Sand Phantom

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Sand Phantom
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Marital Status Single ( not looking )
Occupation Bandit, Bodyguard, Mercenary
Patron Deity
Known Relatives Rust Lion ( Brother/Deceased? )
Known Aliases Iron Sea , Mr. Steele, Broken Lance , Funeral March, Rust Agate
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A Roegadyn who'd once lead a small, yet very successful group of bandits out of La Noscea after the Calamity. Working alongside his brother, the pair enjoyed a lifestyle of wealth and moral greys. Over time and experience, the younger of the pair began to question their actions, along with his place in the world. When his brother delved into slave trade, things reached a breaking point. With a young hyur girl brought to their lair for trade, Agate finally confronted his brother and decided to flip the other side of the coin. The following conflict ended with a scar across his cheek, and his brother left dead on the floor of their meeting room. Agate would take the girl and flee into the night, being pursued by his former gang, who left the juggernaut with a plethora of arrows sticking from his back. He'd pass out at the gates to Wineport, child held in his arms.

That action lead to a member of the noble class having him healed and tended to, then offering the Roe a chance to start a new life, with a new name as a traveling bodyguard for members of the upper class. This job would lead him to Ul'dah, a place he would come to call home as he left behind his past entirely. Finding peace among the sands of Sagoli, and great interest in the ever changing flow of travelers through the Quicksand, Agate began a new chapter, under a string of aliases as his work demanded.


Gigantic and reddish skinned, this Roegadyn was always one to make his presence known physically. He kept his offwhite hair trimmed nicely, and was always sporting a well shaved beard. Truth be told he had deep down wanted a majestic mustache, but feared the ridicule that may come with it. He had deep purple pupils,and bore a dark scar across one cheek, a parting gift from his brother.

His form was perfectly cut, as the man stayed in steady combat and training. He had no issue with showing it off, though he was particular to try to keep his back covered. Reason being the myriad of arrow wounds the red skinned man's back and shoulders had scarred over. Having a fondness for the old brown chain mail, the Roe was forever a shambling mountain of metal. If you could manage to get him in casual clothes eve briefly...he usually wore something with an open collar/chest.

There were times were the Roe would don a very expensive suit, and a white Ash Mask..portraying himself as a Mr. Steel, whom he spread as a crime boss based in Limsa Lominsa. The guise was actually used quite often with much success.


Despite his imposing form, Agate was quicker to offer a smile and shield to those in need. He was an outwardly positive figure, that tended to insert himself into the problems of others, for the sake of making the burdens they carried lighter. Self sacrifice was nearly always his MO, to the point of upsetting what comrades he had, at how he would place himself in danger for nearly anyone who sat at his table with a problem.

Agate maintained an intimidating air, always ensuring people knew that he was not only present...but that he was strong and willing to impose that strength if needed. The security it provided others, enhanced his own sense of worth, and made it easier to feel he would never be as weak as he had been in the past.

When dealing with enemies, Agate was incredibly threatening. He dedicated much time to people watching, for the sake of gaining verbal leverage and information, which he had would use at the first sign of an issue. Beyond words, Agate was quick to resort to action if he felt the need was there. He followed a motto of, the blood would be better suited to his hands than another's. Agate kept a constant wall about his heart and problems. Never letting anyone get close enough, he would keep those close constantly feeling like the Roe was a world out of their reach...this was likely his deepest regret.



  • Fighting, for sport or otherwise
  • Drinking with friends
  • Education, reading
  • Being perceived as strong/scary
  • Self-Improvement
  • Wood Carving
  • Blacksmithing


