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Hananashi Okumura Hanabotbook.png
Personal Data
Nickname: Hana
Known Aliases: Shio Homura
Race: Raen
Age: 27
Name Day: 24th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Eye Color: Fox-Yellow
Hair Color: Black
Occupation: Alchemist
Sexuality: Pansexual
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5 fulms, 2 ilms
Weight: 110 ponze


- - -


While on a mission for her company, she was taken into custody by the Immortal Flames. Unlike her previous encounters, the newer commanding officer didn't take lightly to being bribed. After some questioning, it was discovered that Hananashi had been on the run from the Radz-at-Han government and, after being stripped of jewelry and unnecessary effects, was promptly shipped back to the island where she awaited execution for treason for her crimes against the public of the city. During the trip, however, a nasty storm seized the ship and blew it off course into the Ruby Sea where it sunk. Prior to it sinking, Hana had already been working on picking the locks to her cell, and hastily threw together ingredients on board in hopes of creating a potion that would turn her Hyur. During her haste, something went wrong, and she ended up becoming Raen. Found by the people of Sui-no-Sato, she was instantly looked upon as a demon thanks to the tattoo that remained on her side, the ink embedded into her scales. Had it not been for the efforts of the former Deus Pirates, the Raen of Sui-no-Sato would've sought to throw Hana into Hells' Lid, believing her to be an escaped oni.

Missing the advantages of being a Miqo'te, Hana recently enlisted the help of friends to begin life anew as a Seeker of the Sun.

Aspects That Stand Out:
A Bi Fang tattooed down the left side of her body beginning at the bottom of her shoulder blade and wraps around, nearly encompassing her entire thigh. In certain lights, the tattoo almost seems to glimmer.


A skilled Arcanist turned Summoner, thanks to the passing of her mentor's soul stone, she devours books and often keeps shelves of those she finds particularly interesting, collecting rare works to horde away. She's very analytical, though this doesn't stop her from making the occasional rushed decision. Having been in need of refuge, she turned to an old friend, Kaly Angura, for both a place of sanctuary and work.

Is very expressive through body language and will often click her tongue to get a point across, especially if in extension of expression.
Uses both Hingan and Eorzean languages when talking, reverting to Hingan when she's particularly upset.
Has a viper tongue piercing, having found being constantly compared to a snake amusing.
OOC Note: I use some Korean expressions(i.e: "Aish", "Aigoo", "Omo") when RPing Hana out, and often imagine Korean counterparts when she speaks single words.(i.e: "Why" = "Wae"; "Yes" = "Yae"; "No" = "Ani")


Hana is introverted, despite being sociable and enjoying social events to a point, she'd much rather be somewhere with access to books or walking through the outdoors. When social events are over, she finds the latter activities a good way to recharge, along with being able enjoy her pipe and good drink. She also isn't someone who will back down from something once she commits to it, unless it no longer benefits her goals, making her easily adaptable to a variety of situations. Usually, this was most effected by whether or not she felt there was enough coin lining her pockets, more often than not, letting the weight of promised gil topple her ethics. Without having clear goals in mind of how she wants to take advantage of the second chance at life she's been given, there's a bit of tension and unease when it comes to bartering. She will often put up a barrier behind a smile and a polite word, not caring to share personal details about herself and used to be considered very opportunistic, striking out at something she found interesting and worthwhile. Due to the fact that her tattoo didn't disappear with the alteration potion, she's become very cautious and more lost in thought than she used to be.


Loose leaf teas.
Wine(including sake) and a short selection of whiskey, mead, and ale.
Tonberries. Many of the furniture items in her apartment have tonberries on them.
The Shroud(save for the majority of the Central Shroud).
Exploring ruins, discovering artifacts, and general outdoors activities.
Books, especially those containing information on Aether.


