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'''Eyes: ''' <font style="color:#446633;" size=2">Right eye: Green,</font> Left eye: Pure White
'''Eyes: ''' <font style="color:#446633;" size=2">Right eye: Green,</font> Left eye: Pure White
: After a terrible run-in on the island, William was shot in the left eye with an arrow in the most gruesome way ever. He was healed afterwards to not show any visible scarring, but was blind in that eye. Not until his Aether was fixed could he see again, but only detecting one's aether with that eye.
: After a terrible run-in on the island, William was shot in the left eye with an arrow in the most gruesome way ever. He was healed afterwards to not show any visible scarring, but was blind in that eye. Not until his Aether was fixed could he see again, but only detecting one's aether with that eye similar to that of the Scion Y'shtola Rhul.

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Gridania-transparent.png William Fedorason
William Fedorason 03 30 2017 18 45 48 1.jpg
♣ Warrior of Light ♣ The Nymian Marine ♣ The Scholar of Light ♣ The Emerald Archer ♣
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Gridania
Deity Thaliak, the Scholar
Grand Company The Twin Adders
Free Company The Mercs of the Silver
Birth Name William Pleoh Chambers
Occupation Top Brass of <<MERCS>>, Warrior of Light, Scion
Nameday 22nd Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon

Last updated: November 12, 2017

William Fedorason, better known as Will, is currently a twenty year old Midlander who aspires to be the best adventurer for Eorzea’s chance to fight back the Garlean Empire. He is a high-ranking member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. He is the founder of the Mercenaries of the Silver. William originally arrived in Gridania in hopes of fortune while spreading goodness throughout the realm through at least one person at a time. He comes from a Midlander family from Hyrstmill within the North Shroud. He left home when he was about seventeen years of age to provide some money for his family and make some coin for himself and promised his family he will be safe. He initially took up archery to execute his plans swiftly and agilely. His surname of Fedorason differs that from his family's name of Chambers due to his father being a well-known lancer among the Wood Wailers. Eventually, his deeds sparked the light within him to become blessed by the Echo, thus becoming a Warrior of Light. William desired to make a name for himself without the help of his family name. His father Solmunder realized the name change and is proud of him to become his own person. William usually is found at either his free company estate working on paperwork or his own cottage relaxing after saving Eorzea from harm after more than one occasion.
Note: Some info is elaborated further to detail any changes to his personality, behavior, or appearance as a result of a story arc that takes place.
Mercs silver famfrit symbol.png

Free Company: The Mercenaries of the Silver

A group of misfits who found each other their family and assist the land in a myriad of deeds. Some deeds include hunts, retrievals, and, if need be, hunting down a criminal whether he be wanted dead or alive. The Mercs were founded after a bad run in with the founders' previous free company leader. the Founders banded together, demanded their compensation from their previous leader, and formed the <<MERCS>> Free Company.

Notable Members

RPC Page for <<MERCS>>

William Fedorason, Top Brass, Leader
Brandon Shadowslayer, Golden Lieutenant, Lieutenant, 2nd in Command
Sugis Kevade, Golden Lieutenant, Lieutenant, 3rd in Command
Tyler Ultimathule, Silver Merc, Officer, Treasurer
Aries Xela, Silver Merc, Officer, Scout

♣ denotes an original

William's Typical Inventory

Last updated: Jan 27th, 2017

- Several Potions, Ethers, and other elixers.
- Several Magicked Prisms to create the illusion of other pieces of armor or having a large pumkin head.
- Several Baits and Lures from when he used to fish.
- Several types of materia.
- Significant artifactual gear found from several Eorzean dungeons and raids to be sold to his grand company
- Many Ventures to pay his retainers for the quick explorations conducted.
- Several substances of Dark Matter to self-repair his gear.
- Many crafting materials.
- Pocket Lint

Pre Arc

William Fedorason 11 06 2016 15 47 59.jpg

Height: 5 fulms 9 ilms

Weight: 130 ponz

Complexion: Fair.

Hair: Short Brown with White dyed streaks.

Eyes: Green.

William's physical figure is rather average size with some musculature due to his continued training of several war disciplines. He has a scar that goes down his right side of his face, barely missing the eye. He got that scar after a run in with an Imperial Centurion. His other scar the left side of his face came from an Ixali encounter. William tends to sport a green painted stripe across his eyes merely for aesthetic purposes. His father would wear a similar facepaint during his younger days in the Wood Wailers.

Post Arc

Height: 5 fulms 9 ilms

Weight: 130 ponz

Complexion: Fair.

Hair: Long Brown hair, ponytail in back

Eyes: Right eye: Green, Left eye: Pure White

After a terrible run-in on the island, William was shot in the left eye with an arrow in the most gruesome way ever. He was healed afterwards to not show any visible scarring, but was blind in that eye. Not until his Aether was fixed could he see again, but only detecting one's aether with that eye similar to that of the Scion Y'shtola Rhul.

Pre Arc


William, when meeting someone for the first time, would be nervous at first and try to be overly kind toward the person to show respect. However if needed to approach a new person, he would be hesitant at first but may muster the strength to talk to the person.
Once someone gets comfortable, dear Thaliak save them.. William, if he believes someone is his friend, will crack puns way too often for a sane person to handle.
William is commonly happy and optimistic in many situations. He may exclaim there may be a chance for an imminent demise, but he only does it for comedic effect along with cracking jokes when the tension is high. It is really hard for something to bring William down because when he's surround with his friends, it is near to impossible for that to happen.


One of William's biggest fears to date are diremites. He had a near-death experience when he first began his adventuring. Currently, diremites do not bother him so much, unless he is unprepared for a diremite encounter.
Not so much a fear, but a worry: William does not want to let his friends down healing. If one of his party members become rendered unconscious, William thinks of it as letting someone die.


What does William look for in a partner? He is only interested in romantic relationship with females. He does not have too much preference into any race. He's pretty much open to any girl who's a kind and respectful person.
Currently he is not really looking for a relationship, yet if the opportunity with a girl he's infatuated for reveals itself, he may go after it.


Assisting the Adventurer's Guild.
Reading in his study.
Cracking horrible puns.


Harmless pranks
Triple Triad
The setting or rising Sun
Puns and jokes


Failure of self - He refuses to fail at saving due to not exerting full potential
Betrayal - When a true friend has sold him out, lied to his face, or hurt any of his other friends, he won't stand for it.
Drama among friends
Hubris - Too much pride in oneself annoys him
Ignorance - Ignoring basic rules or facts
Alcohol - He just doesn't drink at all. Doesn't mind if others drink, but does if they pressure him to drink


Favorite Color: Ochu Green
Favorite Food: Rolanberry Cheesecake
Favorite Drink: Mulled Tea
Favorite Scent: Petrichor
Favorite Places: Camp Overlook, Outer La Noscea; Tailfeather, Dravanian Forelands

Known Enemies/Adversaries

The Garlean Empire
Most Voidsent
Tempered/Hostile Beast Tribes
Shadow Smokeslayer
Piers Chambers

Post Arc


William is no longer a happy energetic person consistantly, but timid and quiet now. He experienced horrors unspeakable in his time away. He wants to be more introverted than he already was and wallow in self-pity by himself because he feels guilty of the deaths he's witnessed there. He tries to retain his prior energetic and joyous attitude of past, yet it is obvious of the pain he tries to repress. Until he reunites with an old friend, he slowly reverts back to the personality he once had, but not as often. He is subject to vivid flashbacks to the horrific moments on the island upon smelling hints of Lavender, forcing him out of his home in the Lavender Beds and into the Mist, and questions about his aetheric eye.


Following the events if the island, William recieves terrible flashbacks of events that occurred there if subjected to the smell of Lavender or if asked about what happened to his eye.


Following the events on the island, William has no interest in looking for a lover, for he found one there but lost her due to terrible events..


Assisting the Adventurer's Guild.
Reading in his study.
Cracking horrible puns.


Triple Triad
The setting or rising Sun
Puns and jokes


Failure of self - He refuses to fail at saving due to not exerting full potential
Betrayal - When a true friend has sold him out, lied to his face, or hurt any of his other friends, he won't stand for it.
Drama among friends
Hubris - Too much pride in oneself annoys him
Ignorance - Ignoring basic rules or facts
Alcohol - He just doesn't drink at all. Doesn't mind if others drink, but does if they pressure him to drink


Favorite Color: Ochu Green
Favorite Food: Rolanberry Cheesecake
Favorite Drink: Mulled Tea
Favorite Scent: Petrichor and/or maybe Lavender
Favorite Places: Camp Overlook, Outer La Noscea; Tailfeather, Dravanian Forelands

Known Enemies/Adversaries

The Garlean Empire
Most Voidsent
Tempered/Hostile Beast Tribes
Shadow Smokeslayer/ ???
Piers Chambers



Notable Abilities


William has been learning archery since he was at a young age. His skills has been much improved over time, as he was an intern to the Gods' Bow for a short and momentous time. Archery is William's main focus if he means to strike down enemies.
Bardic Inspiration
Upon becoming an advanced user in archery, William came across an archer who not only once wielded a bow in battle, but also a lyre. Jehantel, a minstrel who once fought amongst the Gods' Bow, showed William that an archer can also support his allies with songs that can reinvigorate them and cripple his enemies. Over time, William learned to use his singing voice to focalize into empowerment. Though these songs are quite effective in battle, he still needs to work on the tone and pitch in his voice to not accidentally enact his Foes' Requiem back on his allies.
Every since he was child, William learned the basic conjury heal from being taught by his mother as a child. After suspending his archery for a time being, he turned to learning conjury more effeciently to sustain his party. After gradutating out of learning all there is to conjury, his guildmaster E-Sumi-Yan told him to go to Raya-O-Senna to assist with the re-emergence of White Magic.
Amdapori-aspected healing (White Magic)
Upon his advancement of conjury, he was given permission between both the elementals and the Padjali to practice the arts of the exclusive White Magic. He became proficient in White Magic, as healing became his main point of acting in the midst of duty. He remained proficient in wielding white magic until he came across a new aspect of healing magic that appealed to him more...
Aetherial Summoning/Arcana
From his lessons at the Arcanists Guild, William learned to summon aetherial beings such as Carbuncles and Egis. Through continued practice he managed to conjecture geometric designs within tomes to enflict damage upon enemies while calling upon his aetherial companions to strike further damage.
Nymian-aspected healing
Through combining his love for healing and fascination for summoning aetherial companions in battle, William found a Nymian scholar soulstone and became empowered to heal like he has never done before. He has learned to summon faeries to heal continuously as he can either apply shielding magic to the group or apply damage-inflicting magicks upon enemies. William has never found a job he's enjoyed more to fight as, other than as a bard to strictly deal damage.
William has become trained in sword-wielding arts as it is usually taught among most adventurers to defend oneself with the basic weapon. He tends to prefer the bow to be his friend in combat, yet is quite skilled in defending himself given only a sword.
While during his time on Yun A'il, he had came across a skilled Red Mage whom he came to know quite well during their time there. As he was incapable of channeling aether for the time, she taught him the basics to employing red magic in battle through fencing, which he became quite skilled at, over a period of time.
Red Magic
Following his return to Eorzea after his long and tragic journey on the the island, he met another Red Mage who managed to teach him the magical aspects of red magic, rather than just fencing. In under a week, he managed to excel his mentor's expectations and was one of his best students yet. William is able to retain the balance of the black and white magic aspects to employ destructive forces outward, annihilating his enemies.


Weaponry Skills

William is currently learning the ways of nearly all disciplines and to their advanced job. In the past he would only stick to healing, and would rather stay away from the battle's front. Overtime, William learned to embrace the inevitable moment of conflict and thus began apprenticing the many disciplines. Some disciplines interest William enough to even put forth more time into mastering the techniques. The weapons William uses in conflict are as follows:

William Fedorason recieving his Anima-infused codex.

Anabasis Lux( (Scholar's anima codex)
Adept at Utility.
Terpander Lux (Bard's anima bow)
Adept at Utility.
Lost Allagan Starglobe (Astrologian's starglobe)
Adept at Utility.
Ala Mhigan Cane (White Mage's staff)
Advanced at Utility.
Ala Mhigan Rod (Black Mage's staff)
Moderate at Utility.
Honor of the Vortex (Red Mage's rapier)
Advanced at Utility.

Other Talents

Other Notable Talents


William began his studies of magic since he was just a child from when his mother taught him basic conjury. Overtime, he learned to channel more potent traces of magic when he officially joined the Conjurers' Guild. His conjury skills were expanded upon when he was given permission from the Elementals to practice White Magic. Later on, he established an interest in Arcana, such that he joined their guild the moment he realized arcanists could summon aetherial companions. He came across the knowledge to combine aetherial summoning and healing into studying Nymian-based healing

Summoning of egis and faeries.
Regenerative magic.
Shielding magic.
Embrace by the Echo
Aetheric channeling
Brilliant Conviction, shielding of self and allies from primal tempering


As he was still making a name for himself before becoming a Warrior of Light, he would partake in the work of alchemy. He has always enjoyed the act of concocting elixers to assist his allies with enhancing their abilities or replenishing their vigor. As of late, William has temporarily retired the craft of alchemy simply to put other needs forward, thus his alchemical handiwork is rusty.

William Fedorason with both Eos and Selene summoned forth.


Summoning of each egi and faerie together at a time, yet not in combat.
Taught his gaelikitten to retrieve objects on command and defend his home if in case of an intruder.
Proficient in archery to be able to shoot multiple arrows at once at a target.
“My name is William Fedorason.
For years I have faced a major calamity with only one goal:
To save my realm. Now others have joined with me in my company.
To them, I am William, but to the rest of Eorzea,
I am the Warrior of Light.”
- From a letter to Ser Aymeric de Borel in regards to assisting in the Dragonsong War.

Birth and childhood (Birth-11)

Birth and Childhood

Born William Chambers in the year 1560 of the Sixth Astral Era, he was raised within the hamlet of Hyrstmill of the northern Shroud. His parents are Solmunder Chambers, a well decorated Wood Wailer, and Athilda Chambers, a skilled conjurer for the Twin Adders. He has two older brothers, Piers Chambers, who's a moderate archer whom William grew to despise and only 9 years older, and Roderick Arrowe, his half-brother who's was a skilled archer among the Gods' Bow and now a secretary for the free company of "Void". At a young age, archery interested him a great deal. His father would craft him his own bow and dulled arrows to play with. Though he was no good, he still enjoyed it no matter what. Whenever William would injure himself when he plays outside, his mother always use her skills of conjury to cure his wounds. Over time, William learned to cure on his own, but not much more conjury than that.

Adolescent/Teenage Years (11-16)

Adolescent/Teenage Years

As William grew, he met his now best friends in Old Gridania. At the age of eleven, he was tasked to travel to the city to pick up some seeds and tools from the Botanist's Guild to replenish his family's farm. When the guildmaster unfortunately stated there were no such seeds available for pickup, there was an Elezen kid who was also purchasing seeds who had came before him. He had noticed the despair in William's face and gave him a portion of his seeds. He had introduced himself as Brandon. Days passed and they would meet up to hang out, and William was introduced to Brandon's friends: Tyler Ultimathule, an Elezen, and Aries Xela, a Miqo'te who was typically called Alex. The four of them would become inseparable over time.
William had minimal previous magical encounters. He once came across an altercation between the Sharlayan Circle of Knowing and a dark robed Mage. Apparently there was a surge of aetheric energy coming from near the Ehcatl 9 tribe, the docile Ixali group. William, only twelve at the time, was out gathering some firewood when the Mage confronted him.
William Fedorason's confrontation with an Ascian.
Frightened, William was cornered into a cavern. He noticed the Mage preparing to cast some magical attack, but was cut short when a Miqote conjurer, Highlander pugilist, and a Lalafellan thaumaturge confronted him. The Mage directed his attacks to hit the pugilist as some magic deflected off her and hit William instead. The conjurer came to his aid and cured his wounds. She remained by his side as the thaumaturge managed to harm the Mage. The Mage soon dissipated away. The three heroes of the hour introduced themselves as Y'shtola, Yda, and Papalymo respectively. They mentioned to William to contact them whenever there is a similar issue in the future. They dedicated there life to protecting the innocent from the forces of darkness saving the realm from calamity. From that day forward, William decided to become an adventurer and aspired to become like them, for he could discern true heroism within them.

