Leoden Garande

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Leoden Garande
"There is always more that I need to learn. It is all about taking it one step at a time."
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 22
Nicknames Leo
Occupation Adventurer.
Guardian Deity Byregot, the Builder
Marital Status Dating Meriell Bell
About The Player
  • Time Zone: BST/GMT - United Kingdom
  • Nationality: British-Welsh
  • Server: Omega
  • FC: None currently.
  • Lodestone: Leoden Garande
  • Additional Characters: Pishrero Junerero
  • Last Updated: 16th November 2019


Leoden Garande, or Leo for short, is an Ala Mhigan refugee freed from the clutches of Imperial rule following the reclamation of Gyr Abania.

Having been freed from Imperial rule and the oversight of his elders in secretive hiding, he found himself at a loss on which direction to take in life. In the end, his elders advised him to take to Ul'dah on the next carriage out, and find his future there. As a result, he would find himself learning to work with his fists, having no immediate tools to hand as he would begin training to take on the world around him. Having then found himself in Ul'dah, he came to learn a few things about tending to himself and trying to live a self-sustainable life, though he came to realise that he could not do this alone. This is when he had a chance meeting with Ihrih Nhoyo and Kathir Ragewind, eventually becoming a member of the Astral Crusaders.

Thoughtful and caring, he finds himself rather easy in making friends and allies, though he also judges them on their mistakes and how they learn from them. He is the same with himself, leading to his brooding and overthinking nature that sometimes sets him into a downward emotional spiral if left prolonged. He is slow to move on, and sometimes this causes him to become lost or overwhelmed at too many new things transpiring all at once. This might be why many of his emotions are worn upon his entire body, and he cannot tell a good lie or denial.

None can doubt the heart on this young man, however, and his passion for life and all that comes his way has taken to others being inspired by his deeds.


Leoden is someone who thinks a lot about many things, so his collected and calm nature is a normal for him, processing thoughts and ideas being much like a routine. He does his best not to go distant, being a friendly and open person who is more than willing to hold conversation with anyone willing to strike one up with him.

Many who converse with him may find that he may act wiser than his years would have you believe, the majority of which comes down to his thoughtful nature, but a lot of that comes from how his elders have raised him. Being taught by those many years his superior, he has adopted many of their traits and outlooks on life, and his nature to question and check and converse comes from his formative young years.

He is not without his personality flaws, however. He becomes rather easily flustered by things outside of his knowledge - and still finds certain topics uncomfortable to discuss, which has led to him panic-talking a few times when such a case would come up with someone. He is trying to get better about it with learning and understanding, but it still comes up sometimes when he's not prepared for it.

He is a big supporter of learning, and will gladly engage in conversation or activities that involves some kind of learning aspect to it, be it him learning or being the teacher. His drive to become self-sufficient had been fuelled by his desire to learn, and his training only serves to show that he can teach himself if he is committed enough to the cause he is going for. He always believes there is more to learn, even from other people or from the world itself, and given his history it is easy enough to see why this foundational belief exists.



Leoden is very short for his kind, standing at approximately 185cm. Given his training, he is rather muscular and toned, with a dark skin tone. He is incredibly fit and physically capable, with most of his body honed from the training to use his fists from a rather young age. He has a small patch of blond hair upon the back of his head, the rest being perhaps shaved or no longer present due to the intense training in the past, though he does have a blond beard as well which he keeps to a trim level.

Of his most notable features are, firstly, would be the markings upon his eyes, something he has maintained and kept throughout his time since leaving Ala Mhigo, as a memento of the home he once lived in. Secondly, he also has heterochromia: While one of his eyes is a soft lapis blue, his right eye is a rather radiant emerald green. Being an adventurer, he has his fair share of scars, one being faint across the front of his chest, with another being on his left shoulder, a puncture wound that was healed since.

On clothing, he tends to favour sun-kissed yellows and bright colours, though he is not entirely averse to deeper reds or even blacks, though even he would admit this latter colour palette would be down to the influences of many of the company wearing darker coloured garments. Given his perspective, it is mostly with the idea of practicality that he dresses, giving little thought to appearance for the majority of the time outside the task at hand. He has, however, come to respect casual clothing and has come to see the relevance of it for future endeavours. He has certainly been influenced by Ul'dah, and this shows sometimes in his choice of garments. He often does not have jewelry, though he maintains a set of Ala Mhigan earrings, another memento from his homeland.

