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Ul'dah-transparent.png Pishrero Junerero
"The soundest of business strategies are the ones where everyone comes out happy. Loyalty has no price, after all!"
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 32
Nicknames Pishie
Occupation Merchant.
Guardian Deity Nald'thal, the Trader
Marital Status Dating Rorosa Rosa
About The Player


Pishrero Junerero, known to close friends as Pishie, is a kindly businessman operating out of Ul'dah, with operations in the silk, crystal and armaments trade.

Having been raised in a family who focused solely on business, he lived a neglected childhood with complete understanding of the business world. While working with his parents' business, he learned to be a ruthless negotiator, and was initially doing his family proud with his ways. However, upon finding out what his unforgiving nature had inflicted upon others, he was torn, and his strategies softened. Though his parents did not outright cast him out, they were strongly suggesting that he finds another company to run, and so he began his own business which he decided would be with the mindset of being fair and honest with all comers.

Given his fair treatment of workers and reputation of offering reasonable prices all the same, word in the markets began to spread, and alongside friendly companions he now finds himself a target for people whom he is challenging for authority, thus began his learning to find a means of protecting himself, though he still relies on his friends to aid him should he ever be in need. Even today, he seeks to strengthen his position monetarily so that such challenges would begin to raise more questions with the Immortal Flames, and one day bring about the destruction of the corruption that plagues the city.

As the head of June's Crafts & Arms, it is Pishrero's mission to bring fairness, honesty and justice to the business world within Ul'dah, and he will seek to achieve it, come whatever may.


Being a businessman, he is ruthless in how he acts upon the negotiating table, ensuring that all receive fair compensation for the work provided and not giving an ilm otherwise. He has high regard for the value of people and loyalty, understanding that a good business partner is one that you want to keep around the table, while those who take advantage of others will eventually reap what they have sown. Even he believes that operations like the Brass Blades and the Monetarists will eventually crumble should they eventually push too far or their many crimes get exposed, to whom he unwillingly opposes on a routine basis.

As cold as he is in business, however, he is a friendly sort outside of it, being a cordial and approachable figure to almost everyone, if a little two-sided in personality, where he can either be serious and considerate, but forget to laugh once in a while, or jovial and merry, but sometimes leaves his manners at the door. He is immensely understanding of others, though, and for those whom are close to him, he would shield them with his caring heart and his skill at arms, not wishing for anyone under his wing to suffer.



Being at 86.9cm, Pishrero is not going to reach any high shelves any time soon. Though not one for overly exerting himself, he keeps himself in good shape and better health, having long understood that he cannot hope to run a business if he's not going to keep healthy while doing so. He does like the look of reds upon him, and so will favour these above most other colours, though he mixes in black to keep a professional appearance to him. This also stands true for his hair and the choices in hair style that he would go for on a regular basis, preferring to look neat and professional while still carrying an air of approachability to him.

While not having any overly distinguishing marks, he is notably long-eared for his kind, though he rarely ever decorates them in any jewelry, choosing to opt out of such extravagance typically. His eyes are a stark contrast to the rest of him, being of an emerald hue, and he avoids the use of anything but cleansing concoctions upon his face to keep his appearance as pure and clean as possible.

Given his position, he has to ensure that he keeps up appearances, and so much of his wardrobe is to reflect his status and position, being that of a professional outlook while maintaining some semblance of expression. When going into business for the first time with a partner, or while tending to assigning duties among the staff, he prefers to keep a strict professional suit that he would wear to give that strong first impression. Once the deal is struck and all parties satisfied, then he would relax a little and enter more cordial relations with them, still keeping professional yet being a more modest, relaxed garment of some variety of his choosing.

Posture Habits

  • Carefree and jovial.
  • Calm, cool and collected.


Having been advised to leave his family's business, he began the foundations of June's Crafts & Arms, which has been his priority ever since. With the silk aspect of this business, he caters to the fashion trends, competing with other clothiers in the region but being fair to the majority of the competition and setting comparable prices to them, understanding that choice should remain with the consumer. Of the three, this is the section that he finds the least trouble in, ironically, with the competitive markets being enough of a challenge to test his ability to lead yet not outright challenging his position.

