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:<div align=justify><div style="padding:5px 15px;font-family:Georgia;">■ Information on the Xaela Khor Clan(Incase you'd want to join or make your own character): [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gIJQDYGl6l6XhWJkiMitJuqafo-TEiG_joG8ZNAew_g/edit?usp=sharing Khor Clan]</div></div>
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Zoktai Khor
Poisonous Mastermind

I want to hurt you, just to hear you screaming my name.

Zoktai Khor(Alice Cooper)


Vital Information


NICKNAMES... Tai, Zok, Zokky

RACE & CLAN... Au Ra, Xaela's Khor Clan

GENDER... Male

AGE... 44

NAMEDAY... 14th Sun, 3rd Umbral Moon, 1536 S.A.E.

ORIENTATION... Pansexual


Other Statistics


CITIZENSHIP... Limsa Lominosa, Girdania

FAMILY... Boal Khor(Bio Mother), Toarbiashi Khor(Bio Father), Shria Khor(Clan Sister)

RESIDENCE... Zetsubou Tavern Mist 5th ward 37th Plot

OCCUPATION... Business Manager, Researcher, Guild Master

PATRON DEITY... Nald' Thal The Merchant,Nhama the Dusk mother.

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 6 fulms, 10 ilms. 210 ponze.

ALIGNMENT... Neutral Evil

General Information
Zoktai is a man in his early forties who now seeks to live life as he sees fit. He's one known to lean back and let others play heroes and villains, only taking action in politics when he deems it necessary. He refuses to risk the life of himself or those close to him without good reason. He's a business manager running several businesses under his company, '8-bits of Gil', expanding across Limsa Lominsa and Gridania. He has a few goals which motivate his experiments. He's is crude at times and is terrible at socializing using what he learns from books as ways of getting by. He's easily angered as well. He respects hardwork.
Time to start the experiment...Thank you for your cooperation.
Red. Wears one umbral ring in his right eye. Naturally colored grey with red tips Caramel complexion Average with slight tone. Low, dignified, and gruff with traces of a pirate accent.
Leaning forward. Almost threatening Left-handed. A huge one primarily across the left side of his chest. Old burns amd cuts dotting his arm. Two extreme dark circles under his eyes. A mix between Limsa, Orthard, and Sharyalan fashion. On days of research, he can be seen wearing lab gear.
Hair & Eyes
Both eyes are a deep crimson red. His pupils are small, along with his irises, giving him a stern gaze with a few wrinkles under them from long nights up looking over his research. He has no umbral ring in his eyes. His hair is graying from its old black luster thanks to stress, but the tint of his father's red is still prominent in each tip. He wears it in a formal braided back style behind his neck to keep it out of the way during his experiments and tinkering, while his two horns jut out from it, curved toward the front with a slight bend.
Physique & Markings
At 6 fulms and 10 ilms. he is on the shorter range of Male Au Ra. His age doesn't quite show yet as Zoktai stands with confidence and vigor thanks to the physical exercise routine he maintains to stay in shape. He's moderately toned, not having any prominent muscles, but instead having a flat, smooth body aside from his scales. This is interrupted by the scar across his chest as if it was a crater. It's edges are cracked and jagged in design. He has slight burns scarring from alchemic experiments as well as a single bullet wound in his lower stomach. That aside, his scales are well kept to a dark shine, and his horns also gleam with a dark luster. His tail comes to 2 Fulms in length with a 5 ilms diameter as it protrudes from his lower back. Two spines decorate the base.
Hygiene & Attire
Zoktai actively keeps himself clean due to the chemicals he handles during the experiments he conducts and the meetings he must attend. He bathes at least once a day, if not more so, even after exercise or other activities. Unless in heat of an experiment, he's one to take a bath after most activities. As for his attire, he normally wears fashion close to a mix of Limsan and Doman wear fitting of a noble. The exception of this is his Maelstorm light armor he only wears during sorties. He never goes without some form of carry pouch oraethertansformer for gadgets he may need later. He also always wear some sort of prescribed glasses/goggles.
Worn Items of Note
Rimless glasses in black plastic.
A Choker with a slidable cover that clicks into place, housing 2 soul crystal slots underneath.
A simple grey ring with a small Alchemist symbol plate.
A mechanical yellow glove on his left hand.
Psychological Profile
Zoktai's views on life are simple by default. If it turns a profit, brings success, or helps someone he's bonded with, he shall do it. Everything else falls behind his goals. Whatever he seeks, he focuses on it before moving on. Growing up and being on the sea taught him the truth about the world, at least compared to what he's studied. He grew under the belief that right and wrong is only relative to your perspective. Do whatever will make the reality you seek possible. One must be prepared to dirty their hands in order to accomplish what they feel is right. As long as you achieve your goal you're right. IF you fail, you did something wrong, so try a new approach. He's been out on the big blue more than enough times to reinforce his ideas. He's prone to treat people fairly on how much they create success for him. However, he is very vengeful when it retains anything against his own profiteering. His opinion on love and bonds is entirely based on books. Sometimes this is awkward when he applies it in real life even when he has the best intentions.His interest and the interest of those he cares about come first. Always regardless morally where they lay.
Zoktai grew in limsa. He's dealt with and seen some of the worst of the worst. He saw injustice to Eorzea for those without the power to protect them selves. This pushes him into making a Limsa and by that extent a erozea better for those all around. Those who work to help and make it better but don't have the strength to do so. He wishes to use his wealth and inventions to give everyone a fighting chance who deserves it regardless if the law allows it. He has little to no mercy for those who get in his way. Growing up secluded has given him a skewed way of dealing with others. Prone to resorting to what he learned in books as a way to deal with interactions.He had a crash course with his time at sea. He can be cruel to those ignorant or chose to ignore the pursuit of knowledge. During attacks of his Traumatic disorder however, he's prone to cowardice hiding, or leaving the cause of his reaction.
His voice is mature and gruff, resonating calmly in his throat. It escalates to a roar with rough undertones when angered though. His whispers are usually from his throat as he tries to keep his voice from resonating by making him slightly husky.
● Green Tea
● Magitek
● Gil
● Sweets
● Beaches
● Experiments
● Bonds
● Business
● Maelstrom
● Books
● Allagans
● Ice
● Ishgardians
● Bloody Executioners
● Morbols
● Failures
● Debt
● Thieves
● Pain
● Ignorance
● Thaumaturgy
● Illuminati
● Arcanistry
● Marksmanship
● Astrology
● Tinkering
● Alchemy
● Knife Play
● Merchantman
● Mathematics
● Tactical Assessment

Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

Basic Statistics
High: Intelligence, Dexterity
Above Average: Magic Defense, Spell Speed, Accuracy
Average: Piety, Determination
Low: Vitality, Strength, Ice Resistance
Aetheric Abilities
Mastery: Arcanistry
Expert: Summoning, Aethertransformation
Novice: Thaurmrturgy
Weapon Training
Mastery: Grimoire(ARC,SMN)
Expert: Firearms (Revolver Models)
Average: Knives, Swords(Cutlasses,Curved swords)
Novice: Allagan Orb
Combat Relevant Skills
High: Tactics, Maneuverability
Above Average: Analysis, Marksmanship
Average: Adaptability
Low: Endurance, Pain Tolerance
Non-Combat Abilities
Anatomy Studies: To better understand both wildlife and mortal races, he's done intensive studies into the anatomy of all known creatures in the realm. This lets him seek weak spots or know where to apply poison for disastrous effects to living creatures. This is also used to apply medicine or healing arts, allowing him to understand how to mend the body correctly. This does not apply to the undead an undocumented creatures. If it's new to him, he'll have no idea where to target besides obvious points.
Aetheral Control: Tested time and time again, his abilities in manipulating aether are powerful and well practiced. Able to control the amount inside of him, he disperses it well and has figured out a variety of uses for it in ways he sees fit. Casting spells, however, will come with mediocre results unless he has a grimoire/Aethertransformer at present allowing him to channel his spells properly. This is not without limits. He cannot gather more of it where there is a lacking of Aether in the air. He can, however, drain it from another being to replenish his own supply with Life Drain.
Swimming: He's a decent swimmer, having had to learn in order to work with the Knights of the Baracuda. He can crawl and backstroke. His diving time is 5 minute and 55 seconds.
War Tactics Strategy books galore taught him various combat scenarios and techniques both on land and sea. These give him an edge in thinking of maneuvers in plans when put into combat or even espionage situations. He's studied into the lore of the Scholar, yet he has not found a soulstone for himself. He is familiar with the healing arts yet lacks real skill with them, however, mending the body and protecting one before damage occurs through reinforced skin.
Medicine/Poision Specialist: Studies of alchemist formulas allow him to have a vast knowledge on most remedies and tonics. He can't cure everything but probably has a book on most well known diseases and can make a cure for anything listed. Also, for the average cut or other wound, he has many variations of potions to help mend the wound along with basic first-aid training.
Poison Resistance Due to self-testing, trial and error, genetics, and his clan practice of feeding poison to their youths. He has a heavy poison tolerance for most commonplace poisons. For stronger dosages, he still suffers effects yet weakens them considerably.
Combat Abilities
Aether Essence Weaponry: 6 Years in development after his experience at Carteneau he needed a counter measure for close combat. By condensing the aspected aether into a new shape he can create a temporary Aetheral weapon using specially attuned gauntlets. It last from 3-12 hits depending on the weapon and person in question. The surroundings,amount of aether available, and their own condition effect how well he maintains it. He's only made 3 sets of gauntlets so far ,it's not ready for mass production or education yet.
Martial Arts:Zoktai is proficient in weapons he used before such as Daggers, Shortswords,and firearms. He is a mixture of self taught by necessity in battle and trained by his colleagues in the Knights of the Baracuda. He doesn't quite have 'strength' behind his blows however his agility lets him make up for it with precision attacks.
● 'Special' Ammunition: With his tinkering he has made a variety of specialized bullets, grenades, and other gadgets to assist them as he explores. There are: Morbol Grenade, Hallucination Smoke Bomb, Ignition Bomb, Mire Bullets,Shock Grenade,Tranquilizer Bullets.
Mathematical Enchantment: Using a theory of his own design in geometric physics. His arcanistry is dastardly potent. If given time to form new calculations. He can even weave his poisons on top of others to boost his own spells rate of damage. Shorter calculations render his magic weaker but quicker to cast.
Fear Burst: When going against an opponent and his post traumatic stress is in effect he gets a surge of Aether And Boost in his all his abilities. This is for an extremely short time (3 minutes Max) however as he soon gives way to fear and is reduced to a cowering from the source of said fear. It takes quite ab it to snap him out of this vulnerable state.
OOC Note
I understanding fighting happens it's a part of Eorzea's Life. Zoktai is not one to go straight into fighting physically. He almost if not always loses that way. If he can he'll first resort to sabotage before bringing his fist into it. I personally prefer using the first to 3-7 wins using rolls to determine the outcome of fights ,but im also wiling to do preplanned endings or even discuss other ways to determine a fight!

