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Aelius sas Corinthius
Prodigal Son


A Garlean agent who was undercover in Eorzea on a mission related to his family. He was a dutiful soldier who dedicated his life to his family name and the will of Garlemald. After his cover was blown, he took a spill off Highbridge. Presumed dead. Whereabouts unknown.
Name: Aelius Corinthius
Nickname: Ael
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Race: Garlean
Clan: Pureblood
Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital: In a Relationship
Deity: None
Nationality: Garlean
Occupation: Hermit
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Aelius by Vinsketchbook@tumblr

Ael stands tall around 6'3", broad-shouldered with a strong and sturdy form, well-sculpted with muscle thanks to a strict regime of training and work, though it is beginning to fade and give way to a more wiry musculature after moons of inactivity. In fact, if one were to catch him not fully clothed, he appears quite malnourished, very thin and lacking any healthy amount of body fat, as well as covered in scars that appear to be from likely near fatal wounds, clear indicators of where his own bones have been broken and jutted out of his skin. His left eye, forehead, and nearly the entire left side of his face are covered in bandages, though along his jaw where the bandages have ended and his skin is visible runs a long, thick, jagged scar that looks far too old to be reason for the bandaging. Several fresher scars mar his face, but are not quite as severe.

Perhaps in a stark contrast to his gruff personality and the rest of his rugged appearance, Ael has a very fair visage with snowy white hair, sickly pale skin, and eye the lightest shade of blue that sometimes glints violet or even red in the right lighting. His ivory locks are overgrown and unkempt, falling messily to obscure his face. His white brow is bushy but arched, his aquiline nose straight and even, eye deeply set and constantly shadowed with a dark circle, cheekbones high though gaunt and sunken, his lips pouty and finely shaped, and his jaw strong and squared. He has a narrow face with relatively handsome and masculine features, though they are somewhat hidden behind the scruffy, unshaven facial hair amassing along his jaw, chin, and upper lip. Fine lines can be found upon his face, a testament that the man has just passed his prime.

His posture is slumped and sunken. He moves slowly and painfully, a slight limp to his right leg, the thump of the respective foot just a little bit louder to its counterpart and perhaps vaguely metallic. Overall, he has the look of a man likely once healthy and handsome, but now exhausted and ill. He seems to purposefully stick to the shadows and avoid eye contact with others, hiding his features. He tends to wear dark and loose fitting clothing--and seeing as he resides within Coerthas, clothing that is covering and warm--which is often tattered and dirty. Despite this, he is a man who dresses for the occasion, which betrays his wardrobe to actually include more varied and ornate clothing and armor in better condition than his usual attire.

Speech: Ael speaks very little, and when he does, he is a man of few words, more apt to make noncommittal grunts than actual words. His voice is gruff and deep. Though it often sounds a bit tired and weak, seemingly from underuse, there is a commanding bass hidden within it. There is a smoothness to his voice and the pronunciation of his words, as well as evidence of a decent education in his adequate grammar and wide vocabulary if one manages to hear him speak enough that offers a contrast to his rough exterior.

Aelius Sketches by Vinsketchbook@tumblr

Reserved and generally distrustful of others, Ael is quiet and not forthcoming with information about himself. When he does give details, they are likely to be lies. He's very secretive of his identity, and tries to avoid people, or at the very least, prying conversation with people. Wary that Eorzeans may find out about his heritage and persecute him, and even more concerned that any Imperials he meets may find out his identity and that he is living and drag him back to Garlemald as a failure and a traitor, he is paranoid and reclusive and feels there is almost no one he can trust.

He's rather gruff and tends to be short with others. While he may still crack the occasional cocky smile or smartass remark, his humor and happiness seem hard to come by recently. He's tired, and often in physical pain, as well as stricken with guilt for how he has failed his family and his country and become a burden to others. He has no shortage of angst over his shortcomings. He's straight forward, matter of fact and to the point, not wanting any conversation to be more personal or lengthy than it needs to be. He is very conflicted, uncertain about whether he should remain loyal to Garlemald, or find some sympathy with the Eorzeans now. His inability to find an answer has left him apathetic and lethargic, no allegiances to either country nor its people for the time being. He is unsure if either country even deserves his loyalty after being burned by both.

Though it is wounded, he retains his pride, causing him endless frustration when he must rely on others or ask for help, or when others ridicule him or look upon him with pity. He detests feeling so weak, helpless, and vulnerable. He has also maintained his vanity, another source of endless anger and shame at his own scarred and disfigured appearance. His pride and ego once meant very much to him, along with combat prowess, good looks, and prominent family name--all things lost or useless to him now, leaving him with next to nothing. His primary motivation is to survive, and regain the strength he has lost. Despite this, he may help an innocent person in need even if it's an inconvenience to himself, holding on to some virtue of justice and honor or maybe even genuine kindness, and perhaps a means to attone for his sins.

