Aroki Taloki

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Gridania-transparent.png Aroki Taloki
Putting away some books.
Wandering Conjurer
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Gridania
Server Balmung
Pronunciation Ah-roh-kee Tah-loh-kee
Birthplace The Cieldalaes
Deity Thaliak/Nophica
Orientation Straight
Marital Status Single
Age 24

General Information


Aroki looks to be around his mid twenties, standing just above three fulms in height (3 fulms 1 ilm) and appears to be lighter in weight compared to his fellow kin (42 ponze). Pale is his complexion which is only broken up by the freckles on his cheeks and brown nose. Long well kept green hair can usually be found tied up revealing his hazel eyes along with two piercings of silver earrings in each ear. On his left arm rests an old scar that starts at the forearm and stops at the end of the upper arm.

His hygiene is well maintained and he often smells slightly of mint. He can usually be seen wearing baggier clothes of earthen colored hues; among his favorite being green, brown and black. Though not one for wearing jewelry; sometimes his clothing will be adorned with clasps of metal in brass or copper tones.


Soft spoken with the tone of his voice slightly lower than expected from a lalafell.


Having seen hardships and losses firsthand has made Aroki more empathetic to others plights, often lending a sympathetic ear and offering to help to the best of his abilities. This has sometimes led him to be used for being to trusting; despite this he has maintained the mentality that a few bad people don't represent the whole. He is cheerful in nature and loves to have fun whether it be in the form of festivals, exploration or chatting.


Growing up he was taught to worship Nophica by his parents. Though upon leaving his homeland he learned of Thaliak and understood the importance of knowledge and always striving to learn more. Instead of being torn between the two he still chooses to follow both practices, one to honor family traditions and the second to follow his own ambitions.

Likes, Dislikes & Fears

Warm Climates
Cold Climates
Large Avian Creatures
Deep Water
Favorite Food
Parsnip Salad
Favorite Drink
Chamomile Tea


Early Years

Born as the only child into a family of farmers it would seem his life was destined to become a simple farmer in the grasslands; just as his parents were. In his youth he would spend his days playing with other children in the fields until he would be old enough to start lending a hand tending crops. Upon his 12th nameday he was taught to use most of the farm tools that the family owned. Each morning after that the day would begin with watering the crops by hand, raking away weeds, digging up soil with the spade and shaping it with the hoe.

It was a regular start to the day like any other. Aroki arose from his slumber and prepared for the day and once completed he grabbed a few of the tools and made his way outside the hut. He completed many of the regular morning chores with only one left remaining; shaping the land for future crops. He grabbed the other tools and brought them back into the hut and pulled out the hoe and began his trek into the fields again. As he walked further into the untouched land he heard voices coming from over a nearby knoll; it almost sounded like laughter. He walked over to the knoll and once there the sight overlooked the origin of the laughing where down below children were playing games. Looking around he noted that there was a lack of supervision nearby and decided he would work this area of the fields to keep watch over the children. Lowering the hoe to the ground he began breaking apart the compact dirt and rearranging it. Time passed as he worked away in the field occasionally looking over to check in in the children, until something caught his attention and caused a gut wrenching sensation.

Over by the children a shadow cast down unto the ground that had begun to creep closer to where the children were playing. Aroki quickly averted his gaze towards the sky and begun to panic; for above them flew a giant roc whose gaze was fixed on the prey below. Lifting the hoe upwards he began to swing it around aiming towards the sky along with shouting loud enough that it began to hurt his throat. The children in the field went silent as they watched him flail around on the knoll in the distance, perhaps wondering what he was doing.That is until they saw the shadow that crept around on the ground around them; which had now begun a full sprint towards the young farming lalafell flailing around on the knoll.

It didn't take long until the large beast was upon him causing large gust of air to be kicked up as it landed down; stirring up the loose soil and blinding Aroki. In a vain attempt he tried to wipe the debris from his eye while the avian beast reached out with its sharp beak. Within a blink of an eye the pain in his eyes was nothing to compared to the pain radiating from his left arm. Out of adrenaline he opened his eyes to see the beak was dug into his flesh of his arm. His flailing around and shouting proved to no avail as the beasts grip did not lessen, it only served for it to tighten. The beast began to flap its wings slowly to start its ascension to the skies above and when the last hope of escape had left him there was a sudden and immense blast of air causing the world to start to spin. A sickening dizziness grew as the beast and himself spiraled back down to the ground below only to both land hit the ground with a sickening thud and snapping of bones.

