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Mazin Khin is a wildwood elezen of Ishgardian descent, exiled for crimes of both blood and family. Raised to be a lancer in a middle class family and meant to serve one of the High Houses as a bannerman alongside his twin brother, circumstances eventually altered his fate drastically and forced him into fleeing his homeland. Mazin is a potential red mage, but remains largely undisciplined in his abilities. Even his minor healing magicks leave something to be desired and normal spellcasting has a tendency to go wildly awry.


The most prominent feature of Mazin's appearance is his mint green hair and bright sea green eyes, traits of his family line and while not suspected at first, eventually became associated with the possibility of heretical blood in their veins. Other than that, Mazin's appearance is one of a former lancer and wanderer- a lean but muscular build, a slightly tanned complexion from days wandering under the sun, and various scars, both old and new brought on from fights, failed pickpocket attempts, miscast magicks, and past incidents, both accidental and intentional. He dresses himself to the best of his abilities, wearing various robes, armor, and light clothing as he sees fit and keeps a generally clean, if slightly dusty, appearance. He keeps his hair long and likes to keep it tied back, rarely letting it down unless grooming and maintaining basic hygiene. Mazin has a fondness for leather pants and tough, road worthy boots.
Aspects That Stand Out:
Often wears floral scented cologne- roses or lily of the valley.
Generally keeps a rather blithe expression on his face.
Keeps many forms of illusion generating prisms and trick cards on his person.


Mazin is a man who enjoys simply gliding through life, doing what he wants and is generally of a somewhat lazy, easy going mindset. Not much can motivate him to fight or argue and insults rarely phase him, often times just outright ignoring most thrown his way or blithely turning the situation around into one of joking, self deprecation or ridicule at the expense of his detractors. He is, by his own admission, a bit of a sarcastic asshole and mouths off at times where he would best be served at keeping his mouth shut. There are times, however, that he shows an extremely serious, darkly angry side and he never forgets a wrong or injustice, especially if it is someone he considers precious or innocent that is on the receiving end of such things. And for all his joking around and acting the fool, Mazin expects the absolute worst of everyone he meets regardless of their intent- past experiences having colored his point of view to the point of being jaded. He just doesn't let it show until driven to do so.


Magic tricks and performing. Mazin is extremely fond of his work as a magician, performing illusionary magic with various types of prisms and card tricks.
Sweets. Candy, chocolate, various types of cakes and other sweets are one of his favorite ways to enjoy the day.
Travel. Mazin is a wanderer at heart, finding it difficult to stay for terribly long in any one place. He also deeply enjoys exploring old ruins, interesting landscapes and seeing new sights.
Sleep and relaxation. Enjoys naps and taking things easy.
Weapons and combat training. Though a non-confrontational sort, Mazin enjoys practicing and maintaining his lancer training and swordsmanship. He often begins his morning with routine practices to get in the mood to work or travel for the day.


Pressure. Expectations on his spellcasting and being forced to perform at the demands of others is something Mazin deeply despises and fears.
Familiarity. Mazin is someone who prefers to keep a distance from others and people who get too close or express an unwarranted interest in him or use cutesy nicknames often earn his complete ignoring or rarely, his annoyance.
Confrontation and violence. Belligerence, arguments, and general violence are things Mazin prefers to avoid or just outright ignore if possible. He considers such things a waste of time and energy on his part and doesn't like the risk a fight brings in making him cast magic. However, if driven into a corner or seeing someone precious or innocent at harm will often motivate him to take up their defense or fight back.
Imprisonment. Due to past experiences and trauma, Mazin has a mild fear of imprisonment, of losing his freedom and at times, grows anxious in confined spaces if left alone in one too long.
Identity. Having been given a new name, Mazin considers his old name and identity a thing to be forgotten. Being reminded, forced to acknowledge or generally confess to his past is something Mazin hates deeply.


Illusions and Tricks. Mazin practices sleight-of-hand, the creation of various prisms for different effects, and other types of tricks.
Archaeology. A ruins enthusiast, Mazin enjoys learning about different histories and lands as well as personally exploring ruins, whether undiscovered or not.
Aetheric Research. Due to his own aetheric composition and untapped magic abilities, Mazin looks into various aetheric research and spellcraft books on how to control and further expand his knowledge and abilities. His ultimate goal is to temper or master his potential at last and reduce his risk for miscasts and accidents.
Martial Training. Mazin enjoys the practice and discipline of swordsmanship and his lancer training, keeping himself at the very least prepared to defend himself on his travels and in his research.


