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Nastume Iskua
The Morning Glory

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Words hurt malms more than any physical blow could.

Natsume Isuka.


φ BIRTH NAME... Natsume Isuka.

φ CURRENT ALIAS... Nat; Nattie.

φ RACE & CLAN... Au Ra, Raen.

φ GENDER... female.

φ AGE & NAMEDAY... 27; 25th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon, 1552 S.A.E.

φ ORIENTATION... Straight.

φ MARITAL STATUS... Single/Divorced.


φ NATIONALITY... Othardian.

φ ALLEGIANCES... Dread Wyrms.

φ RESIDENCE... Nothing permanent.

φ OCCUPATION... Uncertain; Possible company cook.

φ PATRON DEITY... Nymeia, the Spinner.

φ HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 4.7 fulms. 95 ponze.

φ ALIGNMENT... Chaotic Neutral.

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Trust is more easily earned with blood.


Natsume is most often soft spoken, determined and likely assumed to be a wallflower upon first, second and possibly third meeting. Staying in the background is where she works the best, watching and listening. She's friendly enough, it likely wouldn't be that easy to accurate pindown just what this little Raen had up her sleeve or if she even did. Coming off as uncertain and flighty, Nat will play up this role if it suits her needs.


Standing at 4.7 fulms, Nat isn't exactly what one might call an "intimidating" Au Ra. Her swept back horns are adorned more often then not with steel cuffs engraved with well worn etchings that might be extremely difficult to work out should one bother to get close enough to look. Her pale blue hair, streaked with a light gold is often situated in a braid or braids of some sort, bangs dust along her forehead most often just at the level of her brows to keep them from her eyes. Her pale skin is smooth and unblemished by scars or wrinkles, though her cheeks are splattered with light, roasted honey shaded freckles. Her cream colored scales are shimmery and intact, there's not visible bare spots and her tail is sleek and deceptively powerful. Her eyes, if asked, are her favorite feature that she posses. Heterochromatic eyes peer out at the world, one a deep gold, the other a soft, mist blue ringed in a vibrate white limbal ring, the shades surprisingly similar to that of her hair; pale blue and vibrant, sunny gold. .
Nat can most often be found in simple cloth garments, a dress or shorts and a top. She doesn't overly accessorize and despite her soft, gentle appearance, she is always carrying at least a blade on her person and she welds it with proficiency.


Natsume is quiet, watchful and more often than not underestimated, though she may help foster that feeling in those around her. She finds it safer when others assume you're incompetence, though she truly has no remarkable skills. Star gazing and astrology are her passions, though ones she doesn't often indulge due to the need to eat, and if one wishes to eat, then one must work. And work she does, at most any task given her. The little Raen learns quickly, picking up on basic skills with ease and meeting more complicated skills head on with a determination that belies her seemingly gentle nature.
Distrust is a major flaw Nat posses. Finding herself almost incapable of fully trusting anyone, she will often remain weary of a person or group for a long time, despite the very possible reassurance and proof that trust could well be afforded. She is polite no matter, but she will not likely open up too freely about things that she considers personal or weaknesses, some often believe they have her trust when in truth, she merely appreciates their efforts but does not truly feel what one might consider "full trust".


φ Night: Natsume enjoys the time when the sun goes down, when the world cools and slows down to a peaceful slumber. It is at night when she feels most at ease.
φ Cooking. Though she admits to no real skill, Natsume was taught my her mother to fix everything from simple snacks to complex meals that, though may seem small in course, are hearty, flavorful and filling. She also enjoys experimenting with flavors and spices, someGeorgia she learns a new dish, other Georgia she ends up in bed for a few hours with food poisoning... the risks are worth the rewards.
φ Storms. Nat will not hesitate to step out into a downpour, turning her face toward the sky to feel the cool precipitation fall over her skin. Thunder and lightening also fascinate her, which has drawn her from the safety of a dwelling and into the midst of a raging lightning storm on more than one occasion.


φ ;">Liars. Where what she considers a lie, a "justifiable lie" and a "white lie" may be blurred, Nat does not respond well to discovering a full blown deception intent, in her experience, to cause some sort of harm, be it physical, mental or emotional.
φ Extreme temperatures. Nat likes fall and spring weather, the in between Georgia when the weather is fresh or crisp, warm with a calming breeze. Too hot or too cold and the little Raen is bound to complain very adamantly about it.
φ Unhelpful Criticism. Nat would say she takes criticism well, so long as it's constructive and meant to help one improve. However, when faced with or possibly simply overhearing, criticism meant merely to tear a person down, her hackles raise a fraction, running the risk of her giving someone a piece of her mind.
φ Harsh Sunlight. Having spent so long in the dark forests and donned in black Plate, he finds the brightness uncomfortable and prefers the gentle touch of indirect lighting from under the forest canopy.