Aroki's body remained motionless on its side after the impact with the ground. Between the pain, blood loss and adrenaline he was battling a losing fight to keep himself conscious. There in his vision he watched the beast rise up from the round and begin its walk back over towards him; panic now washed away as defeat began to flood his mind. A large rock flew into view striking the beast in its side causing it to shriek out in agony as the sound of bones breaking echoed out. The beast averted its gaze towards the direction of the assault only to be barraged by another even larger stone. This one made its mark clear as it slammed into the beasts head causing yet another crunching sound and a spray of crimson mist. The beast made no noise after the impact of the second stone, instead it crumbled to the ground motionless. Before Aroki's vision faded he could see a brief outline of a lalafell with a small stick in its hand. Darkness flooded his vision, sounds drowned out by silence and the pain washed away.

Aroki sat up in the bead slowly opening his eyes. After a moment had passed they adjusted to the light within the room and he could see everything much clearer. He was in a large thatched room with many other beds that were currently empty and an elderly lalafellin woman made he way into the room. Something struck his thoughts; he could have sworn he seen here somewhere else before. The woman shuffled one foot in front of the other and made her way across the room, coming to a stop next to his bed. Time passed as they spoke to to each other of what happened to him, the safety of the children, how he had survived and the healing that she had used to mend his broken body. She explained that the healing was mostly a success but the damage his left arm had taken from not only the fall but the beast would have a lasting impression. He would no longer have much of the strength in the arm as he did before and a large scar was left behind to serve as a reminder. Even though with everything that happened he was just happy to be alive and his curiosity peaked about the magic of conjuration.

Over the next week he had confirmed what the village healer had told him. His left arm had lost most of its strength causing fieldwork to be near impossible, however light tasks were accomplish able. Now dealing with his permanent injuries his day to day life changed; reading books helped to pass the time that he would have where he once would have done so in the fields. Curiosity began to grow about the arts the village healer talked about and if he couldn't be a farmer anymore then perhaps his new calling could be to become the next healer of the village. Early one morning he made his way down to the healers thatched hut. There they spoke for most of the morning about the changes he was dealing with aftermath of the attack. He asked the elderly woman if she would teach him the arts of conjuration. She paused for a few moments and nodded in agreement on one stipulation; he would have one year to show progress.

Over the course of the year he dedicated most of his time at the healers hut. He poured through whatever books he could find about the subject of conjuration and aided in any tasks that his new mentor had given him. Eventually he was able to use a focus via a wand and was able to cast smaller spells and heal light wounds. Once the end of the year had come his mentor had called a meeting with Aroki and his parents. There they discussed about progress and the future he could hold. She spoke of a Conjurers Guild located in Gridania and how they could help improve him in the arts even farther than she could alone. At the end of the meeting everyone agreed that upon his 13th nameday he would leave to begin his training at the guild.

Teenage Years

It didn't seem like long when his 13th nameday approached. Aroki stepped outside that morning and noticed a ship docked on the coast nearby. Excitement and fear welled up at the same time as he walked down the the healers hut. There inside was a large group of lalafells, among them was his parents and the village healer. They threw a small party for him that served as a nameday, congratulatory, and farewell party all in one. After the party had ended and everyone said their farewells he walked outside to see a very tall man in a set of blue robes and hats. He explained that he was the Gridanian escort on behalf of the Conjurers Guild and was there to assist with his safe arrival. Later that evening they boarded the ship and sailed out into the sea.

The next six years Aroki would make great strides in the art of conjuration from the training the guild provided. During the time he became adept in the ways to properly draw aether from the lands around him and give respect to the elementals that offer this bounty. As his healing grew better he was allowed to mend the wounds of fellow Gridanians, Twin Adder soldiers and passing by adventurers. During harvest seasons he would help in blessing the crops by giving offerings and praise to the elemntals and to ask them to assist with a good year for the crop yield. He also begun to favor using a staff for a focal point instead of the wand and sometimes he would use it as a walking stick when he wasn't casting. Finally he passed all of the examinations to be considered fully fledged conjurer but despite being finished at the guild he decided to stay in Gridania a while longer. The sights outside the village were fascinating and beautiful to him; his curiosity of the world grew.