The Calamity Strikes

With word of the "Meteor Project" coming to the light of the Eorzean Alliance, the grand companies and allied free companies took up arms to defend the Carteneau Flats from the Garlean menace. William's parents both took up arms to fight with the Twin Adders. At home, William was sitting outside his cottage with his brothers watching the slow descent of the false moon. Though he and Piers never truly saw eye to eye, this may be the only time when they are united. His friends had shown up to wait out the world’s immenent demise. William felt powerless. He wanted to do something about the inevitable calamity that would affect his quaint hamlet. He saw the enormous cracks forming upon Dalamud and something spoke to him inside his head.
William Fedorason looking upon the falling moon.
“Save them later. Be…a…hero…”
The voice felt as if someone was echoing right behind him, yet when he turned around to check, there was only a dissipating mist. He had asked to his friends around if they heard anything nearby, but they denied. William looked back up to the falling moon as it suddenly bursts as the Dreadwyrm breaks free. William and his friends stand up in shock as Bahamut ravages the land. The first thought to pop in William’s head was the Circle of Knowing that he had met a month prior. He had hoped they would save the realm from total annihilation. William noticed the people around him either crying or standing in complete shock. He notice one man pick up his young daughter and held her tight saying “Everything will be alright sometime soon.” He could see a hunk of the false moon fall near the southern border of the North Shroud. Suddenly a flash of white bright light covers the realm. Soon after, the Dreadwyrm disappears without a trace. Eorzea, a realm reborn out of a tragic calamity, needs a hero.

A Family in Shambles

It has been five hours since the disappearance of Bahamut and William and his brothers are waiting anxiously for their parents to return. It was about the middle of the night when Roderick noticed a tired man carrying a woman in his arms. He trudged toward the cottage and as the light shined on his face, it was their father with tears flooding from his eyes. Roderick yelled for Piers and William to wake up. William came immediately outside and saw his father carrying his mother in his arms. William promptly yelled for his mother to wake up. With tears trailing from his eyes, he attempted to cast Cure on her, but to no avail. He attempted to execute a spell he has been learning, Raise. For a slight moment, he had heard the voice from before, but was indistinguishable. By the grace of the Twelve, his mother's eyes opened. She was awake, but not for long. She could speak, but she was very weak. Solmunder was speechless to witness such a temporary miracle. Athilda knew she would be passing soon, so she gave each a hug and a kiss. She told them all to be well and live happy whilst urging to remain together. She was wearing a lavender colored locket she had held onto her life. She took off the locket and handed it over for Will to keep. Her last breath passed as she took hold on to William's hand before losing her grip on her mortal coil.
Weeks passed after the passing of Athilda and Piers took excile from his Gridanian home to move to Limsa Lominsa for a new life. With two family members being gone from the home, only Solmunder, Roderick, and William remained. Solmunder tried to remain cheerful in the times of grief, yet he is always reminded of the dreadful day of the Calamity. Rod took notice of his father's decline in strength and mobility over time. He believed it to be caused by the grief and the PTSD from the moment Athilda's life started slipping. Rod thought to move the family to start over. Within two months, the family moved out of Hyrstmill and into the Lavender Beds. Once settled in, Rod taught William archery in the yard of their new home. Needless to say, William's skills advanced fairly over time.
Years passed and Piers returned home from his travels in Vylbrand. In that time, Piers worked part time as a bow-for-hire and fell for a Miqo'te girl. Over time, they got a house, yet she would mooch gil off of Piers and eventually kicked Piers out of "their" house for an Auri girl. Defeated, he returned home. He had found the location of the new family home and noticed William practicing archery. Piers took pride in his skills of archery and believed he should be the best archer in the family, although he does not care whether Rod was good or not for some reason. As he came around the corner, he noticed William hit a bullseye thrice in a row. Piers' resent for William was reignited. For months they would have petty competitions too see who was the better archer.
When William was about 15, he and Piers had one of their usual archery competitions. After each round, William was always closer to the center than Piers. At a moment when William was ready to shoot his next arrow at the target, Piers yelled out that he cheats each time. As he was ranting aloud, William shrugged it off until he could no longer. Piers then accused William that he was never really loved by his mother, such that it was all out of pity. William could not hold back much longer and as he released the arrow from the bow, he immediately turned to Piers to tell him off, yet the arrow was still in the bowstring. The arrow managed to hit the bullseye, but not on the target and instead in Piers' left eye. He fell to the ground screaming and writhing in pain. Piers yelled obscenities and slurs toward William. William considered taking out his wand to cure Piers, but he fled the yard instead. He returned about 75 minutes later to the house to see Piers passed out in the living room with the arrow still in the eye. William attempted to cure the eye. As he casted the spell, he slowly remove the arrow from Piers' eye. He noticed Piers' body relax some and soon woke up. Piers woke up wondering why he felt no pain rubbing his eyes. He opened his eyes and rubbed his left eye some more. He could see out his right but not in his left. Starting to panic, he ran to a mirror nearby , nearly tripping on a stool. He looked in the mirror to see his left eye foggy. Piers was blind in his left eye. Piers screamed out in horror and blamed William that he could never practice archery again. In the morning, Piers was gone and was not heard from again, officially.

Young Adulthood (16-20)

A Fresh Adventurer

The Beginnings of an Adventurer

At the age of sixteen, after all the years following tragedy after tragedy, William finally prepared to set off for Gridania. On the day before he sets off for an adventurer's life, he prepared his bow, one made by his father. He had wondered whether or not fame would come for him quickly as his family name is of Chambers. He does not want to easily be significant as the "Son of Solmunder Chambers". He went to his father for advice upon the matter and contemplated whether going by another name should suffice. Solmunder sat him down next to him and took his old fedora off and plopped it onto William's head. He told him how he should do what he feels is right and never look back. He agreed wholeheartedly with William considering to go by another name. He even told him a little story..
"Aye Will, ye listen close. Once upon eh time there was eh young Lominsan lad who lived amongst eh family of ruthless 'n coldhearted killehs 'n theives. 'E was forced to join th' crew iffen 'e wants some grub and eh night's rest. 'Pon the day of 'is eighteenth nameday, 'e mustered 'is courage t' leave 'is godsforsaken home, iffen it could be called eh home. 'E took to th' ports of Limsa Lominsa 'n 'e found eh small cargo ship to th' mainland 'o Aldenard. 'E arrived en Vesper Bay where 'e could 'ear some word of eh trip to th' Shroud. Now 'e was quite skilled en the disciplines of archery 'n spearin', so Gridania was quite th' place for harnessin' 'is skills. 'E took th' first journey to th' Shroud and landed en th' Adventurer's Guild. They at th' time were-eh pryin' for th' lad's name. 'E could not take aftah 'is true name, for 'e could be eithah arrested by th' Serpents or found by 'is twisted family! 'Is 'eart was racin' so 'e scrubbed off o' 'is last name for 'is new name. Chambers. See lad, for 'e was I. When I was at 'bout ye' age for even I was at ye' place. I needed t' make eh name for me-self. 'N that I did, lad. I rose to th' tops o' th' ranks of th' Wailers n' I even met ye motheh. She'd be quite proud of ye decision. Take 'tis hat wit' ye wherever ye go. 'Tis nice for th' formal nights 'n even was what ye motheh noticed first of me!"
William had not known of his father's history before the Wailers before now. He took the fancy hat and packed it in his suitcase with his other clothes. He grabbed his old wand and placed it near his bow when his brother came to see him. He had been practicing archery everyday to prepare for this moment. Rod wished him luck for his journeys ahead and urged him to never give up when things seems hard.

Close to Home

William called for the first chocobo courier to Gridania, yet there were none available at the time. With none supposed to arrive soon, Solmunder got a hold of an old friend of his to take him out to Gridania. A half an hour passed and a man in driving a chocobo-drawn carriage. The man came out of the carriage to introduce himself as Bremondt and bid William to come aboard. Once packed in with his mother's wand, his bow, and a change of clothes in his bag, William waved farewell to his father and Rod.
On the ride to New Gridania, Bremondt asked of William what he plans to do once in Gridania. William responded by saying he will join the Adventurer's Guild to protect the realm. Bremondt noted how noble a desire he had in his heart. Soon after, they arrived right outside of the Blue Badger Gate. Bremondt instructed William to go into the city and head to the Carline Canopy to register himself as a fresh adventurer. William gathered his things and carried them into the Canopy. Mother Miounne, the guildmaster of the Gridanian Adventurers' Guild, introduced herself to William as he nervously approached her. She asked for his name and and William thought back to the moment when he was talking with his father as he had taken out his father's old fedora.
"M-my name is William.." He took a slight pause and knew this would be the name the world will know him as. "William Fedora..son. My name is William Fedorason!"
Mother Miounne wrote down his name into her book and welcomed him to the guild. She was showing William around the Canopy when she's recieved word from the Wood Wailers in the central Shroud of some sort of incident that required someone with no connection to the Wood Wailers. Miounne thought that this would be a perfect chance to learn what William is capable of. There was a sort of issue where the elementals of the Twelveswood were in unrest. He was sent to investigate a place of suspicion, an open clearing with a glowing sword shoved into a stump. He encountered familiar faces who first thought that he was the source of the unrest, but soon proved otherwise when they remembered him: it was Papalymo and Yda. They recounted their first meeting of rescuing William. They briefly mentioned that the "dark mage" that was there was an Ascian, a Bringer of Chaos. They recalled the Ascian was very prideful in their encounter and called himself Pashtarot. The reunion was ended abruptly by angry treants rampaging. It was quelled by the three of them and William retrieved the sword to deliver to the Twin Adders.
On his return to the Adders' Nest, he was reunited with an old friend, Brandon. William hasn't seen him since his family moved back to Ishgard since the calamity. He returned to Gridania to start his adventuring life outside of the walls of the Holy See. He has joined with Tyler and Alex in a recently formed free company known as The SSL Knights, mentioning it has several benefits to newcoming adventurers. William thought of it as a good idea to join with, seeing that he would be with his friends when adventuring. Returning to the Adders Officer who assigned him the task, he handed over the magicked blade. The officer told him that there has been an outbreak of disturbed elementals near Spirithold, southeast of Bentbranch that needed quelling while the officer investigates the status of the blade. William asked for Brandon to tag along with this excursion and they traveled to the location. William zoned out for a moment upon approaching Spirithold and had a short vision of robed mage wielding the magicked sword. William snapped back to reality with Brandon trying to get his attention. They proceeded forth to find a ginormous golem form within the stronghold.Brandon and William struck at it with all their might, but the Golem knocked Brandon up against the wall, pinning him. William swiftly took the golem's rear and unleashed several arrows into its back weakening the golem's grasp both on Brandon and it's life force. It soon crumbled to pieces. As William retrieved the core from inside the Golem while Brandon went outside, William briefly noticed the robed mage muttering to himself before disappearing within a fraction of a second.
Upon dealing with the mage's golem within the stronghold, word was that the extent of the dark mage's destruction did not end. It was discovered by Twin Adder scouts that the dark mage was sharing some dark magic with the Ixal. Soon after, the nearby Ixal tribe was riled up and planned on vandalizing The Guardian Tree, sacred to Gridanian history. He took on the job to assist the Godsbow against the forecoming attack alongside his old friends. Striking down the savage Ixal tribe, many seemed to retreat. Though some appeared to take on a ghastly glow, appearing to become strengthened by harnessing dark magicks. Felling the remaining Ixal, The Godsbow left the area when the sign of danger was null, yet a new threat appeared; it was the robed mage from before. A bright red sigil shone on his face as he summoned a voidsent to strike down William and his allies. They pulled through and struck down the dark mage when the two scions showed up leading some of the Godsbow back there.
Returning to Gridania, William and his friends were commended for a successful secure of the Guardian Tree. Mother Miounne

The Gridanian Envoy

Like Mother, Like Son

He initially took up archery in his first weeks as an adventurer to execute his plans swiftly and agilely. One day they were tasked to clear out the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak, yet it was no picnic. Tyler had also taken up learning arcanima, yet the magic did not suit him well enough to sustain the party easily. Once William learned all he could with archery for the time while his mentor was out of town, he ran into the head of the conjurer’s guild. William discussed his issues of late as how his party lacked a proper healer and E-Sumi-Yan proposed a life changing decision: efficiently learning conjury. E-Sumi presented William a weathered conjurer’s wand and felt the aetheric Magic pulsing. He thought back to his mother's own wand he had held onto when he started adventurering. He showed E-Sumi the wand already in his possession and he had a blank look on his face. He recognized the wand immediately as William's mother's wand and warned William that the wand was already bound to his mother's spirit and won't work well for him. William heeded his warning and placed his mother's wand back into its case.

Scion Inductee

A Company of Their Own

William always was the healer of his band of misfits. Without him, his friends knew the task at hand would prove difficult. Together, this party could vanquish any foe. William’s achievements in and outside of the group caught the eye of two familiar faces, Yda and Papalymo. The two Scions found that William was tasked with vanquishing a group of Treants. Since there was a surge of aetheric energy, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn (previously the Circle of Knowing) took interest as to why there is such a surge.Yda had immediately recognized William and greeted him with a tightening hug. The Scions have heard a lot of his travels and commended him for such great leadership. While together, William, Yda, and Papalymo took down the treants of the area with ease. William was offered an invitation to join the Scions, yet respectfully declined since had his own company to assist and provide for.
William and his party performed several amounts of successful quests: slaying a Chimera, fending off Garlean intruders from Castrum Oriens, and even guiding viillagers away from the Elder Primal Odin as he was properly handled by the Twin Adders. However, their company leader, Shadow, was displeased. William and his party were members of the free company “The Shadow Knights”. Shadow would always bug the party into bringing more gil to the company than they already were; he would always insult each person’s skills and never thank them for the good they actually spread. Their party always brought in the most gil while Shadow did nothing in competance. One day William has had it with the free company.
Alex, Tyler, Brandon, and Shadow decided to excavate the old Belah'dian ruins while William was meeting with the Scions in Vesper Bay, finally taking them up on their offer. A massive golem was activated within the ruins as Shadow stepped on a trap and targeted Alex. Shadow was an ineffective healer and because of that Alex recieved near-fatal wounds. Brandon and Tyler was able to carry Alex out to safety as their so-called leader fled cowardly. When William heard word of Alex’s wounds, he immediately returned to Gridania to tend to Alex; he healed to full potential within the hour. That night, Alex was blamed for the altercation with the golem by Shadow and demanded compensation within a week for “a failed potential luxurous quest”.
When the rest of the party heard of the demand, they recognized the absurdity within it and decided to leave immediately. William was the first to officially leave in order to formally form their own company to allign with the Twin Adders. Brandon and Tyler stayed behind for a day to bargain and demand the compensation they provided over the months, which succesfully procured three million gil. Shadow was reluctant to return the gil and promised them they will regret this decision. Upon the twenty-fifth day of the first umbral moon was the day William Fedorason became the leader of the Mercenaries of the Silver with Brandon, Tyler, and Alex as officers. The motto for the Mercs became a promise to put the safety and happiness of each other first: “We stand united and just. We are a free company made by our friends for our friends.”

