Verad Bellveil

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 Verad Bellveil
Verad Profile.png
Distributor of the Dubious, World's Greatest Archer Pending Certain Conditions, Lord of House Deauxbois
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship ???
Admitted Age 38
Actual Age Probably Older
Religion Oschon, the Wanderer
Height/Weight 6 fulm 6 ilm, 187 ponz
Occupation Peddler, Scrounger, Blowhard
Server Balmung



Despite consistently failing his way upward, Verad Bellveil is still a terrible Duskwight and a source of shame and irritation to everyone who knows him.


Inasmuch as an elezen can be "grizzled," Verad fits the bill, with a heavy beard and a worn face. Previously, his hair was white, with a few desperate holdouts of black strands fighting a guerilla battle against the albino tide at its tips. In recent moons, that trend has somehow reversed, and he now sports a head of dark hair with a few white streaks along his temples. His provided explanation for this is too absurd to be worth considering.

He tends to wear loose clothing that helps with the heat of Thanalan, where he conducts most of his business.


A braggart, a blowhard, and a man who plays at being a wit, Verad spends much of his time hawking his wares - his so-called "dubious goods" - on the streets of Ul'dah. He gathers cast-off and useless materials from other craftsmen, or outright scavenges them from the wilderness when necessary, and sells them at negligible prices to any interested buyer. Verad considers himself an honest merchant, and prides himself on making sure anybody who purchases from him knows that they are buying junk.


Portrait by Misha Jinhri/Geneticdork [1]

Verad Bellveil's history, as he would have it, is one of the great mysteries of the Seventh Astral Era. Between his Hyuran name, typical Duskwight reclusiveness, and the lack of any clear records related to his existence, some (read: no) experts have speculated that he sprang into being fully formed during the Seventh Umbral Era shortly after the Calamity. He is clearly aware of events that happened prior to the fall of Dalamud, however, making this unlikely.

Verad's home city-state is likewise a puzzle; he claims to have been banned from all three major city-states, Ishgard, and, at times, Garlea for "not having the proper permits." That said, his movements do not appear to be restricted in Ul'dah, and he may well be able to enter other cities with ease. It is possible that he is a well-informed foreigner.

While he does have a set of memoirs that detail of a period of some twenty to thirty years of his life as a merchant, they are filled with such outrageous claims - up to and including turning down being Halone's chosen consort - that nobody could possibly take them seriously. Further, most copies were destroyed following a stint in slavery; only three are known to remain, and none are considered reliable records.

Whatever the case, what is known is that Verad Bellveil arrived in Ul'dah several months ago and, after much scraping, bowing, and bribing, received the appropriate permits to lease out business space for Dubious Distributions in Pearl Lane. That this space happened to be in the middle of the street, and that the space was also leased to several other businesses in a form of vagrant timeshare, does not seem to have mattered to Bellveil, and he can occasionally be found scribbling in his ledger and planning the shipment of his wares in that very same space.

Verad's situation continues not to be monitored by the authorities of Ul'dah. Citizens are advised that he is no threat whatsoever save to anybody's time and, occasionally, their wallets.

The Case of the Ransacked Rug

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The Quandary of Quarrymill

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The Scales in the Sands

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Crimes Against Nature

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Verad favors a bow on the grounds that when he misses his shot he will at least have a head-start on his now-enraged target. He also favors keeping other people between he and danger, begging, or simply not being in a fight at all.

Despite this sensibly pragmatic attitude towards combat, he nevertheless makes a point of styling himself as Eorzea's Greatest Archer, Pending Certain Conditions. What those conditions are varies from conversation to conversation, but generally imply that as long as he can't miss, he will never miss.

Any rumors that placing a knife in Verad's hands can make him dangerously competent are just that.



  • Making deals
  • Selling junk
  • The sound of his own voice


  • Thieves
  • Cactuars
  • That one Lalafell who keeps spitting at him and running away. He knows who he is.
  • Suffering disguised as a necessity.
  • Dishonest merchants.


  • Sophistry
  • Spurious Logic
  • Surprisingly Decent Sketch Artist
  • Writing


  • Tries very hard to sell something - anything - to strangers who engage him in conversation.
  • Cannot be trusted around bad ideas.