Adaptability. One of Mazin's greatest strengths is his ability to simply roll with whatever comes his way and adapt to his circumstances. He is a fast learner, capable of picking up and putting to use most information and circumstances that comes his way.
Insight. Intuitive and an eye for detail, Mazin is good at picking up and gaining an understanding of his surroundings and most people, which often saves him when things go awry from one of his tricks or spells.
Empathy. Mazin is often willing to do what he feels is best for others and expresses empathy and understanding as well as kindness to those who he feels deserve it.


Avoidance. A terrible habit of Mazin's- often he'll simply walk away from others and their problems or his own problems. Finding most forms of confrontation a waste of his time, he'll simply ignore people who are angry with him or attempt to run away.
Alcoholism. Not often an issue but when pressure gets to a breaking point, Mazin will often find himself at the bottom of a bottle or 10 to try and assuage his anxieties.
Obliviousness. Due to keeping his distance emotionally from most people, Mazin is often unaware of other people's feelings towards him or what he says or does to them, considering his own actions or words inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Unless confronted point blank, Mazin will often blithely go about his business, unaware of anyone's feelings but his own.


Self Improvement - Mazin's greatest motivation is to improve himself by any means necessary. He's willing to work for, train, and hunt for the means to make himself a better mage. He considers it his main goal and promise to his former teacher.
Knowledge and the Truth - The other motivation to Mazin's endless wandering is to learn more about himself and his family line and if the truth his father found has any weight.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Valentin Lemarquis, (NPC) Father. () - Valentin the Learned, Valentin the Consumed.
Character's Thoughts: "Eternity? Miracles? Such things lead to madness and death."
A record keeper, scholar and genealogist for the High Houses and prominent families of Ishgard, Valentin Lemarquis was a descendant of an old, if somewhat declined line of Ishgard, tracing their family from around or even before King Thordan and his Knights Twelve. A once loving father and devoted husband, Valentin changed after the death of his beloved wife, becoming entirely driven by the thought of immortality, of something eternal to make his mark on the world. Paranoia and suspicion along with his personal research drove a deep wedge between him, his social circle, and his twin sons and eventually led to his downfall at the hands of several nobles and the Inquisition. Mazin's last memory of the man is a broken, slavering lunatic, trapped in his room and abandoned by his few servants. It is unknown if the man himself yet lives, but Mazin has no deep desire to find out, considering his family entirely dead and gone.
Eleonore Lemarquis, nee Bardorba, (NPC) Mother. () - A Kind Astrologer, Beloved Mother and Wife.
Character's Thoughts: "I often wonder what she would think of me now..."
Eleonore was a sweet, sprightly and otherworldly wildwood Elezen that caught Valentin's eye during one of his research trips in the Dravanian Forelands. A fond stargazer and student of the Athenaeum Astrologicum upon Valentin's suggestion to his colleagues, she was ever an energetic presence in the lives of her husband and eventually their twin sons. A lot of her fondness for humor, jokes and magic wore off on both of her sons, but especially Mazin. Her death came swiftly and mysteriously and left Valentin deeply disturbed and devastated and her twins without a mother at the age of 6. Of his parents, Mazin remembers her the most fondly and often bases his decisions on what he feels would've made her happiest.
Célian Lemarquis, (NPC) Twin Brother. () - Célian the Older
Character's Thoughts: "Who else but you could ever understand me?"
Célian, born the eldest of Valentin and Eleonore's twins, and the much admired and beloved brother of Mazin. Brave, reckless and and at times, even more fiery and driven than his younger brother, Célian took to his duties and responsibilities as a knight in training with passion. But he also had the same mischievous streak and odd sense of humor that Mazin had and both would often fuel each other's worst tendencies towards fooling and tricking others. Making a promise to each other to become dragoons together, Célian hoped to keep his brother on the path as long as he was alive. Eventually though, the brothers were kidnapped by heretics hired by a rival of Valentin and Célian was forced to consume dragon's blood in place of his younger brother. Unable to fight or resist the transformation that followed, he was driven mad by fear and lashed out his brother, getting killed by Mazin's first spell. Mazin admittedly feels a great deal of emptiness with his brother gone, but has since tried to put the past behind him.
The Lambs of Dalamud, (NPCs) Cult. ( ) - A Place to Belong.
Character's Thoughts: "I thought, at the time, that all I wanted was the world to go away...and they seemed to understand that feeling to quite an extreme degree."
For a brief amount of time between the death of his brother and his exile from Ishgard, Mazin was a member of the Lambs of Dalamud. Seeking something, anything, to make sense of his despair and depression, he turned to the group, thinking they'd have the answer he was looking for. Ultimately, he couldn't bring himself to trap and kill adventurers or travelers and unable to shirk his responsibilities forever, Mazin was chased out of the Lambs. Severely beaten, considered unworthy for sacrifice to the Lesser Moon, he was left for dead in the desert of Thanalan.
Kyril Demir, (NPC) Teacher. () - Alchemist and Thaumaturge.
Character's Thoughts: "A good, thoughtful man, though often too fond of taking a physical approach to his lessons."
Kyril Demir was a wandering thaumaturge and alchemist from Radz-at-Han. An old, Near Eastern Hyuran man who was fond of living alone in the Thanalan desert to conduct various aetheric studies and alchemical experiments, he found Mazin quite by accident during a trip for materials. Thinking him a possible corpse, Kyril was both surprised and a little dismayed to find the poor boy quite alive, if severely beaten and malnourished. Helping him recover and discovering his potential in the aetheric arts, the old man attempted to make a mage out of Mazin. He gave him the basics of conjury and thaumaturgy but ultimately found that Mazin's potential lay somewhere in the middle. After a few years of travel and training, Kyril gave Mazin two gifts - an astral silk robe in Thavnair style and a new name to replace his old one. Wishing to live up to the potential in his new identity and his teacher's lessons, Mazin struck out on his own with a renewed purpose in life.
Eiai Airi. () - A Light in a Dark Place
Character's Thoughts: "Ah, my starshine- you are poetry, you are song!"
Upon visiting and joining the Eldritch Collective, Mazin was sniffed out by this strange Xaela girl. Though a bit disappointed by his lack of minty scent, she latched on to him when he performed a few of his magic tricks for her. Both have a similar sense of humor and enjoy making rude, strange or sarcastic commentary based on whatever is going on around them. She is like a little sister to him and though he usually hates comments or nicknames on his appearance, Mazin loves her nicknames of Thin Mint and Minty Fresh. In return, he gave her the nickname Starshine. He also finds her newborn baby, Mirai, to be quite cute and is honored to be considered something like family already to the young mother. Eiai also shares Mazin's interest and search for dragons, both eventually planning to make a trip together to find them.