Primal Awakenings

A few months went by since the forming of the Mercs. Each Merc has strengthened their skills tremendously and became an advanced learner of their respective skill under a more professional mentor: Brandon became a Dragoon under the previous Ishgardian Azure Dragoon Ser Alberic, Tyler became a Paladin under the teachings of Jenlyns of the Sultansworn, Alex learned ninjutsu while employing rogue-like skills under the Doman shinobi Oboro, and William became a White Mage learning from the padjal Raya-O-Senna. As William was disciplining his newfound spell known as Holy, his technique was ended short when he contacted by the Scions for immediate assistance.
William ventured out to Vesper Bay to meet with Urianger to discuss a rising threat. Urianger discovered that suddenly three beast tribes have become tempered to the point of desiring to summon their deity: the Kobolds of La Noscea, the Amalj'aa of Thanalan, and the Ixali of the Shroud. The Antecedent of the Scions, Minfillia warned that the most threatening tribe to deal with first would be the Amalj'aa. From word of a spy, the Amalj'aa have already procured enough fire-aspected crystals to summon Ifrit, Lord of the Inferno. He must be put down, or the realm will be burnt to a crisp. The Kobolds and Ixali are still gathering their respective crystals, so there is still enough time to deal with them afterwards.
William ventured out to Southern Thanalan to infiltrate Zahar'ak, the Amalj'aa’s stronghold. He went with Alex to scout out the area to determine the best point of attack. Alex was able to Hide both himself and William to journey deeper within without being noticed. The two came across a massive aetheryte crystal gathering its aether from the fire-aspected crystals surrounding it. William promptly attuned to it to teleport him and Alex to the Bowl of Embers to face Ifrit, if he is summoned already. The two arrive and notice they are outside to stronghold in Zanr'ak. They notice the sun has been suddenly darkened, but they soon realized they were too late. William quickly calls for Tyler and Brandon to teleport to their location. They arrive and ready their arms for battle. Tyler fends off the primal being while Alex, Brandon, and I damage the beast. We strike down the primal with ease, but William was giving off some sort of shine.

Dawn of a New Warrior of Light

The Warrior of Light

Forgotten but Not Gone

Tales of the Dragonsong War

Before the Fall


The Final Steps for Faith

The Far Edge of Fate

The Tale of Two Fallen Nations


Yun A'il

The Wide Gates

Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

Most of his friends believe of his likeness to be that of a nerd. He does not deny, yet does not care, for his friends are also nerds.
William and his Mercs perform good deeds, while mercenary tends to have negative connotation.

Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)

Many believe the infamous Chocobo, the man who roams the realm with only a chocobo mask, and William to be one in the same.
People assume that William is easily frantic within dangerous situations due to his proclamations of death forecoming, when it is highly unlikely.

Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)

Some assume that William's pride in his healing is masking true cracks within his skill to heal scholarly when he tends to attack rather than heal directly in some occasions.
A small amount of people percieve William's Mercs of the Silver to be a band of miscreants due to the naming of the company being assumed to relate vigilantism and greed with the company.

PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)***

" I believe William was a chocobo in a past life.." ~Darius Kinkaid
“He thinks we don’t know he’s the wanted half naked man in a Chocobo mask calling himself a “Vigilante”, but we /know/.” ~Sugis Kevade
"Insert rumor here." ~Name

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Athilda Chambers

Athilda Chambers née Arrowe, (Mother)
Athilda Chambers
William’s Thoughts: "My mother is my true inspiration to why I remain healing. It's what she would have wanted.."
Athilda was born in the streets of Ul'Dah, not knowing her true family. She would be a thief in order to get a meal, occasionaly stealing from the marketplace. One day, the grocer took notice of her actions and let the game continue for a while until she confronted her. Athilda, being scared of being arrested, attempted to run, yet was caught immediately. The grocer caught her by the Weavers' Guild and inquired about her life. She told her that she had no home, no family, and no food. Without a second thought, the grocer took her in and raised her. The grocer's name was Petra Arrowe. As she grew older, Athilda, moved to the Shroud to make a name for herself. She thanked her foster mother for everything she's done for her and stayed in touch.
Before her marriage to William's father, she gave birth to Roderick, William's oldest brother, yet she was rather promiscuous during her twenties, so Roderick's biological father is unknown but assumed to be a Gods' Quiver archer. Having changed her ways, she found Solmunder eight years later and fell in love and married. They had their first son together Piers and then nine years later their second son William. Athilda lived her life as conjurer for the Twin Adders. Both she and Solmunder were fighting with the Grand Companies at Cartenau against the Garlean menace before the Calamity struck. Solmunder fought valiantly and took many Garlean lives with Athilda alongside him. As they were taking out the enemy, Athilda was caught blindsided and was slew by an Imperial Laquearius. Solmunder was filled with rage and pierced the Laquearius through its heart. Solmunder survived the battle and returned home to his children after the Calamity struck and informed them of the tragic news. William took it hardest of all. Only being twelve at the time of this calamity, he was really close to his mother and she would show him conjury tricks. Whenever William heals for his party, he always thinks of his mother guiding him through to victory..

Solmunder Chambers

Solmunder Chambers, (Father)
Solmunder Chambers
William’s Thoughts: "My father would never let any bad situation ruin his sense of humor!"
Solmunder Chambers, born Solmunder Chamberlain, came from a terrible household in Limsa Lominsa. He was born to a family of vile pirates known as the Chamberlain Crew. He was forced to partake in villainous crimes if he was to get a meal and bed each day. When he became eighteen years of age, he mustered the courage to hitch a ship to Aldenard without saying one word to his family. He arrived in Vesper Bay and changed his name to Chambers, for slight differentiation from his family. He trekked to the Shroud in hopes to learn either archery or lancing; upon his arrival to Gridania, he learned the latter. He became skilled quickly enough for one of the Wood Wailers to take notice and suggest him to be a private among them. For many years he was an esteemed Wood Wailer and caught the eye of a fan, Athilda. They met at the Carline Canopy when Solmunder was off duty and Athilda noticed him. She approached him commending him for his valor in protecting the Shroud and immediately hit it off. They would always make jokes with each other with Solmunder always cracking horrible puns, yet Athilda laughed anyways. Athilda's nickname for Solmunder was "Sully" and although he wasn't too fond of it, it did not bother him either way; His nickname for her was Thillie and she liked it. They worked together roaming the Shroud, vanquishing any threat to Gridania with Athilda supporting Sully as he fought head-on.
After the passing of his wife, Solmunder tried to keep his joy alive by providing for their children. Sully was only in his early forties yet became weak at holding his lance for long. Roderick, who was proficient at archery, joined the Gods' Bow to provide coin for the family. Sully, being grateful for Rod's generosity, officially retired his lance and stayed at home to tend to the family crops. William loved his father dearly and would always assist him when Sully is unable to move around. William talked to his father about leaving to provide even more for his family. William even mentioned desiring to change his surname to become notable for his own deeds, not his father's. Solmunder was quite the opposite of being disappointed and gave William a big hug and told him he was proud of that decision and mentioned his own story of coming to Aldenard. To this day, William provides 45 percent of his earnings to his family and visits home every now and then. His father is his inspiration for whenever William cracks a silly pun and would think of him every time he does.

Piers Chambers

Piers Chambers, (Brother)
Piers Chambers
William’s Thoughts: "Piers and I never really saw eye to eye. He always tried to rival me in archery, even when his accuracy was low.."
Piers is the middle child in the Chambers' family and felt he was only treated as such. He felt so much praise until William was born, and from then on he tended to resent him. William tried to show his love for his brother, but was never noticed. So he simply gave up and did not care for him. When their mother was killed in battle, there was even more disgust between the brothers. Piers always thought their mother favored William over him and he was filled with anger. Soon after, Piers left for Limsa Lominsa to get away from the family for a while. He had hoped his excile will cure his anger. In the meantime, Roderick taught William archery and became a prodigy at it. A few years passed and Piers returned home having made minor success and lost it all when he fell for a Miqo'te courtesan. He thought she truly loved him so he gave her a home in the Mist for them to live together. However, she mooched off gil after gil until she had the deed of the house and kicked him out for an Auri girl. He had but no choice to return home.
Upon his return to Hyrstmill, he had noticed that the family had moved out of the hamlet and into a house in the Lavender Beds. When he found where the family was living at, he noticed William practicing archery in the yard with a target. He noticed William hit a bullseye with each shot. Piers did not like how William was better at archery than he and this refueled his anger. For the years to follow, they would pointlessly compete at archery. During one of these competitions, Piers blew a gasket and accused William of cheating everytime. William, unable to keep his cool, was about to make a shot at the target and turned to tell off Piers, but the arrow was released. The arrow flew and pierced Piers in the eye. Piers, writhing in pain screamed out obscenities toward William. William, knowing the conjury spell Cure, could have healed Piers if done immediately, but ran in fear. He came back home that night attempting to cure Piers' pain. The pain was gone, but Piers could never see in his left eye again. To this day, Piers is somewhere in Ul'Dah with his exact whereabouts unknown. William would once in a while recieve death threats from an anonymous sender, yet he could always recognize Piers' penmanship.

Roderick Arrowe

Roderick Arrowe, (Half-Brother)
Roderick Arrowe
William’s Thoughts: "Rod has always been a wonderful teacher in archery! We both show each other new tricks from time to time!"
Rod grew up never knowing who his real father was, as his mother was promiscuous when he was conceived. He grew up at Fallgourd Float, yet he and his mother would always be moving around from one Shroud settlement to another, looking for work. One day as a child, he ran from his mother's grasp to explore the Shroud that he could not see. He journeyed up to Proud Creek when he was ambushed by a band of Ixal from the logging grounds. When one Ixal tried to approach him, he noticed an arrow go through the Ixal's head. He turned to see the rescuer and it was another Ixal, one from the Ehcatl tribe. Many Ehcatl archers surrounded the villainous Ixal and they chased them away. The leader of the Ehcatl guided young Rod to Fallgourd Float and asked of him to be more careful when out and about. Athilda found him and thanked the Ehcatl leader for bringing him back and immediately yelled at Rod. He was drowning out his mother's yelling with images of the sheer usage of archery.

Moire Chamberlain

Moire Chamberlain, (Cousin)
Moire Chamberlain
William’s Thoughts: "QUOTE"

Cid Fedorason

Cid Fedorason, (Son)
William’s Thoughts: "QUOTE"
"Backstory to Character"



Sugis Kevade

Sugis Kevade, Lieutenant, Best friend
Sugis Kevade
William’s Thoughts: "For someone who's quite literally a mercenary, Sugis has done more for our company than I could imagine!"
"Backstory to Character"

Verev Kevade

Verev Kevade, Girlfriend
William’s Thoughts: "...No words can accurately describe my thoughts about Ver."
"Backstory to Character"

Darius Kinkaid

Darius Kinkaid, Friend
William’s Thoughts: "When he is in town, we would both tease Sugis to the point of her leaving the room out of hilarity!"
"Backstory to Character"

Shadow Smokeslayer

¿Shadow Smokeslayer, Ex Free Company Leader
WF Faces Against a Voidsent.jpg
William’s Thoughts: "The only thing I am grateful for meeting Shadow is that MERCS would not have been founded otherwise!"
"Backstory to Character"


Ringo the Gaelikitten
Upon one of William's clearings of the area around the Rosehouse in the Sea of Clouds for House Haillenarte, a perculiar moment occurred for him. There were many gastornis flocking around the outpost and needed to be cleared; William elected himself to clear out the pests. Upon clearing the last pests, he still heard the cries of a creature nearby. He looked behind the Rosehouse to find two gastornis pecking at young gaelikitten hurt on the ground. It had appeared that there were two other gaelicats who are knocked by the gastornis. William could not bring himself to let those dodos hurt the cat anymore and took them out.
William approached the hurt gaelikitten and extended out his hand slowly to it. The kitten did not strike back, even though most gaelicats would. William took out his codex granted the hurt cat physick and the cat fell asleep purring. He went to check on the other gaelicats, yet they were no longer breathing. William picked up the sleeping gaelikitten and went to Camp Cloudtop to watch over the healing the cat. He took notice of the rings descending down the cat's tail and chuckled to himself about the cuteness of the cat. The kitten woke up and instantly started flying, yet it didn't leave; he kept following William when he walked about the camp. He even landed upon William's shoulder to perch upon and he instantly kept the gaelikitten. He decided to name the gaelikitten Ringo, for the design of his tail. Ringo would be kept at William's private home where he would be taught tricks and at night sleep upon William's lap. The pair became adorably inseparable until William had leave the house for the day. Upon William's return, he'd instantly fly to the door and lick his face as William would give him a hug.
Recently, William once took a stroll to Suvi's mansion, as he was down the road, with Ringo to his side. William went to greet Suvi as Ringo became territorial and instantly perched upon William's shoulder hissing at Suvi. William petted Ringo and he relaxed. Suvi stated his surprise at how well William could tame a voidsent. William illustrated confusion upon his face as he told him gaelicats are beastkin. Suvi disagreed stating Gaelicats are voidsent that occupy the 11th Rung of the heirarchy, or 2nd least dangerous, as stated in the latest edition of the Encyclopedia Eorzea. William was shocked that his trusty companion was a creature from the void, yet this realization did not affect his love for his pet.
Geoffrey the Copperfish
Freddy the Dwarf Rabbit
Oliver the Chocobo
Unnamed Fox pup
Note: When there is ("The Mercs") surrounded with quotations, it refers to the founders of Mercs, before the actual founding.

Eorzean Affected Events

(6th Astral Era, 1572nd Year) The Calamity

(Status: Complete) (Who was Involved: Self, "the Mercs", The Chambers Family)

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(Continuous Over Time) Defeating Every Primal Ever

(Status: A Warrior of Light's job is Never Complete) (Who was Involved: Self, the Mercs & Co.)

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(7th Umbral Era, 6th Year; 7th Astral Era, 1st Year) The Warrior of Light

(Status: Complete) (Who was Involved: Self, The Scions)

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(7th Astral Era, 2nd Year) Before the Fall

(Status: Complete) (Who was Involved: Self, The Scions, Mercs)

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(7th Astral Era, 4th Year) The Far Edge of Fate

(Status: Complete) (Who was Involved: Self, the Mercs, the Scions)

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Personal Significant Events

(7th Umbral Era, 5th Year) Coming to the Adventurers Guild

(Status: Complete) (Who was Involved: Self)

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(7th Umbral Era, 5th Year) Dedication to Healing

(Status: Complete) (Who was Involved: Self, "the Mercs")

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(7th Umbral Era, 5th Year) Forming "Mercs of the Silver"

(Status: Complete) (Who was Involved: Self, the Mercs, Shadow Smokeslayer)

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(7th Umbral Era, 5th Year) Becoming a Scholar

(Status: Complete) (Who was Involved: Self, Alka Zolka, Lily)

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(7th Astral Era, 4th/5th Year) Lost Magic Trip to Sharlayan

(Status: Ongoing) (Who was Involved: Self, Verev Kevade, Pashtarot)

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Chapter 1: A New Era

First Day of Departure

Today I shall be venturing out to Sharlayan to discern a cure to my absence of aether. It shall be a rough time to try fix my situation but I won’t give up so quickly. My job depends on my healing! Who else would be there to restore my pals to full in battle? Who else can inflict the pains on the enemy whilst also protecting the party? Who else could shield my tank’s blows? Who else would be the Scholar that protects his fellow Scions? I can’t give up and I won’t! My faeries depend on me…they will be all alone, drifting about in the aether…
To recap what happened, the abominable primal Shinryu, that same primal who Papalymo gave his life to seal initially, is sealed away due to my replication of the sealing spell twice performed before by Louisioux and Papalymo. The outcome of said spell was a success as in the primal is incapacitated and I the caster remain living. However, my entire aetheric magical ability to summon, heal, cast, teleport, or any other action requiring magic has been expunged from my being. My codex infused with the Anima spirit, that Gerolt the esteemed drunken blacksmith forged, is unable to give off its ‘shine’ that recognizes the existence of the Anima.
A possible solution to this predicament is to find the original scribes or mages of the sealing spell that predate the usage by the late Archon. Sugis found me a tome from the Gubal Library during one of her forays that describe the success of a sealing spell that does not drain the caster’s aether. I showed the tome to Y'Shtola and she deduced that an old mage she met years prior knew how to restore one’s aetheric properties. She told me the name of this mage was one of the Baldesion students, yet her exact name isn’t recollecting upon Shtola, the name for sure however began with a 'G’. Thus, did I begin my adventure to Sharlayan. I packed for a few days before my grand departure. I chose to go alone at this as my time there shall be indefinite. I said my farewells to my closest friends and the Scions telling each I shall write to them once a week. It should take at most a month to figure this out. By then, I would know if it was possible to restore my magic.
The captain of this ship is quite nice doing this job for me! Although one of his other mates seemed odd when he kept staring at me at dinner time. It might be best to keep my cabin door locked tonight. I should arrive in Sharlayan in roughly three days. I always wanted to visit there, yet I had hoped without a detrimental reason. I guess it will either get better or worse from here on out, yet I shall obviously hope for the former!

