Hirakatsu Kurokiba

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(This is a Work In Progress.)


 Hirakatsu Kurokiba
Intermediate Conjurer/Scholar/Fencer
Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Hingan (Kugane)
Server Balmung
Age 27
Deity Nymeia
Orientation Bisexual
Marital Status Dating Rhaya Matoi
Occupation Writer
Nameday 27th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
Hirakatsu Kurokiba, better known as Hira, was born on the 27th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon.
Often frequents the Arcanist, Thaumaturge, and Conjurer guilds; typically anywhere books are found, he is also found.
He has no particular interest nor care set aside for politics.
No allegiances worth mentioning, nor that exist at this point in time.

Hira's Inventory

Last updated: Dec 23rd, 2018.

- Several novels of several different genres and ideas, from fiction to non-fiction.
- A cane is always on his back, crafted with great care. The gem socketed atop has a sword engraved upon it, though its purpose is best explained by Hira.
- Within his coat, his rapier is concealed, alongside casual wear that is oft never seen.
- A quill pen, several pieces of parchment gifted him by Chakha Mol, and bindings to make drafts with.
- His glasses, a spare hair-tie or two, and various spellcasting and other reagents.
Hira in front of a large collection of both his own novels and other assorted works.


Height: 7 fulms 0 ilms

Weight: 237 ponz

Complexion: Pale

Hair: Raven Black

Eyes: Dark Brown

His eyebrows are arced downwards at an extremely slight angle, denoting a permanent look of seriousness; however, due to his deep brown eyes, thin nose, and average lips, his overall facial structure contributes to a look of wisdom and studiousness.
Hira is relatively thin; although, he does his best to maintain a somewhat muscled--average, of course--figure beneath his robes or casual attire.
On the deeper end of the high-pitch scale, sounding more akin to a matured youngster. His laugh demonstrates the height of his range, for he prefers to keep himself to measured, relatively inquisitive tones--though he's no stranger to being jubilant given the right occasion!
Smells of a used bookstore at any given time--the kind that has scented candles in it that have almost entirely worn out from overuse.


In general, Hira is kind-natured, respectful, and mindful of his own words.
Once he's gotten to know someone better, Hira tends to ask an over-abundance of questions, usually regarding health or general questions of conversation. More often than not, he'll attempt to hold multiple inquiries and conversations at the same time; knowledge is power, and while he doesn't know a lot, he certainly aims to in the future.


Easily tempted by knowledge. More often than not, the mention of rare books will attract his undivided attention.
Inept in combat. Despite his choice of weaponry, his tactical mind is best left to analyses; as such, his skill in regards to fighting is minimal.
Despite being an analytical mind, he lacks the ability to think overly quickly in life or death situations.
Often follows his mind more than his heart; this has led him to many a poor path, and yet he still trusts his mind's counsel--albeit equally along his heart's, at this juncture.
Often cares far too much about minor things, especially small details.
Prone to extensive, nigh debilitating worry.
Quick to anger given the right scenario.
Over-protective of dear friends.


Caves and other underground locales.
Being out on the open sea with no land in sight.
Being/becoming useless
Losing those he holds dear


Healing/Restoration Magic
Advising (usually)
Critical Thinking (in non-life threatening situations)
Tactics and Strategy


Has a tendency to tap his foot while idling, to some unheard beat.
When drunk, often becomes more direct yet verbose with his speech, and flirts far more often (normally done respectfully, of course).
Over-analyzes extremely simple scenarios, but in ways that make others think differently. Usually.
Acts perhaps a bit TOO much like a noble; it gives the wrong impression, but he's certainly not nobility.
Tends to adjust his glasses randomly, even though they never once shift from their position on his face ultimately.



Reading. Reading. Did I mention reading?
Social drinking.
Playing adviser.
Jewelcrafting (offshoot of Goldsmithing).




Those with malicious intent
Over-bearing or strict people
Physical training
Direct confrontation
Being used for others' purposes
The color red.


Favorite Color: Dark Blue
Favorite Food: Steak of any kind; takoyaki (especially his mother's recipe)
Favorite Drink: Typically orange juice, but also Ishgardian tea and white wine
Favorite Scent: Fresh rain upon stone
Favorite Place: Libraries/His apartment


Typically, Hira hangs towards the back of any particular skirmish, preferring to aid those in need of healing rather than directly participating in conflict himself. However, should be participate, he knows a minor assortment of decently-strong spells that he can use should he so choose.


