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Charce is, obviously, an alias. This character is an odd one as he is more than just a spy and informant. He is a multiple cast of characters that he has arranged in his large web of espionage and deceit. He can be posed as your villainous friend, all while being your enemy’s friend. He can be that pretty female bard, playing music and singing in the tavern. He can be a thorn in the Holy See’s thigh, all while being helpful. He is most famously and publicly known as the Crow, of the Crow’s Nest informant ring in Ishgard.

For his backstory, I am composing a series of short stories that will ultimately form a novella. Please refer here for those parts: Chapter One: The Beginning of the End


Charce, while very tall compared to most races, is actually on the shorter side for an Elezen. While he would tower over most, those of the same race tend to over at around half a head taller than him. His complexion is incredibly fair even though he carries Duskwight features, he is of full Ishgardian blood. His face is also on the thin side, but not emaciated. He has the very lean feature very common of his race. His eyes are also light for his Duskwight features--a very rich, blue. His hair is a medium, chocolate-reddish brown. He likes to keep it long and it's usually tied back, but he'll let it down for certain performances to be...extra dramatic. He cuts his own hair, though, so it's not exactly perfect or anything. Above average, but still questionable. On his face is a tattoo. It's not tribal though, as he got it much later in life to cover up the branding on his forehead. The brand is over right eye. It's circular in shape and has a swallow bird flying in a circle, being engulfed in flames in its design. It's faded and covered, but magic can be felt from it from those who can sense it.

His limbs are long and lean, pretty standard for an Elezen. He’s not exactly muscular but not fat. He is characteristically thin, but since he mostly deals with songs, information, and books, he doesn't have a fighter's body. His nails are long and his hands are either bare or gloved, depending on the occasion. He adorns himself with jewelry to look fancy, because...that's the type of person he is.

He also has multiple scars along his back and legs...mostly in places that are covered. His largest scar is on his back from where his spine was broken.

He always carries a black and red tome with him. He also carries a series of small daggers and sometimes a rapier.
Aspects That Stand Out:
The tattoo and small brand over his right eye. The brand under the tattoolooks akin to an arcanist rune but it is mostly faded.
His strikingly vibrant blue eyes.
Body is littered with scars despite little battle experience.


There are small daggers in the hems of all of his clothing, he carries a small arcanist tome, and is learning how to use a sword. He's more of a hide, sneak, and run kind of guy than hand to hand. He's crafty, not strong.

The book, his aether, and swords

Charce is not a natural born fighter. And although his aether potential is really high, the situation with it is complex too. There was a block in his aether. A curse of sorts burned into him by the man who saved his life and he owed a debt to. He believed that his aether block was natural, since he never had the opportunity nor education to use such magics before the branding. He carries a book with him that is similar to an Arcanist's book. The mathematical runes and equations are, in fact, his own, and instead of summoning carbuncles and poisons, they would potentially summon aetherpool weapons...though if he were to do it now, even with the block gone, it would be pathetic. And still, even with the block gone. Think of it like PTSD...the feeling of casting and being healed just kind of makes him sick to his stomach, even if nothing is wrong. So he'll avoid it--same with teleportation. He's currently learning to use a sword.


"Strange" would only be scratching the surface in describing Charce as a person. From his mannerisms to his hobbies to the fact that he makes a game out of being a pathological liar, he is definitely not a normal person. Overall, Charce would appear to be friendly and well mannered. He usually smiles and can hold proper conversation, but his eyes are generally dead and usually filled with some extra emotion of contempt or pity for whoever he is talking to. He will also say things to see how far he can push a person before they snap--of course, he knows when to stop when it puts him at considerable risk of injury, but overall it's a detail that would make him appear to be rude, when put lightly.

Charce has a very high set of morals which he operates by. He believes that those who can are obligated to help those who are unable to protect themselves. These morals affect most of his decisions, especially in regards to business and who he interacts with. He revels in blackmail and tearing down established families. Sell a name here, tarnish a reputation there and watching those who hurt the weak suffer the rest of their lives is due payment for him. It's partially because he himself had been wronged, but he had always believed in a more just society than the abandoned outskirts of Coerthas. He is very amicable with his own kind (specifically Ishgardians, not necessarily those from the Shroud) as well as those who are weak and he believes "need help." He has a great distaste for those who operate in and work around Ul'dah and the Syndicate--not in small part to avoid going to the desert since it's bad for his skin.