Motivations: Surviving. Recovering. Finding direction.
Disposition: Grumpy and gruff. Quiet and paranoid.
Outlook: Negative. Lost, unhappy, and confused.

Positive Personality Traits

Intelligent, straight forward, observant, logical, persuasive, determined, persistent, honorable, hard-working, ambitious, proud.

Negative Personality Traits

Lost, confused, guilt-ridden, lethargic, frustrated, angry, paranoid, distrustful, stubborn, wary, prideful, vain, arrogant, brooding.


  • Alcohol
  • Fighting
  • Cozy fires


  • The snow
  • "Uncivilized" Eorzeans
  • Feeling weak

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Warning! Ael's story involves mention of death, murder, injury, violence, suicide, and familial abuse. Please read at your own risk if you are sensitive to such themes.

Aelius was born the first--and for a long time only--child to a respected Garlean military general by the name of Stanislas Corinthius and his noblewoman wife. Stanislas was often busy with work, leaving Aelius to be raised primarily by his mother and the household staff. When Aelius was only four years old, his father embarked on an undercover mission into Eorzea that would take two decades. At the time, the young Aelius didn't know the duration or scope of his father's mission, and if his mother did, she certainly didn't inform the small child. With his memories of his father so sparse and from such an early age, most of Ael's knowledge of his father came from his mother and his father's acquaintances. It always seemed to be only good things, tales of his father's accomplishments in war, praise for his calmness and intellect, stories of his prowess in battle and his combat abilities. The young Aelius was of course enamored with the stories, unable to get enough of them. His father was a hero in his eyes, and like most sons, he aspired to be just like him. He missed his father, and every day he watched his mother struggle and try to hide her tears at night, but life went on and he grew older.

When he had learned to read, he began studying diligently. When he was able to pick up a weapon, he began training endlessly. As soon as he was old enough, he enlisted in the Garlean military, and quickly climbed up the ranks. Aelius dedicated his life to his military career and his training, allowing little distraction. As tempting as women and drink and coin proved to be for the young man, he held to his priorities. And yet, every victory, each accomplishment and promotion felt hollow. They either fell short of his father's achievements, or they were credited to him simply being his father's son rather than his own hard work and talents. It only drove him to try harder and climb higher, catching him in an endless cycle. Now an adult, he learned more about his father's work in Eorzea. To keep his cover in Eorzea, Stanislas had taken a wife in Gridania, even sired another child with her, a daughter. The news left Aelius bitter and conflicted. The father who'd been absent his whole life, who he had longed to meet, had been spending time with another family. Was the man even as grand as everyone else had always made him out to be?

Rather than face the questions, Aelius threw himself even more into his work to keep his mind occupied. Slowly but surely, his goal shifted from being just like his father to being better than his father. When he was 24, the Calamity struck in Eorzea, and his life in Garlemald changed, too, when his father returned, Stanislas's work in Eorzea ended. For his dedication to Garlemald and the invaluable work he had accomplished, Ael's father was promoted to the rank of Legatus, the commander of his own legion within the Garlean army. Aelius's reunion with his father was hardly heartwarming. Stanislas van Corinthius had barely gotten settled in and exchanged pleasantries with his now adult son before he challenged him to a spar to test his son's competence. Stanislas did not go easy on his son, and the match came to a swift end when Aelius took a blow from his father's blade to his face. The strike left a nasty wound, a permanent, jagged scar stretching diagonally from Aelius's jaw to his cheek, a constant reminder of his failing.

But despite it all, the family was reformed. Stanislas quickly conceived another child with his wife--a son by the name of Valerius. With Stanislas still ever busy with work even after his homecoming, Aelius found himself helping his mother to raise the infant when his own work and training didn't occupy his time, though he did still find time to get to know his father and spend time at last with the man he'd heard so much about. Ael soon earned a place as a trusted leader within his father's legion. However, it seemed Eorzea could not be left in the past and forgotten. Only four cycles after his homecoming, Stanislas's aspirations of conquest and power took him back to Eorzea, where he admitted he still had loose ends to tie. While he had otherwise destroyed any evidence of his stay in Eorzea, he had not been able to take the life of his daughter, Faye Covington. He planned to rectify this folly, either by bringing her back to Garlemald to make her a proper member of his family, or by ending her life if she refused.

