Miette Pelicier

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Ishgard.jpg Miette Pelicier
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ishgard
Marital Status
Occupation Bow Maiden, Mercenary, Huntress, Servant, Avatar of Halone
Patron Deity Halone
Known Relatives Vivenne Pelicier ( Younger Sister), Ciceroix Pelicier ( Elder Brother ), Hilde Pelicicer ( Elder Sister, deceased ), Varisele Pelicier ( Father, deceased )
Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GtPW4nB3Ro
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A tall and often imposing Elezen, whom is often found lingering about Thanalan. Miette is one of the few remaining children of her House, and the product of a harsh upbringing. Like her siblings, she was surrounded by tutors from a young age, and once her natural abilities began to show, a strict regiment of training, and a firm handed teacher were chosen to craft her into the Bow of her House. Because of this, she lacks much in social graces...and has an acute weakness when it comes to conflict resolution and methods that don't include violence. Miette sees no wrong in such actions, and finds them to be as natural as one would converse or shake hands.

The path her life had taken has left her somewhat aimless. Freed to the world beyond her home's gates, and strongly advised not to return, Miette finds herself utterly lost. Past trauma has left her mind a mixed bag. At times she can be utterly pleasant, helpful..and even kind. And yet in the same instance she may run off on tangents of believing herself to be the Fury made Flesh...claiming to be the embodiment of Halone herself. On those later moments, it is not uncommon to see her quickly drawn into combat, often for reasons that are not worth the level of reaction.

She has been lost for perhaps too long, as she struggles to maintain her demeanor and not crack from all that remains within that head of hers. She has great potential to go in nearly any direction, provided the right person steps in to take her hand and guide her along the path they see her best upon. She throws herself to those with such imposing wills, in the hopes she can salvage some scrap of meaning in a second chance of life she'd been given. Though she has no idea how to go about finding such a soul, and instead gravitates more towards those who would lead her down a darker path.


Despite her frequency for combat and violence, Miette actually takes her appearance incredibly seriously. Outfits are often custom tailored, and color selections are made with the upmost care, often ensuring a degree of flair that makes her previous social standing quite evident. That said, she tends to shy away from the formal dresses and gowns of her home, and instead prefers a more masculine/uniformed attire. Long slacks with button down shirts, wide brimmed plumed hats, and a variety of masks or hoods tend to be preference. With the exception of vibrant feathers to her hats, Miette generally covers herself in darker tones, and likes to maintain an image to instill a degree of intimidation and fear in those she interacts with. It can always be assumed that each piece of her outfit was chosen with care and purpose.

Physically, Miette takes extremely good care of her skin and hair. Much prep time is taken to ensure hair is neatly trimmed, and nails are well kept and painted. Lipstick is applied, and her face paint is redone several times a day as the need arises. She is a particularly vain woman, and tends to take any kind of cut or scratch very seriously. Often times her rage is heralded by an attack that could leave a mark….and in those instances she is quick to find a healer who can patch her up before any permanent mark is left. That said, she does bare two very large scars on either side of her stomach, gained from nearly being gutted at the Grindstone, and a few smaller scars left behind from a Miqo’te she’d grown up close to.

Despite the focus on appearance, Miette maintains a toned and sleek figure. The strict regime of exercise from her training days remains ever present in her daily routine. Behind closed doors she tends to be far less modest, and its not uncommon to find her lounging in the remains of her bedding, and enjoying tea. All in all, her eccentricity is often quite on display in how she dresses, carries herself, and behaves.


Miette often has a distant look in her pale blue eyes. During conversation she often appears to be looking past the person before her, and most things she experiences are heavily laced with memories she still keeps replaying in her mind. In most regular encounters she will retain her haughty noble status, and mostly be more intent on finding drink and tea, while looking for curious individuals. In these instances she is more harmless, and prone to even be a fairly playful if the mood arises.

When tensions rise, or open aggression is displayed, an entirely brighter light takes hold of those eyes. She eagerly places herself in harms way, and will champion a cause of Vengeance and Fury if given the request to do so. She enjoys displaying dominance in combat, especially when the opponent underestimates her abilities. Though when a fight drags on, she can become more and more engrossed in the act..and will be far harder to talk down from claiming her prey. She often doesn't know the difference between a spar and a fight for her life, and will take any sign of escalation as permission to push harder, and will openly throw herself into the chance to fight someone she deems interesting or unique.

She struggles to maintain friendships, and often feels like she waits in judgement once she gets close to others. To that end Miette will often move to extremes to prove herself either way if she deems it needed.