In the arms trade, however, he has found quite the difficulty. Between negotiating mineral contracts and the persistence of the Monetarists and the paid elements of the Brass Blades doing regular inspections and scrutiny over this side of the business, constantly seeking a reason to bring Pishrero out of the market. Despite this, however, he has yet to find himself showing a weak point to their harassment, instead only proving in some instances that they were trying to sabotage his operations, to which the Flames have become aware of over the years.

Of course, the crystal operations are as hazardous as ever, given everyone's interest within them, including the beast tribes. Having also suffered from the occasional raiding party of Amalj'aa in the past gave him reasons to invest in some form of martial training, so that he may also work to prevent such things from happening again. It is this experience that he works to protect himself and his business, and has aided the Eorzean Alliance on several occasions, both monetarily, via supplies and even loaning his own skills personally to the defense of his home as a non-commissioned member of the Flames.



At a young age, Pishrero had been fascinated with the arcane arts, finding himself learning about spell casting from his mother's side. Though he has not forgotten what she has taught him, he felt that the ruthlessness of the kind of arcane power at work might have been having an effect on the family business, and has since sought another path in this as well. This is when he heard about crimson duellists and, upon a chance meeting with one, had taken up the talents and skills of balancing white and black magic. Combined with the finesse and talent required to master this art, it has entranced Pishrero and has become his go-to choice when it comes to talents he would utilise in situations where force is a requirement from him.

He has not forgotten his experiences with his family, however, and is not afraid to tap into that nature should he require ruthlessness in purging a corrupt element that refuses to back down before him. He has also taken an interest in arcanima, having chanced upon an intriguing tome one day and studying it with a vested interest. In this regard, when it comes to having options on how he wishes to operate, he has several that work across a distance, and arguably his talents with the rapier mean he can also handle himself a little at close range.

However, it is worth recalling that he is, indeed, a lalafell. This does come with the common weaknesses of not having a very strong frame, and he would likely not handle himself well in a straight fight with an experienced melee combatant. He does, however, make up for this frailty with his remarkable agility and keen senses, able to hear an opponent's shift in posture before they even commit to a strike against him, which has served him well against the Monetarist agents seeking to take him out quietly. His honest nature, however, has meant that he has yet to obtain conclusive evidence of their involvement, and so the struggle with them continues ever on.



  • Jovial, honest company.
  • Respect and courtesy.
  • Responsible businesses.
  • Talented individuals.


  • Handouts or freebies.
  • Monetarists, Brass Blades or any form of corruption.
  • Anything opposing his likes.


  • Gold Saucer visits.
  • Development of new ideas.
  • Aiding people in need.
  • Making new friends and alliances.
  • Acrobatics to navigate tall people's structures.


  • A talented arcane practitioner, able to weave black and white, though primarily a black magic user.
  • Agile and swift, through training to be evasive when in direct confrontation with another.
  • Calm and collected negotiator, able to navigate the worst of negotiating pitfalls.
◢ Common Rumours
"Ah, the fellow that runs June's Crafts & Arms? Such a friendly fellow, actually."
"I would never trust a businessman, and someone as kind has him has to have some dark secret...Remember Teledji Adeledji?"
"Cannot fault a guy who respects the needs of the consumer. I might purchase some of his wares one day."
◢ Uncommon Rumours
"Didn't he lend his support to the Gyr Abania campaign? I wonder where he got such wealth from..."
"I would not like to be in his shoes. Everything he does is bound to set the Monetarists' plans askew."
◢ Rare Rumours
"I thought I saw him personally aiding the Eorzean Alliance in their Gyr Abania campaign. Such a rare sight, a merchant fighting the good fight."
◢ PC Rumours
(None yet. Have one to contribute? Let me know!)


Family     Love     Platonic     Failed     Good     Neutral     Poor    


Zazaroni Fufuroni (54)

While a caring father in some regard, he felt far too focused on the business and trying to broker deals where he could, having to contend with the ruthlessness of the Monetarists at every turn. This is perhaps the reason why he had turned colder towards Pishrero later on in life, eventually pushing him to take his own path in life. It was during one of his drunken tirades that he enforced Pishrero's name prior to his birth, leading to the unconventional name being passed on.

