Dylise Rontremont

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Gridania-transparent.png Dylise Rontremont
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Gridania
Place of Birth The Black Shroud
Place of Death Vesper Bay
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer
Nameday 6th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon (Age of death: 24)
Marital Status Single
Occupation One of the many adventurers serving under the Scions of the Seventh Dawn
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WARNING: "This character has ICly deceased, as such she has been retired from the RPable roster of my characters."

Death cause: Shot by Imperial decurions during the raid to the Waking Sands in the Seventh Umbral Era.

Basic Info

"I'm good at forgiving those who are about to give me all their belongings." —Dylise Rontremont

Dylise was a songstress during the Sixth Astral Era and, at one time, a notorious thief known as the Black Carnation. She was a Duskwight, coming from a family of bandits in the forest. Along with her older brother, she dedicated her life to keep her clan fed and healthy, assassinating many merchants and innocent travelers in the process and thus could not live a normal life like other girls. Deep inside though, she always wished to live an ordinary life, to sing her melodies with her beautiful voice and not spill unnecessary blood, and when she found herself alone after the Calamity, sent five years forward into the future, she realized the band she belonged to had scattered. She tried her best to change to a new life. However, fate turned cruel against her when another bandit tricked her into betraying the trust of a couple of adventurers she had become friends with. When she was led to believe that they wanted nothing but to turn her in to the Wood Wailers to receive a reward as manhunters, she killed them and ran away back in the forest. She spent a few months living alone, forced to rob and steal to make a living again.

Things finally returned to a positive side when she was approached by a small group of adventurers on the way to the Tam-Tara Deepcroft. A reluctant, forced cooperation inside the deep dungeons brought her to consider their offer to join the ranks of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn with them, as she discovered to possess a gift that, while common prior the Calamity, had for some reason grown rarer: the Echo.

Under the command of the Antecedent, Dylise has dared the dangers of fighting primals, and finally met some people she'd consider friends, maybe even family. Though initially cold-hearted and harboring deep hatred towards the Wildwood Elezens, her hostility gradually melted.

This however came to an end when Livia sas Junius led a squad of Imperial soldiers inside the Waking Sands, slaying and shooting all those inside that were not deemed to be worthy hostages. Dylise fought bravely to try counter the strike, but even her agility did nothing to spare her from the Garlean technology, and a bullet has taken her life.


Height: About 6.2 fulms.

Weight: Very slim, not very muscular.

Complexion:  Somewhat pale, but still more colorful than most of the Duskwight. (Row 24, Column 5)

Hair:  Long, dark with violet highlights. She kept a nice fringe framing her face. (Base Row 1, Column 8; Highlights Row 17, Column 5)

Eyes:  Sinuous and low, with large indigo irises (Row 17, Column 6)

Particular Traits: 

Voice: (Type 4) Sensual, calm and warm. Beautiful when she sung, and full of tranquility as she spoke, even during the worst situations.

Clothing Style: She favored white-colored clothes when she wasn't trying to hide in the forest; otherwise she'd adopt a more mimetic style, with leathers of the color of the woods.

Laterality:  Left-handed


Neutral Evil


Dylise was once known as a compassionate woman. Kind, caring, and considerate, she was very sympathetic toward everyone, even her enemies. She poured out her soul to anyone in need of help, even after the Calamity, despising the bandit she had been forced to become. Dylise was also very good with children during her lifetime; no matter what village she went to, the children were always fond of her. However, in her later months she wasn't always as kind as she once was. She had developed a new-found hatred that she never had before. At first, she wanted revenge on the Wildwood. However, she eventually subsided to acceptance of their discrimination of the Duskwight. Slowly, she had been starting to become more like her former self. Dylise was a very wise woman for her age, and quite deceptive. After the Calamity, she developed a strong attachment to life that she didn't have before.