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<div style="border-style: dotted; border-width: 0px 0px 1px 0px; border-color:#686560;">'''Personality'''</div>
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Name: Y'shenn Tia

Gender: Male

Race: Miqo'te

Clan: Seeker of the Sun

Age: 23

Height 5 fulms 6 ilms

Nameday: 12th Sun of the Fourth Umbral Moon Rhalgr Icon.png

Guardian Deity: Azeyma, the Warden Azeyma Icon.png

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Servers: Balmung (RP) & Malboro (Main)

tumblr: coeurlfist

Lodestone: Y'shenn Tia (Malboro)

Lodestone: Y'shenn Tia (Balmung)

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tumblr: kirostyle

Twitter: kirostyle

deviantArt: kirostyle

Toyhou.se: kirostyle

Yshenn overview.jpg

A cheerful, overly enthusiastic monk who enjoys a good workout and brawl. An orphan growing up in a small village, he moved to Ul'dah to train in pugilism. After becoming a pugilist instructor and a Bloodsands regular, he now travels the land working as a mercenary and bodyguard to hone his craft and explore the world.

He is bit of an exercise nut, and seems to have a boundless source of energy, often dragging other people along with his shenanigans. His optimism knows no bounds, and there is a childlike innocence to his honesty. Not gifted academically, he can also be very dense when it comes to romance or intimacy. But do not be taken off-guard by his happy-go-lucky personality, though, he can be quite fierce when fighting, often with a single-minded determination that makes him very difficult to keep down. He strikes with speed and precision, boasting a hidden strength and a natural control of his own aether. Y'shenn is very quick to adapt to new situations on the fly, analyzing his opponents and changing his tactics to a variety of approaches.

When not training, one of his favourite pastimes is eating. Y'shenn loves food and will eat almost anything. In an average sitting, this monk consumes enough food to feed a small family, making for some comedic situations.

Yshenn appearance.jpg

As a Miqo’te hailing from the Jaguar “Yah” Tribe, Y’shenn has a golden tanned complexion coupled with platinum blond hair. The strands of his hair darken towards the end, which are more visible under specific lighting conditions. Behind his messy bangs are bright magenta irises and black slitted pupils that give off a sense of youthfulness. His tail is fluffy and a bit shorter than the average Miqo’te’s. Y’shenn is well-built, with broad shoulders and defined musculature due to constantly training his body, with particular definition around his sculpted arms and torso. He carries himself with a friendly, calming atmosphere, akin to that of a protective figure. Despite appearing relaxed and carefree, he can abruptly shift gears into a concentrated battle stance if he feels danger approaching. By doing this, his seemingly carefree demeanor can become a bit intimidating.

He likes to wear loose-fitting clothing that allows maneuverability when fighting. He is not one to shy away from showing off some skin, not because he likes to boast about his physique, but because he believes one should be proud of their own body and does not fully comprehend the social norms surrounding appropriate attire. If it's too hot outside, he would take off his shirt, no questions asked.

Yshenn personality2.png

Y’shenn has quite a playful personality. He is an easygoing, carefree, and idealistic person who prefers to see the best in others. He treats those close to him as if they were family, often playing the guardian role of a big brother. Y'shenn is capable of reading the atmosphere, knowing when lighthearted jokes and teasing are appropriate, and when to be serious and firm. He comes off as an exercise and fitness fanatic, always eager to test his limits. Being a pugilist, he is proud of his physical capabilities, but does not flaunt them about haphazardly. He enjoys the friendly spirit of competition and pushing himself to his limits. His love of physical activity makes it difficult for him to sit still for long periods of time, for which his abilities as a conjurer suffer for. He likes to encourage the same type of enthusiasm in his friends, often pestering them to go for a run or train with him. This overly-enthusiastic personality can be exhausting if one is exposed to him for too long, but if you can get past his stupid optimism, you can find his presence quite energizing.

He likes to display his affection for others through physical contact, often wrapping his arms over the shoulders of his friends, giving playful taps on the shoulder, handshakes, and fist bumps. More reserved people might find that he warms up to them much too close for comfort. However, he does not yet have any experience with intimacy, and any notion of romance directed at him would simply go over his head.

In the heat of serious battle, his face takes on a more fierce expression, his eyes burning with a determination that will not easily yield. When protecting his friends or facing injustice, he can even be rather intimidating. His playful nature can shift into one more akin to a seasoned warrior. He holds a great deal of respect for any opponent, and so he refrains from any intentional taunting gestures or remarks. After battle, he has no problems laughing off his injuries and getting friendly with any adversaries, given the correct atmosphere. Not one to hold a grudge, he is always on the lookout for challenging experiences that only serve to further motivate him.

Despite being gifted in fighting technique, his academic abilities are another story. Having little to no formal schooling, Y'shenn can be rather naive about the world around him. He does his best to try and make sense of what he does encounter, but anything non-essential to his everyday life, he has no problems shrugging off. Not one for rigorous textbook studying, he would much rather be outside, moving his body.