From The Diary Of Zoktai Khor
Disclaimer: This is OOC information from Zoktai's Diary. This information isn't common knowledge this is just to give people ways to meet or hookup IC with Zoktai. None of this is set in stone and will be changed if need be to fit lore or to cull his abilities.
Sixth Astral Era
Before the Fall
Born to Boal and Toarbiashi on the Orthard's coast in 1537 ,Zoktai was a member of the Khor clan. This clan was famous for seeking to travel to foreign lands to perfect their craft in poison and medicine making. Creating dangerous poisons and powerful potions to defend themselves with. At the age of 3 his parents set sail for Limsa Lominosa to experience a whole new world when they both heard about rare ingridents to be found for their tribe. Upon arriving his parents used disguises wearing headgear to make it appear as if their horns were decorations rather then actually a apart of them. This continued for several years his parents sending letters to his grandfather about the sights and wonders they saw as his father Toarbiashi worked with the Knights of the Baracud using his skills as a hunter and cotor to help at sea. His mother stayed at home raising Zoktai teaching him both Xaela as well as Eorzean Script. His father bought a vast variety of books for Boal and Zoktai. Zoktai's favorite book was about a merchant of unlucky fate which would use his brains to escape dangerous adventures by the name of Dabnis. While he did his own reading his mother taught him the basics of poison and potion making while also feeding him some of her concoctions to build up his immunity.
This easygoing lifestyle continued until Zoktai was twelve in 1549. Exploring Limsa one day he stumbled upon Mealvaan's Gate the massive library inside enchanted him, from then on he spent every waking minute he could reading and learning from the guild. Using his allowance he started buying other books on studies of variety of technologies and relicsfor the public eye. Taking lessons from various other members he started practicing Arcanistry being fascinated by being able to apply poison at a distance with Arcanistry. At fifteen he summoned his first carbuncle immensely enjoying the companion.
Fall of the year 1555 at 18 Zoktai returned home to find it ravaged with his mother killed. One of his father's missives got him tangled with a foreign pirate group known as the Bloody executioners that wanted revenge for several of their own being killed. This filled Zoktai with rage and guilt at a variety of sources the Excutioners, his father, and just the world at large for someone who have performed no wrong be punished. Upon his father return from a mission his father wracked with grief turned to simply drinking between his missions bringing far less literature and far less interactions with his son. Knowing he wasn't strong enough to hunt after the pirates alone and not believing in his father recovering at all Zoktai was looking for ways to avenge his mother and bring her soul peace. Mercenaries were not an option and due to his age and little wealth he realized how useless he was. While heading to his usual reading spot a month later at the Arcanist guild he saw a Vessel apart of the Knights of the Baracuda 4th Squadron. His father was working with the 2nd Battlion. Asking to enlist he did his best to sell himself as a cabin boy hoping that with their training he could actually make use of himself and become strong enough to right the wrong to his family. After a week of pleading and showing his current skills with Arcanistry and familiarity with sea charts. He was allowed to clean decks and be in charge of resupplying the ship when they came into port. A little peeved by this he begrudgingly accepts securing a place apart of the Squadron. He meets his dad that night who gives him a gift, a ring he received from his wife saying he has news for him. His father tells Zoktai he's going to head home which surprises Zoktai. Zoktai tells him his own plans lying saying he wants to perfect his potions with the Baracudas. They argue at first his father listing reason after reason of why he shouldn't enlist ,but then after Zoktai's own stubbornness in the face of his father explains that it is their clan's way of life to go and explore this world for better understanding of their craft. With his father blessing he wishes his dad well on his travels as well. Toarbiashi gives Zoktai modest sum of gil as well as a a knife for his own protection. A few days later after saying his good byes Zoktai receives his own custom grimoire from the Arcanist Guild as a going away present. Accepting it with a heavy heart he joins the Knights of the Baracuda 4th Squadron and heads to the indigo Sea along with the others. 

