X'khai Tia

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png X'khai Tia aka "Sig"
Khai profile.png
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Place of Birth Thanalan
Guardian Azeyma, the Warden
Nameday Date 20th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon (Age:28 )
Marital Status Single
Occupation Chieftain of the Lynxfang
Pronunciation sheh'Khai

Basic Info

Khai is a miqo'te who doesn't tend to stand by tradition. He prefers to be addressed informally, as his past with the Lynx tribe hasn't been a pleasant one. He once aspired for his fledgling pride to one day grow as a symbol of unity, but after a brief period of uncertainty, has decided to redirect it's focus as a home for those without any other.


Height: Tall

Weight Athletic build

Complexion:  Tanned

Hair:  Black with reddish highlights

Eyes:  Right eye green, left eye red

Particular Traits: 

Clothing Style: His unusual choice in attire means people often assume that Khai is a pirate. His tricorn hat and puffy shirt are common for him, but he has a tendency to lose his pants, making his banana hammock nearly as famous as his strange style.






  • Color: Unknown
  • Food: Rolanberries
  • Drinks: Ales
  • Scent: Unknown.
  • Place: The cliffs over the Agelyss River.
  • Festival: All Saints Wake.




Chaotic Good Khai will usually do the right thing, but is likely to break a few laws to do so if need be.



  • Prefers to keep company with pretty women.
  • Disappears when he seems to be stressed out. He tends to want to be alone to think when this happens.
  • Prefers tastes that are bitter or sour to overly sweet.


  • Reckless He doesn't back down from a fight, even when the odds are clearly against him. He would rather die fighting to achieve his goals than tuck tail and run.
  • Licentious He has been known to flirt excessively in the past. This has become less pronounced as he aged, but still shows in some situations.
  • Heavy Drinker If there is a bar nearby, Khai knows where it is. He has a tendency to drown his sorrows rather than talk to those who care about him.


Nothing is known yet.


  • Resourceful Khai is somewhat of a jack of all trades. He has studied various combat styles and the magic arts. He uses this experience when planning how to deal with situations where blood might be spilled.
  • Adamant He is not one to change his opinions lightly, a trait that has proven him to be a stalwart ally.



Abilities and Skills


  • Like all Miqo'te he has naturally heightened reflexes and cat like instincts.


  • Various forms of martial arts, but tends to prefer a sword for close combat.


  • Has studied numerous schools of magic, mixing thaumaturge, conjurer, and arcanist knowledge into his repertoire.


Family and Relationships


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  • S'imba Tia First met S'imba when he was sitting in the fountain outside the Quicksand. Khai bought him a drink and the two hit it off as friends from the start. Khai took note of his skill in combat and offered him a home with the Lynxfang Pride as his Council Chief of the Warrior.
  • Tesla Amorette Met Tes in the Quicksand one evening and became friends with her over drinks. Khai became infatuated with her over their frequent meetings, but had his heart crushed when his feelings weren't reciprocated. Tes was the last of Khai's casual flirting. Since then, she has become an ally to the Lynxfang and someone he can call on when he gets in over his head.
  • Tahni'sae Farreihm Met through a mutual friend in Ul'dah. Sae grew close enough to Khai for him to accept him into his honorary family. Following a period of trouble where Khai briefly saw him as an enemy, they were brought closer together after Khai was able to restore Sae's tongue with the last of the strange magic he had as the bandit Sig. Now Khai not only considers him a brother, but loves him.
  • Leah Carsen Khai's romantic interest. A Hyur woman he met through a mutual friend. Their relationship ended prematurely once, but now they are back together and happier than before.
  • Reina Dancer Another woman whom Khai is in love with. He met her when she saved his life as he was bleeding out on the street in Ul'dah. She helped him come to terms with himself and what he had done, and in return he fell in love, even though Reina was involved with another. Khai carries a favour Reina gave him everywhere he goes: a small, black dove carved from a pearl. He keeps it tucked snugly into his shirt, and is often seen fiddling with it in public whenever he begins to lose himself in thought.
  • K'washi Amada Kou is a young, mute Miqo that also goes by the name "Silent" that became acquainted with Khai when he joined the Lynxfang. Noticing his skill and leadership ability, Khai offered him a respected position in the Pride. The position, however, does not have an official title as of yet. Khai usually refers to K'washi as "Lieutenant" or "First Mate", but essentially has accepted the younger male as his professional ward.


  • Wakalaka Wakala Met through his employment with the Piquant Pumpkin Cafe. He bears her no ill will, though he remains adamant that she attempted to poison him one time with her "experimental pumpkin fizzy candy", though she denies this was her intent.



  • Lynxfang pride Grand Chieftain
  • Piquant Pumpkin Cafe Bartender

Music Themes

X'Khai's theme "Silver" by Woods of Ypres: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LDCc5qrmbQ


Note: This section is editable by anyone. Just keep in mind that the rumors here may be both true or false.

  • "Khai..? The pirate..? Yuh, I've met 'im!" - Rhela Awandih
  • "I'm not sure what's with the funny pirate clothes, but he's a great bartender, and a fun guy!" -Aya Foxheart
  • "Met him had a few drinks, wake up the next morning in a banana hammock in the ally, after that he calls me up and asks me to be Council Chief of the Warrior...guess the secret to success is wear a banana hammock to your interviews with the guy. - S'imba Tia


Name and Lifestyle


Current Residence

Before Dalamud's Fall

Birth and childhood (0-20)

Khai was born as a member of the Lynx Tribe, which calls Thanalan its home. Born with the rare trait of heterochromia, normally considered a blessing amongst the Miqo'te. Unfortunately his manifested in a bad omen among the Lynx Tribe known as the Crimson Eye, a sign of coming disaster and turmoil. Subsequently when Khai was considered old enough to fend for himself he was cast out from the tribe, disowned and never allowed to return to his people.

He lived as a wanderer for the majority of his childhood, begging for food and shelter where he could and taking what he needed where no help could be found. Eventually he signed a contract to work aboard a privateer ship, the "Sea King", which called Limsa Lominsa its home. He spent many cycles traveling the world, learning the skills of combat from teachers all over the world. Eventually, Khai became her captain before retiring to land.

After Dalamud's Fall

A Realm Reborn (Present)

Khai returned to Limsa after the fall, older and wiser than when he set sail. His contract being over, he retired from the hard life of a sailor and took up the practice of freelance adventuring. His experiences taught him to look past the differences that most could only see between the Seekers and Keepers, and a dream was born. He dreamed of forming his own group to unite the two people as one; not a clan or a tribe, but a pride. Until recently, he would seek out those who have no home to return to, forming a united family to pave the way to make his vision a reality.

When Khai learned that his fiance wanted to break off their engagement, he went into a steep downward spiral of destroying everything he had built with her and his pride. He stormed out, leaving his link pearls behind, and sought out the brother who had wronged him. In the back alleys of Ul'dah he fought a reluctant Sae, only halting his attack to goad him into picking up a weapon and fighting back. During the fight, Khai saw an opening and lunged onto his opponent's blade, impaling himself to make the man who had taken everything from him finish the job. He strangled Sae unconscious, after telling him that he had intended to die at Sae's hand, and crawled off to die alone.

He was found by a woman named Reina, who carried him to a back alley doctor who saved his life. Because of the loss of blood, Khai thought he dreamed his rescuer into existence and believes it was the curse of his Crimson Eye that was to blame for him surviving. He refused to give his real name to the doctor who saved his life, and took up the mantle of Sig. In his despair, he found a strange new power fueled by the void. Sig terrorized Thanalan as a bandit for some time before Khai regained his senses and returned home.