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# Please clear Zozola's involvement with any huge storyline with me OOC before dragging her into it. I am typically open to big storylines, though, so don't be afraid to message me!
# Please clear Zozola's involvement with any huge storyline with me OOC before dragging her into it. I am typically open to big storylines, though, so don't be afraid to message me!
# While Zozola does work in adult-only spaces, please do not randomly proposition me for ERP. That's sexual harrassment, kids! I will blacklist you and report you to my FC.
# While Zozola does work in adult-only spaces, please do not randomly proposition me for ERP. That's sexual harrassment, kids! I will blacklist you and report you to my FC.
# DDLG & Age Play Fetishists - DO NOT INTERACT.
# DDLG/Lolicon/Age Play Fetishists - DO NOT INTERACT.
Thank you! ♥️
Thank you! ♥️

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Zozola Zola

"Trouble? Me? I am not sure what you are referring to~!"

Character Information
Full Name Zozola Zola
Nickname(s) Zozo
Race Lalafell
Subrace Dunesfolk
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Bisexual, Homoromantic
Relationship Status In a Relationship & Polyamorous
Nameday 31st Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Age 22
Guardian Menphina, the Lover
Birthplace Ul'dah
Occupation Entertainer, Host
Family Zuzurito Lalarito (father), Nanasa Nasa (mother), Lolorito Nanarito (distant cousin/family patriarch)

General Information

A distant cousin of Lord Lolorito and the child of wealthy merchants, Zozola Zola has lived a comfortable life until recently. When her parents cut her off financially, she sought out her own path in life - a freedom she has since embraced in spite of her family's many failed attempts to control her. Zozola is a performer and a host with a love for adventure!


Zozola is quite short, even for a lalafell, standing at a solid 2'10". She is also quite chubby. Her Ul'dahn brown skin is soft and supple, and there is a blush to her cheeks. Her long wavy hair is a pale mint green in color, with pink highlights on the tips. Recently she has begun wearing her hair up in a ponytail, tied together with a twisted braid. Her pale lilac dunesfolk eyes are often hidden behind a pair of round spectacles.

She is often seen draped in pastel colors, particularly pastel pinks, blues, and violets. Despite her soft cute appearance and aesthetic, her body language often betrays her true salty nature.


Personality Traits

  • Awkward
  • Insecure
  • Creative
  • Sheltered
  • Protective
  • Queer
  • Salty
  • Romantic
  • Educated
  • Polyamorous


Zozola generally approaches all social situations with a kind, polite demeanor. This often proves to be a bit of a falsehood in uncomfortable social situations however, wherein she remains polite but her body language betrays her discomfort entirely. She is not very good at making new friends, though once she is close to someone she becomes incredibly comfortable with them.

Zozo loves to eat, drink, and be merry with those she is most comfortable with. Her flirtaciousness toward those she is especially close to is omnipresent as she loves to get a rise out of those she would be intimate with, but when they flirt back she tends to get incredibly flustered.

She is rather insecure, and she tends to take it personally when she is overlooked, rejected, or condescended to. When such a thing happens, the mask of politeness dissolves and her true bitterness is plainly visible to the world.

Philosophy & Ideals

Zozola believes in the freedom of the individual above all else. This idealized freedom is everpresent in her life, bordering on hedonism at times. This concept expands to a romantic ideal as well - believing in the ability to love multiple people at once.

She cares deeply for her friends, especially those who have seen her at her lowest. She can be rather selfish, but if it is for her closest friends, she will do just about anything to protect them.

