Burgenheim Rousa

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Burgenheim Rousa
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Guardian Thaliak the Scholar
Age 39 (starting from ARR)
Nameday 17th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
Orientation Closeted Homosexual
Occupation Mercenary

Basic Info







Hair: His hair is one of Burgenheim's prominent features; a bold blonde colour, all swept back and glistening in the sun.




Personality Traits:



Favorite Food:

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Alignment: True Neutral

"...I...Uh...I like reading."

Burgenheim is definitely of the silent type. He chooses to withhold his words until they are neccesary to convey what he wants others to know, and even then, getting a reaction out of him is rather difficult. He isn't anti-social, nor is he very social - he exists somewhere in between. If you were to ask him a question, he will answer you, but to get a descriptive answer, you'll need to tell him exactly what you want to know to get the answer you want, even then, his answer will be as short as possible. This can be annoying or off putting to some, but to him, it's sufficient. If this aspect of him was to be described in one word 'autistic' wouldn't be too far from the truth. Despite his lack of action, he isn't docile in the slightest. When he isn't talking, he's thinking, and when he's thinking he's often watching as well. He is the type of person to capture every single detail about everything he sees or hears, mulling it over in his head. This side of him seems to always be active, and he seeks to always view both sides of a situation before deciding to act on it. He is neutral in every sense of the word, he does not act with any interest, even his own, in mind - he simply acts accordingly and rationally. This rule of thumb is only broken when it comes to the well-being of his friends, and even then, he still tries to process the pros and cons of whatever may be affecting them.

His thoughtful personality has led him to somewhat become a little disconnected to reality, despite his logical temperament. Out of choice, he enjoys indulging himself in fictional worlds about far-away places in his story books, as well as listening to the poetry of others and watching the personal stories of his friends (their lives) unfold in front of him.

Burgenheim's thoughts on morality waver depending on his influences. Whilst he is normally a law-respecting man, he is not above breaking the law in order to serve his own interest. He wouldn't steal for the sake of having something for free, but he would definitively punch an officer of the law if it meant his friends would go unharmed.

His sheltered lifestyle has protected him from certain emotions, he has never developed any of his expressive qualities besides fighting, which can be described as 'elegantly slow and vigorously powerful'. He does feel emotion, but has trouble expressing himself about them. In the twenty seven seasons he has been alive, a proper smile, frown or even grin has yet to form on his face. Despite having been an adult for some many seasons, he has yet to properly experience adolescence, whilst his love for his brother is strong, he hasn't ever felt romantically about anybody. Naturally he doesn't know what it even feels like to feel attracted to someone, and despite his brother having already figured out his homosexual nature, Burgenheim hasn't a clue himself.

He has a great love of the open wilderness and the multitude of landscapes it can provide him. To this end, he also enjoys severe weather, be it a heat wave, blizzard or a storm, describing all three phenomena as 'refreshing'.



"...It's not that interesting."

Twenty Seven seasons ago, on the 17th sun of the 2nd astral moon, a female roegadyn gave birth to twins. The father of the children named Richeister, dubbed the twins Heidricht and Burgenheim. For the first 10 years of their lives, the two twins grew up together in a small village, living with their father. As they grew up, their father watched as their bond grew - the pair acted as if two halves of one person Heidricht was the more assertive and charismatic of the pair, often talking in his brother's stead for him. Burgenheim on the other hand was reclusive and was reluctant to communicate with anyone, opting to stay silent and only speak when spoken to, however, he expressed himself in his actions rather than his words.

At the age of ten, inspired by the heroes of stories and rumours, Heidricht expressed his desire of becoming an adventurer to Burgenheim. Whilst not sharing the same sentiment, but not wanting to be without his brother, he decided to help him. Through meticulous planning throughout the next season, the pair were ready to collect supplies for their journey away from their rural village and toward Eorzea. The pair couldn't do much, given their age, lack of strength and experience - the pair didn't find much in work, but they made an effort to learn from whatever they got offered. They acted to their strengths; Heidricht handled the choosing and negotiating of jobs, whilst Burgenheim usually was the one who acted on them - carrying parcels, protecting traders from bandits and culling monsters. Heidricht was the brains, and Burgenheim was the muscle.

