer he is, Thiji pointed out that "Such confusion within the enemy ranks would allow an opportunistic strategist to strike swiftly before they would have a chance to recover from their own chaos. Thus, victory would be attained... without so much as lifting a finger." It was unclear as to whether or not this was an intimidating fact -- though it is highly unlikely that it wasn't. Before being left alone, Thiji offered them a tray of crowned pies for the journey back, but apparently Dyne has a dislike for sweets. D'asee arrived to Camp Dragonhead moments after their departure to take the pies out of Dyne's hands.

Several other minor visits by D'asee occurred due to her keen sense of smell. Whenever Thiji was cooking or having a picnic, she was conveniently there to share a bite with him. During their time together, Thiji was at first reluctant to speak with D'asee -- talking about the past and what lies beyond the stars -- but eventually he would grow into her and soon found a friend in the jovial Seeker. At the Floating City of Nym, Thiji had made a promise to D'asee that he would always have food prepared for her whenever she would be hungry, and she replied, "Tiny Mask had best keep his word! Un, un!"

The third and final visit would be by Tahrara once again in Mor Dhona, who seemed frustrated. While Thiji was quietly reading to himself atop of a giant boulder by Silvertear Lake, he would find her come into view, and a conversation broke out. Joining her back down to earth, he explained that he had begun to think that others had forgotten him, only to be retorted by Tahrara that whenever he wished to be sought out, he was never available, and he never spoke on the linkpearl. Thiji's love for Tahrara would be made apparent when he spoke why he played such mind games with everyone. However, after some soothing words from the violet-eyed Dunesfolk -- and a heartfelt apology from the lonely strategist -- he would finally be forgiven, and was granted another personal linkpearl by Tahrara (since the original one was malfunctioning, as per her claim). Now reborn into a new (but still lonely) Lalafell, Thiji Higuri now offers his full service to the Adventure League of Eorzea, using his intellect for their greater good -- and perhaps for whatever purpose he may find out there.

A New Era; A New Lalafell

As Thiji slowly built his reputation within TALE's ranks by offering any support possible, the time had arrived for the Eorzean Alliance to make one final push against the Garlean Empire via Operation: Archon. A number of adventurers from all corners of the land had volunteered to assist in the operation, and Thiji was of no exception. The counteroffensive involved the systematic occupation of the various Garlean outposts strewn throughout Eorzea (Castrum Occidens, Castrum Marinum, Castrum Oriens, and Castrum Meridianum/the Praetorium). After taking Castrum Marinum from the hands of Rhitahtyn Sas Arvina, Thiji and his fellow adventurers in TALE were able to proceed with the counteroffensive. It was there that Thiji commended Rhitahtyn's valor, for he did not think that he would ever find anyone else on the planet that would be his intellectual equal (at least during this point in time).

With the Garleans thrown into disarray by the joint attacks from the Grand Companies, the final battle against the Black Wolf took place in the Praetorium once Castrum Meridianum had been occupied by the Immortal Flames. After some engaging diatribe, and a (not-so) climactic battle, Gaius would be laid low, along with the Ultima Weapon, as well as the mastermind behind it all -- an Ascian named Lahabrea. The resulting victory ushered in the coming of the Seventh Astral Era, and Thiji would be happy to know that his actions served for an overall greater cause, but he was still unsure about what precisely he wanted in Eorzea.

Several suns after the battle's end, Thiji would run into Aveline in Horizon, where he was going to survey the land with his maidservants for any Mythril. It would be delayed, however, as he would be invited to lunch with the Doyenne at the Pissed Peiste over by Vesper Bay. At first, she would be surprised that Thiji still remained within the Adventure League after the events in Natalan, but the Lalafell had ambitions that would require TALE's aid in order to accomplish. He told the Doyenne that he aspired to become one of the Syndicate so that he would use his power to aid the less-fortunate. However, Aveline stated that his dream was not uncommon, for a great number of people share the same wish. It saddened Thiji to know this, but Aveline saw just how noble the young Dunesfolk's heart was and informed him that it is the everyday deeds of people -- including themselves -- that make Eorzea a better and safer realm in which to live in.

With this newfound knowledge imparted unto him by his feline-hearted leader, Thiji Higuri would finally find out what he wanted to fight for in Eorzea -- wealth. But not simply personal wealth... but a wealth that could be shared with the people, and thus earn him the recognition he so desires.

First Starlight

Back home, Thiji Higuri only heard of stories about the wondrous Starlight Festival that befalls Eorzea during the winter season. When he rose from his bed in the Hourglass one morning, he gazed out from the window and saw snow falling upon the streets of Ul'dah. Like a little child, he rushed out of his inn room to witness the beauty firsthand. Being a lover of the cold, he was overjoyed to see such a sight, and during his merriment, he would run into members of the Ivalice Trading Company, whom are allies of the Adventure League.

One of the members he would encounter was Zeiyth Iyerah, a Keeper of the Moon miqo'te that was well-known in TALE. He had known her before, however, due to the fact that the two of them have run into each other on many occasions during their adventures within Eorzea. She and her friends, including her mate, J'hyan Tia, were enjoying the festivities, and it was J'hyan's idea to set the little Lalafell up on a date with the beautiful Miqo'te woman.

At first, Thiji politely declined out of respect for J'hyan, but he insisted, and after a convincing argument from him and his companions, Thiji was finally swayed and happily accepted the offer. The following sun, he had reconvened that evening with Zeiyth, wearing his best robes. As they got to know each other, and exchanged gifts of mythril jewelry, Thiji pointed out that this was the first-ever Starlight Festival he has ever experienced, and that the snow fascinated him. What was more interesting was that Zeiyth noticed that Thiji was not as timid as he usually was when speaking with beautiful women -- perhaps because he was on something as important as a date.

It was thanks to this event, and Zeiyth's warm-heartedness, that Thiji was able to smile again. Furthermore, the little Lalafell had at last found himself a girlfriend (more or less) after a score of lonely winters. Their date went well, and ended with a soothing cuddle session within an inn room at the Quicksand (what follows after that is entirely up to the reader).

Housing Hijinks

In the wake of the Seventh Astral Era, Thiji's relations with the Adventure League had begun to grow, resulting in stronger bonds. However, when the Grand Companies issued out the order of opening their respective residential districts for adventurers to auction plots of land for their own ends, things began to change in a radical manner. This "housing boom" roused adventurers the world over to acquiring the necessary funds with which to buy their plots, which, at first, did not seem like such a big deal.

Thiji thought that this would be the perfect chance to pursue his dream of sharing his wealth with the people, and so he did his own part in aiding the Adventure League in acquiring their own home, for he had learned that their previous headquarters was taken from them in the Calamity. It was during this time in which TALE's longtime leader, Aveline Blue, resigned this position and passed the crown over to her second-in-command, Sha'ir Rikitiki Tavatiki. As his first order as Doyen, he required every member within the Adventure League to donate a set amount of gil per day (25,000) into their coffers so that they would eventually amass the money to buy a mansion.

The little Lalafell had his own plan of attack. But before he would commence, he had noticed that due to the fact that everyone was saving up to buy a house, there was very little activity going on in the markets, resulting in massive undercutting of goods and loss of potential profit. This mildly upset Thiji, but with perseverance, he would help his friends in any way possible. Utilizing his knowledge of weaving, goldsmithing, cooking, and alchemy he crafted in solitude within his own secret hiding place in Eorzea. This served several purposes: he would be able to fashion his wares with little to no distractions; he would be safe to craft without the competition figuring out what exactly he was making; and he would have the proper means to think on his next move.

Meanwhile, he ordered his maidservant Sesena Sena to acquire timeworn maps during her harvesting expeditions and delivered anything she found to the Adventure League via moogle mail. Her two sisters retreated back to Thiji's home area to find some help of their own.

The Solemn Tactician's Unveiling

After numerous suns slaving over looms, stoves, and alembics; after grueling hours carefully manipulating the market prices, Thiji Higuri had acquired an exceptional amount of gil from his efforts. Though he wishes he would have attained more, the markets were not as lenient. When he was spending so much time by himself in quietude -- with nothing but his faeries to keep him company -- he did not realize right away that the Adventure League was reaching a crunch period!

Several competing Free Companies were eyeing the plot of land that TALE wanted within the Goblet, Ul'dah's residential district. It was only a matter of time before they would see the plot occupied by another Free Company. However, that did not shake Lord Thiji. They were at least 10,000,000 gil short of the 100,000,000 large plot that they had their hopes of getting, and Thiji knew that it was time to unveil his strategy.

Using his personal linkpearl, he contacted Lady Tahrara and requested her and Hearer Hollow Thorn to meet him within the Sagolii Desert. Hours later, the night sky would give way to the rising sun. His quarry would finally arrive, meeting him out in the sands. Happy to see and hear him again, Tahrara gave him a friendly hug. After a dialogue between the three of them, his Eos faerie, Solabelle, appeared by his side and whispered something in his ear...

Seemingly pleased, Thiji beckoned the two ladies as he pointed to the horizon. Their timing could not have been better as they saw a chocobo pulling a wagon beneath the light of dawn. But that was not any regular chocobo. It was his trusted steed and companion, Glacius. He had sent Glacius with Sosona and Susuna to request the Higuri Regalia to offer some of their surplus funds to aid in the Adventure League's cause. Glacius endured the journey for nearly two suns and finally found himself reunited with Thiji.

Asking the ladies to brace themselves prior to opening the large mythril chest, he gave them a smile before doing so. A whopping five million gil was safely sitting inside! He split it between the two of them, asking for nothing in return, but Tahrara gave him another hug in excitement. Hollow Thorn nearly did the same. This reduced their goal to half, and after another sentimental exchange of words, they left Thiji to his own devices.

Not two suns later did TALE manage to obtain the remaining 5 million needed to buy their plot. Everyone was overjoyed by the news, but Thiji kept his cool. He celebrated in his own way: thinking on what to do next with his time. As everyone frantically placed furniture about the HQ, Thiji, in his generosity, had given his maidservants a much-needed vacation as a reward for their hard work. As they made the journey back home, he got himself accustomed to his new home -- one he could share with his fellow eccentrics in the Adventure League of Eorzea.

The Solitary Noble

After numerous trials and tribulations - and the past revisiting his mind countless times - Thiji has been struck with a seemingly perpetual state of melancholy. He had first been excommunicated from the Adventure League due to his callous actions (and almost summoning a frenzied harpy for his own selfish gains), which resulted in the loss of numerous friends' trust.

As time went on he had established a base of operations for himself and his maidservants in the Goblet, forming the Aldenard Branch of the Higuri Regalia. Here he would use his wealth to distribute helpful goods and supplies to the adventurers of the land at free and reduced prices, hoping to bring some stability to the market. This has earned him some much-needed praise, and was even smiled upon by those who still considered him a friend.

But tragedies continued to plague the Mythril Prince as he took Mamai Mai under his wing and eventually fell in love with her. Their relationship lasted for only less than a moon until they went on an expedition into Snowcloak to face the Lady of Frost known as Shiva - an elder primal said to have laid with a dragon, and was thus revered to as a savior of the Harriers - the group of heretics that blindly serve her and Ysyale, their leader. She succumbed to the Diamond Dust, but perished with a smile on her face, happy that she had been given a second chance at life thanks to Thiji, and that she was able to find love before passing on to the afterlife (Refer to Mamai Mai under the Friends & Family section for more details).

Moons later the noble came to a realization, and as events unfolded and escalated to the uprising in Ul'dah, he has become paranoid and overly cautious of whom his real friends are. Because of this, he spoke privately with several characters that played an integral role in his life in Eorzea (including the Lady of Amethyst, Tahrara Kivenera; her fiancee, the Hedge Knight, Dyne Ikapine, and the Hearer Hollow Thorn, as well as the Hyuran noble of House Fortemps, Lady Iieha Kiltias) and told them all that because of the events that have transpired, he can no longer see the light, and that Menphina and Nymeia have been tugging at the threads of his fate since he had been born.

He further informed them that he would seek the path of darkness to find his own purpose in Eorzea, and that he shuns The Lover and the Spinner both, taking his destiny into his own hands. He reassures himself of his confidence to master the darkness and use it to his own advantage thanks to the assistance of Puffy, a new "friend" of his he found within the World of Darkness. He accepted his loneliness and his sorrow, and vowed that he would change for the better by aiding others whenever possible, and for making amends with the people of the Adventure League.

Now armed with only his wits and his tried and true friend, Glacius, the lonely prince sets forth through the dark path before him as he ventures into the heavens, hoping to find out what he wants in this realm - or why he is even here.

History/Timeline (Heavensward)

Seeking and Taming the Dusk

During his time as a hermit, Thiji set up an oriental training dummy outside of his Headquarters, taking precautions to "close" the establishment for remodeling and restocking purposes. With a Doman weapon lent to him by his bodyguard Shiro (which was pretty much a simple Katana), he trained for bells on end, hacking and slashing repeatedly at the dummy to hone his skills.

However, his reclusiveness would be short-lived as there were talks of the unlikely finally happening - the Gates of Judgment - for the first time in over a millennia - have at last opened itself to the adventurers of Eorzea. Seeing this as an opportunity to find his path, Thiji wasted no time planning an expedition into Coerthas and sought out to Ishgard, where he would finally take up the greatsword and become a Dark Knight, putting aside the axe but maintaining his role as a defender. It was through this new discipline that the Mythril Prince would find his purpose for being in Eorzea.

His cunning and peerless skill with the blade -- piled with his personal training on the dummy (which has now been reduced to a stump at this point) -- allowed him to soar through the ranks and quickly learn the inner workings of the Dark Knight trade. Although he felt like an outcast, he felt closer to his goal with the darkness by his side. One day, however, when he would reach the peak of his abilities, his inner darkside awakened and fought the Mythril Prince in a one-on-one duel. With the memories of his past love interests and the Spinner and Lover both burning in his mind, Thiji retaliated relentlessly, using his full power to tame the darkness within, and after a grueling bell of struggle, he had overcome it.

Now having wrested control of himself again, his darkside had conceded to him, but knew that deep down he yearned to be set free -- both Thiji and his darkside. Should such a time come, he had suggested to Thiji that he should never be afraid to call on him, for their might is incredible when joined as one. The Mythril Prince now continues his journey into Coerthas and beyond to play his part in the Dragonsong War.

Unlikely Acquaintances & Old Wounds

With renewed vigor and a new hairstyle to boot, Thiji Higuri set out into the Coerthas Western Highlands. He was immediately drawn in by the vast and stark beauty of the snowy landscape before him as he showed off his Dark Knight abilities with the best of them. There were reports, however, of Harriers operating in the northern section of the highlands. Knowing of his past experiences with them, Thiji wasted no time to investigate on this matter.

As if the Wanderer's own will possessed him, Thiji charged onward with Glacius close behind as they saw an abandoned farmhouse known as the Gorgagne Holding. As he saw Harriers stationed around the outer perimeter of the area, visions of Mamai flooded back into his mind. This resulted in something within Thiji to snap, and wasted no effort in making sure that every Harrier foolish enough to cross his path met the bloodiest end imaginable.

He mutilated and maimed any Harrier that stood before him, regardless of gender. With little difficulty at all, he had breached the Holding and saw a soft glow from below... he had assumed the worst as he felt a familiar chill as he made his way down to the basement.

After opening the doors, he immediately slew the remaining Harriers within and saw before him a dragon shrine -- no doubt dedicated to the Dravanians that plagued Ishgard. But who he saw in front of it made him seethe with rage.

The one responsible for his downward spiral of sorrow, and the culprit behind his (supposedly) only love's death -- Ysayle, was before him after so many moons. He had wanted nothing more than to reciprocate the pain he felt onto her a thousandfold, but not before hearing her case about how the Dragonsong War even started.

After allowing her the ability to escape, however, what truly angered Thiji was the fact that he had to work together with Lady Iceheart if they were to have any leeway towards stopping Nidhogg's rage, even with the aid of the Azure Dragoon, Estinien Wyrmblood. The bit of reason within Thiji's mind allowed him to play along for now as they journeyed through Dravania...

A Prince Awoken

Tagging along with Alphinaud, Estinien, and Ysayle, Thiji had arrived in the Dravanian Forelands. There they would journey to Anyx Trine, a home for the dragons that guard the sacred Dravanian mountain known as Sohm Al.

Throughout their trek, they were ambushed by bipedal insectoids known as the Gnath. They had been plaguing the dragons recently due to the escalating war, and have even resorted to calling forth their own primal. In order to reach Sohm Al summit, their deity had to be slain if they were to have any hopes of continuing their quest.

Thiji reluctantly agreed to partake in Ysayle's plan to feign surrender in order to identify their god and ultimately slay him. Given Thiji's love of strategy, the plan went without a hitch, and they were taken deep within Loth ast Gnath into the summoning chamber. It was there that they met face-to-face with the Wrath of the Colony; the Lord of the Hive -- Ravana.

In a bid to sway the Gnath into ceasing their hostility, Ysyale challenged the fourfold master of the blade to battle. Once the terms had been set, she used the Gnath's own collected horde of crystals to invoke the powers of Saint Shiva and commenced combat with the savior of the Gnath. Thiji was revisited by images of his vengeful fight against the Lady of Frost, which enticed him into battle, but he also knew that it was foolish to challenge a primal in their own home territory.

After seeing Shiva becoming easily overpowered, he felt so disgusted by her shameful display that he wanted to spit into her face, but that would have to wait as Ravana immediately challenged the Mythril Prince, and left him for the arena in which the sacred rite of combat would take place: Thok ast Thok.

Gathering some fellow adventurers that were also trapped within the chamber, he led the charge and engaged Lord Ravana. As the fight progressed, Thiji was changing... it was not his darkside, but his inner lust for battle that had sparked during this conflict. After surviving a seemingly fatal blow by the Chandrahas blades, the Mythril Prince had awoken -- he began to fight like a demon possessed, proving that quality is indeed better than quantity.

After an impressing display of skill, he had overtaken Ravana, and secured his victory. In the aftermath of the conflict he scolded Ysayle on her incompetence and how she was no better than the other adventurers that have futilely threw themselves into the faces of primals and failed miserably, and that one day the entire realm will know of the man that will own the battlefield as he attains martial perfection -- The Mythril Prince, Thiji Sor Higuri.

The Regalia Ascends

While the Mythril Prince was becoming more and more skilled in the ways of the Dark Knight by the day, he was paid a visit by his closest friend -- one of the first he ever made since coming to Eorzea: the Hearer, Hollow Thorn.  Finding the solitary noble out atop a remote tower within Coerthas on the back of a spirit known as Bedlam, she had come to inform Thiji of something that she knew would grab his attention.

"Ysyale is dead.  The Garleans shot her out of the skies atop Abalathia's Spine." 

-Hollow Thorn

With this knowledge, it would seem that Thiji would feel happy that she was finally out of his life, but quite the contrary - he was even more upset over the notion of not being able to carry out the deed himself.  He mentioned, however, that he had gained some respect for Garlemald by ridding the world of one less primal - more importantly the one responsible for his inner turmoil.  And though Hollow Thorn wanted to agree with him, she knew that it was meant to be. 

After she had left him to get away from the cold, he spent an entire sennight thinking over everything that he had gone through in his life and adventuring career.  He realized that spending so much time being a reclusive mope over a simple solitary desire was completely unnecessary; all the negativity that he had experienced could have been avoided if he only saw this sooner.  Mamai wanted him to move on with his life, despite her being happy to have found love before she passed on.  Although Ysyale may have seemingly destroyed his one chance at happiness, she atoned for her transgressions in the final act; she wanted peace, but she sought it out in the wrong way.

The night after his epiphany he took Glacius out for a long ride around the Sea of Clouds, finding the highest island he could, for the full moon was shining down upon them, and he had wanted to beseech Menphina for an audience.  He had pointed out that the sole purpose of this ever-long wait to find his beloved was because it was a test of his resolve.  She nor Nymeia were never cruel to him to begin with; they were merely at work, searching for his princess.

With his trusted Chocobo and friend as his witness, he swore a solemn oath to Menphina that he would no longer give in to his inner demons and smile every day, doing what has been doing so since his arrival - aiding the people of Eorzea through the benevolent services of the Higuri Regalia, and to use his powers over darkness for the benefit of the realm.  He has at last let go of all of the negativity - all of the emotional and psychological turmoil, and his hatred towards his "nemesis."

Backed now with additional staff, and with some remodeling and restocking done, Thiji has once again opened the Higuri Regalia to the public, ready to do his part in the economic struggle by offering items at free and reduced prices as he assumes a new and improved moniker: The Mythrite Prince.

A Second Chance at a First Impression

Now with the events of the Dragonsong War dying down, the newly-crowned Mythrite Prince has taken great strides in aiding the land, including occasional giveaways of powerful Mythrite products and the occasional Moonlit Moggle Moglobe. Meanwhile, his Angels have begun full-scale operations throughout Aldenard, going on ventures and maintaining the Regalia's good name. Their recent efforts have allowed them to amass enough funds to completely remodel the Higuri Regalia's Aldenard Branch Headquarters' exterior, along with a few excess funds left over for additional indoor furnishings. Pleased of their work, Thiji gave every one of his maidservants a moon's vacation to spend as they please. During this moon, Thiji had begun his own efforts in being the first in Eorzean history to don a Goldsmith-exclusive set of gear known as the Gemmaster's attire. He had come across a few shortcomings along the way, giving the non-high quality items to his fellow merchant and friend Tahrara Kivenera for her brother to utilize instead of outright selling it.

Once a moon had passed, Thiji had decided to pay a visit to Saint Adama Landama's Lichyard in Eastern Thanalan, where his beloved Lady Mamai rested peacefully. He had seemingly been paying his respects to her all day before an unexpected friend arrived -- Hearer Hollow Thorn. Being summoned by Thiji's own Angels, the two had shared a very profound dialogue over everything that had transpired up until the present, touching back on key events such as his lover's death, Ysayle's atonement, and his own descent into darkness.

