Jin'li Epinoch

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 Jin'li Epinoch
"This one is a gentleman first and a monster second."
Gender Eunuch
Race Miqo'te (Voidspawn)
Clan Unknown
Citizenship None
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General OOC

Jin'li was once mortal and is no a Voidspawn over a long series of events.
He was designed to be an antagonist so his power levels might be higher than some might expect.


To look upon Jin'li is to look upon the visage of death itself. The albino stands but a short way above the ground and is easily overlooked by even the modest of tall midlanders; which is counted as a blessing for most for many find his visage unsettling. His onyx black pupils consume his entire eyes, leaving no white or iris to add diversity to the sea of black. Beneath his eyes are deep, black bags in his skin, as if he had not slept for weeks on end. His pale flesh is cool to the touch and smooth as it covers his pixie nose and thin cheeks. His jaw line is set and angular and the lips that never display emotion are thin. Hair as white as pure snow hangs arcoss his brow in combed bangs and his ears stand as still as the grave. He often dresses in black.


Jin'li's most notable characteristic is his manners, which border on the obsessive. He is incredibly polite. His manners, however, do not change to accommodate the location he is in, instead, always being tailored to his own system of beliefs regarding etiquette.
Jin'li's regard for life can be remarked upon as simply unphased. He kills without reservation for his own ends and has recently developed a bit of a superiority complex regarding most mortal beings. He understands the universe differently than many and believes that anarchy and chaos are where true freedom are and that by filling the world with it, he is actually helping people reach their ultimate potential.



Uses a short gunblade called "Kindness". He also carries a rapier but uses it more as a cane, than a weapon. He has access to several strange powers that include: - Being able to dominate and communicate with animals. - To manipulate himself via means of a tesseract. - Able to reform himself over a period of time. - Skilled in Umbramancy



  • Manners
  • Dying
  • Freeing slaves
  • Killing
  • Classical Music


  • Sex, or discussions there of of any kind as he was horribly scared mentally and emotionally by experiences in his youth and has become unable to feel emotion as a defense mechanism by his brain to handle his trauma.
  • Slave owners, slavers, or anyone who he believes to deny or oppress the freedom of another.
  • Cabbage ... he thinks it smells weird.


  • Poetry.
  • Sneaking.
  • Studying Chaos Theory.
  • Resurrection


  • Jin'li can speak with Ravens and Crows



Askier Mergrey (Jin'a Epinoch) - eldest brother. (MIA, possibly blew himself up)

Jin'to Epinich - Second Brother. (Definatly Dead)


  • Kanaria Galanodel - The woman who allowed Jin'li to live once although she did not know it. Jin'li's new master and Jin'li are both very impressed by how she was going to allow Jin'li's final wish to be granted and, as such, Jin'li is very fond of her, though he is certainly not opposes to killing her if need be.



Common Rumors

  • "Jin who? Never heard of him." -

Moderate Rumors

  • "That white haired miqo'te? Well he was very polite, paid his tabe, and left a good tip, but didn't say much." - most bar tenders who serve him
  • "Heard of him? Yeah I heard of that bastard. Posioned the city of Ul'dah, and killed loads of innocent. Let him rot in the hells!"

Rare Rumors

  • "I heard he died. Also heard he's back. Twelve willing, its a lie."
  • "Jin? Don't let them know I know this, but the lad was a pleasure slave till he was fifteen."
  • "Heard he castrated himself because he hates sex."

PC Rumors

  • "Jin'li you say? To me? I... I can't rightly say... I'm not sure if I want to hurt him or if I want to try to make peace... And that scares me a bit, quite a bit..." - Kanaria Galanodel
  • "I walked away from his corpse once. We didn't make that mistake again." - Osric Melkire
  • "One of Menphina's forsaken sons. He did horrible, unforgivable things. He compromised my leadership. The world is better without him."- Kiht Jakkya
  • "There was a time I found him interesting. I believe I owe him the 'kindness' he offered me." - Franz Renatus
  • "Insufferable little shite. -This one- will gladly show 'im that 'e can shove those manners up 'is arse." - Nahare Mergrey
  • "Not a good date, to be honest." - Orenji Kharn


Birth and childhood

Jin'li was born a slave. As such, his impressions of a person's standing was a very set thing and that he was always lower and must be polite to all non-slaves. He was born sickly. His first master, the slave master of a pleasure house, had the boy know his first women at the age of nine, and his first man at ten. Jin'li's face made him a highly desirable rental among the patrons of this pleasure house and Jin'li's young mind was forever scared by what he endured until he was age 15.

