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Ɏ'raja Ƚhiza
The Drifter Songstress

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Name... Y’raja Lhiza
Alias... Raja or Raj
Age... 29 (34)
Race... Miqo'te
Clan... Seeker of the Sun
Orientation... Bisexual
Marital... In A Relationship
Deity... Oschon
Nationality... Lominsan
Occupation... Bard
Alignment... Chaotic Good
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In 1547, Y'raja was born on a chilly late winter morning in a small home located on the outskirts of Ul'dah -- the third child of Y'lhiza Nuhn and X'yue Tahza. Lacking fondness for Sun Seeker tribal life, Y'lhiza decided to strike off on his own as an adventurer in his younger days, and X'yue was more than happy to accompany him. Y'raja's spent most of her happy childhood learning and playing games with her older siblings, Y'rheza and Y'shizu. When Y'raja turned about twelve or so, X'yue fell ill from food poisoning and passed away. This hit Y'raja's family hard... but her father eventually remarried to a woman named A'tahji Dasiir. She ended up having two children by Y'lhiza: Y'tohru and A'lara.

Once old enough to go adventuring, Y'raja began her first months on her own studying various combat arts. She's tried everything from pugilism to thaumaturgy. Eventually, she settled on a combination of lancing and archery. Above all else, Y'raja's greatest strength is her speed, and she felt that both of these disciplines contributed to that nicely. She enlisted in the Maelstrom around the age of twenty to follow in the footsteps of her older sister, who had advanced to the rank of marshal by that point. Occasionally, she'd continue to make stops in Ul'dah, visiting both her family and a young Hyur Midlander known as Lamont Douglass. Despite his enlistment in the Immortal Flames, the two eventually became lovers. Both families were fairly open-minded, and thus, supported the relationship in full.

A couple of years later, horror descended in the form of the Battle of Carteneau. Death, destruction, and fear on a scale Y'raja had never experienced before. Having opted to hang behind and support the wounded, the then twenty five-year-old prepared for the end as Bahamut was released from its confines. As she closed her eyes and awaited the inevitable... it never came. Y'raja found herself branded on the back and thrust into the future via time magic utilized by Louisoix Leveilleur with countless others. They were dubbed "Warriors of Light". While this title was to be considered an honor, Y'raja mostly regarded it as a curse. By chance, the Miqo'te came across her youngest sister in the Twelveswood shortly after the mass teleportation. A'lara did not remember her. And this struck fear into Y'raja's heart, for if her baby sister could not remember her... then the remainder of her family and friends likely had no memory of her as well.

For many years after that, Y'raja wandered the land. She did various odd jobs for money, typically singing in taverns on an irregular basis. Her passion of archery, singing, and storytelling won out over her lancing ability. She happily committed to the life of a bard full-time. This led her to meet Miah'li Alizrah, a Moon Keeper who was hired to be an in-house doctor for the company they both worked for. After a somewhat rocky start, Y'raja fell head over heels for the kind-hearted man. They haven't been apart since.

Many cannot help but be drawn to Y'raja's charming nature, as her honesty and livelihood make her a fun person to be around. However, she can get carried away with obnoxious boasts and teasing, landing her in trouble more often than not. She's well-educated for an adventurer, and has quite a way with words when so inclined. Y'raja's resourcefulness is also a valuable boon that has come to her aid on multiple occasions.


  • Writing.
  • Napping.
  • Traveling.
  • Singing & Dancing.
  • Philosophical Discussion.


  • Politics.
  • Routines.
  • Cold Weather.
  • ”Frilly” Events.
  • Overabundance of Control.


  • Being forgotten.
  • Loss of identity.
  • Betrayal.


  • Favorite Foods: Grilled fish and fatty meats with dry spice rubs.
  • Favorite Drinks: Mead, spiced wine, and iced tea.
  • Favorite Colors: Red, Gold, Purple, Green

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Y'raja is taller than the average female Miqo'te. Her skin leans towards fair, with a faint golden undertone. Her eyes are a bright green reminiscent of peridot. All of Y'raja's hair is dark golden blonde, her crown sporting brown lowlights. While typically preferring to keep it short, but she will grow her hair out on occasion. Y'raja also has a slender yet athletic build.


Y'raja likes to wear clothing that is form-fitting and will not get in the way when she is running or fighting.


Traditional tribal painting adorns her face, both on the forehead and the apples of her cheeks.

Y'raja left the company she was previously employed by due to a series of circumstances she'd rather not discuss. She is now traveling Eorzea once again -- this time accompanied by her boyfriend, Miah'li. While the two of them wouldn't mind settling down and finding new jobs if/when possible, they aren't in any rush. At current, they are simply enjoying their time together whilst roaming the world.

The songs used set a mood. Lyrics may or may not reflect the views of my character. The following links will take you to Youtube.

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■ I enjoy RP that focuses on character development and meaningful, creative plots.
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