"I have let go of those feelings a long time ago; I do not want to lead a life that is wrought with hatred." -Thiji Higuri

Hollow Thorn was incredibly elated to hear those words from her best friend's lips, and that he was on the right path once more. But just as he believed his emotional rollercoaster to be finished, the news he next received merely extended the ride: his reapplication into the Adventure League has been accepted. Reluctantly, he would meet Hollow Thorn again in The Goblet at TALE HQ, where he would await his interview with several other officers -- but this time, it was Lady Tahrara herself conducting it, with Midge Momocha as a helper, and later, Dyne Ikapine.

After going through the usual questions as per the TALE norm, Thiji was occasionally hit with memories of the past, which threw him back into a state of mental seclusion. It had been nearly two whole cycles since he had been excommunicated, but that was more than enough time for both parties to rethink, heal, and eventually reconcile. But even despite understanding the gravitas of his actions, Thiji maintained silence whenever something distasteful was thrown at him in a verbal manner; this state of selective mutism is one of the many eccentricities of the Mythrite Prince's that often become the main reason as to why he is so misunderstood at times.

Because of his ostracism (or if preferred, his prolonged reclusive status), he did not disclose much to everyone at first, which caused them to worry for him. But even though Tahrara, Diyne, and Midge were more than willing to rekindle friendships with him, Thiji was still overwhelmed by his current feelings - piled with everything else that had transpired in the past. In spite of this, they reassured the reticent noble that he has companions to reach out to, which is what he wanted out of TALE to begin with: companionship.

Tahrara Kivenera had approved of his reapplication and happily reinstated him into the Adventure League as Hollow Thorn gave him a spare linkpearl, warmly welcoming him back home (though he had a few ice-related comments from several other members including the Doyen). Still unsure of it all, Thiji is nonetheless determined to prove that he has changed for the better, even if he must do so in silence.

A Knight for a Friend

Moons thus went by, and Thiji had begun to show lots of improvement in himself as he continued to aid the land with his peers. His attachment to Lady Tahrara had nigh dispersed; he considers the energetic Summoner Zeth as his brother; a librarian of Stillglade Fane, Riven Astralyas - a new addition to the Adventure League - shares his love for excellent literary works (namely Tahrara's), and he has even taken an interest in Midge Momocha, the Adventure League's resident shaman. In his free time he would privately train himself, ensuring that his martial prowess remains as keen as possible.

Though after a recent ambush from an unknown assailant outside of Higuri Regalia Headquarters - which he had easily thwarted with the use of his "demonic-like bladework" (as described by aforementioned assailant, who turned out to be his longtime friend Lazin simply conducting an experiment of sorts), he had pointed out that although he is incredibly skilled with two-handed weaponry, the use of the greatsword lacks finesse and fluidity, and was only meant for power and sheer force. As he conversed with the Shinobi, the Mythrite Prince informed him of his bodyguard, Shiro, telling him of a certain breed of warriors trained to combat people such as she. Lazin humored him and pointed out that the Samurai were what she was referring to. He had informed him of their code of honor, and their flowing movements with the Daikatana, a weapon not unlike the greatsword in terms of strength, but skill -- which Thiji knew all too well is what mattered in the field of battle. And thus he had set his path on mastering the way of the warrior - the code known as Bushido, and should such a time come, he will be the first to receive notice.

A sennight later, he was visited by his best friend Hollow Thorn, reminding Thiji of her second anniversary of when she became a Hearer, and he knew that that entailed lots of drinking, making merry, and everyone walking around in their undergarments. After all she had done for him, he was more than willing to join her and the Adventure League over at Hauteur Humiliations, the cafe that was established right outside of TALE Headquarters. As the cafe reached full capacity - and after Hollow Thorn explained the synopsis of the event - the ever-popular "Who Looks Good In A Subligar" contest went underway, and many a great entry was taken, including the Mythrite Prince himself. This indeed shocked everyone, for Thiji was not one to come out of his comfort zone very often.

As the competition wound down, however, an unexpected entrant arrived to the scene - the mysterious shroud spirit known as Bedlam Route revealed himself to everyone. At first it seemed like nothing too serious, but the spirit began to seduce the Hearer with sweet words and suggestive gestures. It was at this point that Thiji immediately knew what was going to happen, and distanced himself from the rest of the party. Thoughts of his tender moments with Mamai began pouring into his mind as Bedlam and Hollow's conversation continued, but what happened next would change the Mythrite Prince forever.

Desperately wanting to be near him, Hollow Thorn had vied to accompany him on his journies, but Bedlam rejected her plea, telling her coldly that "The wind cannot be tamed by anyone" before vanishing from the area, leaving her distraught and heartbroken. At the same time, he had felt such incredible anger from what had occurred, combined with his memories of his only love dying in his arms, but then he found a well-hidden path to take - one that he knew was the right thing to do.

It seemed as though he was not listening at all, and after everyone said their goodbyes (and almost bringing Midge and - surprisingly - Valin Todarin home with him), he gathered his thoughts once more and reflected on everything that has happened up to this point. It was thanks to Hollow Thorn that he was given a second chance at being part of the Adventure League; he taught him to smile, and to find his own "love", which he had found on the battlefield. As the first and best friend he had ever made since coming to Eorzea, it was time for him to lift her spirits, and after a long silence, he turned on his linkpearl and comforted Hollow Thorn, stating that he will do everything in his power to keep her and, to a greater extent, the Adventure League, smiling. He has made more friends than he realized, and vowed to be Hollow Thorn's knight - even if the entire realm of Hydaelyn were pitted against her.

In his heart and mind he finally knew that this is what Mamai Mai wanted for him - to live the life she was not given the opportunity to; to make the best out of each day in her name, and to be a pillar of strength for those whom had lost the will to do so themselves - to be their sword and their shield in times of hardship. Everything he had learned up to this point had come full circle now, and he will do all that he can to keep his friends from suffering overlong, for the last thing he would ever wish on anyone - even the late Ysayle - would be to endure the pain he once did.

From Royalty to Divinity

Now that events have died down in regards to the Bedlam incident at Hauteur Humiliations, Thiji Higuri has found sufficient time to rest and relax while bolstering the influence of his Mythril/Mythrite empire. He has grown so successful that he has attracted the services of a new Angel in Yuanji Yuji, a Doman Dunesfolk. What would happen later, however, would change things immensely.

The generosity of the Mythrite Prince and the Regalia as a whole attracted a Free Company of freelancers known as the Nebulous Sabotenders, led by Navei Asue. It was moons ago that Thiji's Angels noticed them as next door neighbors in the Goblet, and during their time prior to their move, they would give the young prince praise and adoration every time he so much as left his estate. Nebulous claims that they have been around since before the Seventh Umbral Era, but they had just recently heard of the Higuri Regalia. He would be visited by regulars such as Bahati Pashto, a Seeker Miqo'te and wife of Lior Aras, an ex-Gladiator Midlander; Haila Wetyios, a Xaela Au Ra female adept in the Summoning arts; Kaim Kralj, a formidable Miqo'te Dragoon who seeks to resurrect the Allagan warrior-caste of Onion Knights, and Amadiaux Begnaud, an accomplished Duskwight Elezen miner.

Their admiration for the Mythrite Prince has reached to such a point that they revere him as some sort of deity. There are certain points in time where they even dedicate entire days to expressing their thanks to the young Dunesfolk and exploring for hidden treasure around Eorzea in his name. Humbled by Nebulous' praise, Thiji and his philanthropic ways have earned him a powerful ally. They had just recently moved to another ward somewhere within the Goblet, but they still make an effort to visit the Headquarters of the Regalia whenever possible, so that they may bask in the icy blue radiance of the Mythrite Prince once more. Now if only they could all control their raging addiction to the Fantasia potion...

A Flame Born from Frost

Working together with his newfound allies and Angels, Thiji Higuri was able to make a good name for himself by using his wealth to give back to Eorzea through item giveaways and advertisements for the Regalia. Unfortunately, however, something was looming over the Mythrite Prince's head like a cloud... it was the return and revival of his most hated holiday -- Valentione's Day, where the noble house of Valentione reaches out to adventurers and citizens alike to spread good tidings of joy and love. For obvious reasons, Thiji was very despondent in even participating in the event, in which this time fortune telling via tarot cards was used to divine a couple's fate (Though in one particular drawing he had learned that he was destined for a life of wealth beyond his wildest dreams, but that did not come as much of a surprise for him).

He had spent a majority of the holiday moping around HR Headquarters as usual, icily scolding anyone insensitive enough to tease or demean him. This, of course, led to the concern of Head Secretary Sesena Sena and her fellow Angels, wondering what they could do to aid their downtrodden lord. Advisor Yuanji Yuji asked around TALE Headquarters for any events they had planned for the holiday, and after a heartfelt talk with the Mythrite Prince, she had managed to persuade him to attend their event hosted in the Goblet -- a blind date raffle.

With a clear mind, Thiji put on his best clothes and made his way to the Adventure League's abode, where they had already begun to kick things off downstairs in their basement/bar. Being led in by his best friend Hollow Thorn, he immediately joined the fold and awaited his match... after a few moments, he would be paired up with Claus Bell, a Highlander Hyur. In the background was a disappointed Valin Todarin regretting not being chosen as the Mythrite Prince's date, having instead been paired with the MC, Cole Taylor. Knowing it to be folly as to question random draw, Thiji complied and began to break the ice with his partner.

The night went on and everyone would get to know one another - Thiji highlighted his efforts to create a world without poverty, and to give back to the people of Eorzea after so many had suffered from the Calamity, for he deemed it was "not fair for him to sit in luxury as a result of the world's destruction." Eventually it would come to a point where Cole would begin asking questions that the "players" had to answer to their dates. Though Thiji was reluctant to answer some (such as who in TALE he thinks has the nicest-looking posterior), he had started to get mildly annoyed by certain others or the answers thereof (most of TALE thought that the Mythrite Prince and Valin Todarin would make an excellent couple).

Having no qualms towards same-sex relationships, Thiji had begun to express his annoyance over the linkshell implying that everyone was attempting to shift his sexuality after being single for so many winters, which slowly ate away at him as the night continued. After showing a considerable amount of restraint, however, he persevered and went through the night without having to chide anybody. After what transpired on that Valentione's Eve (and nearly dodging a photo shoot to inform his Angels via linkpearl to prepare an Arquebus), the Mythrite Prince had begun to believe that it was all staged to be a trap, but he was thanked by regulars such as Dyne Ikapine and Missy Solara for actually coming out and (or at least attempting to) enjoying himself.

However, he was still plenty frustrated, and decided to take his anger out on crushing the Maelstrom and Order of the Twin Adder in the Frontline for about a bell. A few decisive victories later, Thiji received a "private" call on the linkpearl from Etone Greennote, whom had apologized to him earlier that evening for his planned associate not arriving on time. After being asked to return to TALE HQ, he reluctantly accepted after taking a moment to feed Glacius. Upon arrival, Etone escorted him inside and into his private chambers, where what he had witnessed next was truly unexpected...

The lights were dimmed, and in the center was a magnificently prepared feast of meatcakes, kaiser rolls, fine wines and morel salads. His date, however, was an old friend he had met in the not-so-distant past -- Nanago Nago. She had visited his mansion several times over the last winter, and upon knowing that this young lady was Etone's ace in the hole, he was very shocked yet relieved that someone wasn't trying to "convert" him.

Admiring and taking in the atmosphere (complete with Etone providing music and singing accompaniment), he and Nanago would take their seats and their date would commence. It would go well for the first few minutes as they exchanged small stories and keeping up to date with people and events, but as their conversation went on, Thiji had sensed something wrong about Nanago... she was not as positive and cheerful as she was when they initially met. Nanago began telling him how she studied the ways of the stars and cards, seeing how fate worked... at first Thiji didn't question her motives behind it, until she approached him.

Revealing a small parchment from her person, Thiji inspected it and saw an old advertisement for the Higuri Regalia when he was little (...er). As he attempted to piece things together, Nanago explained to him how she was born into nobility as well -- even going so far as to call herself a spoiled brat. She was always promised things she could not have by her father, until one day she had asked for a Prince. Her father would oblige her by sending letters to the Regalia, only to find out after countless moons of arduous waiting that nothing ever came back because her father never sent any letters to begin with. Then the Calamity would rear its ugly head and destroy everything she cherished -- her noble status especially. With nowhere left to go and no one to turn to, she turned to a Miqo'te named N'Talyn Aliowne to learn the ways of the con artist to steal and lie her way back to the top.

With nervous, quivered breaths, Nanago continued and informed Thiji that her goal was to find and marry the Mythrite Prince as a means to bring her back to her noble status and not out of love. This was a secret kept only by her and his Head Secretary, whom had become close to each other after several encounters on the field. Fearing the worst, Nanago lowered her head and made her way back to her seat before Thiji would begin empathizing with Nanago, sharing his story of how he did something similar to an old friend and former crush of his (See Pre/Mid/Post Calamity for more information).

At this point Thiji felt his heart sink as he shed a single tear, completely unsure if love was even worth the trouble anymore, emphasizing about his wayward romantic life and the many misfortunes he's had to endure up to this point, and how much longer still he would have to wait before Menphina would finally find him an honest love, and shared with everyone his romantic dream of becoming a sorceress' knight in honor of a play he frequents. Reaching further into the truths behind dreams, Nanago approached the Mythrite Prince once more and utilized the powers of Astrology to divine their fate, per Thiji's permission. Casting their future into the winds of fate, she would draw an arcanum from her deck, and what she saw made her blush bright red...

She had placed the card on the table in plain view for Thiji as she once again retreated to the opposite end of the table. The room was silent for a few short moments before Thiji had finished analyzing the card -- it depicted a mighty weapon being frozen over by the silvery light of the moon; it was The Spear. Thoughts began to race through Thiji's mind as he discerned the meaning behind this card -- he had always praised the Fury for keeping him close and had never led him astray in the darkest of times. But seeing this card before him -- and Menphina working in tandem with Her older sister -- he had discovered that he was truly blessed by Halone, for She even cooperated with the Lover to move heaven and earth to bring Nanago to him...

Nanago was silent, but Etone intervened at an impeccable time, urging him to give this a chance. Money was no longer a factor, for it would yield only a shallow relationship. Without an audible response, Thiji would approach her this time and take her hand in his, calmly and genuinely forgiving Nanago for her intentions before sealing it with a gentle kiss to her palm. She did not say anything, but he would escort her to her room after expressing their deepest thanks to Etone for setting up the private date. After saying their farewells for the evening, Thiji was finally by himself, exiting TALE Headquarters before gazing at The Spear once more, gathering his thoughts...

He had endured so much pain all his life; he had suffered constantly over time, trying to hide it all behind a smile; he had given up countless times on even trying to mend his broken heart. He had loved and lost, and even futilely pursued those whose hearts were already spoken for. He fell into darkness just for comfort from his turmoil, and became a recluse to everyone he cared for. He sacrificed his own personal happiness just to see others smile instead, knowing that it hurt him inside seeing so many happy couples laughing and enjoying themselves, and never asked for anything in return for his services. All this he had lived through for over a score of winters filled with solitude where his only friend was his Chocobo, Glacius... but now, after so much has transpired, he can lift his head high, for he is adamantly faithful in Halone knowing that he is always in Her schemes. A fire has sparked in their hearts - a flame given life through the Goddesses of ice.

The Mythrite Prince had at last found his Princess.

Trifectas of Fortune

With the realm constantly changing, the Mythrite Prince has decided for him and the Regalia to take action. Now that he has found a love interest in Nanago his resolve has boosted tenfold to reach new heights of power and wealth. After a grueling sennight of gathering, he had attained the proper materials (with the help of the extortionist Rowena and her "House of Splendors") and was granted the Tetrabiblos - an ancient set of four tomes (bound into one for the sake of simplicity) that teach about the philosophy and practice of Astrology. This intrigued Thiji greatly as Nanago had a fascination of stars and celestial bodies. Capitalizing on this, Sesena summoned Nanago over to Headquarters to see the tome for herself.

She was utterly astounded by the tome, going so far as to stress her lord to be careful when using it, which he then promised. Offering the Tetrabiblos to her per her request, she flipped around until she came to an empty binding page, and as an unexpected move, kissed the page, causing Thiji to nearly collapse in total shock. This was originally intended for luck, but unbeknownst to her was that the Tetrabiblos was an Anima Weapon - a living, breathing entity in the form of arms. Practically a part of him at this point, Nanago's gesture embedded her feelings for Thiji inside the tome, resulting in a constant loving embrace whenever he would equip it. In other words, the "pang" he felt was not of pain - Nanago had kissed Thiji's very soul and those feelings keep him serene, which works incredibly to his advantage, as Thiji thinks best when he is collected.

Meanwhile, the Angels have discovered yet another byproduct of Mythril from an unprecedented source: Sesena was out practicing her shooting skills with her younger sister Sosona out in Bloodshore, where they found a Plainsfolk Lalafell woman named Meriri Meri, whom they saw riding by on Chocoboback, firing arrows at a band of pursuing Kobolds. At first they would rush to aid her, but her skilled use of the bow was plenty proof that she had it all taken care of. Ever seeking to expand her group, Sesena took the initiative to confront her and inquire of the event that just transpired. After introducing herself, Meriri explained that the Kobolds were after her for making off with an abundance of an ore known as Lumythrite and Eikon Mythrite, which was, as she put it, "Mythrite ore that the otherworldly creatures spit all over!". Without hesitation, she was offered an audience with the soon-to-be Lumythrite Prince and demonstrated the ore's capabilities. Utterly pleased by this discovery, Thiji had welcomed Meriri Meri into the fold with a smile, earning her a spot amongst his Angels.

As a result of her fealty, Thiji's twin brother Horu decided that he had served his brother faithfully and returned home on happy terms to manage things with his wife and Celuwen. His parting gift to his dear brother was a fortified pugil stick made entirely of Mythrite, which awakened hidden strength Thiji believed he had casted away a long time ago. It would seem that Halone had blessed Her faithful twofold: not only a blossoming relationship in Nanago, but a new opportunity to tighten his grip in the Mythril market. However, now with several other challenges ahead - the Hall of the Novice to educate new and aspiring adventures in going down the proper path; The Feast to make a name for himself amongst his peers on the field of battle; whatever the hell is laying dormant inside of the Flagship in Azys Lla, for starters - Thiji and his Angels will be busier than ever for the moons to follow.

His Romantic Dream

With the continual discovery and development of new and improved items, the Regalia's profits skyrocketed in a matter of suns. With this massive financial momentum, it was time for the Mythrite Prince to make his move. As the Little Ladies' festival continued on, he trained by himself in secrecy whenever he was able, making sure no one caught on to his motives until the time was right.

During a calm picnic/date with Nanago Nago in the Churning Mists, he told her about his "secret life" posing as the mysterious North Wind and how his actions influenced a good number of the Adventure League's members. She laughed at first due to her jokingly asking about him being a "caped crusader" in the past (more like masked crusader, anyway) but humored her nonetheless. When night fell and the clouds dispersed to reveal the night sky, he was given a rudimentary lesson from her about the Spire's Gate and the Spear's Gate, as per her Astrologian training. She said that the Spear's Gate was always nearby the Spire's, which was symbolic to their blossoming relationship. To Thiji, however, this meant a great deal to him, and would only serve to further his ambitions.

Remembering about the "civilized form of combat" known as Frontline, and rumors spreading like wildfire about a new arena of conflict known as The Feast on the horizon, Thiji took this time to hone his skills - by crushing any and all opposition within the Allagan ruin-littered island known as Seal Rock. He would participate in this campaign for a full sennight whilst training in between times of peace. When the time for the reveal would come, he was asked by Nanago to divulge the details of a play he mentioned in the past. He was reluctant at first, asking her to give him time, which prompted her to declare that the two of them should conduct another date, much to the Angels' excitement.

During their conversation, however, Thiji noticed something strange happening to the night sky: stars were twinkling in the direction of the Coerthas Western Highlands as if trying to lead them there. He went ahead to investigate and awaited for Nanago to catch up, but when she arrived at the Ninth Vare in western Coerthas, she saw no sign of her Prince - there was only a figure amidst the blizzard, standing solitarily atop the tower wearing ornate plate armor. The armored figure would hold Nanago in his free arm (he had a Mythrite Pugil Stick in his right arm at the time) and silently gaze upon her. Startled at first by the sudden action, she knew it was Thiji, and slowly removed his helmet to reveal him, uttering that "Her Knight has arrived."

Winters ago he hung up his lance (see "Rumors" for further information) and vowed never to embrace the Dragoon's way of life again, but with Nanago coming into his life, he had been given the inspiration needed to fulfill his romantic dream: to become a Sorceress' Knight. Overwhelmed by joy, Nanago had told him how she was all alone in the world before Thiji came, and made her own vow to become the Sorceress worthy of his protection before saying their farewells to retire for the eve. He was elated to have been accepted by Nanago to be her Knight, and thus his dream would come true: an opulent master of gemcraft, and now a stalwart protector for a beautiful Astrologian.

The Coming Storm

With his dream realized, the Mythrite Prince seemed content with the current direction his life is going. With renewed skill with the lance, a lady to fight for, and his ever-supportive cadre of Lalafellin maidservants, Thiji Higuri was prospering. At certain points, however, he would be confronted as to precisely why he was so... jovial. With an uncanny display of deception, as if acting out for a play, Thiji and his Angels were able to ward off any curiosities his friends may have had -- all to build suspense for when he would finally reveal that he - the Ice Prince - found love after so long.

Deciding to pay a visit to TALE Headquarters to show off his latest costume in remembrance of a "Feudal Fairytale," Thiji discovered his best friend Hollow Thorn with the nature spirit Bedlam Route, along with several of their friends, sitting around the fireplace in the basement of their Headquarters (with annoying Hatching-Tide music being played from the Orchestrion several meters away). What he had heard next would bring great joy to the Prince -- Hollow Thorn became betrothed to Bedlam, much to everyone's surprise. But what brought him great joy also caused great sorrow. As the overwhelmed Roegadyn was choking back tears of joy from all the excitement, mixed feelings of envy, grief, and concern swirled in Thiji's mind. He was happy for his best friend to finally fall in love, but he had also grown envious of her finding it before he did. This would mean he would most likely be invited to their Eternal Bonding ceremony, which he has only ever attended once - for his brother, although the experience brought great pain to his heart.