Personality Tidbits

  • While attracted to some men, Zozola is typically uncomfortable and annoyed by them - with few exceptions. She largely prefers the company of women, in both romantic and platonic contexts.
  • Due to her insecurities and inherent awkwardness, Zozola struggles a bit in social situations, especially large groups.
  • She despises being condescended to, ignored, and infantilized because of her size above most things. Look down on her at your own peril.
  • Despite being privileged in her youth, it takes very little to make Zo feel satisfied with her circumstances. She sees good food, good drink, a comfortable place to rest your head, and good company as the pillars of a good life. She is not very assertive, and while she likes gil as much as the next person, she prefers freedom over wealth.
Likes Dislikes
  • The company of women
  • The freedom to live her life on her terms
  • Performing songs in front of a crowd
  • People who are sincere and authentic and encourage her to be the same
  • Red Magic, and all that entails
  • The art of storytelling, be they historical or fictional
  • Familial Expectations
  • Unnecessary conflict
  • The feeling of dirt on her skin
  • Cruelty and Disrespect
  • Unseen ridges and cliffs
Skills Education
  • Singing
  • History
  • Red Magic
  • Painting
  • Entertaining
  • Higher General Education via Private Instructors
  • Training as a Red Mage under Azzy Crannach
  • Classically-trained Singer
Strengths Flaws
  • Warm - Zozola is able to emotionally connect to others and often empathize with what they've been going through.
  • Resilient - Zozo is more resilient than she gives herself credit for. Even under the worst circumstances, she finds a way through it.
  • Intelligent - She has some manner of higher general education, and despite her lack of understanding of the world, she tends to pick up on new ideas quickly....most of the time.
  • Creative - A singer and painter with a mind to write music, Zozo is quite creative. This creativity sometimes flows into her interests outside of the arts.
  • Insecure - in part due to a number of traumatic experiences, Zozola feels very insecure when she is not actively being supported by her friends. This manifests sometimes as jealousy, bitterness, and sometimes even self-destructive behavior.
  • Self-Centered - Her new life does not entirely discount how spoiled she was growing up. While she is empathetic to the plight of others, she tends to focus a bit too heavily on how the ordeals of others specifically affect her and hers.
  • Stubborn - When she gets an idea into her head, it is incredibly difficult to sway her otherwise.
  • Troublemaker - Zozola loves nothing more than to playfully needle the people around her. For the most part this is a playful sowing of chaos among friends - but it has been known to escalate under more dire circumstances.
Fears Favorites
  • Due to her many insecurities, Zozo is terribly afraid of being abandoned.
  • Zozo is terrified that her family will decide the course of her life.
  • Moreover, she is terrified that they will take their anger towards her out on her friends and loved ones.
  • Zozola loves simple comforts, such as delicious cocktails and good food.
  • Zozo loves the arts and storytelling, and she loves to perform theatrical music performances.
  • Zozola is most happy when she is living authentically and is accepted for who she is.

Early Life


Zozola was born in Ul'dah to Zuzurito Lalarito and Nanasa Nasa. As the only child of a wealthy family of merchants directly connected to the Syndicate through its leader, her distant cousin Lolorito Nanarito, she grew up with everything she could have wanted. She had the best private education that Ul'dahn gil could buy, and every possible luxury that a wealthy young girl could afford.

She had a small number of friends growing up. Three dunesfolk lasses and a highlander girl whose father had relocated to Ul'dah after making his fortune on the high seas. They shared the same tutor and attended the same events as children, so Zozola had grown quite attached to them.


As Zozola blossomed into a vibrant young lady, her attachment to her female friends took on another form. While her friends were discussing their crushes on the boys they met at these high-class social events, Zozo was impossibly attracted to the girls she grew up with.

When she thought of men, her immediate association was her verbally abusive father, or the scumbags who would catcall her even as a teenager. Women, on the other hand...

Her crushes on her female friends were not at all subtle, and eventually they called her out on it one night over a stolen bottle of whiskey. At first they jokingly threatened to out her to her parents, but eventually they each gave into their own curiosity.

Later, they would say that it was just a phase for them, or that it somehow didn't count because she was a woman. One would constantly blame the alcohol.

Meanwhile, Zozola poured herself into the arts, her very favorite part of her well-to-do education and the only thing that allowed her to process the turmoil in her heart. She studied painting and participated in some theatrical productions, but her biggest love was singing. She had the very best voice teacher in all of Ul'dah, and became rather comfortable with performing on stage as a young woman.


Zozola's friends each married wealthy men in Ul'dahn high society. Meanwhile, Zozola felt directionless. Her creative skills were nurtured by her education, but they would not help her in the real world - or so her father seemed to think. Her parents insisted that she take on some role within the East Aldenard Trading Company, to continue its legacy within the family and earn the respect of their family patriarch, Lord Lolorito Nanarito of the Ul'dahn Syndicate.

But Zozola was not interested in being a merchant. She longed for something more in her life, but she could not put her finger on what. For a number of years, she lived off her family's fortune, content to float aimlessly through life.

Until her parents cut her off financially.

This was supposed to be a simple lesson. Cut her off financially and she will realize her place and do as she is told. However, that did not quite go as planned. Zozola started seeking out other sources of income. She had heard that many merchants within the company would spend their gil at the Whispered Wish, so she set off, determined to find a new way to live.

