Lho'a Garanjy

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Gridania-transparent.png Lho'a Garanjy
The Doom Cat
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Gridania
Marital Status Single
Occupation Librarian, Attendant , Researcher
Patron Deity Menphina
Known Relatives Father figure referred to as Ankou
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If Lho'a ever had a Clan, they were either lost to the Calamity or the Garlean's that moved through the Shroud. As far back as his own memories reach, he finds himself a lone child crying out for comfort and aid. He find's his calls answered by a voice from within, one that offers to teach him, shield him, and make him grow strong. A voice, that in return for these gifts asks only to see the world through his eyes, and become a constant spectator in the play it would help to write. This was how the boy became possessed, and why he carries within him a voidsent that yearns to experience the many facets of life. It was through his guidance, that the Keeper survived a struggling youth, and it was his power that provided succor for a starving child in the depths of the Shroud.

He is a great many things...a jester, an irritant, a healer, an adviser,a scholar, a mage, a spy,a friend, a protector But the one thing he refuses to ever be....is Alone.


An ashen skinned keeper with a mop of green and white hair atop his head. Despite the messy appearance of it, he actually spends much time each morning trying to ensure one bang hides his left eye, for the sake of appearing more dramatic than he actually is. He is a small framed, small built Keeper male, with little by way of physical strength and presence. Often times he is more prone to perching on a railing, or squatting next to others during conversation, keeping him with more of a minions stature than a man's. This is more a reflection of his own view of self worth than anything else, even if he doesn't realize it.

Lho'a is almost always found in some form of robes. He prefers baggy attires that hide his form, and allow him to appear slightly larger than he actually is. The more straps, pouches and trinkets the better. He holds a strong value for nicer outfits, having never had access to such things in the past. In that regard he takes very good care of the robes he does acquire, and would likely risk his life to keep the garments safe.

Lho'a is almost always seen with some form of glasses, as the pink eyes keeper has terrible vision without them. This being his most visible weakness, he often is noted adjusting or toying with them out of self conscious worry.


Lho'a can have a very overbearing personality publicly. He is usually the loudest in a group, and prone to causing problems by riling up whomever he can get a reaction out of. He is likely a bit more wordy than most of his kind, and shows a great deal of intelligence and inflection when given the chance, but these instances are easily drowned out in him calling Lalafel's short, or Highlanders dumb. For those who can look past his big mouth, it will be more obvious that his desire for attention has gone far past caring WHAT sort of attention he gets. He is just as pleased with being disliked, as liked..and often times will chase and pick at someone who threatens him, more than he would one who genuinely shows wants for him to be around.

Beyond the outward face, Lho'a is a fairly smart Keeper, who values knowledge above all else. Having little experience in affection and interaction, Lho'a is far more likely to sever bonds and betray others for the sake of a promise of power or a new spell. If a social interaction does shift too much on him, Lho'a will tend to panic and retreat entirely. He has trouble handling too much stress, and will do his best to teleport away if a confrontation occurs that s not to his liking. His own fear of isolation manifests a habit of keeping himself exiled for the sake of staying locked into what he is used to. This usually leads to the Keeper drifting between being quite manic and silly, and then dipping down deeply into his own thoughts of craving to be feared more than liked.

As he has interacted more outside of his comfort zones, Lho'a has begun to develop a want to be part of society more. Having met a Matron in Miah Polaali, he has begun to learn the ways in which his people live their lives, and is utterly fascinated with their culture. He has felt the faintest hints of instinct kicking in, and his studious mind demands he learn and experience more. In Restless Wind he has had a firm hand to keep him from getting into too much trouble. Between the two, and some outside forces, Lho'a is finding himself addicted to social interactions and studying the ways in which others behave. Were as once he was content to isolate himself in the Shroud, he now panics at even the thought of not being near others.

