Cicereaux Chevalier

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Cicereaux Chevalier
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 21
Marital Status Single
Occupation Douchebag
Height 6 fulm 6 ilm
Weight 180 ponz

Cicereaux Chevalier (19th Sun, 2nd Astral Moon) is a registered warrior from the city-state of Limsa Lominsa, with roots in some of the underground Coerthas caverns.

Basic Info


Showing off


Being inadequate or a failure
Gridania in general
Being ignored


Alignment: True Neutral
Vice(s): Pride
Favorite Food: Baked Pipira Pira
Favorite Drink: Most juices
Favorite Color: Indigo

Appearance & Personality

Cicero is a Duskwight Elezen of average height with a slightly muscular build and broad shoulders. His skin is an ash-grey hue, and he has short, tousled, light-pink hair. His eyes are mismatched, the left being a pale green and the right a dull blue; a long scar runs diagonally through the latter, and a smaller scar is visible on his left jaw. Neither of these were received from anything he can legitimately boast about, though he'll certainly try his best to make them sound like they were practically medals of honour. Cicero wears relatively little, being one to prefer flaunting what he has-- particularly due to most clothing he comes across that cater to his profession being far too cumbersome and heavy for his tastes.

He's a bit of a freelancer with no particular loyalties, though he's usually willing to help out when it comes to those he's friendly with or feels indebted to. He's generally the sort of man who's open to taking on virtuous and dirty jobs alike as long as he sees himself benefiting from doing so, and will almost always put himself first. He does his best to be cheerful and carefree around others and enjoys showing off even for the smallest of things. Quick to jump into situations, he's impulsive and brash, though he has somewhat of a tendency to overthink things once he's alone.

For all of his ostentatious posturing, however, Cicero lacks confidence in his fighting and abilities and skill, particularly where reliability and responsibility are concerned, and often goes about his usual business alone as a result. He doesn't actually view himself as being particularly strong, smart, or talented, and so draws a sense of self-confidence from how he perceives his outward appearance instead. He enjoys hanging out with friends and making new acquaintances, nevertheless, and has no qualms or reservations about meeting new people or dealing with different races, though any apparent prejudice in distaste toward his kind can be a definite turn-off-- he has grown to feel slightly uneasy and out-of-place around most Wildwood Elezen in more recent times as a result, though he'll make an effort not to show it. He's unapologetically himself, in a nutshell, and well-aware of his strengths, which he never hesitates to flaunt, and even more aware of his shortcomings.



Cicero was born to the Chevalier Family, which, despite its seemingly-honourable namesake, wasn't exactly the most chivalrous or noble clan. They resided in a series of underground caverns beneath Coerthas and were a more or less friendly group-- Cicero himself had initially harboured no particular feelings of distrust when dealing with most other races as a result, though this might mainly be due to how isolated and sheltered he had been. His family was a fairly neutral one, with some ties to raiders, pillagers, and the like of which Duskwights are often stereotyped to, as is inevitable, though they were not particularly affiliated.

Cicero is a middle child, having two older brothers (Sylviel and Astidien) and a younger sister (Laurelle), all of whom he's on good terms with, though they don't currently see each other often. The Calamity came and went, destroying much of their caverns and tunnel systems in its wake; though their small family miraculously survived, they were forced to relocate-- and doing so amid the hundreds of thousands of other displaced refugees proved to be extremely difficult in the years to come. Being older, his parents and older brothers did most of the work in earning enough food and coin to support the family, often through less than legal means once it became apparent that the remaining dregs in the pool of legitimate work were not only difficult to obtain, but hard in labour and light in pay, with no end to the immediate Duskwight discrimination in sight. Cicereaux and Laurelle, being younger, mostly stuck together in maintaining their makeshift home and keeping track of their meagre supplies and belongings. And as his eyes were now opened and they were exposed time and time again to prejudice, distaste, and judgment, his budding resentment for Gridanians and Wildwood Elezen began to grow.


Having wanted to contribute and help the family out in his own way, Cicereaux has taken up adventuring in more recent years and found some success in first learning the ways of the marauder, and then the warrior. Starting out in Limsa Lominsa turned out to be a good move for him, and though it wasn't without its prejudices and difficult start, it was the fresh start he needed in order to stop dwelling on the past and to move forward, focusing instead on making a name and reputation for himself and earning enough money to send back home.