Second Day of Departure

The ship crew has been oddly quiet today. I tried to speak with the captain, yet he insists that I come back later. I returned with my grub to my cabin and lock the door to write in peace. Before I had begun this excerpt, I read out of my personalized Anima codex.
In it I wrote the many tales that I performed with my dearest friends. The days that my company and I were tasked to strike down Alexander, the Illuminati’s primal, the resurrected Nidhogg to end the Dragonsong War, and even each pillar of the Warring Triad with equal ease. I recollected upon a moment when traveling through Dun Scaith, my alliance has fallen weak, Sugis was incapacitated, Sven’s vigor ran dry, and the bat-faced voidsent Diabolos was striking hard against the main tank of the group. With so much aetheric energy gathered in duty, I expelled all that power out to willfully invigorate my entire group to full potential. Diabolos would not have been vanquished of it had not been for the recuperation.
I know one must not have hubris in oneself, for that is not proper for a Warrior of Light. However what I believe is that one must place their pride not in how better they are, but in their specialized skill to conduct good. Be proud of the good you do so that you retain your sense to do good! I know my scholarly healing is phenomenal and because of that, no one shall fall weakened if I can help it. Healing has always been my bread and butter as I can directly save those in harm’s way and cure and shield their wounds. If it had not been for my will to heal, I may not have seen the side of the direct rescue as opposed to striking down an enemy without a second chance.
Upon my initial day in Sharlayan, I will search for one of the lost students of Baldesion. Krile believed that the student Shtola was referring to was a Roegadyn named Glazswys whom she worked alongside with and may actually be another student that has not gone missing. Hopefully her location won’t be hard to find, or at least the confirmation of her disappearance. I would hope the Sharlayan officials will welcome my arrival as my reputation throughout Eorzea has proven my reliability. I do not know however how they think of my accomplishments in Eorzea in relation to my acceptance there. I shall see soon enough.
As I write this entry, it sounds as if there is a commotion taking place above. I wonder if it is mere horseplay among the crew or some mutiny or attack. There shouldn’t be any ship for several malms. Oh this is peculiar, now there is some sort of loud rumbling above. I must take my leave now and find out.

Friend and Foe

I do not know where to begin. I suppose from when I departed from my last entry several hours ago. I left to check upon the disturbance from above and there had been a summoning of voidsent on deck by one of the crewmen. When I looked around at the pandemonium upon the ship I noticed one man’s back to me in a hood just laughing aloud. I should have known! I could have stopped this if I had just listened! That man’s laughter rang in my ears as a cold dead breeze went down my spine. He turned to me with his head down still and said the exact following to me:
“After all these years, you cannot recognize an old pal? After all, I did inadvertently create your little company of wannabe heroes.”
It was him all along… the odd looks in the mess hall, the snood comments while passing on deck. He was here the whole time: watching, waiting, plotting his revenge. He could not stand to see such an odd band of misfits become a prosperous and charitable company that branched off from his own failure. It was Shadow Smokeslayer, the ex-leader whom we founders of “Mercs” broke free from.
How could he have known of my journey? Had he been following me or has there been a spy within my alliances who has been feeding him information? I cannot worry about that now. My first thought that came was that he was a Void Mage, like Suvi but only more sinister. I shot an arrow straight at his head and he was not fazed by the impact. I could not forget the words he said after…
“Unfortunately, your mighty archery skills are of no use against me. You shall perish on this vessel and I shall then take out your miserable friends who betrayed me. Should I kill Brandon or Alex first? Who do you like the least?”
Rage was filling in my head, I had to take down this man now. He could kill my friends and I would not know the wiser. I kept shooting my arrows at him yet he was still unhurt from the sheer fact that six arrows now are plunged into his stomach. “What even is he?” I thought to myself with my rage turning to fear. Soon my question was answered. A dark mist appeared around him as a red glowing image radiated from his face. He was an Ascian… He stated his name was false and actually goes by the name of Pashtarot.
He grabbed the captain of the ship by his throat, snapped his neck in the air, and threw his body over to my feet. Suddenly I remembered that Krile had given me a piece of auracite for safe keeping. It was not in full condition but it can fend off an Ascian. I darted back to my room to retrieve it and Shadow began casting some spell. I retrieved the auracite and my bag and held out the auracite to harm Shadow. He shouted in pain and flew to the crow’s-nest to cast his spell. I did not know what he was planning, so in the meantime I searched the ship for survivors; there were none.
As I climbed the mast to pursue him, I noticed the skies darkening and the waves rising. There was soon a rift into the Void with ahriman flying out left and right. I got up to where he was and held the auracite against his back and the rift closed as he screamed out in agony. Strange enough, fire caught on his cloak and flew up wailing like a banshee. He threw me off the nest in hopes of killing me in the fall. Luckily, I had fell into a crate of many nets, yet the fall did still hurt. Shadow did not notice and dissipated away. The waves got higher and the skies got darker. I could see water rushing in from all entries and flooded the deck. The ship was going down soon. I went to find a stable area to brace for impact. This section of the ship was surprisingly made to survive such a crash. I searched around the ship for materials that may come in handy and found a malm of rope, plenty of food rations to last months for one person, a compass, and a map for an unmarked island. I could predict that wherever this ship stops, would not have been Sharlayan. I was right.
Hours passed since that incident and I took cover in this sturdy location of the ship and the ship stopped with a loud crash. I believe I am stranded on some unknown island. The map I found must have been referring to this island, as I had hypothesized. Tomorrow I shall venture out to discover what awaits me here on this island. I must return home quickly. My plans to find that Glazswyz woman must be put aside. My friends’ lives are at stake since Shadow or Pashtarot or whatever he claims to be called threatened their lives. If he is unaware as he was in the past, he should be not pursuing me. I could have stopped all of this. Soon I will get off this island and stop Shadow if it’s the last thing I do.
The ship is only damaged on the outside and the point of impact by the bow of the ship. The other rooms were surprisingly undamaged, so I will move my things back into my room, yet the ship is shifted slightly down, so balance is off. I managed to craft up a rope ladder and set it up so that I can easily board and disembark the ship. The immediate scenery by exiting the boat was beachside that has scattered palm trees. The background appears to be similar to most of Vylbrand’s biome. The sun is setting, so now I must rest and heal my pains from today as tomorrow is a world filled with unknown. I have no idea where I am and will need to put aside my book smarts and enhance my endurance out here. I hope my dear friends are safe from that fiend. I must not fret for I must survive to live another day.


A few days have passed since the crash. In the meantime, I kept my daily activities to retrieve supplies nearby to make the rations originally on the ship last longer. Venturing out from the beach and beyond the palm trees one would fine flourishing wildlife of apkallus, jellyfish, and buffalo. It is quite similar to how the Bloodshore of eastern La Noscea looked like. It was like La Noscea so much such that coeurls swarmed me. I managed to fend off and slay the beasts. I dragged the carcasses near the beach so that I may tend to them later for food.
Out here, I must eat what I can to survive. I even wondered “What if this was Vylbrand? I could be close to home and not know better.” I doubt that since we were at sea for a day. If anything, I’d be off in the Northern Empty near Sharlayan. I must remain sane; I could easily slip into insanity out here, but I must return home soon. I set up a fire on the beachside to make a smoke signal. Each day I lit it up, but obviously to no avail. However, one thing did occur that was quite interesting…
Today I heard a yell in the distance. I could not discern the context of the yell, but I cannot investigate until morning. It’s currently dark out and I will go deeper into this island. Perhaps that’s another shipwrecked person or it could be some threat like Pashtarot. Tomorrow I must find out. Perhaps that person has some connections to get off of this…purgatory. Tomorrow I live to fight again to survive.

Allies and Mages

The morning after my last entry I heard some odd noises from outside the boat. Sounded as if it was a beast tribe planning a raid. I geared up and looked over the side of the ship to see several Mamool Ja armed lightly. Unsure whether if they mean civility or savagery, I shot an arrow past the group and into a tree several ilms behind the group. With the arrow having caught their attention, a more prominent individual within the group went towards the arrow. Inspecting it more closely, he immediately looked up to me and called out, “Come down, boy! There’s no danger here!” For some reason, I felt as if he was honest. I placed my bow on my back and descended from the ship.
He approached me once I was on the ground and introduced himself as Sagacious Gugaal Ja, the leader of the Mamool Ja clan of the island. He led me to his encampment for the afternoon. He asked me of how I got to this unknown island and I recited the unfortunate events of this journey. He told me I landed on the island of Yun A'il, a name dubbed by the Mamool Ja which literally means “purgatory”. He mentioned how the island is approximately several malms south of mainland Sharlayan and the Isle of Yorn.
Gugaal Ja told me the story of how his clan ended up on this remote island, such that his clan several years ago fled via ship from a tyrannical ruler within the New World and spoke of some dark figure summoning beasts knocking their boat around at sea and inadvertently landed here. It would be unwise to ignore the correlation of our stories. I shared such similarities with Gugaal Ja and he warned me of dangers on the island. “Friend, fierce beasts rule this island. But even more dangerous is the dark mage.” This dark mage is sure to be Pashtarot. There cannot be a mere coincidence at play. Gugaal Ja mentioned of a powerful mage that can fend off such dark magic.
It was at that moment I heard a loud horn play by the gate. I notice several Mamool Ja grab their spears and bows and Gugaal Ja took hold of a rapier and a crystal on his sides. Suddenly he lunged outwards into a coeurl impaling its side and leaped backwards to place the crystal on the rapier’s hilt. I stood there in awe as I pondered what technique is this. Gugaal Ja then casted some odd forms of Fire and Stone and then I realized that he was a practitioner of red magic, an old discipline formed when the Mhachi and Amdapori came together to rebuild a society in Gyr Abania with a new magical art combining black and white magic. As I mindlessly assist the Mamool Ja with the coeurl attack, I wondered how could, with lack for a less offensive description, a beast tribe learn such powerful magicks?
After the onslaught ceased, Gugaal Ja thanked me for helping when I asked him how did he learn to practice red magic. He responded with “For an old Mamool Ja, I had plenty of opportunities learning thaumaturgy and conjury! Although, I never learned to combine the two with ease before meeting her!” I immediately thought to myself if this was the same person who yelled out from last night that I had heard. I asked him who was this Red Mage he met and where to find her. He pointed North and told me she gave him the rapier and magicked crystal as thanks for rescuing her from a voidsent attack two weeks prior. Gugaal Ja mentioned she was last here three days ago showing him a new trick, since he is unable to know all red magic, as he does not know proper white or black magic.
Luckily, I am one of the few adventurers trained moderately in both fields by the Padjali and Lalai Darkeyes. Once I retrieve my capability to tap into my aether once more, I must learn Red Magic! Now I rest back at the ship and prepare to search for this Red Mage. Gugaal Ja never learned her name, but referred to her as the Blood Red. She sounds as if she could be a fierce some mage, but perhaps she can help me. If she’s not liking this island as well, perhaps I can help her off the island if she helps me. I finally have a lead to assessing the situation. Perhaps there are bigger things in play here on Yun A'il. I just know none of this are mere coincidence: Pashtarot summoning voidsent, a “dark mage summoning beasts” above Gugaal Ja’s ship, “Blood Red” fighting voidsent here, a map of the isla- The map! The map is sure to be this island with how I ventured so far. Why is there a map of this island on the ship? Too many coincidences to ignore. Tomorrow I shall learn more.


Days passed since my first meeting with Gugaal Ja. I have since been traveling North to find “the Blood Red”. I packed this journal, my bow and quiver of plenty of arrows, food rations to last a week, and other survival tools I can carry in my satchel. I have the map directing me forward and so far, the map is correct. I am currently at a small abandoned campsite far from the Mamool Ja encampment.
There was a campfire that appeared to have gone out hours prior to my arrival. There were some other supplies around as well such as a scorched journal and a rapier thrown into nearby bushes. It appeared that Blood Red either left in a hurry or was forcibly removed. If a red mage’s main weapon is their rapier, why would she leave her own rapier behind? I will carry it with me on my continued journey further. Upon closer inspection with the scorched journal, all inside pages are burnt. The cover is charred and there appeared to be writing, though now illegible.
Tomorrow is another day to look for her. She might be in danger if she’s without her rapier. I’m unsure if a red mage can perform without the rapier, as they apply their magicked crystal to the hilt. Tomorrow I may find out who this mysterious woman is.

The Past Today

Today is the tenth day I have been gone from Eorzea. My friends and family knew that they should have received a message from me if anything happened. Even the Scions would be worried. I had followed the tracks from Blood Red’s campsite and they led through swamps and up the side of a mountain. Thankfully the only obstacles were some morbols and serpents that weren’t much more difficult than ones I’ve faced before. But there was something odd about these creatures that I hadn’t realized before: they were much bigger than the average Eorzean version. Could be that they are much larger to adapt to survive against predators. But what could be a predator to a creature like the morbols or coeurls? Perhaps a dragon? A voidsent? My guess is on a dragon.
As I exited the swamps, I felt something pulsating by me; it was the rapier. Perhaps since it is spirit bound to Blood Red, it could be trying to return to her. I equipped the rapier and I felt it slightly pulling me in a certain direction if I point it correctly. I’m closer than I’ve been before.
Before long, I was taken up the side of a mountain and some structure was fixated at the top. Once I got up closer it had appeared to be of Allagan origin. I reached its summit and entered some overpass. There appeared to be some sort of ADS-like node in front of a gate. Without being seen, I sheathed the rapier and shot an arrow across the room to discern the node’s purpose. Once the arrow reached halfway, the node instantly shot it down. It is a hostile node. I recalled back to a technique that a fellow bard showed me in the past; the song could dismantle some Allagan machina. I replicated the song and the node appeared to deactivate and fell to the ground.
I approached it and inspected the node’s wiring to try to deactivate it permanently. For some strange reason, whatever wiring that led to its power supply had been severed. There also was some non-Allagan tech attached to it. Someone must have set the node as a defensive system, but did not account for a skilled bard! I checked the gate and it was locked.
I peered through a crack and noticed a figure in a red cloak dart across the hall with some giant clockwork being chasing them down. There was a figure that followed, after the clockwork left. He is here. I tried budging the gate open but no dice. It is very dark out and I must rest before venture forth, plus I haven’t eaten anything since last night. Tomorrow I must find a way inside.

