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 Hojo'to Zuginoch
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"Everrrryone's past catches up to them. I'm just the guy yourrr past happened to hirrre for the deed."
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper
Citizenship Mountians of Coerthas
29 XX
Deity Path of the Radiant Dawn
Orientation Does it matter?
Marital Status Single
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Nameday XXth Sun of the Xst Astral Moon
Please STandby. Currently Rebuilding Wiki,
Hojo wanders and can be found almost anywhere.
Hojo has no investment in politics outside of what earns him a paycheck.

Height: 6 fulms 0 ilms

Weight: 200 ponz

Complexion: Obsidian

Hair: White

Eyes: Alabaster

Hojo's face carries several scars. A long, sinister scar runs down over his right eye. Three claw scars are hidden beneath his bangs on his forehead. His left cheek, in certain lights, is a scarred mess, though it healed well. A long scratch runs horizontally across his pixy nose as well. He wear's an eyepatch over his left eye now.

Hojo's is, for a miqo'te, large. Years of wearing armor and physical labor have caused him to bulk up and he is, for a miqo'te, heavily muscled.

Hojo's voice is general a very pleasent tenor. But when angered, it drops to a deep, thundering bass.

Hojo smells like metal, tea leaves, and lemon.
Hojo is very friendly upfront. Whether friend or foe, he will always intrduce himself by name and he has a habit of talking alot.
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Tends to be chatty. This is because silence bothers him


Being buried alive.
Unending silence


Piloting airships.


when thinking, Hojo will wiggle his nose and sniff.



Going on walks.
Listening to music


The snow.


The Void
Pointless Cruelty


Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Drink: Tea with lemon
Favorite Scent: The smell of rain on hot stones when the rain first starts
Favorite Place: The mountians.

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Hojo's Axe: Hojo carries a large, double headed axe around with him. In addition to the blades, it houses a single shot projectile in the haft of the weapon.

(The MK TYPE IV): Hojo currently wears a pro-type suit of magitek armor created by the late engineer Askier Mergrey that has since been perfected by Askier's son, Mihk'a Korofi.

The MK TYPE IV is a reinforced set of armor designed to protect against all but the most savage of projectiles and sinister of attacks. It's reasonably light for the amount of protection it gives but its real specialties are as follows:

- A napalm thrower built into the left wrist that has enough fuel for a constant stream lasting between thirty seconds to one minute depending on humidity and air density.

- A launcher on the left wrist that houses three explosive darts capable of a thirty foot range.

- A built in, wrist-mounted, retractable, short blade installed on the right wrist

- Rubber grounding that dampens the electrical currents directed at the armor.


Book of the Radiant Dawn: (Forth coming)


  • Outside of combat, Hojo is actually a skilled airship pilot from his years as a pirate. (Though he is a terrible mechanic. Don't ask.)

The First 17 Years

Hojo speant the first seventeen years of his life living with his tribe at the base of the Coerthas Mountains. His childhood was spent learning the basics of the hunt, foraging, and how to make a good Keeper male. But he was restless and could not keep himself from dreaming of a life beyond the woods and forests and, at seventeen, left his tribe to travel the world.

Four Years a Whore

Hojo managed to get as far as Ul'dah before his coin dried up and he realized his tribal life would not sustain him in a world of rules and houses. Desperate, Hojo began selling his body for coin to keep eating. By luck alone, he managed to encounter a brotherl owner that took him in and treated him decently. For about two years he worked their, earning the nickname "The Ram" for the first time and amassing enough coin to feef his education intrests.

After two years, Hojo took the money he had made, and began traveling again, continuing to sell his body where he went. But he began to yearn for more, and, upon arriving at Limsa, saved enough to take basic weapons classes and to afford his first weapon. Now twenty-one, he learned through one client of a ship taking on men to sail, and, eager to become more than a vagabond and whore, Hojo enlisted on the merchant vessel.

Two years a Merchant

Hojo spent Two years traveling the oceans of the world, seeing all sorts of lands for the first time and learning everything he could while doing so. He became a decent sailor and an average fighter. But that changed the night his craft was attacked by airship pirates.

They sunk his sea going vessel and press ganged anyone willing to join. Eager not to die, Hojo enlisted with the pirates and spent a year learning to fight and trying to prove himself to keep himself alive.

Three Years as "The Bloody Headsman

Hojo's chance came. Shortly after the Fall of the Moon, the Garlean Empire was cast into disarray. The Imperial merhcant air vessels, as well as some of the smaller Imperial Navy airships became prime targets for the more bold of airship pirates and Hojo's crew began a three year spree of pillaging and looting.

During this time, Hojo managed to make a name for himself as a blood-crazed fighter during boarding actions, impressing many. He earned the nickname the Blood Headsman though because of his habit of hacking off the heads of the dying to end their suffering and keep them from the hands of the pirate crew's doctor, who had a habit of experimenting on the injured victims of their raids.

But all good things must come to an end. Hojo's pirate crew, as well as several others, were attacked and defeated by the Imperial Navy in an air battle and Hojo, managing to survive the airships landing, slipped back to Eorzea to escape the reach of the Imperial Law.

"The Haunting of Kerhiem

Upon arriving back in Eorzea, Hojo took up work as a mercenary and ended up being hired as extra muscle by a group of monsterhunters and exorcists. This small band had been hired to investigate strange phenomenons occurring near the village of Kerhiem, deep in the mountians of Coerthas.

