Arken Rennatta

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Arken Rennatta
Arken Portrait.png
Player: Arken
Full Name: Arken Rennatta
Titles held: The Rose Thorn
Age: 32
Race: Hyur Highlander
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair: Gray-silver
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 225lbs
Scars, tattoos, etc Both ears pierced. A scar down the left side of his cheek, intersecting the corner of his mouth. His right eye and cheek are scarred, which has left his right eye a lighter colour than the left. The rest of his body is marred by numerous scars.
Occupation: Mercenary.
Marital Status: It's complicated.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Theme: Apocalyptica - Worlds Collide

"You're overconfident," a redheaded woman across from Arken spoke up. His sword swiveled to her, but she didn't back down. "Not even a dragoon can fight twenty and live."

"A dragoon and his brother. Still, you might be right about that. Twenty armed men and women are hard to overcome, even for a dragoon... but you're not all armed, are you? I see a lot of steely eyes, but not much actual steel. Half of you will be dead before you even get to the racks, and if history has taught us anything it's that it's easy to butcher unarmed elezen. Then, it will be ten on two. I'm comfortable with that."




Terran Rennatta
Aeditha Lannis
Cyndamir Rennatta


Crimson Glasses - A pair of crimson tinted spectacles with oval lenses and wired with a thin silver frame. Being both self-conscious about his injured eye being seen by the public, and suffering from light sensitivity because of it, he is often seen wearing them.