Days later Hollow Thorn would find that her keys to the Regalia Headquarters had been made off with. The ensuing conversation led to Nanago Nago being the culprit, which would result in the Hellsguard being ousted - albeit involuntarily - from the Regalia. She continually accused her of being the same conniving shrew of a woman she had been since N'talyn took her under her wing, and warned Thiji to keep a mindful eye on his valuable possessions. Despite this, he knew she had changed and saw through Nanago's bluff of "Sosona letting her in." Fortunately for Hollow Thorn, however, she was able to seek shelter within a hidden series of tunnels created by her husband-to-be, though he would miss her company dearly, even after offering another set of keys for her, which she politely refused.

After nearly a sennight of divining the heavens, Nanago brought news to her knight about a "coming tempest," a great storm that was fast approaching. They had no clue as to what it could mean, but Nanago was determined as ever to piece the puzzle together. In the meantime, Thiji would continue honing his skills, assuring he stays wary for the trials that may come...

Compression Confessions

The Hatching-Tide had finally come to an end. During the several sennights after Jihli Aliapoh's antics had passed (which include Thiji's 23rd Nameday celebration, where he shared some well-deserved alone time with his sorceress), Thiji had spent much of his time honing his skills in The Feast, aiming to make his mark not only as a Master Goldsmith, but as a venerable combatant. Nanago, on the other hand, had spent an immense amount of her own time analyzing star charts - new or old - gathered through her own efforts or with the aid of Thiji's Angels, seeking the meaning behind a Forbidden Gate. After uncovering all she could, she hurried to the Regalia's headquarters.

From the numerous conversations he had with the Adventure League and his best friend alike, his many winters knowing only loneliness, and the exceptional acting of feigning said loneliness, she had fashioned a special star globe for Thiji as he would arrive. Once he reached the Purification Module, Nanago had halted him, explaining to her knight that she had studied his prince carefully, and was able to unearth the mystery behind the "Tempest" she had kept divining from the stars. His Angels circled around her, giving off concerned looks and murmurs, and the air would feel uneasy as Thiji threw caution to the wind and approached her.

The Sorceress created a large barrier that filled the entire mansion from within, and everything suddenly went still - his Angels charged Nanago in alarm, weapons drawn, and Nanago was stuck in her pose, levitating several ilms off the ground with outstretched arms... Thiji was alone. Whenever he spoke, the words echoed in reverse, and it was deathly silent for a few moments until he heard a familiar voice - his own.

Stepping out from his own body was a sparkling, astral doppelganger of Thiji, but this one was different - he was everything the old Thiji was - arrogant, quick to belittle others, but most importantly, he was cold. It was these very traits that immediately led Thiji to the conclusion that not only did Nanago activate a special type of magic known as Time Compression, but that this had also caused what little remains of solitude in his heart to emerge and take form!

Thiji's doppelganger barraged him with taunts of how Nanago was just another person that would end up either betraying him for someone much more inferior, or dying off to forces beyond his control, but also reminding him of the "glory days" of being the Ice Prince - the young noble who built his own kingdom of solitude through the suffering he had endured throughout his life. He warned that they will both be melted should he continue down this false path, but Thiji fought back with his own remarks of how him finding love inspired him to take up the lance once more, and to seek out dependable friends and allies.

The doppelganger attempted to strike in anger, continuously berating him to make him "see," emphasizing on how much better off Thiji was in solitude, thinking his Angels were only good for running his business, and Midge Momocha was only good for sating his libido. Sustaining several wounds to his right shoulder and a rib on both sides, Thiji's doppelganger was a voodoo doll, but his superior skill and training assured him of winning the bout, but at a cost -the first Spear card given to him by Nanago from their Valentione's Day date was pierced by the "Anti-Thiji", but this would in turn result in the doppelganger being summarily crushed by Thiji's variation of the most powerful Dragoon technique - the Dragonsong Dive (A blue-white aetherial owl took the place of the dragon most other normal Dragoons conjure).

After shattering into millions of ice crystals, the sliver of solitude sunk back into Thiji's frozen heart, reminding him that he will never be rid of what he once was - but Thiji embraced that fact, for he had already made his decision. Ignoring his wounds for now, he focused on how to remove the Time Compression effect and remembered of his astrological tome - the Tetrabiblos. Flipping to the binding page Nanago had kissed a couple moons ago, he used her embrace combined with his knowledge of the stars to reverse the effect, causing the barrier to crack and eventually shatter; his Angels fell to the floor in confusion as Nanago collapsed, screaming in pain.

Rushing to her side, Nanago had revealed that the Forbidden Gate she had opened was devastating her from the inside coupled with temporal displacement from the Time Compression which caused her to fade in and out of existence. Although his healing on its own was highly potent, the flickering pain still lingered, but at a much lesser severity. Head Secretary Sesena Sena quickly suggested her lord to summon his trusted Eos faerie, Solabelle, and immediately knew what she had in mind...

Bringing the Dawn's Host out in seconds, she already knew what was going to occur, and had already forgiven him as she gave off her Fey Illumination to amplify his healing abilities. Thiji deconstructed her body to an aetherial level and absorbed her essence to enhance his mending threefold, which was more than enough to ease Nanago's pain, though she would have intermittent aftershocks as a result from her spell for a considerable amount of time.

Despite the displacement effect and a Forbidden Gate she had opened debilitating her and preventing her from casting any spells, Nanago was nevertheless happy to see her knight had passed his trial. She stated that no matter what he is in life or whatever he chooses to call himself, that he would be happy whenever he was in her arms, for the Mythrite Prince had sworn his heart to his princess, and seeks to make her his Sultana someday soon.

From Ice Prince, Duke of Disdain, and Lord of Solitude, to Mythrite Prince and eventually Mythrite Sultan, it was time for Thiji to finally step into a realm unknown to him for the first time - true love.

Hollow Thorn's Masterstroke

Several moons (and several dates) passed and Thiji's relationship with Nanago intensified. One evening Thiji rose from his bed, completely entranced by the sound of a voice calling his name. He had "sleepwalked" all throughout the Goblet, to the Adventure League's Headquarters... The following morning, his Angels were murmuring amongst themselves in alarm, wondering where their lord had gone, frantically asking Nanago for his whereabouts. To her surprise, she found him resting in her chambers! Without another word, Nanago turned off the linkpearl and told the Angels she'd return in a while (What happens next is up to the reader's discretion).

Waking up from his slumber after whispering Nanago's name, he found himself in her personal chambers, telling her that he was led by a voice - her voice. It was then that the Tetrabiblos resonated with power, knowing that whenever he held it, he felt Nanago's embrace within his soul. Remembering the last time she imparted a piece of herself within the tome, she took it once more and made a more permanent addition to it - a heart-shaped sign with the letters "NN" and "TH" separated by a horizontal line, "etching" Nanago's name onto his soul, which would in turn give Thiji another intense reaction.

Without any second thoughts, he took Nanago in his arms and offered her to be his Sultana - to marry him, to which she immediately said "yes," spouting numerous other promises to him as well. Delighted, the two celebrated for several weeks, spending so much time together that they were already practically together. However, there were several points in time where Hollow Thorn, Thiji's best and closest of friends, taunted and teased Nanago every chance she got, setting off the sorceress' short fuse. It was after a night of much deliberation (and a dip in the indoor springs) that Nanago surmised she was being goaded into revealing the truth to Hollow Thorn in a fit of rage. Not allowing her to win, she asked for Thiji to say so instead, which he accepted, but also thought it fair to finally let the secret out after so long.

Seeking to meet with Hollow Thorn in her private chambers, Thiji sat down with her and an unexpected guest - Etone Greennote. Getting straight to the point, Thiji told his friend that he and Etone had been working in tandem to keep his and Nanago's relationship under wraps, but Thiji was surprised to learn that Hollow Thorn had counted on this to happen. She intentionally left her keys for Nanago to "pilfer," and gave her such a hard time so as to test her, that she would not crack so easily when under pressure. This shocked the Mythrite Sultan-to-be considerably, but he was nevertheless glad to know Hollow Thorn had supported him every step of the way, and was completely ecstatic to hear news of him getting married soon.

Hollow Thorn had also mentioned that she was intending on performing something that may result in the loss of her own love, the nature spirit, Bedlam, though she was vague in her explanation. The hints of his best friend attempting to do something "out of her character" notwithstanding, it was now time for Thiji to begin preparations for his -- and Nanago's -- fated day.

A Prince No More

As the suns went by Thiji and his wife-to-be Nanago had begun preparations for their grandiose ceremony - where the Higuri Regalia and the Spear & Spire would join together. However, one of their most daunting tasks was to make a pilgrimage throughout Eorzea, beseeching each of the Twelve to bless them and the rings masterfully crafted by the Mythrite Prince. They began without hesitation, visiting the various locales and providing their own ways of giving thanks (for Nanago's case), as well as mending old wounds (for Thiji's). When the final leg of their journey took them to Coerthas, where they was tasked to beseech Halone and Menphina, Thiji faltered, but was warmly reassured by Nanago...

"First we will seek your worst enemy... then, you claim your victory." -Nanago Nago

He had given a long speech to the Lover as he prayed before Her altar, reminiscing the times he had cursed her so, blaming his misfortunes and shortcomings solely on Her and Nymeia. But from a complete twist of fate, he thanked the Lover for working with her sister - whom despises her - to bring Nanago's star together with Thiji's. With renewed vigor, Thiji donned his knightly attire and stormed down the Central Highlands atop Glacius, finally making their way to the Fury's Gaze, where Nanago gave thanks to Her personally for giving her beloved the strength and resolve he needed, and where they shared a passionate kiss beneath Halone's vigil.

With the pilgrimage complete the two reconvened at the Sanctum of the Twelve to begin preparations for their ceremony, which they had set to take place on the 3rd Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon (June 6th, 2016). They waited patiently, making their own personal plans to make the ceremony as magnificent as possible. Thiji, wasting no time at all, began fitting himself for his new outfit, while Shiro, his bodyguard, was hired personally by Nanago to help her with makeup prior to the wedding.

As the days counted down, the Mythrite Prince became more and more focused. He took himself far back into his past, recollecting his myriad moments - from his incident with Shishira to his coming to Eorzea; from the North Wind fiasco to his persistent yet vain pursuits... to his loss of Mamai. All his memories flowed like a river, but he accepted what had transpired. The past is where it belongs, and he cannot change it, no matter what. After realizing this, Thiji made his way to the Sanctum once more, on the day of the wedding, standing below the archway leading to the Ivory Chapel, gazing upon its outer splendor with no one by his side but his trusted companion, Glacius, and family pet and mascot, the Snow Owl, Nyra. He would remain there for several bells until the Chapel would finally open its doors to welcome him, Nanago, and their invited guests.

Everyone he had ever known and befriended - from his worshippers of the Nebulous Sabotenders to the small yet mighty Company of Fireborn, they had all gathered to witness the Prince's ceremony. His Angels would be the bridesmaids and his brother Horu, the Best Man. In his respective dressing room, Thiji began the final preparations for his outfit, and once prepared, he proceeded to the Ivory Chapel with his beloved, Nanago Nago. After an exchange of heartwarming vows from both parties, a few silly words of encouragement from the choir moogle officiating the ceremony, and a sudden blitz for the altar in an explosion of magical effects, Thiji Higuri and Nanago Nago had become joined with a kiss blessed by the Twelve themselves...

Now, he is a Prince no more. As of this night, Thiji Sor Higuri leaves the Sanctum of the Twelve... The Mythrite Sultan.

(The link in the chapter's name goes into future detail regarding Thiji finally letting go of and giving closure to his past.)

A Magnate, A Matron, A Monastic

A wonderful honeymoon awaited the newlywed couple of Thiji Higuri and Nanago Nago. The love they share resounded throughout the realm as they visited the various regions of Eorzea, and even beyond. From dinners in the Bismarck in Limsa Lominsa to peaceful rides through the Sea of Jade, the Mythrite Sultan and his Sultana spent an entire moon of blissful romance and tranquility. With the Dravanian Horde's return, however, Thiji was forced to curtail his honeymoon whilst Nanago stayed behind to enjoy the remainder of her vacation. With the assistance of his Angels, they were able to successfully push back the Horde from the Steps of Faith and summarily bring an end to the Dragonsong War. With such a conflict out of the way, and the acquisition of his latest tome known as the Word of the Magnate, nothing was going to stop the Mythrite Sultan from achieving massive profit.

His Modus Operandi was made clear: to utilize the Regalia's resources to augment and increase the credibility of the Spear & Spire, Nanago Nago's company that is focused primarily on divination. After a series of discussions and meetings, Thiji and his Angels have agreed to work towards establishing a headquarters of her own. In the meantime, she would be given a presence in the Aldenard Branch Headquarters as a start to her empire. In the midst of all their various events, however, more obstacles would come to a head.

Recent dealings with the Adventure League had resulted in the demise of one of its members - Millicent Storm - while news of Midge Momocha, a regular of TALE, had just given birth to a child she had named Lilice Lice (to maintain the Vilekin theme in her family). Meanwhile, a Sharlayan treasure of old legend has been pilfered by a mysterious thief known as the "Black Coeurl." With innate knowledge of the item in question - "Thaliak's Ewer" - Thiji would work together with the Adventure League's own librarian of Stillglade Fane, Riven Pendragon, to unravel the mystery behind the Ewer and to find the culprit responsible. Thus far they have managed to find one out of the five pieces that make the Ewer - a pendant capable of providing the wearer nigh limitless aether without worry of exhaustion.

Meanwhile, Thiji had recalled his honeymoon with Nanago, and remembered spectating a brawl that broke out in which his wife was very fascinated. In a small fit of jealousy, he consulted the aid of an old friend and retainer of his - a Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te named N'ora - to train in the ways of the fist and became a Monk. He kept it a secret for a good moon before his wife found him one evening after returning home from training with Glacius. Although initially worried at what Nanago might think, he would find himself to be encouraged by her to continue mastering the art, thus renewing his resolve.

Lastly, along with the happenings around the realm, Nanago noticed bales of hay in their bed chambers one eve. Upon inspecting it she would find herself harried by Nyra, Mythril Owl of Nald'Thal. This aberrant behavior puzzled Thiji, and further investigation of the matter revealed something incredible - an egg. A progeny of Nyra herself was being born. Rejecting the aid of the Doman Angels Yuanji Yuji and Shiro Reina, the snow owl placed her trust only on Nanago to care for her unborn progeny, to which Thiji accepted. This marked a new era for the Regalia, and solidified the ties between the two companies.

A Force Unseen

Unbeknownst to most, however, the Mythrite Sultan went into retirement about a moon later, hanging up his mantle of adventurer to focus all his efforts in running the Regalia as its new leader. He had returned back home to his family for a good three moons, spending some well-deserved rest and relaxation from the day-to-day struggles within Eorzea. Though the longer he stayed back, the more he was missed by his friends and even his Angels - including his wife Nanago whom now has an owlet named Prince Taran, the progeny mysteriously laid by Lady Nyra, the Regalia's cherished pet and mascot.

The troubles of the land, combined with the negativity he had received from a good portion of the general populace (which mainly consisted of gripes and complaints from rabble-rousers or otherwise incompetent adventurers), put the young Sultan in a state of doubt and depression for a time. It took some coaxing from his closest friends and even Sesena Sena to rouse him back into the marketing game. Though he is a merchant by trade, he is still an adventurer, and after an incredible surge of confidence as if Halone Herself was by his side, Thiji would return to Eorzea with newfound resolve, drive, and a positive attitude needed to break through the shrouds of negativity that will inevitably follow.

Some extra hands have also joined him. From Ishgard, a chirurgeon by the name of Sarielle Emeraude had sworn loyalty to the Regalia after assisting Thiji's Angels in the defense of the Steps of Faith, making her the newest member of Head Secretary Sesena Sena's team and first-ever dedicated healer. Another person of note is a tall Xaela Au Ra male known as Rhaegos. He sports the moniker 'The God' and was eager to join in Thiji's efforts, making him his "Royal Vizier," answerable only to Thiji & Nanago. As a reward for his fealty, he was granted his own personal quarters within Regalia HQ and now lives happily with his new team.

Quickly learning the latest trends he had missed, the Higuri Regalia wasted no time whatsoever getting themselves back up to speed - from creating the newest fashion sets to adorning themselves in new gear. As quoted by Hollow Thorn, the Regalia is "returning like a force unseen!" Their grand reopening is now on the horizon, and with the coming of the new cycle, Thiji is more than prepared to start on the highest note possible.

A Mythrite Chance

After an incredibly successful grand reopening (and the ensuing night that followed for Thiji & Nanago), the time was fast arriving for the Regalia to take the marketing world by storm. With its return now known to the public, the Angels worked harder than ever to re-establish profits for the Spear & Spire and Higuri Regalia. The Mythrite Sultan had his own agenda with which to attend.

First, he was bestowed by his wife a quest to claim a hundred victories in the civilized conflict known as Frontline. For this, he would retrain himself in this special style of combat to better ensure his battles run smoothly. With the sudden emergence of a strange Priest in the Wolves' Den, thousands of adventurers have rekindled their interest in both The Feast and Frontline, battling relentlessly for the peculiar "Makai" titles. Though he knows not what surprise awaits him at the end of the path, he is no less determined to win in the name of his beloved Sultana (As of the creation of this update, he would now be at 75 victories).

Secondly, he sought to continue his knightly training, and after a recent conversation with Nanago, Thiji would seem to depend less on the darkness now that his inner turmoil has long since passed. He would instead take up the ways of the Paladin, to serve as her "Shining Knight", to which the Sultana eagerly agreed and supported. He would also obtain the Sultan's Fists overnight after rigorous fighting and tomestone collecting for the extortionist Rowena. This surprised Nanago as she hurried home after receiving a message from Sesena via linkpearl stating that he was unresponsive all day. When she arrived, she sensed no immediate danger, and saw before her a husband reclining in peaceful yet blissful slumber. As a Monk, he had been meaning to obtain these special weapons to accentuate his status in the world, and after Nanago saw them firsthand, she wasted no expense in blessing them with her aether with kisses. As a reward, Nanago insisted he stay home and rest for several suns as she "pampers and cuddles him", which the Mythrite Sultan would be a fool to refuse.

Finally, and most importantly, he would be given a great stroke of luck as two of his longtime friends - a Miqo'te Archer named Luma Lee, and the Auri Summoner Haila Wetyios - tipped the Mythrite Sultan off regarding a mercantile event that occurred tri-sennightly. This "Sea Breeze Bazaar", Thiji believed, would be the perfect stepping stone to gain even more eminence for the Regalia and the Spear & Spire. He was highly grateful of the two and promised them the latest fashion items for free - which at this point would be the flannel attire.

It was a splendid road ahead, it seemed. However, recent rumors have gone around that eyes may soon be set towards the fallen nation of Ala Mhigo, and that inevitably means Garlean incursion. Whether this would bring even greater prosperity or tumult to the young merchant-lord and his inner circle, they would have to nevertheless steel themselves for the events to come. Until then, he knew his course, and would stay on it, leaving the rest of the realm to tend to the more... arduous matters.

The Othard Initiative

Per the suggestions of his longtime friends, Thiji Higuri and Nanago Nago ventured to the Moraby Drydocks - the site of the Sea Breeze Bazaar event. With their myriad menagerie of pets ready for distribution, they easily became the most popular merchants in the area, but they made sure to remain humble in their endeavor. Throughout the eve, Thiji had also befriended a trio of Auri ladies whom were starting a florist business called "Farcloud Florists". After a light exchange of dialogue, he had purchased a corsage from them as a souvenir before leaving the area.

Prior to the event, the Mythrite Sultan would find a new friend in a peculiar man who goes by the moniker of "The Bunny." This masked giant of a Lalafell (reaching over 40 ilms tall) clad in blue Moonfire Faire attire was attracted to the Regalia's Aldenard Branch Headquarters - mainly the serene beauty of the yard. So much, in fact, that he would take frequent naps beneath the boughs of the cherry blossom trees that provided ample shade. At first his Angels were puzzled as to why a vagabond would find its way here, but given the burgeoning reputation the Regalia has received in recent days, they made the collective decision to allow The Bunny to return and retire from his travels whenever he pleased. Eventually he would develop a close friendship with Thiji that the two would feel akin to brothers, and thus gain a new ally.

Seeing now that the Regalia has done an incredible job since its reopening, Thiji would soon come at a crossroads. He wanted to expand his empire - as any good business is wont to do. To do this, however, he required another estate with which to establish another branch headquarters. Since he had already owned the Aldenard Branch as his personal estate, the only other way he would be eligible for another is to create and lead a Free Company. He had remembered his vow of neutrality, remaining under the Immortal Flames by name only so that he may acquire a second estate for his and Nanago's efforts. He shared this information with his wife, who then replied with news of her own: control of the 13ths - the Free Company owned by his best friend Hollow Thorn - was given wholly to Nanago through utilization of her cunning and wit.

With both the Mythrite Sultan and his beloved Sultana now owning Free Companies of their own, things would become busier than ever for him and the Angels. Several sennights passed and Thiji had thought of a grand idea, but wanted to share this with some close allies for feedback purposes. Making his way to the residential district of Vylbrand known as Mist, he arrived in the Lion's Den, the home of the Lion Order led by Saran Asamenth. After being warmly welcomed by several figures including Lady Gwenneth, Ser William, Captain J'ack, and Master Lavan Calernaan, he would divulge his plan to them: to utilize his new headquarters as a means to alleviate the ever-troublesome housing struggle.