Life off the coast Sharyala was quiet on the outset. Within a year Zoktai unfortunately ran into his first battle. Their ship came under attack from what seemed to be a rival factions scouting vessel. When they counterattacked they were boarded. Zoktai being put in a unfortunate situation used his magicks to defend himself with the help of another crew member assisting him by the name of Troewyb a Sea Wolf who was sailor and two years older then him. They were able to repel the invaders. Unfortunately Zoktai had his first taste of dealing death when doing a body count with others one of the Garlean survivors was in a weaken state rised suddenly to grab at him Zoktai panicked and stabbed him with his father's knife killing him. This bothered him for a moon. Troewyb tried to comfort him telling him it was necessity. The thing was the death itself didn't bother him he was more disturbed at how weak his poisons were and how he needed to be more effective in killing other pirates to make sure they couldn't hurt anyone again. This inspired him to use battles as a way to experiment on enemies and making his Arcanistry more deadly to the slight disturbance of his pears. After another few battles at sea he realized his arcanistry was growing and decided to redouble his efforts into getting better at his studies to become more potent at it. He also asked for assistance in learning the basics of weapons that some of his crewmen used to help out in case he needed a fall back. Out of this a Mi'Qote crew-mate by the name of Horokoloan taught him how to use knives. Another taught him the skill of using a musket and cutlass. He felt better learning these traits just in case his grimoire was damaged our he had to depend on other means. As he worked more along the sea the ship occasionally stopped on the cost to deal with Sharylan merchants who would sell necessities in exchange for Garlean tools, relics found, and surplus stolen that could be gleam for knowledge. Curious about the tradings and having his job be a part of it Zoktai was taught the business of haggling and management for the ship. During one trade he 'confiscated' what seem to be some a rumored 'Revolver'. He learned how to repair and maintain it from another pirate on board and thought it was a sufficient substitute in case he couldn't have time to read his spells yet can equally keep enemies at a range. 1567 over the course of four years Zoktai got even more proficient with his arcansitry. His skills with his knives and revolver were excellent and thanks to earning the spot of working under the ship navigator as well as learning tid bits from books he personally bought from the merchants of sharyla on navigation and astrology he became a excellent navigator and tradesmen. The ship was headed to limsa to restock resuppply and report findings for their yearly report. Almost within reach the ship was attacked by Leviathan heavily damaging the ship Zoktai was thrown off board as Leviathan lured away by some far off group moved inland close by. After being pulled aboard a lifeboat. He was dumbstruck watching the serpent's power and seeing it go towards land amazed if not terrify Zoktai. Further more seeing it actually be defeated by the Company Of Heroes was a simply unbelievable . Boarding life boats and having to paddle to shore. Zoktai and most of the crew unfortunately went to Limsa to report the damages. They would have to wait before a new ship was settled. Using this chance to catch up immediately went to the arcanist guild strangely enough with Troewyb in tow. Catching up with some members he began reading again while Troewyb went off to do her own thing at the fishing guild. He compared notes he took with notes from others at the guild fascinated with their discoveries he reveled the new information also doing his best to scribe the Sharylan notes he took as well. After awhile he over heard a visiting adventurer about the research the could do with their travels. Hearing this he wondered if he could do more experiments and learn by seeing the world and setting out to find himself. Two moons past and he was back on sea setting course once again for Indigo Sea. Aside from battles explorations and trading. Zoktai sea travels were curbed as the Garlean influence increased with the invasion. In 1572 Zoktai's ship came under fire from a Garlean vessel sustaining heavy damage barely managing an escape thanks to reinforcements from two more fleets. They made it to Limsa to repair and restock. Zoktai soon heard word that not only an alliance formed between most of Eorzea, but the admiral was planning to reinstate the Malestorm Command. Zoktai really didn't care at first until he was told the Knights of the Baracuda would be the main fighting force. Filling out the main nine squadrons. Upon enlistment Zoktai was given the rank of 4th Squadron's Navigator and Supply Commander for his 17 years of service. Even given rites to his own medium vessel to command in 2 years time. It was interesting this would be Zoktai's first grand scale battle and he was also under a new banner. He Prepped his small supply troop which was in charge of medical ,supplies, and armament ammo's, .He followed his captain and others into battle.

