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This is the userpage of FreelanceWizard.


I play a few characters, all on Balmung.

  • L'yhta Mahre -- my main
  • Aurelie Tavanois -- my legacy alt
  • Cieranaux Aramont -- an antagonist NPC alt
  • Ricard Barlow -- another antagonist NPC alt
  • Elsbeth Scythe -- a largely non-RP alt

My wikitemplate

Need a template for your page that looks like an actual wiki page and follows the site's styling? Look no further than User:FreelanceWizard/WikiTemplate! No attribution is requested or required for the use of my template.

Things I do

As the current techie of the RPC, I also do some WikiWork. You may see my diffs and wonder what I did to your page based on my somewhat cryptic short comments. Here's a list of my common abbreviations and what they mean:

  • +cat, -cat: I added or removed one or more categories to the page. Mostly, this is taking out categories that are inappropriate (such as Category:Wiki Template on a character page, or duplicate categories provided by the infobox).
  • correct infobox: The infobox template can be a little weird to new users, especially since it does a lot of "magic" behind the scenes with categories and such. I made one or more corrections to your usage of the infobox to make it look pretty.
  • replace text or rtxt: I used the ReplaceText extension to make a mass edit across multiple pages. This will always be associated with some other explanation.
  • wikify: I altered some of the text on the page to make it look nice on a wiki.
  • recreate: This is essentially Wikify++, and I only do it when asked by someone. I remade the page using my template, copying all of the data from the old page to the new one. (Racilian Lyenum is an example of this.) I'll happily recreate a page for you if you want, since some people's templates can be a little hard to edit after the fact if you don't know HTML. Just drop me a PM and I'll get right to it.
  • mv: Moved (usually from User space to the Main space).
  • copyedit: Corrected simple grammar or spelling errors, such as typos. If I have even the faintest inkling that something is more than just a clear error, I won't touch it.


PM on the RPC forums is the best way to reach me. I answer most PMs in 24 hours or less.