Items For Sale

Budget Stoneskin - A method of receiving the "effects" of Stoneskin without requiring a caster. Consists of a pot of gravel and a bottle of fish glue. Self-applied. ((Inspired by Gharen Wolfsong))

Imitation Fool's Gold - One of Verad's most-offered and least-popular items, imitation fool's gold is an excellent substitute for normal fool's gold, and also happens to be a rock Verad has painted a golden color. Five gil to the onze.

Plot Devices - Back by popular demand! The mysteriously enigmatic items of mystery that, no matter the buyer, will always prove to be of great value at just the right moment. Try one today!

Gil on a chain - A single gil with a hole punched through it on a simple metal chain. Makes for an excellent necklace. Five gil per item.

Bronco Grease - A new and popular revivification tonic best known for its increasingly racy ad campaign, and endorsed by some of Eorzea's most desirable members of all genders. The ingredients are a trade secret, but Verad personally assures all customers that they will never feel so glad to be alive as they will after they have had a vial of Bronco Grease.

Sub-Par Seduction Comment Cards - Are you a frequent visitor of the Quicksand? Frustrated by men, women, or both awkwardly approaching you to strike up a conversation in the hopes of more? Use these cards to identify in clear, unambiguous terms exactly what your would-be suitor is doing wrong for future improvement. ((Inspired by Jancis Milburga))

Commemorative Silver Fullers - Banned in Ishgard, and not sold in Ul'dah after being told it was "too soon." Verad nevertheless has a couple gross of these in his warehouse. Please get rid of them.

Taking Requests - Following a stint in debt-slavery, Verad has had his assets liquidated to offset his debts. At present, he has no items for sale, but is openly taking suggestions for new stock, and fulfilling individual orders to build capital.


"Madam, when I asked if you like to try a tiny prick, I believe you misinterpreted--!" - Art by Xhosa Tauzeh

Patron of the Inferior Arts - For every struggling artist waiting for the world to recognize her genius, there are a half-dozen struggling artists who simply have no talent whatsoever. Verad is willing to sell the works of these inferior aesthetes for a small percentage of the sale, in the hopes that the inspiration of a sale will convince them to improve enough to be considered average.

Items Not For Sale

There are some things Verad won't touch.

Narcotics - Omnipresent and a health hazard, and Verad's own standards would ensure they are even more hazardous.

Illicit Goods and Services - Dubious is one thing, nefarious another. While Verad will work with the criminal underclasses, he will not directly deal in slaves or contraband.

Food Services - After an ill-fated incident involving scoops of chilled bavarois during the Ul'dah summer, Verad is banned from selling foodstuffs.

Weapons and Armor - Because Verad cannot guarantee that someone's life will not be put at risk by shoddy equipment, Verad refuses to sell wooden swords, rusty mail, and other typical starting gear for adventurers.


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Common Rumors

  • "Who ever heard've an Elezen with a last name like Bellveil?" - Random Astute Person
  • "He once tried to sell me a marital aid, claiming it had been tested by the Greatest Lover in Eorzea - himself. I slapped him unconscious and I still don't feel I hit him hard enough." - Unidentified Courtesan
  • "Bellveil? The peddler? He may smile and play at being a trader, but if he were any good he'd have a stall here in the market with the rest of us." - Textile Vendor
  • "He's a good man, and you should buy as much from him as possible, especially the imitation fool's gold!" - Obviously Verad Wearing A Cheap Disguise

Moderate Rumors

  • "He's been hurt, you can tell. You can see the pain behind his beard. Isn't it romantic?" - Possibly Fictional Admirer
  • "I heard him saying he was at Cartenau, and if he'd had just a minute more that the City-States would have won the day. He's lucky the Blades were around." - Veteran of Cartenau
  • "If you buy enough of his junk, he'll take special requests. Then you might get somethin' good instead of his usual crap. But why not just buy from a vendor?" - Equally Perceptive Passerby
  • "I tried reading his memoirs and had to throw the book in the fire. Far too racy. Far, far too racy." - Woman Suffering Buyer's Remorse
  • "I thought he was clever, and his salesmanship was ingenious. I offered to place him highly in the company to help him on his feet, and he turned me down! Perhaps he has no business sense after all." - La Noscean Entrepeneur
  • "Hey, you want an Ishgardian rug? Dirt-cheap. Fell out the back of a warehouse. Just look at the weave on this thing!" - Opportunistic Resident of Pearl Lane

