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Big Bun
The last of the first

What is life without a little smoke and mirrors hmm?

-Nyanpire Mcfluffbutt

Vital Information

NICKNAMES... Magician,witch

RACE & CLAN... Hellsguard Roegadyn

GENDER... Female

AGE & NAMEDAY... Looks to be 32 but technically has lived since the first astral era (32) | 15th Sun, 2nd Astral Moon



Other Statistics

CITIZENSHIP... No known citizenship

RESIDENCE... No permanent residence, often sleeps at the closest inn

OCCUPATION... Travelling magician and hobbyist tome collector.

PATRON DEITY... Menphina (The Lover)

HEIGHT & PHYSIQUE... 7'4" | Toned.

ALIGNMENT... Lawful Neutral

 Big Bun
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The Wandering Magician
Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship None
Age 32
Deity Menphina (The Lover)
Orientation Asexual
Marital Status Single
Occupation Magician
Nameday 15th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
Once upon a time she would be called Eliza: witch mother and daughter of the first coven, a witch destined to rule alongside her sisters and mother whom was once Empress to a land which held disparity between those with and without magical talents The Empress and her kin ruled over those that were dubbed "unblessed" and sought to continue a stable expansion of the desert nation she held in control however tragedy struck as the Empress was put to the blade by a band of rebels and the witches of the first coven took their sect daughters into hiding. This is where Eliza would create her tome. One of which could weave a different world entirely inside its pages in an attempt to bring the remnants of her people together in a world where their kingdom did not fall. Unfortunately history repeated itself as she was met with betrayal by her own daughters no less, in an act of self preservation and spite she sealed her would be killed body within her tome and imprisoned her daughters within their own so that they suffer for their crimes against her.
but that was a very long time ago.
Now she takes the form of a Roegadyn dubbed "Big Bun" a seemingly carefree Magician that spends her times wandering the vast world preforming magical entertainment for any around her this enigmatic magician searches for the tomes that she imprisoned her fallen from grace daughters in so that she may finally give them their due rest.

Your Character's Inventory

Last updated: 29th of October 2016

* An extravagantly made tome
* An empty medium sized rectangular box

Current Situation

Enjoying her time spent in Eorzea entertaining those that would stop and enjoy her illusionary preformances. She spends a lot of her times situated in hubs for adventurers inquiring about tomes that may seem similar to her own. She has had no such luck finding leads.

Height: 7'4"

Complexion: Dark with a red hue

Hair: Sandy blonde

Eyes: Faded gold

her Jaw is of strong make being of roegadyn body most of her facial features are very strong in structure though not without a distinctly feminine quality about her. her eyes are often the only part of her face on display and have a hypnotic allure with a deepness that could get most people lost in them. a small and cute beauty mark adorns the bottom left of her face next to her lips of which are glossed in very dark lipstick as dark as a night sky these full lips are often behind a veil though most would find it hard to resist them should they have the pleasure of seeing them.
Her body is slightly toned with no signs of scars or battle wounds, her build is rather slim with ample breasts her bottom half is much of the same showing signs of muscle however her behind and thighs are touched with softness in their form.


Quiet and reserved Big Bun often prefers the solitude of her tome while on her travels but whenever confronted or in the presence of others Big Bun will act welcoming and inviting being how she has been a stranger in so many places her policy is to treat her traveling peers on the road with politeness and respect even if she would rather keep to herself at times.
Due to her lack of staying in one place she has had a hard time having bonds like friendship so whenever she is talking with others, especially those she'd consider a friendly face will be overwhelmingly talkative and happy often looking to share some of her craft with them before moving on.
Despite her best attempts, its her inability to drop her guard that stops the blossoming of friendship
Cannot read or write in any of the common languages.
Her obsession with her tome can leave her disconnected from reality.
Struggles to come to terms with events in the past.
Accepting that what she seeks no longer exists.
Losing herself entirely to her tome
Having her peoples way of life be lost to time.
Will often in an inn order food and drink and have neither.
Hums songs to herself as she reads if she is not with company.
Pleasant Company.
Telling tales from her tome.
When people request her to preform magic tricks and entertainment.
Those who take themselves too seriously to enjoy things
Being disturbed for the sole purpose of disrupting what she is doing
Defending herself from violent individuals.
Talents & Hobbies
Recording stories of great deeds done by people
Can speak with animals
Can eat a cake using no hands without licking her lips once!
Favorite Color: -Purple
Favorite Food: -Leg of lamb
Favorite Drink: -Milk based drinks of any kind.
Favorite Scent: -the smell of an old tome.
Favorite Place: -Home.
She has sworn off pleasures of the flesh due to her teachings.
Is ambidextrous.
Only ever pays for things with outdated currencies and various gems, never in gil.

An optional blurb about how your character looks and behaves during combat.


Has never really fought with a conventional weapon.


Her magic is that of the illusion and tricks of the mind and the catalyst which she draws her magical power from is her tome in a violent confrontation she will keep one hand on her tome at all times and use the other to weave spells in the air as she speaks in her own tongue.


Although no one has witnessed her workings she is a master at making enchanted tomes.

General Story

Before she was the woman you see today Big Bun was known by other names, her first being Eliza. She was a witch of a first era empire tasked by the empress of her people to dream a grand future so she may make it into reality. Eliza and her daughters poured every waking moment creating great illusions and placing them into various scrolls and books so that the Empress may look upon them and decide on which should help further the land she governed. However the Empress was fated to die at the hands of a rebel faction that was aided by an outside source rendering them immune to the witches magic and enchanting looks. This led to the hiding of the first coven who took their respective followers into hiding with them to continue work on their own projects.
Eliza and her daughters put their efforts together to conceive a spellbook titled "Empire Eternal" a book created to hold a period of time where the empire was under the harmonious rule of the great witch mother, their Empress but at the highlight of its creation Eliza's own turned against her in a bid to steal the tome for their own use but gave her enough time to properly seal the traitors in their own books and in an act of preservation sealed herself away in the Empire Eternal.
Since that day she has spent a large amount of time until she managed to undo some of the books magic from the inside, allowing herself to manifest a physical form in the real world and with that freedom she has spent her time searching for the books she sealed her daughters in, so they may finally get their peace. She takes forms of the great people who have been written about in this tome and looks to add more still to the growing pages of her great legacy. Though she does not change form unless she has been fatally wounded and has to recover which can take upwards of decades.

💑 In a Relationship Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Family Good Standing Neutral Wary Poor Standing Deceased

-Big Bun

Mintawe Snowlier - an eccentric young girl often accompanied by her pet and long friend Mr Nutty they have bumped into each other in various locations and often catch up, sometimes over tea and cake! Big Bun values her innocent outlook on things and wishes to bump into her more often.

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