Jejeri Jeri (53)

With Pishrero being a product of young love, Jejeri was the doting mother whom treasured her firstborn, in spite of the tirades and competition that Zazaroni was dealing with daily. It was this caring nature that led her to teach her sons and daughter to protect themselves eventually, although a mishap with one spell caused her to turn cold and ruthless, soon joining her husband in the business market as a reflex to cope with the grief, having never explained to him or anyone what transpired. Pishrero never quite felt as close after that.

Cucuru Curu (25)

Second born of the family, Cucuru was far too gentle to ever follow in the family business, and had since set herself to the task of aiding her family in whatever other way she can, be it tending to the household or caring for their well-being, the compassionate soul about her aiding in making sure her parents did not get too out of hand. Her and Pishrero get along really well, despite his move to start his own business, and the two keep in regular contact regarding the family.

Zazajeri Fufujeri (Status Unknown - 12 at time of going missing)

Second son to the family and third born of the family, Zazajeri was always an eager, instinctive child, rarely thinking much about what he was doing before it was done. It was this "act now, think later" attitude that led to the events that sent him through a mysterious black portal and led to him not being seen again since, and brought about the changes across the family line.

Love Interests

Rorosa Rosa (25)

Met after she failed the Paladin Program, Pishrero became infatuated with her, taking on board the nickname "Pishie" that she gave him. Her sweet and kind nature continues to win him over time and again, and he cannot bring himself to even be angry with her over her numerous faults. Eventually, he succumbed, and proposed companionship with her, to which she accepted. They have yet to truly go public with their affections, however. Seeing how she handles people, he feels confident in her ability to place her as head of recruitment in the company, a duty she respectfully accepted.


Tiny Blue (??)

Thanks to a chance encounter in Kugane, this amnesiac blue blur rather fascinated Pishrero with how skilled he appeared despite not looking that much different to himself, only much more blue. Somewhat admiring the free spirit, he could respect the impetuous youth's nature and held no ill will towards him, instead finding within him a child that Pishie never quite got to know within himself, being carefree and enjoying life to the fullest. While he has concerns with the young lalafell, he trusts him enough to honour his word and has thus plans to employ him as catering head at the workshop.

Nonigiri Nanigiri (??)

A rather high-strung and eccentric herbalist who got tired of Gridania, they nonetheless had a cordial agreement in partnership, and he could certainly use the expertise of such a fellow when it came to alchemical solutions. That he was also a conjurer of sorts also made him an asset to helping members of security if they ever got into trouble. While several questions do arise around him, he seems to be of a similar stock as Blue in regards to relating to other people, so he does hope there will be some bond among them all in that regard.


Odette Veaureaux (24)

One chance encounter at the Quicksand left him rather mixed on the Ishgardian. While she was not unpleasant company in the least, she was very stubborn and naive, also expressed having very little to contribute, which he could not entirely deny given his understanding of her situation, which he got very little information on. In all, pleasant company, but little more of use.

Ferroux Quilmont (??)

An Ishgardian youth on all accounts, he came off as a workaholic after circumstances with his family led him to channel his grief into his engineering skills, earning him a place in Garlond Ironworks. While Pishrero insisted he take better care of himself, the two did at least meet eye-to-eye on matters of business, and while a pawn in a larger plan for Pishrero, he does have a hope that the youth will learn to better care for himself, knowing what it is like to throw oneself into work after grief and loss of family.

Shin Nelhah (28)

A strong business-minded miqo'te and dedicated to her craft, her and Pishrero seem to get along entirely well, though the relationship is entirely professional. This is something Pishrero respects and isn't going to have a mind to change, even should some of her work dabble in some of the less savoury arts - that is something he can relate to, as well.

Bernadette Bearclaw (??)

A strong-voiced Limsan with a mind for airships and navigation, Pishrero does have intentions to take her on as leader of his workshop on aircraft in the future, once agreements with the Ironworks have completed, though for now he has her hired on as part of security detail while also working on repairing her own craft with the team he set out for her old captain's vessel. He hasn't got an update on that situation yet, but he expects to in time.