It was in the pursuit of this alternate way to live that she met Daerin Roda, a host and courtesan of the Whispered Wish. Daerin was the first person to see something in Zozo other than a spoiled brat. She encouraged her to join the Whispered Wish as an employee, and taught her some valuable lessons on how to make gil on her own. And so she began actively pursuing her own fortune and a new lot in life. Her parents didn't like that. If she would not work for the benefit of the company, she would marry someone within the company.

One night, as she was on her way to visit the Wish, she was intercepted by a number of Brass Blades. Her parents shipped her off to Kugane to meet a man that they had picked out for her. His name was Hancock Fitzgerald, a smarmy merchant who worked at the Ruby Bazaar - the Kugane offices of the East Aldenard Trading Company. She shared one meal with the man and her parents before disappearing via aetheryte and returning to Ul'dah to continue the pursuit of her own interests.

Soon enough, she auditioned to become an Entertainer at the Whispered Wish, and was brought aboard.

In the time since joining the Whispered Wish, Zozola began to cut a new path for herself, having embraced both coworkers and clients in friendship. She has begun to come into her own as a Host as well as an Entertainer, gradually becoming more and more comfortable with a wider variety of people.

Beyond that, she has been training as a Red Mage under Azzy Crannach, and has gradually learned to defend herself utilizing the Red.

This sadly was not enough to keep her family out of her business however, as someone within the East Aldenard Trading Company began to interfere with Daerin's business. After a particularly bad night following this news, Zozola was determined to speak to her cousin Lolorito and put a stop to this nonsense and protect her friends from retaliation - even if it meant walking away from the Wish for good.

Lolorito was determined to humble Zozola before allowing her to live freely, and thus she entered an agreement of indentured servitude. She spent a number of weeks working as a handmaiden in Lolorito's estate, humiliated and abused by his secretary Koyano Mihata, before news of his involvement in such an unsavory practice started to get out. In order to cover up his involvement in all this, he stripped Koyano of all privileges and had Zozola sent to the Saltery in Gyr Abania, where she would meet her end in a horrible "accident". Before she made it there, however, her friends intercepted her escort, rescuing her and giving her the strength to stand up for herself once more. She threatened Lolorito with some blackmail material she had gathered during her time in his estate, and returned home to The Whispered Wish.

Recovery from her ordeal with Lord Lolorito proved rather difficult, and that recovery was punctuated by her growing attraction to the kind Lily Nibelung, who grew further and further from her in the weeks since Zozola's return. Lily had turned out to be under the influence of the voidsent Lydaea, who eventually succeeded in possessing Lily. During the weeks of planning and worrying that lead up to Lily's eventual rescue from the clutches of this voidsent parasite, Zozola was forced to come to terms with her feelings for the hyur woman, even going so far as to commission Aneth Ralene to craft a lily pendant of moonstone that she would later gift Lily as a symbol of her love.

In the meantime, she met Mynne Rosalia, Lily's pupil, who assisted them (after some negotiation) in tracking Lily to Urth's Gift, where Zozola confronted Lydaea, with the help of Daerin Roda, Lalamune Zazamune, and La'nette Eve. After a significant struggle that almost cost everyone their lives, they eventually freed Lily from her grasp.

Lily had a long recovery under Zozola's watchful eye, and when she awakened, Zozola confessed her love, not wanting to miss another chance. Lily reciprocated her feelings, to Zo's absolute relief, and so their romance began.

This was not to say that their struggles were over, however. Her friend La'nette was compelled by a jutsu to return to her clan, and thus another rescue would be underway. Meanwhile, however, tensions were beginning to build with Zozola's employer. In the time since she joined, was never granted the opportunity to use her musical skills to entertain, and she was often overlooked and underappreciated. This tension began to slowly build - and she was far from the only person struggling. Daerin and Lalamune were also struggling with Wish management for a number of reasons, and the tension continued to build while they fought to retrieve their friend.

Recent Times

With La'nette returned to them, Zozola, Lily, Lalamune, Daerin, and La'nette decided to go on a week-long vacation to Costa Del Sol. During this vacation, the three employed by the Whispered Wish decided to walk away from the brothel for good, and shortly thereafter they were contacted by Azzy Crannach herself, who announced that she would be building a cabaret called the Purple Orchid. She offered each of them positions, and Zo became the Director of Entertainment for the business. There is much to do before the Purple Orchid opens its doors, but Zo has much to look forward to.