  • Cruelty
  • Children








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  • Arrives in Thanalan while under the employ of a Limsan Noble. Agate begins to set down roots, and under a false name takes up a regular table at the Quicksand, were he people watches and begins to learn who the major mover and shakers are in the city. During this time he meets a variety of people, and begins to attend the Grindstone tournament, as a spectator. There he gains quite a fascination with the many fighters who come to take part.
  • After witnessing a small argument after the Grindstone, Agate makes a point to approach the SultanSworn, Natalie McBeef, whom he begins to form a bond with. When she learns he has been sleeping outside and primarly eating whatever wild game he can catch, she invites him to stay at her place. Though hesitant, he agrees and comes to reside in the basement of a small house in the Goblet, were he meets Franz Renatus, Kage Kiryuu, and several others who take up residence there.
  • While heading home one evening, he comes across an ambush by a group of voidsent on his newfound housemates. Seeing Nat in danger, Agate rushes into the fray and displays a strong degree of cruelty in his beheading and execution of one of their ranks. Despite this, the voidsent pressed on, and Agate was forced to use his own body to shield his friends, receiving several arrows and flaming blade through his armor. This conflict would solidify his loyalty and place in their home.
  • Finding himself pulled into this voidsent situation more, Agate forms a small party and begins to join SultanSworn Anelia Sadowyn, in joint attacks on their strongholds and plots. Things came to a head when the noble he was protecting fell victim to their plans, causing Agate to assemble an impressive force of warriors, and begin to reach into the enemy lines themselves, in his attempts to end their threat and forces.
  • Joins a smaller unit of fighters to launch a surprise attack on an entity known as “The Voice”, whom is believed to be leader of the voidsent warriors. During the battle, Agate catches the elderly man around the head and breaks his neck….ending their forces, and freeing two of their number from his thrall for good. While his comrades celebrate, Agate feels a deep sense of regret from his own actions. He believes himself nothing but an agent of violence, no matter which side of the sword he is on.
  • Becomes concerned over Nat’s safety, as she begins to stray from their small group, and align with a possible member of the Syndicate. Along with Franz Renatus, he tries to keep ties with Kage Kiryuu, and find a way to keep the Miqo’te safe , despite her actions. Things become tense and unsettled on most ends of his life at this point, and the Roegadyn begins to question his direction.
  • Participates in an underground, bare-knuckle fighting tournament, sponsored and hosted by a wealthy fashion designer. He has an excellent showing, defeating Ha’uruh Nuhn in the finals. Despite the terrible show of strength he displayed, he is overcome with care and regret for harming the Seeker. This becomes the start of a greater bond between then two, and a link between himself and the host. This was also the night he first made contact with Sounsyy Mirke, whom he regrets he was unable to face. Agate finds himself attending this event regularly from this point onward.
  • Agrees to join a night time raid on a warehouse, believed to store stolen Garlean weapons. Fearing his past bounty to put him at great risk in Limsa, Agate would seek out council and direction from his employer and another noble he’d befriended. Eventually Agate decides to abandon the job, but doesn’t tell Nat of his intention to do so. While he remains behind, the job goes south and Nat is killed during the raid. Agate remains unaware of this outcome, as no one speaks of it when they return.
  • Attends a ritual for one of the Twelve near Sagoli, were he meets many new faces, but winds up overhearing Anelia Sadowyn giving a prayer for Nat. The revelation devastates the Roegadyn, who breaks down in public and is guided through giving prayers of his own. Shaken to his core, blaming himself entirely for her death. After these events, he relocates to a home in Mist, were he begins to try to rebuild his life in a different direction.
  • Attends the Grindstone but notices that Ha'uruh Nuhn seems to have lost his fighting spirit. Concerned, Agate would invite Howl to the reaches of Sagoli, were he would confront the Seeker in a duel, overseen by Warren Castille. Agate had grossly misjudged the Seeker’s personality, and thought an all out attack would urge the man on…but instead realized a caring hand would have far more of an effect than a closed fist.
  • Grew a stronger bond of friendship with Sounsyy Mirke, whom he explained his past too. Through her he managed to have his criminal record cleared, in exchange for joining the Maelstrom officially. After this event, Agate would begin to spend most of his time far from home, taking on Grand Company Levees all over La Noscea and Thanalan.
  • Is asked to look into the fate of an unstable elezen, by his employer. Agate travels back to Sagoli and confronts Miette Pellicier, who has made sport of hunting and killing any Amalj'aa she comes across. At the behest of the Brotherhood of Ash, Agate challenges the woman to singles combat and manages to detain her. With her capture complete, he listens to her tale and makes the decision to end the threat posed by her family, before it can further endanger those he holds dear.
  • Leaves Miette in the care of an old contact, who he also charges with looking out for the well being of a friend, and then departs for Ishgard. Using what connections he has left, Agate manages to covertly reach the Noble House this threat is borne from, and once there he mercilessly puts an end to the deranged patron, and their family line. Due to his own incurred injuries, and the brazen act, Agate is forced to go deep into hiding for a time, while plotting his means to return to Thanalan.
  • With the aide of Ciceroix Pellicier, Agate is able to slip through new trade routes, and eventually comes to set up a small blacksmiths hut deep in the Shroud. Deciding his time within the world is at an end, he retires to a quiet life of metal work, and only reaches out to a select few individuals.
  • Is contacted by Anelia Sadowyn, and travels to Mist to take up a position within her school. Donning a helm and mask, he maintains a new persona during his brief time there, before he is once again contracted by the Brotherhood of Ash. Once more he heads back to the familiar sands of Sagoli.
  • Overconfident, he challenges Orias Helleyes. on behalf of the tribe. Unprepared for the highlanders skill level and savagery, Agate is soundly defeated and left in a comatose state. The Brotherhood recovers the body and does what they can to treat his wounds, though Agate shows no signs of recovery or worsening. He remains stuck in a limbo of his own mind, while his body hangs on to it's existance.
  • Is finally freed of his condition, by the efforts of Franz Renatus. Despite being unclear on what has become of him, the Roegadyn goes back to his training, and opts to remain out in the sands till the answers come to him.

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