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 X'tai Tia
AKA Tai Aubade, The Silver Flash, Feline Grace
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Gyr Abania and Gridania
Server Balmung
23 XX
Deity Oschon.
Orientation Pansexual/Demi
Marital Status Taken
Occupation What your character does for work.
25th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon 26th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon
X'tai, better known as Tai Aubade, was born on the 25th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon. He's often seen with his nose in a book, singing to himself.
When he's not in his lab or storehouse he's often out in the world, studying or investigating one thing or another.
Though the seeker isn't really politically-minded, he has a tendency to engage people in matters of tribal politics and ritual lore.
Presently he's a researcher in the Iridescence FC but is seeking more lucrative opportunities to support his family.

X'tai's Inventory

Last updated: October 22nd, 2018

- Books, various healing potions. A notepad/sketchpad. Herbs, diremite pheromone, a 20 fulm length of rope. A pair of intricately-designed spectrographic goggles.

Height: 5 fulms 7 ilms

Weight: 158 ponz




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Tai's body is slender enough from too many missed meals, though muscled from constant building and tinkering
His voice is high and rich, smooth from so many years singing
X'tai often smells of honey as well as machine oils

Tai's worldview centers around the idea that people aren't inherently bad. His ability to see the best in people, and perhaps he imagines that his generous nature lends itself to inspire others to be nicer to one another. His outlook does tend to occlude his ability to see the underhand dealings of some members of his Free Company, though. X'tai is quick to forgive, and even quicker to come to someone's rescue, even a possible enemy. He will ramble on for hours when presented with the topics of magic or insects - two subjects at which he is most often found in study.

As Tai was disciplined in arcanistry, he chooses to manipulate aether through variations in vocal pitch and tone, singing his spells rather than using incantations. So unconscious is the effort now in raising magic this way that motes shaped like tiny moths tend to gather around him when he sings casually as well. Lately his grip on arcanic healing has faltered, leading him to seek alternative methods of healing. Tai is quick to smile, and often masks his troubles with goofy behavior. He is easily embarrassed and often awkward around strangers. Despite his best intentions, Tai makes bad snap decisions. Whether it is impatience or fear guiding the choices, they often result in unforeseen consequences; see also "bad decision roulette". Blue moths often follow the scholar around, which seems to raise his brother's stress levels considerably for some reason.


Easily embarrassed
Lacks confidence
Makes bad snap decisions


Dislikes the sight of blood
Flans/puddings/jellies (monsters)


Water-element magic
Building and tinkering
Diffusing situations


Allergic to stonefruits
Dislikes eating fish
Spells manifest as tiny moths of aether



Studying insects

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Until recently, Tai would hang back, trying to keep out of conflicts and instead support his friends with healing magics. More recently though, his ability to structure and construct arcanic spells was shaken, and as a result he can only tap into a wilder, more dangerous aether. Under the tutelage of another redmage, X'rhun Tia, he has been more able to control it. Even so, he's not quite as combat-effective as the tia would like and is ever ready to receive pointers. As per his profession the seeker carries with him a rapier, a focus and several small knives that range in use from skinning, to paring.


Tai is skilled with healing, both magical and alchemical, as well as adept in water, levin and fire-based spells. Others he has some degree of difficulty in controlling.


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