Tiorq Ghoti

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Tiorq Ghoti
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Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ul'dahn
Age 30
Height 6'7"
Weight 260
Profession Jack-of-all-Trades
Patron Deity Rhalgr
Server Balmung

Tiorq Ghoti "Shark Fish"


Tiorq usually appears as a stern and looming fellow with Flaming orange hair with natural black stripes, a natural, deep tan, and piercing green eyes. He also has markings on his face, both sides having stripes, six dots upon his forehead, and a scar over his right eye.


"As far as I know, according to Saghula, they found me floating in a drawer, amidst bits of a wrecked ship, that's make they did not recognize. They had heard the sounds deep in the night... Heard as the dreaded Leviathan roared, summoned by those foul, corrupted ones. The others of Saghula's tribe did not question him, or so he says, when he made the decision to take me, and keep me as one of their own. As I grew, I learned, and quickly, to hear Sgovko tell it. They could never get me into the deep waters, though... but always came to me first for landwalks. Years I lived and learned with them, never getting to know my own people, and regretting it immensely the first time I finally saw what they do, first hand. The call came in the dead of night, and I missed the initial sounding. I know now that it was a Maelstrom ship, though it was pirates aboard. I got to the door of my hut, and found it sealed shut. I could not force it open, I could not force my way through it, nor could I any other part of my home, not from lack of trying, I assure you that. I could hear the terror that was happening outside, mere fulms from where I stood, eager to help my family... Yes, those Sahagin were the only family or friends I had ever known, and I was helpless to aid them. All I could do was listen to those men and women kill my brothers and sisters... and then rummage through the clutch, before they set everything ablaze. I'm still not certain how, but I know it must have been some kind of magic, my entire hut was undamaged. Still, I could not exit... not until day finally broke. What I witnessed, and all I went through the next few days... I'm afraid those memories are for me, and perhaps one day, mine."


Tiorq is typically calm and quiet. He believes heartily that a calm mind keeps the body prepared, so when his opinion is voiced one should carefully consider it... before completely disregarding it, as is often done, though his advice be rather sound and logical. When he raises his voice, however, people tend to listen, given the lack of alternative options. Should someone manage to actually let his entire fuse burn down, he will neither hesitate, nor give warning before he takes action. He will strike with speed and accuracy, as well as a deep knowledge gained from years of honing his skills in true life or death combat, years before he even made his way to the shores of Eorzea.

Affiliations and Known Associates

If you do not know who Tiorq can be found with, or where he can usually be found, then you probably have no need to find him, in which case, you can go along your merry way.


  • Nicknames: None as of yet
  • Age: 30
    • Nameday: 32st Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon (Literally the day he was given his name, not the date of his birth)
  • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Straight
    • Marital Status: In a Relationship
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Height: Six fulms Seven ilms
  • Weight: 260
  • Body: Muscular, well toned
  • Hair: Flame orange w/natural black stripes
  • Eyes: Deep Sea Green
  • Skin: Heavy natural Tan
  • Clothing: Anything Comfortable, so long as it doesn't make him look like an idiot


  • Being helpful
  • Sensible people
  • Exploring his options
  • Keeping himself busy
  • Intelligent conversation


  • Impatience
  • Asking his advice or opinion and then being completely ignored on the matter
  • Liars
  • Acting first, thinking never
  • Starting a conversation

Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: MNK-SMN (more as they come)
  • Crafting: All being worked on
  • Other: Information gathering. Lending aid. Busywork.


  • His personal code of honor
  • Sympathy/Empathy toward others
  • His uncanny ability to be overlooked
  • Quick wits and ability to adapt to situations quickly
  • Unwavering. (Loyalty, beliefs, world-view, etc.)


  • Dislikes initiating anything.
  • Always expects the worst.
  • S'hera Akas
  • Violently allergic to ongoing stupidity.
  • His personal code of honor

Other Notes

Nothing as of yet


While not particularly religious, he does honor the Twelve, though this is most often only seen when parting his presence.


He has a severe dislike of water deeper than his knees, though he is trying to overcome that. He can swim, barely, but enough to buy him a bit of time. He tends to crinkle his nose when he hears something he finds distasteful or dislikes in general. He is almost always watching people, he's only been mingling for a few years, so he's always looking for some new little thing to learn about them.


His equipment changes often, and he has little fashion sense, so if he likes the way something looks, and can fight in it as well, then he'll wear it.


The following rumors can be heard about Tiorq, predominantly in The Quicksand. (If your character has an opinion about him, feel free to add it here.)

Common rumors

  • He's Roegadyn. -False... to his knowledge.

Uncommon rumors

  • He was raised by Sharks. -False

Rare rumors

  • He's part Miqo'te. -False... to his knowledge

What PCs are saying

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  • My rumor here!
  • He's like a tiger-that doesn't know how to swim!! Though he's an excellent homemaker so that makes up for it. - S'imba Tia


Known Haunts

You might have run into or otherwise know Tiorq from:

  • Ul'dah in general
  • Any of the Gathering/Crafting guilds
  • Almost anywhere out and about Eorzea
  • The Quicksand

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