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:'''''<font color="#730000">➤ WEAPONRY.</font>'''''
:'''''<font color="#730000">➤ WEAPONRY.</font>'''''
::<table width="790"><tr><td>[[File:YuraqDRKweapon1.png|400px]]</td><td>'''"Lagrimosa" :''' Y'uraq commissioned none other than the distinguished services of the Lominsan Blacksmith's guildmaster for a sword  light, and manueverable greatsword.
::<table width="790"><tr><td>[[File:YuraqDRKweapon1.png|450px]]</td><td>'''"Lagrimosa" :''' In his time of extravagant wealth, Y'uraq commissioned none other than the distinguished services of Brithael, Guildmaster of the Lominsan Blacksmiths' guild for a greatsword.
<tr><td width="10">[[File:Yuaqitemberylcrest.png|45px]]</td><td width="590">'''"Ninataki" :''' Named 'The firesong' in his native tongue. Y'uraq (WIP)</td></tr>
<tr><td>[[File:Yuraqflameringbrands.png|40px]]</td><td>'''"Augmented Ringbands of Flames" :''' Armed or unarmed, Y'uraq almost never seen without a pair of augmented ruby ringbands fit over the back of his hands. Transmuted to draw and evoke aether from the astray leys, enabling Y'uraq to cast and ignite aetherial fire with his bare hands without risking self-immolation. They however, do very little to protect Y'uraq from frostbite.</td></tr>
<p>Specified with maneuverability, weight, and durability in mind, the zweihander was masterfully forged from the finest Ishgardian nightsteel ingots. Despite weapon's sheer beauty and craftsmanship, Y'uraq later named it 'tearful one' in his native tongue.</p></td></tr>
<tr><td width="10">[[File:YuraqBLMweapon1.png|45px]]</td><td width="590">'''"Goldenrod" :''' Named 'The firesong' in his native tongue. Y'uraq (WIP)</td></tr>
<tr><td>[[File:Yuraqflameringbrands.png|40px]]</td><td>'''"Ninataki Ringbands" :''' Armed or unarmed, Y'uraq almost never seen without his pair of augmented ruby ringbands secured over the back of his hands. They are transmuted to draw and evoke aether from the astray leys, enabling Y'uraq to cast and ignite astral fire with his bare hands without risking self-immolation. However, they do very little to protect Y'uraq from the pains and frostbites of evoking umbral ice with them.
<p>Named 'The firesong' in his native tongue.</p>
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:'''''<font color="#730000">➤ SENTIMENTAL TREASURES.</font>'''''
:'''''<font color="#730000">➤ SENTIMENTAL TREASURES.</font>'''''
::<table width="790"><tr><td>[[File:Yuraqitem3.png|550px]]</td><td>'''"Mailbreaker" & "Waning Sun Pelta" :''' Once an important relic to Y'uraq's past. This necklace was created with his mother's help, made and adorned with platinum, pearls, and an peculiar deep purple amethyst locked at the brooch. This once served as symbol to a great promise of something great and wonderful ahead of him, before it was lost in the Calamity. It eventually unearthed before it found itself in the wrong hands, and revealed but a sliver of the potential hidden inside. A mhachi soulstone.  
::<table width="790"><tr><td>[[File:Yuraqitem3.png|300px]]</td><td>'''"Mailbreaker" & "Waning Sun Pelta" :''' (WIP).  
<p>Since its second recovery, the necklace has since remained broken since the incident that revealed its hidden treasure, Y'uraq has buried the broken necklace in an undisclosed location where it will rest as a monument to his mother's deception and betrayal.</p></td></tr>
<tr><td width="10">[[File:Yuraqitem3.png|45px]]</td><td width="590">'''"Broken Star's Heart" :''' Once an important relic to Y'uraq's past. This necklace was created with his mother's help, made and adorned with platinum, pearls, and an peculiar deep purple amethyst locked at the brooch. It once served as a symbol to a great promise of something great and wonderful ahead for Y'uraq, before it was lost in the Calamity. It was eventually unearthed by Y'uraq not long before it found itself in the wrong hands, and revealed but a sliver of the potential hidden inside. A mhachi soulstone.</p>
<tr><td width="10">[[File:Yuraqitem3.png|45px]]</td><td width="590">'''"Broken Star's Heart" :''' Once an important relic to Y'uraq's past. This necklace was created with his mother's help, made and adorned with platinum, pearls, and an peculiar deep purple amethyst locked at the brooch. It once served as a symbol to a great promise of something great and wonderful ahead for Y'uraq, before it was lost in the Calamity. It was eventually unearthed by Y'uraq not long before it found itself in the wrong hands, and revealed but a sliver of the potential hidden inside. A mhachi soulstone.</p>

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AGE. 32 summers old.
HEIGHT. Six Fulms, One Ilm (6'1')
GUARDIAN DEITY. Menphina, the Lover
BIRTHPLACE. Limsa Lominsa, La Noscea
HOMETOWN. Beryl Point, Upper La Noscea
FAMILY. Estranged, Deceased
WEAPON OF CHOICE. Swords and Blades
SEX. Male
RACE. Miqo’te, Seeker of the Sun
WEIGHT. 140-145 Ponze (63-65 kg)
MARITAL STATUS. Dating Klaudia Mist
NAMEDAY. 3rd Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
CURRENT RESIDENCE. The Mist, Ward 7, Plot 27
Lav. Beds, Ward 3 Subdiv., Lily Hills Apt. 86
OCCUPATION. Relic Hunter, Instructor, Performer
NICKNAMES. Raq, Scary one, 'The White Jaguar'
ALIGNMENT. Chaotic Good


20200309211827 1.jpg
➤ Y'URAQ TIA. (pronounced Yah-oo-rak Tea-ah)
Y'uraq is a miqo'te seeker of the sun who was born into a fortuitous fate. Unlike the majority his kind, he was spared into the privileged life of a trader's son whom made their own success outside of miqo'te tribal standards.
As such, Y'uraq's childhood was afforded many luxuries and opportunities to enrich his education and his talent for spellcasting in the civilized world. He further acquired a taste for culture as he came to explore across Vylbrand, and meet folk from all kinds of walks of life across Eorzea and Hydaelyn under the relative safety of Lominsan laws. Until the wheels of fate turned with the night of the Calamity and forever changed his world as he knew it. Despite this tragic fate, it was Y'uraq's defiance against his dark destiny that set him on a grand journey of self-discovery and adventure those following years.
Although Y'uraq survived from his ordeals as a dark knight reborn, the experiences and knowledge he gained through those times have left him reconsidering much of his past perceptions between the light, the dark, the realm, and his place in it. Y'uraq intends to seize his second chance to live, thrive, and love again. To explore and pursue the vast reaches of the arcane. Unravel the mysteries behind his Mhachi heritage. And further understand his dark knowledge on his own terms.
Regardless of the terrible risks and dangers these pursuits may pose on his future. Y'uraq braves toward his destiny into the unknown and new frontiers in search of his heart's deep desire, freedom.


by Incansun/Y'uraq Tia
Y'uraq stands at just an ilm over six fulms, appearing slightly taller than the average male miqo'te. His darker complexion strongly suggest he is indeed no stranger to the sun. Though physically limited alone, Y'uraq's lithe frame and flexibility compensates his ability to maneuver through tighter spaces.
Y'uraq has been seen with varying hair lengths that hang down on both opposite sides of his head with his pointed ears slightly leaning toward the back of his head. And smaller fangs that reveal when he smiles.
Over the last couple of summers, Y'uraq has let his hair grow longer than it's ever been, currently reaching past his shoulders and half way down his back. For him it's a symbol of the growth and changes he's made since the start of his journey.
Since his travels, Y'uraq's interests have protruded in the finer things, which soon reflected on his casual and battle attire. Y'uraq enjoys outfitting himself with his own defining style while also keeping comfort and practicality in mind. Y'uraq keeps an extensive wardrobe filled with clothes and attires ranging from casual to elegant. He's often seen wearing the colors white, black, and/or red.
Numerous scars over his arms, back, hips, and torso. Each one tracing memories of the trials and hardships he’s faced throughout his life.
On his face, a long scar runs down his right brow, over his eye and a few ilms down his cheek, There is a smaller scar running down the left side of his face near his lips. Over the course of his journey Y'uraq has since added two black stripes over both sides his face and three smaller ones running down the bridge of his nose.