What started as a solid formation and well kept strategy, Was suddenly circumnavigated halfway into the battle. As the front lines were being pushed back by the sudden introduction of Magitek Armor Zok's small squad was tasked with getting supplies away from the fighting. After the adventurers rejoined the battle the tides were turned and things were going well. Until the heavens fell. The impact and quake after it tore Zoktai and Co attention away allowing themselves to be ambushed. They recovered not sustaining many losses. However A Garlean Thaurmurturge wasable to strike Zoktai with a blizzard spell rupturing from his chest. Due to his exhaustion an d lack of guard against such magicks it did a massive blow incapacitating him. Events are foggy here ,but he was saved by Troewyb as they retreated.

Seventh Umbral Era
A few days after the Calamity, Zoktai came to. Dealing with the stress of his injury and the night terrors plaguing him, he held an intense fear of ice-based magics. After recuperating, he decided, with his Admiral’s permission, to take a leave of absence from the Maelstrom. After stopping by the arcanist’s guild, he went for a walk in Middle La Noscea with his old grimoire in hand. As he chose a nice reading spot, he heard screaming and looked up to find an adventurer by the name of Kiht Zalika being chased by a goobue. After assisting her and scolding her for attempting a large mark without proper practice in arcanistry, he began tutoring her in the arts of basic arcanistry. With this incentive, Zoktai decided to become an adventurer for a while.

Summers pass and thanks to Zoktai’s travels through La Noscea and Thanalan, he meets quite a few adventurers with Kiht alongside him. She turned to the art of Thaumaturgy at the complaints of Zoktai. While exploring, Zoktai used his previous experiences to create connections with traders, researchers, and other merchants. Using these connections, he contributes to the Calamity rebuilding effort. He continued practicing alchemy to give Kiht an alternative rather than allow her to use ice magic around him. They made many discoveries together and have a few secrets as well. After several summers, he returned to Limsa with newfound confidence. With several recommendations from allies in the yellow jackets and higher ranks in the Maelstrom from his Knights of the Barracuda days, he’s allowed to work as a Storm Captain. He uses previous connections and treasures he’s found in his adventuring days to help supply and reinforce his division of the Maelstrom. Willing to use both natural might and resources from arcanistry, alchemy, and Allagan tech he’s “acquired”, he earned the right to his own trading vessel. With this and several acclaims, such as establishing trading routes for Maelstrom supplies in dangerous waters and creating potent artillery fire to use against Garleans, Zoktai slowly crawled up the ranks to High Storm Trade Sales Commander. Using his own personal funds he earned from regular trade, he bought two more vessels, one he donated to the Maelstrom as another trade vessel, and the other he personally uses for general “normal” trading. After that, Zoktai starts appointing captains to lead his ship while he stays stationed in Limsa.