Some later events have expanded his world view, and in doing so caused him to realize just how small he is compared to the grander scope of things. In learnng this, he has gained a greater disdain for would-be-heroes, and has mostly given up his quest for immortality and fame. Lho has learned that life is only precious because it is brief...and to that end he wishes to experience as much as he can while he is able.



  • Other Keepers
  • Differing schools of magic
  • Traveling to new places
  • Learning new trades
  • Cracking wise
  • Bullying with no resistance
  • White Pearl Chocolate
  • New Robes


  • Seekers
  • "Heroes"
  • Being alone
  • Narrow Views
  • Wasted Potential
  • Ishgard
  • Goodbyes


  • Aetherical studies
  • Void research
  • Extensive note taking and watching of those he deems important in Ul'dah
  • Collecting rare books/ building his library
  • Gardening
  • Exploration of the known and unknown world
  • Finding what makes people tick, and then exploiting it


Main Interests

These are the folks that Lho'a has, at present the most vested interest in. Not to say the Keeper doesn't cast a wide net, but these souls are of particular interest for one reason or another.

Miah Polaali
Quote from Lho'a: "It seems her Clan is growing in a better direction. While I'm not one of them any longer, it pleases me to think good can come of what I helped create."
Rumor about Lho'a: ""
Lho had discovered Miah while tracking her down for Mitzi, though rather than a simple meeting, he found himself in awe of the woman’s presence and power. This would be his first example of a Keeper Matron, and he quickly found himself conforming to her tribe as her advisor and right hand man. Lho’a was however, not prepared for the level of conflict he would find there, and was frequently at odds with Seekers who settled in their home, and the enemies Miah had made. After an altercation that nearly cost him his life, and a reading from Elear that gave grave warning to letting Miah do as she pleased with his Voidsent companion, Lho’a began to find himself involved in tension and strife amongst his clan mates. He had decided he was the superior intellect, and that it was up to him to ensure Miah reached a potential he had predetermined. Every misstep caused him to rattle the cage, to the point where he attempted to murder a member of the Clan to ensure Miah’s power. These events lead to a great rift between the two, and in time Lho’a found himself exiled and estranged from Miah and her people. They have been on speaking terms since, but his heart aches for the lose and culture shock that came with this closure. Lho had felt very bitter for some time, but the after gaining his mind and body fully back to himself, he began to linger around her home, watching her progress and those she filled the walls with. Lho'a approves of the direction Morbolvine is on, and seeks to maintain some form of contact, in the least as a means to help his people.
Restless Wind
Quote from Lho'a: "It was, perhaps, my fault that she went down the path she did. I could not save her, and I'll not let anyone else slip through my fingers again."
Rumor about Lho'a: ""
There exists an interesting bond between Lho'a and Wind, a Roegadyn who saved his life from an void based ambush, and in turn placed him as her charge and student. Lho'a had been kept at close length and the pair seemed to suffer tensions both from the Miqo'te of Morbolvine, and her own ongoing strife based around her very dangerous father. Both share a large degree of hiding within their shells, while sharing a strong concern for each others continued existence. Lho'a had taken note of a budding link forming between her and her student, Jubini, and has since hoped to find a way of fostering the woman's ability to finally open her heart and explore the avenues before her. Since his falling out and struggles with his clan mates, he has scarcely seen Wind, and believes the woman likely would not approve of his actions. Lho'a had allowed Wind her space, in the hopes she'd overcome the limitations Morbolvine had put on her, only to see her fall under the sway of a highlander named Reiner, and once she had gone that way he seemed to have lost any means of relating to her. He became firm and often cruel in his dealings with her, which lead to eventually coming to watch her take her own life, as direction had escaped her fully. In exchange for preserving her life force, Lho'a forfeit his powers entirely, and wound up stranded for a time in Sharlaya.
Mitzi Moui
Quote from Lho'a: "I'm really not good with children, but the potential is clearly there. Setting her off into the world may have seemed a cruelty, but her experience will go far beyond what most Keepers will ever see.."
