A'ayzi Tia

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A'ayzi Tia
Nickname: Ay, Ayzi | Sex: Male | Age: 39 | Race: Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te
Occupation: Arcanist and Teacher | Marital Status: Bonded to Shane Ma'iitsoh

personality and talents

A'ayzi is your typical Limsan cat, friendly, chatty and with an optimistic attitude. He is fond of travelling and studying, and has many great stories to tell. Sometimes quite fatherly, A'ayzi is a caring but stubborn person, not afraid to tell someone they're in the wrong when need be. He only has someone's best intentions at heart, and if he ends up making a mistake or butts his nose in where it's not welcome, A'ayzi is not one to be shy of apologising. He believes a little laughter and kindness goes a long way. The Seeker speaks with a thick Limsan accent and is known for being chatty... and never shutting up. Always joking or sharing a little bit of knowledge or advice, A'ayzi doesn't really like a silence and tries to fill it with light-hearted conversation.

Having been trained purely as an Arcanist since his late teens, A'ayzi is quite the talented and knowledgeable mage. He's taken to teaching in his later years, he finds it helps with keeping his basic knowledge still in check and makes him better understand the aetherial discipline. Taken to summoning and the more offensive methods with Arcanima, A'ayzi isn't the best healer, but will gladly discuss carbuncles and miasma casting methods to anyone who will listen. A'ayzi is also rather skilled in hunting, fishing and outdoor activities, for the most part, perhaps a little rusty since he hasn't done a lot of it since his tribal days. He can also bake cookies, but that is all he can bake.

appearance and traits

Just short five fulms seven ilms, his shoulders broad and his body toned... although it may be gaining a little roundness from the sugary treats he's been eating lately. His tanned skin is slightly weathered with aging and many days spent outside, and there are quite a few wrinkles and scars etched along his hands and facial features.

A'ayzi's hair is a dark chocolate brown, slowly being taken over by grey much to his dismay. He is quite proud of his beard though. His eyes are a bright, turquoise hue and are often crinkled with a smile. There's also a scar over his left, which the story behind it remains a mystery.

Likes: Sweets, mead, cuddling, carbuncles, adventure
Dislikes: Cruel and selfish people, voidsent, criminals, cupfish
Fears : Never being able to move on, losing those he cares for again, being alone

out of character info
EU RPer on Balmung, available most evenings from 8pm to 1am GMT/BST. Follow me on Tumblr!
Prefers in-depth, story driven RP, most themes allowed with lore friendly characters and settings. Open to in-game RP as well as Discord RP, willing to adapt style of RP to my partner although tend to have a preference to para-RP.
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Art credit: A'ayzi drawn by Vevision.