And refuse she did, pleading for another option, and Stanislas begrudgingly complied. He spared her life for the time being, but under the condition that she would give him whatever information he desired and do his bidding. Stanislas van Corinthius soon called his son to join in his work, and Aelius set off for Eorzea, taking with him as his assistant a woman by the name of Lucretia Devereux who was highly impressed with his military career and eager to pledge her loyalty to him and the Corinthius family. Aelius was tasked with looking after Faye, ensuring she complied with their father's orders and did not flee. He infiltrated her free company, the Harbingers of Dawn, taking the persona of Ael, a bastard mercenary from Limsa Lominsa.

Having no choice but to be so wholly dedicated to his faux persona for so long, Ael actually found some enjoyment in playing the part of the crass mercenary that allowed him to be much more relaxed and carefree than his disciplined life in Garlemald had ever let him. He found the people of Eorzea to be... strange, to say the least. While he did not feel he'd been misled in the slightest with all the tales he'd heard of the barbarism, as he lived among them and fought alongside them, he was surprised to find himself sympathizing with some of them. Faye in particular caught him off guard with her cunning and composure, but he credited that to the Garlean blood that flowed her veins and all the time she'd spent with their father, who she was indeed much like. Lucretia even eventually questioned his loyalty, afraid he'd become too empathetic with the Eorzeans and lost sight of their mission, threatening to kill him if he proved to be treacherous, but he managed to convince her to let go of her worries.

While he was highly skeptical of Faye and harboring more than a little resentment toward her, he did his best to embrace his father's desire to welcome her into their family. She did seem to be a fine fit and a potentially valuable addition. Faye, however, was resistant, bitter and spiteful toward Stanislas and Aelius both, and reluctant to submit to their orders. For nearly two tense cycles, Ael worked undercover in the Harbingers, sabotaging them or setting up an ambush whenever his father bade, and monitoring Faye who herself had little choice but to give their father whatever information he desired and heed his commands. Aelius and Lucretia eventually became lovers, despite the taboo of their ranks, able to trust and depend only upon each other in this foreign land. Stanislas took a particular interest in the original founder of Harbingers of Dawn and the person Faye considered a brother of sorts, Zularti Vensar, tasking Aelius with befriending the man and manipulating him for their cause.

Things soon took a turn for the worst. Aelius had underestimated Faye and just how ruthless and clever the half-blooded woman could be, along with the strength and conviction of the Harbingers of Dawn. Stanislas's two most-esteemed generals were consecutively killed by the Harbingers of Dawn, the first losing his life after he had captured Faye's husband Val Nunh, and in the battle to rescue Val, Zularti perished saving the others. Zul had already played his role in the Garlean's plan, but his death was Faye's breaking point and the end of her forced loyalty. She announced Aelius as a suspected traitor, and he was arrested by the Harbingers of Dawn, narrowly managing to later escape captivity thanks to the help of his father's second general, the man who had helped raise Aelius in his father's absence, who lost his life holding off the Harbingers so Ael could flee. Aelius considered himself a failure and responsible for their deaths, a notion Stanislas agreed with, if beating Ael and leaving him for dead in the snow of Coerthas was any indication.

But Faye was not finished with her rebellion and the Harbingers of Dawn had a score to settle. They confronted Stanislas, barely managing to slay him and taking heavy injuries of her own. Aelius was furious and distraught to learn the news. His father, his idol, was dead, stricken down by their own blood who they had tried so hard to make a part of their family. Lost and confused as he was, he knew what he must do through the haze of anger and despair. He ordered Lucretia to return to Garlemald, and when she protested, they found the compromise that she'd return first thing in the morning and Aelius would soon follow. Aelius had no intention of keeping up his end of the bargain, however. He penned a final letter to his mother back in Garlemald, and he set off for Thanalan, to watch and wait at the scene where his father had been slain.

Just as he had expected, Faye soon returned to the scene of her crime once her injuries had healed enough for her travel. Significantly smaller and physically weaker than the seasoned soldier and still very wounded, Faye had no hope of escaping Aelius as he caught her off guard and grabbed her. He dragged her toward Highbridge, taking every opportunity to inflict pain upon her, to make her suffer for misdeeds, to punish her for each attempt to fight back or flee. She managed to call the Harbingers for aid over her linkpearl before he could snatch it from her, but he didn't much care. The Harbingers caught up with them right as they reached the bridge, surrounding them upon it. Aelius backed to the edge of the bridge, threatening to toss Faye over. The Harbingers pressed closer and he made good on his threat, tossing Faye over the edge, though unfortunately, a pesky dragoon managed to save her from the fall. Left without his hostage to hide behind or bargain, a hulking Roegadyn swung his axe straight for Aelius's midsection in a golf swing that would send him flying, and strangely, Aelius did nothing to attempt to block or evade it. In fact, the faintest of smirks rested upon his lips as he went soaring through the air and disappeared into the fog beneath the bridge.