by Sarah Cleary/Z'laish Tia
Y'uraq has been regarded by many as 'morally grey' by many over the actions, and choices he's made over throughout the course of his journey.
He considers himself a man simply driven by his personal passions, and will do what he must to get what he seeks, no matters what others might think of his deeds.
In the midst of the dangers stacked against him, Y'uraq has never been the kind to go quietly into the night. it was rather his defiance against the odds the with the best of his abilities that led him into some triumphant moments in the end.
His experiences, origins, and heritage have inspired him through the struggles of his journey. At times his pride would flip an imminent defeat into a moment of triumph in the blink of an eye evoking an incredible strength and constitution against what ever opposed him. However, misplaced pride served only to nourish his darkest aspects.
In his brightest moments, Y'uraq has been noted to exhibit exuberance, joy, and confidence through his vibrant, queer and cheerful demeanor toward the world around him.
Y'uraq's voice makes him incredibly easy to read from his high spirited and melodic, to calm and soft-spoken, to withdrawn, confused and melancholic.
Despite the destructive power Y'uraq became notorious for, he would at times surprise people with how caring and understanding he could be toward friends and strangers in need. In the end, it wasn't his sense of 'justice', but his empathy for the misfortune and suffering of others that revealed who he truly was.
As an 'academic enthusiast', Y'uraq leans toward an open mind. As such, he is eager to hear and learn about anything and everything from the world of spellcasting without immediate judgement.



Thanalan's wilderness
Recreational moko grass
Competitive sparring
The colors white, black & red.
Fashion & fine embroidery
Spicy foods
The sounds of thunder
Rainy days


Bullies & bigots
Brigands & slave traders
The Lambs of Dalamud
Willful ignorance
Forced conversations
The Garlean Empire


Triple Triad
Reading & writing
Swordplay & sparring

Flaws / Ineptitudes

Not the best choice for physical labor
Strange, dorky laugh
Confidently arrogant
ENFP - The Campaigner


YuraqDRKweapon1.png"Lagrimosa" : In his time of extravagant wealth, Y'uraq commissioned none other than the distinguished services of Brithael, Guildmaster of the Lominsan Blacksmiths' guild for a greatsword.

Specified with maneuverability, weight, and durability in mind, the zweihander was masterfully forged from the finest Ishgardian nightsteel ingots. Despite weapon's sheer beauty and craftsmanship, Y'uraq later named it 'tearful one' in his native tongue.

YuraqBLMweapon1.png"Goldenrod" : Named 'The firesong' in his native tongue. Y'uraq (WIP)
Yuraqflameringbrands.png"Ninataki Ringbands" : Armed or unarmed, Y'uraq almost never seen without his pair of augmented ruby ringbands secured over the back of his hands. They are transmuted to draw and evoke aether from the astray leys, enabling Y'uraq to cast and ignite astral fire with his bare hands without risking self-immolation. However, they do very little to protect Y'uraq from the pains and frostbites of evoking umbral ice with them.

Named 'The firesong' in his native tongue.

Yuraqitem3.png"Mailbreaker" & "Waning Sun Pelta" : (WIP).


Yuraqitem3.png"Broken Star's Heart" : Once an important relic to Y'uraq's past. This necklace was created with his mother's help, made and adorned with platinum, pearls, and an peculiar deep purple amethyst locked at the brooch. It once served as a symbol to a great promise of something great and wonderful ahead for Y'uraq, before it was lost in the Calamity. It was eventually unearthed by Y'uraq not long before it found itself in the wrong hands, and revealed but a sliver of the potential hidden inside. A mhachi soulstone.

Since its second recovery, the necklace has since remained broken since the incident that revealed its hidden treasure, Y'uraq has buried the broken necklace in an undisclosed location where it will rest as a monument to his mother's deception and betrayal.

Yuaqitemberylcrest.png"Beryl Crest" : Though the original Turquoise necklace he once wore from his Beryl Point has been lost in his travels. Y'uraq has chipped and cut through small turquoise rock to serve an eternal reminder of his origin, and the wonderful life he once had, the life he can have again.
Yuraqitem2.png"Chabuca" : Formerly his sire's lance. Since it's recovery, Chabuca has proven to be a sturdy and resilient piece of Lominsan steel. In time, Y'uraq has reacquainted himself with the weapon, but has ultimately chosen to keep it safe on a wall and serve as a better reminder of his sire's example.

YuraqPldstone.png"Soul of the Paladin" : Confident in his specialty with a sword and shield, Y'uraq challenged his skills and managed to prove himself worthy to the Sultanguard in a mere matter of moons. Y'uraq ascended as an initiate free paladin with his earned soulstone to guide him in the future. However, Y'uraq's lust for battle and vainglorious tendencies often made him forget his creed as a protector. It wasn't long before his soul of the paladin began to lose its luster and conceal itself the more he turned to rage for power in combat. Until it became unresponsive the day Y'uraq fell to the dark once more.

Y'uraq's soul of the paladin remains unresponsive to this day.

YuraqBlmstone.png"Soul of the Black Mage" : Since experiencing its hellish potential first hand, Y'uraq became conflicted over the revelations and embittered from his mother's secrets and deceptions that he may never get to know. Despite all of the hardships and confusions Knowing full well the severity for possession of a forbidden Mhachi relic, Y'uraq guards his inherited soulstone closely.

In the following moon since completing his joining, Y'uraq came across a peculiar, yet chipper xaela man whom was quick to assess his talent as a thaumaturge. It wasn't long before the stranger confirmed Y'uraq's suspicions, but the man didn't seem remotely as dangerous as black mages were thought to be. In the end, Y'uraq took a risk and revealed his soul of the black mage to the man who would become his new mentor.

YuraqDRKstone.png"Soul of the Dark Knight" : In the midst of an unholy ritual, Y'uraq had his first encounter with his destined soul of the dark knight. His mind was shattered and his spirit broken from the terrible visions after coming face to face with the concentrated darkness that became his shadow, his darkside. Y'uraq was reawakened to suffer the effects of his madness unleashed for moons before fate would spare him from his dark destiny.

With a lot of help from his friends, Y'uraq managed to overcome and survive the many hardships, trials, and tribulations his 'long strange trip' brought with it. After two, long and arduous years of sweat, blood and tears. Y'uraq completed his joining ritual, earned his soul of the dark knight, and found the redemption and forgiveness he long sought for.


Since he can remember, Y'uraq was trained in several armed arts through childhood including one-handed swords, greatswords, and more blades of all shapes and sizes. Over time, his training with weapons extended to fight with swords and shields, lances, daggers, and battle-axes. Having very little experience with unarmed combat, Y'uraq will turn to thaumaturgy and magic to aid his victory, or survival. He casually practices his aim with corporeal projectiles to conserve his casting hands.
Through moons of nightmarish trials and deeds, Y'uraq has learned much from the Lambs of Dalamud, and his former master in the forbidden arts. Including evoking and harnessing aether into a volatile and destructive force. Embracing his fear, anger, and hatred to unleash on his victims. Y'uraq's knowledge extends to alchemy, necromancy, shadow and blood magic. To this day Y'uraq has vowed to reject the dark, and terrible things Rune Fury had taught him, but retains his knowledge as a means to identify void magic when he sees it.
Note: Resistant to void/dark-aspected magic and effects.