Blood Red

So today was successful for what it was! This morning I prepared to figure out a way into the Allagan stronghold. The node remained deactivated and the inside appeared still. This worried me. Something could have happened to her. I investigated the gate for a lock. For some odd reason, the gate was locked with some modern padlock. I managed to bash the lock open with the node’s body. I quickly peered in to check if anyone noticed. I slowly entered examining my every move. The interior seems reminiscent of the Aetherochemical Research Facility within Azys Lla. Perhaps something is contained within here. If it’s anything similar to the Warring Triad, it must be either contained permanently or defeated.
From within the stronghold, I had equipped the rapier to detect Blood Red and the rapier and it pulsated stronger and stronger as I went down certain hallways. It ceased its pulsing suddenly and I looked around before walking forth. I peered around the wall to see a locked roomed with a small window and a steel door. There stood some clockwork warrior that must be protecting that room. I shot an arrow into the wall beside it in hopes to distract it. It worked then I shot out the wiring on its back, thus the clockwork deactivated.
Upon taking out the clockwork, I heard someone call out, “Impressive, now could you help me out of here?” I looked over to see who I’d imagine would be Blood Red. She was peering out through a small window. I inspected the doorway to see if there was some way to open it. There was some sort of computer connecting to locking the door. There appeared to be a key slot needed to unlock the door. After searching the room for a key, I found such to be on the clockwork. I unlocked the door letting Blood Red out. She thanked me and had asked where the Ascian went. I simply said I did not find him. I handed over her rapier to her and she grabbed it in joy. She did some practice lunges and she thanked me for returning it to her. I inquired her afterwards about who she was and how she got here.
She told me that her name was Verev and she was originally from Gyr Abania and she is a skilled Red Mage. I can not put my finger on it, but there is something familiar about her.. A pain in my chest occurred after unlocking Verev’s cell.. There is something odd with this place. She was headed to Sharlayan to learn more magic, yet some storm crashed her ship at this island. I told her my ship was intact, but unable to be piloted. I asked her how she got captured by Pashtarot and she mentioned how he demanded that he required her capture for some sacrifice and knocked her out and dragged her here. From when I saw them last night, she broke from her initial cage. It appears Pashtarot is handy when it comes to Allagan technology. Her magicked crystal was found in a nearby room and we quickly fled the stronghold. But in that room, there was some strange plaque on the wall written in the old Allagan scripture. Luckily, I learned Allagan script in the past year and it roughly read as follows:
“The wise will be forsaken. In the cave of splendors, a traitor of the shadow will rise. A time of serenity will begin with the harbingers of light, but at a cost.”
I instantly wrote down the phrase to ponder on it later, but time was of the essence. Pashtarot was none the wiser of her escape. When we descended the mountain, I asked where she plans on camping for nights. She mentioned how her camp where I found the rapier was all she had. I handed over her scorched journal and she looked through it and just tossed it away. I mentioned to her that my ship has plenty of rooms that she can make camp there. The Mamool Ja clan is nearby the ship and should be well fortified. A smile came to her face and she just simply nodded. It’s currently night out and we hiked rapidly for the whole day with little breaks and made it to where her camp was. We set up the camp for the night and she instantly fell asleep exhausted.
It’s odd how she immediately trusts me. I am a complete stranger to her, yet she does not think anything of it. I imagine she is just intuitive and can see through me. Huh, come to think of it, she kind of looks similar to Sugis but younger, what with the hair color and freckles and that’s about it. Well, given that there are millions of people on Hydaelyn it is bound to have several people who look similar. Besides, even if they are related, Sugis told me that the Kevades are from La Noscea, so it’s not likely that Kevades went from Vylbrand to Gyr Abania. Either way, we’re going to have to stop Pashtarot before he successfully does what he’s planning to do.

Chapter Two: Crimson Heart

Conflicting Emotions

Day thirteen. It’s hard to believe it’s been practically two weeks since home. Home. I miss it every single day. I miss all my dearest friends and family. They must know that I’m okay. Nothing happened yet that cannot be fixed. I can make it home with Verev’s help. Once back in Eorzea, I can repay Verev by finding her a way back to her home. I have asked her much more beside her basic introduction. I’m sort of curious as to how she is back home. Does she have a family? Any friends? Any local enemies? In fact, come to think of it…she is rather…attractive and interesting to say the least… And how she faintly swatted at me because of my horrible puns on the hike here was amusing. I could tell she liked it with a lasting smirk that crossed her face, though equally annoyed by it at the same time.
But I should not pursue a relationship here. The main priority at hand is to find a way off this purgatory and stopping Pashtarot. I cannot get wrapped into some relationship with her just because she’s the only other Hyur on this island! Perhaps after all of this is over, I may attempt to pursue these feelings. Either way I must focus on the next plan of action: reclaiming my magic!
On our way to my ship, we had stopped by Gugaal Ja’s encampment. Verev greeted Gugaal Ja and informed him of what had happened at the stronghold. Gugaal Ja thanked me for rescuing her. He had warned us of some change in the elements of the island. Verev mentioned some ritual Pashtarot was planning to use with her as a victim of it. Gugaal Ja mentioned some prophecy his clan have always remembered: “The descendants of the warring mages will unite. The harbinger of dark may bring upon destruction with the blood of the mages.”
He declared that this must apply to that Ascian. However gruesome it may sound, it sounded like not literal descendants, but practitioners of the art, such as the Black Mage, White Mage, and Scholar. I exclaimed that I could be part of that, such that I am a Scholar, if only I had my magic to combat this menace. As red magic is an amalgamation of white and black magic, I suggested aloud perhaps Red Mages could count for both the Black and White Mages of the prophecy. It was at that moment I found more hope. Immediately afterwards, Gugaal Ja mentioned the existence of an aetheric pool to the western edge of the island. It was there where he solidified his grasp on using conjury and thaumaturgy to manipulate their uses into a pseudo-red magic. There is where I might be able to regain my aetheric powers again. I wonder if my being so far from home, I would be able to teleport once aetherically charged. He offered to guide us there, but it must wait a couple of days, since the trek takes a week to travel.
After our visit to the Mamool Ja clan, we made our way to my ship. I guided her up to the deck to see the ship in the state I had left it in. I had searched for a room that was tidy enough to be livable and she found a room that just so happened to be the one next to my quarters. I showed her that there were plenty of books onboard if she would want to read in the time prior to our next travel. I showed her the storage for the tons of food, telling her these would last a single person months. Hopefully we won’t need to expunge the entire supply. Instantly she hugged me tight, thanking me for helping her and giving her shelter. It felt as if she has put all her trust into me in such short time. She let go and went into the ship’s library and stayed there for the rest of the night.
I feel closer to getting my magic each day that passes. But with one key found, three locks are also found. This is progress though and we will leave this island and defeat Pashtarot. Together.

Moving Forward

Day seventeen. Tomorrow, we will begin our journey to the aetheric pool in an attempt to finally reclaim my magic. I have noticed that my face paint that I always use back home has been getting faded and it would be best just to wash it off, as I have no supply of it. To put our time to good use prior to moving out, we started to teach each other their special skill: me teaching Verev archery and she teaching me fencing. I took the lead first and showed her several tricks I’ve learned over the years. I showed her that I could shoot five arrows into the same target. I made a passing joke how I could practically shoot a target blind and she dared me to try. I had taken her up on her offer with the terms of agreement and if I managed to succeed, then she suggested she’d cook dinner for the next few nights, while if I lose then I will cook. Though I didn’t mind cooking dinner at all, she stuck to it.
I took a handkerchief and wrapped it around my face. She checked to see if I could see and I couldn’t. I took it off for a moment to see what was the target and she marked a tree with a diamond using her rapier. When I placed the blindfold back on, she came over chuckling and spun me around to disorient me. Though she tried to throw me off, I managed to shoot the arrow straight into the diamond. She put on a smug look and I immediately mentioned to start her training to change the topic from me winning her dare. I started off by asking her to hold my bow properly as if she was going to fire an arrow. Her posture holding the bow was off some I came over oriented her to hold the bow the right way. I angled her arms in the correct fashion and she managed to shoot the arrow with a heavy shot into the target. Though not the center, but she’s just begun!
Hours passed by and Verev seemed to catch on quickly! We swapped up roles and she started teaching me the basics of Red Magic, with the fencing technique. Once I reclaim my magical abilities, I desire to practice red magic so that I can be able replicate Verev’s skills. We went to the nearby forest where coeurls would roam, and Ver started by performing spells similar black mages’ flare and white mages’ holy. They were very flashy to say the least, quite veritable at most! I definitely want to practice red magic when I get back home. She showed me the basic fencing forms a red mage would utilize in battle. Started by dashing into a coeurl using a technique called Corps-a-Corps, following up with a form called Riposte, followed up with Zwerchhau, then Redoublement, and finishing with a backstep called Displacement. She explained how these fencing forms can be enchanted when channeling balanced mana to conduct insane amounts of damage to an enemy. I attempted to replicate her, but to no avail with the lunge. She said my form when up close was decent, but needed work.
This was the usual schedule for the days to pass before we head out tomorrow, both of us managed to get better with the other’s main skill, but we would still need further practice. Last night, she seemed rather…joyous! Joy is a good thing to have while stuck on some remote island with someone trying to kill you! She was cooking dinner and she always had a smile on her face. It was odd how one could appear so cheerful when we are literally in a purgatory. But it is better to remain cheerful in times like these. It’s better to not be alone in times like these. Perhaps she is glad she has a companion here, as am I. I am quite fortunate to meet someone I could call a friend here. Strictly a friend here. I should not start falling in…nevermind that. I must stick to the task at hand getting my magic. We are so close to it, I can feel it. Just one more obstacle is getting there and I can then cast my magic! After that, we can take down Pashtarot and then find a way off this dreadful island!

Echoing Choices

Day who the hells knows by now. I think it’s been two long and dreadful weeks since the last entry. I think it’s day thirty-one now. There has not been update during the last fortnight due to constant moving around and lack of time to log happenings. To start off, the lake that was supposed to be aetherically charged has been dried up. It feels as if that journey was for nothing. Although it was not all for nothing..During the nights on the journey to the pool, Gugaal Ja, Verev, and I would set up camp, with someone taking watch for a while.
With most nights, Ver and I stayed up together just talking to each other for hours, until she would randomly pass out. We would tell each other stories of ourselves, of what we were like back home, and our fascinations. I told her about the countless trials I performed as a Warrior of Light, vanquishing other Ascians, and about my friends back home. She told me of times at home practicing and using her red magic and practicing alchemy. I had inquired about her reason to learn alchemy and she told me that she had an affinity with working with the natural world to concoct potions, rather than only using magic.
We got on to talking about each other’s family and spent a good amount of it just consoling each other and bonding over how we both had tragedies with our mothers. We had gotten closer on a deeper level as we would sit right next to each other by our campfire, leaning up against each other while chatting away. One night, she even fell asleep on me, ending up rolling on top of me, rendering me immobile for the night. Though I felt this was going by pretty fast, I just let her rest easily.
When we had gotten to the pool, it was deep into a cave in the side of a mountain. It looked as if this was once the home of some beast, as there were bones and skeletons of its prey littered around. Diving deeper into the caves, we came across several violent serpent like creatures that swarmed us. One slashed me on the back of my leg, which still hurts. Ver annihilated the swarming serpents with her flare spell. We moved forward toward a shining light which we assumed to be the pool. I ran up ahead to see a spark with a concave basin in the ground. I went to touch what was sparking and I had a feeling I haven’t had in a long time: aether. It was minimal enough to give me an Echo. I could see the moment when that damned Ascian came to this pool when it was sparkling and full and emptied the whole thing. I told Ver and Gugaal Ja that I had an Echo moment seeing the Ascian drain the pool just days prior. With no idea what to do what next, we headed back.
I was pretty silent for the journey back and Ver picked up on my disappointment when she kept trying to console me. We had arrived back at my ship yesterday evening and I appeared mad. When she asked if I was alright I went off on a tangent of how this Ascian was one step ahead of us and got emotional about how he would go after my friends back home. But before I could get another word in, Ver approached me kissed me lightly on the lips. All prior thoughts of repressing my feelings for her came flooding in, while I was confused. She let go asking if I was alright now, but I answered by kissing her back, forgetting any doubting thoughts.
After some confessions of feelings for each other, let’s just say, Ver spent the night in my room.. So that happened.. I guess I really do like her in that way. I feel as if I actually want to be with her after all this. This is moving really fast and we need to get to know each other better for this to last. I can not believe that my first time was with someone who I practically just met a few weeks ago. Come to think of it, I hope Ver would want to solidify these feelings too, as if it just wasn’t a one-time thing.
Anyways, with the journey we had taken, it sure was not for nothing. I managed to tap into using Echo once more and I think this is the start of something good between Ver and I! One day I’ll get my magic back and perhaps Ver and I can try out a relationship when we get off this island. For now, we need to keep training and thinking of a new way to get rid of Pashtarot. Soon. I feel like some victory will be waiting for us beyond the horizon.


Day thirty-five. Over the last few days, even though the aetheric pool was drained, I genuinely feel happier than before! Each day I used to mope around, worried that I would never return home to my friends and family. But now I truly feel happy with Ver around. Each night, she’d rest beside me in bed as I hold her close while falling asleep. Each day, she has been obviously more cheerful!
Over the last few days, I have been thinking more of what led me to here. From the Wall, to Rhalgr’s Reach, to Kugane, to Othard, back to Gyr Abania, and into Ala Mhigo. That moment when Zenos was defeated in the castle, he took off to the Royal Menagerie to show us his “pet” Shinryu. He showed his true powers as a Resonant by possessing the primal, bending it to his whim. With no room for error, our only choice for victory was my replication of the Sealing Spell, weakening his primal state to be taken down by my allies. Needless to say, I succeeded with the spell, and we all know where it led next. I was comatose for two straight days and my aether got messed up.
But it was worth it knowing that I contributed to the freeing of two nations. Ala Mhigo and Doma free. Free to make their own decisions. Domans who can return to their razed home to rebuild anew. All the villages within Gyr Abania free to thrive on their own. Hmm.. This reminds me of a time when I and the others in my group quelled a raid on a Gyr Abanian village. I took down several Garlean soldiers followed by a magiteck reaper that was chasing down a villager. I hadn’t thought of that moment again until now.
After dismantling the reaper, I had a small chat with the woman I saved. During which, I felt a sharp pain in my chest. We said our farewells and she headed off. Sugis joked about it being “love at first sight” and I shrugged it off, but I couldn’t help thinking if that was what happened. I felt that same pain the day I rescued Ver from Pashtarot’s cell. Why do I bring this up? The woman from the village introduced herself as, get this, Verev. Was this really fate? What are the chances that we first met in the Peaks and landed on the same island far from Aldenard? Sure is some strange coincidence if it is not fate.. I wonder if she knew since the beginning who I was.. She had to of known.. Oh gods I’m such an idiot. I’ll have to ask her about it in the morning; she had just passed out in her room. This must be fate..how could it not?

New Threats

Day thirty-seven. Having approached Ver yesterday morning about my flashbulb memory of the time at the village in the Peaks, she confirmed that it was her, though she knew it was me since the Allagan stronghold. It is very unlikely that us meeting there and both landing on the very same island to be a mere coincidence! I believe now it was fate for us to come together! She is such an interesting person, she’s talented, she’s kind-hearted, and to be straightforward..she’s really gorgeous! As I expected, she really enjoyed the book I found for her! I know how she adores nature, so a book dedicated to such would be a nice pastime for her on this island!
Today a messenger from the Mamool Ja tribe came to us mentioning Gugaal Ja has detected some sort of an imbalance in nature to the island and bid Ver and I to come to the village. We traveled to the village to heed Gugaal Ja’s warning. He had his scouts survey the surrounding area and received gruesome results. They found fallen coeurls who appeared to be drained of their lifeforce. There weren’t just a few corpses, but at least twenty seen. The scouts brought back some corpses to inspect such and the bodies looked horrible. They feel as if they were recently alive but they appear dead for days. I went to touch another coeurl and felt an Echo.
I could see several coeurls running together, looking back every so often at an unseen predator. I could focus on a young coeurl straying from the pack. I could see shadows of people towering over the coeurl youngling. The faces were covered, but I took notice of their following action. The seven shrouded unknowns each drew out a stave and casted some sort of draining spell, instantly being sucked of its lifeforce.
I came back to present day and described the Echo to Ver and Gugaal Ja. I noticed Ver stuck in thought for a moment followed by an expression as if she’s seen a ghost. She was frightened by whom the cloaked people were: nightkin. She told me they were some sort of cultist group that can succumb to darker powers upon draining the aether from any lifeform. They can track aether-rich entities from miles away. Ver became so worried to the point that she passed out. We can fight through them! With a whole Mamool Ja tribe, a red mage, and this bard, those nightkin won’t stand a chance! Besides, they can’t steal a person’s aether if I don’t have any! I jest, but we will not lose our guard!
Two scouts assisted us by carrying Ver back to the ship while she was still passed out. I should not fear the worst, but by the way she reacted to the prominence of these nightkin, they seem very dangerous around here. They must be taken out swiftly. We already have one dark mage to worry about.. we don’t need seven more. Unless there are more than what was seen in that Echo. Hopefully, fate is on our side to guide us to safety.