  • Fighting
  • Training
  • Food (especially meat)
  • Traveling
  • Children
  • Animals
  • Games, like Triple Triad


  • Sitting still
  • Pessimism
  • Restrictive clothing
  • Smoking and drugs
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Those who prey on the weak


  • Y'shenn's close friends would often call him "Shenn". Ones not so familiar with the Seeker of the Sun naming conventions might simply refer to him as "Y'sh" instead.
  • Has an affinity for the element of fire, as his patron deity and use of fire-imbued fist attacks entail.
  • Still has no idea how one channels their chakra. He is probably not even completely aware that he himself is capable of doing so. The fact that he is always carrying his Master's soul crystal probably helps.
  • When he is alone, he speaks to his Master's soul crystal, sharing stories about his day and what he has seen.
  • Does not seem to be phased by the cold. When visiting Coerthas, he would not dress any warmer than usual. This could possibly be owed to constantly sitting under freezing waterfalls as part of his "training" regimen.
  • May seem ambidextrous due to how well he uses both his hands, but is actually a case of cross-dominance. Some activities, he is better with his right, and others, with his left.
  • Has a love of meat and fish. A running gag seems to be that he has a bottomless stomach.
  • Not much of a heavy drinker. Only seems to consume alcohol during social occasions. If he has too many, he tends to get sleepy.
  • He's not very skilled as a fisher, simply because of his tendency to move around, scaring the prey away from the bait.

   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Through natural ability, his upbringing, and training at the Pugilists’ Guild, Y’shenn has developed his own style of combat, involving powerful strikes and swift movements. His attacks utilize both his fists and legs, catching opponents by surprise with feints and elementally-imbued attacks. As a battle draws longer, he adapts his fighting style according to his changing environment. Through his sheer force of will and determination, he is also quite durable, able to continue fighting even after sustaining multiple wounds. He prefers to fight bare-handed but given the situation, he will don a pair of leather punching gloves with armored knuckles.

Naturally, this discipline suffers from a shorter reach compared to using weapons. Thus, when facing armed opponents, Y'shenn will often move to disarming his foe and closing the gap between them. Despite this disadvantage, he has no qualms with sparring against people with weapons. Rather, he welcomes the challenge. The Miqo'te's skills are often on-par with or surpass most other weapon users due to his strength and speed. When faced with magic users, he prefers to rush them and break their concentration before they can let loose any of their spells. Magic is still a mystery to the young monk and therefore, is a bit more difficult for him to predict. His natural ability to control aether, however, does make him somewhat more attuned to his surroundings, which works in his favour.


The Miqo'te is fairly acrobatic and flexible. Y'shenn is capable of soaring through the air at ease, a skill which he incorporates into his fighting. Due to the maneuverability required for his work, he rarely wears heavy protective armour, rather opting to avoid attacks than take them unless absolutely necessary.


Although not naturally inclined to the use of magic, Y'shenn's conjury appears to be slightly more developed than his thaumaturgy or use of arcane arts. Through a bit of practice, he has become adept at healing his comrades, but struggles in properly controlling the power of the elementals in his spells. Oftentimes, he would be tempted to use his staff as a melee weapon or cast it aside completely, in favour of using his fists.


Y'shenn began learning how to repair his own equipment in order to save gil. He often returns from his missions with damaging clothing. Through some time at various crafting guilds, he was able to become better at mending. As quick learner, Y’shenn has gotten fairly skilled at crafting various items along the way, given that he can carefully observe how the proper method is executed by a more experienced person first. His attention to detail is impressive, but it hinders him from speedily completing his crafts. Leatherworking, weaving, and armorcraft appear to be his strong points. Alchemy and culinary arts are his least developed skills.

Romantic Relationship
Romantic Interest
Trusted Friend
Lost contact


"Master" () - Father Figure
Relationship: Martial arts teacher.
Tora () - Pet
Relationship: An injured coeurl kitten Y'shenn nursed back to health.


Yshenn nowaa.jpg
Nowa'a Hlahto
The Cerulean Striker

A fellow pugilist that Y'shenn met at the Pugilists’ Guild. During Nowa'a’s first year at the guild, Y'shenn was assigned to be his instructor. The two became very close and developed a relationship of mutual trust. Y'shenn sees Nowa'a as one of the only people that can regularly keep up with his enthusiasm. Nowa'a is quite affectionate to the older miqo'te, and the two even began living and traveling together across Eorzea.


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Early Life

Having lost his parents at a young age, Y’shenn grew up in a typical Miqo’te Seeker of the Sun tribe with little to no parental supervision. He would often leave the confines of the village to play and explore dangerous new places. Without the means to attain a proper weapon, he learned to let his fists do the talking, and would sometimes return bloody and bruised from his misadventures. Considered an outcast by many, parents would caution their children against interacting with the orphan, for fear it would lead them astray. But despite that, the other children would be enticed by his friendly smile and exciting stories about the world outside the village.