Y'uraq training.png
Gifted with a strong affinity to aether, Y'uraq was quick to demonstrate his potential as a spellcaster since a very young age.
Y'uraq's preferred school of magic. Years of studying and practicing basic aetherology through his youth has strenghtened Y'uraq's knowledge over both the astral and umbral leys. He is acknowledged by the thaumaturges guild as an adept in their ranks, Y'uraq continues to demonstrate and reflect the great and volatile powers of the fire, lightning, and ice elements.
Since childhood, swords have been Y'uraq's weapon of choice. Years of mastery have enabled him to drive, slash, swing and maneuver his blades with agility, and percision.
Y'uraq's will to fight pushes him to defy his odds, and fight past his known limits.
Despite his deceptively thin and light frame, Y'uraq's has proven the power to evoke a great physical might through sheer emotion alone. When his darkside is evoked, Y'uraq also gains an immense constitution, allowing him to withstand heavy combat at close quarters, while retaining an array of volatile and powerful spells at his disposal.


Y'uraq has been prone to underestimate his foes too lightly before learning a harsh lesson in his current limitations, and situational awareness.
Y'uraq suffered a heavy injury to his right leg in early adolescence. He is likely to fall with a firm and direct strike to his right leg.
Despite Y'uraq's set of skills and abilities at his disposal, he is very light for a man his height.
Y'uraq is vulnerable without a weapon, or his ringbands to evoke spells with.
Y'uraq's greatest strength is a great double edged sword. Y'uraq's aether is easily sensed by voidsent and aetherscopes. Hungry voidsent lured to Y'uraq's aether are fairly common in his wild expeditions.

➤ Y'URAQ TIA. (pronounced Yah-oo-rak Tea-ah)
Since his mysterious awakening in the wastelands of Eastern Thanalan with no memories, Y'uraq embarked on a grand journey, or his 'long, and strange trip' as he endearingly puts it. In his search for answers and lost memories. Y'uraq's early journey to rediscover himself yielded their moments of discovery and wonder, though they did little to calm the growing confusions and strives for answers.
Before long, fragments of his memories began to return to him while he took on the life of a sellsword in his travels. Y'uraq was able to rediscover some bright truths about himself including his way around swords, and his potential for spellcasting. Despite the heat of combat he faced at times, Y'uraq maneuvered himself with the best of his abilities and with intense focus. It was something he felt he enjoyed sincerely his past experiences in combat.
His dreams however, were becoming haunted by dark and violent visions and from his forgotten past. Despite the terrible things Y'uraq felt before his twisted reflection, he also realized there was no one else he could trust enough with his predicament to turn for guidance at the time. Embracing his darkside as his instinct, Y'uraq became akin to evoking and harnessing the dark will and power to obliterate that betrayed his promise as a full-fledged free paladin someday.
Y'uraq's pursuits for forgotten memories through vain contests of power and conquest yielded more than he bargained for. With his shadowed mysteries surfacing, Y'uraq became haunted by dark memories, events like the mournful eve of the Calamity and the chains of the devastating memories led him to to remember but a glimpse of his dark deeds and his initiation as a dark knight. Those following moons became difficult for Y'uraq, as more conflicting visions and whispers from his own dark reflection that shadowed his further he sought guidance from it.
Over the following moons, Y'uraq became increasingly influenced by his darkside. As such, he became viciously intimidating in combat. While times of peace left him restless and ready for more. Before long, it was his wrath against a murderer and thief that exposed Y'uraq and his friends to bear witness to his cruelties. To his own appall, Y'uraq was revealed to his own dark past deeds, and realized the high and great price he gave for the dark and terrible power he had awoken once more.
With the dark revelations that followed, Y'uraq found himself unable to run as forget like he once had. Instead, he was faced to struggle with his past memories as the force of suffering and destruction he had become. Despite the agonizing turmoils that stirred to tear his heart and soul apart, Y'uraq became determined to fight for his second chance and reclaim his freedom any way he could think of. Convinced he could simply hide his 'dark gift' from everyone around him, Y'uraq resumed his life attempting to pursue and reignite his past passions for spellcasting and the arcane. Only to discover his turmoils risen to further twist his reality into conflict once more, for himself and those around him.
Despite the odds and stakes raised against him during his darkest days, Y'uraq was still able to recover a lost heirloom passed from his mother that he kept closely that offered as much comfort as it troubled him to remember both fond and unwanted memories of her. Regardless of his dark burden, Y'uraq handled each of his trials and predicaments the best way that he could. And despite his evident flaws and struggles, he was never alone in his battles against the forces that sought to claim him as their tool of destruction.
Through it all, it was the examples of kindness and patience of his friends that reminded him of the good, the light he had inadvertently kept trapped in his own shadow. And at the hour of his most defining trial as a dark knight, it wasn't his ability in combat that quelled his darkside. It was the best lessons Y'uraq learned from the kind and caring individuals during his quest for redemption that saved him in the end. Y'uraq learned to show his shadow, himself the choice to show the kind of honesty, empathy, and forgiveness he had denied himself for so long.
Since completing his joining ritual and closing the darkest chapters of his life for good, Y'uraq made it his purpose to start his life anew, find his place in the world and seize the bright opportunities waiting out there. With the Eorzean alliance in need of hands reclaiming Ala Mhigo, Y'uraq answered Grand Companies' call for adventurers before fate brought him into the arms and care of a close relative aiding at Rhalgr's Reach. Following his fateful reunion with his extended familiars. Y'uraq returned home his bid to rebuild his life in the relative safety of civilization as far from certain dangers as possible.
In those following weeks, he delved into the world of artists, performers, and craftsmen across Eorzea. After a few moons between testing his talents between performing and working apprenticeships around a handful of theatres, guilds and kitchens, Y'uraq took it upon himself to establish his own humble label as a craftsman with the immediate aid of his adopted family. Even though Y'uraq and his adopted family enjoyed a great wealth and success together those following moons. The abundant Luxury and material gains did not fill the lingering void in Y'uraq's heart for long, not when he knew something far more important was still missing in his life.
After weeks of searching between the free city states of Eorzea, Y'uraq concluded the true solution longing thrhis days of turmoil. Over
He knew that he had a promise to keep to himself, it was his best to be healed from within. Without any more direction, and little motivation to move forward, He spent his days reflecting and his nights wandering the cities and wards to ease his tired mind since recovering more great memories as a promising spellcaster.
The mystery behind his inherited soul crystal and his inability to commune with it left him troubled and confused. Determined to uncover the mystery of his lineage Y'uraq has set on a journey to Yafaem, and look to the past once more to find his true destiny as a black mage.
Though his progress was steady at best, it wasn't long before Y'uraq found himself at struggle with


“Y'uraq? Hmm I remember him. He's easily among the better sellswords out there. Heard he nabbed a couple of championships too, good for him.” - Scorpion Crossing Merchant, Western Thanalan
“Merciful gods did you see him fight?! He's an absolute savage! - Grindstone Spectator, Central Thanalan
“Indeed, Y'uraq is easily among the more gifted thaumaturges to ever walk through our doors. But his passion for knowledge and thirst for answers concerns us. - Adept Thaumaturge, Azzaneth Ossuary

“They say he's lost his memories, I say he's hiding something." - Quicksand Gossiper, Ul'dah
“Agent Y'uraq? Mn, aye he's been a fine addition to our ranks since wandering in. He's been prone to bring proof of marked sightings over the twelveswood, but our scouts never seem to find the remains...” - Serpent Personnel Officer, Adders' Nest
"He almost seems like a different person when he fights, cruel and vicious... Yet, he's so calm and friendly when he's not.” - Grindstone Spectator, Central Thanalan

“Years ago, I saw a male miqo'te in a red tattered cloak board my ferry. He was alone, quiet, the air around him was frigid. I remember my crew commenting over a feeling of dread in our sail across the channel. I felt that dreadful feeling depart as he did.” - Vesper Bay Ferry Captain, Western Thanalan
“I've seen him running between Rowena's house of splendors, and that old digsite just north of that Crystal tower they found. I can't help wonder what he's done with that stave and the stack of tomes he got from Rowena” - Seventh Heaven Patron, Revenant's Toll
“I swear I'm telling you! I saw him mark and consume a voidoriga into nothing!” - Drunken patron, Buscarron's Durthers

"He seems to have some potential, but his mind is clouded." - Rahn'a Lihzeh
"Don't go near him, he'll give you fleas" - Sylbor Leclair
"Rumor here." - Character Name


Over the past few moons, Y'uraq has been commonly spotted at these locations

The Black Shroud - A land shrouded in miracle and mystery. Since moving to Gridania, Y’uraq has taken an interest in familiarizing himself with the region and its history.