Outwardly, Charce will appear to be pretty open about himself, his struggles, and would appear to have no problem "laying it all out there,' but the man is also a pathological liar. A lot of the details he claims about himself are not true or would be so muddled that it may as well just be a lie. He is also pretty straight-laced, having little time or care for romance and dislikes smoking, alcohol and other mind-altering drugs. However, in the right company (and maybe given the opportunity to dance and sing), he will be more like his true self. He is, however, strange, and while he can have a good time, there's probably no one who he could call a best friend.

Romantically, Charce is dead. He, at the moment, has very little interest for such pass times as he has major trust issues. He's an excellent stalker and will find out details you wouldn't have thought would come up...meaning there's more opportunities for him to just be disappointed with most prospective partners.


Singing. He is a bard.
Other Elezen. Easy to do business with.
Stories. Pathological liar.
Acting and actors. See “stories.”.
Information. He is an informant.
Pushing people past their limits. He’s a troll and intentionally very annoying.
Dancing. He is a bard and performer, after all..
Bear livers. He’s got a collection of them! They were useful to him once.
Helping people . He wanted a hero when he was younger, and he will do anything to be that hero today.
Music. He is a bard… .


Corrupt people '.He vows to bring them all to justice.
Slavers.As a former slave, he won't tolerate such injustice.
Elites.While he may act like one, he mingles with them to destroy them.
Hot Weather.Bad for his skin.
Ul'dah.Too corrupt, even for him. And the weather is disgusting.
Strong ale.Poor judgment should not be made poorer.
Boats.Gets seasick.
Liars.A bit hypocritical, but it's a sore spot for him.
Lalafell.See 'Ul'dah'--never been a more corrupt race.
Ugly people.Vane, but he prefers good aesthetics.

'M O R E

Writing and singing songs.The more gruesome the song, the better.
Listening to bloody, violent war tales. Good reference for his song writing.
Science and Arcanima.Dissecting animals and biology as well as theoretical arcanima equations.
Languages'. Generally well versed in multiple languages, both ancient and still in use.
Acting'.He can mimic voices with near perfect accuracy as well as change his voice to sound masculine or feminine, not using magic.
Disguises'. See 'acting', he has multiple identities and is a master of disguise.
Great story teller'. Skilled liar and likes making up grand stories of adventures and people that never happened in casual conversation and in performance.
Musically Inclined'. He's a great singer! He could easily have a job as a full time bard and performer.
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Book and street smart. He's both well-read and has the people skills to back it up.
Trickster. Talented liar, thief, spy, informant, actor. He's very good at getting away with things.
Rumor mill. He's his own rumor mill. He keeps a close grip on the information about himself, his organization, and his identities.


Kindness. As someone who lived his life in an unkind situation, he's prone to opening up to kindness a little too much and that makes him an easy target for manipulation.
Youth. He's actually not that young, even if he says he's older than he is. While he has been doing his work since he was 14, he is still naive about some things and can be over-confident.
The truth. If any part of his web of lies is unraveled too much, his whole life will fall apart.
Aether aversion. Despite the lock on his aether pool being lifted, he still has slightly PTSD for the feeling he'd get from channeling aether or spells being formed on him. He'd rather take the long way, than teleport and heal naturally.
Nervous habits. It's easy to tell when he's anxious or unsure about a situation because he will always, without fail, fidget with his hands, coat sleeves or rip up whatever paper may be nearby.