Common Uncommon
These are rumors that are easily overheard or public knowledge. Use them freely!*
  • "Did you hear about Zuzurito's daughter? Word on the street is she is a courtesan at that brothel in the Goblet. How scandalous!" - Yuyusi, Ul'dahn Socialite and Busybody
  • "I've heard tell that the mint-haired dunesfolk lass at the Whispered Wish has the voice of an angel - though I've yet to hear it myself." - Whispered Wish Patron
  • "Oh, Zozola at the Whispered Wish? I heard from a miqo'te that frequents that place that she is a stage magician. He said something about her 'magical disappearing hat', or somesuch? Curious." - Resident Caretaker, The Goblet
  • "Tis true! I saw it myself! The lass was escorted out of Ul'dah flanked by Brass Blades. I wonder what kind of trouble the lass found herself in..." - Seseroga, Sapphire Avenue Exchange Liason

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

These rumors may take a little digging to find. Use sparingly or ask permission before use.*
  • "You didn't hear it from me, but I once saw the little songbird being escorted from Lord Lolorito's estate in rags. She looked like death..." - Popori Pori, Pugilist's Guild
  • "I heard tell of some manner of rescue in Gyr Abania? I did not wish to pry, but those folks seemed eager to get their little friend back." - Whispered Wish Patron
  • "She has always liked her alcohol, but ever since she returned from her recent ordeal, she has relied on it too strongly. She thinks I haven't noticed her poking about behind the bar while I am attending to other responsibilities, but I am well aware that she is developing a bit of an addiction." - Gwen, Whispered Wish Barkeep.
  • "Oh, you didn't know? She and I were lovers once. The poor naive lesbian thought I would be her partner, but I was merely using her. I married my husband instead, and now she is used by the whole damn city..." - Fufuga, Ul'dahn Socialite

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

Rare Player Character
These rumors are very difficult to find. Ask permission before use.*
  • "I heard that Lord Lolorito had forced one of his own blood into indentured servitude. How disgusting!" - Unknown
  • "Aye, I am interested in marriage, but I am afraid to mention that aloud at work. The last time I did that, Lord Lolorito shipped his cousin off to meet me for a possible engagement. She seemed none too thrilled about the idea...and after learning what happened next, I cannot say I blame her for the lack of enthusiasm. ...you did not hear any of that from me." - Hancock Fitzgerald, East Aldenard Trading Company
  • "I should not be seen here. I am afraid I will upset the lady in pink." - Koyano Mihata

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

These are rumors made by other characters. They are color coded for common, uncommon, or rare.*
  • "Zozo? You want a rumor about my protegé? Hmm. Here's one for you: that woman is one who prefers to keep a tight hand on the reins in -every- aspect of her life. You tell her I said that, and I'll have you blacklisted from every merchant on this side of Baelsar's Wall." - Daerin Roda

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

Relationship Status Key

  • Loved One
  • In Love
  • Attraction
  • § Complicated
  • Friend

  • Good Standing
  • Poor Standing
  • Neutral
  • Uncertain
  • Deceased
Partners Close Friends
  • Lily Nibelung

    Shortly after joining the Whispered Wish, Zozola met Lily Nibelung, a client at the famed Wishing Hour. Zozola was very new to her job, and extremely nervous, but Lily and her friend Bhaldbyrm put her at ease. They hit it off right away, and in short order they had become fast friends. This was of course in part due to Lady Tsyring's Mystery Shot, which caused the two women to become fascinated with each other, and thus they got to know each other rather quickly! Though the shot's effects were temporary, their interest in each other remained.

    As Wishing Hours came and went, they would spend even more time together, bonding over drinks and lengthy conversations. Lily has since become one of the closest people in Zozola's life. It did not take Zozola long to completely fall for the hyur woman, and she one of the biggest reasons Zozola turned herself over to Lord Lolorito. She couldn't bear the thought of Lily, with whom she had spent so much time, being targeted by her family.

    Lily, too, was involved in her rescue, and was at her side to help her recover...at least until she was accosted and eventually possessed by a voidsent named Lydaea.

    Zozola was initially told that Lily had died, which shattered her, but she was certain that something darker was behind Lily's disappearance. As she made plans for her rescue, she eventually had to come to terms with her feelings. She joined Lalamune Zazamune, Daerin Roda, and La'nette Eve in rescuing her beloved and forcibly tearing the voidsent from Lily's body and destroying it. With Lily finally returned, they finally confessed their feelings to each other, and have been happy lovebirds ever since, helping each other and being supportive of each others' interests in other people.