The Lavender Beds - Y’uraq’s current residence, spends most of his leisure hours reading and studying in his apartment.

Thanalan - Y’uraq’s has been spending time in Ul'dah and the surrounding wilderness. Y'uraq feels a personal charm for the region for having been the first and most important point throughout his adventures.


The Lucky Sparrow { Guest Performer / Volunteer Staff } - Since fatefully wandering of their shows, Y'uraq was blown away and even inspired by the amazing performers of the Lucky Sparrow troupe. Inspired by their amazing song numbers and choreography, Y'uraq has taken it upon himself to explore and nurture his creative side while assisting his new friends in any way he can.

From Most Recent to Past

Rosepetal Fineries { Founder, Former Director } - A few moons since since the start of his new life in freedom, Y'uraq was able to expand his humble craftsmanship into a grand business-venture, The Rosepetal Fineries. With the help of the his friends and retainers, the Ca's. Y'uraq was able to launch a successful brand that spanned across free Eorzea, Kugane, Reunion, and Radz-at-han.

The Ala Mhigan Resistance { Friendly Contact } - In a bid to keep contact to his only living relatives, Y'uraq served the Ala Mhigan freedom fighters in Ala Ghiri as an assistant conjurer under his aunt's discretion.

The Fireborn { Flame } - Re-accepted into the ranks of the Fireborn, Y'uraq is grateful to serve under Garen Stone's authority. He seeks to contribute to the teamwork and moral compass they stand for whenever fate allows.

The Botanists Guild { Costumer } - Y'uraq occasionally visits the Botanists guild for recreational moko grass.

The Twin Adders { Serpent Agent } - Y'uraq a renowned name among the adders. Often noting his immense success at hunting voidsent in the region, by himself.

The Bobbing Cork { Former Apprentice } - Y'uraq spent a few moons as an apprentice-culinarian to distract himself and earn a decent living. Before other responsibilities forced him to resign.

The Ca Tribe { Former Nunh } - Since inadvertently gaining the title of Nunh of the 'Ca' Tribe, Y'uraq sought to negotiate his pact with the elders before before circumstances forced him to step down as Nunh and assist the Ca's returning to 'C' territory

The Vylbrand Academy { Former Student } - Eager to start a normal life, Y'uraq enrolled himself to study among fellow scholars and find his place among them. It wouldn't be long before his unfinished fate would come back to haunt him. Despite the hardships and challenges Y'uraq did his best to resume a scholar's life, before his training would come back to haunt him.

The Vault Reavers - { Former Leader } With the grant and blessing of the Immortal Flames, Y'uraq once lead a stationed free company of treasure hunters operating in the region. Though it's more of a City-state funded research organization. Regardless, Y'uraq has been able to make good use of the resources provided by the Flames, for as long as it lasted.

The Arrzaneth Ossuary - { Former Student, Librarian, Tutor } In effort to improve and gain frequent access to their archives, Y'uraq worked a couple of moons as a part-time librarian, aiming for less busy hours to study in relevant peace. He returns periodically to catch up on his studies.

Eorzean Arenas - { Currently Inactive } While not necessarily an 'employment', Y'uraq's love for competition and rites of strength made him a natural contender! Attending nearly every competition he notices in hopes of walking away with a championship and the spoils that come with it. Even though circumstances have forced him to focus on his dark gifts, Y'uraq has yet to retire from the ring.

Immortal Flames - { Flame Archivist, Provisioner } Y'uraq served and negotiated with his fellows. Often applying his goldsmithing skills to assist and supply the Immortal Flames with aetherial augmented charms and trinkets.

Maelstrom 81st levy - { Former Member } a crew of mercenaries stationed in La Noscea. Despite his good tidings, Y'uraq found himself re-evaluating the risks and benefits of mercenary life. He soon sought new purpose in as a scholar's apprentice, before deciding to resume his pursuits in Thanalan.

Gridanian Locals - { Former Employers } While Y'uraq wandered and searched his way across the immense woodlands. He occasionally stopped to mend, gather, hunt and sometimes cull the local fauna in the name of the greater good, or so they said.

Omner Garamonde - { Former Employer } During his time exploring the twelveswood, Y'uraq was granted gathering and hunting jobs for Mr. Garamonde's free company, before taking off for La Noscea.

Ul'dahn Locals - { Former Employers } Y'uraq took on simple jobs across ul'dah for gil scraps, or anything that kept him from starving. Including pest control, deliveries, and hunting local fauna. As his swordsmanship improved, Y'uraq has been able to offer his services as an accomplished sellsword to fellow travelers, scholars and excursionists alike.


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-Romantic Attraction

A complete list of all the NPCs that made their appearances in Y'uraq's adventures. NPCs range from deceased and missing family members, to new found friends, allies and contacts, to bitter adversaries.
NPCs featured are works of creation by yours truly and the Amazing folks I've had the pleasure of RP'ing with. You know who you are!
NPCs (Vol 1)
Y’turo Nunh:

Y’uraq’s Sire. In life, Gi’turo was able to accomplish much since leaving the Y behind in pursuit of his own tribe. Gi'turo had since grown among the more distinguished warriors of his tribe. Noted much for his brute strength and skill with a heavy weapon in hand. Y’uraq spent much of his childhood aspiring to be just like his sire someday. Gi’turo met his end defending his home from a horde of pirates on the night of the Calamity.

Y'uraq had since proudly adopted his paternal ancestry as a son of the Jaguar tribe in honor of his sire's memory.

Rulia Rotol:

Y’uraq’s mother. Rulia was born and raised with the Ma tribe in the mountains of Gyr Abania, she blessed with an immense talent for spellcasting. Ma'rulia was fortunate studying abroad in Limsa Lominsa when word of political turmoil broke out Ala Mhigo. Having little choice, she remained in Limsa before fate met her with Y'turo. Despite and obstacles set by cultural differences, Rulia proved herself to be able and resourceful enough to earn her life alongside Y'turo in Beryl Point. Since becoming a mother, Rulia became more devoted to raising her children Y’nida and Y’uraq through their childhood until they would be old enough to fight and defend beryl point from threats themselves.

Though Rulia had long fallen during a kobold siege on Beryl point, her own mysterious myriads of deeds live through Y'uraq's inherited soul crystal.

Y'nida Tia:

Y’uraq spent as much of his time as he could at his older brother's side. But drifted further apart during their adolescence as the two took on their separate mantles in the settlement of Beryl Point. Y’nida chose to follow his mother’s pressures, spending much of his years away from home while studying in Limsa’s Arcanist guild. Y'nida managed to exceed and earn himself a place among the Lominsan acnanists before he returning to Beryl Point. He disappeared during a siege by the 86th, and Y'nida's fate remains uncertain.

G’mocci Isabra:

G’mocci was a young huntress living in Beryl Point. She responsible for Y’uraq’s early combat training. Despite being an accomplished huntress and instructor in her tribe, Gi’mocci’s relationship with Y’uraq soured with every challenge he would overcome with ease only to openly accuse him of foul play.