His past' - From the city that wronged his village to the man that tormented him for half his life, he wants to make sure no one else suffers his fate.
Curiosity' - Having been locked away for years, he is very curious about the world..a little too curious. But he wants to know everything.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral _ Unsure
Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Anagna Kenesa, Leader. $ ) - The Shadow.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Despite some of Naga's hostility, Ishaux actually respects him. Also makes a good pillow.
Cemi Jinfeh, Associate. ($) - The Apothocary.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
He liked their conversations and felt he didn’t have to lie too much. She seems intelligent and has a good head on her shoulders.
Charlant Bastoix, Associate. ($) - The Drug Addict.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Despite the guy being off his rocker on drugs, somewhere inside, Ishaux really does appreciate Charlant’s presence. Even if sometimes he wants to punch the man, he wants to consider him at least an acquaintance.
Tempest Fey, Associate. ($) - The Flirt.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
He only spoke to her once and is kind of aware that she hates him, but his opinion of her is neutral. He ignored her flirty attitude for the most part. She seems like a good mage though. Perhaps a good resource?
E’shiji Tia, Associate. ($_) - The Bad Reminder.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
E’shiji reminds him of Ishaux former apprentice who believes was killed in an accident that was his own fault. He’s afraid to be too nice to this guy or to really interact with him closely because he reminds him too much of that. Seeing E’shiji almost die on the battlefield brought back those memories.
Shona Hotgo, Underling. ($) - Monarch.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Shona is his business partner in the Crow’s Nest and the other half of his operation. He forced Shona into service after he found out the truth about his identity and past…but he did it out of fear. He doesn’t really like or dislike Shona and would never actually hurt him.
Ilanis Salvenus, Enemy. () - The Mad Scientist.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
He’s had to deal with Ilanis a few times. Not the worst of the Imperial crazies he’s run into, but part of Ishaux’s job is keeping Shona safe from this guy.

Person Name, relationship. ( ) - Title.
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.

IC Connections and Organizations



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"I heard he's weird...and doesn't shut up. "
"Isn't he the guy with the collection of pickled bear livers? "
"I heard he used to owe a lot of money? It was some debt... "
"He's pretty self absorbed... "
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!"
"He's got an unusual fascination with injuries. Don't let him heal you if he offers. "
"That guy has multiple identities...It's hard to tell which is the real 'Him,' you know? "
"I heard he's blackmailed a lot of people in to getting what he wants. He even blackmailed a former company leader into making him their equal partner! "
"He's involved with a lot of shady characters. "
"He's a pretty famous informant...Crow's something...It's an Ishgardian organization. Ask The See for more. "

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"That guy took over his Master's crime ring after he sold him out. He parades as the man's legitimate heir, despite having had the entire family murdered. "
"He's an informant who works on two the underworld and with the authorities."
"He's disrupted a lot of blackmarket crime rings, Garlean test subject trades, slave trades and many other illicit deals--There are multiple bounties on his head. "
"His name was Ishaux Noirterel and he was a farm boy whose village was executed under false pretenses. "
"He only recently gained his freedom right before he we set to be traded to Garlemald as some sort of aetherpool research subject. "


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are morerare than others!
"Rumor." — Rumormonger.



Player Note
I am a female gamer in my early-mid twenties. I started RPing when I was really young. Like…elementary school on Neopets young haha. It was mostly cartoon shows and really bad plots back then, but RPing was always a creative writing outlet for me. I also RP’d on gaia (lawlz), hidden realms and a bit on WoW. My characters in FFXIV are Charce, Shona Hotgo and Y'ul Tia–I have a few retired characters: Zeph, Yseui and Ashe. I’ve been playing FFXIV since launch day in 1.0. I took a break and came back in 2014 when I got a PS4. Nowadays, I exclusively RP in FFXIV and write in my spare time. Outside of gaming I am a lowly hermit who is addicted to videogames and works in publishing as a US manga editor. I also cosplay a lot and stream games like Overwatch. I am really shy and try to make up for it by being annoying af but that usually tends to backfire so I apologize now. I also read a lot and am obsessed with Captive Prince and Nightrunner 'cause I am also a weird fujo on the side haha. I’m currently located on the west coast in the US but I’m originally from New York and have lived and worked in Japan and I’m also bilingual in Japanese.
Personal RP Limits
I am a paragraph RPer–if this isn’t obvious from the replies I do on Tumblr or in-game if you’ve seen that. I can write a lot. It’s not that I expect everyone to turn out as much as I do in a single post, but I’d like to be given something to work with as it makes it easier on both parties involved if the RP is kept alive by interesting engagement.

