Amiya Kinrisou

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Amiya Kinrisou
Birthname: Kinrisou no Amiya | Sex: Female | Age: 21 | Race: Au Ra, Raen | Type: INFP
Birthplace: Doma | Current Residence: Gridania

personality and backstory

Amiya was born to a wealthy merchant family in one of the many villages in Doma. Her kin having sworn loyalty to the occupying Garleans, she enjoyed an affluent lifestyle and doting family, being prepared for an arranged marriage with the son of a rival merchant company. When her nation rebelled against foreign rule, however, her extended family was scattered in the aftermath and Amiya herself began using her expensive education to care for the many wounded. She accepted Garlemald's iron fist with quiet discontent, her illusions of an altruistic ruler having been destroyed, and began assisting rebels whenever and wherever she could. Eventually, her efforts were discovered by the powers that be and she was forced to flee with other refugees to Eorzean shores.

She was elated when she received word that her homeland had wrest itself free from the Imperial yoke but chose to remain across the seas. Information had reached her pertaining to members of her family, bringing the hope that some still lived and had escaped to Eorzea as well. She freely admits it's a dim prospect but is determined to exhaust every avenue nevertheless. Or perhaps something else altogether is keeping her from returning?

The Raen's mannerisms and speech are quite formal, due to her upbringing, but she is ever ready to lend a hand to those in need. She seems pleasant enough to converse with, yet there is a feeling that she's always holding something back. Some may even notice a hint of a critical eye in her unspoken mannerisms. Her voice is soft and words carefully chosen, rarely engaging in debate or aggressive confrontation.

appearance and traits

This Raen stands at just under 4 fulm and 8 ilms in height with a scant 91 ponze on her diminutive frame. Shining alabaster scales cover milky skin while long locks of ivory tresses frame her rounded face. Her eyes are the colour of a warm summer sky, each with a powder blue umbral ring. Clearly not built for combat, her body is slender and soft with little in the way of muscle or blemishes. She tends to wear simple clothing with a flair of tasteful elegance, often in expensive fabrics. A perfumed aroma of pomegranate and green tea clings to her garments.

Likes: Medicine, conjury, painting, sea turtles, eggs

Dislikes: Impropriety, scalekin, mustard

out of character info

More information available on tumblr.

EU roleplayer, GMT timezone.

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