Rumor about Lho'a: "Mister Bad Cat says I gotta be a Matron, and that means I gotta be really strong and then make all the bad guys go away and the kits can be happy and play games and never have to eat vegetables ever again! But Bad Cat won't be invited because boys are dumb cats and also because he made me and Mister Boco feel lonely a lot.."
A young Keeper child, that Lho’a had met shortly after losing track of Eyri. The child had been scared by some of the things Lho had said, and then requested his aid in locating her “mother”, whom she’d become separated from after some drama with the Reclaimers. Using his abilities to read aether, Lho was able to track down Miah, but instead of bringing them together, he became caught up in her Morbolvine Clan, and lost track of the young girl entirely. Much later he’d noted a highlander had brought her home, and he was reprimanded for his failure in actually escorting the child. Once there he’d been tasked with the girl’s safety and help in raising her, though conflict regarding Ankou soon forced Lho’a to be exiled from the Clan entirely. It was not long after that he would cross paths with her once more, were he earned the title “Bad Cat” for having perceived to fail her once more. Deciding he was not fit to raise a child, he sent her off with an Au Ra swordsman to train and explore, and had lost track of her since. He was approached by an investigator who is now her caretaker, and is assured the girl is safe and sound. Lho fancies the concept of seeing her as a future Matron, but is not sure he is the one to teach.
Sasha Rochester
Quote from Lho'a: "She is a woman of power and refinement. Respect it. See it and understand she is likely your better. That said.....realize what that means in regards to myself mmm?."
Rumor about Lho'a: "[other rumor here]"
Lho had met Sasha by chance, while doing his usual people watching by the gates of Ul’dah. Having a general idea who the woman was, he chided her to test her reaction and get a feel for who and what she was all about. After a lengthy ( and impressive ) verbal exchange, the two shook hands and both recoiled at the aetherical reaction between them. Lho’a was suddenly bombarded with a line of demanding questions, which lead to him seeking the privacy of his study, than risk his possession becoming public knowledge. Despite his best efforts to retain some edge during conversation, the silver tongued noble managed to convince Lho’a into her employ as a researcher, and helped to drive him towards some degree of revenge on the Clan who had exiled him. Lho feels he may have some degree of upper hand, or that he is actually now using Sasha for income, but the this is merely his ego making him unable to recognize that he is being manipulated. Ankou expresses great dread and warning of the danger this woman possesses to them both, seeing full well the genuine level of awe his host holds for this Hyur. With Ankou gone, Lho'a retains work for Sasha as a means of income, though he worries of the direction she may take her own ambitions in, and if he even has a choice in the matter of helping her or not.
Therion Kator'to
Quote from Lho'a: "For one, he is nowhere near on my level. For two...I'm certainly beginning to believe he cannot be trusted."
Rumor about Lho'a: "[other rumor here]"
A shadowy Keeper that Lho'a helped Miah recruit early into his time in Morbolvine. Lho'a confided much in the man, and thought him a valuable ally...though when his own situations arose he rarely found Therion in is corner, which allowed a sense of betrayal to grow within the Keeper's heart. Since his departure he had learned of some less than moral acts his "friend" had committed, and Lho'a decided to take matters into his own hands to deal with the matter. He had since then began to publicly threaten the Keeper when he can, as he decided how is best to proceed in dealing with what was his old ally.
Franz Renatus
Quote from Lho'a: "He can brush me off and dismiss me all he likes, I will not give up. I deserve it...sure...but that doesn't mean I'll ever let this one go. Franz and I are linked...my life to his life. ."
Rumor about Lho'a: "To think I was wary of him once. Lho'a is nothing more than a child seeking attention. He can be interesting to watch at times."