    Lily has been nothing but supportive of Zo's passions and aspirations and is always willing to help her when she needs it.

  • Daerin Roda

    Zozola met Daerin Roda shortly after being cut off from her family. Despite Zozola's self-centered nature, Daerin seemed to see something in her, and took her on as some sort of protégé. Daerin taught her how to make gil on her own through aquisitions and trade, and encouraged her to pursue a new life at the Whispered Wish. Daerin even connected her to Azzy Crannach, who would go on to train Zozola in the art of the Red.

    When Daerin's business was affected by Zozola's family, it was a major incentive for her to turn herself in to her cousin Lord Lolorito. Daerin led the charge in rescuing Zozola when she was being taken to the Saltery, and even now she looks after her dear dunesfolk friend.

    Daerin is incredibly important to her, not only as a mentor, but as a close friend and confidante.

  • Lalamune Zazamune

    Lalamune Zazamune, or 'Zaz', is an individual that Zozola had some trouble understanding at first. He is a scholar, first and foremost, and a fellow member of the Whispered Wish. From the start, they got along quite well, as Zozola was incredibly impressed with his knowledge in all things aether and the ease with which he would speak to people.

    However, as they got to know each other, his flirtacious advances caused her to panic. He was one of the few men she was attracted to, but she did not know how to navigate such feelings, having only known the affections of women in her past. He of course backed off as any respectable gentleman would, but as they got to know each other better, that brick wall started to be whittled away bit by bit. He was also involved in her rescue, and his kind words to her and genuine expression of emotion caused the remaining barrier between them to shatter.

    She regards him with immense respect and affection.

  • La'nette Eve

    La'nette is a maid who works for Lily Nibelung. Zozola was unsure what to make of the ever-selfless La'nette when they first met. She was particularly confused at her ever-present attitude of servitude and her apparent closeness to Lily.

    However, in time, La'nette began to grow on Zozola, despite Zo's concern that La'nette was taking her role as a servant too seriously, which even culminated in injury. When Lily was taken, they bonded over her disappearance, but despite that, Zo continued to emphasize that one's job does not define who they are, and gets a bit frustrated when La'nette takes things too far.

  • Bhaldbyrm Anch

    Zozola met Bhaldbyrm when she met Lily. A gentle giant, his kind shyness disarmed her, allowing her to feel at ease. She bonded with him early on on their mutual appreciation of lovely ladies, and she assisted Lily in encouraging the shy lad to pursue a courtesan he was particularly drawn to.

    In the time since they met, she has looked on Bhaldbyrm with familial affection, and has ever tried to encourage him to go after what he wants - even when his shyness and anxiety gets the best of him. During her rescue, Bhaldbyrm held off reinforcements, allowing the others to retrieve her safely.

    [Bhaldbyrm's Bio: https://bhaldbyrm-anch.carrd.co/]

Family Acquaintances
  • Zuzurito Lalarito (Father)

    Zuzurito is what one might call a 'hard-ass'. Though he has gifted his daughter everything she could want in her young life, he cannot stand not being able to control her. During her childhood, stepping out of line tended to resolve in a barrage of verbal abuse, and that did not change as she got older. He sees his daughter as his property, and her choice of profession infuriates him.

  • Nanasa Nasa (Mother)

    While Nanasa is not quite as abusive as her husband, she enables it, seeing nothing wrong with his behavior. She cannot understand why her daughter would not simply submit for the betterment of the Company. Zozola has tried to get through to Nanasa multiple times, but it has never gone well.

  • Lolorito Nanarito (Distant Cousin/Family Patriarch)

    Before her rebellion against her family interests, Zozola had very few interactions with Lolorito, but everything came to a head when she began to pursue her own interests. When she came to him to negotiate, he demanded that she agree to indentured servitude to earn her freedom from family obligations, then directed his secretary, Koyano Mihata, to 'break' her. When Koyano let slip his involvement with such unsavory practices, he had Zozola sent to Gyr Abania to work at the Saltery there and eventually die in an 'accident'. She was rescued, and subsequently revealed that she had kept a dossier of blackmail material, advising her dear cousin to let her be. She has not heard from him since, but there is no doubt in her mind that he will retaliate someday.

  • Azzy Crannach

    Daerin connected Zozola to Azzy, a cantankerous plainsfolk Red Mage, who took on Zozola as a pupil and taught her the ways of the Red. While a far cry from the matronly mentor Zozola would have preferred to work with, she taught her well - albeit in a rather unconventional manner. Azzy was very hard on Zozola, but earned her respect.

