Aedan Ashura

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 Aedan Ashura
Bathed in Crimson Light
Basic Info
Gender Male
Race Hrothgar
Clan Helion (denounced)
Citizenship Formerly Ilsabard
Nameday 27th Sun, 3rd Astral Moon
Age 26 years old
Guardian Deity Menphina, the Lover
Height 220cm / 7'2" (standing upright)
Weight 142kg / 313lbs
World Server Balmung



Aedan is a male Hrothgar of Helion descent, tall with a muscular build, toned muscles, broad shoulders, strong arms, pillowy pecs, slim waist, a round bubble butt, thick thighs and calves. He has ebon skin with a thin layer of dark fur covering his body, shoulder-long crimson red hair with a single braid down the right side of his face, a beard along his jaw and chin, a golden fang-like pendant tied to the end. Tufts of red fur appear on his chest, forearms and shins, with black tiger stripes covering his face and down his back, upper arms and thighs. He has a long red tail with black stripes and a black tuft of fur at the tip. Aedan's eyes are bright green, his canine teeth are long, and he has retractable claws on his fingers and toes.


Aedan has a few piercings made of rose gold metal.

  • A ring in the lower part of each ear.
  • Two small clamps in the upper part of his left ear.
  • A stud in his right eyebrow.
  • A stud in each nipple.
  • A stud in his belly button.
  • A couple more hidden from public eyes.

Aedan's piercings in rose gold metal


Aedan likes to dress in black clothing and leather, sometimes with some red or purple to give it a bit of flair.

Aedan fashion Aedan fashion Aedan fashion Aedan fashion Aedan fashion

Character Traits


  • True Neutral: Aedan has accepted that the world of Hydaelyn is the way it is, and all he can do as an inhabitant of the world is to make use of what is presented to him to tip the odds in his favour. He is not without moral though, having a kind soul and is empathic towards his fellow men, preferring to initially take a more diplomatic approach, as he abhors unnecessary violence. However, should it prove necessary, Aedan does not hesitate to use force or more ruthless techniques to gain what he needs. Though he believes the end justifies the means, he tries to achieve his goals with words of honey rather than poison.


  • Socialite: Aedan thrives when amongst other people, making connections which mutually benefits one another. He likes to trade in favours, usually not offering anything if he doesn't get something out if it, and likewise does not trust others to just give him something for nothing. He feels the need to maintain a certain balance in life, and that means with other people as well. Should he lose the favourable end of a deal with someone or is no longer in need of what they have to offer, he is prone to simply lose interest in them until he has need of what they can offer once more. Keeping his relationships on shallow terms is preferable for him, however, should anyone prove worthy of his trust, he will allow them to get closer. But though Aedan is playful and flirtatious by nature, he shows no interest in starting a romantic or monogamous relationship with anyone.



  • Etiquette: Due to his origins coming from a high house of Ilsabard, Aedan has learned to play the game of nobles, dealing with people of formal aristocracy and other high social status.
  • Barkeeping: While living in Thavnair, Aedan worked as a barkeep in a brothel. During that time he learned to mix and serve drinks, cooking different light meals, as well as dealing with unsavoury patrons.


  • Arcane Education: While under the tutelage of master scholars in the Arcane College Academy of Ilsabard, Aedan studied to become an Arcanist and was taught to tap into aether, both his own and from other sources, to harness and turn it into arcane power. With the use of an arcane focus, Aedan is able to either weaponise aether as elemental attacks or mend flesh and bones with healing magic.
  • Fencing Techniques: Aedan was taught fencing throughout his childhood with the use of a rapier. With the use of a magicked crystal as a focus, he can channel arcane power through the sword to enhance his attacks.
  • Kriegstanz Training: During his time in Thavnair, Aedan met a practitioner of Kriegstanz, the art of manipulating aether through dancing and fighting with throwing weapons known as chakrams. Though still very new to him, Aedan continues to practise his skills, even after his mentor's passing, using his arcane knowledge to his benefit.


  • Library Cataloguing: Studying in the Arcane College Academy of Ilsabard, Aedan soon learned how to search through a library for the material needed, whatever topic it may be about.

Aedan in Ul'dah


Son of Achilla

Aedan was born into the Helion family of Achilla, a prestigious house renown for their high quality weaponsmithing with direct connections to Garlemald. Having invented and forged Magitek battle arms for generations for the Garlean Army, the Achilla Manufactory was considered to be a force to be reckoned with amongst the noble society of Ilsabard. Being the youngest of five siblings, Aedan was not expected to carry on the legacy of the bloodline, however there were still high standards presented to him as a representative of the Achilla family. He was sent to the Arcane College Academy to study the arcane arts, and as all his siblings was taught fencing throughout his childhood. With such an education, Aedan was expected to rise up in the ranks of the Arcanist's Guild of Ilsabard and serve the Empire.

