Frhanz'ir Kirche

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Ishgard.jpg Frhanz'ir Kirche
Franz 2014 04 15 WVR.png
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Ishgardian
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A mid-sized Elezen, Frhanz'ir Kirche wonders what his parents were thinking when he was named, and prefers that people simply call him "Frhanz" for short. As for how he got his name, you may need to ask him the story, as he often wonders too. While his expression may appear cold at times, his is a friendly individual once he gets to know someone, and is always ready to lend a hand, at the cost of time. He is obsessed with how efficiently moogles can send mail and relies on them heavily.

Frhanz can commonly be found scouring the markets of Limsa Lominsa or enjoying Gridania's scenery. He is particularly fond of his Free Company's estate, located in Gridania's Lavender Beds.


Currently, Frhanz sports short, black hair and a variety of Disciple of the Hand outfits. After leaving Ishgard, he went to the Aesthetician for a new look, in the event anyone from home try to drag him back. He's been known to be practicing alchemy lately, but many times, can be found weaving or goldsmithing for leisure. He is mid-sized for an Elezen, which makes him taller than many, which may explain his love to craft, as he no longer towers above others. He has a thin build, which can make him feel small when compared to a Highlander or Roegadyn, which does seem to bother him occasionally.


Frhanz is fairly soft-spoken. While he's friendly to many, there is a certain disconnection with the rest of people. Frhanz wants to appear as easy-going, and unless already busy working on a task, will drop anything to assist even the newest of acquaintances. Probably crafting if not adventuring with {The Calm Before}, as Free Company he's been involved with.

Assuredly strange to many, Frhanz has accepted a very detached notion of cultural pride. He doesn't really care about where a person has come from, provided they do not pose an immediate risk to his location, his friends, and himself. Other people may find this strange, as Frhanz wouldn't really care if the Garleans approached him, provided they were not there to cause harm. Perhaps this stems from his strict upbringing in Ishgard, where his every move and interaction was monitored, and the people he spoke to, restricted.

Frhanz can usually be found either near a Market Board or at a local pub. He enjoys listening to the conversation around him, even if he is not a part of it.

Lately, Frhanz has been putting more of his efforts into Alchemy, but that isn't to say he's given up on anything else.



When adventuring or exploring, Frhanz generally relies on his mage skills, and prefers to support the group rather than attack. He is a scholar by nature, and can often be seen with a book, even in battle.



  • A good conversation
  • Quieter areas
  • Assisting people
  • Practicing any of the disciples he studies


  • Watching people die.
  • Being called by his family name
  • Being over-formal
  • Failing things


  • Studying
  • Researching new ways to craft


  • (TBA)



If you ask him, Frhanz will probably try to change the topic of conversation. While he doesn't resent his family, they were not the kind of people he wanted to surround himself with. Growing up in Ishgard, he has a strict upbringing that did not fit well with his more relaxed and accepting personality. He thinks of othe Ishgardians as closed-minded. Despite this, Frhanz does still care for his family, and feels they are better off thinking he is gone/dead as opposed to "fending for himself outside the gates".


Frhanz is friendly to many, here are a few that he has been known to be in contact with.

Kage Kiryuu: Frhanz has known Kage for quite a few years. While he hasn't kept in touch as of late, he was there when Kage had been studying thaumaturgy, before the Calamity. Frhanz still thinks of Kage as naive about the world, but values their friendship. While Frhanz is visiting Ul'Dah, he wants to visit Kage and catch up on life events.

Roen Deneith: While stopping in Ul'Dah for some business, Frhanz was approached by Roen for assistance. Known by some rumors floating around, Roen had asked Frhanz for assistance, which he gladly accepted. Frhanz doesn't know much about Roen, other that she has knowledge of conjury. He's noticed that she may be hiding details about their work together, but that it is of worry, not malice. Frhanz would want nothing more than to be trusted by her.


The only enemies of Frhanz are the disrespectful and the impolite.