Immediately receiving some support from Gwenneth, she informed the young Sultan about events transpiring in the Far East - Othard, to be precise. An Othard Branch Headquarters, he thought, would definitely attract many adventurers as they have grown quite fond of their culture since the refugees had arrived on Eorzea's shores. With this knowledge, Thiji and the Regalia was well equipped to acquire a new mansion, and utilizing the Free Company to its fullest to grant rooms to adventurers seeking respite. They also had news of their own to disclose: much to the Mythrite Sultan's surprise, the Lion Order has made the executive decision to take the Higuri Regalia in as their patron, providing them with substantial financial backing and provisional support.

'Tis not much, but private rooms are better than being homeless, no? -Thiji Higuri, to the Lion Order

Demon, Princess, Heir

Time draws ever closer for the Othard Initiative, and as it marches on, more events would befall the Mythrite Sultan and his beloved wife, Nanago. A young Plainsfolk by the name of Cherna Nosche made himself known to the nobles shortly after the Regalia's grand reopening. He claims to have been an old acquaintance of Nanago's family, and brought tidings that would interest the young sorceress. The Midnight Quill, a home once belonging to Nanago Nago's family, has been claimed by Shishira Shia - Thiji's old friend from many winters back. Why he would disclose such information so openly to her and Thiji concerned them both, but he made even his ulterior motives clear: Cherna needed Nanago's old empire restored, so that he would attempt to seize it for his own via the family recipe of the midnight blue ink for which Nanago's family was renowned.

More tribulations would unfold, however, after the recent Hatching-Tide (2017 as of the time of this chapter). Whilst Thiji and his Doman Angels kept a close eye on Cherna and his accomplices, word reached out from Hollow Thorn that Nanago Nago was struck with an illness. Immediately rushing to Little Kaipo - the headquarters of the 13ths - he would find Nanago resting in the guest room within the estate. To his surprise, however, Thiji found Cherna by her side, clueless as to what precisely was ailing her. Leaving them to the Sultan's devices after a brief exchange of words, Thiji used his physicking knowledge to diagnose what precisely was causing Nanago's malady. He had ultimately deemed that whatever it was, it was not malignant. He beseeched his old friend the Hearer to watch over her for a good sennight while Cherna took the reins of the Spear & Spire.

Thiji would enlist the aid of one of his newest Angels - Sarielle Emeraude, the Ishgardian chirurgeon, to better discern Nanago's malaise. From the information she was given, Thiji's wife had been shielding herself from whatever it was inside her. This process, however, drained Nanago of her strength, exhausting her within minutes. Thanks to Sarielle's expert training, however, she discovered a faint aether signature within her lower belly... Nanago was bearing a child. This shocked Thiji, but scared Nanago, as her "blinking" effect was brought into question, which Sarielle responded that the shielding was prevening this phenomena from happening. Because of how taxing this action was to Nanago, they needed to provide her with a constant surplus of aether, to which Cherna would again interject with the suggestion of crystals, and if need be, the Sultan's Fists. Thiji was perplexed as to why this was occuring now, to which Nanago pointed out a contraceptive tea that seemingly prevented a female from becoming pregnant after unprotected intercourse.

As the two would soon become a family, new relationships took root when Cherna was immediately enthralled by Sesena Sena, wasting no time to make her his bride. Sesena Sena was relieved to finally find a man as fearless as Cherna Nosche, and the two would set out for the Hyaline to commence their first date, which left Thiji with a bland countenance. Meanwhile, Yuanji Yuji and Shiro Reina kept a close eye on the movements of the Desert Violet, Shishira Shira, whom has seemingly taken up the mantle of adventurer, presumably to meet the Mythrite Sultan once more. She was happy to be married with Memejora for a time, but was eventually overcome with guilt for making Thiji into who he is today. After several years of keeping her feelings bottled up, she sought to make things right.

After hearing about the many tales of Thiji's philanthropy and goodwill in Eorzea, Shishira made it her personal mission to seek out the Mythrite Sultan after she recovered a recipe for a special dye belonging to Nanago Nago's family, taking up the mantle of adventurer and learning to channel aether through the power of gems, practicing the ways of the Thaumaturge. After a fierce duel with one of Thiji's Head Secretaries within the Sagolii Desert, she was ultimately subdued and escorted back to the Goblet, where she remained with the Angels for a time until she finally received an audience with Nanago. Though the wife of the Mythrite Sultan was not one to be trifled with, she offered Shishira a chance to make amends and solidified her new allegiance by incinerating the wedding ring that bound her to Memejora, requesting the elimination of himself as well as the mineral concern he ran.

After being assured by Nanago that Memejora would be dealt with, Shishira was forgiven for her past transgressions and was given another chance to start a new life - one where she could aid the Regalia and remain close to her dearest friend - as Thiji's newest Angel, and new personal Advisor, succeeding Yuanji Yuji's previous position. She now studies under Lelena Lena, furthering her training in Thaumaturgy and unlocking her potential in channeling aether, whilst Thiji and Nanago prepared for their heir to both the Spear & Spire and the Higuri Regalia.

The Sultan's Verdict

The Third Sun of the Third Umbral Moon came upon Thiji and his wife Nanago. This day was particularly important to them as it marked their first anniversary. The Mythrite Sultan decided to spend it visiting the resting place of his beloved Mamai, which Nanago happily accepted. As they enjoyed a nice picnic with the posthumously-crowned Sultana, Thiji had told her everything that had transpired in recent months, from his blessings of great fortune to the healthy child that was on the way; from making numerous friends and allies, and even becoming the patron of a Free Company. He was not troubled with grief or sorrow, but instead was filled with peace and serenity. Thiji had no longer harbored any ill will towards Lady Iceheart, and yet this revelation took him through a long journey of remembrance and introspection that would span over the course of a sennight. After a lovely anniversary dinner with his wife, he sat upon the deck in the grounds of the Aldenard Branch Headquarters and contemplated...

After much deliberation he would then visit the Lion's Den in Mist to share his thoughts and feelings with Lady Gwenneth, who sympathized with the young lord as she has a child of her own to protect along with her own cubs that made the Company unique. He had told her that he was dreading over the thought of welcoming his heir to a world where one must fight in order to achieve one's ends, and did not wish for such a life in the slightest. She was adamant in her decision to aid in the war against Garlemald, and to take it even further into Othard, where she sought to aid in the restoration of one of the member's clan. Though Thiji made his standpoint clear that he is a merchant before he is a killer, Gwenneth gave a fitting reply of her own to such a statement:

You say yourself you're a a Merchant before you are a fighter. Lion Order, we're a bunch of fighting misfits brought together by bonds of loyalty and comaraderie. My group is the fighting hand. I will be glad to lend our hand to those of yours who need it. -Gwenneth Asamenth

At her whim, the Lion Order would become the spear of the Regalia's might. As they are of like mind, Gwenneth was more than happy to provide assistance to Thiji if he needed, even going so far as to assign a liaison for his future Othard Branch, to which Thiji accepted. And in his mind he thought back to it all, to the very beginning...

Thiji started out as a simple nobleman looking to make a name for himself in Eorzea, venturing out of the Sagolii Desert into the mainland to pursue the adventurer life. He had butted heads with many individuals in the Adventure League, and faced numerous hardships therein. He had tried so arduously to find love, and it would seemingly turn fruitless as he sought out that which he could not gain, condemned to a life of loneliness.

He had dealt with a destruction-happy Lady of the Vortex in an effort to stand out. Yet his legacy of generosity would begin when he sent his companion Glacius back home to bring funds from his own coffers to aid in the Adventure League's housing fund. But Thiji did not do it for attention - he did it not for himself - but for his friends. He knew that he alone had the power to cement their foothold within the Goblet, and his offering was simply a donation, whilst other parties attempted to gyp them with loans.

Yet his love life would finally look up as Mamai Mai entered his life. It was an ephemeral relationship, ended by the unforgiving ire wrought by the fanatical Lady of Frost. The chain of events that followed led the Mythrite Sultan down the path to martial perfection, temporarily forsaking the Regalia to satisfy his wrath and bloodlust as he took down scores of harriers and Nidhogg's brood alike, and even struck down the warmongering Lord of the Hive after a climactic struggle. Whether it was through a frozen end, a hellacious skewering, a savage series of relentless slashes, or a brutal beating by his own two hands, each kill was in the name of - at the time - the only woman in his life who loved him.

And when he had took back up the mantle of merchant, he had made leaps and bounds in his efforts. He has shared vast amounts of knowledge from his adventures in Eorzea with his people back home, and brought the Regalia into a golden age of prosperity. His generosity and goodwill would soon reach the ears of other adventurers, and he would begin to gain numerous friends and allies who adored and cheered him on even in the toughest of times. Thiji would present events and giveaways by the moon, offering his wares to the public at free and reduced prices so that all would have the opportunity to indulge in the latest fashion trends.

Three long years later he would find love in Nanago Nago, whom has had eyes on him since childhood. Though it was the holiday he hated the most for obvious reasons (and still does to this day), their love would begin to bloom. They faced many trials and tribulations together, even conquering their greatest enemy: themselves. And now a year later, he has lived a full winter with his Sultana in marital bliss, and had even utilized his own resources to build a new empire for her from the ground up. To culminate, the two now have a child on the way.

So much and more has befallen Thiji Higuri in the four years he had spent within the realm known as Eorzea. He has seen it for all its glory, its splendor, and even its harshness and cruelty. There was no doubt in his mind when he stated time and again that the realm has problems, but he does not have to solve them alone. This fact alone reassured the Mythrite Sultan. He was all set for coming times ahead.

He had developed a vast network of highly skilled female maidservants who train daily to ensure the list of the Regalia's enemies is kept at a minimum, and more and more join the fold by the moon; he has gained backing from several Free Companies that have given him support since the moment he made his first appearance in the Sea Breeze Bazaar. Now he is a Patron of the Lion Order, whose people will not hesitate to bring the pain to their foes and shield those in need of succor.

The Mythrite Sultan had no reason to fear. His homeland in Thavnair wasn't going to be suffering Garlean incursion anytime soon thanks to their masterful politics and trading relations - and even if problems were to arise, he has an extremely lethal scythe murderer for a sister-in-law to whom the Garleans would have to answer. Though he is annoyed with all the conflict the realm keeps getting itself into, there is still much he can learn from it; there were still more secrets to unearth, even in the world of fashion. And with the Soul of the Sultan shining brightly upon his forehead, he would be determined to seek that knowledge out - even if it meant ruining the days of a few Garleans in the process.

After giving thanks to those whom have shown him much support since he had commenced his philanthropic efforts - after paying respects to his loved ones who have passed on to Thal's realm and fought bravely to uphold what good is left of the realm - after many, many moons of triumphs, failures, oaths and betrayals, it was clear what Thiji had to do. He had maintained a perfect balance of entrepreneur and frenzied fighter - of Power and Beauty - and while he absolutely relished in the heat of combat, he makes sure that those around him are taken care of first, for his riches mean nothing if not used for good.

Thus the Mythrite Sultan returned home to train after his conversation with Lady Gwenneth, his mind now free of all worries and strife; free of all his inner and outer turmoil - and Thiji was always at his most dangerous when his mind was clear. Monumental changes would be taking place soon, and nothing was going to stop him from obtaining the knowledge necessary to further his mastery in jewel and clothcraft. Thus did the Mythrite Sultan come to a decision, a verdict:

An ideal means nothing until you fight for it. And Garlemald would soon receive this message in spades.

History/Timeline (Stormblood)

A Lion for a Liaison

With the winds of change now blown, the promise of war was upon Eorzea. Great movements were on the horizon, and Thiji and his allies would take no expense in seizing the momentum. Days prior to the "Big Migration to the East" as his Angels were calling it (Because apparently everyone was too preoccupied with wielding a katana than giving a care about Gyr Abania), Thiji submitted his chosen volunteer to augment the Lion Order's forces - his own personal bodyguard, Shiro Reina. Hearing word that the Regalia's patronees were eastward bound, she was more than eager to take the charge, and was already expecting them at the Lion's Den. In exchange, Lady Gwenneth sent dossiers of the three most qualified in her eyes to serve as the Higuri Regalia's liaison for the Othard Initiative.

Sesena Sena, Yuanji Yuji, and Umimi Umi - the three most trusted amongst the Angels that formed the "Secretariat Trinity" - were all summoned to the Mythrite Sultan's office to review the files before making a final decision. The candidates hand-picked by Gwenneth Asamenth were: S'aya Namae, a Miqo'te Arcanist whom was liberated by the Lion Order from Sastasha; Soriah Aron, an Elezen Thaumaturge hailing from Ishgard and known for her newsletters; and Kiyone Ichihana, a Doman assassin. The four would point out the potential assets of each, and as eager as the Mythrite Sultan was to decide on a winner, he stressed how it saddened him to only choose one, hoping the other two would not take it too harshly.

Once their meeting had been adjourned, Thiji compiled the knowledge one last time before sending a letter to Gwenneth with his final decision. Though it was a difficult screening process, he had decided that Soriah Aron was the best candidate for the position of liaison. With this matter now resolved, it was time to proceed with the next phase of the plan: the flight to Othard. Umimi would call in a few favors from the Main Branch to secure transportation; in the meantime, Thiji had decided to spend the interim in Gyr Abania. Recalling the events on Baelsar's Wall, and the Grand Companies of Eorzea having finally wrested it from Garlean control, he would steel himself for combat, knowing full well there were "Tryhardeans" to crush - perfect target practice for removing the proverbial dust due to moons without a good fight.

Battles & Baubles

Arriving in Gyr Abania for the first time, the Mythrite Sultan, armed with his Halonic gear of choice, found himself in Castrum Oriens, now occupied by the Grand Companies of Eorzea. Wasting no time to get out into the field, he overheard a conversation amongst two Twin Adder officers involving a training exercise with the new recruits in East End. Looking to do his part, Thiji would make his way to the site of the skirmish, immediately noticing that things were already in motion; adventurers clashed with the greenhorns - some holding their own whilst others could barely keep their footing.

Thiji would spectate for a few ticks until he would lay eyes on a young Highlander maiden whose uniform was unlike that of the Grand Companies'. Regardless, she was skilled enough to push back several adventurers - her fighting styles akin to that of a pugilist's. After felling several opponents, she felt eyes on her and spotted the Mythrite Sultan nearby, wasting no time to charge at the young noble, who responded in kind. Introducing herself as Himmeya, an Ala Mhigan Resistance fighter, she fought the Mythrite Sultan valiantly, but after a quarter-bell, Thiji would overpower her and claim victory, ensuring all who spectated "took notes."

As thanks for providing her with a challenge, she offered to take Thiji to their headquarters in Rhalgr's Reach, to which he would accept. Traversing through the Fringes, he and Himmeya would encounter beasts and Garleans alike, taking them down with ease with their combined prowess. Once breaking through the glamoured entrance, they arrived at their main camp. The first thing that caught Thiji's eyes were a race of female snake-like beings. Curious, he inquired as to whom they were, to which Himmeya would explain. The Ananta - a beast tribe comprised of those very same lamia - were part of the Resistance. They existed for centuries, and were prized for their incredible gemcraft and spellweaving - two things at which Thiji was also excellent.

Though he was eager to learn from the Ananta as quickly as possible, (remembering his primary purpose for getting involved in this conflict in the first place) it would have to wait as Umimi contacted him via linkpearl, notifying him that her favor had arrived, and that his team was prepared to head eastward. Giving Himmeya a hasty farewell, he left Gyr Abania and made for Vesper Bay - though the maiden swore under her breath that she would cross paths with him again.

The Eastern Flight

Several suns have passed since the events in Gyr Abania. The time was finally come for Thiji and his team to make the trip to the Far East. Leaving Sesena, Sosona, Susuna, Shishira & Sarielle behind to manage the Aldenard Branch, Thiji, along with Umimi, Yuanji, Lelena, Luluma, Lilina, and Swoztu – one of his newest Angels (from the time of this chapter being posted) - embarked on the Thavnairian vessel requisitioned from the Main Branch and set a course across the Sea of Jade.

Their trek from Vesper Bay was smooth and easy, with fair winds and fairer waters. As they ventured across the high seas, Thiji briefed everyone on the operation: once they made port, they would gather as much information as they could on the land at large, its customs, and its culture, and do their part in aiding with anything the locals might need. Once they’ve gained enough admiration from the Othardians, they would then request for a mansion to be built on their neutral territory, converting it into a hotel for those seeking a home away from home.

With the objective fresh on their minds, the Regalia was determined as ever to carry out the plan to the best of their abilities. As they approached the Near Eastern territories, they were beset by fog for a couple bells. It was at this point when the ship’s captain took notice of the vessel being pulled by its own, with no wind on its back. Immediately realizing where they’ve treaded, Thiji gave the order to draw arms, and prepared themselves for whatever emerged from the fog. Silence filled the air for what seemed like a turn of the sun, and then they would find themselves besieged by the restless spirits of the dead, and several deadly wavekin – they had ventured into the domain of the Sirensong Sea.

Although Thiji and his Angels were prepared for battle, what happened next would be a pleasant surprise. In the blink of an eye, the sound and sight of steel cleaving flesh and bone was made apparent as their adversaries fell before them one by one. Wondering what had just transpired, the Angels looked around in alarm, but was assured by their lord to relax and stand down. After a few brief moments, the fog would clear, revealing a beautifully clear blue sky. Atop the Crow’s Nest were two figures clad in pure white; one wore a hakama and bore a slender blade of mythril; the other was cloaked from head to toe in ‘’shinobi’’ gear, and her face was further obscured by a mask.

The Angels were relieved and excited to see their saviors were none other than Shiro Reina, the Lion Order augmentee, and Rhaegos, Thiji’s trusted Royal Vizier, now a Samurai. He had arrived in Othard with Shiro to assist with the Doman Liberation Front, and informed them of their own efforts to push back the Garlean occupation. The Mythrite Sultan took this time to learn more about Othard through Rhaegos, from the neutral port city called Kugane to the western reaches of the Ruby Sea. Now armed with this knowledge, Thiji and his Angels found the ideal place to establish the Othard Branch Headquarters: the Hingan residential district known as Shirogane.

Immersion with the Orient

Upon touching down in Kugane, Thiji and his team (mostly his team) was awestruck at the exotic beauty of the port town; it was a new frontier – a new land to explore in all its wonders and its dangers. Rhaegos gave his master and his servants a grand tour of Kugane as they arrived; it was even noted that the East Aldenard Trading Company has a presence here as well – much to the ’Regalia’s' chagrin that Lord Lolorito increased his sphere of influence beyond Eorzea.

From the Bokairo Inn to the Thavnairian Consulate and even the Kogane Markets, Rhaegos spared no details informing the young Sultan and his Angels for the betterment of their objective. As Shirogane was still awaiting clearance from the Hingan government to open the housing to adventurers, Thiji utilized the (somewhat) good relations to his advantage and established a temporary base of operations within the Ruby Bazaar, occasionally meeting prominent figures, such as the Scions of the Seventh Dawn – namely Tataru Taru.

Thiji’s Royal Vizier would then leave his master once more as he was being called back to the forefront of a province far to the west after hearing news of Zenos yae Galvus, the ruthless Legatus of the XIIth Imperial Legion, arriving in Doma, leaving Shiro behind. Knowing that the Mythrite Sultan was very well-versed in the myriad cultures and styles of the realm (as well as her own ulterior motives for immersing him in Othardian customs), the Shinobi took it upon herself to enlighten the eccentric noble, leaving for the Ruby Sea whilst the rest of his team stayed behind to establish rapport with the locals and take in the sights (among other things).

Riding the Waves

Paired with Shiro and Umimi, the three would soon make for the Ruby Sea, a neutral territory under the jurisdiction of a third party known as the Confederacy – a small army of pirates made infamous for their “Ruby Tithe,” a toll travelers are pressured into complying to ensure safety whilst crossing their waters (Their mannerisms and clothing was also similar to The Bunny’s, which almost led Thiji to believe he was part of them in some way). The Sea had its share of dangers as well – the Kojin, a race of bipedal turtle-men (known as ‘’Kappas’’ in the Doman tongue) seemingly categorized by one of two factions: the Blue, whom were more of the friendly traders and builders; and the Red, a more hostile splinter group who served the Garlean Empire, obsessed with hoarding objects for the sake of the kami, or “Gods,” as they firmly believe that such unique gods reside in all things.

Deeming it necessary for a continent surrounded by vast bodies of water, Shiro would lead Thiji into the depths of the Isle of Bekko, navigating a series of underwater tunnels until they would arrive in a village known as Tamamizu, where they were greeted by the Kojin of the Blue, welcoming back Shiro by addressing her as “Ojou” or “Princess,” which intrigued the Mythrite Sultan. Umimi marveled at the beauty of the sea as the next leg of their journey would take them into the deep.

After a series of simple “fetch quests” as coined by adventurers and commoners, Thiji and Umimi received the blessing of the ocean by the elder of Tamamizu, allowing them to swim indefinitely underwater without fear of drowning. Umimi felt like the mermaid she always wanted to be, swimming around Tamamizu with expert skill, whilst Thiji took this time to inquire about Shiro, learning some very interesting backstory behind the masked Shinobi (refer to her section in “Thiji’s Angels” for more details).

Party Crashing the Ruby Sea

The thought of the Ananta filled the young Sultan’s mind. He was ever more anxious to return to Gyr Abania, and study under them to further his potential. However, he would find his stay in Othard to become much more interesting once word went out that the Kojin of the Red was doubling their efforts to appease the powerful kami living within their pilfered treasures – and Shiro meant to stop them.

Umimi and Thiji assisted in Shiro’s endeavor as they waged an assault on the Red’s stronghold in the Isle of Zekki. The Shinobi was accompanied by Hiten no Hiromi, a Doman Princess and a member of The Lion Order. They pressed the attack, causing a large disruption within and laying waste to the minor adversaries. Thiji had noted that some of them wielded katanas – Samurai were amongst their ranks. Their attack upon the stronghold would seem to work, however, as several other adventurers headed deeper within to a place known as the Pool of Tribute, where two powerful artifacts laid motionless on the far side of the altar.