Magic Wand - Extremely proficient Cane - Rather proficient Sword - Proficient Thaumaturgy/Conjury - Proficient


Intermediate Conjury, and a modicum of experience with thaumaturgy.


No particular interest in crafting, though he does on occasion seem to work with cloth.


Birth and childhood (0-10)

Born to Yunra Qalli and Dankatsu Kurokiba alongside his twin sister Maseina, Hirakatsu Kurokiba enjoyed a relatively quiet childhood among the streets and locale of Kugane. He was particularly adept in most fields of study from approximately three summers old, and as such often became rather spoiled by his parents; though, this did NOT make him a negatively impactful person, per say, it simply meant that he had more than most to benefit from. At the age of six, Hira's eyesight began deteriorating: it hasn't reached the point where he's effectively blind, though without his glasses he might as well be from how blurry everything around him appears. By the time he became ten summers, Hira's grades and notoriety had both grown immensely; despite his middle-class upbringing, he soon found himself receiving an almost elite education.

Teen Years

Ah yes... the teens. Starting at approximately thirteen, Hira's popularity surprisingly declined rather than increased; not because he was intellectual, but instead because he simply is antisocial by nature despite how he otherwise might appear or present himself to be. He had few friends, even fewer acquaintances, and instead preferred the company of his books and other study material to actual personal company. That being said, most of his teenage years were quiet save for at the age of nineteen summers.
When Hira turned nineteen, the first signs of real trouble cropped up: his sister had begun shinobi training, his mother had gone travelling back to the Steppe, and his father had left on some business trip into Yanxia and as such... Hira was truly alone for the first time in his life. It was then his debilitating fear of loneliness began settling in, you see, and a direct result of that was Hira never once leaving home. He saw nobody, effectively barricaded himself in his well-kept yet shrinking room, and only left that he might take care of hunger, thirst, or anything incredibly essential. So paralyzing is that fear of Hira's, that when he's left alone for too long, he becomes catatonic for an entirely random, indiscernible amount of time, and if one looks close enough they can see the occasional eye-twitch or the ever-present quaking of his hands in that state.


Around the age of twenty, Hira began taking up writing, which has become his main source of inspiration, comfort, and joy among whatever trials or tribulations life might deign to throw his direction. Though he's yet to make MUCH of a name for himself in that regard, his first two novels have seen some modicum of popularity and although work on the third has yet to begin, his author status isn't in question. After the Calamity, when he turned twenty-two, the news of places outside Hingashi and Othard began to be more curious, and after ensuring his parents would be cared for in his absence, Hira decided to adventure to Eorzea and beyond in the hopes that he might find some true purpose outside of writing and his newfound skill with conjury.


Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC! Some of these rumors may be untrue or greatly exaggerated.

Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

"Has his nose buried in books more than flies have theirs buried in trash."
"He's particularly fond of Lalafell and fellow Auri."

Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)

"Takes notes on anything he finds interesting; even if it's completely mundane!"

Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)

"I think I saw gears on his left leg..."
"Has his heart in too many places."

PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)

"Insert rumor here." ~Name
"Insert rumor here." ~Name
"Insert rumor here." ~Name


💑 In a Relationship Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Family Good Standing Neutral Poor Standing Deceased

💑Rhaya Matoi The love of Hira's life. Though they've briefly separated before, for the time being their relationship hath returned to its previous state of happiness and affection... more or less, even with hitches along that path. Half-sister of Rihxo.

Kokoya Koya A delightful Lalafell, presumably a scribe, whom he considers to be a writer of great skill; their continued interactions only cement a budding friendship of immense proportions.

Ashi Akage Fellow Raen, swordswoman, kind-hearted. She's a kindred spirit, and Hira views her as a little sister from how delightfully the two get along. Her counsel rivals his own in terms of both usefulness and wisdom, and he appreciates calling her such a dear friend more than he'll ever say.

Gerel Kha Sociable, and a great friend whose counsel Hira has come to appreciate. Also just delightful company in general.

Isha Monogatari A Hingan merchant whom Hira has met many times back home in Kugane; they're good friends, despite not spending much time together.

