Screaming Silence

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Screaming Silence
The Brute
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Citizenship Ul'dah
Marital Status Bound to Aoi Usui
Occupation Gladiator, Mercenary
Patron Deity
Known Relatives Warbound ( all deceased )
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The pale toned Roegadyn has only recently emerged in Ul'dah, having made frequent appearances at the Grindstone tournaments, were he seems to be driven to make a name for himself. Before the matches he tends to be seen kneeling in silent thought or mediation, and once the fights have concluded he wanders back off into the sand whence he came. Those traits aside, once in combat the man fights with a brutality and ferocity that is more fit for an arena than a sporting match. He becomes likened to a beast uncaged in his methods for intimidating and dismantling opponents through sheer force, and shows very little regard for whatever injuries he himself endures in the pursuit of victory.

As his interactions have increased, he has begun to show a very sportsman like nature when it comes to the aftermath of matches, and stays by his opponents side as they are tended to, while taking no offense to whatever injuries he himself takes during the course of battle. He has paid close attention to familiar faces, as he seems to be sizing up who he would like to face, and who shows great potential of growth. Along with that he seems to hold a high regard to the Arbiter, to the point of attempting to put himself in the middle of a scuffle he had watched before the fights.

Whatever his reasons or motivations, they remain his alone as the ivory skinned giant has not uttered a single word since he first appeared.


A towering and pale skinned Roegadyn of exceptional build. His hair is kept in a long flowing mane, black with red tiny, leaving his yellow eyes and small degree of red face paint a stark contrast amidst the hair and well kept beard. What little armor the big man wears is often in a tattered state, as for the time being he doesn't seem to get anything mended, and simply wears the same pieces till he comes across one to swap them with. He is a frightening image to behold for certain, and intentionally uses such to his advantage when it comes to setting first impressions on those who may come to take up arms against him.


Without the ability to speak, the only hints of a personality that he can give come from his actions alone. With his exposure being limited to fighting this has left even more gaps into how or why he may act as he does. At a glance he keeps his chin high with pride, and uses his form to intimidate when able. He seems a stern and stoic man, though he has displayed a large degree of care for his fellow fighters, hinting at a background of someone who has spent some time in a combat heavy environment, though his actions seem far less organized than a soldier, and more of a gladiator who is used to a pack setting with comrades. He had at first seemed far angrier, far more aggression driven, but he seems to be calming down and settling into what may be his normal persona.







Aoi Usui
Quote from Silence: "She is my voice, and my direction, my everything."
Rumor about Silence: ""
Before Aoi, Silence has been a passenger in his own life. Locked in a cage of his thoughts, he shuffled through the world and spoke through his fists, the only way he had left to him. It was their chance meeting and a fluke understanding that blossomed into her becoming the first person he has been able to communicate with. Since that point the pair have been nearly inseparable, and she is seen with him every night as he competes at the Grindstone and tries to earn his fame. Silence is extremely protective of the woman, and seems utterly unphased by her lazily perching upon his shoulders and expecting him to tote her about as if he is some prized mount. He also has taken to following her costume theme ideas for each nights matches, as they seek to entertain as much as the thrive on victory. She is the key, and shaper to the future he has set out upon, having finally let go the uncertainty of his past.

The Grindstone



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  • "This one appreciates a good fight, and does it proper. No pulling live steel, no talking shit their teeth arn't willing to be broken for. Just there for the brawl and the beating. S'bullshit putting the two biggest guys of the night in the first seed though. Next time we meet it better be semi-finals or above, none of this first round crap." - Flameson Hammersmith
  • "I met him in the finals of the first Grindstone I ever won. Many before me had warned me of a great darkness, thinking the silent monster was the source that may end my life on that day. What I found instead was a battle brother. He may have broken my arm and leg like tissue paper, but his love for combat and the sound of a roaring crowd was more than enough for me to see the valor in this man's heart. I hope to fight him again one day. - Orenji Kharn

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