Baradoen Toegwyrst

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 Baradoen Toegwyrst
Ex-Captain, Mercenary Bastard
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship None
Born 1545
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer
Server Balmung


Born in a port town to a local family early in the year 1545, young Baradoen quickly became fascinated by the pirates frequenting the docks, along with their wealth and exotic goods. Being an impulsive lad dreading the thought of carrying on family tradition, he learned as much as he could about seafaring life before stowing away aboard a pirate vessel at age sixteen, and spent many cycles living as a member of various crews.

The reality of life as a pirate quickly hardened and matured him, though he found it suited him; he was free to grow, plunder and gain a reputation, even if it wasn't a good one. Over the years he built on those foundations and skills, until eventually he was the captain of his own ship, the Black Karakul.

This ship sailed for a few years until shortly after the invasion of the Garlean VIIth Legion, wherein the crew turned their attention from plundering their homeland to defending it, a change of heart and transition to more legal lifestyle that Baradoen initially resented but in time came to appreciate. The ship was heavily damaged in a conflict with a magitek gunship and barely managed to escape with half of it's crew remaining, running aground and rendered unseaworthy. Inspired by the encounter and encouraged by some of the more aspirational remaining souls on the vessel, he would pool their remaining fortunes together and make his ship fly like the Garlean airships, rather than take on the impossible task of returning her to the sea. The endeavor proved too complicated and expensive, and he soon found himself with no money, no ship, and an angry crew, a fatal blow to his overinflated ego.

Bitter from his failures and abandoned by thye last of his men, he tried desperately to find another profession. Seeing adventurers in increasing number, each with their own tales, the boyish curiosity of his youth returned. After the Calamity he saw his chance, and took up his axe in the name of the highest bidder.



Baradoen stands tall and bulky, though unremarkably so when compared to other Roegadyn. His skin is grey, weathered by life at sea and complimenting steely blue eyes set in a scarred face. This scarring is concentrated around the left eye and cheek, not very well hidden by the mop of black hair atop his head. Contrasting with his somewhat scruffy hair is a very well looked after beard shrouding his chin, usually oiled, combed and free of dirt.

Success as an adventurer has allowed him to wear luxurious clothes and armor, with a fondness for modern equipment styled after ancient Allag. His voice is rough and loud, exaggerated by a heavy Lominsan accent seemingly unaffected by his travels to other areas in Eorzea.


Years of work as both pirate and adventurer have gained Baradoen the strength and skill required to thrive on the battlefield. He has a certain familiarity with firearms, although he has not used such a weapon in some time. His primary method of fighting is the way of many crews at its most basic: be bigger than your opponent, and carry an equally large axe. He is unafraid of fighting dirty, and will gladly abuse any opening if it affords him an advantage.

Experience has left him calm and collected in battle, and wise enough to deal with multiple types of enemy, keeping his distance or closing in to grappling range as it suits him.


Baradoen speaks bluntly, not caring for the easily offended, and will intentionally mock suck people. His humor is crude and dirty, coupled with a fondness for drinking games and songs. He shows his disdain for people he does not like openly as he is not one for subtlety. When not engaged in japery or when reminiscing on the past, he tends to be bitter and angry, growling his answers more than speaking them, but otherwise can be rather jovial.

While passionate about adventuring, enjoying the freedom to travel and taking no issue with sleeping rough under whatever cover nature provides, rarely does he do so out of simple wanderlust. Instead, he prefers to see where employment lands him and be rewarded in the process. Despite his now (officially) lawful life he retains an open disdain for certain levels of authority, Limsan in particular, typically avoiding contact with them where possible.

Attracted to power and exoticism, he has always taken interest in ancient and foreign things such as the Allagan empire, and Garlemald too if not for his history. His goal as an adventurer is to emulate both their power and their wealth, and to this end makes an effort to complete his contracts quickly and efficiently - even if it is something of questionable moral or legal validity.