Shadha Simhavyala Somewhat sociopathic Miqo'te whom has become one of Hira's better friends and certainly one he likes spending time with; she's hot tempered, but pleasant enough company.

Vincent Braddock An aspiring Hyuran monk who gets himself into a bunch of trouble, and yet Hira doesn't mind. Instead, he supports his friend Vincent and the two are great friends.

Dorim Dalli Shadha's roommate. He doesn't know much about her, but they get along well enough he considers them friends.

Ophelia Cauldris Originally, they met in the Quicksand and shared a drink when Z'attano decided to include her in their conversation; however, the two have since conversed many times and seem to be good friends. She's a chirurgeon, and though Hira's never asked, he'd value her counsel greatly.

N'darun Tia Hira's first friend after arriving in Eorzea initially. While it took some time for the two to get used to the other's personality, they've become great friends, even to the point where N'da's skill in Blacksmithing is paired with Hira's Jewelcrafting to create the canes and foci that the latter uses in his spellcasting and study. Though regrettably unable to spend much time in each other's company, they're great friends, and Hira values this companionship greatly.

Shion Tokunaga Auri nobility of sorts, and a healer much as Hira is. He's found her advice reliable, her guidance invaluable, and her friendship--however deep that may be--to be simply delightful. He considers her to be a great ally; one whom he will not cross.

Rihxo Matoi Rhaya's half-sister, whom he has had the pleasure of interacting with for a short time whilst lounging in Ul'dah. Suffice to say, her chocolateering skills have him intrigued, and her personality is enjoyably energetic, albeit most of the time she's... rather drunk.

Amenie Chamberliaux Wonderful Elezen lady whom Hira has gotten to call a business partner in addition to friend. She often carries his books at her library, and is generally within Hira's good graces at all times; he thinks she's grand to be around.

Pepeko Peko Easily Hira's best friend. The two have spent a number of bells in each other's company, simply conversing or even sometimes Hira will be giving her advice--or vice versa. Their friendship is ever in bloom, yet never fading.

Z'attano Naweh Z'at is best described as... troublesome. While Hira doesn't necessarily have to bail her out of anything dangerous, the catte tends to get herself into /far/ too much trouble. Though, Hira ends up buying her drinks more oft than not, and would consider them decent acquaintances. Not necessarily friend, but definitely not foe.

Ariette Nox Not much to say, frankly. They've only interacted all of twice, but both times have given Hira enough of an impression to respect Ariette, or Ari/Lady Ari as he sometimes refers, and as such considers her a respected acquaintance.

Notable Events

(This area will be updated when Hira has participated in anything noteworthy.) Dates are included mostly for me so I can keep track of things. However, feel free to use them as references for character journals.

Notable events are divided into arcs, so that you can easily find new info on each arc.

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RP Hooks

(Credit is due to Endel Blanche for the idea to add in this tab!)

- Ninety nine percent of the time, Hira can be seen scribbling in either one of his many notebooks or within the pages of a full-blown bound book. What he writes isn't particularly known; however, he does claim to be a writer of epic tales (under the pen-name pseudonym "HK Kiba").

- Will often ask about the weather or time of day as conversational starters, and is extremely well-mannered towards any whom wish to speak with him.

- His clothes are elegantly crafted; however, of late he has been forgoing the fancier silks and donning darker or more simple clothing.

- Often--or semi-often--spends significant portions of time around the Quicksand.


What I am looking for/interested in:

  • Serious Plots (injury and such included within)
  • A little bit of romance here or there, preferably with build-up so it makes sense!
  • Casual, yet longer-term RPs (note: meaning that he can be walked up to by those he sees frequently -at any time- and -anywhere-).

What I will NOT RP:

  • ERP


  • None at this time.

About the Player:

Hey everyone, I live on the West Coast of the US (GMT-8). I typically play a rather serious character (N'da), but Hira is my current project because I love playing a smart, well-read gentleman with a little bit of a flirty side. I consider myself to be a somewhat decent RPer; however, I am still fairly fresh to XIV RP in particular, so I would ask for some patience in that regard. Otherwise, have fun interacting with my characters!


This template created by Rihxo Matoi with the help of Nanagi Nagi and has pieces from the templates of Unnamed Mercenary, Roen Deneith, Cyrus Wolfe, and Coatleque Crofte.

Other Stuff

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