Common Rumors

  • "Yeah, he's a friendly fellow. Hardly know him though. He doesn't speak much of himself, nor his past."
  • "An Ishgardian Duskwight that isn't a religious fanatic? No wonder he doesn't go back." -Coerthas Observatory Staff Woman

Moderate Rumors

  • "He's too trusting. I've heard he helps people for free." - Ul'Dahn Street Merchant
  • "He's always working on some bizarre project. Where does he find the time?" - Many a crafting guild

Rare Rumors

  • "Is it true he actually left Ishgard on his own, and can still return?"
  • "If there's an aether-related anything, this guy can fix it"
  • "Perhaps he knows something of the new Aetherite system that doesn't use anima"
  • "Some say he might be like the warriors of light. He was certainly in the area around the Calamity."

PC Rumors

  • "He is a skilled alchemist. And a generous person. He helped me and mine. I will forever be grateful." - Roen Deneith


Background Frhanz spent most of his life practicing as many disciples as possible. While originally an arcanist, Frhanz quickly mastered the basics and moved on to other fields, having an interest in conjury and thaumaturgey. Before the Calamity, Frhanz spent most of his time a mage, while dabbling in botany, weaving, and alchemy. By studying some of the crystallized trees in a visit to Mor Dhona, Frhanz became fascinated by aether, and how it was used by the ancient civilizations.

Upbringing and Childhood (I'm still working on this)

Before the Calamity After the battle at Silvertear Lake, Frhanz left home for adventure, against the will of his parents. It was only then that he could truly devote himself to study, without the added necessities of Ishgardian life. Occasionally, Frhanz would visit his family, in between work. Despite what rumors may be floating about, Frhanz does have the proper identification to prove his heritage, and can freely enter Ishgard, should he ever want to. He hasn't been back since the Calamity, surely assumed dead by his family.

Battle of Carteneau Frhanz did not take part in the Battle of Carteneau, he was busy studying some of the crystallized structures in Mor Dhona at the time. He may or may not have kept some samples of various crystals before, during, and after the Calamity.

The Calamity For the most part, Frhanz avoided much of the Calamity. Due to being nearby when it occurred, he witnessed Bahamut's fury and was thrust into the time pocket that Louisoix sent the Warriors of Light into. Not being a Warrior of Light though, Frhanz was only transported, and was no forgotten by those who knew him. Many assumed he simply was elsewhere during the five years after the Calamity, as Eorzea rebuilt itself.

After the Calamity when the Warriors of Light returned to Eorzea, so did Frhanz. At once, he returned to his life, speaking nothing of the events that transpired. While many people did not question where he went, there have been a few loose ends he has been working to resolve, mostly revolving around Ishgard. (Maybe a plot here if it becomes available in-game)

Filling the Void in Ul'Dah Frhanz arrived in Ul'Dah for some personal business and supplies. Still getting lost in the larger city, he was approached by Roen Deneith before he could find his way back to the Alchemist's Guild, where he was to discuss some new findings with the guild leader. Roen had sought out Frhanz from some rumors she'd heard from a certain Lalafell. Not knowing what had transpired, Frhanz asked for details. From what he could find, Roen was treating a man that had runes carved onto his body to summon multiple voidsent creatures. When basic treatment didn't work, Roen took Frhanz to Gharen Wolfsong to see what could be done. Using a mix of advanced alchemy and summoning, Frhanz was able to transfer the voidsent into a temporary medium, which promptly attacked. Roen defeated the black creatures, taking the shape of Gharen, severing their ties with him for good. Work done and exhausted from his own use of aether, Frhanz returns to Ul'Dah, to finish his own work. He awaits to hear from Roen on the progress of Gharen's recovery, now that he is no longer in danger. (OOC Note: Frhanz does not know Gharen by name, but only that Roen cares deeply for her brother)

RECENT EVENTS Once business matters had finished, Frhanz took some time to relax in Ul'Dah, casually working with the Alchemists' Guild and enjoying time at the Quicksand and airship pub. But with even that finished, Frhanz had a final talk with Kage in person before preparing what he packed to return to his home in the Black Shroud. On the day of his departure, the Alchemists' Guild leader threw him a going-away party. Unable to decline, Frhanz joined and fell ill the next day. He's currently postponed his return until he think he could make it through the airship flight without getting nauseous. He later returned to his house n Gridania for some work, and has found himself back at Ul'Dah again.


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