The Harbingers sought to retrieve his body and confirm his death, but were disrupted by the fire of a hidden sniper--Lucretia had disobeyed his orders and remained in Eorzea after all. By the time they were able to safely reach the ground below and pinpoint the location of his fall, his body was gone. Lucretia had dragged off his severely injured and barely living form, tending to his wounds as best as she could before she could find a proper doctor to treat him. Once he was stabilized, he was transferred to the snowy wastelands of Coerthas were the two could safely hide. Aelius was unconscious for some time, comatose, but Lucretia tended to him and his slow and painful recovery. Even after he awoke, it was weeks before he could move much, and many moons before he was no longer bedridden. He'd lost a leg to the trauma of the fall, but managed to elicit the aid of a fellow Garlean he'd met while in Eorzea who happened to be a Magitek engineer. The man crafted him a prosthetic leg with the promise that Aelius would owe him work once he was physically able.

Aelius was certain things would have been better if he had died in the fall. On top of the physical pain that plagued his every moment, he was ashamed, humiliated not only by failing his father, his family, and his country, but now being entirely useless and dependent, the burden falling on of all people, the woman for whom he was meant to provide. He struggled every sun first to sit up, then to stand, then to walk, and then to work and fight. Every second hurt his body and pride in equal measure, but he could not afford to keep being such a burden. Aelius continues to strive to regain even a margin of the strength and skill once he had, continuing to lie low in the north with Lucretia, keeping to himself and remaining secretive of his true identity. He refuses to return to Garlemald, unable to face his shortcomings there and content to let his people think him dead instead, but knows he is still at risk in Eorzea. He is lost in his faith and loyalty, spurned by Garlemald and Eorzea both. But what does loyalty matter? Simply trying to live in his current state takes up all the time and energy he could ever afford to such things.

Stories are in chronological order. Stories contain mature/sensitive/nsfw themes. Please read at your own risk.

    Thicker Than Water
    Context: Faye confronts Aelius for information on Zularti's whereabouts after his absence.
    I'll Spite the World
    Context: Aelius pays Faye a visit after her battle with Leviathan to try to convince her to leave for Garlemald.
    A Pampered Princess
    Context: As tensions run high, Aelius delivers Faye a warning and makes one final attempt to convince her to give in and come home.

    Prodigal Son
    Context: A reflection of Aelius's life and circumstances.
    The Killing Moon
    Context: Aelius pays Faye his respects after Zularti's death, and her intentions of rebellion are foreshadowed.
    Lessons Learned
    Context: Stanislas van Corinthius takes out his frustrations on Aelius following the deaths of both his generals.

    White Wedding
    Context: Aelius has accepted his fate and is intent on taking Faye down with him.
    Last Letter Home
    Context: A final letter Aelius wrote home to his mother.
    [Link Here Title]
    Context: ---

  Color Key
  ♥ In A Relationship: Ael is romantically involved with this character.
  ♥ Romantic Attraction: Ael is romantically interested in this character.
  ♥ Sexual Attraction Ael is physically interested in this character.

  ♥ Platonic Love/Family: Ael considers this person family.
  ♦ Friend: Ael considers this person a friend.
  ♦ Friendly Acquaintance: Ael considers this person mostly friendly, or as an ally.

  ● Good Standing: Ael has no specific feelings about this character, however, they left a good impression.
  ● Neutral: Ael has no specific feelings about this character.<
  ● Bad Standing: Ael has no specific feelings about this character, however, they left a bad impression.

  ♠ Dislike: Ael doesn't consider this person a friend, and will talk if needed, but try to avoid them.
  ♠ Hate: Ael considers this person an annoyance, and will try to avoid them. Conflict can happen.
  ♠ Fear: Ael is terrified by this character, and will try to avoid them at all costs.
  ♠ Rivalry: Ael considers this person a rival, and will try to initiate conflict every time he gets to meet them.

  ♥ Family Member: This character is related by blood to Ael.
  ✔ Business: This character is either Ael's employer, employee, or coworker.
  ✖ Deceased: This character has passed away.
  ? Hidden Feelings/Unknown: This character has one of all the color keys above, but Ael isn't fully aware of it yet.