Posture Habits

  • Thoughtful.
  • Open or intrigued.


As his elders instructed, he made himself a commitment to Ul'dah, and has thus signed up with the Immortal Flames, to whom he regularly reports to and sometimes conducts operations for. It is through these relations that he also found himself learning leatherwork and cloth garment creation, having progressed further in his own learning beyond repairing his own equipment. So he has come to learn most of his trade through support and interactions with the Immortal Flames, to which he continues working for to this day.

It was under their advice, however, that he was instructed on the prospect of Free Companies, with many of them having bases out in the Goblet. It was this initiative that saw Leoden come into contact with the Astral Crusaders, under whom he has conducted a few operations for and has generally garnered support from the company in his endeavours, having proven his capability and reasoning in many situations in spite of his lacking of knowledge. It is there he has found himself as an adventurer, but he also handles clothing repairs and is there as a cook, something that stems partly from a hobby of his: Fishing.

Though not fully instructed in how and where to fish, he takes to fishing rather well, with water being a rare commodity in Gyr Abania, and has an interest in learning all of the ideal fishing locations across Eorzea, though this is spurred on by his desire to self-sustain, from which he learned how to cook, and although a bit of an amateur in that regard, he is clearly capable and responsible with all things that relate to cooking, particularly meats and fish.



At his most talented, Leoden can rival the Ala Mhigan monks of old, having continuously trained himself in the art of martial arts combat with his own self-guided style of fighting, long ago believing that while one may disarm a man who has a weapon, it is not as simple to remove that which is attached to one's body. This is not to say he is inexperienced with weapons either, having taken to learning how to handle short blades for a time and with an interested look towards other blades. However, when all else falters, he is more than capable enough of relying on his fists and legs to do the work that other weapons may fail upon.

Though meditation and experience, and with finer guidance from his mentor in Helga Mistwalker, he has found himself understanding and even enhancing his capabilities in aether manipulation. He understands that such phenomena occur should his emotions run high in a certain element: He has come to rely on compassion and love to take to a battle with flame, a strength he once had manifest in fierce determination or anger, while his playful nature or cheerful personality brings him closer to the wind, enhancing his steps and movements with immense agility and a restorative boost to his stamina, with his protective nature and his sheer will to stand his ground presents himself with the strength of the earth, making him able to withstand blows far beyond his body's normal limits. He is continuously learning and meditating on these matters, now with a focus to master them each in turn, though recent events have made him more attuned to the element of wind, with earth being a close second and fire a distant third, were his abilities in each to be ranked accordingly.

Being formerly self-taught and learning much from his mentor, he is continuously learning and evolving himself. Evidently, weapon techniques are mostly beyond him, only a few times in the past choosing to resort to short blades but has since neglected training with them, though he still holds a muted interest in learning more of such weapons where he can. And while he may have the potential to control and manifest aether into other talents, he has yet to learn how to do so, though recent experience has given him a mind to try to learn after being initially afraid to do so.



  • Friendly/Informative discussions.
  • Practicality.
  • Fruit juices.
  • Training and Meditation.


  • Disrespect.
  • Thoughtless action.
  • Alcohol.


  • Fishing & Cooking.
  • Peaceful Meditations.
  • Contemplation of complex circumstances.
  • Aiding others, even if just by conversation.
  • Working and creating.


  • An excellent close-range combatant with plenty of agility and stamina.
  • Quick of learning and contemplates every circumstance with thought prior to action.
  • Determined learner with a goal to become self-sufficient.
◢ Common Rumours
"The dark-skinned Hyur? He could certainly prove himself one day, if he keeps making a name for himself."
"He seems to be in his own thoughts a lot. I wonder what a guy like him could even be thinking about."
"He certainly has a fascination with the colour yellow. Wonder what spawned that? It's a very loud colour."
◢ Uncommon Rumours
"Didn't he look like a Yellowjacket at one time? Was he ever one of them?"
"I could see in him someone fiercely loyal. He'll make for a great ally, or a great lover."
◢ Rare Rumours
"He acts so wise, so why does he know so little about the finer things in life, like wine and sex?"
◢ PC Rumours
(None yet. Have one to contribute? Let me know!)