A Realm Reborn As he continued working in the Maelstrom, he decided to create a lab to start practicing experiments on both his alchemy and Allagan arts in arcanistry. Slowly, he makes a connection with the Sons of Saint Coinach. Being invited to a meeting of the minds, Zoktai, with Kiht as a guard, headed to Mor Dhona through the North Shroud and Coerthas Central Highlands. However, as they travel through the highlands, temple knights accosted them due to Zoktai’s appearance. After negotiations failed and he was labelled a heretic, with Kiht’s assistance, they slay the knights. Angered at not only being assaulted by the temple knights, but also being referred to as some monstrous creature, Zoktai copied his parents’ ways of hiding his appearance. After hiding the bodies in the snow, the two proceeded to Mor Dhona. Meeting with Rammbroes Zasertylsyn, Zoktai happily exchanges information on both magics and relics he’s “found”. At the agreement of future information being sent to the Sons of Saint Coinach, Zoktai was allowed a summoner’s soul crystal of ancient Allag, which he’s supposed to have for research purposes only. Zoktai agreed to this arrangement and asked for permission to research Allagan technology and history. Aside from a minor hiccup, Zoktai with Kiht in tow, teleports slowly back to Gridania and then Limsa Lominsa. Zoktai balanced working in his lab, perfecting new poisons, and working on inventions of his own design based on reverse engineering of Allagan tech he acquired. As time went on, at the behest of Kiht, he was dragged along on adventures, some which he wished he never joined, such as fighting off the primal Titan, as well as helping out the exploration of the Beldahian Ruins. As time went on, a call went out to the grand companies for a joint assault on the Castrum Meridianum. As his rank entailed, Zoktai helped secure supply lines for Maelstrom forces. Thanks to adventurers, the operation was a success. For a while, life was calm for Zoktai until he got a call to arms from his friend Kiht once again. Almost rejecting her outright, he was tasked to help with protecting the Steps of Faith. Regrettably, and unable to leave Kiht alone, Zoktai dons a disguise and goes to assist with repelling dragons from the Steps of Faith. Working on the outskirts to repel smaller dragons, Zoktai is speechless when he notices Vishap. Seeing the giant dragon made Zoktai feel as though it would be safer to tend to the smaller dragons rather than go to the front-lines. After a successful mission, Zoktai left before celebrations started, citing his success under his name with the Maelstrom. He went back to his cycle of experiments and managing his ships. An idea struck him, and, using the fortune that he obtained from his own dealings, created a free company focused on protection and dealing with threats to the realm of Eorzea. Many members joined for their own various reasons. With the creation of the free company, Zoktai resumed focusing on his experimentation, Arcanistry, and alchemy as his trade ships were almost running themselves. He decided to make another form of income with the Zetsubou Tavern in La Noscea.

A little later, Zoktai started teaching several people various arts in Arcanistry and alchemy and sought to spread knowledge to others in both fields. However, he realized his own weakness; he knew how to use physical weapons, but didn’t have the strength compared to others. Deciding to focus on his old experiments to harness aether, he proceeded to tinker and work to alleviate this. At this point, Kiht invited Zoktai to see Ishgard for himself. Extremely wary, Zoktai followed Kiht. There, he’s made a connection with the Sky Steel manufacturer. He fell in love quickly due to previous experience of using a revolver. Being given a soul stone for the machinist’s guild, he happily took both an aether transformer as well as various other contraptions to experiment with.

In Recent Times
As if now Zoktai is working on making a task force of his own private use. He indulges in teaching others as well always out to help make a profit. He is perfecting his poisons along side his skills to over all make Limsa a safer place. Never forgetting what made him begin his journey at sea in the first place.

