J'inarah Marad

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J'inarah Marad
Birthname: J'inarah Marad | Sex: Female | Age: 22 | Race: Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun | Type: ISFJ
Birthplace: Outer La Noscea | Current Residence: Limsa Lominsa

personality and backstory

Inarah was a social pariah in her Jackal tribe in Outer La Noscea. She didn't fit in at all, despite being one of the better hunters, and some of the other tribe members made her life a living hell. During her darker moments, when tending to wounds after being assaulted by the stronger females in the tribe, she would wonder what she was even doing there. This culminated with her eventually leaving the tribe altogether, and her now-husband, J'kilid Tia, joining her soon after.

The blonde Seeker is generally pleasant and amiable towards others, albeit a bit nervous at times. Whilst certainly no social butterfly, she seems determined to keep everyone happy, whether it be prodding reclusive individuals into breezy conversation or placating those of a more volatile nature. She shows a maternal side towards her 'pack' of friends, caring for them and ensuring their safety as best she can. However, with the stress of appeasing and nurturing so many different people comes a fiery temper that can rear its head when one least expects it.

appearance and traits

Just under 5 fulm tall and barely an onze over 100 ponze in weight, this miqo'te is quite obviously on the petite side for her race. Her diminutive stature and slight build however belie the strong, wiry muscles beneath. Her sun kissed complexion bears many faint scars and other signs of combat, proving she has seen her share of battles in the past. A cascade of pale flaxen waves tumbles down her shoulders, loosely tied at the back in a utilitarian braid. Her face is lightly bronzed, like the rest of her body, and a rusty red tattoo spans across her temples like a mask. Golden eyes are lined with thick, dark lashes; the right eye in particular stands out, with a deep and ragged scar etched across it from forehead to cheek.

The Seeker tends to wear plain, unobtrusive garb that befits function rather than form. Leather boots, trousers and a cotton top comprise her most typical outfit. Her clothing, however well worn, is clearly taken care of as evidenced by the neatly repaired stitching and overall cleanliness. The aromas of sea salt, lavender and a hint of acrid tannin cling to her body. She is occasionally seen with a dried, yellow flower tucked somewhere on her person.

Likes: Surfing, mothering, baking, oysters

Dislikes: Ghosts, 'unnatural' magic, loud noises, cactuars


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out of character info

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