Family     Love     Platonic     Failed     Good     Neutral     Poor    


Marshden Garande (31 / Deceased)

A former combatant in the defense of Ala Mhigo, he was witness to the horrors of Garlean rule first-hand as he was among the numbers suppressed in the occupation. Though he had intended to fight valiantly in the resistance and overcome their liberators, he was no match for them and was among the many cut down in the suppression effort of the Imperial forces in Gyr Abania. He never got to know his son's face.

Lilian Garande (28 / Deceased)

A loving housewife and mother, she was concerned for Marshden's safety when he swore one day to free Ala Mhigo. When news of a Garlean assault on the hidden outpost he was staying at reached her ears, she was devastated. She also knew how the Garleans would react, entrusting the safety of her only child to the care of elders in a nearby village. Upon her return, she was captured for consorting with enemies of the Empire, and was thus grossly mistreated as a Garlean prisoner until their neglect and abuse caused the last of her days to pass.

"Elder Kashan" (62)

The leader of the village elders that cared for Leoden and many orphaned children during the time of the Garlean occupation, though they swore to do so in secret to prevent them drawing in new recruits. This task was made all the more difficult with their regular sweeps for new recruits for their war efforts, but Elder Kashan had brought about the other elders to manage and sustain a village and had protected the children through use of hidden caverns and passageways. Though he knew the cost of not allowing the children's freedom, he knew that the freedom would be short-lived under Garlean supervision. When the freedom won by the Eorzean Alliance had passed, many left to take their own path in life, yet it was through the Elder's discussions and familiarity with Leoden that he had instructed him to go to Ul'dah, to find his own truth. It would be the last guidance Leoden had been given from the elder as he left his home for many of his formative years to seek a new life elsewhere.

Love Interests

Lynn Shiri (??)

Being one of the first females whom Leoden had taken to task for in his work for the Astral Crusaders, perhaps it was fitting that this would be his first romantic partnership, having always shown care and consideration for her despite their many differences. Following conversations, she came to speak of how "standing at your side" brought joy and happiness to her, and he felt the same towards her. Although Leoden has confessed about his feelings for Meriell to her, they still hold a close bond and Leoden seeks to do right by her for her understanding and caring nature.

Meriell Bell (19)

Being initially called in to help with the incident at Haukke Manor, it has come to a surprise to him as to how quickly he has warmed up to her friendly and energetic nature, and now he feels inseparable from her. With the two having very caring natures about them, it did not take them long to find that they rather enjoyed each others' company, and the chemistry between them was magnificent. Despite initial plans to keep it as friendship, this has since escalated, partially due to the circumstances their relationships had placed them, yet it seems to have only served to intensify the bond between them.


Shin Nelhah (28)

While not initially the best in conversation between them, Leoden has found himself respecting Shin for her care and consideration for Meriell, something which he held as some common ground they both shared among themselves. It is over this shared bond with Meriell that the two of them have come to be on at least friendly terms with one another, with a mutual line of respect and understanding between the two of them, even if Shin can still sometimes be abrasive towards others.

Sini'to Shadar (32)

As a partner to Shin, Sini'to became the initial reason for the Manor events to come to a conclusion, being the leading force in the matter. It was his quick thinking that led to a more amicable conclusion to the events, and Leo has always respected his ability ever since. Though they rarely get a chance to talk, Leo still considers Sini'to a trusted companion and would gladly aid him if any matter occurred where Leo could help.

Kathir Ragewind (215)

The lumbering giant of a Hrothgar has been a friendly and courteous presence to Leoden, and they have been fast friends ever since they joined up within moments of each other within the Astral Crusaders. The two of them share a bond of respect and honour between each other, and Leoden has a lot of respect for him, perhaps reminding him of the elders he once conversed with in the past in some way.

Rene Skathi (??)