Stanislas van Corinthius (?) (NPC) - Father
As a child, Aelius always looked up to his father despite his absence. In time, however, he found it difficult to live in his father's shadow. His desire to be like his father soon turned to a desire to be better than him. Despite it, when they were reunited when Ael was a young adult, the two close. It was short-lived, as his father was soon killed by Faye. Stanislas's last suns were full of tension and resentment between him and Ael. Ael feels like he disappointed his father and blames himself for his death.
Valerius Corinthius () (NPC) - Valerius
Valerius is Ael's younger brother. There is a large age gap between the two, Valerius being only a toddler. On top of the age difference, Ael helped his mother raise the child in his father's absence, giving him an almost paternal role with the child rather than one of siblings. After his fall from Highbridge, Ael has had no contact with Valerius or any of his still living family and has accepted that he never will.
Faye Covington () - Faye
Faye is Ael's half-sister and was a stranger to him for most of his life, the two sharing a father but with separate mothers, growing up in different countries with no knowledge that the other even existed throughout their childhoods. Despite it, Ael discovered he had much in common with his sister when they finally met as young adults. While he was eager to try to assimilate her into his family, she was reluctant and soon threw all the plans awry when she killed their father. Aelius now resents her, and the feeling is mutual.

Acquaintances and Allies

Lucretia Deveroux () - Luca
Lucretia was Ael's right-hand during his time in Eorzea. Though the two had met not long before his departure from Garlemald, she quickly pledged her loyalty to him, impressed with his family's legacy. The two comrades eventually became lovers, and she remained steadfastly faithful, rescuing Aelius after his fall from Highbridge and nursing him back to health despite his protests.
Val Nunh () - Val
Aelius was largely indifferent to Val, his sister's betrothed. While Val had no shortage of hatred for Ael and Ael was not exactly impressed with his manners, he wrote it off as the product of their circumstances and what he considered to be typical Eorzean savagery--from a tribal Miqo'te, at that. He, at the very least, understand the man's ideals and motivations. However, considering Ael's feelings for Faye and Val's unwavering dedication to her, Ael's feelings for the Seeker are not positive in the slightest.
Zularti Vensar () - Zul
Zularti was Faye's adoptive brother of sorts, who Ael was tasked with befriending and monitoring for a time, giving the two some time to bond. While Ael was initially a little bitter toward the man due to the relationship he'd held with his father and half-sister, Zul's optimism and, well, stupidity proved to be infectious.
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RP Hooks
Friends and acquaintances? Friends, acquaintances, allies, and business contacts are always welcome. These will need to happen naturally rather than our characters being forced into a friendship that might not suit them. Though he could surely use some friends, unfortunately, Aelius rarely ventures out of the north, so anyone he meets would likely have to frequent the areas around Ishgard or pass through. He is hoping to take odd jobs, but cannot accept anything too intensive, considering he is still recovering from his wounds and the time he was left bedridden.
Enemies and rivals? Enemies are always welcome, pending certain conditions. I am not interested in RPing with anyone who will harass my character to the point of me having to avoid public RP in the name of "antagonist" RP. I also do not want to RP with anyone who will be sour or demand to retcon if harassing Aelius lands their character in trouble they didn't expect. However, Aelius is very lethargic to most things and is secretive of his identity as a Garlean, so it may be difficult to find reason he would conflict with anyone. PLEASE, PLEASE do not ask to take an antagonist role if you are not okay with this and what it might mean for your character (I will try to avoid situations where your character might be killed or permanently imprisoned and give your character an out if possible, and I ask you do the same for me, but disbelief can only be suspended so much before the RP stops being fun).
Family? Parents or siblings are not available for play. Aelius could have less close relatives such as cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. Any relatives would be need to Garleans, likely full-blooded and likely high-standing members of Garlean society. Relatives may or may not bear the Corinthius name depending on the relation. A slight physical resemblance to Aelius would be nice, but less important the more distant the relation. Any family members will need to be discussed to work out the details and receive my permission.
Lovers? Aelius is in a long-term, committed, monogamous relationship, and he is faithful and not open to sex or romance outside of his relationship, nor will he leave his lover for anyone. If you want your character to have unrequited feelings for Aelius for any reason, that's fine, please just respect me and the player of Ael's spouse OOC and do not expect your character's feelings to ever be returned or fulfilled.
Past connections? I am open to past connections with some discussion to work out the details and my permission given, if you would rather have some pre-established foundation for our characters to build upon rather than starting fresh. Anyone from Ael's childhood or early life would need to be Imperials who lived in Garlemald at the time, likely other members of nobility, soldiers, or members of military families. For more recent acquaintances from the past two or three years, your character could be someone Ael met in his work as a mercenary under his fake persona in Eorzea, either someone who hired him, or who he beat up, or who he worked alongside, etc. I am open to any suggestions not mentioned here.
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