φ Star Gazing. On the rare occasions Nat feels that she can, she often will take herself to a secluded spot, with the sky opened up to her, and spend hours charting stars or watching for comets. She's not expert or scientist, she just enjoys the calm that she feels when she spends time alone with nothing but the open sky and the twinkling lights.
φ Exploration. Nat wouldn't be someone's first pick for an explorer, but she enjoys a good adventure and journey as much as the next person. Though she wasn't able to sate her wanderlust as a child, the Raen way was not the explorer's way, she has only recently been able to truly experience what ti means to travel to and learn about new places and people; the good and the bad.


φ Calm. Natsume can most often keep a level head about herself when things get a tad crazy. She doesn't fancy herself very smart but she feels she has a good amount of common sense, and makes it a point to not panic... unless it's absolutely necessary.
φ Determined. She will not back down, be it from a task or job, Nat will do what she has to to succeed.
φ Loyalty. Though her trust is not easily won, Nat is still loyal to the causes and people she gives her word to serve and work along side of.


φ Unsure. Nat lacks a certain degree of self confidence. She's not sure of herself or the skills she may posses and that leads her to down playing her accomplishments, even so far as to risk missing out on jobs or other opportunities.
φ Wallflower. Though she's not completely unfriendly and anti-social, Nat comes off that way with her contentedness to stand to the side and simply observe, though she won't hesitate to chime in if she feels so inclined, she most often is overlooked..
φ Untrusting. Natsume finds it extremely difficult to trust people, needing a good deal of time to truly begin to feel comfortable affording someone that honor of holding her trust. Her past scarred her deeply from readily giving her trust to anyone for fear of history repeating itself.


φ Need for Independence. She wants to live for herself, earn her own way, learn her own skills for herself. Working with a company isn't losing freedom, it's a means to an end, one she takes seriously and treats as if it were the key to her future no matter how trivial.
φ Loneliness. Conflicting heavily with her need for independence, Nat finds herself often wishing for contact, a friendly smile or word goes a long way to banish the dark cloud that often lingers at the back of her mind like a summer storm, always on the verge of coalescing into a hurricane of depsression and self destructive behavior.


Not usually one for open combat, Natsume is moderately proficient with a lance. Her small size allows her to move swiftly and with great agility and flexibility.

Her armor is often not what one would expect of someone who often expected to meet conflict, obviously, as she fights mostly when she has to and not go looking for trouble.

The lance she uses was specially designed by herself, in it's resting state it looked merely like a dagger with a wickedly hooked blade, but with a firm flick of her wrist, the hilt extends, the steel rod locking into place to create a lance that stands a good few ilms taller than herself, the shaft slender and fitting well in her small hands with easy, though if anyone bigger managed to get a hold of it, it wouldn't feel like much.

Bonus: Natsume usually doesn't jump right into combat and actually may be difficult to get a rise out of. Despite her trust issues, Nat makes a point to be patient and empathetic, at least to a degree.



Betrayal Bred
Natsume Isuka was a simple Raen child growing up in Doma, Othard. Carefree and blissfully ignorant of the way of things. So sheltered by her family, she wasn't prepared for the hardships to come in the dawning years of her young adult life. Till that time, she grew, happy and healthy, learning skills from her mother to cook and sew, the tasks any good wife would one day need of course. She played with her brothers, all older than her by several years but they didn't skimp on doting their little sister with plenty of attention whenever they had a free moment to do so. Her father was often away, working she was told as a child and she never questioned it. Nor did she question the glaring differences in her and her family. They were all Raen, though none shared her fair hair, or heterochromatic eyes, the actual duel color nor the shading. They all had shades of green and pinks within their gazes, save her father who's eyes were black as night, and they all towered over her by a fulm at the least, her mother tall and her brothers and father of course several fulm taller.

When Natsume turned the sweet age of sixteen, her entire world flipped upside down. It was a sunny, birds were singing and she was enjoying a moment of rest from the day's laundry, her young, freckled face upturned toward the warm rays without much thought to anything other than the fresh scent of newly bloomed flowers and perhaps a walk later that evening to pick some fresh berries for a pie, Mama would enjoy that. The sound of boots behind her had drawn her attention away from her musings, squinting up at the extremely tall Au Ra, unable to fully make out who it was as he stood silhouetted by the sun, "Can I help you?" A low, rumbling laugh was the response, causing her to start from the unexpected sound. She slowly pushed herself to standing, still barely coming up to the man's hip but she was quite use to that, "I beg your pardon, I'm not sure what is so funny." She smiled, though, she had never met a stranger in her life, making friends easily, she had no reason to think this instance would be any different. But she would learn quickly, and violently how very wrong she was.