G’mocci fought and survived through the Calamity, until she sealing her own fate the night she had the survivors rally against Y’uraq’s exile from the Beryl Point. In the midst of his dark rampage, Y’uraq recalled striking G’mocci down, For a long time, Y'uraq struggled with his past actions before he eventually learned to let go of his past

Caylee Jeren:

A Hyurian Midlander Y’uraq came across during one of his many young excursions around La Noscea. Before long, Y’uraq and Caylee fell into their first romance that would lasted nearly two years before their growing discourse drove them far beyond repair. Caylee departed from la Noscea with a bitter goodbye only three years before the calamity.

Y’uraq had never heard or seen her since, until their fateful reunion at Rune Fury's side. She was later struck and defeated by Kim'ahri before she was swallowed into the depths of Tam-tara.

NPCs (Vol 2)
86th Order Matriarch Ma Ri:

The Territorial disputes between the settlers Beryl Point and the Kobolds of the 86th have spanned through generations dating back to the Sixth Astral Era. Through the entirety of Y’uraq’s past life, the people Beryl point would clash against the Matriarch's underlings. Heavy losses were claimed on both side, including the destruction of the land.

One bitter night, Y’uraq witnessed the dreadful moment his mother was struck down by the matriarch herself. In a rage, Y’uraq rushed toward Ma Ri, managing slice off two of her fingers in combat before the craven monster retreated with her kin into their mountain, taking what they could, supplies, food, and prisoners including Y'nida.

Rune Fury & The Lambs of Dalamud:

Rune Fury took a special interest in Y’uraq after having witnessed him survive an unholy ritual. Before long, Rune Fury trained Y'uraq as her new 'Shadow Reaver', and awakened the terrible, and destructive force wrought by his pains, fears, and sorrows. Despite the dark guidance and unlikely comfort Rune Fury could offer her most promising knight, Y’uraq loathed anddespised Rune Fury for the hell and torment her training subjected him to over those coming moons. At the night of Y'uraq's escape, the old Roegadyn approached her hysterical student. Y'uraq succumbed to his madness and defied his dark mentor in vicious combat, before mortally wounding his former mentor after slashing Rune Fury's left arm clean off.

Thought reports and sightings of the crazed cultists were corfirmed across Eorzea in the following years, Rune Fury's fate was uncertain. Until her reunion with Y'uraq in her bid to reclaim her 'prodigal son' revealed her physically intact. Rune Fury forced Y'uraq to take her trial before her cultists took Ca'yita as leverage. Y'uraq has since passed her test without succumbing to her trap before he and his friends ventured into Tam-Tara to put an end to her once and for all.


Ironwing was retrieved following the tragedy of Cartenau after losing his previous owner and rider in the midst of bahamut's wrath. The white feathered, and ill-tempered war chocobo was re-issued under Y'uraq's care after his enlistment to the Maelstrom. Despite their rocky beginnings, Y'uraq refused to give up on Ironwing. Many moons passed before he was able to gain soothe the chocobo's bitter loneliness and gain his confidence.

Today, Ironwing carries strong bond with his new rider and caregiver. As well as becoming much calmer, and friendlier toward people and loud places that once make him feel very anxious and cornered. As a war chocobo, Ironwing is eager to carry Y'uraq across battlefields and dangerous territories. Even going as far as furiously pecking and kicking anyone or anything who would threaten Y'uraq or his friends.

Sena'li Mujuuk:

A despicable cutthroat hired by an Ul’dahn mogul following Y'uraq's triumphant, and unprecedented conquests over the Grindstone. Sena’li was sent to break into Y’uraq’s home and steal the prize money suspected to be stashed somewhere inside. The thief bid his time before breaking in, only to find Arzu still inside. Sena'li forced himself violently on Arzu, demanding her to open Y’uraq’s safe. Arzu bravely defied and fought off the intruder before Sena'li's sentries warned of Y'uraq's return. Sena'li stabbed Arzu in her stomach and fled, leaving her to die.

Y’uraq eventually caught up to Sena’li in a viciously violent, and bloody vengeance for the death of his unborn son.

Y'asmei Toaki:

Arzu's half-sister. Y'uraq met Y'asmei in a friendly visit turned violently ill as she took y'uraq by force in a twisted bid to drive Arzu away from him. Y'uraq had since resented the vile woman to vengeance, before news of her death in Gyo's hands only drove him with more ire than peace of mind for a long time before he would finally let go.

NPCs (Vol 3)

Ca'nipe Nunh:

Though Y'uraq hadn't suffered Ca'nipe's tyranny like Ca'yita and her family tribe had. Regardless, he vowed to lend his blade to her cause, and strike Ca'nipe down after discovering Ca'yita bleeding, battered to an inch of her life. Y'uraq was convinced this was the perfect opportunity exercise his wrath, and unleash his shadow in the name of justice.

In the end, Y'uraq had indeed served the Ca Tribe as a proper Dark Knight, and a defender of the downtrodden. While inadvertently earning his Nunhship title.

Ca'geh Zihde:

Since stumbling upon the curious and self-appointed "little shadow", Y'uraq's darkest hours took a sad, yet illuminating detour upon discovering none other than Ca'yita's estranged little sister. Despite Y'uraq's optimism to reintroduce her to her family, Ca'geh plead him to keep her a secret from the rest of the Ca's. Y'uraq agreed to the girl's terms and resumed meeting with the little shadow at her discretion.

Before long, Y'uraq was able to learn much about the Ca's through Ca'geh's life and the recent past. She often kept a close watch, stalking and observe Y'uraq leading her tribe through their recent hardships. When Y'uraq made his plans to step down as Nunh, Ca'geh immediately begged Y'uraq to take her to the civilized world with him. Y'uraq did not need much convincing. Y'uraq however struggled much to convince the child to accept the opportunities a new life in Civilization could offer her, she did not sway from remaining in the shadows.

After a brief conflict with the troubled child, Y'uraq was able to dissuade Ca'geh from nearly killing her own sister in a bid to keep her asleep forever, and even trust him into waiting until her sister awakes. Watching the two sisters reuniting brought Y'uraq memories of the his own long-lost brother.

The following moons have improved as the two were able to bond to the point Y'uraq consider himself a male role model for Ca'geh. Though she is still wary of the rest of the world knowing she exists, he hoped to help Ca'geh come out of her shell.

While Ca'geh has indeed become more and more outspoken those following moons, Y'uraq feels her lack of a proper role model has made her rather difficult to deal with.

"The Ca's":

Ca'yita's half sisters, named Ca'yume, Ca'rina, Ca'khuna, Ca'ohmo, Ca'dalaa, Ca'towi, Ca'mia, and Ca'sanra. After Y'uraq stepped down as Nunh of the Ca tribe, eight women from the Ca tribe swore fealty to Y'uraq and followed him back to civilization. In the following moons, Y'uraq had helped them settle in Gridania, and establish a steady living as his retainers and huntresses.

Since then The Ca's have each made their own efforts to adjust living in the modern world while and explore the possibilities they couldn't had found back in Southern Thanalan. Including the new friendships, and adventures they went on to have on have on their own. Over time, Y'uraq's relationship with the Ca's steadily shifted from traditional tribal conventions and more into a more civilized and professional partnership. In the end the Ca's hard work and dedication to Y'uraq's enterprise yielded everyone involved a lot of wealth.

Since expanding his business out further East into the city of Kugane, the Ca's were assembled and dispatched to gather and collect the exotic and valuable raw materials from the recently liberated region. As the Ca's expedition moved further northwest into the Azim Steppes, they were met by Xaela and their vast and diverse cultures at the settlement of Reunion.

Before long, the sisters voiced their wish to resign as Y'uraq's retainers and settle down to live among the Xaela. Y'uraq obliged happily to the faithful sisters before gifting them with the deed and the properties of Rosepetal Fineries, assuring they can return calmly to Eorzea as the hardworking entrepeneurs they proved themselves to be.