  • Tea, preferably served to her
  • Top Shelf drinks
  • Fancy clothes, hats with plumes and feathers, attire that exudes her nobility and wealth/while still being combat effective
  • Ornate weaponry
  • Violence, the thrill of life being in the balance
  • Blood, hers or others
  • Gambling
  • Music/ Playing the piano
  • The cold air of Coerthas


  • Bad Parents
  • Mist ( The Housing District )
  • Franz Renatus
  • Garleans
  • Dragons
  • Poor social graces
  • Being Abandoned


  • Archery
  • Inability to properly feel temperatures
  • Extremely high pain threshold
  • Musician : Harp and Piano
  • Fairly good at singing as well
  • Fashion oriented, always up to date on trends



Franz Renatus
Quote from Character: "He is an awful, trivial, petty, and deceptive man. I haven’t the faintest idea how people do not see through his deceptions, but he and I are far too similar for me to be taken in by his tea cups and fake smile"
Rumor about this character: "[other rumor here]"
Miette and Franz have a longstanding, violent, and entirely unpleasant history. Most of their exchanges are done with either venomous words, or knife points, keeping them in a very bitter mix of sarcasm and tension. Despite this, somehow the two seem to frequently find each other, no matter how much distance they try to put between one another. Miette believes that she and Franz are actually very similar, with her being the one who accepts herself, and him hiding behind masks.

Recently they have come back into contact through their mutual friendship of Avelyn Firestone. Miette questions Ave’s preference in men, but through a stroke of smarts on Ave’s part….Miette has been convinced that violence against the man would actually make him happier, than wound him like she aims for. Thus far their battles have been based more on sharp comments, with Avelyn usually being used as a pawn in-between them.

Avelyn Firestone
Quote from Character: "I’d not have expected our views to be so aligned, considering our backgrounds, but Avelyn is an extremely pleasant woman. None better to share a drink with, then find something to release some aggression on…..through violence of course."
Rumor about this character: "[other rumor here]"
Miette met this Fist when she first arrived back in Thanalan. She learned very quickly that the pair enjoyed drinks and fighting in large amounts, which spurred her to ply Aveyln with free drinks and worm her way into acquiring use of the guest room of her home. Shortly after their meeting, she learned that Avelyn was dating Franz, which calls into question the Ala Mhigan’s taste in men….especially regarding a secret they are both VERY aware of. Despite that, their friendship seems to have moved along smoothly, with Miette being interested in learning some meditation techniques, if she can ever convince her.

Miette always ensures a new bottle is left on Avelyn’s counter, whenever she notices her supply running low.

Rhaelyn Tyrahni
Quote from Character: "Oh……Miss Rhaelyn."
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Renaea Algiernis
Quote from Character: "A lost little lamb, who needs Fury in her heart. I see great potential in her."
Rumor about this character: "[other rumor here]"
An Ishgardian that Miette happened across while exploring Camp Drybone. After a brief greeting, the young lady seemed quick to try to follow after her and hear what she had to impart. Miette imposed the idea of her divinity as Halone on the girl, and cheered on her choice to flee Ishgard to avoid an arranged marriage. Though she disagreed with the lady's intention to improve herself merely to prove something to the Holy See, and did her best to encourage her to do things for her own gain, and not to get approval from others. She truly hopes to see her develop into a champion for those who need the Fury to be their sword and shield.

At present she has allowed the girl to sleep on her couch, with the deal that she tend to her clothes, and make sure no sand collects on her boots. Strangely enough, the girl has humbly agreed to these terms. When the knight, Aramis had nearly captured her, it was Renaea who came upon her and managed to help her elude a crazed mage who'd been left behind with her. Miette has learned she can rely on this girl if danger arises, as her loyalty seems to be stronger than the situation she walks in on.

Charlotte Avenoist
Quote from Character: "I realize I may not even know her real name...but what I do know is the fire that burns within her. She may fight against Halone's will, but she walks in my light..and unbeknownst to her, has Halone's blessing.."
Rumor about this character: "[other rumor here]"
She met this woman by chance in the Quicksand, and a tense conversation let them to an odd agreement for Miette to teach her how to use the long bow. After a very heated duel, to test how far along she was in combat itself, a bond formed between the elezens, and an equal understanding of their disdain for how things have gone and been in Ishgard. More so, the pair realized that at their core they were the same in their cravings for violence, and the levels they will go to for whatever perverse reason drives their blades. Because of that, Miette refuses to have this person removed from her life...having lost far too many she cared for already.