I take metagaming my character really seriously. Since he has multiple identities that he keeps separate, if you meet one side of him, you can’t assume that you know all of his identities as well as other information. For example, if you meet Zaucuet, you can’t automatically know that it’s one of the birds unless I’ve expressed to you that plot-wise that is okay. I will remind you once if you do this and if the problem persists, I will most likely stop the plot. Please do not get angry at me if I don’t respond right away. I have pretty poor health and work a 9-5 job…with 5 being a suggestion and sometimes can be like…9PM if it’s an especially busy month. So just keep that in mind, please. Do not mix IC and OOC. Anything my character says or does against yours or to yours (nice or mean) is not my actions towards you the player. I have a zero tolerance policy on this due to people not being able to separate this in the past. If this is you, then maybe I am not the right RP partner for you.

I am lore strict for my own character but I will adapt to whoever I am RPing with. HOWEVER things I won’t acknowledge are white mages, Warrior of Light, royal Allagan clones, characters not from Hydaelyn, and some other things…if you’re worried, just ask.
I will play Your rival, your villain, your friend, your foe. I will RP very dark plots and psychological trauma, etc. I am go with the flow on most things to an extent. You may injure my character, but please ask me first where and how. I will do a roll system, but I prefer free form combat that has been plotted by both parties. Manipulation, mind games, torure, whatever...I really don't care so long as there's a purpose to all of it.
I won't play I will not ERP with you for the sake of ERP. I just don't do that. I will not allow you to kill my character. I will not be involved in RP that straight up breaks lore. I will not tolerate OOC and IC mixing whatsoever. If Charce calls your character an idiot, you CANNOT take it personally. I will not allow you to maim my character without asking me about it first. I will not tolerate metagaming (accidents happen but I will know if it's something you read on this wiki). I will not tolerate OOC bullshit. Also, I really probably won't do IC least not preplanned. I don't really enjoy romance.
Little Tidbits.
In the event that you're worried about something going on in RP, please just talk to me instead of just quietly mulling over it. I like to work things out and clear up misunderstandings. IC things can get really confusing sometimes, and if you have questions, please, just ask.
I really do prefer paragraph RP and I will make an effort to keep concise if that's not your thing (1-2 posts instead of 8 or something). But sometimes I can get carried away. Please be patient.
I have the worst attention span like...ever. I really do. I work a lot and get distracted in my own apartment, etc. So if I forget something or can't make a planned RP, please don't get mad at me.


Potential Plot Hooks
Always looking for rival spies and thieves. Do you play an Ishgardian noble and want to be tormented by an annoying thief? he's your guy! Need something stollen from a rival, also him. Information and spying in general. Want someone to wreck your business (or plot to) and play a fun game of cat and mouse? Also can do! Want a partner to help you save the poor? Also your guy. La Noscea, The Shroud, Garleans, Domans...all fair game. Probably not good if you're in Thanalan. Charce only goes there for the company he signed with.
Personally speaking, I LOVE a good game of cat and mouse. LOVE IT. Really intense, one on one mind game stuff is what I live for. I love seeing how, as a writer, I can out maneuver your thinking or see how you get out of the stuff I plot.
If you're not on Balmung, I'm open to discord and tumblr RP. Please reach out on Tumblr first: here
There is a condensed version of my RP rules and about me on my Tumblr.
Character Lore Adherence
Personally, I am lore strict. I don't mind bending it here and there, but I will not be okay with White Mages (I don't care how you justify it), bragging Black Mages, Warriors of Light. The echo is fine. I have two characters with it. Just nothing overpowered and I'd prefer that you ask what your character would see, hear, etc. if it's related to mine. Seriously, just use common sense. If you can't use the lore book to justify it OR it is crazy, over powered and just outright crazy...I won't be okay with it..
No changes required.

Name – Charce (Ishaux)
Race – Ishgardian Elezen
Age - 23
Name Day - 19th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon
Deity - Halone

Alias: Charce, Crow, Raven, Zaucuet (multiple).
Citizenship: Ishgard
Occupation: Informant/Spy
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Light blue
Complexion: Pale
Piercings: Ears
Marks or tattoos: Tattoo and brand over right eye.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Key Items: Daggers and a Book.
Favorite Food: Tea cakes.
Favorite Drink: Drinking Chocolate.
Favorite Color: Black
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