Lho has a very tangled and interesting history with the red haired Highlander. Originally he had picked up on the man’s stranger aether while aiding Howl in his search for a lost comrade, which lead to Lho traveling BACK to the Shroud in the hopes of hunting him down. While Franz was in a very weakened state, Lho took advantage and attacked the man in broad daylight at a tavern within the woods. His attempt to drain the man’s aether caused Franz to flee in surprise, and helped to create a series of events that would tie them together. Originally at constant odds, Lho would frequently taunt and torment the highlander every chance he got. Going as far as to join the healing staff of the Grindstone in an attempt to remain in his focus. Things shifted drastically when Lho was ambushed by Ronin and Sashana, were he had been shot several times and left for dead. Ankou, the voidsent had taken complete control and dragged the broken body to Franz, begging the man to save the boy. In, what can only be described as an act of forbidden arts, Franz saved Lho’as life at great person cost…which has since made Lho’a adapt the concept the two are now linked. Despite Franz’ cold demeanor, the Keeper has endeavored to win Franz over now, and the two share a bitter bond that seems to defy logic itself. Lho would do nearly anything to protect Franz and return the favor of saving his life. He now seeks to involve Franz in most schemes and plots he is planning. Lho'a had taken a greater interest into Franz' origins as of late, and has boldly subjected the man to risky experiments in the hopes to learn how he functions. Lho'a refuses to lose Franz to fate, as he had Wind. To that end he sees no reason to allow anything to stand in his way of "Saving" him.
Sounsyy Mirke
Quote from Lho'a: "I can't even remember why I hate her so...perhaps when I see her again she will remind me.."
Rumor about Lho'a: "If I see that pathetic scrag again, I'll cut out his tongue! I swear it."
He had met Sounsyy by chance, watching her fight at the Grindstone. Since then he had predicted each night that she would win, and then attempt to draw her ire in every meeting between matches. Her reactions to his pestering are so strong that he can hardly stop himself from interjecting in her life, often in the rudest fashion he can muster. On many occasions she has physically assaulted the Keeper in return, yet that seems to have done little in keeping him from coming back stronger each time. He has a made a point to rub in her face her recent loss, and now faces rather strict threats in return from the woman. It seems the two are most certainly on course for a bad collision in the near future. Lho'a isn't sure what made him torment her as much as he had, perhaps jealousy...but as he has settled down and matured quite a bit, he holds a great deal of concern for how their next meeting will proceed.
Evangeline Primrose
Quote from Lho'a: "I traveled the world to help this woman, and I didn't seem to accomplish anything in that regard....I may have been mistaken from the beginning, but I don't regret the course."
Rumor about Lho'a: "[other rumor here]"
Lho'a had met Evangeline by chance, butting into a conversation in the Quicksand. Since that point they have met up a few times and he has taken jobs from her to "investigate" patrons, or just be buffer as she talks to them. He finds her mannerisms quite different than the norm, and despite getting somewhat frustrated at how single track she can be on an idea, he is drawn to want to learn more of this Elezen. She is as close as he has gotten to a casual friend. When Evangline enlisted with the Flames and traveled to Ishgard, Lho'a met with Osric in secret and begged to be allowed on their books. Despite not doing much with them, he used them as the bridge to journey north himself....and alone he traveled the snowy landscape in search of Evangeline, for fear she might be killed. He'd only met her once while there, but after their conversation he did what he could to help the heretics he came across. In doing so he gained a much broader world view, and despite his allure for the elezen people, came to hold great disdain for their ruling class. He has not seen Evangline but briefly since their mutual returns to Ul'dah.
Hotaru Gin
Quote from Lho'a: "This girl seems to be everywhere. I'd feel like I was being stalked if I didn't know better. Or do I?"
Rumor about Lho'a: "[other rumor here]"
Lho'a had met Gin after she lost the first round of her showing at the Grindstone. He had tried to help cheer up the girl that evening, and they had discussed some aetheric theory since. He has agreed to study a method to help with her own issues, but also finds the girl's own condition to be as appealing as Franz as far as potential prey goes, thus he keeps an eye on her just in case. Now she seems to have stepped into his Clan more than once, and he has been tasked further with dealing with other matters regarding her family. He finds Gin to be a bit less innocent than she appears, and her random presence tends to disarm and derail his thoughts. If Lho'a is a afraid of the girl, he is doing his best to keep it under wraps.
Osric Melkire
Quote from Lho'a: "If we didn't come from such different walks, I'd imagine we would get along very well. He never answers my letters, what a snot..."
Rumor about Lho'a: "[other rumor here]"