There wasn't much time for exploration it seemed. It first started off as rumors about the moon of Dalamud that it could have been getting closer each passing day to eventually rumors of a fight with the Garleans. Aroki didn't know anything about the Garleans but if they were willing to kill innocent people and attempt to stop this way of life then they were an enemy of his. Not having an official tie to the Twin Adders he volunteered to be a healer for the troops whether they wanted him to or not, so he walked down to the barracks and spoke to one of the soldiers who looked in charge. There they had a short conversation but he was allowed to come along with a few rules. Later that day when the troops were fully geared and set to leave for Mor Dhona he joined them in the march when the left. They arrived outside of an encampment were a bunch of tents had been set up all for the soldiers and some for the the Conjurers from the guild. Aroki dropped the bag in a small clearing and set up a small tent for himself and place a small collapsible cot inside, he sat down and rested knowing this would be his new home for however long it took.

Time passed and he helped with small tasks around the encampment doing whatever was asked of him that other soldier could not accomplish if they were busy. Sometimes it would be healing simple wounds to helping get rations set up in the tent that served as a makeshift mess hall. Despite no matter how mundane the work was he was happy to help out and prove to be useful. After an afternoon of running around he walked back to his small tent and went inside. He sat down on the cot and grabbed a book and flipped it open to the page that had a small leaf tucked inside and his eyes began to scan over the words on the page until the sounds of clashing steel was heard. Dropping the book and grabbing his staff he made his way outside of the tent, here he witnessed the soldiers running around gathering their gear and leaving the encampment running towards the sound of the fighting. Doing as instructed by the officer he stood at the camp. His new job now was to keep an eye on the back lines and maintain vigilance at the camp, along with few of the greener Twin Adder soldiers. Time felt as if it slowed down as the fighting grew louder and the tensions at the camp rose, but something broke the tension with the rustling of the nearby bushes.

A few people came out of the bushes with weapons drawn and wearing what would be a poor excuse to be considered even a light set of armor. One of the Twin Adder soldiers spoke out and called them conscripts for the Garlean army and pleaded with them to lower their weapons as they no longer had to obey their masters command and that they when the Garleans lost they could all return to their homes. In response they raised their weapons and charged at the group and despite the adder soldiers being greener than some of the others; they proved themselves in the fight. Clashed steel rung out alongside of the sounds of hurled stone hitting bodies and it wasn't too long that the fight was over. During mending one the many wounds on one of the soldiers Aroki witnessed another soldier who begun shouting as they removed the helmet from one of the corpses. The adder had found out one of the many slain was a close relation to them, Aroki learned fully what a conscript was that day. It only solidified his feeling on the Garleans that not only were they the enemy of his new home but now they were monsters as well.

As another of the soldiers went over and consoled the other one something seemed strange; it had grown eerily quiet from the front lines of the fight. Then they noticed that during the fight the moon of Dalamud had grown closer; much closer than before. The sound of rushed footfalls came closer from beyond the encampment and everyone tensed up once more. The other soldiers that left to fight were running back and past the encampment shouting to the others the call for a full retreat. Now panicked, Aroki and the others quickly got up and grabbed what they could before the fled from the encampment. During the retreat he had glanced behind to see the moon was gone and in horror he witnessed a monster unlike any other as it unleashed its fiery breath down below. After glance he picked up the speed of his running; nearly tripping over a few times at the new pace.

Some time after they arrived back to Gridania they heard word from other soldiers about the true horror of what happened at the battlefield. To Aroki nothing made sense especially how the moon could contain a monster of that size, perhaps he could find a book that could explain what it was or how it was possible. Time to do so was not possible however and searches for soldiers who were missing in action would begin soon. He understood that he would need to be available in case they found any wounded. Time passed and the searches went on with many being less than successful. The things they saw and the needless death grew on Aroki and each night nightmares would flood his rest making sleep hard to come by. Eventually he couldn't take it anymore and explained he was going to leave and head back to his homeland for some rest. Before the leave he was offered citizenship to Gridania after thoughtlessly volunteering himself for a cause that didn't concern him; he had accepted.

Aroki arrived to his homeland and over the next five years he helped out with whatever he could. From blessing the harvests for the year to mending injured villagers and stopping natural predators. During the time he spent home his mind slowly began to come to an ease; the nightmares eventually stopped and slowly he started to become his old self before the Battle of Carteneau. After seeing part of the world the village had felt small and he wanted to see what else the world had to offer. At his last harvest festival he explained to everyone his intentions of becoming an adventurer and wanting to explore the world and he would take leave upon his next nameday. Upon his 24th nameday he packed up his belongings and said his farewells then boarded a boat and made his way back to Gridania.


Currently living in Gridania and has employment at a small library. There he does book upkeep, cleaning and if needed; scribe work. When not working he can often be found around town or exploring.


Good Standing

Neutral Standing

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