Character & Mood

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Player Note
There is a lot of information on this character wiki, but it is by no means completely comprehensive. There are chunks of backstory that are left intentionally vague so that details can be later added as developed through creative writing or in role-play revelation.
Personal RP Limits
While I love para rp, I can basically do any length and don't need to have my own writing matched in length with other's responses. Just make sure to give me something to work with and everything will be good. Be cool, be chill, and just ask about anything you're interested in- I'm pretty flexible and willing to try just about anything.
I will play dark and mature themes, continuous storylines or one-off encounters. Some sexual and violent themes are fine but it's best to ask before making the attempt and I generally prefer to keep it in context to the story/have it make sense between characters.
I won't play rape or anything involving extreme fetishes or dismemberment/death of my character. Ask before attempting anything with long term consequences.
Little Tidbits.
I have left out rumors for the time being, until Mazin is more established as a character and made connections with others.
As said before- be chill and cool and treat me ooc like a person, not my character.


Potential Plot Hooks
These are just ideas to get the ball rolling on possible plots or stories.
Mazin's real name and past are not known to anyone but his former teacher and himself. He does not talk about it but there's a possibility that parts of it can come back to haunt him. Asking him directly however, won't do much.
He's always on the lookout for interesting ruins, ways to better his magical potential, and rumors about dragons of both Dravanian and Meracydian origins.
The High House Mazin was affiliated with as a boy was House Durendaire. His father's worst rivals were from House Dzemael and House Haillenarte. Mazin's family was on neutral terms with anyone from House Fortemps.
Character Lore Adherence
Everything concerning this character that has not been confirmed by in-game lore should be taken with a grain of salt. Anything that has had to be changed because of lore shifting will be noted below. And while lore is something I try to stick to pretty closely, I won't begrudge others who play around with it, within reason. We can all have fun, one way or another.
No changes required.

Name - Mazin Khin
Race - Wildwood Elezen
Age - 28
Name Day - 14th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Deity - Rhalgr, the Destroyer

Alias: Mazin the Magician, Mazin the Redeemed, that knife-eared bastard
Citizenship: Exiled Ishgardian/Unaffliated
Occupation: untrained Red Mage, travelling magician, former lancer
Hair color: Mint Green
Eye color: Sea Green
Complexion: Light tan
Piercings: Left ear piercing
Marks or tattoos: Scar on right cheek, several scars around the chest and hip area. A new scar cut into his back.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Key Items: Pack of cards, various glamour prisms, half of a broken soulstone, astral silk robe
Favorite Food: Spriggan Chocolate, Boscaiola
Favorite Drink: Liquor, Mulled Tea
Favorite Color: Rolanberry Red, Turquoise, Celeste Green, Black
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