He was a bit shy and unassuming at first, nervous and lost amid a sea of unfamiliar faces and bustling venues and not at all accustomed to or knowledgeable about the area or adventuring in and of itself, especially given that he was new to life outside the family and being on his own. As his sense of self-efficacy and martial prowess grew, however, so too did his self-confidence (albeit limited to his looks) and comfort in traveling with others. Contrary to a longstanding selfishness and penchant to only help himself, partly fostered by how he'd perceived being treated in the past, he's very slowly begun taking the initiative to sometimes help others out and to get involved in more things, gradually learning some of the crafting and gathering trades in his spare time, and joining the ranks of the Maelstrom.

His older brothers have since ventured off on their own as well, with Astidien finding his way as an excellent bard while Sylviel has found he has a knack for weaving; Laurelle has recently begun training as a marauder, and their parents live relatively comfortably as of the present, especially in light of their prior situation and with all four of the Chevalier children having become more or less independent and financially-stable. They meet up from time to time, usually making it a point to get together whenever they're all more or less free.


■ He doesn't actually compliment himself unless he's feeling confident or trying to act like it.
■ He worked hard to become a better warrior not only because he wanted to improve, but because he wanted to wear nicer clothes.
■ Money is his biggest motivator.
■ He secretly gets a little flustered when people actually do compliment him.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

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"Ha, Cicero? Yeah, that's how he likes to dress. I bet that lack of impeding armour helps him swing that axe faster, though; it's scary seeing how often and how hard that thing connects with its target. Of course, he isn't shy about flaunting himself to the world, either, so there's that too -- you know what, though, he gets things done. Probably throw you a wink while he's at it." -- Cessna Forsythe
"He's annoying, loud and confident but I guess that's what makes him so great! As much as I complain about the way he dresses, I suppose he's good at what he does; I'm always in awe at how fast he swings his axe, I could barely lift it! Talented or not, I think his flaunting scares off all the girls, but that's alright because loves himself the most anyway." -- Celia Quinn


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing
Celia Quinn : The best friend with whom he always goes adventuring. It started out as a job at first wherein he accepted a bodyguard position for a new conjurer who apparently had a lot of gil to spare-- and eventually became a friendship filled with bickering and banter. Though they don't always get along and often find it difficult to sound remotely nice when speaking with or about each other, there is an obvious care and ease to be seen in their actions, and Cicero trusts her like no other to have him covered in a dungeon. He treats her mostly with a sort of fond exasperation, having gotten used to her antics and aloof-sounding demands.
Cessna Forsythe : Cessna was the first friend Cicero had made upon first venturing out on his own, and to this day, he still appreciates her and does his best to be supportive and helpful whenever she needs it. It had been one of his first days in Limsa Lominsa and he'd gotten horribly lost in the large city, wholly unaccustomed to the sprawling city and its colourful inhabitants, and, being a complete fish out of water, he'd been too nervous to ask anyone for directions in light of how things had been back in Gridania. Fortunately, however, he was lucky enough that Cessna found him and (after getting lost together) showed him around, as well as even invited him into her home-- something that still baffles him but that he has infinitely appreciated. Her easy acceptance of him as well as willingness to help him out when first-timing major milestones as an adventurer have gradually influenced his growing confidence in trying things out on his own and not shying from making new friends. These days, he's working hard to catch up with her and reach a point where he can help out reliably and consistently; he enjoys joking around with and teasing her sometimes, liking that she can take his wry sense of humour in stride.
L'yuta Tia : Cicero's first impression of him had been good, given that the Miqo'te and Cessna had been so accommodating and helpful when they'd first met; said impression was quick to change once it became apparent that L'yuta's opinion of him seemed rather low (which Cicero could not fault him for), though still he did his best to maintain a casual and self-absorbent front in his presence nevertheless. Given that Cessna must be best friends with L'yuta for a reason, however, and in light of his own experiences in being judged and misjudged, he's taken to giving the other the benefit of the doubt as much as he can; the fact that the Miqo'te was kind enough to help him in learning the ropes quite a number of times has greatly improved Cicero's opinion of him as well, though Cicero still acts the same around him (outlandish and ostentatious).
Kekemori Lelemori : Cicero doesn't know the guy too well as he has only met him once, but he's heard a great deal of nice things about him from Cessna and L'yuta, and the older lalafell has definitely left a pleasant and friendly impression on him thus far. Cicero secretly really appreciates how Keke was nice enough to craft him some good armour when he was first starting out as a marauder (not to mention he still possesses said armour).



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