A blade and an amulet were the two artifacts in question, and an adventurer tipped off by the Kojin of the Blue brought forth a Magitama as the third artifact, an unknown force ripping it from their breast and joining the blade and amulet, forming a triangle in midair as the objects seemingly came to life!

Storm clouds gathered and waters rose as the heavens called down a being of great power – a primal worshipped by the Kojin known as Susano'o, Lord of the Revel. Wielding the Ame no Murakumo, Susanoo was unlike other primals who desired only destruction and chaos. This particular deity wanted nothing more than a “contest of wills” worthy of celebration, and made this known to Thiji’s party and the adventurers that had already breached the isle’s defenses.

Seeming to have no other choice in the matter, Thiji, Umimi, and Shiro readied themselves for a party of epic proportions. It was definitely interesting to fight a being who was actually enjoying itself instead of frothing at the mouth every waking moment while they attempted to grind adventurers underfoot. Susanoo had decided to unleash the unbridled power of water and lightning both as he invoked the full might of the Ame no Murakumo. Thiji rose his shield under the shadow of the giant blade, but before it would be brought down upon the Mythrite Sultan, he was pushed aside by another individual, who stopped the Lord of Revel’s blade with his own – it was Rhaegos!

The Regalia’s own Royal Vizier knew full well the gravitas of the Othard initiative, and he did not intend for his lord to be distracted by such trivialities. Shiro, affirming Rhaegos’s words, sent a wave of water towards Thiji and Umimi, riding it out of the Pool of Tribute and leaving them to face Susanoo by themselves (and the other adventurers accompanying them).

The last sounds they heard were a loud exclamation from the Lord of the Revel, followed by a tumultuous thud, a torrential downpour and the fierce crackling of thunder…

An Extended Reach

Teleporting back to safety, Thiji and the Head Secretary of the Higuri Regalia Main Branch returned to Kugane to convey what they’ve just experienced with the rest of the team. The fact that primals were prevalent even from all the way across the world shocked the Angels (pun not intended) but intrigued the Mythrite Sultan:

If the Kojin worship Susanoo… whom, then, do the Ananta revere? –Thiji Higuri

He was even more eager to learn all that he could from the snake-like beastmen… however it would have to wait as the Angels were out making themselves and the Regalia busy by advertising Thiji’s good name, pitching that he would create masterfully made garments and jewelry the likes of which none this side of Hydaelyn had ever seen. Though he was reluctant at first, Thiji could not deny doing what he loved – especially if it earned him some points towards the Othardian locals.

After several suns making orders and mastering the markets in this new frontier, Thiji would receive a letter from a delivery moogle, bearing the insignia of the Resistance. Himmeya, the Highlander woman he sparred with sennights ago, had notified him of new developments in Gyr Abania, and that the Resistance and the Grand Companies of Eorzea had recovered much and more after a surprise attack from the XIIth Imperial Legion, and were aiming to seize the bridge that divided the Fringes from west to east – Castellum Velodyna.

Knowing they couldn’t stop their lord from pursuing his primary goal, they let him be on his way first thing in the morning while they remained in Kugane to continue building relations with the Hingans. He was immediately greeted by Himmeya upon arrival, and expressed her heartfelt thanks for the demonstration he provided some time ago.

Noticing the improvements in manpower as well as weapons and armor, Thiji was offered to play his part as well when several Vira – the pro-Resistance faction of the Ananta race – approached him, seeming to know him by name after being tipped off by a name he knew all too well – The Bunny. He then exchanged tips and secrets with one another as they utilized his very own stock of supplies to craft accessories and select weaponry to augment the powers of those more magically-inclined.

Once all the preparations were made, the assault upon Castellum Velodyna commenced, and the combined might of the Resistance and the Grand Companies would be brought down upon the XIIth legion and the Skulls – a splinter group of Ala Mhigans who faithfully served Garlemald, led by a nasty kinslayer by the name of Fordola. During this time, Thiji remained in Rhalgr’s Reach to deal with any stragglers who were unfortunate enough to wander into their base, in which time he used to inquire with his fellow gemmasters/mages. And thus was his Soul of the Sultan strengthened further as he learned more about the Ananta race as he had so desperately wished.


Once news arrived in Rhalgr’s Reach that the operation was a success, it was time to continue the push into the eastern Fringes. Donning his Paladin attire once more, Thiji and his chocobo Glacius traversed through the massive tower and found themselves at a small village known as the Peering Stones. From here a Vira emissary awaited the coming of competent allies to take on a task most dire.

Wondering what caused her such distress, Thiji volunteered to assist, along with Himmeya, to which the emissary happily complied and informed him of recent events. Apparently the Qalyana – the pro-Empire faction of Ananta – had called forth their own primal: Sri Lakshmi, Lady of Bliss. She had been called by the broodmother of the Qalyana after her daughter’s death, summoning her into the realm and reviving her… but she was different; she was soulless.

Knowing that no good could ever come from a primal, Thiji teamed up with adventurers allied with the Scions of the Seventh Dawn and made for Djanan Qhat, the Qalyana’s stronghold, where he would cut down numerous of the snake-women, along with large beasts of power and burden known as Marids. The Qalyana worshipped Lakshmi for the sake of wanton beauty, subjugating her own children and sons of man alike with pleasantries of which they’ve never dreamed, whereas the Vira revered the Lady of Bliss in the name of freedom, and thus allied themselves with the Resistance.

With the path now cleared, they would make their way into the aetheryte to venture further into the stronghold, but before he teleported, the Mythrite Sultan was stopped by Nyra, his beloved family pet. In her talons was a letter bearing the insignia of the Spear & Spire Co., led by his wife Nanago. Glacius stood guard whilst Himmeya continued on to confront the Qalyana. Thiji read the contents… and then silence filled the air.

Lord Thiji,

There is no easy way to say this, but it must be said. I know Lady Nyra obeys only your family, so I had to turn to your brother back home to have this sent to you. I pray it reaches you in time before something drastic happens. I need to inform you that… your sultana is… is gone. As is the child that grew within her. The child began to demand more aether from its host, which Lady Nanago happily obliged, but she utilized your Sultan’s Fists and took in all the energy at once, hoping it would sate both her and the unborn child. But it proved too much, I’m afraid. Nanago’s body began to flicker – as if she was appearing in and out of reality from oversaturation. I did my utmost to stabilize her, but to no avail – she perished in a stellar explosion, leaving behind some sort of queer aetheric residue. I reached out to it, and before I could jerk my hand back, I was consumed by the energies for a brief moment… and then silence. If I had to wager a guess, my lord, I would think that I… inherited her powers somehow. Regardless I am extremely pained to deliver this news to you, and pray that you receive it in good health… Pray forgive my incompetence, Your Eminence. I will accept any judgement you deem appropriate when you return. –Sarielle de Emeraude

Thiji, for perhaps the second time in his life, felt his heart sink… and he could do nothing else but collapse to his knees, dropping his Halonic arms in despair.

The End of A Dream

With the Qalyana cornered, the adventurers would indeed confront the Lady of Bliss within their stronghold, driving away or otherwise killing off any who opposed them, with Himmeya taking out a few as well after getting tired of waiting for Thiji. She had never beheld a primal before, much less one with such peerless beauty as Sri Lakshmi.

Enraged, Lakshmi attacked the group with orbs of blue flame blessed by her light – should these hit their mark, they would be enthralled and seduced by the primal, stuck forever in a dream… Things looked grim for Himmeya as she dodged three to the best of her ability, but would be blindsided by a fourth, with seemingly no hope of escape.

Bracing for the worst, Himmeya prayed to the Destroyer for succor. Her prayers would then seem to be answered as the flame went around her and fizzled into ashes. But it was not divine intervention – it was the Mythrite Sultan, who came to her side in the nick of time. Lakshmi retreated to her lair, which Thiji sprinted towards, cutting down several Qalyana foolish enough to stand in his way. The adventurers followed suit, leaving Himmeya behind in the First Altar as she could not contend against a primal without becoming one of Lakshmi's dreamers.

Arriving in her lair, Emanation, the party would be greeted by two tempered Qalyana whom immediately engaged Thiji’s party, but would be overpowered and brought down in a matter of seconds, while Thiji wasted no time striking at Lakshmi, commencing another fateful encounter with a deity born from the pleas of her people and augmented with crystals. Her powers were strange yet deadly, seeming to keep to its promise of enthralling the mind and tantalizing the senses. The Mythrite Sultan’s rage, however, would work against his favor, as he was still at his most vulnerable, despite being shielded by a special barrier, and susceptible to Lakshmi’s beautiful yet fatal attack…

Wholly seduced by the Lady of Bliss, she accepted unto them her life and her love – thus did Thiji succumb to Lakshmi’s Alluring Embrace… but he suffered exponentially more compared to his companions; he was thrust into his own mind, where he had awoken to a lavish room of gilded curtains, mountains of gil minted from mythril and mythrite, and luxurious beds… it seemed like a brothel. A soothing voice would then break the silence… followed by another, and a third.

Frantically scanning the area for the source, he would gaze upon the visages of those whom he had pined for throughout his life… Tahrara; Mamai; Shishira; Zeiyth; Shienne and Midge, to name a few. Donned in the garments of his people, they beckoned to him with honeyed voices, wanting nothing more than his love. As he approached them, however, his rivals appeared before him, staring daggers at the Mythrite Sultan: Memejora, Zeth, and even Dyne. They had always stood in the way of his pursuits throughout his time in Eorzea, and this very thought infuriated Thiji so that he cut each of them down with no remorse.

It was a dream – one where he was in total control. The ladies he had adored or pursued for so long, all together upon a bed, desperately yearning for the Mythrite Sultan to take them; to mate with them; to bear him heirs to the Regalia. This was a hunger the likes of which he had never experienced, and yet it felt right to surrender to this perfect dream – this illusion which felt like undisputed reality. What Thiji wouldn’t have given to take each and every one of them – Tahrara Kivenera especially - invoking Menphina’s will until She Herself deemed it appropriate to cease; to forsake all inhibitions to quench the nigh-insatiable fire searing him from within…

Eternal bliss laid bare before him… such saccharine serenity – a life where he would know naught but pleasure, ecstasy, and opulence, and sweet release; his burdens; his troubles – all scattered to the winds. “Embrace us,” they whispered in unison. “Desire us... Love us... Take us... Find bliss…”

That tender word: bliss. Delightful happiness and rapturous joy. All there, only for him. Thiji only needed but to seize it. The Mythrite Sultan approached his bevy, seeming to be completely at the mercy of Lakshmi’s simulacrum. They would respond in kind by circling around him, arms outstretched, eager to be claimed by their eternal sultan. With his head hung low, he stood in silence, reaching into the recesses of his mind, recalling all the events that had transpired with the ladies he pursued so futilely; how he had lost not one, but two true loves… and he even recalled a sentence spoken by a Xaela Au Ra he overhead in Kugane one eve…

“A sun without a moon... An Azim without a Nhaama...”

The Mythrite Sultan would then make his ultimatum. Raising his head to the beauties before him, he gave each and every last one an icy stare – a gesture he had not utilized since the advent of the Dragonsong War. A deathly calm filled the room once more as the women gave concerned looks at each other, and in an instant, he drew his Sword of the Fury, its steel ringing proudly as it left its sheathe. The next two words that escaped his lips would seal the proverbial deal:

"… No more."

With a mighty swing of his blade, Thiji performed a graceful circle slash, cutting all of the women in two, and shattering the illusion. The magicked barrier was a preventative measure for Lakshmi’s more devastating attacks, mending his wounds instead of harming him further; those who did not erect the barrier quickly enough either succumbed to her Alluring Embrace, or were plunged to the chasm below.

Now freed from Lakshmi’s influence, he immediately retaliated with a deft throw of his blade and shield – the former finding its mark in the Lady of Bliss’s heart, and the latter shattering her headpiece and the ornament that levitated from her shoulders. The Shield Lob was of such force that when it collided with the ornament, it was shattered in the process, but Thiji wanted to make his message as succinct as possible.

Focusing his divine magic mastery without so much as moving his arms, (which were behind his back) he struck the location in which the sword pierced Lakshmi’s chest with a potent Holy Spirit spell, shattering the blade ‘’inside’’ the Lady of Bliss into a million pieces. This display of might and magic proved more than enough to send Lakshmi back into the aether, winning the day for his comrades that remained. Much like Ravana whom, after felling him, he acquired martial perfection, his encounter against Lakshmi would do the same for him in the aspect of magic – and he would aim to capitalize on this. Those who survived retreated from Emanation, leaving the Mythrite Sultan alone.

No longer deeming himself a Sorceress’ Knight – his dream now long dispersed with the loss of his wife – he doffed his armor and threw it over the ledge, hoping those, too, would break upon contact with the ground. The corsage upon his head, as well as the eternity ring upon his left ring finger, would be the last remaining vestiges of what once was - thus did he cast those into the abyss as well.

He gave a long, hard stare at the altar on the north end of Lakshmi’s lair, his Soul of the Sultan gaining more knowledge of the Ananta. Several Qalyana had emerged from the exit to ascertain the situation, but all it took was a bat of his eyes to send them fleeing in fear. Their arrival, however, made a good point – it wasn’t going to do much good lingering, but he would leave with a souvenir – a blissful shroud, left behind by the Lady of Bliss. He would then utilize this cloth to be the first to create a set of armor for Glacius, serving as yet another stark reminder to his struggle, and his triumph.

Reappearing outside the aetheryte altar, Himmeya was relieved to see the young lord hale and healthy, not even questioning the whereabouts of his gear. She did, however, take notice of his countenance. It was a lot less… welcoming than before, but she knew him enough to know that it wasn’t his intent. She could see in his eyes that he’s been through a lot this day, and would give him the space he needed – but not before asking to serve him directly. He agreed with a silent nod and left Djanan Qhat astride Glacius.

Victory came at a reversal of fate this day, but Thiji had no time to mourn. He would not fall down the same pit he did before when he saw Mamai perish before him in ice and snow. The Othard Initiative was close at hand, and his part in the conflict has concluded for the foreseeable future. Ala Mhigo and Doma’s liberation would now rely on the people defending Eorzea and beyond, for his objective now complete, it was time to learn all he could from the Ananta.

And if he would do so without a beloved, an heir, or both… then that was fine with him. He would make peace with his fate, and continue on.

Power and Beauty Joined

Despite the worst befalling the Mythrite Sultan in recent days, Thiji was undauntingly focused on his itinerary. What may seem to have been a great loss to others would in fact be an immense gain for Thiji. Though he may have loved Nanago dearly, he had all but suppressed the trauma in a matter of days, being all too familiar with those particular emotions; there was much and more to be done to dwell on the past. His first order of business was to have Cherna Nosche arrested for conspiring against the late Nanago Nago for decades, which Sesena Sena willingly accepted as a last act of service. He would then disintegrate the Spear & Spire permanently, no longer seeing its validity with its founder now gone.

Not long after being accepted into the Angels, Himmeya remained true to her word and explained the inner workings of the Ananta to her new master, and how the Vira worshipped Sri Lakshmi for benevolent purposes. She even divulged smaller details such as how their radiance can only shine brighter when their skin and scales shed, and how they were so well-versed in gemcraft that they eschewed the need of crystals for their work, and relying solely on pure ancient magicks handed down from generations. This information alone struck an epiphany in the Mythrite Sultan's mind: "Where There is Power in Beauty," the slogan and lifestyle of the Regalia that has been their belief since its post-Calamity reform. For such a tribe of beastmen to exist had to be a blessing from on high, and as it seemed to be for a considerable amount of time, the Regalia was well on its way to soaring to even greater heights in power and beauty both.

The hour drew ever closer towards Shirogane's opening to the adventuring public, and the Mythrite Sultan would make good use of this time studying under the bejeweled wings of the Vira, taking note of their practices, culture, and mannerisms (And on occasion, assist in the calming down of wayward marids). As thanks for sharing their secrets with the young lord, he adorns himself in their aesthetics, donning headwear and equipment similar to theirs and even applying more cosmetics upon his face. After a sennight of study, it was time to put it to good use.

Utilizing the knowledge he gained from the Vira, as well as the innate teachings of his Mhachi ancestors (due to the gemstone on his forehead serving as an allusion to the ancient civilization), Thiji brought forth a marriage of "Power and Beauty" by introducing a unique style of spellcasting which required great mental acuity of the user. Keeping in mind that spells work best when cast from a focus, he took advantage of the aetherial conductivity gems and metals alike naturally possess. Creating latticed dresses, robes, and other articles of clothing, he would then socket these with gems, allowing the manipulation of aether with the socketed jewelry as the foci, showing off a bit of flair while maintaining the clothing's functionality. This would eventually be coined as the "Gemweave."

Once complete, he would call upon the aid of Swoztu Wuotwyrstwyn to assist in testing this new and advanced form of spellcasting. Conveniently, she had started learning basic conjury when she was accepted into the Regalia, making use of her earth magic to create targets for the young lord to destroy and test his newfound goldsmithing prowess. The test went well, and it was thus time to take this power to the field. While his team in Kugane continued their efforts towards the Othard Initiative, there was still plenty of time to master his craft, and, of course, amass more profits. There were a myriad of unfortunate souls for the Mythrite Sultan to take his frustrations out on, and he could not think of a better time to return to his roots as a Thaumaturge than now.

After all that has transpired from his encounter with the Lady of Bliss until now, Thiji Higuri had decided to change his moniker yet again in honor of the Ananta that aided him so, making himself now known as the Mythrite Shah.

The Longest Wait

What seemed like only a few moons' time felt like ages for the Mythrite Shah. As the efforts of his Othard Branch team continued to spread throughout Hingashi - with the assistance of the bubbly Kitten Whiterose - the government was prolonging the release of the district of Shirogane by using whatever loophole they could use - or at least that is what Sesena Sena stated during a linkpearl conversation with the Lion Order. Although Thiji was a man of incredible patience, he was beginning to grow tired of the monotony, and it was at that time Kitten suggested he went on vacation back home to Thavnair.

Reluctantly accepting at first, Thiji called in some favors from back home and made his way back to the Higuri Regalia Main Branch to operate things with his brother whilst his Angels and Head Secretaries managed operations in Aldenard and Othard. While he was away he had shared a great many secrets behind craftsmanship and the many styles he has learned and archived within the soul crystal embedded on his forehead. His parents Fafastima and Mimizo, along with his brother Horu, took note of his countenance, though they did not dare raise the topic of what happened during the events in the Fringes out of respect for his well-being. Even if they did, however, Thiji would not have taken any offense; though he loved Nanago dearly, she was manipulative and obstinate, despite the changes she made from her regimented upbringing as a con artist.

During a conversation with his brother whilst they enjoyed in the festivities of their homeland as a means of welcoming back the Regalia's master, Thiji recollected his times spent in Gyr Abania, telling Horu how fortunate he was to have a wife as trusting and protective as Lady Umimi, and that since his time in Eorzea his love life had been nothing but terrible, even if he had spent a year happily married to one whose love gave way to avarice as she initially sought to seize his fortune for her own ends. The only ones completely aware of his misfortune and widowed status were the Lion Order and his Angels; not even his partners and close acquaintances are aware that he has - or in this case, had - a significant other. With this knowledge, Thiji deducted, he could establish the illusion that he is still a bachelor, yet even then he would never be interested in seeking out a new partner after one being slain by an Elezen's deranged memory made manifest and the other unintentionally committing an infanticide/suicide. He no longer had any interest in heirs or lovers while he has an entire empire to rule whilst still in his youth.

Saddened by his brother's decision, yet still determined to support him, Horu had reassured Thiji that their line was least secure through his and Umimi's son and daughter, Kakashoa & Kakasu. Excellent this news may have been, Thiji was still disheartened that it was not his direct offspring, but accepted this fact nonetheless and thanked Horu for always looking out for him. He enjoyed the revelry of his homeland: partaking in lassi; showcasing feats in Alchemy, and even participating in numerous dances for two moons whilst Sesena and her fellow Head Secretaries held things down from half a world away.

Refreshed and re-energized, Thiji returned to Eorzea, where his first encounter upon reaching the mainland was his very own patronees of the Lion Order exploring Gyr Abania for the Lost Canals of Uznair, the submerged tunnel network of Thavnairian origin which Treasurer Susuna Suna expertly fooled adventurers and treasure hunters alike into believing it was the Regalia's hidden treasury. Whether it was by fate or by luck, Thiji offered his expertise in navigating the canals after discovering a portal within Loch Seld. They had reached the deepest sluice within the canals and contended with a massive icebeast for the vast amounts of treasure (with some witty repartee from the Lion Order questioning how some of the creatures lying within even got down there to begin with).

After their little escapade they would return to their respective homes, welcoming Thiji back to Eorzea all the while. The Mythrite Shah's Head Secretaries then brought news that after much deliberation, that the Hingan government has finally given the authorization to release Shirogane to the adventuring public. Resolve renewed, Thiji's Angels and the Regalia waited patiently for the inevitable rat race. It was a severly tough competition, but they were able to secure a mansion within the sixteenth ward's sixtieth plot. With a new set of robes for the Far Eastern scene, and a variety of new materials from home at his disposal, it was time for the Othard Initiative to finally culminate with the hotel they have dubbed the Mythrite Suites - "Where Opulence Can Be Shared."

Serenity Compels Fury

Since the entire insurgency against the Garlean occupation had reignited, there has been nothing but loss and sorrow for families whose soldiers paid the ultimate price. The Mythrite Shah was of no exception. After spending a great deal of time learning of the Ananta's ancient ways of magic and jewelcraft, he had promised to alleviate the Vira's worries of the emergence of Sri Lakshmi, summoned by the Qalyana tribe. A fierce battle had broken out within the Lady of Bliss's lair, and though Thiji barely succeeded in spite of a broken heart and distracted mind, he, too, had lost a loved one - his wife. No longer without a significant other or an heir, Thiji refocused his efforts on bettering the realm however possible, while still mastering the skills he had learned from the Vira. His first creation was the Gemweave, a latticed vestment worn over the body to act as a focus for aetherial manipulation. But he had decided to take it a step further.