At 15, his true master would enter the establishment. For reasons Jin'li never truly understood, the man who was to be his new master took pity on the 15 year old Jin'li and purchased him from the slave owner.

Jin'li spent over a year seeing one doctor after another, each finding a more serious illness in him. Some even remarked it was a miracle the boy was even still alive and that he would be better off put out of his misery. However, Jin'li's new master refused to do so, and instead began training the boy in the art of shooting and espionage. His master beat and punished the boy harshly. Despite his illness, the young man earned his master's approval and, for this, he was promised to be a useful pawn in his master's plans but that he would never be anything more to his master. Jin'li felt as if he was worth something for the first time in his life. In devotion to his master, Jin'li castrated himself to destroy any urges he might have that would distract him and to make sure he never had to be reminded of the horrible things that had been done to him in the pleasure house.

Since that time, Jin'li as been a loyal servant to his master. Nothing is more important to him than his master's will, and he would turn on the empire in a heartbeat if his master ordered him to.

New Master

With Adin's death at the hands of Osric, Kanaria, Kahn'a, and Lelani, Jin'li planned to join Adin , but Rema begged him to take a potion before the fight. Jin'li lost, stabbed through the lung and seemed to bleed out. In truth, he came close enough to death's embrace that he was abd to see the spirit of his Adin waiting for him in the beyond. But just before Jin'li could step into death, he was dragged back to his body. Rema had restored him as best she could, feeling pity on the miqo'te. Jin'li's body is now very weak and moving is difficult, but he serves his new master, for she was kind, and saved a slave for no other reason than to let him live. Rema had tried to free Jin'li but he refused and now serves her as urgently as he served Adin.

Own Master"

Jin'li's madness and diseases began to consume him. As the physical ailments ate away at his body, his mind was similiarly devioured until he slew Rema to make her even to Adin in death and served them both as he thought they spoke to him in his mind, though it was simply his own will justifying his actions. He would then launch a assault on Ul'dah that very nearly crippled the city. Through politics, blackmail, and posion, he manipulated events that lead to the poisoning of large amounts of fresh water inside the city in an effort to sow terror and take the city for the Garlean empire as his masters had wished. But he was ultimately thwarted by the efforts of many individuals inside the city.

As his efforts were countered one by one, his closest allies began diserting him, till he, alone, sick, coughing blood from his lips, and to weak to fight, stood before those who had come to claim his life. In his last gesture as a free man, Jin'li shoved the trigger of the weapon that would kill him into the hands of his greatest rival, Osric Melkire, a man Jin'li had utterly broken once, and held the barrel of the weapon to his own forehead as Osric fired, ending the miqo'te's life for what should have been forever. Death, it seemed, was still to be kind to the broken little miqo'te.

"Servant of Death"

In the moment of his ending, Jin'li was ensnared by a new master and forced to serve death, or at least a cult claiming they served death. The "Voice" a powerful elezen Black Mage, snatched Jin'li's soul and bound it to another soul to create the entity known at Atrium Crow, an undead voidspawn trapped in a corpse. Jin'li's soul was mostly dominated by the other souls, but a small part remained storng enough to recognize he was chained again.

However, as time went on, the first body Jin'li was bound in was destroyed and he was given another, this time bound with the original soul of the body, a female. The instability of the fiery female soul started to bleed over into Jin'li's and Atruim became a wholly different person. A person capable or normal emotions, something Jin'li had buried deep down during his own life.

Atruim, with the aid of her lover, freed themselves of the "Voice" but without the Voice to sow the two souls together, Jin'li fought against the female's soul, trying to crush hers.

But Atruim's soul, the female, eventually managed to push Jin'li out of the body, leaving her the soul occupant of her body and alone to carry the name Atruim Crow. At this time, death came to seize Jin'li, to take it into its realm for all eternity.


The awakened emotions inside Jin'li, incensed at the indignity, tired of serving as it was supposed to, however, broke the chains on it and found a slip in the veil between life and death. Through sheer determination alone the soul of Jin'li endured. Since that time, it has dwelt within a rotting hole, drawing to itself the energies of the place it lurks within, until a time it is finally strong enough to remain within the world of the living. For Nald'Thal has not forgotten Jin'li and often tugs at the soul, trying to draw it back across the void and forever lock the miqo'te away.

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