From these beginnings they lived the next seasons of their lives adventuring. Heidricht lived out his dream of travelling the continent, helping people along the way, and Burgenheim followed suit. They travelled the continent in a circle, making a full rotation of Eorzea every season. As they grew into adulthood, the pair was inseparable. Even when a job was dangerous for him, Heidricht always accompanied Burgenheim, and even though he was uncomfortable around large crowds and when talking to other people, Burgenheim stuck by Heidricht when grocery shopping or obtaining leves.

As the twins reached their mid-twenties; Heidricht became more and more analytical of his brother, and noticed how much he depended on him for the most basic of things, stirring a great concern for him. Whilst Heidricht had only become more and more confident and outward over the course of their adventures, Burgenheim hadn't grown a single bit emotionally since he was a child. Having long since guessed that Burgenheim's decision to accompany him was not out of mutual desire to begin adventuring, but one of having the company of his brother - Heidricht made preparations to have Burgenheim start adventuring on his own. These plans worked, and Burgenheim found himself carrying out the jobs he was given alone, unaware that come their twenty sixth birthday, Heidricht would say farewell, and leave him to travel elsewhere. Heidricht's last words to Burgenheim were;

"I want you to find yourself some friends. Tell me about them next time we see each other, 'kay?"

The splitting off from his twin brother was more than an emotional shock for the roegadyn. Thus far he had practically lived parasitically from his brother's company and now finding a lacking of such, he was simply empty instead of alone. Still, his way of life didn't change; he did the only thing he knew how - accept guildleves, fight monsters and earn money. He had next to no experience with talking to people, and often found himself stuttering or misplacing words when he tried to.

He settled into a one bedroom apartment in Ul'dah, choosing that city because most of Heidricht's friends passed through there regularly, it also was a hot spot for profitable leves at the time. From there, he began looking for work. Soon enough he met a miqo'te whom was looking for recruits to join her expanding mercenary linkshell. With the sudden rush of adventurers in the city - an actual job seemed the best way to go - so Burgenheim accepted, and joined Corvus Cinis.


Burgenheim made many friends during his time in the employ of Corvus Cinis. He befriended and became surrounded by very interesting people, all of which lending their skills to each other to make a living through Miss. Alothia's company. He started out as silent as he had joined. He rarely spoke to any of the other members and only did so when they approached him first. It made for an awkward relationship until the company's trustworthiness began showing itself to the quiet roegadyn. Over the course of his year serving underneath the company, he became somewhat of a regular face around the headquarters, and widely regarded as a face that could be counted on when he was needed.

He felt at home among the Corvus; living inside their headquarters, spending a lot of his free time reading or guarding the front door. He became emotionally invested in the more familiar and regular members of the group, considering them to be his secondary family. He partook in many adventures and internal dramas, including the havoc wrought from a particularly destructive mage; meandering through the scandal of their leader romancing with the leader of the local guard and rescuing many of their own when they were injured in the field. Life was not peaceful, but it was something more than Burgenheim would have achieved without having signed up with them.

Then the Calamity happened.


With many of the members of Corvus outright disappearing during the events of the Calamity - and others leaving to far off lands shortly afterward - Burgenheim returned from the awakening of Bahamut to discover than the Corvus Cinis HQ had become entirely abandoned. His friends and comrades-in-arms had been teleported from the face of Eorzea and the others driven away - leaving him alone.

Taking it on himself to guard what had essentially become his only home - Burgenheim began pooling his gil into restoring the building back to how it had been previously, hiring disciples-of-the-hand to fix the broken walls and performing the general upkeep, like cleaning, dusting and generally refurbishing the place himself. Within the following year, he had pooled enough money into the building's renovation that he had procured it's license from the council; becoming the owner of the HQ.


He patiently continues to offer his services to the recovering locals as he had before joining up with the company in order to maintain the exhausting upkeep on the large, empty building. He strongly believes that his friends shall return one day.



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