Ziho Lizuh:

Following the series of events in Southern Thanalan, Y'uraq shared a fateful encounter with a keeper of the moon miqo'te girl he remembered meeting and befriending before the Calamity. Like the rest of Eorzea, the tragic events had claimed the life Ziho once knew as well. Thought she was unwilling to speak of her missing years, Y'uraq's days in Gridania became deceivingly brighter as the two spent the following week re-kindling their friendship before things took a much more intimate turn.

However, Ziho's intentions proved false. In the end, the turned-succubi's attempt to end Y'uraq's life was turned on her before he took a dark pleasure in dismembering and tormenting the voidsent a taste of her own medicine before consuming her aether for himself, but it wouldn't be long before he discover the terrible repercussions of his dark deed.

The inadvertent efforts of sylphic magic and alchemy allowed Ziho to re-emerge from Y'uraq madness as monstrous arachnid, before she was immediately confronted and put down by Kim'ahri, Syf, Ca'yita, and Ca'geh.


A former leader of a pod of touched ones. Kitxio bared witness to Y'uraq undoing his twisted 'prank' to feed him and other 'walking ones' to a mutated morbol. During Y'uraq's rampage, Kitxio was able to sedate and imprison him with aim to control the 'scary one' and unleash the monster he witnessed on little solace. Before his plans were thwarted by Katxia, with help from Ca'yita, Ca'geh, Syf, and Kim'ahri coming to rescue Y'uraq and his 'pod' from his shortsighted plan.

In their following encounter, Y'uraq found it in himself to forgive the disgraced sylph, to his sister's approval. Kitxio spent much time ashamed of his past deeds that following year, until he and Y'uraq fought side by side in attempt to defend the remains of his pod from a unit of Garlean deserters. He was slashed down by a magitek reaper in effort to save his kin.

NPCs (Vol 4)


Kitxio's twin sister. She first met Y'uraq when she took pity in his torment wrought on by her kin's toxins and illusions. She immediately took it upon herself to soothe, cure, and switch her own medicine to help him counter and resist sylphic illusions. Since his rescue from the Sylphlands, Katxia has been grateful to Y'uraq's friends for saving her kin from the monster her brother unleashed. She was compelled enough to venture beyond her homeland and join Y'uraq on his adventures to lend her healing hand.

Since Ca'yita's rescue, Katxia returned to her home at the southern reaches of the Sylphlands where she was able to recover from Y'uraq's dark ordeals in relative peace that following year. Until the rage of conflict in the neighbouring Gyr Abania brought a unit of Garlean deserters to trample and occupy her pod's new settlement. Despite Y'uraq's aid, Katxia lost much of her pod in their battle for freedom from the Garleans.

With nowhere else to turn, the touched sylph has agreed to live incognito under Y'uraq's protection.

Ronzoix Joubert:

A disgraced Ishgardian nobleman whose deceptive ways earned him a place as a slave master among the Lambs of Dalamud. Y'uraq was helplessly tormented under Ronzoix's boot in attempt to break him. In his desperate moment, Ronzoix revealed his cowardice when he could only attempt to deceive Y'uraq into coercion. The elezen plea for mercy was impaled under a blade in cold blood.

Since Y'uraq's escape. Ronzoix's corpse was retrieved and reanimated as Rune Fury's new champion. Ronzoix sought vengeance on Y'uraq, driven to take what he valued most. However Y'uraq's might proved to be the greater once more, and Ronzoix was forced to into a last resort, With the immense aether evoked by the stolen soul of the black mage. Ronzoix made himself into Cuchulainn's avatar before he was ultimately defeated and vanquished by Y'uraq and his friends.

Kina Nasegul:

A keeper of the moon, and once Y'uraq closest friend in Beryl Point, Y'uraq and Kina spent much time together venturing to Limsa Lominsa together from barhopping to partaking in festivals together and the company they had found. Kina often flirted and teased Y'uraq, insisting she'd happily mate and breed with him if he were only stronger. On the night of the Calamity, Kina was captured before she broke free and fleeing with the other survivors into the wilds the night of the Calamity.

In their dark reunion, Kina was struck down by Y'uraq in cold blood. Her blood in his hands had since brought him much turmoil for allowing his blinded rage to betray his best friend. Y'uraq and Kina shared a second twisted reunion at Rune Fury's side, reborn as a succubus. In their bid to Rescue Ca'yita from Tam-Tara, Kina fought and unleashed the flames of her fury at Y'uraq and his friends alongside her void-sister, Caylee. But she was struck down as she took one last bitter look at Y'uraq, before she fell into the depths.

Jemomo Bushoho:

A lalafellin taken to the way of piracy, smuggling, and slavery. Jemomo would sail with his crew across the south seas in search of small villages, tribes, and hamlets to raid and plunder goods and slaves for profit. Following a hint of beryl point in Upper La Noscea, Jemomo's crew of Roegadyns, Highlanders, And Elezens raided Y'uraq's home. Despite resistance by the huntresses and defenders, Jemomo's crew crushed and murdered those that resisted the pirates and capture the remaining survivors along with Y'uraq.

Y'uraq still looks back at Jemomo, and all slavers like him with scorn. It would be many summers since the Calamity before Rune Fury revealed his return in bid she takes his vengeance on his slaver. Y'uraq willing walked himself and his friends into her trap, only to survive certain death thanks to them. Jemomo revealed his connections to the lambs and his place as a pupil of Rune Fury. He too was promised with freedom and more riches waiting for him, with the end of Y'uraq's life.

In the end, Jemomo was overcome by his darkside's greed and unleashed his fury on Y'uraq, and Zisa'a. After losing arms after another, he was finally severed in half by Y'uraq's blade.

Y'tita Ralas:

Memories of the tribe elder, Y'tita came to Y'uraq during a final meditation he underwent in preparation for the horrors he was about to face in tam-tara. Though the tribe elder passed away during Y'uraq's early childhood, he remembers her loving and patient example along with lessons she had to teach him whenever he was sent to her council for his misconduct.

Y'tita taught Y'uraq to live an honest life without ulterior motives, or needing to control the world around him. She also taught him and that there was a lot more power in forgiveness than any vengeful pursuit could offer. More notably, Y'uraq remembers the parable she told him of the love and kindness white jaguar that stood for, and everything the bitter and hateful black jaguar could never be.

A lesson that he keeps in mind to the present day.

NPCs (Vol 5)


Y'uraq built the mammet formerly known as 'Placeholder' in an effort to construct a band of mammets to play musical instruments to support his vocals. Ronny is an eager and spirited mammet always ready to jack his magitek amplifier to eleven, along with his powerful and present demeanor demanding his full attention when it's time for a show.


Y'uraq built a second mammet after 'Ronny' with intent on making him the bass guitarist of his new band. His absent demeanor often clashes in contrast with Ronny's own eccentric demeanor, lacking a share of vision. He is also much more patient, or simply just too care free to care about anything other than playing his instrument. Whether or not other people would come watch and listen to him.


The final addition to the band. Y'uraq designed and built a slightly larger mammet around his torso in order deploy and retract his drum set from his storage compartment between performances. Addy is much quieter than his brothers, but he is always happy to lend a hand and follow directions as best he can.

J'arisa Ortac:

Y'uraq's aunt, closest living relative, and Ala Mhigan Resistance medic. With the liberation of Ala Mhigo, J'arisa has been able to relinquish the stress of triage and enjoy a slightly less demanding responsibility of treating and caring for adventurers and mercenaries in the City of Ala Ghiri. However like many mothers, War against the Garleans has claimed all of her daughters. Leaving only her son, J'vid as her only living child.