Once at the village, Hojo and his employers spent eight months being assaulted physically and mentally by things of nightmares. These Voidspawn persisted over and over and slowly, the villagers and the hired warriors were killed off one by one. During the final night, one of the exorcists tried to end the strange phenomenon once and for all. During the Void assault, Hojo uncovered a small shrine beneath the church and in it, a book.

Only three people survived that night, and only Hojo was sane at it's conclusion. Whatever the book did for Hojo, he says that only it's pages allowed him to live and he refuses to answer any more questions about that night other than to say "The exorcist was successful."

The Hunt for Azrael

Following the events at Kerhiem, Hojo began to work as a bounty hunter. He purposefully chose jobs where the targets were seemingly more monster than human. One such job took him deep into the southern deserts hunting for a man-eating killing miqo'te. After nearly a month and a half of wandering the shifting wastelands, Hojo confronted the young man. The exact details of this encounter are held close to Hojo, who's face was scarred savagely from the fight. Hojo returned from the event without the young miqo'te's head but with a metal collar the boy-beast had worn. When asked about the head, Hojo said, simply, the body was too burned to be of any use, but the beast was dead.

Since the Hunt

Since Hojo's hunt for Azrael, the male continues to freelance as a bounty hunter and a merc.

Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC! Some of these rumors may be untrue or greatly exaggerated.

Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

"Man's a good enough sort." Bar Keeper
"The armored cat? Yeah, comes by ever so often to buy tea from me. Always chatty. In fact, too chatty sometimes. Least he's polite" Tea Merchant
"Insert rumor here." ~Person

Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)

"Boy was a whore for me in his youth. I'd know that face and hair anywhere. He sure has changed." Mistress Agna, Brothel Owner
"Insert rumor here." ~Person
"Insert rumor here." ~Person

Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)

"Kerhiem? Ack, don't mention it. Even with his skin, he'll turn pale and walk away. He saw the stuff of nightmares he did. And it changed him." ~Person
"He was a Garlean airship pirate. I'd know those murderous eyes anywhere." Fellow Airship Pirate
"Insert rumor here." ~Person

PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)

"Insert rumor here." ~Name
"Insert rumor here." ~Name
"Insert rumor here." ~Name
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Sun'ra Zwahn ( ) - INSERT TITLE
Kanako Moonweaver ( ) - INSERT TITLE
O'kihp Tia ( ) - INSERT TITLE
When you starrre into the eyes of a beast, the beast starrres back out of you. He will choose whetherrr the hunt rrresumes or not.

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The Hunt for Azreal

(4-16) An Example Table

(Status: Complete (Occurred in in past) (Who was Involved: Hojo'to Zuginoch, O'kihp Tia (Azrael)

Hojo was hired to hunt down Azrael for actions of the younger male's past. Afterover a month of wandering the deserts of Thanalan, Hojo confronted the younger male and beat him within an inch of his life. Only Hojo knows why he spared the boy that day and did not claim his head. But Hojo is wary and believes they are destined for another encounter one day.

The Ram for the Hivemind

(1/1-1/2) Working for the Hive

(Status: On Going) (Who was Involved: Hojo'to Zugincoh, Memith Ganajai, the Hivemind)

Hojo has been hired to act as a meat shield for the organization called 'Hivemind' and to act as a personal body guard to its founder and her mate. Thus far, conflict has been reserved to minor skirmishes with onther cartels and nothing significant has arisen yet.

The Hunt for Tobias M. Hendrick Jr

(3-Mar-16 to 7- Apr- 16) Working for the Hive

(Status: Complete) (Who was Involved: Hojo'to Zugincoh, Tobias M. Hendrick Jr, Lucianus Tert, Vincent Mordhiem, S'tro Nunh

Hojo was hired by a small band of smugglers to help deal them on a job to steal goods from The West Sun Shipping Company, a merchant enterprise out of Limsa. During the job, they discovered Mr. Hendrick Jr. was using his company's ships to move slaves and was taking some of these slaves for himself to experiment with void corruption.

The group was later captured by Lucianus Tert, a fellow board member of the The West Sun Shipping Company. Lucianus agreed to drop the charges against the small band of would-be thieves if they dealt with Mr. Hendrick. The group agreed to the job. They assaulted Hendrick's offices and Hojo finished off Hendrick himself in a crowded street, taking Hendrick's head as proof. Tert has since placed a bounty on Hojo to save face but has subtly honored his agreement and let the thieves escape.


Hunt You Down (Bloodborne Trailer Song)
Artist: The Hit House ft Ruby Friedman
Context: Character Theme
Hunt Or Be Hunted [HQ [Extended] ]
Artist: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST -
Context: Character Fight Theme
Artist: Adrian von Ziegler
Context: Memories of Home
Merciless King
Artist: God Eater Burtst
Context: The Nightmares of Kerhiem
The Dawn Will Come- Strings Version
Artist: EA
Context: Book of the Radiant Dawn

Rp Hooks

- Could have been someone who knew him as a young tribal.

- Could have met him while he was a whore.

- Possible fellow sailor on his merchant vessel or airship.

- Possible (would need to work this out) survived events at Kerhiem

- Perhaps he wronged someone your character knew while a pirate or a mercenary.

- If your character has enemies, Hojo could be hired by them to hunt your character down.

What I am looking for/interested in:

  • Hi there! I'm looking for long term rp partners. I really enjoy plots and telling stories as a team.

What I will NOT RP:

  • I'm comfortable with all rp. That said, I'm not really looking for a romance for Hojo, or ERP.


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