Having only met Osric once, being punched certainly left an impression. He had called out to the man, who had been in uniform at the time, while being attacked by Sounsyy, expecting to have her dealt with legally. Instead he found himself only treated worse, and physically assaulted when he attempted to randomly hug the man. He knows nothing of who Osric is, but he has made a point to commit the man to memory. Despite that, Lho'a still wound up sharing a table with this man in Drybone, and pleaded to be allowed to join their trip up north when the time came. He often sends demanding letters to Osric for protection, or reports of interesting/dangerous indivduals...but he never gets any replies. This doesn't seem to deter him, or the many times he throws out Osric's name as him employer when he is in danger ( Usually of his own doing )
Sarangerel Geneq
Quote from Lho'a: "I strangely know little about her. That said...why do I feel like we are such good friends?."
Rumor about Lho'a: "We've made amends and came to an agreement but he's as crazy as they come, perhaps crazier than my former servant! That said, I consider him a friend. Perhaps I'm just as crazy"
He had only met her briefly, when he attacked Franz in Drybone, in an attempt to see if he could cause a similar reaction as a previous encounter. Despite their brief struggle, he woke as captive and spent a bit of time questioned on his motives and reasons. Oblivious to any danger, Lho'a staked his claim as the superior intellect, and despite their opposing views, the pair decided to work together in regards to their friend's future. Since that point they have met several times, and through some harsh interactions, they have arrived at a pleasant medium. This is one of Lho'as only absolute genuine friendships, and despite knowing next to nothing about her, he feels quite concerned about things that seem to bother her. He has allowed her more knowledge into who he is, and the other bonds he shares, than he has told others, and offered her sanctuary within the walls of his small library.
Eyrigeim Thorskyltwyn
Quote from Lho'a: "She comes and goes like the wind she likes to sing about.In her own way she makes me want to be a better man..or better cat, as she would say."
Rumor about Lho'a: "The small cat reminds me of The Wanderer. He may reject his people verbally but I can see that his heart sings for cherished ones and a a place by the hearth." "The Navigator hears our song and will guide you to the grand chorus. So long as your actions are aligned with your heart's chords."
Eyri and a lax, drunkard of a Flame came across Lho'a in the Shroud. It was this pair that lead him to Ul'dah, in the hopes of making him their ringer at the Bacchus Shots competition. He'd made it surprisingly far, but passed out at the foot of her bed that night, and she was gone when morning light came. Since then she has shown up from time to time, whenever she reaches a port. He has primarily kept his possession and powers a secret from her, and she spends most of her time trying to convince him to live a better way than how he does. She is the single link that he connects with why he even ventured into the world, and his adoration for her is kept heavily under lock and key. At present she seems to be mired back on land once more, and Lho'a has allowed her to take up residence in his Library with no hesitation. There is certainly a seed for something there, and he may finally be reaching a maturity level to nurture such feelings.
N'kara Shaihl
Quote from Character: "She served in Morbolvine with me, and was very quiet. I don't remember ever really involving myself with her...and yet....I, for some reason, think of her often?"
Rumor about this character: "[other rumor here]"
N'kara had been in Morbolvine during the course of Lhoa's stint there, and though the two had noted one another, the pair never really had much to speak of. Some time later, after both had moved on, N'kara had ensnared Lho'a and placed him under her direct command. The effects and methods leave him oblivious to the events or connection, nor does he ever remember the tasks he fulfills for her ambitions. Being unable to connect the dots, Lho'a is still helplessly unable to escape her claws.
Onini Nini
Quote from Character: "I get the vibe she is a bit of darkling like me. I wish she would open up more though..."
Rumor about this character: "[other rumor here]"
Though their interactions have been small at best, Lho'a feels a kinship with this Lalafel. He had hoped she might relate to some of the darker aspects of his person, and her actions in some situations drive home this belief. Having met her after the Runestone, the two became acquainted, and she is slated to join his trip to Amdapor...that still has yet to come to pass. During a particularly tense situation Lho'a violently stepped in to defend the woman, which is also far from his normal course of action. He had left open chances for the pair to bond more, but worries Onini is on a far different course than he is, and that it is one he may not be able to assist her on.