Having knowledge behind the Allagan art of Summoning, the Mythrite Shah recalled the Calamity, and Bahamut's powerful Teraflare. The resulting destruction infused every inhabitant in Eorzea with the Dreadwyrm's aether, and because of this, Summoners could "attune" themselves to it, and thus invoke the power of the mighty elder primal through their own bodies. With Sri Lakshmi appearing several times throughout Gyr Abania, Her aether could also be sensed by adept Summoners, and having practiced it in the past, he would be able to eventually attune to the lingering aether and obtain a new height of power - the Blissful Trance. Though not as powerful as the Dreadwyrm Trance, it is still formidable in its own right, allowing the user to still the vacillating nature of mind and action to gain true clarity and control on the battlefield.

"We could all use a little bit of bliss in our lives - I am of no exception." -Thiji Higuri, upon mastering the Blissful Trance.

Media: The Blissful Trance.png

The Regalia's Magnum Opus

“Honorable friends, associates, and allies of our esteemed Lalashell Network,

I pray that this message finds you all well. I write to you all from my home within the Near East, as I bring a matter I personally feel is of utmost import. Be warned as this is a topic in which I take great esteem, and will not offer any sugarcoated niceties. If this may offend you, then you are free to dispose of this missive and shake the thought from your mind. Otherwise, your bravery shall not go unrewarded.

During my winters spent in Eorzea and finding my place in this crazy realm in which we all inhabit, I had noticed time and again that numerous people’s fashion sense were disgustingly… wanting. And as a magnate of Haute Couture (‘High Fashion’ for the laymen), I am aiming to enlighten the common masses through a project I am currently in the process of conducting. To those with whom I have associated in the past, I express my sincerest gratitude to you all in helping open my eyes to the current state of things within the realm beyond its perennial incursions, primal uprisings, and all-around buffoonery.

However, these are all well and good for the uninitiated. For you see, fashion, too, is a battlefield all its own, and I seek to conquer it - or at least provide Eorzea with the proper knowledge on how to seize victory over it. At the time of this letter’s dissemination, my project is at sixty-percent completion, and am looking to bring it to light by that silly Othardian holiday known as Heavensturn.

Should any of you ever become eager for what the commonfolk call a 'teaser,’ you are more than welcome to ask, as my business prides itself on its generosity. Otherwise, as stated before, expect its grand unveiling by year’s end - for all, and Eorzea at large, will learn well why my empire’s credo is 'Where There is Power in Beauty.’”

-Thiji Sor Higuri, Mythrite Sultan of the Higuri Regalia

However, like many things in the realm, fashion is a battle. And like all battles, they shift and evolve constantly. One must always remain steps ahead of the masses, lest they fall prey to the trends of tomorrow and fade into obscurity. Those who remain at the forefront of fashion, however, will always seize the day, and in so doing, win the hearts and minds of the masses, and shape the scope of Haute Couture in their image. It is because of this notion that Thiji has forged a coalition with the Radz-at-Han Weavers’ Guild’s finest hands in an effort to take the realm of fashion by storm.

Recollecting his adventures in Eorzea, he has taken the extra step in updating the PiB Catalogue by creating a clothing line within that he is dubbing the Eikon Collection. The name paying homage (which he does rarely) to the Allagan Empire, this heightened echelon of Haute Couture showcases specially-made outfits made in the image of the various deities known throughout Hydaelyn, crafted with the rarest of gems and materials - some only of which the Regalia has knowledge. For those who have the coin - or the good graces of the Mythrite Sultan - and the thirst, the will, and the passion to embrace high fashion, one need only seek out the Higuri Regalia to acquire an issue.

Sultan's Sabbatical

Five years had passed since the Mythrite Shah embarked on his pursuits to better himself and the Regalia. He had faced multiple obstacles and conquered numerous struggles both from within and from without. Though despite his youth, he believes to have fulfilled his purpose. The merchant prince-turned-lord has taken over his father’s business and brought it into a golden age of prosperity – a shining testament to elegance, beauty, and generosity. With a presence from Aldenard to the west, all the way to the shores of Hingashi in the Far East, the Higuri Regalia was well-secured. The Angels who serve him safeguard and manage each establishment when he is absent, with little to no problems ever occurring; it was time for the young lord to return home.

Events will always unfold throughout the land, but the adventurers and “heroes” roaming about will always be around to keep the realm in check; what’s one more person to make a difference? As formidable a combatant and mage Thiji was, at his core he is a merchant tried and true. There is no need for him to be on the frontlines when he has the Regalia to run.

Thinking back to all that has happened, Thiji would not regret the path he had chosen, as it has shaped him into who he is today. But all this conflict wasn’t good for his soul, and thus he has come to the decision that, on his twenty-fifth Nameday, he will make the sail back home to Thavnair, leaving the Aldenard and Othard branches in the hands of his Head Secretaries. His friends and companions – even the realm at large itself - may miss him, but should they truly require his aid, then he will answer the call once more.

History/Timeline (Shadowbringers)

Back from the Sands

Now over a winter's worth of time into his life of luxurious retirement, it was around the 15th Sun of the Third Umbral Moon (Jun 15, 2019) when the second annual Laladay festival took place. Unlike the first one which was held at the Bandee Pakshee who are now acquainted with the Regalia, this one would take place within Costa del Sol, as a luau. While not too concerned about the theme, it was the overrarching principle of Lalafell pride which urged Thiji to return to Eorzea. However, he had received some rather jarring news from his old friend.

While Thiji had joined with the Luna Rose Academy to host their event, Chichibi Chibi, Desert Queen of the Deep Sagolii and the Mythrite Sultan's oldest friend and confidant, arrived near the end to exchange pleasant words and stories. As much as she was elated to see her dearest of friends once more, she deemed it prudent to convey her message to Thiji:

"An invasion of leonine and leporine proportions is imminent."

Though he did not denounce Chichibi's words, he was skeptical over the whole matter. He was adamant in his decision to hang up the mantle of adventurer, to which Chichibi respected as she had her own intentions of doing so. Nonetheless, what her personal host of seers ascertained seemed rather silly at best. What could possibly rival the technology and numbers of the Garlean Empire, or the fanatical crusades of the beastmen and the deranged deities they so worship? Chichibi's answer was quite the contrary: the leonine and leporine of which she spoke are actually joining the cause to defend the realm!

The latest additions to the ever-growing armies of adventurers and heroes are the Hrothgar, savage lion-men known from Ilsabard's distant shores who fervently serve a singular Queen; and the Viera, a tall and slender people with long ears like that of a hare's, and a society that is purely matriarchal, adhering to a strict code and protecting the forests from which they originate.

Knowing how much of a stir the Au Ra alone caused when they appeared, this potentially meant a new challenge for the Mythrite Sultan: more lands to master, and new styles to adapt for his ongoing fashion efforts. Of course, there are potential problems that could arise from this as well...

What would happen should they set their sights toward the Near East? Thiji did not dare to entertain this thought.

Wardens of the Regalia

While the "Lala Luau" was a resounding success, Thiji would still have some more business to attend in Eorzea before his retirement would continue. The 3rd annual Lalafell Pride Parade was also occurring, nearly a fortnight after the Luau. Considering that the Mythrite Sultan has helped in leading it twice now, he would not mind remaining in Eorzea for another two weeks. And what better way to get the word out than through the power of his Angels?

Enlisting the aid of Head Secretaries Sesena and Umimi, along with Treasurer Susuna and the ever-watchful Shiro Reina, they would spread the word of the parade and of the Regalia's good name to the public, offering a vast quantity of items they had left over from their 2nd Largesse. They wouldn't do any good being sold off on the market boards, and thus conducted smaller giveaways leading up to the parade.

Shiro, however, with her extensive amount of time spent reconnoitering Ul'dah and the other city-states, met with another Angel and longtime ally of Thiji: Lyriah Karnelle, a Thanalan native and formidable Lancer of the Immortal Flames. She had kept a close watch on her as she mingled with the various patrons of the Quicksand, among whom were more familiar faces: Lior Aras, former Bloodsands Gladiator and mercenary, and Navei Asumiere, the Cactuar-loving swordsman of Nebulous.

(There was also a third individual as well, but no one was capable of discerning his identity save for those who knew him in the past somehow.)

After the parade's conclusion, the Mythrite Sultan hosted an afterparty over at the Aldenard Branch Headquarters. During this time, Lior and Navei - hard-pressed at finding any reasonable means to deal with the lull - decided upon themselves to serve the Regalia more directly. Furthermore, the two discussed amongst themselves their potential roles within the Regalia:

Given Navei's incredible prowess and battle experience serving the Immortal Flames and Sasagan's Scimitars, and his knowledge of various bladed weaponry, he would become the Othard Branch's Warden of the East, keeping the Mythrite Suites Hotel in good shape.

Meanwhile, Lior's adaptability and resourcefulness, as well as his hardy nature and tenure as a pit fighter, made him an excellent candidate for defending the mainland. Thus was he charged as the Aldenard Branch's Warden of the West.

(There are rumors stating that due to Lior's time spent in the Far East that he has developed somewhat of a negative disposition towards individuals hailing from Doma and beyond, but all this is seemingly hearsay and tales.)

These two would become the Higuri Regalia's first male Angels, serving directly under the Head Secretaries (There were talks about calling them "Bosleys", but Lior vehemently rejected the thought of wearing a cravat).

With his empire further bolstered, it was time for Thiji to resume his retirement. He had received much adoration and joy from his old friends and allies, but their words and suggestions have not fallen on deaf ears. The merchant-lord and fashion mogul that is he would have a lot to think over during his journey back to Radz-at-Han...

Sena's Play & Shira's Plea

In the midst of the Mythrite Sultan's retirement, the Regalia was functioning like a well-oiled machine. The Aldenard Branch was processing orders and deliveries of all kinds in a timely manner; the Othard Branch kept its guests well fed and well entertained - all thanks to the stewardship of the Angels. The PiB Catalogue was also acquiring some fame as well once individuals began to flaunt their exclusive garb and garments around Eorzea's major hubs. It apparently caused enough of a stir to attract the likes of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn!

While the empire of fashion and jewelry was well within its golden age of prosperity, there was no mistake that the Angels missed their lord dearly. Since his retirement they've been a lot less active, which was not truly detrimental. However, they did not wish to grow complacent, lest their quality - and ultimately the Regalia's reputation - falters. One Angel in particular was Sesena Sena. She's been through thick and thin ever since before the Mythrite Sultan was even a prince - before the Angels were even conceived.

After receiving various reports from her contacts, they have discovered that Garlemald has (once again) fallen into a state of disarray. Because of this, adventuring was on the rise again, and despite the words her lord told them, she knew deep down that Eorzea was in more dire need of good people than ever. This could only mean good things for the Regalia, and Sesena was eager to profit from it.

Meanwhile, another Angel also had motives of her own during Lord Thiji's rest and relaxation. Shishira Shira, the Desert Violet, Advisor of the Aldenard Branch, and Thiji's old flame, had an abundance of time to think over all that has transpired since before the Calamity. Her naivety sparked the less-than-desireable love life that her friend and master had led over the years, and she's felt nothing short of devastated by it all.

Even if amends were made some time ago, Shishira still felt the burden weighing her down heavily. When Shira's Lightsday Best was still an independant company, she served a higher power: Chichibi Chibi, Queen of the Deep Sagolii, known for her fair yet stringent rule. Shishira respected Her Grace, but she feared her more due to the fact that Lord Thiji is her oldest and closest of friends. Before she would speak to the Mythrite Sultan, she needed to bring this to light.

As Lady Chichibi returned home to also bask in retirement, Shishira would venture out into the Sagolii Desert to seek an audience with her. The proud Mhachi descendant greeted her subordinate with open arms... however, when Shishira disclosed the truth, the Queen of the Sagolii was taken aback. Fearing the worst, Shishira begged for clemency, as she knew well that Queen Chichibi, in all her kindness, did not suffer affronts to herself or her allies - especially one of such high regard.

Once her story was heard in its entirety, Lady Chichibi forgave Shishira and abolished the Desert Violet of her transgressions, for she revealed that hers was an oversight due to their youth, and never meant any true harm to the young lord. Now relieved, the Desert Violet was truly able to start her life anew, but not without some Mhachi tutelage from Queen Chichibi as a reward for her fealty.

Operation: Mythril Wings

While the Desert Violet commeneced with her solitary mission, Sesena's plan was simple: coined as "Operation: Mythril Wings", the objective was to rally the Angels together and formulate a plan to bring the Mythrite Shah back to adventuring, for the Regalia, while self-sustaining at this point, can only benefit with its leader still out and about. Simple, yet undoubtedly daunting, as convincing Thiji alone would be no small feat. He was very adamant in his decision to leave Eorzea in the hands of the masses, but time and again have the various Branches received comments and lamentations over the news.

The Angels would need incontrovertible evidence that there was still work to be done for the realm. After some brainstorming, Meriri Meri, the Aldenard Branch's Consultant of Metals, suggested a new permutation of Mythril - the selfsame metal from which the Regalia had flourished. It would be a difficult task, but one they were certain would help. Treasurer Susuna placed a generous "bounty" of 5 million gil for the discovery and delivery of a new type of Mythril ore while the remaining Angels continued searching for more "ammo". After about a sennight's time, the bounty would be completed by the Regalia's shadowy Defense Captain.

Following Garlemald's routing from the Ghimlyt Dark, Shiro of the Lion Order had given confirmations of new disciplines joining the fray. Although the gunblade-wielding defenders and Blue Mages seemed fascinating, the biggest of them all were the Dancers. A troupe straight from Radz-at-Han arrived on Vylbrand to grant the people of Eorzea the opportunity to learn of the Near Eastern Kreigstanz. If there was anything Thiji loved more than Mythril, it was his people and the culture they uphold. And if given the opportunity, he would be more than anxious to show the neophytes the difference between a Dancer with soul and some amateur throwing bladed rings.

One other factoid was the introduction of the Hrothgar and Viera that Queen Chichibi previously mentioned during the Lala Luau. However, there have been reports of a peculiar Veena - Viera raised on the snowy mountains of the Skatay Range - with an icy gaze and biting repartee, donned in garb made by the Regalia's own employees. Recruiting the graceful and prideful people that are the Viera would be a great boon to the Regalia, for their tastes and eye for quality are traits they both share in common. Thus did the Head Secretaries decide that finding this Veena was a high priority.

If she considers herself cold, then she would be in for a humbling with the Mythrite Shah. And so she would venture forth to the nearest Branch Headquarters after she was reported conversing with a like-minded Rava - their forest-dwelling counterparts - in the Carline Canopy.

The pieces were quickly falling into place - at a faster rate than Sesena had originally anticipated. The only pressing matter now was convincing the Mythrite Sultan...

A Mhachi Missive

Operation: Mythril Wings was proceeding apace. The expert execution of the Angels' objective resulted in a timely delivery of the strange mythril nugget along with the Viera arriving in the Aldenard Branch, whom Thiji would personally meet in due time. However, things would take an unexpected turn when Veeveena received an anomaly from the postmoogle - a magicked scroll bearing patterns known by true Mhachi descendants.

Being cautious as to not accidentally open its contents, the Main Branch Advisor took it, along with the nugget, to the Mythrite Sultan...

Should the young Lord of unquestionably royal blood choose to effortlessly open the scroll, the contents contained therein are as followed...

"His Radiance Lord Thiji Higuri, Mythrite Sultan of the Regalia, Prince of Thavnair, Lord of the Hand & Lord of the Land, Heir of the venerable Higuri Dynasty. I, Queen of Sands, call upon you this day with great urgency and a heavy heart.

The situation within Hydaelyn's shard "The First" is far more dire than I had initially anticipated. My scouts have reported to me that it is not simply just another mirroring realm with that of our own but it is a star drowned in everlasting Light and plagued with Lightborne monstrosities known as "Sin Eaters". The Scions of the Seventh Dawn, our dear allies in times of peace and war, have been soul snatched into that wicked realm, unable to escape and at this point in time unwilling to if given the option.

The First is on a collision course with the Source, our realm. This will bring about a Calamity that will pale the destruction caused by Dalamud and all others before it. It is not merely the absorption of aether, nay, but the entire star's collision into ours. The death toll will be upon an unimaginable scale. No one is safe. No amount of magic - Mhachi, Amdapori, Nymian, Allagan or otherwise - can stop this while on Hydaelyn's surface. Everything you know, everyone you love will burn in eternal light unless our best and brightest soldiers are to aid the Scions and the mysterious Warrior of Light in their plight to fight against the coming Ardor.

I have already sent a veritable army of my greatest Lalafellin Mhachi-trained Archmagi to aid them with the help of an enigmatic man known only as the "Crystal Exarch". It was he who reached out and grasped the souls of our friends and compatriots into the First out of an act of desperation. Of equal measure selfish and selfless.

I simply cannot leave my country within the Sagolii Deep due to the frequent political upheavals and rivaling tribesmen attempting to undermine everything that I and my royal line have bought and fought so vehemently to protect.

But my agents and seneschal shall do their part to keep you appraised of all of the major developments and happenings within the shattered First and to any aid you may so generously be inclined to spare.

You know within your heart of hearts that I had not wished to dare impose so brazenly such a drastic request upon you in your retirement, my Lord, but this concerns all of us.

I pray that this message reaches you swiftly and that I have not aroused your ire in dragging you and your countrymen into war once more."

~ Lady Chichibi Chibi - Merchant Queen of the Sagolii Deep, Grand Magus of the Order of Mhach, Jewel of the Dunes

The Mythrite Sultan was at a loss for words. The information his friend provided, though prolific, was nevertheless confused and annoyed him. How did the realm's champions, for all their boasting and bragging, allow such events to occur? If he knew the Desert Queen well (which he does), her alarming tone conveyed in the missive was no mere prank. This meant that if the Calamity were to come to fruition, regardless of his current status, the Regalia would cease to be.

While this prospect was not planned in the slightest, Thiji was playing into the Angels' hands. And after what could perhaps be the heaviest of sighs he has ever heaved in his lifetime, the Mythrite Sultan set out for the Aldenard Branch, looking to glean some answers from any reliable sources...

The Lion, the Lady, and the First

Despite no longer actively adventuring, Thiji was still honing his edge in the various disciplines of the Hand. While he would remain in Eorzea, however, he thought it prudent to find out more information in regards to "The First." His first stop was the abode and headquarters of his favorite Free Company, the Lion Order. Awaiting him outside were none other than the White Lioness, Gwenneth Asamenth, and her entourage.

After some light conversation, Gwenneth would take the Mythrite Sultan inside the Lion's Den and hear him voice his concerns over the recent turn of events. After reading the missive he received from Lady Chichibi aloud, Gwenneth confirmed his suspicions: the First and the Source were indeed linked, and the fate of the former would directly impact the latter, either for wale or for woe. This was also when Thiji was informed that the Black Wolf, Gaius van Baelsar, still walks among the realm of the living, which was practically mindblowing to him as he directly participated in Operation: Archon. Gwenneth's answer?

"One thing that I've learned in my life of adventuring: if there's no corpse, then there's always a chance that they're alive." And Thiji would hold those words very close to him from now on.

His Angels were always willing to fight, but Thiji treasured each and every one of them; it would be entirely of their volition to journey there and aid Gwenneth's expeditionary forces in healing the realm, placing the utmost faith in the Lion Order. Before their discussion could continue, it would be curtailed after an untimely call from her husband regarding their daughter and an apparent sugar rush.

After exchanging farewells, his next destination would be the private estate of an old friend and fellow genius of gemcraft: Lady Tahrara of the Kivenera Finery Empire. He had first opened with an apology regarding a previous visit while he was still adventuring, as he was pretofore facing tough times. Though nonetheless elated to see his old friend in good health, he openly expressed the topic of love being rather sensitive for him, and that he should have instead given joy that Lady Rajiji was born. She dismissed the notion and forgave him, knowing that his outlook has changed in a more positive light.

"We were bred, to breed." -Tahrara Kivenera

Seeking more evidence to Chichibi's premonitions, he inquired about the First and the Source to her, to which she confirmed its veracity by stating that because of the fact that she now has a family, that she and Dyne are refusing the call. Finding a kindred spirit in her, he explained his piece as well, revealing that he's a merchant-lord deep down, despite a good battle getting the blood flowing. One prospect concerned him, however: should he choose to visit the First, how would he go about doing so? Tahrara would then inform him about the Coinach Sons and NOAH, the expeditionary force that delved into the Crystal Tower some time during the Seventh Astral Era's early stages. If the Allagans were involved in all this, then it's definitely possible that multiple variants of the same world can exist. They would then exchange heartfelt farewells before he gave her one of his rare smiles.

This knowledge, combined with the information he received from Lady Tahrara regarding the Crystal Tower's connection to the First and the Source, made Thiji wonder: if his love life here was terrbile... would a reversal of fortunes be possible in the First?

The Mythril Conundrum

While the Mythrite Sultan was still dubious over the existence of a star and its potential fate in colliding with the Source, he would receive a request from Head Secretary Yuanji to provide a tour of the Mythrite Suites for some new guests. Deciding to take a detour on his way to Aldenard, Thiji arrived in Shirogane to carry out the task, hoping it would take his mind off things. However, he would be met by his Warden of the East, Lior Aras, along with Misstress Felicienne of House Asumiere, the same house from which Navei hails.

They arrived under the pretense of their lord returning, though it was only half true: he made the decision to play a more active role in managing the Regalia with the sudden upsurge in adventuring. After his tour concluded, he confided in them his feelings involving another realm existing. Lior and Felicienne were also skeptical over the matter, and the strange pieces of mythril he presented from his Defense Captain only affirmed their skepticism.