NPC Rumors

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"I swear he could have been a part of the black sails just find with how he deals with people." — Yellow Jacket Ex Cuda.
"His notes are fascinating! Although how he probably pays others to steal or take the relics he writes about..." — Sons of Saint Coinach Researcher.
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Hey pays handsomely ,but the work is worth every gil...." — Gladiator Mercenary.
"He's willing ot ignore the law, if it helps him somehow" — Private Estate Taskmaster.
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"I heard screaming one night while passing that tavern up there. Sounded like a man in pain,but just assumed it was the normal drunkard." — Maelstorm Mist guard.
"When he was in the cudas he'd use others we captured test those weird drinks of his. It aint pretty." — Baracuda Elite.
PC Rumors

Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.OR just message/tell me to add a rumor for you.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.

RP Info

Location & Probability
Places where the character is very likely to be seen
Limsa Lominosa: VERY LIKELY-Does most of his marketing as well as spends time in Maelstrom command.
La Noscea: VERY LIKELY-Most of his work and experiments take place here.
Ul'dah: NOT LIKELY- Spends time in the market or the Alchemist Guild. Sometimes Goes to the ... 'Back Market' For special deals.
Thanalan: LIKELY- His Lab is here as well as research spots for his personal use.
Girdania: NOT LIKELY- Only comes here for business.
Black Shroud: LIKELY-8-bit of Gil as Well as several key areas he visit frequently.
Mor Dhonna: LIKELY- He'd come meet the Sons of Saint Coinach or try to help himself to corrupted crystals in the area.
Ishguard: VERY UNLIKELY-Aside from the Machinist guild or the airship port. He rarely if ever sticks around.
Corethas: VERY UNLIKELY- Due to the cold weather and being near a nation he has no liking of.
Idylshire: LIKELY- Has business dealing and visits due to the nature of being so close to Sharlayan Knowledge
Hinterlands: LIKELY- Likes attempting at looting the place for more Sharyaln stuff. Also uses the various plant and wild life for experiments.
Sea of Clouds: SOMETIMES- Only there for business or experiments
Churning Mist: VERY UNLIKELY - Has only gone their for field surveys.
Azys Lla: UNLIKELY- He's only heard of the place hasn't been himself as of yet.
Stormbloodlocations: To Be updated
Most of these aren’t public, and would have to be asked after!
Azim Steppe Born here.
Khor Clan Born into. Has not met any members beside family.
Limsa Lominosa: Grew up almost his entire life here.
Knights of The Barracuda: Until they were turned into Maelstorm and Yellow Jackets. Served several Years in service.
Sharyala: Did trading as well as bought books from this location.
Maelstorm: After being adopted into the ranks he inherited command under the trade sails.
Alchemist Guild: During his adventuring days he became a active practitioner of alchemy.He's on bad terms with the guild although he still donates some of his research.
Mor Dhonna: Investments into the reconstruction and devolepment of this area. Buys corrupted crystals in bulk from here.
The Sons of Saint Coinach: Working with them has given him obsession with Allagan technology. Has earned his soul stone of Summoning arts from them.
Doman Refugees: Feeling sympathetic to being somewhere where you feel alien made it easy to support or assist these newcomers.
Ishguardians: A well founded hatred for the extremist and zealots of this city-state. Still shows disdains for any claiming to hail from here at first.
Machinist guild: A god send faction happily using their designs in his base experiments.
Idyllshire: A investment he placed into the growth and prospering of the area in hopes of some of the Sharaylan relics nearby.
Goblins: Fellow minded tinkerers he made dealings with for devices gadgets and singular mode of transportation.
Illuminati: Has fought scouts and one of their machines while searching through the hinterlands.
City State,Group, and/or Faction: Affiliation reason/purpose.
IC Inventory
The following items are things that this individual carries on their person at all times. These are noted for pickpockets, and those watching her closely. This information is meant to be a prompt for insight and is not to be meta-gamed, though feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in RP (pickpocketing, a search, etc) with use of a simple /tell.