Rare Rumors

  • "Nah, nah, it makes sense, y'know. Bellveil, 's an anagram. Villebeie or somethin' elezen like that. Gotta look between the lines." - Idle Drunk
  • "Saw him draw his bow, proud and noble, like he knew what he was doing, and then, get this - he shot the bow, not the arrow. What an idiot! No idea how he disarmed that woman afterwards, for I was too busy laughing to notice. Probably luck." - Grindstone Spectator
  • "And so it was foretold that should the Forsaken of Nald'thal ever be prevented from saying his holy word, disaster would tarnish the Jewel of the Desert." - Desperate Street Prophet
  • "I had a good thing going. He ruined it. He'll get the same." - Lalafell Overheard In Gridania

PC Rumors

  • "Master Bellveil's wares saved m'life, they did. Call 'em 'worthless rubbish' again. Go on. See if I don't gut you where y'stand." - Osric Melkire
  • "He's a trader, I guess, but he beguiles with such honesty that I can't imagine he makes a living. I'd serve him, just for the amusement and cheer he brings us though; if Momodi would allow." - Aya Foxheart
  • "Someone slipped a Fantasia in my drink of all things, and I walked around as a Moonkeeper for a few days. He told me he had a way to turn me back, and presented a Hyur roleplay kit of sorts. I told him to go fuck a carbuncle." - Lilithium Altair
  • "A fixed point in aether, he said. But I let it go. Perhaps that was a mistake. I think... we might be making our way back to becoming friends again." - Roen Deneith
  • "I overheard him talking about a theft from his office. He has a hard enough time as it is, who would steal from him?" - Aya Foxheart
  • "Sir Verad approached me and offered his.. questionable valued goods. A-At least he's honest unlike some merchants! Or is he?.. Does that mean his goods are actually of excellent quality?" - Vynka Lanore
  • "Whatever you may have heard is not true. Master Bellveil is a simple merchant and not possibly capable of any crimes levied against him. The Brass Blades have no business trying to squeeze blood from a stone." - Coatleque Crofte
  • "Ser Bellveil... He is a drake amongst ganders, no? An honest merchant in Ul'dah; I hope only that his charm does not see him pecked to death for that good heart." - Xhosa Tauzeh
  • "I fear his head is growing too big for his britches." - Aya Foxheart
  • "Verad is a good man. Some boar-brained people do not see it, but they will soon." - Kiht Jakkya
  • "They say behind every laughing face lies a weeping heart. True or not, the brightness Verad brings to this world - and to me - I will not suffer to be lost. No matter what it takes." - Anstarra Silverain
  • "I heard someone say that he's just a fellow who sells little devices that nobody really understands!" - Aya Foxheart
  • "The Dubious Duskwight? Oh yes! He used to be a regular here. But since he moved on up he's found himself too many things to keep his attention. *thoughtful pause* Honestly, I think he has given himself over to fancies; I'm not sure he's even really in the dubious business any more." -Aya Foxheart
  • "Strange guy, Master Verad. I'm not sure if his involvement in things helps or harms, but it certainly makes things more interesting." - Evangeline Primrose
  • "Just... I don't know. Got himself into a fine mess of trouble, last I heard. Brought it on himself really. Irresponsible, melodramatic fool." a pause "Though I mostly hope he manages to find himself out of all that trouble." - Jaques Guillaume
  • "Verad is like a fine wine. Aged to perfection and best kept in a cold dark room to gather dust, only brought out to entertain the pompous." - Spahro Llorn
  • "Eccentric! Fixated with the word dubious! Nearly launched me skyhigh alongside a shark! Owner of questionable logic! I love being around him~" - Leanne Delphium
  • "Somehow, he continues to keep more legitimate paperwork than product. Also, I am afraid I do not find the same amusement over self-aggrandizing trees than he does." - Coatleque Crofte
  • "A madman placed in charge of a madhouse... but I admit to a certain fondness for his wares, and an appreciation for his shenanigans." - Tengri Geneq
  • "I missed him for a time, but now he is a regular again! These days I think he does it out of love, rather than need. Its not quite the same, but he still makes me smile every time I see him." - Aya Foxheart
  • "Oh this gentleman sold me some low end cheap art. I would recomend for cheap gifts for your acquaintances." Amandine Gerraldieux
  • "Don't let his trivial products fool ye, the old man is well endowed." Brynnalia Callae
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The Case of the Ransacked Rug - In which Verad gets a firsthand look at the debt-labor industry.

Broken and Rusty Things - In which Verad plays at being a thief, assisting and assisted by those of overlooked value.


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