She was escorted back to her home, the Xaela having not bothered to inform her what was going on past saying he'd been sent to collect her, and though the words were not wrong, exactly, his tone made a shiver of dread race down her spine. He'd taken her arm roughly and mostly drug the Raen along, though she did try to keep up, her legs just weren't quite long enough for the task. They entered her home, her father and mother chatting along with her brothers, all five of them. It was very rare to see them all together and in such a leisurely way, it only furthered her confusion, "Mama, Papa... what's going on?" She tried to remove her arm from the vice grip with which the Xaela held her with but it did no good. Her mother turned and sighed, shaking her head with a solemn look to her self, but said nothing. Her father, drawing himself up, grinned, "Ah, little Nattie love. This here is Oghul. He's a distant cousin of ours, on my side." This was news to her, she hadn't know her father was in any way related to Xaela, though she supposed it wasn't completely impossible, but it was startling. She nodded slowly, "O-oh... well.. nice to meet you, Oghul... please release me, you're starting to bruise me." The males in the room erupted into laughter, her mother lowering her head. She wouldn't meet Nat's gaze for the remainder of her time there, which was to be short, little did Natsume realize.

In a blur, she was told that she wasn't their real daughter, that she'd been bought from a desperate widow when she was only a few weeks old, she fetched a nice price for her unique eyes and shading, and thus was raised to be paired off with the Xaela that had come calling. Under his watchful, black gaze, Nat packed her things, eyes watering till she couldn't hardly see what she was putting into the meager bag she'd been given. Her life had so far been a lie, and now she was being married off, without warning. Indeed there wouldn't even be a ceremony, the paperwork was all but signed and filed away. Once her task was completed, not permitted to take anything more than clothes, she was lead back to the main room where the men were laughing and carrying on, her mother had since disappeared into her room. Natsume wouldn't see her again before she was taken away. There was no goodbyes, no regrets, the men shook hands, coin bags were handed over and Nat wondered numbly just how much she was worth before she was whisked away to whatever her new life had in store.

Her first weeks with this clan was brutal. She was abused in every manner imaginable, though her light scales were the object of ridicule, her new husband would not permit anyone to damage them though he didn't say anything of the other methods in which they wished to torment her. He permitted no one to take her to bed, thankfully, though she quickly discovered it was most likely because he enjoyed undertaking the task of breaking her further himself. Weeks turned to months, Oghul was brutal on the best of days and she quickly learned how to save herself too severe a beating on the worst. He responded the best to her willingness to wait on him and preform whatever task he deemed entertaining in the moment.

War was common, this was a small clan, often hiding to avoid conflict with the bigger clans that would likely swallow them up, taking out any fledgling clans they crossed and taking into themselves their women and spoils. Nat wasn't sure if it was a blessing or a curse that, even though other men of the clan would take multiple women into their homes, Oghul seemed only interested in Natsume, and in truth, after a year, Nat would begin to view it as an endearment, he wanted none other than her, and perhaps her job as his wife was to endure his bad days, to afford him a release for the various tensions he built up.

Five years went by, Natsume endured five miscarriages, and countless hours nursing black eyes, broken ribs, fractured jaws and cracked bones, for the inability to provide a child and whatever other reason Oghul deemed worthy. And she endured them, crawling to him once his fury had subsided to beg his forgiveness as she'd learned to do and even begging him to try once more for the child he wanted. But it wasn't to be, he couldn't keep himself from his rages, and his rages lead to stress and physical harm that would strangle the life from her time and time again. She didn't think of her mother or father... or the family she'd thought she had. Nat saw that Oghul had been in contact with them, knew he felt as if he'd paid for defected product, he was vocal about her shortcomings. But her life would once more shift and change abruptly, and very soon.

Instead she would use potions to induce hallucination and try to break his mind. It would have worked too, if not for a young woman servant who tended to him. The woman had felt sorry for Aven and done all she could to tend to him, cleaning wounds, preparing food. She would talk in a soft low voice and try to soothe him whenever nightmares of death clouded his mind. Though neither of them knew how, both Aven and the girl began to fall for each other.