The Nightkin

Day forty-five.Terrible news have arisen in the past days. A few days after returning from the Mamool Ja camp, the Nightkin found us. Ver and I were training several yalms from the ship, when fireballs were being shot past us. We had readied our weapons stood our ground. I could barely see them cloaked in the distance as I noticed one punch out the one who seemed to have casted the fireball. That one who delivered the punch yelled out towards us “Excuse the rude introduction by Rude Coyote over here! We mean to you both no harm!” That one approached us slowly while we still readied our weapons.He removed his hood to show a lalafellen man. I’m now wondering how a lalafell managed to jump and punch a roegadyn’s lights out..
He introduced himself as Bububuqu Lulubuqu. He explained to us that his group needed our assistance. I recognized them as the figures in the Echo and looked toward Ver and there was worry in her eyes. I drew my bow towards the lalafell and declined his request. He then exclaimed “Pashtarot asked for you two unharmed, looks like he will be most displeased.” I nodded toward Ver and we stood our ground, launching the lalafell back while more attacks came from his allies. We managed to take down three of the nightkin before the rest before the lalafellen leader retreated off before yelling “Take care, William! Enjoy your time left with your girlfriend!” with a smirk.
Ver kept her composure as the nightkin retreated, but I could tell she was scared. That damned ascian will not capture Ver again. Not while I have something to do about it. Since that day, I swear I could’ve seen those nightkin in the distance. Waiting. Watching. I slept uneasily since. Worried that they’ll come after us when we are with our guards down. I just feel uneasy about all of this. Hopefully if they do strike, we can take them down.


Day Fifty. Just this morning, Ver approached me at breakfast about the altercation with the nightkin days ago. She asked about the one nightkin’s comment about her being my girlfriend. I thought nothing of the comment except of it being sarcasm, though I thought of that comment true. I do think of her as my girlfriend! I am in love with her! She had made her feelings obviously mutual with her consistent flustered blushes. We discussed our worries about those nightkin who will inevitably return. We will be ready for their reemergence.. We must..
I am worried now. It’s getting dark out and Ver has not returned back to the ship. This is not like her to be out this late, especially now with the nightkin emergence. I’m hoping she’s only staying the night at the Mamool Ja camp. She would be safer to stay the night there, rather than traverse back here when it’s dark. If she has not returned by morning, I will travel to the camp myself and check. I fear the worst has happened. I swear if those damned nightkin got her, I will unleash mad hell upon them that would make Rhalgr and Halone envious! Oh gods.. I should have gone with her! What have I done..? Get a grip William. You’re better than this. Check in the morning and then rain hell upon those nightkin.


Day Fifty-one. Oh gods, oh gods, oh gods, oh gods! My fears were true! She was captured by those damned nightkin! Lucky for us, she was quick enough to toss her rapier away from them as they nabbed her. I was on the set trail to the camp when I felt the urge to look around. I found her rapier in a bush and confirmed my suspicions. I prayed that contact would help deliver an echo, and I succeeded. It showed her being ambushed by nightkin and she was knocked out cold with one of their staves. She had thrown the rapier to the bushes. One of the nightkin went to the rapier to retrieve it, but the lalafell told him to stop, saying it was not important.
When I find those nightkin, I will deal a hundredfold upon them what they did to Ver. I nearly broke down when the Echo ended, seeing the last glimpse of her face being carried away. I took hold of her found rapier and I could feel the tension in it as before. Similar to when I first found the rapier. When I first began the hunt for Blood Red. How I found her before. Who knew I’d fall for her? I could feel the tug on it directing towards Ver, east of here. I don’t believe I have traveled to the east side of the island. I doubt she would be very close by. If I found her once before, I can do it again. I will find her. I must.
I went to the Mamool Ja camp, as she had planned to visit them before.. I met with Gugaal Ja about Ver’s abduction and her potential location. He thought for a moment and told me that a mysterious volcano is in that direction. She must be in that direction. I’m resting the night here in their camp before I start my trek to rescue Ver once again. I don’t know what they are planning, but they will not succeed.

Pashtarot's Inferno

Day Sixty-two. It has been a long and grueling hike but I have arrived at this dreaded volcano. Gugaal Ja mentioned a legend about this location prior to my departure from the camp. It was an odd tale but I had not put too much thought to it until arriving here.
There lived a single tree that was so tall that it put all other mountaintops to shame. Its leaves were not a normal hue of green but a vibrant blue instead. The tree shone brightly with aether and was surrounded by an abundance of wildlife. One day there was a great disaster that struck the tree. A terrible storm within a blizzard that struck the tree with a lightning bolt, caught the tree on fire, and froze the flames in place. When the storm came to pass, the great tree was rendered to ash, causing the wildlife to wither and die due to the shear amount of ash flooding the animals’ lungs. When the last of the animals perished and all of the ash settled, a jet-black volcano burst from where the deceased tree stood and reached greater heights than before. Now only voidsent linger around the volcano.
This is an odd legend, such that it reminds me of a work of fiction detailing an evil powerful mage known as Exdeath. He was born from a tree, yet appears as a bright blue knight. He yearned to control the powers of the void, he could not control the void but the void controlled him. The heroes within that story had to defeat the void controlled warlock who became a new entity known as Neo Exdeath.The elements that struck the tree of legend (lightning, blizzard, and fire) was what reminded me of the tale of Exdeath since the warlock could harness those elemental spells. The blue leaves from the tree matching the bright blue armor. Voidsent lingering around the volcano and Exdeath yearning to control the void. Perhaps that legend of the tree and the Exdeath tale could have originated from the same event? Who knows.
I felt the tug of Ver’s rapier lead me to a hidden entrance along the side of the volcano. Perhaps Pashtarot and the nightkin have made a base from within the volcano? It would seem nigh impossible to render the inside of a volcano habitable, but this island has made me question many things that need no explanation. It’s currently dark out so I made a small camp several yalms away in a cave. Tomorrow I must find a way inside his stronghold and find Ver, while slaying as many of the nightkin as possible. This does not make sense why they keep requiring Ver for some sort of “ritual”. Perhaps it will all become clear soon.

Chapter 3: Downhill


Day Sixty-three. It was a trap.. Pashtarot was waiting for me. Baited with Verev. He knew I would come after her. I got inside because the gate was unlocked. The rapier led me down a series of passageways that looked not Allagan in design, but Garlean instead. Perhaps there was some Garlean occupation of the island in the past, but evacuated due to some unknown circumstances. Either the voidsent around caused the evacuation or that the voidsent appeared afterwards..
Moving throughout the corridors, I heard sounds in the distance. I couldn’t tell whether it was a cry or a yell. I moved toward and it was coming from behind an iron door. I peered through the keyhole and I could see Verev within passed out, without hesitation I rushed in. Before I could yell out toward her, I was knocked out cold.
I awoke what seemed to be hours later to appear in a cell. My bag is still with me, hence how I am writing this entry, but my bow, quiver, and her rapier is missing. Smart on them, yet unfortunate for me I have no tools to break out of here. I have no idea where in this stronghold I wound up in, but I must get out. But..Pashtarot appeared before me soon after I awoken in the cell.
He told me that he expected my arrival, mentioning that she was only captured to lure me here. He sat down on a chair on the other side of my cell. He told me he does not wish to kill me, though previous experience contradicts that. Complaining how the nightkin are awful to work with, but it is all he had. He reflected upon the past we shared when he used his guise as my former free company leader. Apologizing for how he treated my friends and I back then, being an awful leader then. I assume this was but a front to reel in my trust, but I felt some sort of honesty from him. He told me that he acts violently because he’s displaced. Unable to return to his home on different shard. I don’t understand how ascians came to be, but perhaps he regretted his existence as being an agent of chaos?
He recognized me from an old encounter we once shared when I was a kid. Out in the shroud, where I first encountered an ascian. It was him. He told me that he knew that there was something special about me then, as to why he brought me into his free company. Pashtarot told me he needs my help in getting home; If I could manage to help him, he would send me home. To strengthen his deal, he ripped open a hole in space, I could see..Gridania, the Carline Canopy.. Home.. I reached out to the rift and it disappeared soon. I asked what he needed of me, and he recited a saying I heard once before, “The descendants of the warring mages will unite. The harbinger of dark may bring upon destruction with the blood of the mages.” I inquired of the importance of that prophecy, and he knew that Verev was descendent of the Mhachi and Amdapori, but I still had no idea why I was needed.
He told me something I had not known at all, “You, William Chambers, are related to the Chamberlain Crew in La Noscea? Well, it would veritably interest you that you are a descendent of the Nymian marines.” I am related to the Nymians? I was dumbfounded by this fact, of how he came to know about this. He mentioned that he was stuck in this realm for several millennia, dating back to the Allagan empire. Watching time tick on effortlessly. Though lalafells dominated the city-state, there were hyurs in the population. It was these hyurs that shares my bloodline. Though they were of the Nymian Royal Marines, they forsook their honor and fled Vylbrand for a time. Lucky enough for my lineage, escaping disasters such as the great flood, the green death, and the near total annihilation of Nym due to the Mhachi superweapon, Ozma. That family returned to Vylbrand and led to the start of the Chamberlain Crew’s pirate origins.
He requires the “blood” of the descendants of the mages to rip open a portal through the void to return his shard. He told me that in order to do this, he needs Ver to be killed. Not by his hand, as it would go against the prophecy, but mine instead. A Nymian descendant facing off against a Mhachi-Amdapori descendent. I..can not do this. But..home.. I could be home tomorrow off this island and be free of the troubles of this ascian.. He’d replenish my aetheric incapability, the whole point of travelling here.
I tried declining his offer, refusing to kill her, but he kept insisting. He knew of our relationship, but he mentioned how she was not honest with me. On his search for the chosen ones for the prophecy, he found Verev up to a year ago and pulled some strings that led her voyage to crash on this island. Though he was acting as a stalker, he came to learn that she has no capability to love. Mentioning a story of a past “lover” that she cut off abruptly because she lost interest. I thought that she had not loved anyone before me… Could he be merely lying to seal the deal? I sure hope so.
But.. maybe she only thinks of this as a mere fling? I sure do not think that way. I do want to follow through with our relationship and pursue it further when we are safe in civilization. I can not follow through with his proposition. Ver, the woman I am in love with, or to be at home with my friends and family and aether replenished. Though the thought that ticks in my brain each aching day I am on this godsforsaken island is to make it back home, I must not go through with this. There is always a way. If Pashtarot truly wishes to just return to his home, perhaps there’s a way where we both succeed optimally. He leaves without further bloodshed and Ver and I can return home. Though there is the issue of the nightkin.. I still question their involvement with this.. I must stay on my toes, he is an ascian after all. I will not kill Ver. She is too important to me.
Pashtarot expects an answer to whether I will assist him and duel with Ver tomorrow. He’ll only let us converse for ten minutes prior to the duel, thinking it would be our last moments together, but we must come up with a way out of this.. We have to.. I can barely die as it is, yet she’s mortal.. If so be it, I’ll let her strike me down. If she’s able to live while I die, so be it. I would accept that. She does not deserve the fate of dying to me, the closest person she’s known in a while. Tomorrow..I pray to the Twelve that luck- Nay, fate is on our side. Oh gods I hope we come out well..

The Duel of the Fates

Day Sixty-five. It would be best to start from the beginning. Yesterday I awoke early in the morning in a nervous sweat of what was supposed to transpire. At least they were decent enough to provide actual food. This food seemed gourmet enough to not originate from this island. Just how did they get ahold of this. Food was good though. After I ate, I grabbed my bag with me since I was being led to a large holding room that was apparently soundproofed, perhaps Pashtarot has a sense of privacy. Ver was led into the room and then the door was locked.
There was a mood of extreme discomfort in the atmosphere. There were thoughts in each of our heads that the damned ascian planted. He tried to make me believe that Ver would never love me, yet she showed it to be quite the opposite. He told her that I was only with her was for sex, that she was worth nothing to someone is a warrior of light.. That was just utter garbage. We plotted to appear as if we were fighting followed by a.. Well I’ll get to that later. After our ten minutes of conversing and planning was up, nightkin came to lead us to the arena for our duel was to take place. I was led into the large arena and I got a sweltering gust of wind. There wasa rough rocky ground and I could see the molten magma of the volcano surrounding the platform. We were in the exact center of the volcano. My bow and quiver was in the center of the arena with Ver’s rapier and crystal alongside it.
I saw Ver from across the arena, I simply nodded to her and she knew exactly what to do. Pashtarot flew into the center of the arena as some sort of host of a game. The rest of the nightkin were along the sides of the arena, waiting to see if we would actually kill each other or on guard if we wouldn’t. He spoke to us all, but mostly toward his nightkin guests.
“Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls! It’s time for the main event! In this corner is the powerful red mage and direct descendent of both Mhachi and Amdapori mages, Verev! And across from her is the Emerald Archer of Eorzea, the Warrior of Light, and a shocking reveal to be a direct descendent of Nymian marines, William! It’s the War of the Magi all over again folks! Who will reign supreme over the other? The battle will commence exactly in one minute on my mark!“
His “mark” was a flood of ahriman flying about the room. Suddenly we both sprinted to our respective weapons. Ver started charging up a powerful spell once she claimed her weapon and I shot at several ahriman flying around to not appear defiant in Pashtarot’s arrangement, yet he appeared annoyed. When caught wind of our plans, he took grasp of me, throwing me into the air, and slamming me down onto the hard metal grate of a floor, unable to move for a moment. Ver canceled her spell to rush over to my motionless body. Suddenly from what I could see, the spell she was working on succeeded. She gave off a bright blue brilliant glow as she stood up above me. There was as if a blue mist covered the floor. Soon I saw icons of the fallen city-states Mhach and Amdapor appear from her hands and as the icons fell to the ground, several blue blades came crashing down on every single nightkin and ahriman in the room, killing them instantly.
It was such a sight to see, well from where I could see on the floor in agonizing pain. I managed to get up with the help of Ver and we fled the volcano swiftly, yet there was no sight of that ascian, though I held onto my “lucky rabbit’s foot” if we had to fight him. We hid out out in the cavern I rested the previous night in with Ver as we healed. It seemed as if breaking her limit did a toll on her, some sort of aetheric drawback from casting such a Cerulean Scourge.
I feel less in pain this morning. I guess it is a perk to being a Warrior of Light, able to take a massive fall and heal overnight! Though I do still feel sore.. Ver is still resting from when we arrived in the cave yesterday. We took care of the nightkin on the island, now there is a matter of the Ascian to prevent any other problems. Then..we can go home safely. How we will get off this island is another question, one that can be worried about later. We will have to take out Pashtarot before he would try to stall any plans of leaving. I can worry about my aether at a later point, but whatever is his ulterior motive for that duel it cannot be any good. He does not simply want to return home. With his strange powers of space-time manipulation, he cannot be left alone to wreak havok upon the realm.

A New Life Ahead

Day Seventy-five. On the trek back the ship from that volcanic duel, I had noticed Ver’s persistent aether sickness on the way back. The cause of that came to light today. We arrived back to the ship safely and we were starving, so I elected to make us a nice dinner with what we had on board. After cooking supper, Ver was eating bits of her food, as if she had just eaten a large meal. She could not finish her meal and just wanted to rest in my room, instead of hers. I helped her to the bedroom as she was appearing as if she would pass out at any moment.
After sitting her down onto the bed gently, I sat beside her holding her hand asking if she needed anything else. She only smiled warmly, pressed my hand, and needed to tell me something rather important. I was confused as to what she was going to tell me. Something else she was told by the ascian in the volcano, something related to her history, or something else. She looks at my hand united with hers as her face reddens. Ver closes her eyes as she places my hand upon her stomach. Looking toward me, she smiled as she delivered two sweet words to my ears, “I’m pregnant..”
I was caught off guard initially when she spoke to me. When I came to realization of what she had said, I suddenly thought back to all the moments we shared. Rescuing her from her Allagan cell, our late night chats learning of each other, meeting her in the that Gyr Abanian village, and our first night together. I looked back to her with a smile and lunged at her with a kiss and a hug! I was so ecstatic I accidentally made her fall back on the bed! She’s known for a couple of weeks and with the nightkin issues prevalent, I can see why she’s held back saying until now. She was concerned whether we were moving too fast, but if fate united us twice over in the most odd circumstance then perhaps we were destined to be together!
With her aether still drained and her pregnancy, she fell into a deep slumber. I fixed her positioning so she would sleep more comfortably and planted a kiss upon her forehead. I left the room, to let her rest her body. She did say she wants to leave this island before she “becomes a hazard for us.” Though I doubt she would get in the way, her pregnancy may be affected and I would not want her to get hurt. I can not allow her to get herself into danger. What with her aether making her feel sluggish and passing out more often. Otherwise, I am sooo excited for this child! I’m going to be a father! I’m going to be a father.. and only nineteen summers old.. is this moving rapidly? I love Ver with all of my heart, but we have only known each other for a few months and we are having a child together now. I hope I could be a good dad as my father was to me! He raised me so well, so I hope I can do them both proud.
In other news, Gugaal Ja took me aside in private when we passed by their camp. He sensed something terrible was going to happen, he felt it in his bones. Plus he felt there was an aetheric rift in occurrence to the west, in the same location as the aetheric pool that was drained. This only occurs if aether is refilling in there. There’s my chance to fix my aether! We must get to it before that damned ascian gets to it. Though Gugaal Ja warned me something dire. To not bring Verev along; he senses danger within her if she approaches that pool and strictly told me not to tell her. I don’t know what to do.. I must tell her at least where I am going, though she would want to come along knowing her brave heart. I will talk to her about it tomorrow when she awakens. Gods, I love her so..!


