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 C'sien Zoth
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"The heart is a selfish thing. It wants. It needs. It desires. And yet, it reminds us of our mortality. Without it, we are lost souls. We cannot truly love."
Alchemist, Arcanist, Machinist
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship La Noseca
Namesday 7th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Nicknames Sien, Goggles
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual // Kinsey Scale 0
Age Young Adult


♦ Continued Dossier

Height: 58.9in/4’9”

Weight: 98lbs

Hair Color/Style: Pale blonde, short cropped

Eye Color: Gold and Blue

Handedness: Ambidextrous

Action Tags: Stutters, stammering, use of "ah" and "um"

Scent: Sandalwood incense, various alchemical scents, herbs

Tattoos / Marks: Miqo'te markings along forehead and cheeks, scarring along right cheek and nose-bridge

Wardrobe: Varies. Work robes (Alchemy), Battle robes, casual outfits.

Jewelry: Necklace, Earrings, Rings, etc.

Education: Formally Educated

Goals and Motivations: Trying to piece together her memories, helping those who are in need.

Virtues: Charity, Temperance, Diligence, Kindness, Patience

Vices: Charity, Cowardice, Shyness, Stuttering, Difficulties with Social Situations

Phobias / Fears: Fear of the unknown, Fear of the past, Fear of large crowds

♦ History & Personality

C'sien grew up in a traditional Seeker family of the Coeurl clan. Her immediate family and immediate clan-members

were known for being artisans and beast tamers. Though after personal matters concerning her own nunh, the seeker

chose to depart from the Coeurl clan in Lower Noscea and adventured into the wide world of Eorzea. Meeting Lakin Chase,

a fellow Seeker City-miqo'te she and others helped re-create the Heart of Coeurl. However all good things must come

to an end and in C'sien's case the company collapsed and was left in her hands where she inherited it and the debt included.

While she was able to gather her resources, The Heart of Coeurl completely collapsed for a second time, unable to resurrect

it she made an attempt to create a Crew out of the Maelstrom until an unfortunate accident occurred.

Sien is recouping from an unfortunate accident with an alchemical situation. With most of her memories a far distant past,

she struggles to recall most immediate history with her former company. Quiet, soft spoken and incredibly shy and introverted;

Sien finds herself often intrigued with magitek and the attempts to relearn her studies in alchemy and the arcane.

Sometimes she becomes irritated and frustrated with herself due to the lack of her remembered past.

Note: Concerning Elementals- Sien's status with the elements is completely estranged; thus any involvement with them will result in their ire.

♦ Sky-RP

Under Construction

Free Company Info

Character Descriptors

  • NOTE: These have overall been stunted due to recent events.


■ Magic (Arcanum)
■ Magitek (Machinist)
■ DoH (Alchemy)
■ Knowledge (Arcana)
■ Weaponry (Pistol)


■ Knowledge (Animal Affinity)
■ Knowledge (Calligraphy)
■ Knowledge (Herbs)
■ Att. Perception (Heightened Senses)
■ DoH (Goldsmithing)


■ Alcohol Consumption
■ Magic (Thaumaturgy)
■ Magic (Conjury)
■ Knowledge (Assassination)
■ Att. Presence (Social)

★ Recent RP events ★

■ Recreation of the Heart of Coeurl: Completed
■ A Forgotten Village (Short Heart of the Dice Campaign): Completed
 Heart of the Dice: Rulebook & Character Sheet Creation


■ Sweets
■ Sugar
■ Tea
■ Reading
■ Writing
■ Art (even if she can't create)
■ Alchemy
■ Goldsmithing
■ Her Carbuncles


■ Failure
■ Loud noises
■ Crowds
■ Being lied to
■ Lacking memories


■ Alchemy
■ Arcanum
■ Magitek
■ Goldsmithing
■ Calligraphy
■ Wielding a Pistol


Favourite Food/Drink: Chamomile Tea, Rose Tea
Favourite Place: Coasts of La Noseca


💘 Crush 💗 Sexual Desire In love with 💑 In a relationship Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing Hate Fear Complicated


💑 Lakin Chase - Close friend, traveling companion, relationship is complicated. Miqo'te

Oswin Mercer - Loud, obnoxious, womanizer... But still good, Hyur
Matilda Steelsong - Spunky, a bit stoic yet seemingly outgoing. Hyur


Argent Windrider - Friendly, Trying to piece together his past, Hyur
Kosei Matsuo - Free-Paladin and scholar. Kindly soul. Au Ra
Quinn Darkwater - Not much known about him, heavy accent, Miqo'te
Ri'avar Bloodsworn - Stoic yet wise, initially intimidating, Au Ra
Saikhan Dotharl - ...Not very fond of. Something is odd about this one, Au Ra
W'holm Nunh - Not fond of at all, prick, Miqo'te

Enemies & Rivals

C'kzar Nunh - Once C'sien's Nunh, no longer, as to why it is uncertain
C'yras Talri - One of C'kzar's lovers, it is unknown as to why C'sien dislikes her



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