Vampires, vampire references, and voidsent.
Being teased, and will usually find a quip to comeback with if it gets under her skin enough.
Chocobos. Having been responsible for the horse birds in her youth on ships, she has a strong distaste for them.
A lot of Eorzean dishes, finding a good majority of them too heavy on her stomach.
Sour or bitter forms of alcohol.
Public displays of affection involving her, this includes even mild forms of flirting or touching.


Fishing, as it gives her the opportunity to recharge and relax.
Exploring ruins.
Finding new plants and minerals to experiment with.


Aetherial manipulation in regards to summoning magic.
Applying theoretical knowledge into her spells or experiments.
Committing to tasks given to her.


Physical feats in general, having come to rely on magic and alchemy.
Decisions involving romance and relationships.
Known for having a sharp tongue and a fiery personality; can be very hot-headed.
Bases her decisions on self-interest; most of the time.


Anything that will enhance her skill as a summoner or alchemist.



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Okumura? Wasn't she that woman in the paper who was executed?" - Fisherman's Guild, Limsa Lominsa
"There used to be a Miqo'te woman around here with a pretty bird on her side. Heard she had trouble with the Brass, though." - Quicksands Employee
"She was always here, picking up shipments from across the sea. She gave us a pretty good tip and some wine if we helped her deliver the crates to her shop in Shirogane, but papers said she died." - Dockworker in Kugane
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Some people were poking around and asking about her in port." - Radz-at-Han Merchant
"...I have nothing to say on the matter, and if you value your life, you'll stop looking into it." - Captain of Guard
"Someone was in here looking for her, trying to find out what happened, but take my advice and read a paper instead." - Lalafellin Merchant
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"A strange Raen with a Bi Fang on her side showed up. Thankfully the demon was taken away by people who called her "friend"." - Travelling Raen Merchant


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors -
"Place Rumor here " — Rumormonger.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Atmus Hawke, relationship ( ) - Friend.
Character's Thoughts: "Confused, but grateful to him and his brother."
Discovered by the two brothers in the Ruby Sea. She denied her identity, though it was quickly uncovered considering all three now work for the same company.
Tilidi Salidi, relationship ( ) - Friend.
Character's Thoughts: "He's sweet, and like most Lalafell, charming. He's someone that you can turn to if you're having trouble, and a very good friend."
Having heard tale of The Black Card, Hana sought them out and found Tilidi. He wasn't at all like she expected, and someone she's finds comfort in being around.
Zaya Ejinn, relationship ( ) - Friend.
Character's Thoughts: "Endearing, though recently I find her more tenacious and very unlike the woman I first met. The idea that we also both betrayed the same man has incredibly piqued my interest in the person she really is."
An old crew mate, Hana was surprised to find Zaya had joined the same company. Despite having many lingering regrets, she's excited to have her friend in the same company again.
Kaseko Zuma, relationship ( ) - Friend.
Character's Thoughts: "He's always been a kind and understanding individual."
Atmus' brother, she's always found him easy to talk to and sees him as someone she can confide in.
Sihzoh'a Lyehga, relationship. ( ) - Ex-Lover.
Character's Thoughts: "My heart, my soul, my being. Sihzoh'a was everything I loved and hated at the same time."
Strong, passionate, and intense. Hana fell hard for the Miqo'te because of blurred childhood memories, and despite being left because of she's a hybrid, she still cares deeply for him. Presumed deceased.



The Bi Fang Tattoo
During certain spells the require an intense amount of aether, the ink of her tattoo glows red - the same color of her carbuncle. Manipulating aether through the tattoo will also yield the same effect and is also a direct connection to her own aether - thus why she'll only use her tattoo if in a pinch. She does this using outdated thaumaturge methods that are still heavily looked down upon today: blood magic. This form of magic is especially draining for her.