Day Ninety? I.. have failed. Gugaal Ja gave me one warning and I did not heed it.. Because of my foolishness..Ver and our child..are dead.. I told Ver about the opportunity of aether reappearing in the drained pool from before. Ver insisted on coming with even though she was still sick and needed to rest. It took us a week to travel back to that cave. We journeyed through the cavern and found the pool to be shining with pure aether. I felt a disturbance and instinctively grasped Ver’s hand beside me. It was a trap. Pashtarot..that monster lured us here. He knew we would come here.
He pulled me up into the air and dug his ascian claws into my stomach, blood coming from my mouth.. Ver retaliates with her thunderous spell. I reached in my quiver for a trick arrow I fashioned for a moment like that, an arrowhead made of auracite. I plunged it into his shoulder. It resulted with him slamming me down on the ground and him fleeing the cavern for a moment. She came to my side and I asked her to run, but she stayed! If she had only run away, she would still be here… Before I slipped off to unconsciousness I saw the Ascian reenter the cave. The last thing I saw with my own eyes was her crying holding my hand to her face. The last thing I heard of her sweet voice was her saying she loves me.. I miss her dearly..
I could see what transpired from an echo that is permanently ingrained in my mind.. I was rendered unconscious upon landing on the hard rocky cave floor. If I was not a warrior of light, that would have killed me without immediate attention. Ver ran to my side, tears trailing from her eyes, and took hold of my hand. She started channeling some spell and so did Pashtarot..he was quicker.. His blast knocked her back off of me and blood came from her mouth as… she disintegrated..
I returned to consciousness what felt like hours later and was writhing in pain. My first thought was that the aether would heal me. It did more than that. It cured me. I.. am cured.. But it was at a cost..of Ver’s life.. I would trade it back for her by my side once more! Just one chance to make it right. I was a fool to tell her about this excursion. I knew she would not want to let me go alone..
When I soaked myself in the aetheric pool, I passed out cold for much longer, perhaps for a whole day. When I regained consciousness, my body absorbed all of the aether and I found Ver’s rapier, but it was covered in blood…her blood.. Oh gods.. I witnessed the echo upon grasping it.. Her face as she cried out as her life was stripped away… Her eyes never left fixated toward my body. And within a fraction of a second, she was gone.. without a trace.. That monster left a message knowing I would receive the echo.
“Unless you want to die a death worse than your precious girlfriend’s, you would keep well if you back off. You have your magic, now leave this island.”
How dare he..I know I can leave this island now, by concentrating enough aether to teleport to the nearest attuned aetheryte, I presume Limsa Lominsa. Though I must not let Ver’s death be in vain. I must avenge her death. That way this monster will be gone from this realm for good, for everyone’s sake.
I know just how to vanquish him. Returning to Gugaal Ja’s encampment, I informed him of the situation and he lamented with me, but he was disappointed that his warning was not heeded, yet I agreed with him. He mentioned he can fashion a weapon that can kill this ascian. His scouts found white pure aetheric crystals, auracite. The bane of an ascian’s existance. I thought for a moment and remembered when Ver would guide me with the precise stances for a red mage’s melee attacks. I suggested to him a rapier and he agreed it would be a great device, yet needs to be crafted overnight. He required a medium for the rapier to channel magic since there was not enough auracite found to sculpt that piece. I thus offered my piece of auracite to be constructed for it.
I will be wielding an auracite rapier to strike down that foul monster. For Ver. I can hardly believe she is gone.. I can no longer feel her rapier yearn to reunite with her.. She is truly gone.. When I had concluded the echo.. I burst into tears crying out loudly. Perhaps this is just a bad dream? I will wake up from this nightmare and reunite with Ver? Sadly, no. Fate said we would always find each other, but perhaps not this time. Maybe in death? I must mourn for her when the ascian is dead. Oh gods our child too.. I could have been a father.. I wanted to be a good father when I found out she was pregnant. Oh the joy upon her face when she told me, I could never forget her beautiful smile.. And I will never forget her cry for me as she..died.. Farewell my dear Verev.. May the Twelve rest your soul for all eternity..

An Eye for an Eye

Day Ninety-two. Just more and more tragedy and demise of late.. Just more and more pain.. I left the camp in the morning to wait for the construction of the auracite rapier to be finished and wander about. Suddenly I felt a disturbing presence followed by a swift blunt object from behind me knocking me out cold. I swear this is happening way too often.. I came to when I heard laughter.. Oh gods the laughter.. I don’t know how, but he was here too.. Piers.. My own brother.. I have never seen him before since the day of the incident..
When I was a child I had accidentally shot an arrow into his left eye.. He had said something that just enraged me when we having a petty archery contest and I lost my aim and.. He never forgave me.. I regretted that moment every single day of my life. I tried telling him I was sorry for every single bad moment I caused him. I was tied up against a tree and could not budge. I could see Piers above me with my bow pointed at me. I begged of him not to pull the arrow. He drew the bowstring with the arrow drawn as I yelled aloud for him to stop. Yet he let go as he said, “This one’s for Mom.“
The arrow made its home in my left eye.. I fainted due to the sheer fact of being shot in the eye with an arrow. I awoke hours later in the Mamool Ja camp. One of the nurses removed the arrow from my eye and it healed over, but my sight was gone in it.. Oh gods my sight.. I can barely see now as it is.. My archery.. I am now in Piers’ place.. I never meant for that to happen to him.. In the meantime, the camp was raided by the Ascian with some foul beast at its command. They described it to be some amalgamation of a lion, serpent, and a ram. Pashtarot was controlling a chimera.. Apparently it was much larger than I have ever encountered prior. That damned ascian went after Gugaal Ja knowing he was crafting that rapier. When he turned up empty handed..he killed him where he stood. The nurse presented to me the finished product that was hidden away.
I must settle the score. First Ver and our unborn child, then my eye because I know for a fact Pashtarot was up to that, and now Gugaal Ja and the village. Many Mamool Ja were slaughtered by the chimera. I must take down this monster once and for all. Who knows what will happen if he is left alive? I must succeed.. I failed saving Ver but I must not let her death be in vain. For her, for our child, for Gugaal Ja.. Twelve save us all..

The Final Countdown

Day Ninety-three. My time on the purgatory is coming to close soon. Upon this morning, I managed to slay the ascian’s pet. The monstrous chimera that mowed down several Mamool Ja like a scythe against grass.. When I healed up, I followed the chimera’s tracks of debris to a cave undisclosed prior. I tracked it deep below the surface into a blustery region within. The caverns were so humongous that there was some sort of weather down there. It was so cold, as it was a blizzard, though it had lightning strikes within the eye.
I found the eye of the storm and found the chimera at the center of it. This chimera was some sort of odd amalgamation. It was sucking the aether from the minimal amounts of plant life down there. Perhaps this chimera was what was locked away in the Allagan stronghold from where I found Ver. I had to slay that vile beast right then and there. If I could slay this creature of Pashtarot’s, it would siphon his plans here. He will not win.
I fought against the chimera with every magical attack within my arsenat, yet it was not even bruised. I imagined utilizing the aspects of white and black magical spells in one cohesive pattern and executed such plan with ease. Perhaps this was the beginnings to the idea of wielding red magic. One very precise spell after another, the storm was dying as was the chimera. Soon enough, the chimera collapsed to the cave floor and remained motionless. With last powerful spell to finish it off, I broke my magical limit, summoning a large ball of flames to encompass the beast. I had succeeded.
I managed to slay this monster with little harm to myself. Though with my sight impaired, my balance was off. One monster down. One more to go. I inspected the beast for any pulse, but found a note tied to one of the chimera’s necks.
“Dearest adversary William.. If you are reading this, it appears you have deactivated my aether battery. As you have severed my grasp on this island’s aether, I will have to resort to the entire realm’s aether. You have made a most dire mistake to the well being of your health in the nearest future. You want to kill me, I want to kill you. Either way, I still get the power I most deserve. Jot this in your journal of yours that this entry will be your last. The last moment everyone on Hydaelyn will be in peace. Soon.. this world shall meet the Void! I will be awaiting our final battle at the place where your ‘lost magic trip’ began.”
He means to involve the void somehow. This would explain his voidal rifts he was known to create. Perhaps he is.. No.. Every story passed down through the ages must have a real life inspiration. The story of the volcano arising from a beautiful tree.. That very same volcano that “the duel” took place..The cerulean clad warlock who yearned to command the void.. it’s him… That Ascian. He was what that story came from.. Pashtarot is the personification of Exdeath! The tree, the void, the chimerical storm of blizzards, lightning, and fires.. all of it. This is his plan: to control the complete power of the void and unleash a new World of Darkness upon the realm..
It’s now or never. Ver? Gugaal Ja? You will both be in my thoughts guiding me through. The Auracite Rapier is ready for its purpose. This ends now. He wants a battle? Let’s go give him one he’ll never forget. Today shall be the day that this Warrior of Light shall banish out the chaos that is that damned Ascian. This will be for everyone. If he truly thinks he will be the victor, as a dear friend of mine had said, then I’m the Sultana!

The Decisive Battle

Day Ninety-three still. It’s over.. thank the Twelve it’s all over.. That monster is dead. That damned Ascian is through. If only Ver was there by my side. In some way, I think she was. Guiding my strikes to victory. I knew exactly where Pashtarot would be waiting for me. The shipwreck.
Approaching the ship, I could see a massive storm brewing with him on deck at the center of it. A crimson storm above. A storm as red as blood with voidsent flying about. I placed my rapier at my side and set aside my bow to my back. This battle needed magic versus magic. I did all I can with my bow for now. I snuck aboard without him learning of my arrival. I snatched my codex, as it has been decommissioned for far too long. I channeled my aether to summon Aurora, my personal Selene faerie. The shine of my Anima codex has ceased to dull and shone brightly. I thought to myself for a moment and thought of Ver’s teachings. I studied her projections of her versatile red magic to attempt to emulate. It was time.
I took to the deck where Pashtarot was expecting me. He put on a devilish smirk and tried to throw insults and my past failings my way to throw me off. A man who fights with his mouth is lacking in his fists, or rather magic in this case. He was weak, as I had “drained his battery”. With my faerie at my side, I unleashed my scholarly might upon him to weaken him. He was pulling his strikes, as he winced at each spell he threw at me. With his pet, he has become a double edged sword; channel both his magic and the Void is killing him.
We both fought for several minutes before he collapsed upon the floor weakly. Now is the time to strike. I took out my auracite rapier stance myself to prepare to lunge forward with a Corps-a-Corps. Terror appeared upon the Ascian’s face. He was afraid of what I was going to do. He bargained with me to spare him, saying he would give me anything I wanted. I asked would he give me gil; he would give me all of it in the realm. Power over the whole world? He could give me all of that and more. Everything I ever wanted.. Though.. I asked of only one thing to have and I could let him go. “I want Verev back, you son of a bitch!”
I closed my eyes with tears trailing down, I lunged forward and impaled him with the auracite rapier. I performed the combination of strikes Ver taught me as he caught fire. The voidal storm grew rampant as the Ascian’s life force was drained. Portions of his cloak was getting ripped and dragged into the eye of the storm, then he joined as well. Soon after he was dragged into the storm, he disintegrated in the air as the storm quelled. He was done. I was done here. Soon, I can go back home.
I gathered all important items from the ship: my clothes, my documents, and such. I went into Ver’s room and sat upon her bed and reflected upon my purgatory here. The happy moments we shared.. now drifting into the past. My time here is nearly up, and those moments are in the past. I found Verev’s books that she liked to read from, even the one book that I found for her. A book about a vast description on diverse flora. She was so happy when I found it for her. The bookmark in it showed that she never finished reading it..and she was on the last chapter of it too..there was also a scent in the air of her room.. it smelled of lavender..
I’m taking her stuff and her rapier back home as a memento of here. With everything packed away, I headed over to the camp and bid farewell to the new leader. He seems very nice. Mayhap we reunite in a less dire situation. Upon finishing this final entry, I shall be concentrating on teleporting to Limsa Lominsa, the potentially closest attuned aetheryte. Here goes nothing! I’m coming home!

Heading Home

Day Ninety-five? I have appeared in an infirmary of Limsa Lominsa. Apparently some of the guards recognized me as I appeared in the plaza and fell to the ground. I was immediately sent here and awoke a couple days later. So much aether channeled must have caused it, though my aether is fine now, worry not. Though something did happen.
In my sleep, it was as if Hydaelyn herself spoke to me. She rewarded my valiant struggles on the island with a gift. Aetheric sight. She put my blind eye to use by allowing it to see through aether. I can see again, though my eye is still disfigured.. I can’t be seen without an eyepatch, though I can still see right through it. I would trade this sight for Ver’s life if I could. But she is gone forever..
I feel healed up and there’s one more place in Limsa I must visit before returning to Gridania. A friend’s house, if she’s home. I suppose this concludes a chapter of my life since I am no longer on a lost magic trip to Sharlayan.