Recently Miette and Charlotte attacked an Ishgardian Knight in Ul'dah,and Miette failed to prevent him from taking her friend back to Ishgard to stand trial for crimes. Through a series of deceptions with the help of her sister, she was able to finally free her companion from the countries "justice", but in doing so she was left with more questions than answers to the elezen's actual identity. Still swearing herself to Charlotte's cause, she has yet to decide how to approach the subject, or to ever do so at all.

Yukari Shirogane
Quote from Character: "Such a kind Little Dragon. I absolutely adore her.."
Rumor about this character: "[other rumor here]"
While recovering from a knights attack, Miette found herself laying against a wall just outside Ul'dah, for probably far too long. Far gone from her senses, the elezen was come upon by Yukari, who despite racial concerns, still offered the Ishgardian aide. Due to the mixed up state she was in, Miette instantly bonded with the girl and accepted an invitation to mend her wounds and rest at the home of Yukari and her wife. While there she shocked the girl further by preparing them breakfast...acting quite different from how they would ever have expected an Ishgardian to treat them.

She aims to go back soon, once she acquires a sentimental gift to show her thanks for her Little Dragon's kindness.

Aria Nidaya
Quote from Character: "This adorable cat deserves all the pets."
Rumor about this character: "[other rumor here]"
A Miqo'te that Miette met while touring the infirmary of Morbolvine's manor. While most seemed put off by her attempts to pet them, this one openly allowed it, and then perhaps began to enjoy it a bit too much, as she became a purring ball of happiness. Miette knows nearly nothing about her, but the time being she has deemed this to be the one she will spend most of her time casually scritching behind the ears.




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PC Rumors

  • Is tested early on for aptitude, and it is decided she displays no natural talent in any form of aetherical arts. Though she displays a curious interest in the bow, so it is decided she will be formally trained when she comes of age.
  • Becomes a frequent playmate of Whilemena Coultierre/Rhaelyn Tyrahni. Through their interaction she begins to learn how to use daggers as the Miqo'te would, and begins to display a an overly loyal attachment to the other. Plans for her training are advanced to start earlier, to put an end to the Miqo'te gaining more sway, and bringing any form of shame to their House.
  • Leaves the Holy See with her tutor Mainard, and spends the next long stretch of her life under harsh training in Coerthas. She is void of all contact beyond Mainard and her hunts. The only people she sees, are "heretics" he has her kill when lessons become advanced.
  • Returns home a very different woman, to find her siblings much the same. Before she can question her father's changes in behavior, she is fitted with a set of ear clips that keep her bonded to her father, and allow him direct control and access into her mind.
  • Is dispatched to Thanalan to hunt down her brother, Ciceriox Pelicier, whose assassination attempt had failed. Tracking him to the Shroud she winds up harshly engaging her brothers friends, including Franz Renatus, who showed up as back up before she could slay an elezen woman who held importance to her brother.
  • Takes up residance with a Limsan noble family while on her hunt. There she begins to bond with the daughter of that house, whom speaks as though she is a caged bird. Despite her father's constant droning in her mind, she begins to waver from his control and make her own decisions.
  • Confronts Franz Renatus and a Healer regarding the noble, realizing the Twelves irony in making these individuals connected. Despite her mission, and previous battles, she swears to them she will free their friend from the manor walls, but insists she will not have long to live after.
  • Follows through on her promise to abduct the girl, but is thwarted during her escape by her sisters, Hilde and Vivenne, who have been dispatched to take care of both siblings now. She is nearly slain in the ensuing battle, and the girl is taken hostage. A plan is set into motion to force Franz Renatus and his companions to kill her for them.
  • Is placed under direct control from her father, and enters a melee with a large group of heroes, with the noble used as bait to lure them out. In a turn of events, the heroes are able to wrest free her ear clips and save her from that fate. The process of remove scorches her mind, leaving her a broken husk.
  • Is treated for her injuries at a house in Mist, were she starts to try to piece back together who and what she is. The damage to her mind is clearly extensive, and she remains openly hostile and chiding to those she is near, while keeping a fanatical loyalty to others. It is eventually decided she can not be helped, and she is forcibly removed from the house and sent off on her own.
  • She is rescued from a second attack by her sisters by Franz Renatus, who leaves her in a small house he still holds in Goblet. There she meets and befriends G'leo Nuhn, whom she bonds with rather quickly.
  • Much debate is given over her mental state. If she can be fixed, and if she will revert back to how she was if she is treated. There is no conclusive answer, and Miette only begins to take more and more risk.
  • Enters the Grindstone, claiming to be Halone made flesh, and is gravely wounded by Flynt Reddard. She is helped by Aaron Frostheart, whom she still vaguely remembers to this day.

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