In the wake of her sixth miscarriage, Nat sat in silence in the center of their tent, head down as she merely waited for Oghul to return. However, she wouldn't see him again, instead an uproar began outside. It was chaos, a shaky little Raen stepped out into the deepening night, not sure what to make of what was happening. People were gathering their belongs, running in all direction. She didn't know where Oghul was and she called for him, promptly being grabbed from behind and jerked back into the trees and away from the commotion happening. Her eyes were wide but she quickly succumb to the fumes that laced the cloth that was held over her face. A blurry face danced before her vision as she was laid down, a Raen, speaking to her softly but the words were too muddled to make out. That was the last thing she remembered of how she came to be freed from the hell that had been her life.

Natsume didn't stay in one place long, she didn't belong anywhere. She was numb, she talked to no one, the Empire was in chaos and from it trickled more and more strife, so staying in one place was never a real option. She did small jobs to feed herself and then Nat would move along. She picked up a lance after she'd been attacked and raped, though she'd found, with a viciously sick feeling, that she fell easily into the role she'd learned, to lay still and merely endure. Don't fight back, get up, clean off, be on her way. It was in that moment, laying by the side of the road in a thicket of briars, that she vowed she wouldn't be a victim again, not without a fight. And so, she began a little journey, learning from traveling teachers, from watching training. There was plenty of people willing to offer tips as combat was near impossible to avoid those days. She was a fast learner, a trait she supposed she had Oghul to thank for, as it had been learn fast, or die. So, Nat learned, and traveled and would continue to do so even after the Calamity, though fear ripped through her when the world was thrown into turmoil. But she was a survivor, if she knew nothing else, she knew how to survive, and survive she would.


Recent Georgia
φ Natsume found she enjoyed traveling between the three main cities, though she tried not to do it too often, as gil was hard to come by for someone like her. The little Raen has snagged herself a spot on the crew of an airship, thinking she may well find a place within their kitchens, she simply needed to prove herself good enough for the position, but she was confident she would do just fine.


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Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
φ "She's not much for conversation, but she cleans well enough."
φ "Just a slip of a Raen, really but she's quick to jump to a task, I'll give her that."
φ "Tough fighter!It was like being hit by a hurricane!."
φ "The man is like a ghost, he appears out of nowhere in this black armor and fights like a demon. When you turn to thank him he is already gone..."
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
φ " "
φ " "
φ " "
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
φ "Was a slave, of sorts, she was. Poor lass, can see it in 'er eyes."
φ "Kills people in their sleep, I heard. Steals 'em blind after... then moves along 'fore anyone knows wha' 'it 'em!"


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
φ " "
φ " "
φ " "


Stressed Out
Artist: Twenty One Pilots
Origin: Blurryface
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Hope of Morning
Artist: Icon for Hire
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Artist: Alesso
Origin: Forever
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Player Note
I expect a clear IC / OOC division in RP. Their feelings and my feelings are separate. I'm not opposed to friendships, but if an OOC relationship becomes stifling or uncomfortable, I won't hesitate to address the issue, or cut contact. On the flip side, I hope that others are also as open in this regard as I am. I prefer clear lines of communication with whomever I'm RPing with, and those I'm RPing with should always feel free to send a /tell to clear up any questions.
I'm normally OOC, so please send a /tell before approaching for RP.
Personal RP Limits
I like to consider myself a flexible player who is willing to commit to a number of different types of scenes and role-play scenarios, but I have a single rule that does will not falter, and it's best anyone interested in RP with me is aware of it. Going to be blunt here; I will not, I repeat: NOT, subject a character to a story only for the person I rp with to be purely interested in ERP or similar. I am after story and long term interactions, I have been around the RP scene enough to know that I do not enjoy, nor am I interested in, a purely ERP set up. If that's your thing, power to you, but it is not mine and I will not compromise on this. If, on the rare, off chance, your character gets that far with Nat and you only bug me for that, rest assured I will be ICly distancing my character from yours. Dedication and mutual respect is highly important, don't degrade my characters nor waste my, and your, time.
φ I will play .
φ Ask about .
φ I won't play .
Aven is a diverse RP character who has been across many different games. He has been in Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft and Aion. The name Aven was originally inspired many years ago from a Magic the Gathering card, Aven Windreader. No matter what universe Aven resides in, he always has his chest scarred. Normally, Aven is human. This iteration of Aven was tailored to fit into the XIV universe within the Lore to the best of my knowledge.
φ If an aspect of RP makes you uncomfortable in a scene we're playing, please send me a /tell, letting me know. Communication is very important, more important than potentially keeping immersion.


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