When he was still young, a Highlander traveler came to Y'shenn's village, passing out by the roadside. While the villagers were wary of outsiders, Y'shenn could not abandon someone in need, taking the injured man and slowly nursing him back to health as best as he could. Weeks later, the man was finally able to speak. He was a survivor of the Fist of Rhalgr, wandering the land after evading the Garlean invasion of Ala Mhigo. The Highlander and the Miqo'te developed a familial bond, as Y'shenn offered the man shelter. In turn, the highlander told the boy about the things he had witnessed while traversing Eorzea.

It wasn't long until the guest became worried for his caretaker's safety. Y'shenn was only a boy, and seeing the Miqo'te return from a day out hunting, bruised and battered, softened the man's heart. When he was feeling well again, he began to train Y'shenn in the way of the monk, in hopes the boy would become stronger. Their relationship grew into that of a master and student. The Highlander was surprised to see that his pupil had a natural talent for channeling chakra in his body, but Y'shenn was unaware of his capabilities. To him, it simply came naturally and without warning.

The years passed by, as Y'shenn grew into adolescence. Although the two of them were seen as misfits in the village, a few residents eventually warmed up to them as time progressed. Now older, Y'shenn was able to put his honed skills to use, becoming one of the more accomplished hunters of the tribe. Slowly, he gained more respect from those around him, although the stigma attached to his upbringing never disappeared completely. Many expected him to challenge a Nunh to a battle someday, but Y’shenn had little interest in local affairs. He wanted to see the world.

The highlander's health began to deteriorate as illness and old age began to take him. When he was finally on his deathbed, he implored Y'shenn to live out the rest of his life being happy and using his strength to serve the greater good. He entrusted his disciple with a small yellow gemstone to remember him by. Little did Y'shenn know, it was the man's soul crystal, the Soul of the Monk. Having said his farewells, Y'shenn's Master passed away peacefully and was buried in the village.

A Realm Reborn

Shortly after his Master's passing, the blond Miqo’te set out for Ul’dah to train at the Pugilists’ Guild shortly after the Calamity. It was one of the places he had heard man stories from, and wanted to take his skills to the next level. Thanks to his natural aptitude for fist fighting, his Master's training, and experience in the wild, he rose through the ranks without too much problem. After his first year, he was entrusted to the training of a new pupil, a Miqo'te named Nowa'a Hlahto. The two developed a brotherly bond formed out of mutual respect and admiration.

During his time in Ul'dah, Y’shenn began doing mercenary work for various clients to make gil. His most common employers included the Adventurers’ Guild, Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern, the Thaumaturges' Guild, and the Ashcrown Consortium. He made a small name for himself among the wealthier merchants, who acknowledged him as being a dependable and well-trained mercenary. There were a few times that the Miqo'te even competed at the Coliseum to test his skills. He was able to win the majority of his bouts, and even won some prizes for himself at smaller competitions.

When his training at the guild was complete, the Miqo'te set off to explore the rest of Eorzea. With access to the other city-states, he started learning more about other weapon disciplines at the various other guilds. By doing so, he had hoped he could learn some new things he could incorporate into his own style of combat. The Conjurers' Guild, in particular, found Y'shenn to be an interesting student. He had an innate ability to control the aether in his body without realizing it. He spent some time there trying to develop his skills, but it did not prove very fruitful. His time spent in Gridania was fairly short.

Along with the change of scenery, his list of employers also shuffled around. The Sons of Saint Coinach were one group in particular that the Seeker had the pleasure of working with multiple times as a bodyguard after he started traveling. Although he could barely make out half of what they were researching, he took an interest in the exciting new discoveries they were making. Spending a fair amount of time in Saint Coinach's Find, Y'shenn improved upon his reading and writing skills, as well as his knowledge of Eorzea as a whole. Although the monk would not consider himself a historian in any sense, his education there proved to be a very enjoyable change of pace.


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RP Info

Thank you for visiting this page! I am open to most forms of RP, especially plot-driven ones and action-packed scenes. Darker themes are okay too, just ask! My prefer mode of RPing is through private messaging outside of the game because I do not often log on to my Balmung account. Walk-ups in-game are okay if I am not preoccupied. Proper communication and discussion before starting is very much welcome, and encouraged, particularly for combat. Brainstorming ideas is always fun. Keep in mind that Y'shenn is also very oblivious to any forms of affection or flirting. I always enjoy meeting new people, so why not shoot me a message on tumblr~?

RP Hooks

  • Those who frequent the Ul'dah area might have seen him around. He can be quite excitable and noisy.
  • People familiar with the Pugilists' Guild might have encountered him, either while he was working as an instructor or during his routine visits afterwards.
  • Y'shenn has participated in a number of smaller scale fighting tournaments, especially in the Thanalan area.
  • Anyone requiring a hired hand, whether it be as a mercenary or labourer, might be interested in, or heard of, his services.
  • He travels a lot throughout Eorzea for work. Y'shenn enjoys exploring the locales he visits.
  • Can be found at taverns, restaurants, and markets looking for new food to try.

  • Server and Timezone

    Player Info: NA player, GMT-7.

    Server: Balmung (RP) & Malboro (Main)


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