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Does your character have siblings or family members in their age group? Which one are they closest with?
William’s two siblings have a big age gap from William, with Piers being 9 years older and Rod being 17 years older. William is not remotely close to Piers any way. They have had too much bad blood over the years. Rod however remains very close to William, as he first taught him archery as he became a novice. Any other relatives are unknown as his father came from a family of Lominsan pirates and his mother grew up in the streets of Ul’Dah.
What is/was your character’s relationship with their mother like?
While she was still alive, she would always tell William stories of her adventures with his father each night as a child. William loved his mother dearly such that she is the true reason he kept healing. She taught him the basic heal Cure as a child. There were several instances where he became so flustered, he considered retiring his codex. Yet he remembered his mother would never give up in the heat of battle, so neither should he.
What is/was your character’s relationship with their father like?
His relationship to his father is quite as loving as his relationship to his mother! Before Rod was actually teaching William archery, it was his father who gave him his first bow and arrow set. Even thouch his father was adept lancing, he had knew archery as well. When he presented William his own set, at roughly nine years old, his father demonstrated archery to him by taking three arrows from a quiver, placing each in his bow, and accurately shot the bullseye! William’s face was filled with awe and his love for archery began. His father’s jokes also rubbed off onto William, which eventually became everyone else’s misfortune. Every cracked pun blossomed from the sole purpose to simply make everyone happy, as his father made him.
Has your character ever witnessed something that fundamentally changed them? If so, does anyone else know?
A year into William’s travels, having been months since he became a Warrior of Light, he was assisting the historical scholars of NOAH with emergence of the Crystal Tower. William was mainly a user of white magic and was hesitant to pick up a new skill at the time. He was tasked with preventing the realm becoming a World of Darkness. There was another healer in his group, one whose techniques differed from his own. He had not seen a healer perform abilities like these before. In duty, William took notice that their Warrior was taking too much damage at a point for William to replenish health quick enough. The Warrior got weak enough to the point where William was forced to grant him Benediction. The other healer managed to take over the main healing and was granting him aetheric shields to nullify incoming damage. William was astounded to see such a trick done in battle. After the duty was complete, he asked the other healer in the group where he learned such skills; he told him to find Alka Zolka and ask her the ways of the Nymian Scholar. Henceforth, he dedicated his following days studying the abilities of a Scholar in battle and became an adept Scholar under the great Nymian Scholar Surito Carito.
On an average day, what can be found in your character’s pockets?
Usually pocket lint.
What does your OC look for in a friend? Do they value friendship a lot?
What William finds for in a friend is someone who he is able to put his trust into, someone who he knows respects him as he to them, and someone who can put up with all of his dang shenanigans! Does he value friendship? Are chocobo couriers actually yellow chocobos splathered with tar? Yes! Friendship means everything to William and never wants to sever ties with someone he has grown see as a friend.
Is there a place they go to in order to escape the world, the stresses of life? What’s their favourite place?
Whenever William feels stressed from either a poor dungeon dive or surrounded by plenty of drama, he either resides within the study of his home to review over past tomes or journeys to Tailfeather to surround himself with the chocobos within their natural habitat. Either resolution renders William at peace.
What are concepts they value? Virtues? What do they look down upon?
William values the safety of his friends at all times within a duty. Whether he chooses to be the designated healer or a bard, he refuses to allow his party to fail, or even perish. He also values his friends above all else. As his virtues, William selects loyalty, as in to each other, and family, as in he places his family above everything else, whether it be his blood family or his friends who he looks to as a family. William looks down upon a betrayal of trust. He finds it very hard to mend broken ties, yet can turn the other cheek if necessary.
Do they have a guilty conscience? Why? Did they ever do something they totally regretted?
William is as innocent as he’s going to get. He totally does not enact shenanigans in public as the Chocobo. What if he was the Chocobo? He would not regret it one bit. He finds it hilarious to be stared at when he conducts his weekly foray into Issom-Har in his chocobo suit. However the most shenanigans he would openly admit to would be shuffling up Sugis’ books. Yet he really needs to learn to conduct his prank while she isn’t home..
What are tropes you associate with your muse?
Bookworm since he studies old tomes he’s collected from the Gubal Library during some of Sugis’ forays, yet while he does not have a collection of tomes to amount Sugis’, his collection sums to an estimate of sixty.
a literal Scholar, while that may be preferred healing job in duties, he tends to overly study past civilizations. He has recently taken an interest in the War of the Magi and regularly conducts expeditions to the Yafaem saltmoors for Mhach and the Wanderer’s Palace to communicate with the tonberries of Nym, if he manages to find a sane tonberry.
If given a million dollars, what would your OC do?
“Dollars? Is that a currency? The only common currency used across Eorzea is gil, so I’ll assume the question will refer to gil.”
William upon given a million gil will immediately donate a quarter to his family for however his father seems fit, a quarter to his free company to fund their move from their current base of a cottage in the Lavender Beds into a mansion of appealing scenary, a quarter to the Adventurer’s Guild for showing how even a Warrior of Light can make his start with them, and the remaining quarter for himself for various luxuries for his private house (totally not decorating it fully in chocobo decor).
How do they greet the world — what is their typical attitude towards life? How does it differ in different circumstances, or towards different subjects? Why do they take these attitudes, and why do they change? How do these tend to be expressed?
William is more often the optimistic type, despite his usual exclaims of immenant demise in duty. He always looks for the good in people in almost every situation, unless the humanity he can detect in most people is long gone. William remains this way because he has to in a world that is constantly bombarded with the threat of a new primal, a Garlean invasion, or some rebellion. When all hope in the realm is lost, who will be there to spread the joy and peace in the face of calamity? William expresses his optimism through his humor and kindness as his weapons of mass enjoyment.
What do they care deeply about? What kind of loyalties, commitments, moral codes, life philosophies, passions, callings, or spirituality and faith do they have? How do these tend to be expressed?
William cares for those close to him above all else. He puts his friends and family first, Eorzea second, and personal issues last. He remains loyal to his fellow Mercs to never betray their trust as he has all the control in the company, yet he allows Brandon and Sugis the same exact powers as he is given. William is not against the act of killing, yet will only do so if given no other choice, the humanity is lost within them, or if they attempt to harm or kill any of his allies. His passion is to spread safety and tranquility throughout Eorzea by eliminating the forces that threaten the sanctuaries. William is not too religious, yet asks his deity Thaliak for guidance in battle to point to the safest strategy.
What kind of inner life do they have — rich and imaginative? Calculating and practical? Full of doubts and fears? Does it find any sort of outlet in their lives?
Inside William’s life he is always strategic and determines the best-case-scenario and works toward that goal in duty. If not in duty, he would calculate elaborate pranks to play on his friends. Once he scrapped together a device that if Sugis walks over top of it, it will release a signal to play the loud sounds of chocobos’ kwehing. Needless to say, he was banned from entering Sugis’ house for a month.
Do they dream? What are those dreams like?
William dreams quite often, he imagines that he vanquishes Ascians left and right following up with tranquility among the city-states of Eorzea. Sometimes he just dreams about fantastical ideas of “what if his friends were like this” or “what if he was like this”. He in fact has nightmares once in a while that tend to contain the death of a close friend with him just out of reach to save them in time. Nightmares like these is why he is serious when it comes to his healing, with humor blended in to keep him sane, of course.
Are they more shaped by nature or nurture — who they are, or what has happened to them? How have these shaped who they’ve become as a person?
William is more of a mixture of the two. He derives his compassion from his parents and his skills of combat from the world around him. By being taught by his father and Rod, William learned to conduct archery in an agile and astute manner to not rush into battle with shooting arrows at random. William learned to mix such manner with the society around him to learn what is the story behind the person who’s the target and why he is in that situation, whether he is a thief, Garlean, or tempered follower.
What kind of person could they become in the future? What are some developmental paths that they could take, (best, worst, most likely?) what would cause them to come to pass, and what consequences might they have? What paths would you especially like to see, and why?
William is more likely to remain a compassionate and humorous person as long as he has his friends to surround and support him through thick and thin. His friends are the reason he remains grounded to the goodness of society. It would be quite rare if he tangented off onto some skewed personality who would only think selfishly. The only possible way for that to even happen would be if he was separated from those close to him and is forced into an environment where he must fend for himself for an extended period of time..
What do they strongly like and dislike, in any category? Why?
William strongly likes it when his friends go out of their way to assist him in any form. He always knows that they are there for him to fall back on in times of need and he is always there for them. He is always grateful for their help and will try to overly reimburse them for the task, even when they respectfully decline any repayment. He, however, strongly dislikes it when someone breaks a promise or lies about something ridiculous. He tries to not let petty things bother him, yet it is easier said than done when it comes to his own friends. It hurts him when a friend close to him breaks a promise..
How do they greet the world — what is their typical attitude towards life? How does it differ in different circumstances, or towards different subjects? Why do they take these attitudes, and why do they change? How do these tend to be expressed?
William is more often the optimistic type, despite his usual exclaims of immenant demise in duty. He always looks for the good in people in almost every situation, unless the humanity he can detect in most people is long gone. William remains this way because he has to in a world that is constantly bombarded with the threat of a new primal, a Garlean invasion, or some rebellion. When all hope in the realm is lost, who will be there to spread the joy and peace in the face of calamity? William expresses his optimism through his humor and kindness as his weapons of mass enjoyment.
What do they care deeply about? What kind of loyalties, commitments, moral codes, life philosophies, passions, callings, or spirituality and faith do they have? How do these tend to be expressed?
William cares for those close to him above all else. He puts his friends and family first, Eorzea second, and personal issues last. He remains loyal to his fellow Mercs to never betray their trust as he has all the control in the company, yet he allows Brandon and Sugis the same exact powers as he is given. William is not against the act of killing, yet will only do so if given no other choice, the humanity is lost within them, or if they attempt to harm or kill any of his allies. His passion is to spread safety and tranquility throughout Eorzea by eliminating the forces that threaten the sanctuaries. William is not too religious, yet asks his deity Thaliak for guidance in battle to point to the safest strategy.
What kind of inner life do they have — rich and imaginative? Calculating and practical? Full of doubts and fears? Does it find any sort of outlet in their lives?
Inside William’s life he is always strategic and determines the best-case-scenario and works toward that goal in duty. If not in duty, he would calculate elaborate pranks to play on his friends. Once he scrapped together a device that if Sugis walks over top of it, it will release a signal to play the loud sounds of chocobos’ kwehing. Needless to say, he was banned from entering Sugis’ house for a month.
Do they dream? What are those dreams like?
William dreams quite often, he imagines that he vanquishes Ascians left and right following up with tranquility among the city-states of Eorzea. Sometimes he just dreams about fantastical ideas of “what if his friends were like this” or “what if he was like this”. He in fact has nightmares once in a while that tend to contain the death of a close friend with him just out of reach to save them in time. Nightmares like these is why he is serious when it comes to his healing, with humor blended in to keep him sane, of course.
Are they more shaped by nature or nurture — who they are, or what has happened to them? How have these shaped who they’ve become as a person?
William is more of a mixture of the two. He derives his compassion from his parents and his skills of combat from the world around him. By being taught by his father and Rod, William learned to conduct archery in an agile and astute manner to not rush into battle with shooting arrows at random. William learned to mix such manner with the society around him to learn what is the story behind the person who’s the target and why he is in that situation, whether he is a thief, Garlean, or tempered follower.
What kind of person could they become in the future? What are some developmental paths that they could take, (best, worst, most likely?) what would cause them to come to pass, and what consequences might they have? What paths would you especially like to see, and why?
William is more likely to remain a compassionate and humorous person as long as he has his friends to surround and support him through thick and thin. His friends are the reason he remains grounded to the goodness of society. It would be quite rare if he tangented off onto some skewed personality who would only think selfishly. The only possible way for that to even happen would be if he was separated from those close to him and is forced into an environment where he must fend for himself for an extended period of time..
To learn about my character’s wardrobe:
William tends to wear light clothing when out-and-about, but usually keeps to nicer clothing, such as his garbs specially made by Tataru Taru. With almost all clothes he wears, his clothes are dyed to have a bright green hue. In almost every single occasion he is sporting his signature fedora, one uniquely made to resemble the old fedora given to him by his father, but dyed in a metallic green color.
To learn about my character’s phobias:
One of his more common phobias is that of public speaking. He hates to speak out to a huge group of people and might get nervous and stumble on his words. He is fine if it is within a group of peers, but usually no more than seven. Other that could show up would be his fear of diremites that originated during one of his first adventures near the Deepcroft. Another could be a fear to love, as in romantically. He never had any luck approaching girls when he was younger and still struggles. He dated once, but it was soon cut short by her within a couple weeks. This broke his heart and struggled thereafter, thus causing him to be nervous around girls he is interested in.
To learn about my character’s reading habits:
While his reading habits are dwarfed by his certain friend’s, he quite fond of reading many books for aquiring knowledge on the magical arts and tales of civilizations of the past. He tends to read nightly and, of late, took an interest in studying the civilizations instrumental to the War of the Magi: Nym, Mhach, and Amdapor. Upon his forays into the Weeping City tracking down Diabolos, he learned first hand of setting of the War, yet ponders more on Nym’s involvment further. Another interest of late is a result of the elder primal Shinryu’s summoning by the Griffin. As one of his scion allies paid his life to seal the primal with the same sealing spell as Louisoux, William desires to learn to how to alter the spell to not allow it to take one’s life when cast. He hopes to not need to use it, but he must be prepared.
What is their biggest regret?
Will’s biggest regret is one that haunts him to this day. When he was a kid, he and his brother Piers never saw eye to eye. They used to compete in petty archery competitions to see who is better. It was during a terrible incident in which an arrow was accidentally shot into Piers’ eye after a comment about their late mother leading to Will miscalculating his shot in a fit of anger. Will fled in fear, but could have stayed to magically heal his brother to full. When he returned hours later, he managed to soothe his brother’s pain, but he was blind in that eye. Will never saw his brother again.
Though he didn’t really like Piers, he always wanted to be loved by his brother, even when he appeared otherwise. He always looks for leads on where his brother is located in hopes of reconciling. He hopes one day Piers will one day forgive him and try to come together as a family. He knows it is what their mother would have wanted.

Other O.C.'s Relationships

Other O.C.'s Relationships

Sugis Kevade

"Rumor has it that William deals in shady blackmarket business what with multiple people seeing him go into the Kevade Mansion so often...."
While that may appear so, his business at the mansion is strictly personal! He considers the “Void” officers friends! While Suvi is verbally annoyed by his jokes, William notices a smirk followed by disbelief upon his face. On occasion, he may give business advice, as he runs his free company. While he stays out of specific business details, he cares not for whatever “shady” business is conducted, yet refuses to get involved in actual dealings. Although on one instance, he proposed that Suvi hire William’s older brother to do some secretarial work.
William's memories of Sugis
⭐️ One memory of William remembers is the day they first met in a duty to clear the first hall of Dzemael Darkhold. William on occasion tells Sugis how he both regrets and is grateful for that encounter.
⭐️ No matter what’s happening, whether it be a dangerous raid or utter nonsense, William and Sugis will not hesitate to be sarcastic and sassy to each other.
⭐️ William will not step one foot inside Sugis’ house. He once did and he was frightened by the sheer number of books in her house. Her house would put the Gubal Library out of business.
⭐️ How many puns does it take for William to get on Sugis’s nerves. A skele-ton. She’d punish him, but that in itself would be helping his situation.
Sugis' memories of William
⭐️ Despite a slight age gap, and the fact that Will is /technically an adult/ Sugis still treats him like a child when it comes to his safety.
⭐️ Sugis quit drinking due to something that happened involving dungeon crawling, Will pressuring a drunken Ishgardian Dragoon to “Do It”, and multiple Gas Bombs.
⭐️ She likes to tease him, lightheartedly, about girls and when he’s gonna start dating to fluster him.
⭐️ If there was a gil for every time she shouted “You’re grounded” to Will… She’d probably be rich(er).
⭐️ Sugis takes the more serious marks for hunts and mercenary related stuff because she doesn’t want to see Will get hurt.

Riaa Alteir

Riaa's memories of William
⭐️ Riaa thinks that William is quite silly, but she appreciates it. Most people are too serious so it’s a nice change. She especially likes the OH JEEZ
⭐️ to the point now where Riaa gleefully joins in on the OH JEEZ as well. She isn’t too bothered if it’s bugging anybody, but she’s definately having fun with it, and figures if SHE’S having fun with it then William must also be having fun too and YAY FUN.
⭐️ She likes his hat. Not any specific one, just all of them. (Riaa really likes the chocobo head though, she thinks it’s hilarious.)
⭐️ ("Weed-Lizard") After the pixie stix incident, Mariko is worried about the purity of her candy, and as such double-triple checks that it’s not got anything else in. She’s also a bit worried that William managed to get tweaked out like that. On candy. How even…?

Darius Kinkaid

Darius' memories of William
⭐️ Darius knows about William through his subordinate, Ringabel [Sugis]. He’s heard nothing but good things, but is convinced William lives in a constant state of thinking everyone is going to die in an instant.
⭐️ Darius also believes William was a chocobo in a past life.
⭐️ When they first met, them two didn’t speak much outside of momentary jokes and the like, but they both soon found out they both read stories about a fictional group of heroes. The first book in question? “Red Helm and the Vandals.” There are other books, but William is convinced Darius idolizes this “Red Helm” character. He’s not absolutely wrong.
⭐️ Since finding out about his sister, Darius has attended every small party William and his Free Company has thrown. The scholar in question is the only person who knows Darius disguises himself as an entertainer in a Vanu Vanu outfit.
⭐️ William is constantly forgetting who Darius is, claiming he had seen him before in outlandish roles and places. It is unknown if William just does this to try and get inside Darius’s head or if it’s honestly forgetfulness.
⭐️ Darius and William finally became friends when a mishap occurred while questing. They both had said “Oh Jeez” at the same time, rendering odd looks from both parties.