Hoping to glean more insight on the matter, the Mythrite Sultan tasked the two with finding any information regarding the strange metal, and if possible, any further clues or hints towards traversing “the First.” Thus did they commence their mission in earnest, and after several turns of the sun, the two would return to Thiji over at the Aldenard Branch to report their findings over dinner (which made a certain Warden overjoyed over the sight of Dodo).

As a stroke of luck, Lior and Felicienne were able to converse with a Sharlayan scholar by the name of Amenie who had taken refuge within the Jewel of the Sands, Ul'dah. According to her findings, the ore seemed "otherworldly" and possibly being of voidsent origin, though the latter seemed highly unlikely. They even consulted the Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern, who could only deduce that the nugget was forged from regional ores, masquerading as mythril, and holding considerably puissant magical properties. Though that was all the information they could gather, they were told to reconvene with the scholar after a day's time, and during this interim, Thiji would inform his Angels of the situation.

The following evening (7/16/2019) they would be summoned to the Arrzaneth Ossuary, where they would be met by the selfsame scholar Thiji's Wardens befriended, though accompanied by two individuals by the names of Kelden Uchikane and Nako Vesh. While they were at first apprehensive over their first impressions of Thiji being a Monetarist, he and his Wardens assured them that he is one of the "good" nobles, utilizing his wealth for the good and well-being of others (thanks in no small part to a monologue from Lior). Once done so, Amenie had surmised that an anomaly she analyzed in Mor Dhona correlated with the strange ore that she was given, and thus accompanied them to Revanent's Toll to further investigate.

Being no stranger to treacherous terrain, especially that of Mor Dhona, Thiji eagerly accepted, and they would proceed posthaste. Wasting no time, they set out eastward towards the Singing Shards, and the Saint Coinach's Find. After another brief analysis, Amenie cross-referenced it with her previous findings and confirmed that she had witnessed the same anomaly in the foreign Mythril some years ago, when the Students of Baldesion focused their efforts towards unlocking the Crystal Tower's secrets. Hoping to gain more leads, the team engaged in conversation with the Sons, hoping to convince them to gain entry into the tower grounds. Regardless of his previous experiences with the Sons, Thiji and Felicienne's efforts bore little fruit as they were politely declined by Rammbroes, the excavation team's leader. They would then turn to Amenie, who, despite her apparent past altercations, was able to express her passion in pursuing knowledge. They were promised admission so long as they would aid towards maintaining the welfare of the camp.

Now making some headway in their investigation, Lord Thiji retreated to his Aldenard Branch Headquarters to plan his next move as Felicienne stayed behind.

The Solitary Noble: Redux

While the Sharlayan scholar and her associates commenced with their efforts in Saint Coinach's Find, the Mythrite Sultan decided to get some fresh air. This would be all well and good... were it not for the fact that Thiji was still retired. The Angels did not mind too much as they knew their lod was capable of taking care of themselves, but the occurrence struck them nothing short of odd. Astride his chocobo, Glacius, he went off to the "site where his dream died." This cryptic message was the only lead his Angels had, and Susuna Suna took it upon herself to spread the news.

Keeping their new friends abreast of recent events, the Treasurer caught Amenie in the middle of Idyllshire, where she informed her of their Sultan's disappearance. While he was gone for about a day's time at this point, Susuna reassured her that it wasn't any real emergency. The unraveling of the mysterious mythril took precedence as they knew the Mythrite Sultan was not in any true danger.

The following morning (7/22/2019) Himmeya Twelvefist was on shift at the Othard Branch Headquarters. It was there she ran into Sonalice Aida, a voluptuous yet unusual Hyuran woman with ties to Lord Thiji. She has had several encounters with the Regalia's finest throughout her time in the Far East. Her mannerisms and demeanor gave off the impression that she was definitely foreign from this world. Himmeya was more than happy to explain to their honored guest about Eorzea and the surrounding environs, and even shared her backstory with the Mythrite Sultan in hopes that it would help her find him.

Himmeya deducted that Thiji was somewhere around the Fringes in Gyr Abania since that was where she noticed his change in behavior after their mission to rout the Qalyana. She explained to Sonalice about the primal they revere, and how her powers made Lakshmi seem no better than a succubus. Now wanting nothing more than to be by his side, Sonalice hurried to Eorzea to find him.

Some time later that day, she would find Lord Thiji on one of the many hilltops in the Fringes, where he was overlooking the Qalyana stronghold of Djanan Qhat, or "Mother's Bed" in the Ananta's language. Surprised at first, the Mythrite Sultan questioned Sonalice's interest. It turned out, however, that the Elezen truly cared for Thiji's well-being, and lent him her ear. Due to this connection she seemingly had with him, he would divulge his story in vivid detail.

He told her of the play that had enchanted him, and his dream of becoming a Sorceress' Knight; of what truly happened in the First Altar of Djanan Qhat. He explained how his now ex-wife faded from existence due to her own avarice, and how it resulted in the death of not only herself, but of their unborn child (Spire-Less & The End of A Dream). While this was barely the tip of the iceberg, Sonalice was already beginning to well up with tears. Yet he continued his story, and explained to her the Echo, and how it can resist primal tempering, and his rage-fueled battle against the Lady of Bliss.

After he gave her the full rundown, she felt terrible. Sonalice, based on her own memories, thought that this Thiji was the same as the one she knew from another shard, and tried to tantalize him, not knowing of this Lalafell's horrible love life. Now that she knew the truth behind this "grumpy lost child" (as she was wont to call him), her resolve was strengthened, and wanted to do whatever she could to help him get through his malaise.

With her show of empathy (and after shooing away a nosy adventurer), there was no doubt left in Thiji's mind. He offered Sonalice to directly serve the Regalia as an Angel, to which she eagerly accepted. She even became another model for the Regalia, giving Isja a potential rival.

"I hear competition always tends to bring out the best in people." -Thiji, to Sonalice.

About three days later, Thiji would visit Lyriah Karnelle over in Mist to see how she was faring. She invited him inside for tea, and explained his mythril situation with Lyriah, who enthusiastically offered her services to aid in the expedition should the time come. Unexpectedly, Lior Aras also arrived at the scene, partaking of the Ul'dahn Dragoon's many sandwiches. The Mythrite Sultan shared the same story he gave Sonalice to the two, and while Lyriah empathized with him, Lior's reception was different. In his time spent as a gladiator on the Bloodsands he learned a great many things about battle, and (through silly battle-related analogies) correlated his experience with his "battle against love." Eventually, Lyriah would provide further insight on the matter and suggested that Thiji announce his seeking of a worthy Sultana.

While dubious at first over the whole idea, Thiji would nonetheless welcome the thought, but did not shirk the potential challenge it may pose. While mere speeches and guest appearances were of no issue, public declaration of his marital status was definitely something one would consider daring. As he would spend the remainder of that eve mulling it over, his honorary Angel allowed him to stay in her room for the night, which he gladly accepted, welcoming a new change of scenery from his Mhachi coffin.

Opulent Openings

Now on the verge of pinpointing the source of the strange mythril’s origin, the Mythrite Sultan decided to shift his focus. The Mythrite Suites Hotel, the Othard Branch Headquarters located within Hingashi’s residential district, has spent a lot of time in isolation, mainly due to its distance from Eorzea. Another obstacle the Regalia needed to overcome.

With the assistance of an intrepid Thavnairian noble, the Viera known as Jaanavar Vakta was moved by the Regalia’s efforts and offered her services to help put the Regalia on the map in a more active sense. Bestowed the mantle of Coordinator by Thiji, Jaanavar went through great pains in remodeling the Mythrite Suites, from the Nichibotsu to the very guest rooms. With a hookah lounge, onsen, and bar to boot, the new and improved Othard Branch Headquarters was now prepared for a grand opening, with the Head Secretaries and Shiro assisting in advertisement.

On the 4th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon (8/4/2019), the Mythrite Suites opened its doors to the public, and its turnout was much better than the Mythrite Sultan anticipated. From old faces such as Master Lavan Calernaan of the Lion Order, Biri Biri & Pojo Saitou of the Lalafell Parade, Rising Star Tu’shasha Tusha, Liara Lia of the Luna Rose Academy, and even Amenie and her accomplices – to new faces such as Echoing Steel and his fiancée, Pepeko Peko, Playful Blossom, and Fjolnir Drakensbane of the Black Lily – the Regalia’s Opening Night (As it was to be named) was a resounding success; the patrons were satisfied; the performances were spectacular, and the food was amazing.

Another beauty showed itself amidst the crowd: a verdant Plainsfolk lady by the name of Oolala Oola, hailing from the Cieldalaes. She and her flowery family were privy to the realm of high fashion, and sought to offer her expertise and wisdom to the Regalia’s efforts. Though perhaps she could mean something more to Lord Thiji…

Blessed By the Moon

On the 17th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon (8/17/2019), the Mythrite Suites opened its doors once more for the Moonfire Masquerade Ball, and its turnout was much better than the opening night a sennight ago. With a ballroom added to the hotel, and more exquisite performances, another successful eve was under the Regalia's belt. Some exposure of the Eikon Collection was even given as well, allowing the Mythrite Sultan's fashion genius to be known further. After the hotel had closed for the eve, and some pleasantries with Kitten and Sonalice, Thiji paid another old friend a visit: Moonshade Butterfly, the unique Dunesfolk woman with a fine proclivity for Arcanima.

Within the Lavender Beds' shaded boughs did they meet, and it was here that the Mythrite Sultan offered his ally the opportunity of becoming an honorary Angel of the Regalia, praising Lady Moonshade for her unique looks and name, as well as their shared tastes. Afterwards, however, the lovely Dunesfolk woman would present an offer of her own to the Mythrite Sultan, asking to accompany her on her adventures to another world, as she claims to have met someone "handsome and gentlemanly" as he, yet he wore a strange helmet.

"Dwarves, they were called there." -Moonshade Butterfly

This undoubtedly caught Thiji's attention as he immediately explained his "mythril conundrum" to her, to which she surmised that it originated from that same world. Wanting for more information, he pressed the question of how she possessed the means to even traverse other realms in the first place, to which she replied that a "voice" compelled her to the Crystal Tower, and upon laying her hands on a relic, she felt herself being thrust into an entirely different world, to which she replied that it is the same method of travel most adventurers take - teleportation via aetheryte, which entails safe transport to that plane of existence and theirs.

The strange mythril; the Mhachi missive; the Crystal Tower, and the strange voice... Thiji now had all the evidence and knowledge he needed and correlated it with the strange mythril: This ore is from the First, and it was refined by Dwarven hands. Now knowing that a Dwarven version of himself exists, Thiji would now most readily equipped to make the journey there, tempted by the new ideas and styles of the First that would more than stoke the fires of his fashion acumen. But for now, his machinations keep him in the Source, a massive burden lifted from that chance encounter with his new honorary Angel.

The Next Act

Now well into his retirement from adventuring, the Mythrite Sultan himself was highly pleased over the reception of his Power in Beauty Catalogue’s Eikon Collection. The Higuri Regalia was well on its way at becoming a titan of fashion – more than just a gemcraft and textile empire. After some… coercion from his lovable army of assassin-maidservants (more commonly known as his Angels), Lord Thiji Higuri has taken a more active role in the overseeing of his business amidst his retirement.

Resting in the Aldenard Branch Headquarters after a calm bath, the Mythrite Sultan would contemplate within the confines of his Mhachi coffin. As he closed his eyes, he dreamed. He saw himself in the most lavish parties and galas, with people the realm over clothed in the very attire of the PiB Catalogue. Partygoers looked on and exchanged hushed whispers, praising the Lalafellin noble for his fashion acumen and most refined of tastes.

Plays were even made in his honor, which flattered him to such a degree that he was nothing short of embarrassed. But it was during this juncture that he recognized the actors on stage: they bore a striking resemblance to the Majestic Imperial Theater Company of the Prima Vista, the massive airship which housed the selfsame group as they traveled the realm, bringing the magic of theater to the masses. Their biggest and most ambitious of plays was the Zodiac Brave Story, detailing the events of ancient Ivalice which led to the War of the Lions, and Delita Heiral’s rise to power.

This caused the Mythrite Sultan to stir from his mid-afternoon slumber, rising from his bed to rush over to his desk, searching over the tomes he had kept since his first journey to Eorzea. And there it was: the tales of the valiant heroes of Thavnairian legend who saved the realm from utter destruction – the tales of his people.

Then, after another perusal, he would find an old codex he had not used since before the Dragonsong War – the Last Resort. A Zodiac Weapon. Its vast aetherial reserves and esoteric techniques were responsible for many of Nym’s victories during its time. And it was this very same codex that the Nymian hero, Golbas Rombas, saved his people from the Sixth Umbral Calamity of Water. The only piece of the puzzle was how to go about bringing his vision to fruition…

From outside his chambers, Bimala & Ekanta, his Ananta maidservants, and Isja had their ears against the wall, feverishly awaiting their lord’s discovery since he sprung from his nap. All they heard from beyond the wall was one word:


The Mythrite Sultan, with his path now set, was ready to commence the next milestone of his Magnum Opus – a section that will combine the beauty of the Near East with the glorious Zodiac Braves of Ivalician and Thavnairian legend. The time has come for the battlefields of fashion to be seized yet again.

Kikki Ornhjelm of Lepus

Much like the Eikon Collection, the PiB Catalogue had received great praise and adoration yet again with the rise of the Lucavi Assembly. After the conclusion of the Seventh Rising (9/21/2019), he would be met by Lyriah Karnelle, who had questioned the Mythrite Sultan about the arrival of a certain girl, to which Thiji was still oblivious. Further pressing the subject, she realized that he was never informed of such information, and that Amenie and her allies have not spoken with him in over a moon's time. This infuriated the Angel, as their charge was left exclusively in the care of Lior Aras and his companion Stanvise Aseohsch, who were to escort this woman safely to the Regalia.

After about a quarter-bell's time waiting, he would meet his Warden of the West, who had apologized for his tardiness by stating that he discovered some hidden knowledge in regards to his heritage, to which Thiji believed he received from a bad fortune cookie. After a while, their charge would make her grand entrance alongside the Hrothgar - a Viera of dark skin and whitish-grey hair and clothing. She introduced herself as Kikki Ornhjelm of Lepus.

She had somehow arrived upon the Source when Lyriah, Amenie, and the rest of their expedition team (somehow) engaged some Garlean insurgents attempting to reconnoiter the Syrcus Tower. The resulting conflict culminated with the opening of a strange portal from which Kikki was seemingly ejected. With this knowledge, Thiji quickly inquired about their investigation regarding the strange mythril, and his Dwarven counterparts. They all rang true in the ears of the Viis Princess - the First's equivalent of Viera - which gave the Mythrite Sultan a great deal of relief. As a token of thanks, he offered her a spot amongst the fashion elite by having Kikki contribute to the Lucavi Assembly as one of its twelve models.

Originally given the suggestion to seek shelter within the Regalia, the Mythrite Sultan instead presented the counteroffer of exploring Eorzea and beyond with her newfound companions, so that she may have some knowledge and skills of her own to utilize when she makes her trip back. And while it may not have truly been of great concern to Princess Kikki, Thiji asked if his Dwarven self had a significant other. Unfortunately, this also came as true in her ears, which gave Thiji much dismay. She noticed his change in demeanor, but was no less grateful of the kindness and hospitality she had received thus far, promising to return should she have need.

Second Starlight

As a significant amount of time has passed since Princess Kikki and Lord Thiji's first meeting (12/21/2019 since this post was made), she was given plenty of time to explore and take in the sights and sounds of the Source. He had considered aiding the Ishgardians in their restoration efforts in the Firmament, but Thiji did not see the point as he felt he would be better suited to aesthetics instead of construction. While he was grateful for them to open their gates to adventurers during the Dragonsong War's resurgence, the Mythrite Sultan aimed to better the realm with high fashion, as opposed to repairing a single city-state that endured a literal millenium of war. After some well-deserved rest from his latest fashion efforts, the Mythrite Sultan formally asked the Viis princess to a date in honor of the Starlight Festival. She happily accepted, and the two would meet within the twilight boughs of Gridania.

Being from a region in the First whose locale was notably arid, the look and feel of snow was alien to Kikki, much to Thiji's shock. Regardless, the two enjoyed a nice conversation by Westshore Pier; he had informed Princess Kikki about his Angels, its formation, and their purpose in the Regalia, as well as how he had dated a Moon Keeper by the name of Zeiyth Iyerah (First Starlight) during this same event, and how his journies and experiences as an adventurer led him to the man he is today. This revelation made Kikki resolved to help find Thiji's Sultana, to which he cordially invited her to try.

With the memories she's made, and the ones she wishes to make during her time in the Source, Kikki will use this knowledge to better herself and her people when and if she returns to the First, but her enjoyment in a new realm inspired her to find a way to more comfortably traverse the dimensions. Basking in the beauty and glory of winter was a memory she will cherish.

The week following his date with the Viis noble, the Mythrite Sultan would meet with Lyriah Karnelle, his first honorary Angel, in the port town of Kugane. The Dragoon wanted to learn more about the Mythrite Sultan, and he gladly accepted, pointing out that she was the first to care enough about him to inquire such. As they toured the city, Thiji regaled Lyriah with the history behind Thavnair, its situation in the Bounty, and of Radz-at-Han, the city-state and capital of The Bounty's largest landmass. He also informed her of his upbringing: how his father Fafastima passed down the Soul of the Sultan to him, and how Mimizo - The Valide Sultan of the Regalia - taught him in the ways of courtship and good etiquette.

As his history lesson continued, Lyriah became increasingly surprised at the revelation of the non-aggression pact that was formed between Thavnair and Garlemald, giving the Regalia as much room as it desired to flourish and prosper without fear of incursion. As their date culminated at the Tasogare Bridge, Thiji further spoke of the primary reason as to why he works in such an assiduous manner: the desire to be remembered. Their poor love lives are the main thing the two of them share, and it is because of this fact that Thiji is closest to her than any of his other honorary Angels. Lyriah had even wondered if she should continue fighting until the day she meets her end, or finally settle down and adopt a child who has suffered much and more from the effects of war. While he could not answer that for her, Lyriah was assured knowing that she can pass on to the afterlife with no regrets if she is not forgotten - which is doubly so for the Mythrite Sultan, since being a noble further adds on the pressure of obtaining an heir to secure his bloodline. While he would have enjoyed having a direct descendant, he is content with his younger brother and Umimi doing the job for him.

Thankful for the wonderful memories Kikki had made together with Thiji thus far, coupled with the heart-to-heart with Lyriah, the year was coming to an end. He would exchange farewells to them as the Mythrite Sultan informed them of his latest goal as their dates drew to a conclusion: his third clothing line.

This time challenging himself, this line may be his most ambitious one yet, and for this, he will require an expedition to a place once forgotten by most sky pirates and adventurers alike:

The Diadem.

Rebirth of a Tradition

As the Mythrite Sultan's latest fashion efforts proceeded apace while preparing for his expedition to the heavens, he had received information from his Angels in the Aldenard Branch, who had successfully foiled a ploy by the Alacran to secure the Thorne Dynasty's treasury. Relayed by the Head Secretaries to Advisor Veeveena, Thiji was informed that the Little Ladies' Day festivities were returning to Eorzea (3/2/2020). The news that followed, however, would bring some hope back to the Mythrite Sultan's eyes:

"Little Ladies’ Day has returned, and the Songbirds have abdicated the stage this year." -Veeveena Veena

The implications of a Little Ladies' Day returning to normal was practically the greatest news he received in winters. A brief exchange of words roused the Mythrite Sultan to recover from his malaise and re-embrace his family tradition, but in his own special way. To blend his family's ancient ways with that of the Regalia's tenents, he would serve as the seneschal to the many women of Eorzea.

Dubbing this event the "Princesses' Gathering", Thiji catered to Princesses from all around Eorzea and beyond, flocking to the Othard Branch Headquarters to partake in the icy blue splendor of the Mythrite Sultan-turned-Seneschal. With Angel Kitten serving as greeter, Wardens Navei and Lior keeping security, along with his enigmatic Guard Captain "Fantasia", the Princesses' Gathering would proceed smoothly and seamlessly. Though some requests were more unorthodox than others (some Princesses even desiring a kiss from Thiji, and others looking for suitors, to name a few), Thiji fulfilled each and every last one with utmost efficiency and humility - the ideal seneschal. Old friends such as Pojosama Saitou and Tu'shasha Tusha even made their appearance to enjoy the festivities as well.

In a most unexpected turn, there were men dressed as women, even. Being the good sport that he is, the Mythrite Sultan humored them as they made the long trek eastward. To culminate the event, the Angel Sonalice Aida absconded a rather passionate kiss from Thiji. Needless to say, it was rather enjoyable for both parties. However, all good things come to an end, and with the last of the festivities winding down, Thiji's time as seneschal was over, and his agenda continued apace.

But those hearts he's touched and lives he's changed will surely not forget the hospitality and generosity of the Regalia anytime soon. Of that, he was certain.

Breaking the Vapidity

Countless suns spent toiling away at his latest fashion project was beginning to introduce some monotony in the Mythrite Sultan. With the Head Secretaries all working towards the next Largesse with their respective teams, the young merchant-lord needed a way to break the tedium. There had been numerous whispers and talks about a sport played underwater known as Blitzball, which struck Lord Thiji as odd at first. Having nothing to lose from humoring this, he deducted that viewing such an event would be a distraction - pleasant or otherwise - from his work. He summoned Lyriah Karnelle for a second date, and they made for the Ruby Sea to catch the Menphina Madness Tournament's Semi-finals.

A few exchanges of idle banter later, they arrived at the Rasen Kaikyo, where they dove underwater to the Anemone Sea Gardens. A crowd was already starting to gather, as the two began taking in the sights and sounds of the deep. What first caught the Mythrite Sultan's eye was the several groups of people strewn about the stadium; they were color-coded. These were no doubt the various teams representing their nation in the Blitzball League (which still shocked the merchant-lord that one ever existed).