Another of the Vieran race, he warmed to her during the first task he had as a member of the Astral Crusaders, where she was having a complete mental breakdown over the realisation of what killing people meant. While comforting her, he came to care about her well-being, keeping a careful eye on her ever since. Her recovery - and subsequent win over him in a three-contact duel - assured him that she was on the mend, and he is very happy to see her returning to her previous self again, even if she sees Leoden now as much a rival as a friend.

Helga Mistwalker (??)

A fellow Hyur who has trained in fighting from a young age despite her blindness, she has made a fast friend to Leoden, whom she is mentoring as a monk. In the short time they have got to know each other, there is definitely a feeling of unreserved respect and care between the two of them, their gentle natures shining through and leading to the pair of them feeling remarkably close, though they respect each other enough to never go too far with one another.

Alyx Greywind (??)

A miqo'te he ran into at the Lynx and a friend of a friend of Helga's, they got along well enough in conversation and, taken in by her courageous and attitude towards being willing to try anything, found himself sparring with her there. Though she succumbed to exhaustion in the end, he was happy with her performance and hopes to meet her again another time, pleased at having made a new friend to converse with.


Ihrih Nhoyo (??)

Being one of the first members of the Astral Crusaders he met, he had a lot of respect for Ihrih and her capabilities. While he still respects her, he does feel rather at unease regarding her stance towards the Grand Companies, and the accusations levied against one of them openly without evidence became a risky business that Leoden himself had to try and mend after she had departed. This has since made his opinions of her lesser for the efforts, concerned that her attitude may cause more trouble for others going forward. He still admires her for her capability to converse with young and treat them with kindness and respect, however, and will always hold that in high regard with her.

Crimson Dawn (??)

Leader of the Astral Crusaders, it was under her authority that he signed up with them. While he always tries to maintain respect around her, treating her with the authority that she has over him, there have been a few times where he has glanced the gentler side of Dawn and he can admire that part of her. It is her kindness that led to him having a place at the Wandering Respite to live in, and it has given him a commitment to remain loyal to the Astral Crusaders going forward.

Zaraa Malqir (??)

Secretary to Crimson Dawn, the initial meeting between the pair was tense at best, with Thorir lashing out at her presence due to lack of being informed of her employment, something Leoden was a witness to. They had got a chance to talk after that incident, and came to an understanding that there was no bad blood between either of them, only that such events were unexpected. She and Leoden do maintain a cordial communication channel, but so far it has remained strictly business.

Thorir Ryder (25)

Thorir and Leoden had been a complex relationship from the beginning: Thorir struggled to understand the difference in worlds between Kugane and Eorzea, and the lack of self-worth was a matter of conflict for Leoden, Leoden made attempts to change this with limited success. At one point, Thorir would call him a brother. This changed over the course of events concerning Ihrih and Meriell, and now he cannot trust Thorir, seeing a loose cannon prone to acting rashly despite never going too far with anyone within sight of Leoden. His parting with Meriell, however, was the last he has seen of Thorir.

Borgaeir Seaborne (17)

Initially meeting on a venture in La Noscea, Leoden initially had a rather fond opinion of Borgaeir. This, unfortunately, would come to break down when the young man's rash and impulsive nature would come to the fore, as it had led to Leoden's initial passing out in his first mission with the Astral Crusaders. It would later come to a head when his collapsing of the mines with another task from the Astral Crusaders led to an issue involving the Brass Blades, for which Leoden has yet to forgive Borgaeir for. It is because of this that he seeks to avoid working alongside him where he can help it.


Sho Ishiku ((80's?))

Though his first encounter had been brief, and Sho's return causing concern and distress, he used to like respect her devotion to love. Since then, she has shown to be rash, carefree and too direct, which did not set him at ease around her. This became compounded multiple times when she tried to force blame on others for her own actions and made threats upon his life. Having never been threatened in such a manner before, it set his mind to never trust her again, and he absolutely refuses to work alongside her. This had a concern of potential escalation, given such threats, and Leoden will not take her lightly if it comes to needing to act, yet she has since been dismissed and not seen since that day he placed his position on the line in the Astral Crusaders, with her threats to other members coming to the fore.


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