Due to Ilsabard being under Garlean rule, the Helion commoners often found themselves at the boot of Garlean soldiers, something Aedan could not ignore. One day he found a Helion man beaten bloody and tossed off the street into an alleyway, all because he accidentally stumbled into a guardsman. Though he knew there was a risk of tarnishing his family name by aiding the man, should he be caught doing so, Aedan was fed up with the injust treatment of his people. The man thanked Aedan for his kindness, but at that very moment an explosion occured down the street where the Garlean soldiers had gone down. It turned out that the Helion commoner was part of the Resistance fighting against the Garlean rule and had slipped a cerulean bomb into the armour of one of the soldiers during the fake stumble into them. The explosion bore the signs of the Achilla Manufactory, and as Aedan was spotted nearby and alongside the man responsible for the explosion, he was immediately accused to be part of the attack. Aedan knew what this meant - he would forever be a stain on the family name, and his father would sooner sacrifice Aedan for execution in order to maintain than fight to prove his son's innocence. Aedan and the Resistance fighter went into hiding, and he soon after learned that his father had ensured a price on Aedan's head, making him a wanted man in Ilsabard. Pulling at some of his own connections, Aedan was able to get on a ship out of Ilsabard's port and landing in Radz-at-Han, the city-state of Thavnair.

Golden and Grim

Having taken refuge in the city of Radz-at-Han, Aedan had denounced his Achilla family name and taken on a new one. He found work as a barkeep in a brothel called the Golden and Grim. There he met a beautiful Hyur man called Zerin, one of the prostitutes of the place. They soon became fast friends, as Aedan had stepped in and kicked out a guest who had overstepped his boundaries and mistreated the young Hyur. As he was not wanting to reveal his arcane education, Aedan had started relying on his physical stature, and was therefore regarded as suitable protection for future encounters of such unsavoury nature amongst the guests. However, though Zerin was grateful of Aedan's interference, he eventually confided in the Hrothgar that he was no stranger to combat. Zerin was a practioner of Kriegstanz, a fighting technique using dancing to manipulate aether and wielding chakrams in combat. In return for being his confidant, Zerin offered to train Aedan in this fighting style. As they kept their training secret in the shadow of the night, the two of them grew closer and became lovers.

Being successfully in hiding for years, trouble would find Aedan as a Miqo'te mercenary hired by his father to track him down entered the Golden and Grim one night. Not knowing of the stranger's intentions at first, Aedan noticed he carried an Achilla forged gun at his hip, though not an all too uncommon sight in Thavnair. However, Aedan was keeping a watchful eye on the him, but the Miqo'te appeared as a guest of the brothel and found his way into Zerin's room. After the hour that was paid for had run out, they learned that the mercenary had kidnapped Zerin and left a note for Aedan, of a time and place to meet for an exchange - Zerin's life for Aedan's. The exchange was to be done at the hidden cavern near the coast where Zerin and him went to train, meaning the mercenary had to have followed Aedan for some time. Though he expected for it to be a trap, Aedan did not hesitate to go, as his love for Zerin was greater than he valued his own life.

As he arrived though, Aedan found the mercenary wounded by a chakram's blade and bleeding on the ground, but with Zerin nowhere to be found. Aedan tied up the Miqo'te and used a spell to mend the wound so he could question the man without risking him bleeding out. The mercenary was caught off-guard, only thinking the lovers met at the spot in secret away from the prying eyes of others, but did not know of Zerin's fighting skills. However, in turn the mercenary had shot Zerin who then fell off the cliffside. In rage, Aedan snapped the Miqo'te's neck and then sprinted down to the coast, only to find his lover's body bloody and broken from the fall. In an attempt to bring him back to life, Aedan channelled all his arcane power into Zerin's body, but it was too late to save him. He was dead.

Best served Cold

Aedan was fully aware this meant that his father knew of his whereabouts, and others would come and attempt to take his life should he stay. Having no reason to do so, Aedan left the Golden and Grim and sought out connections of his own he had forged through the years of working at the brothel. Deciding it best to leave Thavnair all-together, he arranged to go to Eorzea, a realm which had successfully fought off several assaults from the Garlean Army. As news of the Garlemald Emperor's son having fallen in battle by the hands of the Eorzean Alliance, Aedan found no other place better to plot his revenge on his father, with the intention of exposing the Achilla family's dealings with Garleans and ending his father's life once and for all...



  • House Achilla: Aedan's family name which he has shed many years ago.
  • Zerin: A Thavnairian Dancer and Aedan's former lover, but has recently deceased.


  • Cailean Lockwood: A Highlander mercenary whom Aedan has hired for a job.


  • Aedan Ashura is not his real name, but a name he took after leaving Ilsabard.
  • Though born into a Helion family, he has long since left their ways to forge his own path, meaning he is now considered part of the Lost Hrothgar.