As Rulia's half sister, J'arisa has been able to provide Y'uraq with many answers. Including the mistery of his lineage, his strong affinity for magic and spellcasting, and his mother's tragic destiny as a black mage. Regardless, J'arisa's has been able to grant Y'uraq with brighter recounts of his recent ancestor's history.

J'vid Tia:

Y'uraq's cousin, and Ala Mhigan Resistance warrior. Despite losing his older sisters to the Garlean empire, J'vid's dreams of a free Ala Mhigo carried him through his pains and losses well into the final siege to reclaim the Capital city from the XIIth legion.

Since then, Y'vid has taken to enjoy a relatively peaceful life as a guardsman, keeping the city of Ala Ghiri safe and secure for visitors and traders alike.

NPCs (Vol 6)

61st Order Matriarch Tu Ti:

A kobold crone and leader of a two-man order. With only her 'mate-for-life', Mi To at her side, Tu Ti had recently claimed the ruins of Beryl Point as her own after a battle with Y'uraq. Despite their terrible beginnings, Y'uraq acknowledged the troubled Kobold's right to be despite his disdain for the way Tu Ti continued to demean and subjugate everyone around her.

Tu Ti continues to reside in the Ruins of Beryl Point with her mate. Despite the sentimental value, Y'uraq had decided to cut his losses and leave the ruined settlement to the Deranged pair of Kobolds.

Mi To:

Tu Ti's consort and only member left in the 61st order. Despite his own strength, Mi To tends to submit to his Matriarch's will to a fault. In addition, Mi To has bared a frightful obsession with Y'uraq and the similarities with his own son that also left the 61st in favor of another order. Since his aided escape, Y'uraq swore to keep his distance from the deranged pair of kobolds.

F'shoun Tia:

In his seach for answers, Y'uraq encountered the curious, bearded miqo'te during a personal trip in the twelveswood. Since then, Y'uraq was able to confide in the conjurer for guidance and answers in understanding the awakened darkness that was undeniably a part of him now. F'shaun offered Y'uraq plenty of tools to help uncover the insight he sought within.

The two met regularly over the next three moons until had nothing more to teach Y'uraq.

Zozora Zora:

Born to a life of privilege and splendor, Zozora moved from Radz-at-han to Limsa in a bid to start a new life among the working class folk. Despite their distanced and professional beginnings as Y'uraq's new retainer, Zozora couldn't help but take concern for her boss' distant demeanor before her offer of friendship revealed much more about Y'uraq than she anticipated.

Regardless, Zozora spends much of her working hours as his assistant and accountant, when she's not out on a venture.

A complete list of all the player characters that have left a lasting impact on Y'uraq since the beginning of his strange, long trip.
Player Characters (Vol 1)
Sharla Blackheart:

The very first person Y'uraq spoke to since his mysterious awakening in the wilderness and his eventual wander into Ul'dah. Instinctively drawn by her sword, shield, and shining armor, Y’uraq confided in the stranger for guidance that would prompt him to find the early fragments of his memories. Since then, Sharla had advice Y'uraq early in his journey across Eorzea.

Though he had not heard from the distinguished sultanguard in moons, he still fondly remembers of her as the beacon that lit the start his way.

Omner Garamonde:

Y'uraq recalls being hopelessly lost in the Ul'dahn markets, before he stumbled into a Hyurian Highlander in the middle of his blacksmithing craft. After an exchange of greetings, gil, and armor. Y'uraq was invited to join the man's free company at their estate in the Twelveswood. Y'uraq was happy to accept their hospitality during his time in the Black shrouds, and often took the time to repay their generosity before parting for La Noscea.

Y'uraq hasn't heard from Mr. Garamonde or his free company since his departure.

Satomi Hakase:

Y'uraq first met the talented alchemist early in his travels. Their brief meeting left him with a sparked interest in academia that would later grow in his travels. Y'uraq had encountered the curious Doman time again in his travels. Her bodyguards had since lightened up to their friendship during his stay at the Vylbrand Academy.

Rahn'a Lihzeh:

Former Crewmate, mentor. Despite his difficulties in Gridania, Y'uraq sought to try his hand at conjury once more under Rahn'a's guidance. Despite their attempts, Rahn'a concluded Y'uraq's mind was far too clouded to be an effective conjurer.

Ralamano Nulumano:

During his time with the 81st Levy, Y’uraq began to aspire for much greater pursuits thanks to the Lalafellin’s guidance. Before long, Y’uraq was sparked newfound interest in the lost knowledge and artifacts littered across time.

Player Characters (Vol 2)
Seseli Seli:

After settling himself in Ul'dah. Y'uraq met the cheery and sweet-mannered lalafellin, before their friendship quickly blossomed into something more. Seseli became wary of him after baring witness to Y'uraq's savagery in combat.

Y'uraq had since lost contact with Seseli before fate crossed their paths at the Vylbrand Academy, the two had since managed to find closure.

Garen Stone:

Leader and commander of the Fireborn. Since their excursion in Coerthas, Y'uraq had come to respect and confide in Garen's leadership. Y'uraq feels he owes the man for re-discovering his extended abilities while braving into the unknown. Often addresses him as "Ser Garen"

Altonio Salaphonte:

Former colleague, fellow contender, and trusted friend. Y'uraq met and befriended Altonio during his brief stay with the Fireborn. The two continue to maintain a friendly competition at the Grindstone tournaments every chance they get.

Arzu Dilara:

Following his first moons back in Thanalan, Y'uraq met and enlisted the healing hand of his new personal conjurer, and housekeeper, Arzu Dilara. Despite their 'rocky' start, sparks soon lit and flew as their friendship blossomed into romance. However, Y'uraq's fate made his romance brief, despite his attempt to fight against his creed as a Dark Knight. Their stormy relationship occasionally found patches of peace before another storm would rise to threaten their relationship. She remained as the most influential figure in his strange, long journey.

As much as the two yearned to bond and walk the aisle together someday, Y'uraq's fate would once again tear Arzu from his arms and sacrifice what wished he valued more in exchange for unlocking his full potential.

Though Arzu is no longer in his life, Y'uraq does his best to remember her for the light she offered him in his darkest hours.

Sarnai Kha:

Thanks to Sarnai's guidance, Y'uraq was able to grasp and understand his darkside and the fundamentals of his training. Sarnai went on to introduce and study the philosophies and fundamentals of walking the path. Before long, Sarnai witnessed Y'uraq's power to evoke such destruction through rage alone that she stressed him not to form emotional attachments. To which he disobeyed.

Regardless, the two resumed their studies toward the martial study and spellcasting before Sarnai mysteriously disappeared. Y'uraq was left to resume his studies and face his dangers without a mentor.

Player Characters (Vol 3)
Togy Brandmakt (aka: 'Mr. Mask'):

Y'uraq first encountered the deranged champion following a competition in Halatali. Since Then, Y'uraq had reserved a very low opinion for the masked man, before escalating into a short unrequited rivalry. Mr. Mask and Y'uraq had since proven themselves victorious over the other only one each. Before word of Mr. Mask's retirement led Y'uraq to abandon their petty rivalry in stalemate.

Isoei Buhen:

A former fan of Y'uraq. Since their first meeting, Isoei's fascination with Y'uraq had grown too much, too fast before she would declared her romantic interest in just a few suns. Y'uraq had since rejected the girl's advances before she disappeared almost as quickly as she came in.

Katiti Kati:

Y'uraq and Katiti shared a brief relationship together, before it began to sour due to not only the difference in their interests and pursuits, but from the distance that began to settle between the two. In a twist of fate, Y'uraq found himself in the embrace of his former lover. Upon confessing his deed to Katiti, she broke up with him without second thought.

Though some time has passed since their bitter separation, Y'uraq still tries to look back at Katiti for the lesson his relationship with her was worth. But she's since resented him for breaking her heart.