    Unbeknownst to Zozola, Azzy was in part responsible for information getting out about her indentured servitude, which allowed her other friends to rescue her. When they did so, Daerin provided Zozola with a new Red Mage uniform, as a gift from Azzy.

    Azzy kept Wood Wailers at bay while Zozo and her party tracked down Lydaea, allowing Lily to be rescued without the party being forced to be taken into their custody.

    Most recently, Azzy contacted Zo and company with an offer - to help her build a new Cabaret called the Purple Orchid. Since Zozola was feeling greatly unappreciated at her current place of employment, she agreed.

  • Koyano Mihata

    Koyano Mihata, one of Lolorito's secretaries, was charged with the task of 'breaking' Zozola, and what she did was just that. She physically abused her, taunted her by going to see her friends, and ensured that Zozola knew that she was worthless and disgusting. During a visit to the Wish to meet her friends and taunt her charge, she was ambushed by Daerin, Zaz, Lily, and La'nette. It was during this altercation that she let slip that Lolorito was behind their friend's disappearance - a fact that she thought they already knew. When Lolorito found out, he ousted her completely, and she gave up everything she knew about Zozola's whereabouts, allowing her friends to mount a rescue.

    Since then, she has been keeping an eye on Zozola from a distance, and, more recently, assited with the rescue of La'nette Eve in exchange for a Sharlayan recommendation from Lalamune Zazamune.

  • Mynne Rosalia

    Mynne Rosalia is Lily's pupil. You would think that their mutual connection to Lily would inherently mean that Mynne and Zozola would get along, right? Wrong. After Lily was taken, Mynne offered her services of tracking her mentor...for a price. After antagonizing Zozola and shaming her for her wealthy background, Mynne agreed to do the work for a significant amount of gil as well as to have Zozola submit herself as her courtesan for one night.

    Mynne was successful in tracking Lily. She even helped the group return home before they were caught by Wood Wailers. But in Zozola's every attempt to be sincere with Mynne, the miqo'te threw it back in her face. She still has yet to claim her prize, and it is a dark cloud hovering over Zozola's head...


Likely Locations Affiliations
  • Lily's Apothecary: High Likelihood
  • Thanalan, La Noscea, the Black Shroud: Medium Likelihood
  • The Goblet: Low Likelihood
  • The Purple Orchid: Director of Entertainment
  • East Aldenard Trading Company: Connected by family ties, but not willingly associated.
  • Ul'dahn High Society: Previously affiliated.
  • The Whispered Wish: Previously affiliated.
  • Ul'dah Adventurer's Guild: Recently registered!

RP Hooks

  • Prodigal Daughter of Ul'dah

    Daughter of wealthy merchants in the East Aldenard Trading Company and distant cousin of Lord Lolorito, she is seen as a disowned disgrace to both company and family. If you are from Ul'dah or work with merchants in Thanalan, you may have heard tell of this strange girl.

  • Whispered Wish

    Zozola Zola used to be a host and entertainer at the Whispered Wish, and was often present at their famed Wishing Hour. As one of the few lalafells employed by the Whispered Wish, you could easily recognize her from any previous visits to the establishment.

  • Red Apprentice

    Azzy Crannach is her instructor in the Red. You may have witnessed them training in Central Thanalan.

  • Songbird

    In her adolescence, Zozola would sing beautiful songs at various festivals and high-class events in Ul'dah. You may recognize her from these early life performances.


RP Preferences:

I am open to all RP backgrounds! Feel free to walkup if you see me out and about in the world with the RP tag on!

However, I have the following requests:

  1. Please keep IC and OOC interactions separate in /say by keeping OOC comments within double parentheses ((like so!)).
  2. Romance is fine if it develops naturally, but please respect that Zozola is polyamorous and will be open to multiple relationships at once. And on that note, please respect that IC and OOC are separate!
  3. Please clear Zozola's involvement with any huge storyline with me OOC before dragging her into it. I am typically open to big storylines, though, so don't be afraid to message me!
  4. While Zozola does work in adult-only spaces, please do not randomly proposition me for ERP. That's sexual harrassment, kids! I will blacklist you and report you to my FC.
  5. DDLG/Lolicon/Age Play Fetishists - DO NOT INTERACT.

Thank you! ♥️

Other Information Credits

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Refsheet: https://refsheet.net/CaeliaMer/Zozola

F-List (NSFW!): https://www.f-list.net/c/zozola/

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