Sini'to Shadar (32)

A respected businessman in his own right, Pishrero regards him with more respect and humility than their first encounter, having realised how foolish he was in that time. They have since shared cordial words and Pishrero, while still holding himself guilty of doing wrong by him, certainly sees him as an equal since that discussion, if not his better for taking it all with the grace and dignity he treated the situation with.

Kathir Ragewind (215)

Another person formerly working alongside Shin and Sini'to, Pishrero is impressed with his capability and his centuries of experience. Perhaps caught in a time where he had been very downcast about how he had handled other recruiting matters, he wanted to make a better impression on Kathir, being the last person he would recruit before handing the responsibilities to Rosa.

Mundo Hardcastle (38)

Stalwart second-in-command of the operation in June's Crafts & Arms, this towering Ala Mhigan Hyur learned a lot from Pishrero's intuition and wisdom, quickly becoming the lalafell's head of security and manager of operations in Ul'dah when he is away on Immortal Flames duty. There is very little that will get in the way of this man's determination to see his employer succeed, even if it means putting down a few people who think they would make more money by selling out to the Monetarists, having no love for any of them over the years.

Mesatoto Rasatoto (26)

Staff Manager at June's Crafts & Arms, he oversees the operations and the well-being of the staff overall in their employ. Though a rather timid soul, he does his best to appeal to both staff members and Pishrero, who sees in him a talent for communication and being of aid to others, something he sees as vital for sustaining cordial relationships with all the members of staff and sustaining loyalty among them. While he does tend to let the paperwork slide a little bit, Mesatoto does show himself as more of an active person and so Pishrero is not too hard upon him for it.

Yayako Yako (34)

Business Liaison at June's Crafts & Arms, she tends to the business contacts and operations out in the field. A very friendly and cordial lalafell, she has a keen eye for business and is very meticulous in the needs of the businesses she conducts partnerships with, and though she can have a ruthless side to companies trying to swindle their way into Pishrero's business - particularly those of Monetarist persuasions - she does have a fair approach to negotiations and ensures the needs of everyone are met before the final signatures are signed.

O'dahla Raha (25)

Public Liaison at June's Crafts & Arms, she takes on the contracts from personal contacts as well as those seeking individual purchases from the company. While she is rather inexperienced in the role, she has the support of Yayako to help with some of the more shrewd attempts others pull, particular any who seek to intimidate the young miqo'te. Yet her very polite and friendly nature means that she is quick to make new companions and is easily overjoyed when she makes them happy, being quick to build friendships among customers through her actions.

Risasa Risa (32)

Bar Staff for the cafeteria area of June's Crafts & Arms, she is a quiet sort who only speaks when spoken to and tends to her duties without argument. Being timid, she rarely engages in small talk with anyone, even Pishrero, which does concern him a little but not enough to try and change her, given her keen senses and almost knowing what people want before they even ask for it, being careful and cautious about everything she does. He has high expectations for her, though is concerned for her state of well-being more often than not.

Surenne Meridiam (29)

Head Chef for the cafeteria area of June's Crafts & Arms, she is very methodical in life, being cordial and polite to all customers as well as caring for their needs, something she translates well into her cooking. She does have little tolerance for bullshit, however, and this has become apparent with the frictions between her and Blue, something Pishrero has tried to quell but to little avail thus far. She does seem to relate well to the others, however, Sini'to making a notable comment on how they get along, which shows great potential and promise in Pishrero's eyes.

Vyranei Stromgarde (27)

Another whom tried to take on the Paladin Program and failed, Pishrero hired her on as a personal guard, though given his work is mostly within the company, she has taken to standing watch over the company herself. Observant and dutiful to her job, she has a world of respect for Pishrero and all but swore an oath to him and his property. While she does act cordial towards known company members, she can be difficult among public figures who refuse to show her any respect at all, and is quick to distrust those who don't answer her when challenged on their presence at the company.



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The Family Business (0-25)

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June's Crafts & Arms (25-30)

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Gyr Abania & The New Venture (30-32)

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