Ala Mhigo, Gridania, even Garlemald and Ivalice were present, and numerous people were gathering by the minute. Still skeptical over how they would even authorize such an event, Thiji sat by with Lyriah until that evening's match began (5/15/2020): a "Second Chance" grudge match between Ala Mhigo's Thunder Coeurls and the Gridania Sea Chocobos. The residing official was a Lalafellin slumlord on a flying chair by the name of Don Coconero, who seemed to have been enjoying himself with his embellished speeches and introductions. What truly shocked the Mythrite Sultan was who was in the Thunder Coeurls' team: M'zhet Tia, the bumbling Miqo'te youth of the M Tribe that makes their home in Gyr Abania. Noting how much of a grand tale this would be to tell to his Angels - Bimala & Ekanta, especially - he would continue humoring this escapade to its end.

And thus the match began.

The Autumn War Rematch

Following some rather inspiring words from the Don (and some rather interesting music choices), the Blitzball was thrown and the match began. Thiji analyzed the events unfolding from within the stadium, getting a rudimentary understanding of the game and how it is played. A large sphere was made prior to the game's commencement which made the arena of play, answering his previous question of how such a game could be played in open water.

The battle seemed to be rather heated, with the Sea Chocobos' goalie, Scorpius Tacita, repeatedly chanting: "DEATH!" to their opposition, earning the ridicule of several members in the crowd (namely the Garlemald Salt Barons). Lyriah was beginning to grow antsy, cursing the fact that she had not brought her lance. Humoring her, Thiji took from Glacius' saddlebag some materials and crafted one utilizing High Mythrite, as a "just in case" measure. Considering the animosity between both nations, it made a bit more sense as to why tensions were so high between them, though whether their actions were justified was still up for discussion. The Sea Chocobos and Thunder Couerls put up valiant efforts, and the onset of tackling and actual fisticuffs intrigued the Mythrite Sultan. Actual combat in an underwater sport; who knew?

Eventually the Gridanians would score a goal on the Thunder Coeurls, which came as no big surprise to Thiji considering who their goalie was (M'zhet). Whether he had more delusions of grandeur, something to prove, or an otherwise "genius idea", the Tia of the M Tribe had devised a way to turn things around for his team. The Mythrite Sultan could only watch with feverish anticipation.

His first time with the ball, he attempted to shoot it towards the opposing team's goal, which ended in drastic failure. Lyriah was showing some signs of excitement for this game, even inquiring as to which team Lord Thiji rooted for. His answer?

"Lady Lyriah, I'm a merchant-lord, not a cheerleader."

Further attempting to "stand out" as the time began winding down, M'zhet had decided to utilize his own face to block the ball. It was... successful, but it easily earned some of the Hannish merchant-lord's venom. Regardless, the battle ended, and with a final score of 1 to 0, the Gridania Sea Chocobos claimed victory over their archnemeses.

Greatly entertained, the Mythrite Sultan waited until the celebrations died down and approached the victors of the eve. After some polite words with the team's goalie, he sought out their Captain, Aedwen Tyrer. Ever prepared, Lord Thiji presented two large bags, each containing one million gil, to the winning players. He recalled hearing amidst Don Coconero's embellishments that the Sea Chocobos were the least financially stable of the entire league, and sought to alleviate that somewhat. Their reactions were nothing short of priceless, which Lyriah later pointed out. Among their team's roster was Tala Kava, a dancer born in Thavnair with relations to a merchant princess from the same nation. Accepting the earnings with gratitude, Captain Aedwen ordered her team to bow to the Hannish merchant-lord and fashion nabob, while also providing them copies of the PiB Catalogue.

An entertaining evening was had by all, and Lord Thiji and Lyriah left the stadium with no regrets. Now all that remained was to spin the yarn of what would be known as "The Autumn War Rematch" to his Angels and associates...

Doors Open to A New Stage

A week had passed since the Autumn War rematch. After the closing ceremonies on the evening prior (And a failed attempt by Lyriah and Sonalice at getting Thiji to dance), the finals match of the Menphina Madness season took place on the 16th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon (5/16). With Sonalice in tow, the Mythrite Sultan made the trek to the Ruby Sea to witness the battle between the Ivalice High Seraphs and the Gridania Sea Chocobos. Much drama and aplomb was had as both teams fought viciously as the match began, with the players from the other teams in the league filling the stadium - a full house.

Somewhere into the battle, Lord Thiji was slowly getting into the spirit of competition. He had thrown his own share of jeers at the opposing team as the Sea Chocobos expertly maneuvered through their monologues and caped costumes. Eventually he had even begun to mimic the sounds a Chocobo makes, which delighted Sonalice greatly. The sheer sight of combat only compounded that jubilation. Among the High Seraphs' roster were individuals dressed as key figures of the Zodiac Brave Story... and a Behemoth-looking Hrothgar.

There were numerous embellishments by Don Coconero who was officiating the entire event - some silly; some questionable. The players were even reading lines from a script in the middle of the match. It truly was Madness with a capital "M". Once the grueling battle had ended, the Gridania Sea Chocobos came out on top with a final score of 3-1, solidifying their second championship in the Hydaelyn Blitzball Association.

Elated by this, the Mythrite Sultan covered the expenses for Blitzball souvenirs for the entire stadium, which everyone could not help but oblige. The Higuri Regalia became the official sponsors of the Gridania Sea Chocobos the evening prior, but with this championship victory, Lord Thiji was more than pleased. This would undoubtedly make things a lot less dull, finally finding some enjoyment in his life as a retired adventurer. With the Regalia's foot in the door, their future seemed to be all the better as they not only helmed the realm of fashion, but now had a professional team for which to provide, with the Mythrite Sultan even entertaining the thought of enlisting a Thavnair team. But that may not be for a long while.

An Opulent Return

After numerous moons gathering resources, the Regalia hosted its third Largesse on the week of the 2nd Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon (6/2/2020). A much greater turnout was had this time around, with wanderers from different worlds even flocking over to the Aldenard Branch Headquarters to partake in the week-long festivities. One of the patrons who stood out from the rest was a rare sight to behold: An Ul'dahn philanthropist by the name of Zezeriku, of House Dede. He headed the Dederiku Tradeworks, a company with similarities to that of the Regalia's, and was one of the few who attended all five days leading up to the raffle.

However, the Mythrite Sultan would not rest for too long. Following the Largesse's conclusion, he would receive a visit from his cousin, Celuwen. She stole into the dead of night to seek out the Regalia to bring news most terrible. Sesena then relayed this over to her sisters and the Ananta twins before finally disclosing it to their lord:

“…The Valide Ssultan has been captured.” -Bimala

Upon hearing those words, Thiji sprung from his bed and called for them to ready his weapons before uttering a phrase on the linkpearl...

“O dearest Angels, from flowers born, bear unto this realm your thorns.”

This statement roused a fire in the hearts of every Angel who answered it, and Thiji, who had not been adventuring for quite some time, was still more than ready to face combat yet again. After plotting their rescue efforts they dubbed "Operation: Mythril Waves", they set out towards the Bounty, where they last heard of the Valide Sultan's whereabouts. The Bounty Brigands, the pirate gang responsible for the kidnapping, was led by a Roegadyn by the name of Gracious Coeurl. Apparently they captured her on that same week that the Largesse took place, and were bound for Uznair to stow her away in return for an extortionate ransom.

They would not get that chance, however. Before too long, they would bear the might of Thiji's Angels, utilizing their new vessels - the airship Mamai's Vigil, and the submersible, Jaanavar's Vision - to intercept them before they would even have Uznair in their sights. A massive battle broke out on the outskirts of the Sea of Jade, malms away from the Sirensong Sea. Their plan consisted of using Isja, Sonalice, and Playful Blossom to lure the other half of their fleet. Meanwhile, Himmeya and Lord Rhaegos - who had returned from a long stint in the Azim Steppe - stowed in the lower decks and disabled the cannoneers on the ships supporting the second flagship - the Blissful Bosom. At that same time the main host arrived to attack the main ship which held the Valide Sultan - the Gilded Blade.

After a frightening display of skill and power, the Bounty Brigands found themselves overpowered and outmatched, and Lord Thiji's mastery over Blissful Aether only sealed their fate. Another Lalafell was on board, serving as the captive's escort. This eventually turned out to be Lord Fafastima, Thiji's father, and the Valide Sultan was none other than Lady Mimizo, his wife, and mother of Thiji. This event also revealed that she was an exceptional combatant, using her own specialized bladed fans which Veeveena acquired from the Main Branch. Beating Gracious Coeurl to an inch of his life, the day was finally won, and the Bounty Brigands surrendered.

Fafastima and Mimizo expressed their gratitude to their son and the Angels for their timely arrival before disclosing to them that this kidnapping was staged; Mimizo allowed herself to be captured so that herself and her husband would undermine their plans to seize their fleet and annex them into the Regalia by means of establishing a merchant guild. At that same time, Thiji explained to his Angels not born of the Near East about the secret truth of Thavnairian society: Radz-at-Han is a pirate haven, and its ruling body consists of noble houses, leading to the conclusion that Thiji's family, along with Sesena's sisters and Lelena's sisters, are pirates, which justifies their impressive seafaring ability.

An even more shocking prospect is that there are more heirs to the Higuri Clan than originally imagined. Fafastima and Mimizo did not want the full burden of securing their line to Thiji and Horu, so they ensured its survival by producing at least six (based on the names Mimizo gave). The Angels were astonished over how well Mimizo was able to keep her form and vigor as a result. The Mythrite Sultan returned home, preparing to unveil his latest fashion project.

Disbanding the Bounty Brigands, Lord Fafastima converted them and their remaining fleet into the Mythril Wavetraders, a merchant guild within the Regalia that would serve as their extension through Hydaelyn's waters. The surviving pirates went under their employ, with Gracious Coeurl becoming Lord Fafastima's First Mate. With this, the Regalia maintained its golden age of power, beauty, and profit.

Theme Music

Standard Themes

Main: Grand Kingdom OST - Young, Magical Leader

Main 2 (Mythrite Shah): Two Steps From Hell - Merchant Prince

The Higuri Regalia: Grand Kingdom OST - The Northern Wastes

Planning/Preparation: Shin Sangokumusou 4 OST - Intelligent Boys

Rallied: Shin Sangokumusou 7 OST - Jin - Majestic ALTERED BLUE V. Crossroads

Happy/Victorious: - Shin Sangokumusou 5 OST - Spring of the East

Battle Themes

Standard/PvP: Gods Eater OST - Voice of the Blizzard

Scholar Thiji: Shin Sangokumusou 3 OST - Sacred Night

Scholar Thiji (Mini-Bosses; Duties): Shin Sangokumusou 4 OST - Condensed

Scholar Thiji (Bosses/Primals): Shin Sangokumusou 5 OST - Geniuses' Sanctuaries

Black Mage Thiji: Shin Sangokumusou 3 OST - In Full Bloom

Black Mage Thiji (Mini-Bosses; Duties): Shin Sangokumusou 3 OST - My Bad Fellow

Black Mage (Bosses/Primals): Shin Sangokumusou OST - Last Stand

Vs. Garleans: Shin Sangokumusou 3 OST - Desperate Scheme

Vs. Shiva: - Infinite Undiscovery OST - Ferocious Valor

Vs. Garuda: - Infinite Undiscovery OST - Fearsome Strength

Vs. Ravana: - Infinite Undiscovery OST - Towering Behemoth

Vs. Lakshmi: - Infinite Undiscovery OST - Divine Wings

Disciple of the Hand Themes

Weaver Thiji: Infinite Undiscovery OST - Pure Alabaster

Chef Thiji: Ragnarok Online 2 OST - Alberta City

Alchemist Thiji: Ragnarok Online OST - Al De Baran

Trivia & Headcanon

  • Despite being retired from adventuring, Thiji can still make appearances. If an event is significant enough and/or is a benefit to the Regalia in some manner, he will make the trek across the Sea of Jade in order to attend.

- And just because he is capable of teleporting doesn't mean he's obligated to. Plus, in his own words, it's "too convenient."

  • Those who serve as models for the Mythrite Sultan's projects usually keep the item for which they showcase as a token of gratitude.
  • It is commonly known across the realm that many Lalafell are born of both Dunesfolk and Plainsfolk descent. Thiji's line, however, has been purely Dunesfolk for as long as his clan can remember.
  • Thiji has realized the fact that the Regalia's slogan pays homage to a more well-known phrase spoken by adventurers: "Glamour is the real endgame."
  • There are no Miqo'te or Auri maidservants within the Regalia. The reasoning behind this is due to the "reputation" they have in Eorzea, according to some Regalia employees.

- Though they can be Thavnair-born, they are still of no exception.

  • While not well-known by Eorzeans, Thiji Higuri has utilized his innate alchemy knowledge to create his own brand of perfume, as Thavnairians are wont to do in order to combat the intense heat of their home. As this brand, known as "Winter Mint," gives off a unique aroma which makes one almost swear they're experiencing the season of snow.

-By extension, the Higuri Regalia's chefs have also created a Winter Lassi variant, with a chilling sensation so potent that it would make even the Lady of Frost shiver. As the mint variety of lassi is known for its ability to combat high temperatures, while its sweeter counterpart can alleviate the burn of spicy dishes, this "Winter Lassi" is the best of both worlds.

  • Somewhere down the line, there have been rumors about Sunsilk Tapestries creating a line of plush dolls in the likeness of Thiji Higuri. This would become truth when he saw one of his honorary Angels embracing one in her arms one day. Though at first the Mythrite Sultan was considering a request to accrue royalties, he rejected the notion if it indirectly aided in his quest by bringing joy to the women (and some men) of the realm.
  • Thiji has made several appearance at events occurring around Eorzea and beyond. He was even seen speaking with the Sultana herself, Nanamo ul Namo, during the inauguration of "Laladay," a special event dedicated to the diminutive race's accomplishments and contributions to the realm's prosperity.

-He has even established good rapport with Flame General Pipin Tarupin as well.

  • The way Telphie Higuri carries herself beside the Mythrite Sultan has led numerous individuals laboring under the delusion that Thiji finally found himself a significant other. Those who know him well enough, however, know not to fall for such an obvious trap.

- In hindsight, perhaps the biggest reason as to why Thiji doesn't have a permanent significant other at this point is probably because that, with the right match, his would be the power couple that could rule the world.

  • The vendors within the Regalia's Aldenard Branch HQ are placeholder NPCs for several of Thiji's Angels:
- The Material Supplier is Sosona Sona.
- The Mender is Susuna Suna.
- The Materia Melder is Sesena Sena.
- The Junkmonger is Meriri Meri.
- The Estate Maidservant is Shishira Shira.
- The Journeyman Salvager is Swoztu Wuotwyrstwyn.
  • The vendors within the Mythrite Suites Hotel are also placeholder NPC's:
- The Materia Melder is Lelena Lena.
- The Mender is Himmeya Twelvefist.
- The Material Supplier is Luluma Luma.
- The Junkmonger is Lilina Lina.
- The Hokonin is Koyuki Koki.
  • Prior to leaving his homeland, Thiji's solace for his once friend-turned-servant Shishira resulted in her discharge from service. During the time she had spent under him, however, she was treated with kindness from the young lord, for Thiji does not condone tyrannical treatment, especially to those under his wing. Because of this, the two of them were able to rekindle their old friendship.
  • Thiji actually has a considerably extensive collection of mounts, but the only one he trusts is his lifelong companion, Glacius. He utilizes certain other mounts when he is cosplaying.
  • The Blissful Shroud Thiji acquired from his encounter with Lakshmi became a prized possession of his. Being made aware of its unique qualities, he uses it as a blanket when he sleeps, ensuring a restful slumber whenever he retires for the evening.
-In addition to the Blissful Shroud, Thiji dons a full set of jewelry created in the likeness of Lakshmi, its magical properties giving him some modicum of serenity.
-Fridge logic could also dictate that because very few people are actually aware of the tragedy he suffered following his battle with the Lady of Bliss - combined with his ex-wife disappearing from existence - that Thiji is, by technicality, still a bachelor.
  • Even after studying under the Vira for their mastery of goldsmith and magic, Thiji had already learned to do so himself, but only to an extent. Since he has an extreme attunement to ice, he was able to utilize the aether radiating from the chandeliers in his Aldenard Branch headquarters to create specially-commissioned jewelry for his friends. With the Ananta's training, he is capable of doing the same thing for other elements, forgoing the need of a forge for some of his work.
  • The early chapter titled "Finding the Tactician" is a reference to Romance of the Three Kingdoms's three visits to the thatched cottage, with the events occurring during that period bearing similarities to the three times Thiji was visited by the Adventure League.
  • Thanks to a fated visit from a Lalafellin lady seeking a Dwarf Rabbit, Thiji had managed to secure a steady supply of tea to his patronees of the Lion Order, ensuring no "Tea Talk Session" goes without its key component.
  • On certain actions which require the user to jump a certain height (Royal Authority; Carve & Spit; Howling Fist, etc), Thiji tends to leap higher than normal, adding a bit more power and flair to his combat style.
  • Although he does not admit this openly, Thiji Higuri is actually an exceptionally good singer, even before he took up the bow. Whether at home or on the battlefield, he is humming some sort of tune to himself. His poetic aptitude and tendency to rhyme occasionally attests to this.
  • A claymore made of pure mythrite made by an elite Allagan enthusiast named Kaim Kralj rests on a wall in Thiji's office. Further inspection reveals words saying, "As long as you make it out of a battle alive, you're one step closer to fulfilling your dream."
  • Thiji's favorite word is "imbecile." His preferred catchphrase is The mind shall vanquish the sword!
  • Gwenneth Asamenth was not the first to suggest establishing a base in Othard. Navei Asue, one of the Mythrite Shah's longtime associates, has served an extensive military career within the Immortal Flames in which he gained pertinent information he deemed important to disclose to Thiji, making him the true arbiter of the Othard Initiative.
  • At the Church of Saint Adama Landama, where Thiji's first-ever lover is buried, her tombstone is made entirely of Mythril, adorned with Azeyma Roses and her smithing equipment. The epitaph on the tombstone reads: "Here lies Lady Mamai Sor Mai - a Sultana worthy of the name. Though she was blind, her vision was greater than any in all the land. May she now find peace in the aetherial plane."
  • The title of "Lady" and the royal name of "Sor" was given to Mamai Mai posthumously, in honor of being the first -- and presumably the only -- woman to ever fall in love with the Mythril Prince.
  • Thiji despises Valentione's Day, despite the fact that he fell in love with Nanago Nago on this particular holiday. He is so repulsed by it that he doesn't even mention it by name.
  • Adding to the above statement, Thiji is also not very pleased with what Little Ladies' Day - the only holiday he actually enjoys due to a family tradition - has become in recent moons. In essence, he no longer enjoys any known holiday.
  • He is a close friend of Ari Amariyo, also known as the Spriggan Queen, and adamantly supports her "Spriggan Network" in which she rules over.
  • Thiji's other alias is Duke of Disdain which was the result of the disdained glares that Thiji shoots at friends and foes alike.
  • Much to the chagrin of many, Thiji's favorite area of interest is the Aurum Vale primarily for its vast Mythril deposits. With the various complaints from adventurers, on top of its (easily dispatched) dangers, he faces little to no competition in acquiring its resouces, granting him a nigh-limitless supply of Mythril.
  • Very few people notice, but Thiji wears makeup, primarily around the lip area.
  • Thiji's "North Wind" standard theme was used during a time when he was playing under the moniker of the North Wind - an unnamed legendary Bard of the Order of the Twin Adders that existed in the Sixth Umbral Era who was the talk of the Immortal Flames. He now assumes this guise whenever there is a song to be sung to uplift the souls of all who listen.
  • Thiji loves to read romance novels, and he is not afraid to admit it!
  • He keeps a copy of The Spear that was given to him by Nanago Nago for two main reasons: because he is an adamant follower of the Fury, and that it, combined with The Spire, revealed that She had planned for Thiji to be in a relationship with Nanago. After her spontaneous death, however, he no longer possesses the card, casting it into the abyss after a fated encounter with the Lady of Bliss.
  • Although he hates a lot of things about the realm, the only people he truly cannot stand are Lord Lolorito (and more specifically the current Syndicate as a whole), Rowena, and the Garlean Empire.
-He even refers to the Garleans as "Tryhardeans" due to their repeated attempts at conquering Eorzea.  "You would think that they'd take a hint by now..."
-Despite this, however, the only Garlean Thiji has some modicum of respect for is Gaius van Baelsar, whose standpoint towards dealing with Eorzea's primal problems actually made sense in a logical way.
  • When served deviled eggs, Thiji enjoys them topped with a sprinkle of ground pearl ginger.
  • Thiji is a big fan of fish and baklava - a Near Eastern confectionery.
  • All of Thiji's battle themes as a Scholar are from the various Battle of Wu Zhang Plains themes from TECMO KOEI's Shin Sangokumusou series. This is an homage to his strategic wit and cunning on the battlefield.
  • One of Thiji's favorite plays tells the tale of a young warrior who becomes the protector of a powerful female mage whom is defending her country from invading forces. It touches him so much that he sometimes questions his "worth" as a knight if he could not protect his first-ever deceased lover, whom he called his sorceress.
-In recent days since his retirement, however, he has dismissed such troubling thoughts from his mind.  There is no point in dwelling over matters beyond his control.
  • The specific themes he has against the Lady of Frost, the Lady of the Vortex, the Lord of the Hive, and the Lady of Bliss are an homage to the four primals that have played a large part in Thiji's life in some way, shape, or form.
  • Thiji continuously claims that he does not dance, when he is in fact quite the peerless skill of one - a talent he endeavors to keep well-hidden.
  • Though not necessarily a strength, after a reunion with Hollow Thorn, it has been confirmed that Thiji tends to have prophetic dreams, giving much-needed insight on events yet to come.
  • Thiji's affinity for ice allows him access to a powerful limit break which is unique in the essence that its potency is influenced entirely by the amount of Angels within his immediate proximity at the time of casting. His spell of choice is Freeze, which upgrades in level as more Angels support him, up to a maximum level of X.