Glio coinpurse.png

Allag Aethertransformer Gauntlet 2.1: A Modfied Aether transformer glove able to infuse and command small amount of Aether with ease. Also lets him control his own contraptions with finger snaps, pointing, and waves of the hand Storing his own personal devices and gadgets. Known to have errors in loading the wrong device.
Mini Caliber Carbine: a Reduce size Carbine he keeps in a chest holster for sudden altercations he's not prepared for.
Dreadnaught Whistle: A whistle he uses to call a Company Issued Dreadnaught Chocobo
Goblin Boom-Walker Key:A Key to a walker of goblin origins he uses for digging/exploration.
Gil Purse: A some what hefty purse he carries adequate amount of Gil from.
Soul Choker: A choker he wears constantly to hold his own two soul stones. He Has Machinst And Summoner At the momement.
Hidden Daggers: Three hidden daggers for close combat or throwing are under is jackets and coats when he needs to quietly dispatch someone.
Personal Ledgar: A Book of all Zoktai's legal profiteering the back has rip-away paper for writing gil invoices.
RP Limits
I like to consider myself a flexible player who is willing to commit to a number of different types of scenes and role-play scenarios, but even I have my limits. If something is on the play list, assume it means yes, as long as it's within the context of the current play or ongoing plot. No's are typically a hard no, and it means don't ask.
I will play Villian or the betrayer. Also don't mind being a sponcer or a middle man in an arangment ot let other characters meet. Need a npc? I can also fill the role to help you get started on something else.
Ask about Scaring violent actiosn toward him and out right 'catching or stopping' him i dont mind him being thwarted ,but i don't want it to be a cake walk for whoever is doign the thwarting.
I won't play Pure heroics except for those he's close to. I don't want him to die anytime soon so his death is on hold. IF you want him to be a hero or some savior be prepared for him to do it for underhanded reasons or expecting profit after the deed.
RP Hooks
While the below is by no means comprehensive, it's a kind of spring board for walk-up RP. Longer plots that are meant to run for more than a few quick RP's, please feel free to send me a tell so we can work out a good reason for our characters to get to know one another. I'm always looking for RP, unless I'm actively spamming PvE content.
■ Allagan anything.
■ Lab Experimentation.
■ Ruin Exploration.
■ Jobs at his tavern.
■ Maelstorm Issues
■ Aztim Steppe
■ A night on the town
■ Ingredient Hunting.
■ I don't mind doing flashback segments acting out a scene that happened in the past either.
■ Teaching Arcanistry or Arts having do with such.
■ I also odnt mind doing stuff (non-canon) to help other people push their characters. I just wont add it to my own story.
OOC Notes
Player Information
Player Note
There is a lot of information on this character wiki, but it is by no means completely comprehensive. There are chunks of backstory that are left intentionally vague so that details can be later added as developed through creative writing or in role-play revelation. Feel free to use Common or Uncommon rumors freely, if you want to use a Rare Rumor as a plot hook or to spark RP, I would ask that you send me a tell first, to make certain it's alright.
Character Lore Adherence
Everything concerning this character that has not been confirmed by in-game lore should be taken with a grain of salt. Anything that has had to be changed because of lore shifting will be noted below.
■ His back story that's written and unwritten is free to change since I'm still learning about lore.
Character Concept
He's based off of the concept of a classic villain. His aim isn't bad , but his methods are. He's not doing things to break laws or ruin an establishment. He just wants his city and home to be safe and by exstenion his country and family.I wanted a villain who was neutral in large matters while he was slowly working in the shadows to further goals for a good cause. With all the wrong means.
Character Tidbits
Links Out
Links that lead off the wiki, but are technically relevant to the character.
■ For thos seeking Zoktai for (E)RP: F-List
■ Information on the Xaela Khor Clan(Incase you'd want to join or make your own character): Khor Clan
■ Tumblr where I answer questions and post random things for zoktai.: Zoktai khors tumblr
■ Link Description: Link Title
Tropes & Explanations
A trope is a convention or device that is often found in creative works. In this case, the tropes below describe my character either in part, or as a whole. Their background, personality, appearance, etc, most of them can be described in the tropes below.
Acquired Poison Immunity Being trained by his mother at a young age. Also fed and used taught how to analyze poisonous materials by taste alone.
Master Poisoner A master of Arcanistry and Alchemy Zoktai prefers poison as his go to method of attack. He also knows how to use chemicals in various other ways and applicable procedures.
MAnipulativeBastard He doesn't mind using any means to acheive his goals or experiments sometimes.
Gadgeteer Genius His gadgets are for two uses only manipulating aether as a weapon or defensive measure. And spreading his poisons. He isn't familiar with machines as such as magitek. However allagan Technology is where he shines.


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