Common Rumors

  • "Little shit has the most annoying laugh, and he never shuts the hell up. Waiting to see someone make 'em swallow his teeth." Quicksand Patron
  • "I've heard that one was kicked out of the Conjury school....it does make one wonder how he seems so adept." Gridanian Adder
  • "Sometimes he falls asleep in the Ossuary, and we either toss a blanket over him or prod him till he goes home. Doesn't he have a Matron to keep a better eye on him? " Ossuary Worker

Moderate Rumors

  • "I've seen that Miqo'te at the Runestone before...I've seen him using magicks that would have a man killed. He must not have a lick of sense being so public about it. Shameful...and disgusting." A Mage in Thanalan
  • "I've seen him with those pet ahriman he summons. Heard one he killed one to use forbidden arts in a duel too. Seems cruel to do to somethin he seems to care about.." Runestone Spectaror

Rare Rumors

PC Rumors

  • "We've made amends and came to an agreement but he's as crazy as they come, perhaps crazier than my former servant! That said, I consider him a friend. Perhaps I'm just as crazy." Sarangerel Geneq
  • "I see him hating, wishing he was fabulous, with a chance to have a piece of this. Got gold rings heavier than that scrag of fur and linens. You want to make it in this town? Honey, ya make sure you have loyal friends and a grade A hustle. Want some work? Just come down to the clinic. The Big guy and the good Doc are here to help make a man outta you yet." [[Aoi Usui}}
  • Lho'a meets Ha'uruh Nunh near Bentbranch and speaks of life outside the Shroud. Growing curious he helps the Seeker locate a lost friend, and in turn learns of Franz Renatus through the reading. His interest piqued, he begins to seek a means travel freely from Gridania to Ul'dah. He gains some inflection on life outside the forest from the Seeker, and wishes him well on his search for lost friends.
  • Meets Eyrigeim Thorskyltwyn and Kupel Copel, at the Chocobo Stables in Bentbranch. The pair are scheming a means to cheat at the races in the Golden Saucer, and mistakenly believe him to be their contact and chocobo expert. While he first considers going along with their mistake, he decides against the ruse. After further conversation he and Eyri strike a deal to bring him to Ul'dah if he will be their ringer for the Bacchus Shots contest.
  • Lho'a makes it nearly to the semi finals of the drinking match, but passes out on the floor after his first experience with massive amounts of whiskey. He spends his first night out of the Shroud at the foot of the Sea Wolf's bed, and by morning he realizes she has already departed for her next trip. Lho'a retains rent of the room at the Ruby Carbunkle for the time being.
  • Meets Mitzi Moui, who is seeking her adopted mother. Lho'a scares the younger Keeper by accident, and decides to take the job to locate her. He finally ventures out of the Goblet, and into the city of Ul'dah
  • Locating Miah Poolali, Lho'a approaches to direct her to the lost kit, but instead finds himself enthralled with her talk of their society, and how he belongs in it. He quickly falls into line as Miah's lackey, and begins working towards the goals of making Morbolvine Clan strong.
  • Afforded the ability to travel, he finally tracks Franz Renatus down to the Shroud and ambushes the Highlander while he is drinking. He does a good job of draining Franz' aether, and causes the man to flee in confusion and self preservation. Lho'a begins to thrive on this new found excitement, and decides he will continue down the path of a villain.

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