Terretha Nightsong:

A friend and former student of Y'uraq. The aspiring 'Jill-of-all-trades' sought to learn the art of combat from Y'uraq after a fateful meeting at the grindstone. Y'uraq has since attempted to test and train Terretha on his martial skill before his training auto-turrets soon became too much for the poor girl.

Regardless, Y'uraq and Terretha have maintained a relatively good friendship.

Ca'yita Zihde:

Despite their rocky beginnings at the Academy, Y'uraq and Ca'yita had since become close friends thanks to Ellilaine's advice. To this day, Y'uraq's friendship with Ca'yita has left him pondering the possibility of romance with her in a near future, even though another part of him is reluctant to pursue a romantic relationship in his current state.

Player Characters (Vol 4)
Sylbor Leclair:

Y'uraq perfers not to remember the smug, silver-tongued, spineless excuse of a man he met at the Academy. Sylbor remains a symbol of sleaze, cowardice and deception in Y'uraq's book to this day.

Katzumi Nakahara:

Former colleage and pupil. Katzumi first found Y'uraq wallowing in the darkness over his broken heart. Before long, she was able to remind Y'uraq to look for the good in his life, the light in the darkness. Y'uraq began to enjoy his friendship with Katzumi, before she too began to express feelings Y'uraq couldn't requite. Heartbroken, Katzumi's relationship with Y'uraq soured.

Regardless of their falling out, Y'uraq looks back at Katzumi for the light their brief frienship inspired in him.

Syf Kha:

Y'uraq met Syf on the verge of taking his own life in despair. Since their fateful encounter, Syf inspired the light of hope in Y'uraq, and longing to find the other forgotten memories again. Before long, Syf took Y'uraq as her student. Despite the dark nature of their arts, Syf has always treated Y'uraq with kindness and respect. Through his strife, Syf had always remained close to lecture and train Y'uraq into mastering his darkside and regain the inner strength to wield it.

Despite their success and their hardships, fate's always kept Syf close to remind Y'uraq of his path, and train him into a proper knight. Y'uraq had always trusted her guidance.

Ellilaine Florenza:

During his time at the Academy, Y'uraq was introduced to the rhyming and charming woman to be his tutor. Ellilaine was meant to teach Y'uraq advanced thaumaturgy, but not before teaching him about proper control and "killing your adversaries with kindness" first. Y'uraq spent much time learning from his Sharlayan mentor, before her charming wits and his wish to please her tutor would spark mutual attraction between them. Despite being nothing more than just that. Y'uraq continues to look back at Ellilaine for the invaluable lesson she had taught him.

Zoey Holendoey:

Y'uraq met the curiously impatient and rude lalafellin woman. Attempting to follow Ellilaine's example, Y'uraq learned there was much more to Zoey and her condition before he was able to meet her without umbral aether to cloud her warmth. Making him reminiscent of his struggle against his darkside.

Player Characters (Vol 5)
Gyo Shouzhen:

Y'uraq met Gyo attending the Vylbrand academy. Though the two were never much acquainted, Y'uraq had never forgotten his debt to Gyo for saving his life.


Much like his sister, Y'uraq and Kim'ahri have not started off on good terms either. Between the battles and the escalating bitter rivalry he once felt Kim'ahri instigated, Y'uraq has in part failed to keep his own pride out of their argument. Because of their gross misunderstandings, Y'uraq currently holds an uneasy truce with the giant, but hopes they can bury the hatchet sooner than later.

Zisa'a Yguara:

Despite the poor impression Zisa'a has left on his friends for being part of Ca'yita's kidnapping, Zisa'a plead to redeem himself for his actions has struck a soft spot in Y'uraq's own quest for freedom and redemption. Y'uraq has since allowed Zisa'a to prove himself through his actions to help bring Ca'yita back from her capture. Over the course of their adventure to save Ca'yita, Zisa'a was able to gain Y'uraq's trust, and friendship... To some extent

Aoki Kha:

Y'uraq met the eccentric, yet curiously insightful man after following the scene of moko grass into a railway tunnel across the Coffer & Coffin. Though Y'uraq was immensely cautious around Aoki, he has since grown to trust the man's offer in guidance into improving his potential for spellcasting while mentoring him in the fine arts and philosophies of black magic. Despite being a male Xaela, Y'uraq finds him incredibly easy on the eyes and hopes to learn much from his new mentor.

Kikilu Kilu:


Player Characters (Vol 6)
Klaudia Mist:


Steel Bison:



Arranged in chronological order. The songs listed retell defining moments in Y'uraq's journey and experiences from his perspective.
The following links will take you to Youtube, please mind your speakers or headphones when clicking the links. Updated periodically.

Character Themes (Vol 1)

    Artist: Rob Zombie
    Context: Y'uraq's theme. (darkside mode)
    Artist: A Perfect Circle
    Context: Y'uraq realizes the suffering and horrors his madness had wrought to those around him
    I'm not okay (I promise)
    Artist: My Chemical Romance
    Context: Y'uraq's harsh experiences in the Academy, and his jealous struggles to control his darkside from ruining things any further.
    You Give Love a Bad Name
    Artist: Bon Jovi
    Context: Y'uraq leanrs 'love' can be a terrible and toxic when mishandled.
    Here Without You
    Artist: 3 Doors Down
    Context: After his misadventures in Southern Thanalan, Y'uraq finally takes the time to mourn his broken heart.
    Coming Undone
    Artist: Korn
    Context: Since inadvertently marking and consuming a voidsent, Y'uraq struggled to contain the monster the sylphs worked to empower.
    Artist: Dashboard Confessional
    Context: In light of recent developments, Y'uraq continues to reflect and learn the lessons he needs before the hour of his joining.

    Out of Control
    Artist: Hoobastank
    Context: Y'uraq's early experiences evoking his darkside.
    Artist: Saliva
    Context: Y'uraq's rise as a renowned gladiator
    I Will Go Sailing No More
    Artist: Randy Newman
    Context: Y'uraq attempts to carry on alone, only to find his darkside had weakened him in the end.
    Artist: My Chemical Romance
    Context: Y'uraq's troubled feelings for Arzu on their second, bitter, and final reunion.
    Lost in the Echo
    Artist: Linkin Park
    Context: In wake of their return, Y'uraq confronts his past demons and the unholy odds stacked against him.

    Crawling in the Dark
    Artist: Hoobastank
    Context: Y'uraq's first journey across Eorzea.
    Words as Weapons
    Artist: Seether
    Context: Y'uraq meets and speaks to his darkside.
    Vengeance is Mine
    Artist: Alice Cooper
    Context: After nearly losing his beloved, Y'uraq's descent into madness inspire him to take action.
    Artist: 3 Doors Down
    Context: Y'uraq's new life continues to crumble as his convictions are now being tested.
    I'm Still Here
    Artist: John Rzeznik
    Context: Despite the things gone wrong, Y'uraq finds the will to train harder and fight for his freedom, and his place in the world.
    The Nights
    Composer: Avicii (Victor Angeles Mix)
    Context: In his uncertain days as Nunh, Y'uraq's memory of his sire inspired the strength and confidence to lead the Ca's in Y'turo's example.
    Move Along
    Artist: All American Rejects
    Context: Though his escapades have met a dark, bitter end, Y'uraq decides he's grieved enough and resumes his training where he left off.
    I was wrong
    Artist: Social Distortion
    Context: After narrowly surviving Rune Fury's trial, Y'uraq looks back and realizes his mistreatment toward his friends.


Songs and tracks I've used (some more frequently than others) in RP to set moods for scenes and ambiance.
The following links will take you to Youtube, please mind your speakers or headphones when clicking the links. Updated periodically.

Scenes and Ambience (Vol 1)

Scenes and Ambience (Vol 2)





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✦ This also means that I do not, and will not do or accept any 'fast forwarding of major character developments' between Y'uraq and your characters or permit 'metagaming' of any sort.

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