The Shroud
When Hana was about 12 summers old, her father dropped her off with relatives in the Central Shroud. Life was difficult during this time due to the fact she didn't know Eorzean, and very much struggled finding a place to fit in with the Miqo'te and Elezen already established there. Because she'd already been familiarized with tending chocobos, her aunt charged her with helping clean the stables at Bentbranch. Not knowing the language and known for having ghostly pale skin, a rumor ended up going around that there was a girl who had been possessed by voidsent, and in cruel play, Hana was targeted by some of the other children and adolescents. They dragged her to the steps of Haukke Manor and threw her inside to 'put her back' where she belonged. When she finally escaped, traumatized by the horrible creatures that lurked inside the building, she ran away. Having been chased by beastkin and vilekin alike, she found herself on the steps of the old Gelmorran prison, Toto-Rak, during a particularly bad storm. She was later found by an older teenage boy who, despite being irritated by her, led her back to her aunt and cousins in Bentbranch.


Hananashi was raised in a small fishing village in Hingashi by her mother, originally from Kugane, who feared that the port's denizens would reject her family and her daughter. After an unexpected reunion with her father, as he prepared to leave, she stowed away with him onto a Confederacy ship and thus began her life at sea. The captain didn't take well to the fact that she was a stow away, but since he had taken on her father as part of his crew, Hana became part of the cabin crew whose sole job was tending chocobos. Once they'd arrived in Eorzea, her father bargained with with friends and family to take her in, which never lasted long since she could never understand what was expected of her due to the language barrier, always making her way back to a port and ultimately out to sea. Spending just under a decade this way, her travels landed her in the arms of the Sahagin's Bane. With this crew, she was taught the Arcanima by a senior member, eventually picking up alchemy as well. While docked in Radz-at-Han in Thavnair, she came across an unknown smokable substance in a seclusive, back alley pub. It left her disoriented for days, her crew having given up search for her and left port. Thanks to her alchemy skill, she was able to produce a similar concoction, and with her partner and lover, discreetly sold the substance. A sudden turn of events left them split up, and Hana imprisoned charged with illegal distribution of a deadly product. Thavnair law wasn't kind to drug manufacturers or dealers, and sentenced the woman to death. While awaiting execution, the jail was attacked by sea to free a different group of prisoners. Never the less, Hana escaped with them. The ship sailed to La Noscea where the Admiral and her Maelstrom lay in wait, blowing apart the ship and sinking the crew. Injured and half drowned, the Miqo'te drifted to Southern Aldenard where she was nursed back to health by the people of Vesper Bay. After a year of recovery, she found promising business in the black market, discovering a profit and love for artifacts. With the help of a friend she purchased part of a vineyard in Vylbrand, mixing the wine with an extract taken from morbol vines, and coined the wine "Morbol Vine Wine". Though illegal, due to the toxicity of morbols, she managed to find a niche in the black market that eventually made it's way to Ul'dah's elitists over the years. The gil was used to purchase a shop which she named, "Thaliak's Obscura".


In-game screenshots and commissioned artwork of Hananashi.




Player Note
I have a very clear distinction when it comes to OOC/IC. They must remain separate at all times if we are to RP together, especially on an extended basis and I reserve the right to end interactions should this be impeded upon. I've been burnt heavily by people mistaking IC care and OOC friendship and attention with romantic regard and honestly I don't wish to go through another such debacle once more. If my character dislikes yours that does not mean I hold the same sentiment. If my character loves yours that does not translate to me feeling the same for you, though I might feel a platonic equivalent. I am not my characters and they are not me. Respect this and we shall get along famously.
Personal RP Limits
I'm pretty open to a lot of things during RP as long as it maintains some sense of logic. There are a few things I more than likely won't be willing to RP out, but you can see for yourself below.
I will play Almost anything that isn't described below.
I won't play Death, Maiming. I don't mind romance but it needs to be earned and respected, but if she's in a relationship, romance is going to be a rather difficult pursuit. If you have any questions on what I won't RP, please ask!
Regarding ERP ERP is strictly fade to black.
Little Tidbits.
If you're ever uncomfortable or need something adjusted in our rp, tell me! I don't bite and am willing to change my posts to reach an outcome we can both feel comfortable with.


Potential Plot Hooks
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